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Steve Lukather

Just prior to the release of Livefields, Steve Lukather kindly took some time to talk about the album.
How did you decide which songs to put on the album?
We tried to keep things in the same order only we took some songs out of the set list for the album cause there was not enough room for the whole thing and we took your advice and left off all the obvious hits. We put Rosanna on there cause no one has heard Bobby sing it for 16 years! The songs we picked to put on the record were picked cause they spanned the whole 23 year career and focused a lot on Bobby cause that's what we thought the fans would want to hear as well as keeping solo spots in, although we slightly had to edit them to make them fit. A 20 minute drum solo on a single CD would have been ridiculous (sorry Si, haha) the same goes for the rest of our solos.
How many shows did you record for the album and did you use any larger parts of one show?
It was recorded in France over 3 shows and we just picked our favorite takes from song to song.
Why was the order of songs changed at the end of the album?
When Simon and Elliot were mastering in New York they thought the album had a stronger ending in the new order. Since we had to edit out a lot of songs we had to pace the album as a whole so there were amendments to the real live show. I think when you hear it you'll agree.
What was the main difference of the work on Livefields as opposed to Absolutely Live?
The difference between the 2 records is a. Sony picked the songs on Absolutely Live and we didn't think it was that great of a show we recorded.

b. Bobby is on LIVEFIELDS and we picked the songs and had all the input on song choice.
Would you have preferred to release a double CD with one complete show?
Sony told us NO 2 CD album. The reason for this is that they have to pay royalties on both CDs and they don't want to do that!! They caved in to the second bonus CD cause we gave it away for free!!! We are giving away free stuff at our expense to make it worthwhile to buy it. It's the same price as a single CD.

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