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Larry Carlton and Steve Lukather

Just prior to the release of "No Substitutions - Live in Osaka" Steve Lukather kindly took the time to talk about the album.
How did the collaboration with Larry Carlton start? Whose idea was it to work together and to do this Japanese tour back in 1998?
Larry approached me on doing this tour. I was honored and needless to say it was alot of fun! Larry goes all the time with different projects and I really enjoy being looked at in a different way than just the "Toto guy". The initial reviews have been fantastic!
How did you decide which songs to play on the 1998 tour?
Larry and I spoke on the phone a few times and we threw around possibilities for a set list, mostly stuff we both knew already hence the presence of Carlton compositions and classic jazz tunes. We had NO rehearsal at all so all the arrangements were spur of the moment and no two takes were ever the same.
The playing on the album sounds very impromptu and loose. Did you and Larry have any agreements before as to who was supposed to play which parts or solos or was it a spontaneous thing during the shows?
It was a very loose improv environment that is alot of fun to experiment with. You can hear us laughing as something unexpected was happening. That's what was so fun about the gig and why I'm looking forward to doing it again.
The live album sounds very authentic and really deserves to be labeled "live". What, if any, editing did you do when mixing it?
It was a live record for sure! We edited out some drum solos (sorry Gregg) and some bass solos (sorry Chris) cause we just didn't want there to be 25 minute songs, they're long enough already. Hahaha. It was a matter of picking the best take for Larry and I and making it work. I did this with Steve Vai and we had a great time.
What can the fans expect from the upcoming shows with Larry Carlton? Will it be the same set as on the album or will there be any changes?
We will be doing alot of the stuff off the CD but with a few surprises. The thing is, even if we do some of the same tunes, they will never be the same anyway it will always be fresh.
Do you also have plans for a European tour with Larry this year or maybe for some US dates?
We will be doing dates ALL around the world over the next year. That's the USA as well, believe it or not, and Europe in July I believe. This is all being confirmed and you'll be the first to know!

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