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Sofia, Bulgaria — 15 August 2000 - Jamming in the MR.PUNCH CLUB

Sofia, Bulgaria — 15 August 2000

At last our dream came true and we saw what Luke promised some hours before the beginning of the concert at the conference: "You will see the best Toto-concert at all, everybody will give 3000% energy to the audience, it will be a fantastic final of the Tour." Well, it was more than he promised. But that was not enough - after the concert we drove to "Mr. Punch", a music-club in Sofia, where Jeff, Simon and Luke played with us the whole night, the best jam-session you have ever seen, a lot of "Simon and Jeff-Jazz", "Luke-Rock and Blues" and of course Luke´s favorite Jimi Hendrix´ Songs. The people could not believe what happened: "Los Lobotomys with Bulgarian musicians". There was a second drumset on the stage so some Bulgarian drummers played together with Simon. Uuuuuuu, what a night! So after three days and two nights in Sofia I know that I met the best and the most likeable and friendly musicians I have ever seen. Thank you for this fantastic time with you in Bulgaria!

Chris (Check out for some shots of the session at Mr. Punch club)

Really a night to remember!!! I doubt that the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria has ever experienced such a sound, such a show, such a professionalism. After so many years of waiting the bulgarian fans witnessed a TOTO LIVE. There's no use to comment the performance - it was above all expectations. I was amazed by the energy the band released. The audience was electrified by the powerful sound and the solos of Luke, Mike, Simon and Jeff &JJ. It's hard to believe how Bobby sang that night!!! No record could ever give the expirience of such a live show.

Like you, guys promised, it was the tour's last one and the best one! Looks to me like a dream come true ;-)

Thank you for visiting our small country! I hope we'll see you again...


Dear Toto /Bobby, Steve, Mike, Jeff, J.J., Simon and 2nd guitar player - sorry we didn't catch his name/,


You were all absolutely great not only as TOP professionalists and performers, but also as incredible HUMAN BEINGS. I think YOUR positive messages, great music and love for us reflected RIGHT BACK at you with a double force, and I am sure you must have felt how deeply we all felt for you right from the very beginning of the concert.

I don't believe you've given Bulgaria a thought at all in your life, and why should you have? We are really too far away from you as far as distance is concerned, but we must have all convinced you that after your concert last night /15 August/, we gave you all the love we had and that miles-wise distance is null now. I am sure you must have felt it. We all knew all of your songs and we sang along with you all the time. I am sure you heard us all.

That means that you will probably remember us, as you have never left our hearts for 22 years.

My husband Theo is a professional singer, member of the most popular Bulgarian pop singing band /7 members - 4 women, 3 men/. His band had to performed on the 15th of August in the seaside city of Nesserbar, but he simply refused to miss YOUR concert.



Well, from where to begin? Words are weak to describe the sea of feelings that rushes to everyone who was that night on this show!
Toto for the first time in Bulgaria!! Seems as a dream comes true, a long waiting is coming to an end!
This night in Sofia National Palace of Culture remains unforgettable due to the enormous talent of a handful extraordinary musicians and the amalgamated sound of rock and roll, jazz, blues, funk and progressive. Ever seen or hear anything like this?
When the guitarist/singer/magician Steve Lukather announced to the cheerful crowd that the concert would be filmed and this is a very special night since the band ends the current tour to have some deserved rest, the bulgarian rock music fans burst into applause.
I don't want to list all the great song Toto performed that night I just want to mark the highlights - the opening song "Caught in a balance" from the new album "Mindfields", the knocking out hit "Rosanna" , instrumental extravaganza of "Jake to the bone" and "Child's anthem", high emotional charge of the smashing "Africa", audience taking the chorus parts in "Hold the line" etc. etc.
My first slight thought of initial disappointment about the missing of the key member David Paich was quickly washed away by the virtuosity an versatility of the musicians on the scene. It seemed there was no end of improvisation and creativity on the stage - masterpiece guitar solos, synthesizers and piano cadenzas and thundering drumming filled the atmosphere with incredible musical aura!!
That guy Jeff Babko perfectly fitted in Davids shoes( which applies to the rest of the supporting musicians too) , showing incredible energy and understanding of what he is doing. Mike Porcaro in his humble and precise style proved the great name of the Porcaro family. And Simon Philips the english drum wizard known from many guest appearances in various great rock albums proudly replaced the man who influenced many drummers all over the world - the unforgettable Jeff Porcaro. What to say about Bobby Kimball, I was really shocked of his ability still to reach such vocal heights after so many years. One of the outstanding moments was when Booby passed the microphone to exalted fan from the first rows who sang along some words of the song currently performed. Great job done, Bobby!!
And the man of the show himself - the great Luke was at his best, jumping around, singing, playing with amazing easiness the most difficult guitar parts, jamming with Mike Porkaro and Jeff Babko, talking to the crowd, announcing and analyzing everything in front of euphoric crowd!! The man was in the great mood and it was obvious that he enjoys making the show for himself and for everybody from the audience! How many times he went round the stage, wept fans hands from the front row, allowed some of them to even touch the strings of his guitar and smiles widely to the faces of the people! You know very well the name of this man - Steve Lukather!! Even the appearance of 13 years old Luke’s son Trevor in his improvised headbang lesson was well measured and made right on the spot!
Nobody wanted this show to stop that night, we wanted to listen and shout all over again and again the final chords of the bands more prominent hit "Hold the line", but like the all good things on earth the show came to an end after 2 hours and 10 minutes of nonstop musical fantasy and alchemy between the crowd and the carriers of the magic sword - Bobby, Jeff, Simon, Mike and Luke!!
Me and my wife (she rarely comes with me to rock shows, but this time she admitted that it worth it a lot) were enchanted and we came home that night and continue to listen Toto this time on the CD player, but believe me nothing could replace that live experience and impressive presence of the greatest rock musicians on earth!
God Bless you all Toto members, let us live to hear and see more and more of your fantastic music and God bless all Toto fans for being so devoted during this remarkable night in Sofia, Bulgaria!!

Radoslav Gloushkov

The last show of the two-year long concert tour LiveFields took place at the NDK in Sofia yeasterday. It was more than fantastic - the hall was so crowded with mighty fans of the best group of all times! What a unforgettable night it was!!!

The show was perfect in any aspect - very good light show, almost great sound, fantastic sets, etc. But the most exciting thing was THE MUSIC - played by the best musicians - Luke, Simon, Mike, Jeff Babko, JJ, Bobby.

The concert began with the mighty Caught In The Balance, followed by Tale Of A Man (a GREAT song, one of my favourite). The crowd burst with Rosanna - the everyone's all-time favourite! Luke's solo was very cool - his guitar gave us the pure and profound sound we've been looking for. I have never seen such a GREAT guitar player live. His technics is tremendous!!!

I was personally most enjoied by the acoustic set (Out of Love, Mama, You Are The Flower, The Road Goes On) - the group sounded best at it. Georgy Porgy and Africa additionally increased the "temperature" in the hall.

But the climax of the show were the instrumentals with their killer sound - Jake To The Bone, Dave's Gone Skiing, Child's Anthem.

The show ended with Hold The Line (as I expected) - probably the best TOTO song!

All band members gave us the concert we've been dreaming of for such a long time! As I said before, Luke was the great leader with his big heart and his terrific guitar. He enjoed the show very much. His performance was BRILLIANT!!!

I was extremely pleased with Simon's solo - a great musician too. Jeff Babko was a very good replacement of David Paich (still I prefered to see the original). He is a very promising keyboard player with big future. JJ backed him excellently - they both produced great tunes.

Bobby and Mike were extremely cool - Bobby with his very strong voice and performance, Mike with his humble appearance and great bass lines. I like very much the early Toto songs and was personally satisfied to hear a lot of them.

At the end Luke presented all members of the band including the little Lukather - Trevor. He played a little tune with Simon and Mike. The back-up guitarist - Tony, sang and played some blues. He had a very high voice.

Everybody in the hall cheered the band extremely. Finaly, we were very happy and exhausted. We have seen the best ever musicians in the world!

Thank you Luke, Mike, Bobby, Simon, JJ, Jeff for your great performance. We will remember this show for ever.

Nikolay Spassov

Budapest, Hungary — 13 August 2000

It started last November in Aschaffenburg: After the concert I joined the band's aftergig-party, talked to the guys. I also told Simon and David that I often use TOTO's music in the films I produce as a staff of ZDF sports department and that I love their music. Then Simon started to tell the story about his "racing carreer" in Formula 1600. He once tested on the same racetrack where Mika Hakkinen started to get prepared for the F3 Macao GP: "I was trying to follow him up to the shicane. He went left-right. I missed the breakpoint and went straight."
About 10 days ago I contacted a friend of Arrow's sponsor Orange and asked him wether it would be possible to get passes for the F1 GP in Budapest last sunday. Meanwhile Martin Cole has been confirming that the band - especially Simon - was looking forward to visit the GP prior to their concert in Budapest.
The response within Arrows was really great. Not only that they provided passes, but also the way everybody was looking forward to see the band. So Simon and Bobby were watching the GP in Sunday. Luke and his son came in on Saturday as guests of Jordan ( where press officer Giselle - a former marketing agent for rock bands - took care of him) Everybody I was talking to , including the boss of mercedes motorsports Norbert Haug, knew the bands hit singles. It happened to be that "Hold the Line" somehow became the title of the race. Everybody was holding his line. No accidents.

My personal highlight of course was the concert in the Budapest central parc. 4000 people on a hot summer full moon night. And the band as steve would say "did a kick ass job". Two energetic hours. It was my 5th TOTO concert and there is still so much to discover. Steve never plays the solos the same than the concert before. I was amazed by Jeff Babko's mixture of Paich and Babko licks and also by J.J's voice on "Africa". This band was,is and will be awesome!!

Aris Donzelli - ZDF (German TV)

Hi maniacs, greetings from Hungary! I just read the reviews of the show in Budapest so I don't have to tell what it was like. I also read the reviews of the shows in other countries before so I knew what to wait for on that evening . But I was very pessimistic. I was afraid first of all of rain and I expected the same as many of us...a couple of hudred of silent audience happened to be there and a very disappointed band. It was a nightmare. As I arived with my girlfriend I saw a gigantic crowd waiting for the miracle. I thought we got lost in a Backstreet Boys concert... : ) But the people there were in their 20's and 50's or so and smiling at me in my "Steve Lukather & Edgar Winter Tour" t-shirt so I knew I was on the right place. And then it came... The miracle begun...
The formula is simple. Take those guys together on a stage, add a couple of thousand of fans (as Luke said friends) and that's it. No doubt it must have been HEAVEN on earth. There are no words to tell how I felt, fortunately you all know the feeling. And yes-yes...the stage was small, there was no gigantic light shows or giant screens...BUT WHO CARES??? We were waiting for this nite for 22 damn long years...and GOD the waiting was worth for it.
I could say Luke, Simon, Mike, Bobby did that incredible MAGIC as usual, but it was more than that.
And Jeff & JJ... well I never ever heard someone play like this...I was shocked. The setlist was the same as on the whole tour except the two additional songs I'll Be Over You, and Childs Anthem. Childs Anthem...It worked. I think that was the point when everyone went crazy and my tears begun to fall. It was NOT simple not to cry like a baby... but somehow I could manage.
There were no highlights, the whole nite was a highlight itself. Luke, You swore three times that you won't forget that evening... what do You think, will we???
It was a "dream come true". Thank You all for that evening and please dont let us wait another 22 years. : )

Last but not least I would like to thank the whole TOTO99 team for your very hard work. Great job, Thanks guys! ps: sorry for my pure language skills.


I have to tell you all the expectations I had before the concert were wrong. I was expecting the venue to be rather empty but Toto managed to draw a full house! I was expecting it to be a kinda jukebox band show and God, I was wrong. I was expecting the audience to be 40 some, withdrawn, only squeezing some polite handclap out of themselves at times but they were rather youngsters and absolutely enthusiastic. So all in all the show was a very pleasant surprise.
I attended the gig with my Jürgen Werner friend who was here from Germany and he had seen Toto on the very same tour. He said they had a much bigger light show there but we are already used to this here in Hungary. Bands come here with just a limited gear. Anyway, after a short intro the band got on stage with "Caught In The Balance" from their "new-ish" "Mindfields" album and the crowd got into it surprisingly well. I thought people won't really appreciate new stuff being played but I was wrong. However the first real loud uproar came when they started "Rosanna" that they finished with an awesome piano-guitar jam. David Paitsch has some "personal family shit going on" (as Steve Lukather said at the end of the show when introducing the band but he is still part of the band, he just couldn't make it to this show) and his place was filled by Jeff Babko (with JJ helping out on the second keyboard) and I gotta say this guy is one hell of a musician. Both his playing and his behavior on stage were professional and got the crowd going.
Though Steve Lukather is one of my fave guitarists, it was the first time I saw him live. This guy is more than amazing. He had several solo parts during the show that made our jaws bang on the ground. Never having seen a Toto live show before this many solo parts were a surprise for me. The band was alive and kicking and absolutely hooked on MUSIC, they pleased audience, no matter whether they were musicians or just "plain" music lovers. Luke also asked the audience how many musicians there were. Having seen lots of hands in the air he said "quite a lot, then we'd better play well." J Actually there were really lots of musicians there, and talking to a fellow musician of mine after the show he stated "I doubt there were ANY serious musicians in this country who weren't here", and I think he was right about that. And we were more than pleased!
One of the next best scenes of the show came right after Luke's first solo. Before describing the scene you'd rather have to try to picture Luke and Bobby these days. Luke with his small goat-beard looks as some Spanish bartender and Bobby having eaten way too many donuts, have started rounding as the new moon and looks as a French cheese maker. But hell, they are still the best musicians around! So, after Luke's ripping solo, Bobby comes back and starts singing a half minute solo part without any music. He goes so damn high and loud that the overdrive control of the microphone drives the volume down "thinking" the voice coming out of his throats is identical to some overdrive noise! And this is true, not just some figment of my imagination!! However the highlight of the show - for the non-musicians of the audience - was the part when Luke coming up on stage with an acoustic guitar the band did most of their hits from "99" to "Fools Never Learn.", etc. The crowd got into this part extremely well and the first notes of "Africa" just strengthened their enthusiasm. The lights all turned green-red-yellow through the song, which was a great idea from the designer of the light show. There was an awesome drum solo by Simon Phillips after an instrumental song that was introduced by Luke that it is in memoriam of Jeff Porcaro. Actually, I was surprised to see that Luke was doing all the talking and keeping the contact with the audience, and he did a very good job. Bobby mostly just ran up and down the stage, inviting the audience to sing or clap along with his hands and moves and he disappeared between the songs from the stage. Luke even brought his son up on stage for a short jam with the rest of the band. The kid was cute, seemed to be a bit embarrassed but the crowd just loved this part too.
Another pleasant surprise was the crowd's positive reaction to "Making A Better World" from the newie because people were singing it along with Luke. Mike Porcaro's short bass solo was another highlight for me but the crowd got going again to "White Sister" that run all of us over with its energy. It was already getting towards the end of the gig but the band was still in top form and running as much as some teenage glam band and both Bobby's and Luke's voice were still shining. So were the background vocals. I was expecting (hoping for) female vocalists but - disregarding the fact they could have added a lot to the look of the band J - I didn't miss them at all because the vocals were so perfect.
The band played two encores and left us with "Hold The Line" (what else?!) with each and every person of the audience singing the refrain with and giving an overjoyed applause to the band. Anyone I talked to after the show was absolutely pleased no matter whether they were musicians or just listeners. I even met my mother and my brother (who were also there!) after the show and even my mom said it would have been a big mistake not to come and see Toto.


