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In our new interview Steve Lukather gives us an update on his upcoming new solo record which is due to a fall release.
Can you tell us some more about the style of the album?
Well, hard to say.. It is ME but it has some great compostions. I am not doing the usual verse-chorus- verse- chorus-bridge -solo chorus out kinda forms. I like throwing a surprise section in and it's harmonically sophisticated yet it still rocks. Some of my favorite influences are very obvious but I had fun with them. I basically just wrote what I was feeling at the time and it's been alot of fun. ALOT more guitar playing and solo's as compared to Falling in Between!! Really organic, diverse tones. I used all vintage amps, Vox-AC-30's, an old Gibson amp with 1/12, a little Supro, My old Ampeg VT-22, Trevors Marshall JCM and a secret weapon, my newely designed ICP technologies SUB-woofer that REALLY fattens up the sound for the guitars! You will hear it.
Are some of the songs already finished?
Almost, I am doing BG vocals now, alot myself, but I am looking for a few guests in that department. I am doing a solo for Bill Champlin for his solo record and he is a gonna pay me back by singing a few things for me. I have lead vocals to do in the coming 2 weeks and then it will be pretty much done. I have 2 more songs we have written and I will cut those in a few weeks in the meantime finishing what I have. I am a little ahead of schedule which is awesome.
Any new guest musicians? (You had mentioned Abe Laborial jr., Lee Sklar, Phil Soussan, Jeff Babko, Steve Weingart and Trevor and a chance that Steve Porcaro might also help a bit)
Yeah Steve P. is doing a piece with me, it's gonna be the only instrumental and it's a gorgeous piece I wrote that will be just Me, and Steve and his magic boxes and arrangements. I want to do something special and he and I have spoken about this for many years and new we have a place to do it.
Guests, well, aside for Trevor on the songs we wrote (there are 2) this time I am doing all the guitars BUT there may be a few surprises before it's all done, aside from the names you already mentioned. I wanted to stand on my own as opposed to have all my fab-famous friends step in and prop me up BUT I am open and welcome to ideas and people if the right thing pops up.
Do you think it's possible to tour behind this album with the TOTO 30th anniversary thing coming up next year?
Oh, HELL yes! I am way over due to do a tour of my solo work ALL of it. Not a fusion tour at this point, but it's a different vibe and band..
A tour of the new record and all my other solo records with a killer band. This will happen for sure. It's all about scheduling. Toto will do its 30th thing with some surprises BUT that not till 2008 and it's too early to rave about that. There is ANOTHER possible surprise for the Fall outside of my new solo record, I will lay it on to you IF and when it is confirmed but after that I will be touring with my solo band (don't know who will be in the touring band yet) and doing Toto stuff, I love being busy and I will be!
Hope to see you all out there and I look forwad to sharing my new music with ya ASAP.

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