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Larry Carlton and Steve Lukather

Steve Lukather and Larry Carlton have won the Grammy 2002 for "Best Pop Instrumental Album" for "No Substitutions - Live in Osaka". After this fantastic success Steve Lukather kindly took some time to talk about his feelings and the impact this award might have on his and TOTO's career.
Luke, you have already won several Grammies in the past. And TOTO were also nominated for the past two albums, unfortunately without getting an award. So have you been surprised that you have won this time, or did you expect someone else to win?
Well Larry and I were BOTH surprised to get the nomination in the first place on a "jam" kinda record with 15 minute guitar solos, hahaha. I think this is a payback for 25 years of service. I don't think this is my best work BUT I am VERY grateful for this moment. It means more than I can say. I think it is sweeter this time as I can really appreciate what this means as a 44 year old guy being invited to that party and winning! I am still buzzin' about all this and the press has been amazing. What a GREAT way to start the year.
Itīs been almost 20 years after the huge Grammy success with TOTO IV. What does this award mean to you? It is for a totally different kind of work apart from TOTO. Is that something that has a meaning for you regarding your reputation as a musician who is not "just" the TOTO guitarist?
This has been a validation that people still want to hear REAL people play music not just computers. The best things on the Grammy's were the bluegrass guys and the REAL R+B singers, the machine stuff is just that. My phone is ringing off the hook and the e-mails from all over the world are overwhelming. This has had a REALLY positive affect on my reputation as a player.
Do you expect/hope that this Grammy award will also have a positive effect for the upcoming months with the new TOTO album and world tour?
I got ALOT of positive feedback from the big press here about TOTO's new CD. 25th anniversary etc.. I think things may turn around. Lord knows we have paid some dues in the past 20 years but that only makes the success that much better as I appreciate it so much more now.

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