Toto just played a fantastic show yesterday, in Budapest. In the afternoon the band were in the formula-1 race at Hungaroring, and they arrived by a helicopter to the concert scene, Petõfi Csarnok. The show begun at 8:30 p.m. I believe they could be very tired after two years of touring, and the car race (the weather was very hot yesterday), but they gave us their best. I just do not know how to describe that evening - I cannot find the right words even in my own language... The played the standard set list for the Open Air tour, but as a special, Luke's son played a little tune with the band after Girl Goodbye. Luke and Trevor dressed similar, they both weared loose shorts and T-shirts, so they were "Luke and Luke Small Edition" on the stage. Luke stand behind Trevor, while he was playing, he grabbed the guitar strap, because its size would be too long for Trevor... Luke headbanged and danced, and he was moving Trevor's head for rhythm, showing him how to headbang while playing a rock guitar riff... It was really a surprise.
I was standing in the first row, wearing a home made "Ernie Ball MusicMan Luke" signed shirt... When Luke noticed it in Rosanna, he ran to me, and put a pick right into my hands. I was so-so happy! And after that he played almost every solo right before us, watching me many times while he looked up from the guitar!!! I still cannot beleive it... My hero, my idol, my favorite, the greatest guitar player in the whole world!!! He made me so happy, I almost cried. I just cannot use the right words to describe this feeling!!!
The stage was very low (about 80 cm), and the distance between the stage and fence was less than a meter!!! They played so close!!!
In Hold the Line Luke stand one feet on the stage and the other on the fence!!! He was standing between the people!!! You could touch him or his guitar!!! A fan touched the strings and Luke looked for him funny, like he would say "Hey, let's decide it, you play this guitar or me?"... :-)
Mike and Luke had so much fun! They played many times standing against each other and putting their forehead together... They had a guitar-bass duel at the end of Africa. Mike was very humble (as always), although he is such an incredible musician. Bobby had "fire burning inside of him", he was running, smiling, loaded with energy, he had great time... Simon: what should I say, what was not written before? He is the king of drums, no doubt. Jeff Babko played great, I really dig his keyboard solo, with the oriental and classical part. John Jessel and Tony Spinner - they are all great musicians.

A crazy fan tried to get through the fence, making some very dangerous action for himself and the other standing around. The security guards were about to stop him by the tough way - but before it could happen, Luke ran there immediately, and told the guards not to harm the guy. He gave a pick to the boy, so he calmed down... Luke is such a nice person.

These are the things, I wanted to mention, but of course my poor english cannot allowed me to describe it more precisely. Guys at toto99, you are making a great job, informing us everyday with latest Toto happenings. I appreciate it pretty much. Thank you very-very much!

Urbán Márton

It was LIVE with big L !!
Great ! Cool !! Perfect !
In the very nice Open Air Area in Budapest ( Petofi Csarnok ) was yesterday unforgettable night in my life. Caught in the Balance starts the great TOTO show. There was not video and the screen as I saw in Prague, but the lighting and all stage was cool. The songs was mainly as on Livefields album . I think the Rosanna can not miss on concert and is still cool .I can say : "Thanks our GOD that we have the best guitar player on the world - LUKE " His solo has so many "energy" : cool sound, cool rock and playing with HEART.
"Thanks LUKE that you are !! "
Many fans knew what song came when Luke asked : " Is it here any musicians ? This is for musicians !!
Jake to the bone - this was incredible . Very nice was a jam-session in this song with Mike Porcaro. After Simon excellent solo they finished this part with Dave's gone skiing .
There was a little change Georgy Porgy and also Jeff Babko special solo. Every fan could sing Childs Anthem - the cool atmosphere !!.
On the stage Luke's son Trevor played on the guitar some chords with Simon help. It was nice and I think Trevor should be very happy from fans reaction. When I was driving to Slovakia after the show , the Hold the line was still in my ears and many other songs from the show.

I would like to many thanks TOTO. The special THANKS is from my friends - TOTO fans from Humenne - east of Slovakia (more than 20 fans from Humenne in this live !!! ) which has no Internet connection yet.
Steve, David, Mike, Bobby, Simon -- Your music makes really a "better world" on all the world. Thanks a lot guys. If you will be anywhere , you are still in our HEARTS . Your fans from Humenne (SK).

Viliam Toth

Colmar, France — 11 August 2000

Hi.... My name is Paul...I'm french and the Concert of the 11th August in Colmar (France) was my Second one of TOTO.
I already was in Strasbourg (Hall Rhénus) in 1999, and every time I see them, I can say that It's such like an Orgasm... :)
They are so wonderful, they are masters of Rock. Bobby was great, Luke was, as usual the best guitar player.. and his voice is drives me crazy..
Simon and his solo were amazing.. Mike Porcaro was so cool. This time he make's a solo fantastic. I've never seen him in solo. Jeff on the keybords was a very good substitute of David're playing Keybords very good. But David, I miss you ... we miss you much ... You're the heart of TOTO with Luke, Mike and Simon. Jeff Porcaro, I miss you... you was a great drumer too...
We will never forget you.

Just excuse my English, I'm not very good...but it comes...
Just some words in French : "C'était génial ce concert, ça vaut vraiment le coup d'aller les voirs..... Vivement qu'ils reviennent......J'adore TOTO.. c'est trop fort. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Please... Come back fast !!!! Ciao Luke, Mike, David, Simon, (and Jeff Babko ....) Just one question : What does Steve Porcaro become ? Bye ...


This was my last concert for a long time. As last saturdays open air in Emmen was only a short show I had to go again Luke, Mike, Simon, Bobby, JJ, Jeff, Tony and Trevor played absolutely their best show. Thynk you so much for giving us so many unforgettable nights. The place was really nice too. Everyone was like in the first row. And for me this was the first concert in France. This is their homecountry. The french are absolutely crazy for Toto. It gives you goosbumps when you hear the whole crowd sing along - not only to the obvious songs. Luke always sais it is a special night and he's always right. Tonight especially as it was JJ's birthday.
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y John!!!!!!! (I doubt that the candle on the cake was for your age though)
You all must have a secret source of energy. How can you tour for so long and become better with every single show. Absolutely no sign of tiredness. Hats off to all off you.
For me it was nice to see how Jeff has grown over the past few weeks. In the beginning of the tour he was the shy boy replacing the legendary David Paich. And now he's a showman almost like Luke!
I have looked at Trevor for quite a while. It seems that he's only waiting for his time. He was sitting at the side of the stage looking a bit bored. When he was about to do his part he came on stage with the shirt from the french footballteam. On the back: number 10 and the name Luke! Trevor enjoys being on stage.
Trevor - if you read this - follow the footsteps of you father (or even those from uncle Jeff????) and do it in your way. We'll see you again sometime.
Thanks again to all of you. I hope Dave's doing the same excellent job in the studio right now. Enjoy your time with your families back home.

Marcel Cattin

Vaison la Romaine, France — 09 August 2000

Well, I've been waiting for a long time to see "Toto on holidays"! Those summer concerts in south of France like the one in Vaison, allowed us to see Luke on leisure outfits (right from the hotel swimming pool ?!) as if he was doing a gig in front of a bunch of friends. The concert was great, it's no use to write a lot about the virtuosity of the guys, we all know they are "la crème de la crème"!
But I would like to tell everyone that David Paich is now blond and thin, that he wears sunglasses and that he's still fucking brillant !!! Dear Jeff Babko, your energy and your playing were just a big show in itself, thanx!
I saw that Luke was kind of annoyed during Rosanna (the Keyboard computer bugged... no keyboard sound till the last piano chorus in the end) but I was amazed at the way he dealt with the situation when he improvised on what should have been Dave's (Jeff's) solo. Believe me, the whole song sounded great, quite unusual but great!!!
Mike, well is a "Porcaro": a groove genius and an ever so nice person (once again I had the chance to talk with him after the show... as we say in french "la classe des Grands"!). Simon went mad on most of the songs... is it Earl Grey or Acid that makes him play that way?!! And the voice... Bobby... Great especially on Rosanna & Africa... sometimes slightly out of tune (well he's fucking human!) but what a voice and what a suit!.. Well, forget about the suit...

Great show (a bit short compared to what I read on other reviews), great venue, great guys, we're waiting for a video of the tour!


Vienne, France — 08 August 2000

What can we say about those guys, i was in Paris in july (just read my rewiew on the next pages), and then in Vienne last Thusday, they were just terrific!!!, it was for me the 8th time i could see them on stage and every time is like a discovering one.Those musicians are really the best all around the world. I don't know much professionnal musician who are coming backstage to hear their guest playing (Simon was claping his hand in the air, but we saw him!). Even with a difference in the line up, they're still the best. Jeff Babko didn't try to say "I'm David PAICH", He just said "I'm Jeff BABKO, and I'm happy to be here!", in fact, that's what he said us in the street after the show! here is one of the most important thing with those guys : they don't act like rock stars, they are part of the best musician on earth and they are as sweet as you and me, they just meet their fans after the show, don't need to run or cry, just have to wait, they're coming, giving autographs and photos, a few word, seems we are in family. Every thing is here WE ARE IN FAMILY. Each time I wrote a word on this page, i talk about music, this time I talk about the guys who make it.
Once again and forever : THANKYOU!!!
See you next time.
Your sincerely.


What a powerful show !
After having spent almost 1 hour with their guest, Youri Buenaventura (whose band is really great in bringing the audience to dance), we discovered a new line-up of the band, David apparently beeing on holyday somewhere in Scandinavia (I saw Toto several times but never the same line-up twice ! ! !).
The untiring Steve "Electric Luke" Lukather, the machine gun Simon "Rosbeef" Phillips, the returning Bobby "Toto's voice" Kimball and the eternaly humble Mike " the groove " Porcaro played for more than 2 hours, presenting a great part of Mindfields but also travelling through their discography, especially their " first " period (from Toto to IV). We got their everlasting successes (Africa, Hold the line, Rosanna, 99 ...) and felt a real pleasure re-earing some jewels like A million miles away, Mama, Goodbye girl or even an acoustic Out of love .
Could anything be added about their instrumental tracks ?
Jake to the bone, Child's anthem, Dave's gone skiing were simply PERFECT !
Otherwise, each musician could show his own technical by playing an unforgettable solo (even Trevor, Luke's little son...who's gonna grow ! ! !)
There would be a lot of other things to say to describe this good show ! So, thank you for all !

Hope to see you again lots of time in the years to come,

Jean-Christophe KIEFFER

After Grenoble in March 1999, I attempted to my second TOTO livefield concert in Vienne, near Lyon. The concert was in open air in a roman amphi-theater. As Usual, the band was just perfect, playing with the audience, joking together on the stage during songs. The sound was much more better than in Grenoble: not too loud, very clear. It was possible to hear all the nuances and all instruments, this is a essential point to appreciate TOTO's song !
Steve Lukather was particularly in a good mood. Simon, Mike were perfect. Bobby was not as good as during the previous concert in Grenoble. JJ was on stage this time to assist a newcomer to replace David Paich.
What to say about Jeff Babko: only 20 years old but Jeff is already a great keyboard player ! His performance was fantastic, and different from what Dave usually play. What I really appreciated is that it was obvious that Jeff was happy to be there and play with TOTO. I agree with some other reviews to say that Jeff has his place near David in the futur ! Once again, TOTO proved that they are the best band on the planet hearth !!!
I will definitively be present for the next tour in France ...

All the best,


Worms, Germany — 06 August 2000

I'm a little bit late with this review, but I thought it would take a few days to find the right words to describe this night...... It was again a fantastic venue to see and hear you guys. It's easy to say "again" - it was the fifth show of this tour and it seemed you get better and better with every single show. Luke always said "we make a special night for you" and he's right - there is no repetition of an old show - only the setlist is mostly the same (but what's a setlist: only some titles/names of songs). Each venue we where allowed to experience was unique, really LIVE !!!!!!! I think you play the songs really with your hearts, a lot of energy and "out of the belly" (in Germany we say something like this). Would you tell us this recipe how be about two years on the road and play after this long, long time again and again with this power, feel and fun ??? But now some words about the venue by itself: After going about 500 km from Munic to Colmar by car (it took approximately 5 hours) we entered the arena about one and a half our before the show should start. After the usual look at the technical equipment - especially FOH - we stand in the second row (on the left side of the Swiss people with the Swiss flag) only in a distance of 2 or 3 meters to the stage. It was exciting to wait the last minutes... and then Mr. Norfield started the intro of "caught in the balance" and our heroes entered the stage and it seemed they had to wait a few seconds for Simon (was there a report on the first training of the Hungarian GP ?!) because it's his part to start with some breaks on the drums. Above-mentioned we wrote that each venue is unique - but not your clothes Luke!!!! We saw you in exact the same outfit at the open air in Leipzig! Whom we saw at the first time is your son Trevor sitting on the stage near the monitor mixer and enjoying the show and his dad Luke playing his guitar like no one other on this planet - and later on just inverted: a headbanging, jumping and happy Daddy was very, very pround of his son, because Trevor played some chords with the rest of the band. Come on Trevor, follow your father's footsteps. Luke, we missed a little bit your jokes - in Munic with Edgar Winter you made still such a lot of. But one thing you told us again and again - this leg of the livefields tour is finally the last one and Toto would not be an tour the next three years. Every times when we hear this statement we are a little bit shocked and hope it would a bad joke and not the truth.... (perhaps there will be a new studio release or DVD of the tour during the next three years). To say something about the musicians of these band is very easy: they are the simply the best. They did impressing solos and overall a brilliant performance - we don't want to say a great job, because it seemed to be not only a cool job to play some songs - it seemed to be a lot of fun for these awesome guys to play live! Thank you very, very much for all these unforgetable moments and nights.
Some thanks to the French audience, too - there was a great mood. I won't forget the crew, they did a very good (and hard) job on this tour - thank you, too. And special thanks -now on the "official" way- to FOH Colin Norfield for a perfect mix and the very best Toto-live-sound I heared all the years (in the last review I wrote Leipzig was the best Toto-live-mix I ever heared, but he could exceed it). Perhaps you can remember me (a guy with a black T-Shirt with a stick biting crocodile on the back) I told it personal to you directly after the show. We hope Dave's fine at home and does a good job - with a 5CD-set ?! Sorry for my ppor language. Enjoy your time at home - you are still in our mind and in our hearts. All the best to you

P.S.: Nothing against you Simon - you are the world's best drummer at present, but since I play the drums (15 years !) I have one dream: to play only one song with the "rest" of THIS BAND...

Chris & Yvonne

As we were told several times, the concert in Worms was going to be the first of several Open Air festivals there. This evening, there were three not so bad opening acts; fortunately, they all knew that the band we were really interested in was Toto. So at 8:30, the crowd got more and more excited and with the opening tune of Caught in the Balance we already went crazy. After Tales of a Man Luke told us that these were their last weeks of touring, and that they would make it a night to remember for us; they definitely did. Rosanna was great, Luke's solo superb (baby you're my man). Bobby sang Million miles away with all his heart. Then they played Jake to the bone for Jeff Porcaro, for them, for us; Simon went wild at his solo (I have never seen anyone doing what he does with drums). A short Dave's gone skiing (boys, can't you play that a little longer?). Then the acoustic set, with Out of love, Mama, 99, You are the flower, I'll be over you and The road goes on. They played a great version of Georgy Porgy (too bad they didn't put it on Livefields). Luke wished for a Better world - we all did. Then they played Africa, Jeff Babko did an amazing solo (and a "hell of a job" replacing David - you did great!). They ended with White Sister. After our cheers they returned for Child's Anthem, Goodbye girl and Hold the line. Luke introduced his son Trevor to us and let him play his guitar - it was way to big, so Luke had to hold the guitar up, but Trevor sure did rock it! It was a fantastic evening, my second Live concert after Groningen in October '99. I hope you'll have a great time off - after two years of touring you deserve it! But please come back... we'll miss you!


There aren't enough words to say what those guys are doing on stage! This was the last concert in Germany for this year and Luke said "we will make it special for you!" - and they did. Over two and a half hour of high perfection rock music made this evening unforgetable. Kimball sung at his very best from the bottom of the heart. Luke had a great voice that evening too! TOTO played the complete Livefields setup and more! They play "Childs Anthem" and "Georgy Porgy" from the first TOTO album + '99 from the Hydra album. Luke showed us how to sing the melody, lot's of fun for all! Luke's little son Trevor played some heavy stuff for us with the rest of the band. It sounded not bad and Luke said "this is the future of rock'n'roll" - hopefully! Those guys are really the greatest. I love them so much. I'm everytime exited about how they play songs like "hold the line" or "africa" like it's the first time - full of emotions an energy! Thank you very much for this evening, it meant very much to me. And Steve, David, Mike, Bobby, Simon -- Your music makes a "better world" for me and for millions of other poeple too. You give us a gift, that money can't buy, thanks a lot guys.


Emmen/Eschenbach, Switzerland — 05 August 2000

I made the trip from the u.k. to see toto at the emmen outdoor festival and what a great show as usual they put on. The weather was absolutely terrible,it rained for the complete show. I take my hat off to the crowd that night who stayed in that rain for the whole show,totally commited toto fans. I have seen toto so many times now i have lost count,but they always add something in to each show thats different from the last one. They simply mesmerise me with their outstanding ability. What a treat to see lukes son trevour come on stage and play lukes guitar,what a musician he is going to be. Thanks luke,mike,bobby,simon,jeff and john, good to see j.j visible on stage.
Hope to see you play again soon

Geoff Wigstaed England

This Toto Concert was so fantastic, that the band and all people gaved the best. In the beginning, we heard the opener "Caught In The Balance" and the rain has fallen. But the atmosphere was great and the songs sounds brillant. I saw the "Livefields Show" last year in Zurich and now Open Air. I must say that the guys are better outdoor!

On the stage Luke's son Trevor played on the guitar some chords along with the band. The audience gave him a big smile. After 1:45 hours of brillant music and good vibrations, the gig was finished. I hope that Toto will come back next year for playing some shows in Europe!


Trier, Germany — 04 August 2000

Ladies and Gentleman - what a night!!!

First, the location - the arena of an amphitheater built by the romans, surrounded by green hills, which gave the whole place a quiet, peaceful atmosphere and of course also added to the acoustic.
Second, the weather - finally, a merciful weathergod provided a glimpse of summer with blue skies and a temperature of about 25 ° C - gorgeous! Apparently, somebody up there's a fan, too!
Third, the opening act - actually, there were two supporting acts, but I am talking about the second group, Ezio. Yes, yes, I know - "Thou shalt have no other gods..." ;-) - anyway, they are really worth to be checked out, the guy on the guitar is an animal. Even Luke's son Trevor seemed to like them a lot, watching from the sidestage with a broad grin (obviously inherited by Dad) on his face.

And then, finally, TOTO! - Well, what do you expect in an arena other than LIONS ;-) ? The band was bursting with energy which immediately spread through the crowd once they had entered the stage. The setlist remained unchanged from the last leg of the tour, except for Georgy Porgy being taken out of the acoustic set. As for the musicians - we all know every single one of them is world class and hearing them play together always is an experience. Simon played a dizzying solo once again, curls flying in all directions - I'm already looking forward to his tour in the fall!
Mike - thanks so much for your powerful groove!! By the way, you absolutely spoke my heart in the interview with the toto99-people when you said that a TOTO-concert was all about "spreading the good news of the living groove and seeing people react to it" - THANK YOU!! Jeff - one could see there were still quite a few people in the crowd who were surprised to see you where they had expected Dave. And it was fun to see and hear people react to your unique way of playing - fantastic!
Luke - does this guy ever slow down?? Even though you were the only one who didn't take a break from touring, you rocked the crowd like a devil. You will never stop to amaze me. All in all, yet another fantastic experience! Special thanks to Luke, who during the introduction of the band unceremoniously handed over his guitar to Tony to give him some room to show his talent. And finally, we were able to hear one more musician: It took a few encouraging nods from his father, but then Trevor took over the guitar and played - and the crowd went wild! Trev, your Dad's guitar might be a bit too large for you now but I am convinced that will change in no time. One could see you two have a special relationship and immense pride was shining on both your faces upon watching the other one perform. No doubt, you're on your way!

All that's left to say is, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for this wonderful evening, enjoy your time off the road with your families and hopefully a little rest - and please, please come back soon!!


Wow, what beautyfull music I heard 2 days ago!

The concert in Trier was the sixth Toto concert for me. It was the first time the group played in the oldest town of Germany and the first concert in the historical place called Amphitheater. I was curious to know what´s going on this evening.
First of all, the bands "Lufthansa" and "Ezio" played, but both ones were very boring to listen to, especially in comparison with Toto. So when Toto hits the stage all Toto fans were enthusiastic. The intro of Caught in the balance was something stunning. The drive in the music of Toto and the ease the band played their songs was superb. For all those who play an instrument at their own or those who appreciate the professional skill of the band, this concert was a revelation.
Steve, Mike, Simon, Jeff and Bobby played the songs you know from the Livefields concerts. For all Toto insiders Africa, Jake to the bone, Better world and all solo parts were highlights.
Jeff Babko was a nice surprise. But I think Paich is the better keyboarder for the Toto songs, on the other hand Babko the better jazzer.
There´s another thing to say about this concert. First the sound was not the best in this historical theatre. A hollow ground and resounding walls made problems.
The other thing I want to say is that most of the concert visitors expected a good show and a lot of old stuff. But all of these people were disappointed.
The solo parts from Steve, Bobby, Simon, Mike, Jeff, Trevor and Tommy were not what some expected to see. But that´s Toto. Good music, fantastic solo parts and complex tracks.
You know what I mean. And that´s why my friends and I go to Toto and Co. Toto is the band for fans and insiders who changed their sound with taking Simon Phillips as drummer. Simon is fantastic and the best drummer in the world, he plays filigran and very well, but the groove of the great Jeff Porcaro won´t be heard anymore. The old stuff you can listen in the radio sometimes, but Toto has more than this. So all visitors of Toto in Trier who were disappointed:
don´t go to a Toto concert next time when you don´t know what to expect and don´t grumble at this superb musicians. Listen to your softy radio stuff or whatever but don´t break the mood of us Toto fans. And one tip: try to play an instrument like the Toto guys, then you can talk about this incredible good band. Thanks a lot.
And for all Toto enthusiastics , see you and the guys next time. Goodbye girl and boy, boy and girl goodbye......

Marco Wilbois

Wow, what beautyfull music I heard 2 days ago!

It was placed in the Amphie-Theater in Trier (an arena founded originaly by the romeans, abt. in 200 AD! a realy "old place" ), it was the first experiment for rockmusic in this special place, wich is a historical building! The atmosphere, the beautyfull place, the music this guys are playing, - unbelieveble! After that, I think there will be more events like this in the "holly area of the Amphie-Theater" in the eldest town in Germany, called Trier! This concert was a wonderfull beginning!

I´m not a "perfect" TOTO-fan , but I always loved the music the had made im former times. My wife & me find a pleasant time, and perfect music, in a "small big town", an unforgeteble evening! Thank Steve & Co. - Congrats to his son, he will be a "great musician" in the future!

( There were two support acts: a local band called "Lusthansa" musik like in the early 80´s -NDW - Neue Deutsche Welle- The second band called "Ezio" -two beautyfull accoustic-guitar-players! Realy good! A interresting opening for that special evening!)

Markus L.

Hamburg, Germany — 03 August 2000

What a fantastic show! The formula? Take the highest level of creative musical perfection, add some of the world´s finest rocksongs, flavour all with good vibes, and you have: TOTO on stage. This was the most impressive Toto concert I´ve been at so far. During a business trip via Berlin-Hamburg-Frankfurt, I got "kidnapped" at the airport by a friend and taken to the stadtpark venue (thank you Stella, haha, what a conspiracy!). Something was in the air. No, not the heavy soaker which left us highly qualified for an Alice Cooper lookalike-contest... As usual, the atmosphere was cosy. Whenever TOTO-Fans come together somewhere, it feels like meeting friends, you know.
There was no supporting act. Only 2:20 hours of pure groove and fun to come. And how they gave us THE groove. It was the same setlist as in June, but even more important than what they played was how they played. Concentrated, but relaxed. Composed and tight at all the tricky fast parts. After five weeks off, the band was bursting with positive energy. Once again I was amazed by Mike´s unique, excellent performance. There are Mark-King-types of bassplayers, and yes, they are fantastic, but I prefer the subtle cool style of Mr. Porcaro. He delivers both the groove backbone and the shiny finish of a rock song. Suddenly a guy behind me said "Hey, what´s this blue-haired shrink-to-fit-version of Luke doing there?" Haha, up for the money! While playing, Luke walked across the stage and fell down on his knees right in front of a little boy sitting on a flightcase. Then the kid gave him a hug, both walked over to the mikrophone, and Luke introduced...his son Trevor! And not enough, after that Luke handed him the guitar. Of course, the strap was too long, so Luke held it up while Trevor played some chords along with the rest of the band. What a proud father, what a lovely kid! Everybody in the audience went crazy. And someone else was asked to get his hands on Lukes guitar: Tony Spinner did his short, but impressive solo-spot which reveals at least an impression of his talent. Thanks a million, Luke, for sharing this father-son-thing with us. And thank you to TOTO. Only good souls can do what you do.

Btw, Helmut & Katrin, you are right: people were crying. I was one of them!;)



Hello fans of one of the famous groups in our time. i saw them the fift concert from this mindfields tour! and however, they where suuuuper! a tradition meanwhile is at every gig the changin music of the great "georgy porgy"! this time in a caribic sound ! wow ! what a groove. i hope, the get all different titels of "georgy porgy" on cd - kiss the girls and made them cry...! yeah! an what a proud father steve of his son trevor, who playes how the old one and his paps stops the sound with great laughing - also at the audience; only not completed sold out, but the peoply who stayed there, are very amused and i thing they searched for the next concert in germany. Greatings at the sound-mixer..../ my ears where deaf for two days! Little is sometimes more !


Hey Man, this was a fantastic concert. I've seen the boys in Hamburg last October. I thought at that time, they did one of their best perfomances ever, but this one tonight was unbelievable. First of all there was this fantastic location, Stadtpark Hamburg. Such a lovely place. Then, when the guys came out i was a little shocked. I didn#t know about Dave staying home working on the TOTO-5-CD-Set (!!!!), so I was a confused about Jeff playing keys. But he did it great. Jeff was a faboulos "Dave" this night. Now on with the guys. Mike - well I don't need to say something. He so relaxed when he plays, unbelievebale. Simon - you know what I want to say. Great. and now Bobby Kimball. I just want to say one thing: "Thank you for coming back, we missed you !". Last but not least - Steve. I think this was one of those eves for him, where you feel like flying. He was so happy playing with the band again and then there was the fact that his son came out with the guys - I think this was a very special gig for Steve. I felt it in every accord he played. Thank you Steve for making this concert such a very special event. You guys have been so great. Plese come back soon. I'm really looking forward to the next years with you and this fantastic music.

Jens Barnekow

hi!! yesterday ( 3.8.) we went again to toto `s fantastic was the first time we see toto open air and it was fantastic. before the show it was raining,but when the show started it stopped. jeff babko was really in a fantastic form . steve lukather was running on the stage from the left to the right and back wow what a power after two years touring with the band an his solo tour. bobby kimball was great too his voice was very clear and all people enjoy that he`s back in the band. simon on the drums: forgive me, but therefore i have no words absolutely the best i have ever seen! mike was very cool an plays his bass guitar very dynamic and powerful to the riffs of luke`s guitar.but the star of this evening was luke`s son trevor. he plays a really good guitar solo and simon give his best on the drum!!
the people were crying. i think a new star is born!! after 2 hours and 15 minutes the show was over. and now we have to wait a long time (maybe 3 years) before we can see toto again on tour . we hope the break of the band will not take so long

Helmut & Katrin

Kaufbeuren, Germany — 25 June 2000

First of all it was a fantastic show. It was the fourth concert of the Livefield-tour we saw. At first a old Toto-Fan decided to see your show in Munic (9 October 1999), where I went in with a good friend named Yvonne and went out after a great show with a girlfriend named Yvonne (I think "I'll be over you" was the decisive song at the end of the acoustic set) and a new Toto-Fan (especially Luke and Simon). Second we enjoyed the gig in Wels, Austria (29 October 1999) with a better sound than in Munic and a Bobby Kimball who had less problems with his vocal cords than in Munic. Then I clicked through - and what a surprise? New tour dates in Europe and in Germany! We ordered some tickets...

Third we decided to drive from Munic to Leipzig (18 June 2000) and see you again - this time open air. It was nearly a private atmosphere for an open air. You entered the stage and at first I thought where is David Paich ? What's about him? Could there be a good show without David? Jeff Babko did a great job, he played some solos similar to Dave's solos but he didn't try to imitate David Paich - he played everything on his own style. Jeff is a fantastic keyboarder! Luke rocked the audience like everytimes and made a lot of jokes sometimes about his unusual outfit - I hope there is no mutation from Toto to a boygroup?! Mike did a very cool and effective performance. Hey Mike, when you go to bed, do you take your bass with you? There is only one real voice of Toto - Bobby Kimball. Thank you for being back! Simon was like always excellent on the drums. It's astonising to hear your groovy and powerful play, everything looks so easy even your solo. Altough I play the drums about 15 years sometimesI think there must be more than only two legs and arms......
J.J. and Tony Spinner - a perfect background. And now I want to say something about the sound.... In Leipzig that was a great mix - it was the best Toto-livesound I have ever heared - thank you Colin Norfield.
P.S.: Which football match did you look behind the stage ???? I'm happy that there were no changes in the setlist (especially the acoustic set and "I'll be over you")

And last Sunday we had a fantastic evening in Kaufbeuren. Jeff Babko was brilliant he exceeded his performance one week ago and seemend to be fully integrated in the band. I think you should have him on stage further, he and Dave could be a perfect team. Mike moved two times in front of the stage - sensationell! Simon played a solo in an extra long version - and fabulous drums. Luke and Bobby had a lot of fun to play and sing the songs, they did it in usual fantastic manner. It was a little bit pity, that it took a lot of time between the band before you and "Caught in the balance". Did you have some problems with the sound? The sound was not as good as usual, Luke's guitar was sometimes so loud that you couldn't hear keyboards or the drums sometimes even you couldn't hear Bobby. It seemed that there was not enough amp-power to produce a clear, defined sound. Or where the "Turbosound"-stacks the reason (why don't you use martin audio, meyer sound or community) ? In the end we missed Child's anthem. But nevertheless the whole show was fabulous and we enjoyed a really good concert again with some of the finest musicians of these days.

I surfed through again and I think we will be back in August, too.
All the best

Christian & Yvonne

Dear all, it was the third concert of the Livefields-tour that I saw and I must say it was the best, no doubt about that. Jeff Babko did more than just fill in for Dave. Boy, this guy really "kicks fucking asses", like Luke said. They really should have him on stage in the future, he could team up with Dave perfectly, just like Steve Porcaro did in the past years. And Mike! It was the first time I saw him almost at the front of the stage and his duell with Luke on Africa was so cool, I went nuts when they did it ... not nuts, really but almost. As it had to be expected, there were hardly no changes in the setlist, a few songs were missing compared to the gigs in 1999 (Better World, I Will Remember), but I believe I'll Be Over You was new in this version, at least.

Frank Stüdemann

Bex Rock, Switzerland — 24 June 2000

First of all it was fantastic as ever. I met some other fans at the first row and we enjoyd it very much. Luke wasn't wearing his new chequered pants. Nevetheless he was joking as usual. He encouraged the crowd to sing along and we did. He said "I know Swiss are intelligent and can sing. That's no wonder - there are so many wonderful places to play." He mentions Montreux where they performed an unforgettable show in 1991. So the crowd was singing like I never before had heard a Swiss crowd sing to Toto. So the boys enjoyd the evening very much. And then when Africa was almost over something unusual happened. Mike moved the second time to the front of the stage (playing of course). He didn't stop playing. He improvised like God and I was absolutely speechless. The solo went on and transferred into a dialogue with Luke's Guitar. I can't find the right words. It looked like Mike won't stop. We all know Luke is a fast player. But I didn't know Mike can play fast too. Absolutely fabulous. So everything had to end. They were allowed to do only one extra as the schedule was stretched one hour already. No, not by Toto.

Now I have to mention that Roger Hodgson playd prior to Toto. And he was fantastic too. Luke liked him too. So I think thanks to Toto he could play much longer than planned. And he deserved and appreciated it very much. So after the show we waited for Luke, Simon, Bobby, Jeff and the rest of the Band. The hosteff at the festival was really nice to us and she told us they will come and sign for us. Wow. I got my Baked Potato and others signed. It was just an unforgettable evening. So I am sitting here typing this report. What should I do today? Get some sleep? Go and see them again in Kaufbeuren? Well you all would say go! go! go! OK, most probably I will. I want to hear Mike again.


Künzelsau, Germany — 23 June 2000

When we entered the venue, I thought this would be a day to forget. Having seen the Show a couple of times before with Nancy Freeze supporting Toto, I wondered why BAP was on the list instead. Hmmm, we muffled, german pop with a singer who needs subtitles to be understood? That´s not what we came here for. And the ugly Würth-Building didn´t help to create a Totoish atmosphere either. (Königstein and Bonn framed the show perfectly, that spoiled us a bit...)
Okay, BAP began to play. And wow, I was surprised by their musical quality, having little in common with the band formed in the eighties at Cologne! Coming up with various backup singers and musicians, the band played a rich, warm Mezzoforte-like sound. Definitely more than a supporting act.

After that, it was time for our heroes. And what a coincidence: just between the lights going out and the first note of "Caught in the Balance", outside the venue a car drove by, and the stereo was playing "Magic Power" by Triumph. Whoo, goosebumps! This tune is very unpopular nowadays, but has a special meaning for me. Next stop: the twilight zone?
Then Toto gave us the long anticipated endorphine-rush with their powerful music (thanks Mr. Norfield, you know the art of sound engineering!)
In spite of some minor technical problems, Bobby-the-voice-Kimball has proven to be the only singer (beside Joseph) who perfectly fits into this band. Luke´s guitar fireworks rocked better than ever before. Mike-the-timekeeper-Porcaro offered his irresistable grooves to lock in to (on him you can trust, ladies: he always plays you the right tune to free your hips, move your feet and dance!). Joking and laughing together, these three made up the core of the show. To sum it up: VERY L.A.

Anyway, I´m happy and grateful Toto keep on playing music instead of playing retired rock stars. Everyone of them means a crown jewel in music. They can still do magic like noone else can. They sound (and look) better than ever. And they finally got the right voice back. So don´t miss them in August!

Kathrin Elfman

Bonn, Germany — 22 June 2000

Yet another review of this fabulous concert...I can only agree with my fellow "critics" that this was the best I have ever seen and heard. The crowd was fantastic, partying non-stop (and clapped on two all by themselves during "Georgy Porgy" - I have never heard a German audience do this before!) and you could see those guys up on stage had fun, too. And as to the music...well, what can I say? All the band played to their best, but especially Simon's (no wonder the first "La ola" went through the crowd after that!), Jeff's (boy, you made my mind fly - what do people need drugs for if they can have this?) and Luke's soli were just beyond words. Thanks also for this beautiful version of "I'll be over you", I thought my skin would burst open because of all these goose pimples...

Guys, you gave me an unforgettable night - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! - And Luke, I'm still waiting for you to come over for that beer ;-)). Maybe when you're in Cologne on July 13 *g*?


I was also at the show at the Museumsplatz and I agree that Toto played as well as they have never played before. The audience was great and it was like a big festival. But the amps and the sound was very bad. It seemed that the amps had not enough power to produce a clear sound. Sometimes Luke´s guitar was so loud that you could not here Simon´s snare or Bobby´s voice. I made the same experience at the Gruga-Halle in Essen last year. In my opinion Jeff Babko was playing a better solo than Dave, but that could be, because we all new Dave´s kind of playing and now it was something new. I really hope that Toto will produce a live video about this tour!

Roman MIchalczyk

Dear ladies and gents,

Yesterday I have been to the greatest show I have ever seen. Toto live! This band was really great and unfortunalety the show ended. They played all the songs everybody wanted to hear and so the audience has been absolutely amazed and had a big party. The guys played at their best and Steve was the entertainer himself, joking all the time. I was really interested how the band could groove without Dave, but Jeff Babko was an excellent musician and did a good job.

Hope Toto will come to Germany again - we will be there!

Georg Brügge - Germany

This was the third Toto-concert of the Mindfields/Livefields Tour I attended - it was almost the best. Not only was the audience a killer, I´ve never seen such a crowd partying, Jeff Babko was brilliant. I was a little uncertain, how they would manage without Dave, but let me tell you, it can be done (I don´t want to start a debate here, but I like Babko´s solos better than Dave´s...). I was a little disappointed they only played two hours and left out "I will remember", which was a shame, as that song is my all time favourite. But what the heck, it was a perfect evening with a perfect party, the guys on stage had fun, so had the audience, you could tell. Child´s Anthem, the audience was almost louder than the amps... ;) It was just a cool night, I´m looking forward to seeing them play again, (unfortunately without Babko, since he was one of the highlights in my opinion...) and I hope, that there will be some sort of live-video from this tour, it was just awesome.

Markus Riegler

Gelsenkirchen, Germany — 21 June 2000

Being aware of the forthcoming long tour intermission it was a duty to see TOTO in Germany again in 2000. Used to witness TOTO-shows indoor, the "Kanalbühne" in Gelsenkirchen was a very special experience. The stage was located in the middle of a canal and connected with an amphiteathre by four jetties. The location was just curious to me... the optical presentation of the show was completed by passing freighters in the background. Until the beginning of the show the waiting crowd unfortunately had the pleasure to be drenched by never-seem-to-end downpours.
Finally THEY entered the stage, and what can I say: Even having seen the show two times in 1999, I was overwhelmed by the fantastic show.... Luke: YOU kick ass! It's not only your virtual playing, YOU're cool man! (But don't think nobody has noticed the 3 incorrect tunes, harhar).
Bobby: Good to have you back. You are the real voice of TOTO. Nobody can/could ever replace you!
Mike: I did'nt trust my eyes, you covered est. 30m just to play your solo with Luke directly in front of the crowd, I never saw you that much in motion. Cool performance as ever!
Simon: Again and again it's astonishing to hear your groovy and powerful play. No one can replace Jeff Porcaro, but you make his style live for ever!
Tony: Always in the background, but your little solo (band intro) revealed your skills.
John: Same as above, but did you have yor solo?? I don't remember...
Jeff: You fit in perfectly, it was a pleasure to hear your play, your solo was fantastic - nice sound!
Concerning the intro of "White Sister" we both agree on the assess that MIDI sometimes sucks, uh?

Thomas Abel

Sensational! Toto open air in the Amphitheater in Gelsenkirchen

Seen the "Livefields" concert for the third time I really know what Iam talking about. Well, of course the show itself wasn't new but that's not the point: Toto are excellent musicians and great performers living the passion for music on stage and that's what makes every single concert an unforgetable and unique event.

Above all the nice and private atmosphere in Gelsenkirchen let the band and the crowd dive into the sphere of the real good music. It seemed that most of the people were confirmed fans like we are. Even god must be an admirer of Toto: the heavy rain stopped right at the beginning of the show. So big compliments to the great performers! Even the incident with the temporary breakdown of the keyboard was bridged professional and sympathetic.

P.S. Hey guys, don't worry about the age and even less about the backstreet boys - if Bobby is going on a little diet that will be o.k. (only kidding). So please remain as you are with many more great songs and unique concerts to come. We are happy fans!


Wernesgrün, Germany — 17 June 2000

The third Gig of TOTO we have seen was the best! Ok, they all were great but the Atmosphere between the buildings of the "Wernesgrüner Brauerei" and the sound in the front of the stage were better like in Strasbourg (France 02.04.1999) or Erfurt (Germany 17.10.1999).

They all had a lot of Fun! Bobby Kimball was louder than Scream 3, Steve Lukather rocked the audience, Simon Phillips and Jeff Babko grooved like a "Symbosis" in "Another Lifetime", Mike greened like he always did and Tony Spinner did a great Job!

I`ll never miss the money for all the CD´s from TOTO, Luke and Simon, for all three Gig´s and the merchandising Stuff.

You want to hear real music ? Here it is !!!


Königstein, Germany — 16 June 2000

This was my first Toto concert and I travelled with a friend and fellow fan from the UK to see them at Königstein. We met up with a couple of really cool people from Assen in Holland (Chantal and Ton) who we met through one of the many Toto fan clubs on the web.They met us off the train at Arnhem and then drove us to Königstein castle in Germany.The location of this concert could not of been better.The surrounding countryside was outstanding and the stage set in a ruined castle looked superb.When the guys kicked off with caught in the balance the place started to rock and although it was only a small place the fans were in full voice.As the evening went on with A million miles and White sister the band sounded absolutely fabulous.I have attended a few concerts by different bands but this surpassed them all.The atmosphere was electric and Bobby sounded great.Jeff Babko was a superb stand in for David Paich and as for Steve Lukather what can be said that has not already been said,an absolute genius.Throughout the whole show all four of us just kept looking around and at each other and just absorbing the whole experience.Simon Phillips was excellent on the drums and the whole thing was just fantastic. To sum it up we made some new friends and enjoyed a really good concert with some of the finest musicians that exist.All I can say is guys please come and play a date in the UK I will be there along with many others you are all extremely talented and long live Toto. If ever I get the chance to travel to Europe to see them again I will be only to happy.

Paul Warren, Yorkshire, England

Wow!!! What a night...Standing in front of the stage in the first row to see my hereos, especially Luke! To see him play is such an impressive thing: full of power and passion. He's THE ONE!!! And the rest of the gang? Bobby's voice, it seems, becomes better and better. Mike's fundamental and melodic bass (he's not from this world): superb! For Simon's drum playing exist only one word: fantastic! At least Jeff Babko, John Jessel and the background singer (don't know his name, sorry) did a great job. God bless you all! For everyone who read this: Go to a TOTO-Concert and you'll never forget this evening - brilliant sound, a fantastic show and really great musicians!!!

Stefan Cedl

Well,I haven´t seen Toto since the "Tambu-tour" in 1995. So I went to Königstein to see them again. I can only say,thanks for such a great event. Babko did a great job,but I hope David will be back soon. Nearly two hours of real good music made me to see the guys in Trier again.

All the best


Fridaymorning me and my boyfriend Ton drove from Assen to Arnhem to pick up two English friends that had come to Holland to attend a Toto-concert in Königstein, a town 25 kilometers from Frankfurt, Germany (yes, where Bobby lived for a while!). I've known Ed and Paul for a while on the net but hadn't seen them 'in real life' so I have to admit I was kinda nervous. But it all went great, we all got along very well. We had a nice (and fast...) drive through Germany, listening to cd's, stopping and sitting in the sun for a while... After a few hours we drove through the hills into Königstein. Looked up and saw the castle they were playing in and got very excited! (well, at least I did, haha!). We were a few hours early so we decided to park the car, walk up to the castle to see where we were supposed to go. We hadn't seen anyone that looked like they were going to a Toto-concert before but now we did: there was a group of them standing near the entrance, listening to Toto soundchecking!! That was very special, looking at the castle, trees all around you, hearing the beginnings of 'Caught in the balance' and 'Hold the line'.... loved it!

We still had a couple of hours so we went back down, had something to eat (the guys NATURALLY had 'bratwurst'...), sat in the park (the guys NATURALLY slept.... Ton for almost two hours...haha). I had a look around, enjoyed the sun, thinking how special this all was! Around seven we went up again, it now was FAR more busy than before. Shame we had to give our cameras to security, because what came next is going to be SO hard to explain. There was a woman with a camera sneaking around but we don't know who she was, might also have been from a local newspaper or something. Anyway, we went into the castle (well, ruin actually) and were quite amazed. It just looked SO cool. The view was great, the parts of the castlewalls that were still there bathed in sunlight, stage set up in a grassy part a little lower, people sitting everywhere on blankets and stuff, very relaxed atmosphere... We just stood there and looked at it all for a while. This was already something spectacular! Never have been to a Toto concert where there was another band playng first, but now there was. They weren't bad but of course we were waiting for Toto and I got a little impatient... FINALLY, there was that mysterious and exciting beginning of "Caught in the balance"... and there they were! It was a GREAT performance from beginning to end... As you know, David Paich wasn't there but this new guy (forgot his name) was amazing! Was really impressed (looked nice too I might add...). Steve was great, his guitarplaying as usual outstanding and his sense of humor at an alltime high! (he kept on saying how great the Germans were and they probably were but I wanted to scream: "Hey, we're from Holland and there two guys came all the way from the UK!! haha). Bobby was great too, almost screamed his lungs out! Don't know why but I've always had 'a thing' for Mike (yes, he's still blonde, haha!) and he was great as well. Simon of course did a great job, sometimes you can't even see him behind his drums but you CAN hear him, he's amazing. Forgot the name of the backgroundsinger with the long hair, but he was great as well, he took care of some high parts Bobby couldn't reach, sounded great.
The crowd was great (except they all kinda stood still and I didn't...). Sang along at every tune. Very special 'singalongmoments' were "The road goes on" (the 'Ohoh-part' as I call it) and "Child's anthem".
The four of us looked at each other regularly to share the feeling of "Wow this is SO cool!". Of course the last encore was "Hold the line" which never becomes less than spectacular. They finished at around eleven and as I turned my mobile phone on again I got a textmessage from a girlfriend of mine saying Holland had beaten Denmark with 3-0... They must have all thought I was crazy because I kinda screamed it out loud, haha! Nice ending of a great evening!
Than it was time to head back. Had no trouble whatsoever, Ton and I both drove for about 2 hours and we were at my appartment in Assen, thought that was kinda good. Saturday was kind of an anniversary for me and Ton so that was special too. We were stopped at the border, probably because of Euro 2000. We were allowed to go on, probably would have had a whole checkup if they knew we had to Englishmen in the backseat, haha! As it was after 4 am and almost getting light again we went to sleep immediately. Ton had to leave at around 11 again. After breakfast/brunch (including tea WITH milk of course, haha) I drove Ed and Paul to the trainstation. We hugged and I got a little sentimental when they got on the train...
Really strange to come back to my appartment. I just looked around, it seemed to empty and going to the concert seemed so unreal. But there on the table was a tape that Ed made me with some live-recordings of Toto and in the study there still were the matrasses the guys slept on... and I thought: "Yes, this really happened and is really was something special".

As I was saying in the car: so many people just make a lot of promises ("Yeah sure I'll come over sometime...") but never keep them. We did and it felt great! Me and Ton now have two more friends and I'm sure we'll see each other soon! Thanks Ton, Ed and Paul for making this a great little 'adventure' and sharing this with me.


Here are some impressions of the toto show last night at the castle of koenigstein near frankfurt in germany(I' m sorry but my english is not the best one!!):

the show was really great! it was the first time I saw toto live. allthough I own all records and allthough I am covering some songs with a lot of fun in one of my local coverbands, I never had the time so see them live before....

the location was an old castle up in the mountains near frankfurt and the weather was fine for open air. after sunset it was a groovy atmospheere watching the show while the full moon was rising up. luke an his guys played the whole 'livefield-record-set'. only in the part of the older accoustic songs, they played '99' and 'geogy porgy'. the band came out on stage 2 times for extra songs - great!! (hold the line, afrika, child's anthem etc.) my personal favorit song is still 'jake to the bone' - luke, simon an the young keyboarder(I don't know his name) who is filling the place of mr. paich for the whole european tour, do great work.

I never heard a concert like that before, because I never saw a musician like steve lukather before. there's no doubt, that his live performing guitar work is hyper professional and every guitar player in the world knows, that he is one of the great kings of technique,dynamic and feeling. I was really impressed of his kind of joking, dancing and entertaining the show. I never saw such a progressive and ambitioned rock'n'roller on stage. during the introducing of his band, he put his guitar to the backing guitar player(I don't even know his name too - damned!!) and this guy really got the blues in his guitar fingers and in his voice. it's a nice kind of character to give musicians in the second row the respect to play some minutes the starring role!!! After the third song 'rosanna' there were some very very little mistakes but I blame it on the cold weather this evening and I think the band was not warmed up enough. so steve lukather had to fight to keep the feedback while playing his solo after rosanna and mister kimball had a little problem with his voice. but when there' s a band in the world who is allowed to have some little starting problems, then it's called 'toto' - the name guarantees top professionality !!!

greetings from germany,


Jönköping, Sweden — 14 June 2000

I was at the concert in Jönköping. I´m not a big TOTO fan but I really enjoed the concert! They had a lot of nice and cool things on the stage, they memebers of the band are really nice!

I collect autographs and I have been waitng for about 5 hours next to the concert area. When I asked one of the crew members when the supposed to be here he said anytime now but when I asked another he said about two hours, another said in three hours and so on.

The first guys arrived, Steve and one other guy ( I think that he was the keybord player, I´m not sure) They were really nice to talk to, they also told me when the other members were about to arrive. Steve was so early because had to do some work. After another hour the singer arrived, he was very nice. He did a very nice thing, their road manager brought some asptins that he dropped when he stepped out of the car but he didn´t see that. The singer started picking them up! He is NOT a diva!!! I mean such a big and great band but NO divas, that´s great!!!

He went in to the other two guys for a while and the he came rushing out, he had forgotten something at the hotel.

When he came back the two other members arrived, that´s when their road manager helped me. I almost missed the two other guys but he said "just sign this paper for this guy, he´s been here for about four hours" That´s very nice of him.

I watched the concert but the only song I have ever heard before was Africa, Hold The Line (Who haven´t heard of that one)

After the concert a lot of people waited out side their dressing room. The band members went away but not all at the same time. Steve and I think that the keybord player stayed as well. He talked to the fans, wrote a lot of autographs. He talked to them as as an old friend not as a megastar. The fans gave him a lot of pens that he wrote with and when almost every fan had left he had one pen left, he just through it behind his back, right over a tent.

Well I really want to thank the band and their roadmanager!!!


This night I went to see TOTO in my hometown Jönköping. I hadn´t seen them since March -99, and were dying for the day to come. So finally I went there (approximately 500 meters from my apartment), to listen to my heroes to kick some butt. And they did! The stage was really awesome with sculptures from the MINDFIELDS album. After a great start with Caught in the balance and Rosanna, they slowed things down a bit.This was my 12:th TOTO concert since 1990 and I enjoyed it immenously. I´ve got to say though, that they should cut down a lot of long solos, cause it´s only fun the first time, you know. No offence, I´m a musician myself and love their solos, but it is getting a bit boring when you`ve listened to 30 minutes of solos in a 90 min concert. They should also let Bubba sing more stuff. I mean: There are a LOT of Good Rockin´ TOTO songs like -Good for you, Make belive, Girl goodbye, I´ll supply the love, We made it........

Guy´s I love you, and I know you want a break. But it really got a little bit too slow in the middle.
Otherwise a Fantastic show!!!!
Jeff Babko: You should really have a place in TOTO, you were great!! I missed Dave a lot, but you did a great job!
Simon: Thank´s for the chat!! You ARE the best!
Luke, Mike and Bubba: I love you!!
Keep on rockin´!!!!!

Daniel Åhsman

Stockholm, Sweden — 12 June 2000

First I want to tell everyone that my english is very bad! anyway...The show was exellent! better then the one in the globe arena -99. The sound was clearer and of course, I was standing just 10 meters away from the boys.
Here is the "songlist":

1:Caught In The Balance
3:Luke´s Solo
4:Million Miles Away
5:Jake To The Bone
6:Simon´s Solo
7:Dave´s Gone Skiing (ending)
8:Out Of Love
11:You Are The Flower
12:The Road Goes On
13:I`ll be over you
14:Georgy Porgy
16:Jeff-John Solo
17:White Sister

18:Band Intro
19:Hold the Line

The highlights for show were: Simon´s Solo
Georyg Porgy
and Hold The Line

The drumsolo was VERY cool, a little more faster then the solo at Livefields. Georgy Porgy, a new verson again, very funky and a really good grove! The course on Africa is "outstanding" And Hold The Line was also very good, maby a little slow, but the ending of the song was very cool, they speeded it up.

It was nice to hear and see John Jessel, I have always wondered who he his, but he was one of the two pianoplayers, and the other pianoplayer was Jeff Babko, Ohhhhh yeah what a cool guy, actually I like he´s way of play better then David´s, great solo´s.

Steve Lukater Plays wonderful as always, he´s also joking alot.

Well...This show was best show I ever have seen!

best regards


As I drove to Stockholm a few hours before the free concert at the Grona Lund amusement park, the rain was pouring down heavily from a gray cloudy sky. Half an hour before the show was set to begin, the rain (which might have cancelled the concert) stopped, and just when the show kicked off, the sun looked out, and the sky remained blue for the rest of the evening. Divine intervention, I'm sure. While introducing "Jake To The Bone," a few songs into the show, Luke even looked to the sky and thanked Jeff P for fixing the weather.

This was a one and a half hour show, and consequently an abbreviated version of the MINDFIELDS tour setlist, but with one song added -- a supremely funky version of "Georgy Porgy" (you can tell this is one of the band's own faves). A good choice, since it was probably the highlight of the show, along with "White Sister" and a kick-ass, high-gear end vamp of "Hold The Line." Perfectly executed from start to finish, it was a great show (albeit a bit short), and the guys looked very fresh and were clearly having a lot of fun up there. I have to say that Jeff Babko, filling in for Paich, was brilliant, and seemed to enjoy the whole thing very much. Steve Lukather, ever the jokester, played a bit of the "Dueling Banjos" theme from DELIVERANCE, after introducing Bobby Kimball (a native of Louisiana). Ha!

Of course, the papers give the show * out of *****, but who cares, since that which is good speaks for itself, and awards are for horses, anyway. Thanx for a great show and see you next time.

Henrik Hemlin

Even the weathergods love TOTO! The sky was puking water and the stormwind smashing the stage on the amusementpark Gröna Lund. We all where really worried about the concert but...when Toto entered the stage the sun and the blue sky apperared.

-We thought we had to cancel the consert! -Steve said. -But now I have to wear sunglasses in this late evening. Last time i had them on an evening, was with something completly different. God! My nipples are getting hard. Look here! -Steve said. He is always wild and crazy on stage. That´s why we all love him i guess.

The music was like always (never miss an concert) perfect and hot jamming. The show went on for 1 1/2 hour so it's not comperable to an real evening with TOTO. Openair concerts are never the same as indoors, but this was as good as it can be. It´s fantastic that TOTO are on tour again so soon and for free. TOTO you really love to meet us all, and we surely love to meet you!


Christer J.

On Monday June 12, 2000 Toto played at Gröna Lund, a big amusement park, in Stockholm. I arrived about 5 o’clock, three hours before the gig. It was heavy rain this day, and the 15 or 20 people, includning myself, that was waiting in front of the stage was really wet after a while. For a while we thought that they maybe would cancel the concert, cause of the rain and the wind. But, 15 minutes before showtime the sun came and the rain stopped. Right away, there was a lot of activity on stage, setting it all up for show. At eight, excactly on time, Toto entered the stage. At this time the sky was blue and the sun was shining like never before. They opened with Caught in a balance as usual.

I stood next to a young girl who was on her first toto concert. I think she was about 18 or 20 years old. And man did she like it. She sang every tune. Next to her there was a guy visiting his 12:th toto concert. Quite a big contrast.. (if you read this, the young girl or the other fan, send me an e-mail please. Im the guy with the tattoo)

I wont list the songs, you all know them anyway. Because of the rules in the park, they could only play for 1 ½ hour. They played all the older songs like 99 and Mama, but none of the newer ones from Mindfields. Jeff Babko did a great job. I’ve heard him a few times before and i can tell you, that man can play. But, Africa wasn’t the same. I think that they should have skiped that song. Africa demands David, both on keyboard and vocals. But still, a great gig of course. A bit short, but still rock n’ roll. The only bad thing with this gig was the three guys from Kiruna (a small town in northern sweden) standing behind me. They were to drunk.. They almost burned us with their cigaretts hundreds of times. Luke, Simon, Bobby, David and Mike (and Babko of course), i hope to see you in Stockholm soon again. You know youre always welcome!!


Daniel Sjödin

This was the 3rd time I saw a consert with TOTO, and I must say that it only gets better every time. The consert started at 8.00 pm an just before it had benn raining (a lot), but when they came out on the stage it was a clear blue sky that appeared. They where great (as usual) this night,and Jeff Babko did a great work on the keybord, and guys don't care about what the critics say, becouse they don't understand when it is real musicians they are listing to. After the show they came and wrote autographs, and I even got to talk a bit with Steve and to take a picture of him and me standing together. Hope to see you again in the future, and im really looking forward for that 5 cd box of yours.

Andreas Holmström

Just got home from the Grona Lund Stockholm concert. Things were looking mighty bleak with a thunder/rain storm passing through, and by the depth of the clouds, it didn't look like it was going to let up. Fortunately at around 7:35 the clouds simply gave it up and the Sun began to shine - on - through. Steve gave his best regards to Jeff for the kind gesture of providing the sunshine and dedicated the concert to him. It was perfect timing, with the concert starting right on time at 8 and although the announcer introduced the group as 2 - 2, generating a good laugh out of the crowd, the guys came out and proceeded to kick some booty. Although it was an outdoor stage, the sounds were clear and crisp from one end of the stage to the other. There was also some great variations on the "Hits", which only caused to heightened the energy of each song. The other thing I personally appreciated was that each member had an opportunity to show off their own stuff, ......... collectively, "THEY WERE "GREAT"!

Keep it Up!


Middelfart, Denmark — 10 June 2000

My friend and I got grazy, when we heart, that they came to Middelfart in Denmark, 5 kilometers from our home. My friend have seen them four times, and I three times in Denmark, so it was like to see good old friends again. The setlist was like in Norway, but only "Hold the line", as extranumber. The hole band was in good shape, and both Babko, Luke, and Simon played some amayzing solos. In the presentation of the band, Luke said, that David Paich was getting af sexchanceoperation, so he had to stay home (big laugh). I have 10 cd's and 2 lp's with the band, and I think, the new stuff is fantastic, so I miss it , when they do concerts. Only "caught in the balance" was new, the rest were old and wellknown stuff - maybe a good thing for a festivalaudience, but for hardcore-fans, and I saw some in Toto t-shirts like myself among 20.000 people, we miss the new songs. I hope to see you around soon

Asger Runge Madsen

Yesterday two of my mates and I attended "Rock under the Bridge" in Middelfart in Denmark - because of Toto.This was our 3 rd show from the "Livefields World Tour" and we were absolutely thrilled to enjoy Toto once again.

Naturally Toto got to play on the big stage situated right next to all the sailboats and the waterline and fortunately the sun was shining throughout the magnificient concert. The setlist was close to all the former shows on the "Livefields World Tour" which is what one should expect as the boys haven't had time to rehearse new songs. And we didn't miss a thing, I'm telling you ! Solos from Babko, Phillips ( God bless your incredible tecnique and talent ) and Luke - could you possibly ask for more ?!

20.000 people were at the spot at 7 p.m. when Toto appeared on stage and hit it off for more than 1½ hours. The guys pulled off a fabulous show and the huge crowd loved it. I met lots of Toto, Phillips and Luke fans and we arranged to meet up for coming outstanding performances, we'll meet for the first time when Luke visits Copenhagen during "The Oddcouple Tour" and we'll definetely also be there when Phillips returns to Denmark.

I also noticed quite a few Mindfields/Livefields t-shirts similar to the one I wore. Due to the pictures I took with my 300 mm lens I got several addresses from both men/women and boys/girls who I'm gonna send copy of my shots. Toto's appearance was highly appreciated and lots of fans agreed that festival shows combined with Toto shows is a great way to promote Toto and their albums to come.

Thanx Bobby, Mike, Simon and Luke - "You cats are such a delight". And Babko, you did superb up there, so proud, glad and enthusiastic. As Dave is working for Toto on the 5 cd box set ( Can't wait...) you're a very fine substitute for the master, Mr. Paich. Great attitude, Babko ! We're are lots of fans and upcoming Toto fans that are impressed with you guys hitting it off a 140 % each and every time - it just has to be perfect, one of Toto's trademarks. Keep that fine spirit, guys. This also goes for all the Mindfields figures you've had made to put on stage, that's the way to do it.

See ya whenever you're heading towards Denmark again.

Tim Lund Jensen

First time I heard TOTO live were back in 1991 on Midtfyns Festival and since I have been a big fan of this band. I have heard TOTO everytime they have played in Denmark since 1991 and now it was time to do it again. My girlfriend, her sister and I, went to the festival called "Rock Under Broen", the 10 th. of june. There were a lot of bands who was playing. All day long, we were looking forward to see and listen to TOTO. At 7 pm TOTO came on stage. And It was great. It is beautiful to see these people play, and they like it. Eventhogh they have tourin almost 1½ year in Europe. Specially Steve Lukather is the leading frontperson and we love his stile on stage. We now they all great musicians, but we don´t understand why they gonna use a lot of time to play their own solo´s, when the concert only is one hour and a quarter? We think it´s better to play a few more song. But It was a great concert and I think that I´m the biggest TOTO- and Stevie Lukather-fan in Denmark. Hope to see you again soon.

Ulrich Skøtt

Oslo, Norway — 9 June 2000

Last night I went to see TOTO in Oslo. I've attended many of their shows before, and I have to say that this onoe was way better than the one they performed in Oslo last year (the 1999 Mindfields-tour). I don't know why, but all of the band members both sounded and looked VERY inspired compared to last year. I haven't seen or heard that inspiration in years from Toto, probably not since the KOD tour back in 1992 ! I became a little disappointed when I realized that the set list was so to speak identical to the Mindfields set list, but that didn't really matter ...

This is what TOTO played:

1. Caught in the Balance
2. Rosanna
3. Guitar Solo
4. Million Miles Away
5. Jake to the Bone
6. Drum Solo
7. Dave's Gone Skiing
8. Out of Love
9. Mama
10. 99
11. You Are The Flower
12. The Road Goes On
13. I'll Be Over You
14. Georgy Porgy
15. Better World
16. Africa
17. Keyboard Solo
18. White Sister

19. Child's Anthem
20. Girl Goodbye
21. Hold the Line

I won't get into details when it comes to the set list, but I have to mention Georgy Porgy. That song has to be THE most ULTRA HYPER FUNKY KICKIN' song of all times. On every tour the guys have come up with yet another new arrangement for that song, always better than the previous one. How is it possible ? Well, judge for yourselves, I found it to be the best version ever ! And Babko's jazzy piano solo... it was just brilliant !

Other songs worth mentioning: Africa (where John Jessel and Bobby Kimball cooperated with replacing Dave's vocals - it worked just fine), Out Of Love (never actually liked the song when Byron sang it, but now it's just beatiful) and of course The Road Goes On (which they actually forgot to play last year) !

The sound was OK (but far to loud in my opinion - my ears are ringing today, for the first time ever after a concert), and "Yongstorvet" was very crowdy - the police estimated that 4000 people were in front of the stage, but the area is quite big so it was probably many more (the tour management estimated 12-15000). All of the musicians on stage did (of course) a great job, and I must say that I am really impressed with Jeff Babko. I don't know how much he has rehearsed with the guys, but it sounded like he has done nothing but playing Toto songs all of his life... Clearly, he was the man who enjoyed the performance most (he was smiling and groovin' all of the time). (He actually gave me yet another reason to check out the Simon Phillips live CD "Out Of The Blue" ...)

Luke mentioned that he was replacing David ("who is back home working with some projects in his studio and dealing with some personal stuff, but he will be back next time !"). Luke also called Babko "one excellent musician" ! John Jessel was now actually "visible" on stage as an offical "member" of the live band.

As a conclusion: Thanks to TOTO for doing this free tour ! It was really enjoyable to see and listen to the guys again, and I am delighted to see that the guys still love to play after more than 23 years of service ... I can't wait until the 5-CD Box arrives !

Geir Nilsskog

WOW !!!

What a great show, and totally free too! Great thing to do, maybe Toto will make more fans having free concerts like this. The concert was fabulous, the guys were great, and Bobby gets better and better. Of course we missed David Paich there, but Jeff Babko did a fantastic job! I'm not saying much, but believe me you can't describe it, truly amazing! And thanx Bobby Kimball my mate, for taking time for a little chat, I'll keep in touch!

By the way, the police said it was about 15.000 people out there !!!

Klaus Jakobsen

Helsingborg, Sweden — 8 June 2000

So this was the first (ever) show without David Paich (see the messages section about this). After knowing the circumstances (they didn´t have time to rehearse before the show !) I must say they did a FANTASTIC job ! This really is the best POSSIBLE show now , built on the same ground as the last leg of the LiveFields-tour with some minor changes ( a splendid version of Georgy Porgy and the most inspiring drum-solo from Simon I´ve ever heard). Jeff Babko and John Jessel do their job very well , BUT...David is surely missed... Nevermind,knowing this :see them if you have the chance !!!

Jonas Rydin

Laughlin, USA — 27 & 28 May 2000

After Milano and Atlantic City,the dream continue for me in Laughlin NV at the Riverside Casino.My friend (girlfriend by now)Fiorella came all way from Italy for TOTO.So,what can i say,she loves them,so do i.The first TOTO member we saw in the hotel was Paich.Then we saw all of them 4 hours before the show by the Celebrity Theatre.You all know how nice they are with fans,right?They`re just faboulous!!!The saturday show started at 8:15 .We were right by the Stage facing Steve and Bobby,Caught in balance the first song.The Steve solo was just awesome and the way he sang Better world was supreme.Also we had a littl taste of Jeff Babko,the guy will sobstitute Dave during the next european tour.Absolutely great that guy.In the middle of the show i turned back and i was looking at the people and everybody had theyr eyes full of happyness and wonderful feelings,"TOTO are back better than ever"someone said.Someone,not too young who remembered the guys from the first years.Bobby Kimball still the real voice of TOTO,the legend who got the hearts of many people.The new version of Georgy Porgy was fantastic.John Jessel was on stage by Paich as a member of the band and you know what?he really is.Beautiful thing was when Shawn(Luke`s girlfriend)came on the stage(sunday show) with a big cake for Mike Porcaro`s birthday.Everybody was singing "Happy birthday"to Mikey and that was very cool.These two nights to Lauglin were not just concerts,but friendly party with the best music.Guys,the world should respect TOTO more and more.These guys are just......

Pasquale Illiano

San Diego, USA — 25 May 2000

Finally get the computer up and runnin' again.... this on Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. May I just ask: what is going *on* with the Dallas Stars?! They're letting New Jersey ride all over them. :(

Oh, yeah - this is supposed to be about Toto. (*ahem*) Humphrey's on the Bay rocked. I was thrilled to death to see Toto on the concert list, and even more thrilled to actually see the Boys live! Haven't seen Toto since the Asian tour of Kingdom of Desire. This ... was awesome!! Up close, personal, the guys did not disappoint. I got goose bumps just watching them strut their stuff. Aw, man - Bobby's back!!

Regardless of the unusual weather, the Boys got the crowd going. Well, okay, the left side of the crowd (if facing the stage). Since I was on the right side, I didn't see too many right-side people gettin' in to it. And I was bummed because I was with the "wrong crowd." However, that didn't stop me or my party from savoring every moment, every song, every solo.

Yeah, the crowd did get to join in for "I'll Be Over You" and that was a blast! And the encore!! Holy cow - "Hold the Line" was so much fun to watch the guys go at it!! I know I wasn't the only one thrilled to see the "other guy" on stage. I was bummed that our time with the guys was short. One night just isn't enough. At least, I definitely wanted several more hours with them. To hear *everything* live.


Tickets from Baltimore to San Diego    $408
Hotel and Rental Car      $250
Dinner and Concert Tickets     $85
Parking at the Hotel      $5
Two T-Shirts and 1999 Tour Program    $50


I've waited twenty years to see these guys in concert, and even travelling all the way across the country was worth every penny. It was like seeing the LiveFields album All The Way LIVE, plus some more of the good old stuff (Georgy Porgy and more). Only one encore, because the rain had started and it was outdoors. But they kept playing about 30 minutes after the rain, and everyone was really pleased.

If you have a chance to see these guys, and you haven't, it is well worth whatever it takes. It was a joy to see and HEAR Bobby back in the front. Steve was a playful, joyful act, and everyone did a great job. Front row was like being on the stage. I can't compare this to any of their other tours, because it is my first one, but I'd go again in a minute! Can't wait until there are more dates in the US!

John Ribar

I just got home from seeing the boys here in San Diego--outdoors at Humphrey's by the Bay! It has been 18 long years since I saw them with my high school buddy, John, in Uptown Kansas City kickin it with the then new Toto IV album. I still have the vinyl. They were hot then . . . they were even hotter tonight! Luke--the all-time hottest guitarist-- just shredded! His solo had everyone on their feet! And Simon--I didn't think anyone could take the place of Jeff, but Simon thrilled everyone with amazing opposing rythmns during his solo--even Luke had to say something about it: "That was some freaky stuff, wasn't it? Could you imagine what sounds came out of that kid's room when he was a teenager?!" Simon truly rocks! This was a no frills stage setup, no huge backdrop or bigscreens--just the basic stuff like they did in the Uptown Theatre in KC 18 years ago. Total finesse! I still remember Steve Porcaro dancing around his keyboards on stage. Luke explained to the intimate crowd tonight that they didn't think of themselves as stars: "We are you . . . and you are us! There's none of this rockstar bullshit going on up here! We're just here to have a great time!" And Bobby Kimball was soaring in great form! In fact, he sounded better than he did years ago! He just nailed Mama. And Mike was solid. There were about 1000 people there in the tiny venue by San Diego Bay. Boaters watched the concert from their decks as the masts rocked with the pounding rhythms! And believe it or not, when David "the maestro" Paich smoothly sang the "rains in Africa", the rain acutally started comin' down! The boys just kept playing.

Our favorite tonight was "I'll Be Over You." Luke's voice gently caressed the lyrics with Bobby's great backup vocals. Luke's acoustical version of my forever favorite "99" just melted me. I just had to close my eyes and float. Just pure awesomeness. Here is the lineup of songs for tonight:

Caught in the Balance
Steve's Solo
Out of Love
Million Miles Away
Jake to the Bone
Dave's Gone Skiing
Simon's Drum Solo
You Are the Flower
The Road Goes On
I'll Be Over You
Georgy Porgy
Better World
Dave's Solo with licks of Hydra in it
White Sister

Encore: Hold the Line with special guest Steve Porcaro singing with Bobby and Luke on the chorus!

It was a great date night with my wife! My only regret is that I wish I was still listening to the boys live right now! The concert could have lasted longer, but what they did was tight--and it rocked! To the boys: Thanks for coming to San Diego and showing us that your sound will always be timeless. You rule! Best of luck on your Reunion Tour!

Kent Hansen

TOTO played in a small venue in San Diego called Humphrey's on May 25th, 2000 and I was lucky to be there. I've been a TOTO fan since the beginning, way back in 78. The thing that made the concert great, aside from the fact that Bobby Kimball is back with the band, is that I heard a lot of songs that I didn't expect to hear live, such as "A Million Miles Away" from the album "Turn Back", and "Mama" from "Hydra". My only regret is that the band didn't play the title track from their second album. Nevertheless, the concert was great, the guys are having a food time, the band is better than ever, and even though we all miss Jeff, Simon Phillips is simply a great drummer.

I hope they'll be back in Southern California soon.

Federico Ruanova

Mexico City, Mexico — 8 May 2000

It was just a week ago and i still don't believe it, the Toto Concert was simply a realized dream to me and all the real fans. You know, i noticed that Toto has been part of my life all this time, i appreciate everything i saw and i just couldnt' believe it, i was about 2 meters in distance from Steve's guitar and all the band and i just asked myself what' a fuck i'm seeing?. And the answer is, the best musicians in the world surely, and really good persons because their attitude was only happiness for being sharing their art with all of us, and that is something difficult to find in artists these days. As a drummer, i've heard all kind of music during all these years, and it's not easy to hear a good work and authentic art in compositions, groups or singers.

And if you wan't to know what does Toto seam to me, i'll tell you that it's just a diamond that remains among all the stuff (i don't want to say shit, but i could in some cases) in the present music market. You're right Steve, "buy a toy guitar and you'll become a rock star". I like Toto music for it's honesty, quality and love wich is made with, and the most important thing, because it's result of a real good relationship between the members, wich is reflected on stage.

And as a drummer, obviously i can tell you that i missed Jeff a lot, for me he was the greatest drummer in the scene, he still is for his unique sensibility and touch, but also i just want to tell something to Simon: Thank you man, because all us fans know The ROAD GOES ON and it might not be possible if you were not there, only a munster as you could take Jeff's place.

Finally i wan't to thank everyone who made possible this for us, thanks to all the band and their crew, thanks Simon for bring all your drums, i know not many drummers do that, and Steve, Mike, Bobby and David, thanks for bring back good times and still being an inspiration, i hope you don't forget we would like to see you again, in the future.

Jaime Ortega

i'm a mexican toto fan basically since toto iv , but i have all their discography form toto to mindfields. my wife gave me for birthday gift a ticket to the concert here in mexico city last 8-05-00. the concert was spectacular!!!!!! basically the concert focused in their new material album "mindfields", i've noticed that many people at the concert didn't knew about their new songs, maybe because i supposed they came to mexico to present their new material. i knew about it because i bought an import version. i think their new album is great as always, the return of bobby k. brings toto the seal of gold they needed. i'm not complaining about their past discography, no, because as a truly toto fan i like all of their songs, singers, composers which participated in all of their past albums.

for me to hear and appreciate a legend band live, like toto, is one of the most amazing, incredibly, compelling,... no words....... experiences of my life.

to hear steve l. playing and singing masterfully (in my opinion he is one of the best guitarrist/singers of all times), and the rest of the original members is a complete delight.

i miss jeff.....

actually doesn't exist groups of the caliber of toto, most of them are separated or dissapeared from the planet, the new groups have a life of 1 or 2 albums.... and then? i understand that actually the more you can afford or gain in the less time is more important for the record companies than trascend as a legend band, but what about the people and the fans??

returning to the concert night.....
one of the most amazing parts of the concert was when steve took his acoustic guitar and with the band sang a "popurri-like" interpretations from the past. and the solo parts of the musicians represented to me a marvellous experience. i hope exists a live recording of this concert. please send and sell it in mexico!!!

don't forget mexican fans they reunited 15,000 people easily in one night.

congratulations for all the toto members and crew, i hope they have a good time here in mexico city and we (the fans) hope they have in mind to play again in mexico city again.

truly yours


23 years ago, a band emerged as a fresh concept. The members had the solid musical structured, sound, virtuoso moments, symphonic, acoustic, the jazziest, the rock...

I was only 8 years old, when I heared "I'll supply the love" on radio, it was 1979, because in Mexico, the music in english it was released one year later of the initial date.

When I was 12, then, suddenly appears the TOTO IV. What can I tell you about this album?, so the time passed by, then came the Isolation, the Farenheith, The Seventh one times... the re-acomondate times, the experiments such "Kingdome of Desire" album the back of the basics such "Tambu", the non-releases... the return of the original band: "Mindfields"

Several memories, I'm a 30 years old guy. I growed up with these music, Colected all the records, bought all the magazines, drawed in my mind and paper, all the swords as good as posible...

Finally, TOTO were in Mexico city. I though I was going to cry, mixed emotions, I found some people which was part of my past, and my life. A beloved girlfriend, (you know? I showed her all the TOTO main stuff, and... She loves it!!) and 7 years later, I found her, in the only place that she could find me... at TOTO concert!!!

When I heared "I'll be over you", some voices surround me, all my life, tears in my eyes... finally I exploted!! "Child's anthem" appears, I was touched by the moment.

I could talk about the technic on the each solo members (Simon... OH MY LORD !!!), about the sympathies that David Paich gained, just dancing in a funny way and his distintive accords, about the leadership and presence of Lukather's unique way to play his guitar, about the surprising Mike Porcaro hair color and his serious performance in the bass, about to be happy, because Bobby was singing, like the god moments... about the TOTO, HYDRA, TURN BACK and TOTO IV albums... about the group, which with a lot of honesty... these guys are part of my whole life...

If you don't believe, please ask to anybody who knows me... they gonna answer: OH YEAH .... TOTO!!!!

But, I prefer only this:

Luke, Dave, Boby, Mike, Simon... take you so much for the TOTO in MEXICO evenning, I really believe, I won't forget it... and I don't want to forget it. Jeff we miss you.


P.D. Sorry for my english.... (oooppsss)


Guadalajara, Mexico — 7 May 2000

Finally, after being postponed for a day, Toto performed here in Guadalajara for the first time on May 7, and it has been a really big experience that exceed the expectatives of all the people who were waiting for more than 3 outside tha Hard Rock Live. For me it was the first time I saw a Toto Concert, and it was and incredible experience I hope I could see again very soon. All the individual performances were amazing, but I just can't describe Luke's performance, it was probably the best guitarist performance I've seen in my life. Horrible the troubles with the sound at the concert, it was very nasty for some minutes, but it was ok considering that Toto played without their own equipment. I just want to express my gratitude with PETER G, a member of the team for his atention with me. Peter, I hope that the ticket for Mexico City has been useful. I hope I could see all the people in Toto over here next year, it's a realy great expierence!!!

Rodrigo Calzado De Mendoza

San José, Costa Rica — 4 May 2000

On May 4, 2000, I was in Herradura Amphitheater with my wife, on my birthday!!! Excelent performance of the group. They didn't leave any song in backstage! They played hits like: 99, Georgy Porgy, Rosanna, I won't hold you back, Africa and Hold the Line. I can't expect for next September, 8, 2012 to see them again in "80's Awesome Fest" concert!!!

Jose Valverde

I was in the first concert of TOTO in Costa Rica .The last may 4. That was the best concert I ever seen in my life. It was totally full, the people were very happy.

Steve Lukather made an incredible guitar solo in Rossana, Paich made a solo before play Africa, and Simon Phillips did the most incredible drum's solo, i can die in peace, !i saw a Simon Phillips' solo!!!!.

They play a song dedicated to the memory of the greates one JEFF PORCARO, a theme of jazz rock, unbelievable, and unforgetable.

Bobby Kimbal was like in the old times, great voice.

The complete extasis: when they played Africa, and Hold The Line.

All the people sing Happy Birthday along Steve Lukather, because a member of the crew was in his Birthday.

That was the best concert in the history of rock in Costa Rica.

We salute you TOTO, the best present of the new millenium, for the Costa Rican people. UUNNFFOORRGGETTAABBLLEE!!!!!!.
Forever Rock.

Paul Vega

Hi TOTO fans! Wish all of you could have been here when they said: "We will make the best concert... ever!!"... I have to say that they delivered exactly that! One can never tire with these guys, they're just full of new ideas and new music to get along with them. The classicals with new life in every performance, and for some of us, the all new songs from Mindfields were mistifying! In short, it was a superb concert and I wish (and I'm sure that a lot of people here does to) I could have them around more frequently. Well, this has been a special one and some of us will never forget about hearing "Africa" and "Hold the Line" just a few steps away from the very live flesh and blood of TOTO! May they keep going for a very very long time, thank you guys!.

Carlos Chacon

We had TOTO the past may 4th here in Costa Rica, and I have to say that it was the best concert ever in this country. The band made an amazing performance and a high musical level demostration. They went from TOTO hits like Africa, Rossana and Hold The Line to fusion rock themes like Jake to the Bone, Dave´s gone Skiing and Better World, with a wonderful acoustic set playing 99, Out of love , I´ll be over you, and some others.The show and sound were excellent, without mention the incredible solos from Luke, Simon and Dave. This was the first time we had Toto in Costa Rica, I think people really appreciate the band to come here, specially for the fans, it was like a dream come true. I would like to thank MIKE, BOBBY, DAVID, SIMON and LUKE for gave us such a great concert. Special thanks to STEVE LUKATHER for been the greatest guitar player in the world , an amazing musician and also a wonderful person and human being, you´re not only the guitar hero, you are the man!

Marco Chinchilla

It was huge, it's the best concert I've ever seen in my country. The play list was very cool, so there were moments that the people got crazy, like Africa time, an Hold the line at the end of the concert. the solos of Paich, and Lukather were great, and Simon Philips was awesome!!

The instrumental perfomances were just incredible, these guys are the best musicians I've ever heard. After Hold the line, the came to the stage for second time to play two more songs Child's Anthem, and Girl Goodbye, they were awesome, thanks for that songs.

The night was perfect, the old songs and the new were great, so I woul like to thank TOTO for their perfomance, and for being here sharing their great music with us. I would like to see you again.

Giovanni Boschini

I'll try to describe my feeling about the first Toto's concert in Costa Rica. Please excuse my poor english.

Saturday April 14th. While I was watching TV at my place, suddenly the publicity of the Toto's concert was in the screen. I jumped from the bed: the emotion that a band like Toto will coming to Costa Rica, was so strong. At this moment I can't picture how it could be a concert like that one. My heart was beating so fast. I stand a long time watching the same channel: I would to watch again and again the concert's commercial.

Finally the big day came, May 4th. We arrived to the concert place, almost the first ones (I went with 2 friends as me, music lovers and very excited for the show).

Once the concert started, it was so incredibly the things that I was living: that wonderful music, the sound, the voices, lights, people screaming, singing... and me... I didn't know what to feel: I couldn't take my seat, I didn't want to waste any second happenind during the concert hours. It was unbelievable, the music causing that kind of feeling. Just being there can explain that: otherwise is so hard.

I expected to live a great moment. I expected just to doing well. But I never couldn't imagine what Toto's live perfomance can be: all of the guys were excellent, talented in their work, and specially, the transmision of all their love for their music. We could feel that we were part of. There are many artists in the world, but few are good ones and excellent ones. Toto are one of the best ones.

Simply I can't describe how good they are, and the great show we received. It must to be lived. If the excellence is the best of the best, they're excellents. If they come back to show, bet that I'll be one of the first ones to buy the ticket.

Verónica Ch.

Last thursday may 4th , was a very special nigth for the "tiquicians", about 12.000 of us went for a super listening and wonderful viewing concert of the century. The lights, the sound, the videos, all made a great harmony that caused an explosion of all os us. Our heart was beating quickly until the explosion, and we became crazy. Toto has been in our hearts, from too many years ago, specially since we were children, and now we had the great oportunity to make reality our fabous dream.

Specially moments on the vibration of Hold the Line, Africa, Rosanna and others, and the tribute to Jeff Porcaro. Toto had to come back three times, because people was asking another song.

All great, simply wonderful. My wife Monse, my friends, and all the tiquicians thanks.

Randall Díaz

Panama City, Panama — 03 May 2000

There's no perfect words to describe the wonderful performance Toto gave in our town, Panama City, on May 3rd. The magic is still with the band, which I consider one of the best in the world.

I've been a fan since the their first album and that why the renditions of "Hold the Line", "Anthem", "99", "Rosanna", "Africa" and "Million Miles Away" were so special to me and my four brother and sisters who came with me to the show. Steve, Bobby, David, Mike and Simon gave us more reason to live and enjoy Toto forever.

I only want to mention that during David's keyboard solo, he made a slight rendition to "Hydra", which I consider a masterpiece. My younger brother and I almost died when we heard the chords!!!! Please include the whole song in your next set, and I'll make sure to be on a future show.

God bless them.

Rolando de Leon

Port of Spain, Trinidad — 29 April 2000

I've been a fan of Toto's for many years and this was my first time seeing them in concert. This was their first performance in Trinidad where the audience probably expected more of a pop/rock concert than the fantastic jazz licks that they gave us. Too bad for them. They were FANTASTIC. My friends and I, all musicians, were able to get all the way up to the front where we were actually able to see Steve (one of our Gods) in close-up action as his magnificent stage presence carried us off into oblivion. We were so caught up in the music as they played our favorites one after another (some serious singing and air guitar was taking place on our behalf) that we didn't notice that the rest of the audience was looking at us, wondering why it was Steve kept playing straight down at us! What a trip. He recognized true fans. The performace was one of the best live performances I've ever heard, the band was so incredibly tight. When it was over I couldn't believe it. I was feeling so high. Of course they gave us an encore, but it wasn't enough...they could have stayed to play another two days and I would have gone each time. To top off a perfect night, my friend Roger and I were able to make it backstage where we managed to get and the autographs of the entire band. How cool is that. TOTO, if you ever come back, remember that you have some true fans here in Trinidad and you're always welcome You were EXCELLENT.

Natasha Gill

San Juan, Puerto Rico — 27 April 2000

Just got back Stateside, sorry about the late review. Of the dozen Toto shows that I have witnessed, this is the first time that I have seen them outdoors in 22 years ( 1978 California World Music Festival ). Imagine flying all day and being welcomed at stage side by the back drop of banana trees, Mike's huge smile and the cool tropical Puerto Rican breezes. I did not know what to expect after watching this guys blitz the U.S. Gulf Coast for three days last December but I was sure glad that I made the trip. The continual innovations that Toto creates were ever present. Included in this are the powerful solos that come early in the show as well as Luke's tasteful meddling in minor. Not that they needed the help or anything but they even rocked the Spanish momentarily with a cover lick of Carlos Santana's "Smooth". Most notably for me was the fact that the appreciation given to the band "Internationally" is incredibly phenomenal and an absolute hoot. I've always heard about how strong they are overseas but the difference is like night and day. When you have wanted the best for the band for so many years as I have, especially after the Jeff tragedy, it was wonderful to hear the audience sing and yell every word to every song. To watch them dance and carry on with such enthusiasm was the ultimate signature of respect. There are a couple of surprises in store for this leg of the tour and I won't spoil it, but from the opening chops of "Caught in the Balance" when Luke's fiddle crashed until the closing dynamics of "Girl Goodbye" (that was clearly not planned as a second encore), this was a 1st class / Five Star musical event.....................period. I had serious goose bumps for nearly two hours and I urge you not miss this if you ever get the opportunity!

Jim Elick

I'm going to start off by saying TOTO kicked too much ass that hot Thursday night. It had been 12 long years since they last played here. I had seen them for the FARENHEIT and SEVENTH ONE tours in San Juan. By now you guys reading this already know what they might have played so I'm not going into that. The first thing I'm going to say is that ever since Simon came into the scene, I' ve been sort of pissed off telling my friends "he's no Jeff Porcaro". After this concert, I see Simon in a different way. Trust me, the guy was really awesome. The band was super tight and really rocked the aprox. 4000+ standing room only amphitheater. At the end of the concert, they did a special encore which I think was not scheduled of GIRL GOODBYE. They left us wanting more. I hope TOTO continues to release records even if they don't sell in the US. Please concenterate on the rest of the world and leave BRITNEY SPEARS and N' SYNC to the Americans. Finally, I'd like to close by saying to my fellow latin americans to catch TOTO if you can because it is totally worth it. LUKE, DAVE, MIKE, BOBBY and SIMON take care and Godbless.

Edgardo Hernandez

It was hard to wait about ten years, but our wait give us what we expect and more. The band were magnificent. The play great, the sound was amazing and I have no words about the lights... We get 2 hours of the great music you can imagine. I hope that the guys can get the support that they deserve. Finally I want to say something in Spanish for the latin people. Fue una noche inolvidable. En cuanto tengan la oportunidad, no la desperdicien.

Carlos Yoel Roman

I want to say that the concert of TOTO in San Juan, Puerto Rico was excellent in every aspect. All the members of the band demonstrated, by their incredible performances, that they are unique in the world of music. Thanks to them and all their staff to visit us and I wish to see them again in a short period of time.

Gerardo Colón

The last time we had Toto in Puerto Rico was in 1988 for the Seventh One Tour. On April 27, 2000, we had the unique opportunity of seeing the BEST players in the business give it all for the Puerto Rican audience, which included the best musicians in the Island. Luke's guitar failed at the end of "Caught in the Balance", however he was given another LUKE in no time, and recovered brilliantly to please us with an explosive display of dexterity and emotion. Everyone was so excited that the original playlist was not enough. The crown kept applauding after the last song, even booed after the main lights were turned on, but Toto heard us and came back from the Winnebagos to do an extended encore of "Girl Goodbye". Toto can come back to Puerto Rico anytime, hopefully for a series of presentations, and most people (like myself) would show for every one of them because we appreciate Toto's legacy to Music, not just Rock. A dream of mine has a Reunion lineup in P.R. with Bobby, Fergie, and Joseph along with Steve Porcaro, not just to sing "Going Home", but to play songs from every Toto record. Thanks and Gracias from Puerto Rico.

Rada Pierantoni

I would like to write some words about the San Juan Puerto Rico concert, last thursday April 27, 2000:

It was outrageous! One more time Toto convinces the people in the island that they are unique, that their style and music is distinctive, genuine as of any great musician. I've seen them back in 1986 and now they are as brilliant as ever, with Bobby and his unique (and still) fabulous voice play, with Steve and his tremendous super unique guitar smooth melodies, with David and his cool piano and keyboard creativity, Mike and his bass superb action, and with Simon , and his drums, making a great team. This fine musicians joined with all the others in the band proved again that they are unbeatable!

The concert lasted for almost an hour and three quarters. It was very full of good songs, including You are the flower, Rosanna, Africa, Gorgy Porgy, White sister, A million miles, All Out of love, 99, Mama, ...solos from Steve (superrrr!), David (greeeat!) and Simon (wowwwww!), and songs from Mindfields, and Tambu.Their instrumental performances were as good as I would expect and more! They went out again to stage after they have said goodbye, because there were 2,000 fans begging for it! Then they played hold the line, and then they said goodbye again. But the fans keep making noise and Toto went out to stage for second time to play Girl goodbye! The feedback from the audience was magical.

My experience from this concert made me "re-confirm" in my music world and in my mind that I have no doubt that Toto is for me one of the greatest rock groups because they will always retain that unique style and magic touch that makes them so special.

Waiting for next toto concerts!!!

Diana Isabel Micheli

LAS VEGAS, USA — 25, 26 & 27 FEBRUARY 2000

Drove 8 hours to get to the airport, then flew 1100 miles to see Toto at the Desert Inn on the 27th of February. The show exceeded even my high expectations!

The band was incredibly tight, and probably has never sounded better. Simon proved without a doubt that he is worthy of being a member, and the other guys just seem to get better with age.

As much as I loved being able to sit 15 feet from the stage without showing up hours in advance, I still can't help but wonder why the show wasn't sold out, or why these guys aren't being promoted in North America. A few years ago, an album like Mindfields would have hit number 1 on the charts, but these days?...

Anyways, thanks for the fabulous night, I'll remember it always.

Randy Lessard

A thank you to Martin Cole, the band and Artist Direct. Sundays show was great as usual. They cut Cruel and Good-bye Girl from the set, but the show on a whole was TOTO through and through.
Everyone shined including a mini bass solo from Mike, which is something I have never seen him do in the many years of seeing the band play. Bobby seems to get stronger and amazes me on how his voice still holds out. Not too many cats in this world who still have a voice like that. Steve Perry is the only other singer that can pull off what he did in the past.
Here is to the guys and looking to the future from a truly outstanding band.
Thank you


Toto has been one of my 3 all time favorite bands over the past 20 years and the only one that I've never had the opportunity to see, that is, up till last Friday and Saturday. I live in Chicago and when I discovered through that they were scheduled in Vegas, I knew I had to go. All I can say is ...AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I have played guitar almost all my life and have never seen anyone play with the fluid style that Luke does, of course it didn't hurt that both Friday & Saturday I sat up front directly at the stage and got to really SEE him play. They are all such talented musicians that are so together with each other. The quality of the sound at the Desert Inn was outstanding .After both concerts I found myself wondering about 3 things
1) Why didn't they play any music from MIndfields other than Caught in the Balance? (they have such great new music, and didn't even talk about it)
2) Why was it that no matter how loud and how long I applauded after each song I never felt that I was giving them all the applause and appreciation for their music that they deserved.
3) Why do these awesome musicians who continue to play and play such great music fail to attract enough fans to even fill a small showroom like the one at the Desert Inn.

Gary Litvin

Last Nights show could be described in one word. "Amazing". The Desert Inn showroom is very intimate, seating approx. 600 people. It was a special treat to see these phenomenal musicians up close and personal. The show started with "Caught in the balance" followed by "Rosanna" including a short keyboard solo by David Paich, followed by a screaming guitar solo by Luke. As a former professional musician I have to say that Lukes guitar playing is truly incredible. He has an astounding arsenal of weapons and licks to pull from and seems to never loose that special way of expressing himself thru his axe. Next was "Million Miles" followed by "Jake to the Bone", played just like the record. The acoustic set included "Out Of Love" which Luke did a great job of singing, followed by "Mama", "99", "You are the flower", "The Road Goes On" and ending with "I'll be over you". "Georgy Porgy" and "Africa" really got the crowd going and singing along. David Paich was back with an extended solo which included what I will term an "Arabian" theme. Very surreal and tastefully done including the short Hydra intro. Closing the show out was" White Sister" that Bobby wailed on. That guy sure has some soul in him. The boys came back and finished with "Hold the line". Luke established a repore with the audience early on and talked about being $1200 up at the gambling tables but due to one too many vodkas, lost it all. The band intro's were fun as well with Luke, Simon and Mike doing a short version of the theme from "Shaft" as Luke prepared to introduce Mike. A special surprise for Luke was Sammy Davis Jr's original piano player coming on stage and presenting Luke with a copy of the sheet music to "Candy Man" as well a couple of Mini-discs of Sammy singing in Atlantic City. Luke seemed truly touched and grateful by the presentation and with a little coaxing from Paich, broke into a verse of "Candyman" accompanied by piano. In total, the show lasted about 1hr. 45 minutes. In closing, I would like to say that this band has, and always will play in a different league in comparison to today's alternative acts. Its refreshing to hear a band compromised of true musicians and extraordinary players. TOTO's world will always move around a different sun. Many thanks to and Artistdirect for the tickets and backstage passes I won online. I look forward to TOTO's return to Sincity soon!
Keep on Rockin Boys!

Trent Downing


Toto is the type of band that will make the most die hard fan do things like drive 400 miles in five and a half hours to catch their show that night. This is what my friend Dave and I did because of Toto's dedication to put on a good show. I had seen them 8 months earlier in San Francisco and knew that I had to make the drive down to see them for another dose. The lineup of songs was a great balance of old, older and new. They reinvented Georgy Porgy and gave a new life ( not that it needed any) to Jake to the Bone. Luke made a comment after introducing Simon, that as a drummer "Simon had come into the band at a difficult time and made it his own". I think that the band makes the music their own, and let's the crowd make the show theirs. Toto has a way of letting you as a listener feel like you're a part of the show, almost as if you're sitting in on a rehearsal. If that isn't the sign of a band that is here to stay, then I don't know what is. All the solos that evening were true statements of pure, refined musicianship. The talent that this band posses can be summed up like this. If you are a musician, after seeing Toto perform you will either quit playing and sell your equipment or you will lock yourself in a room to practice even harder. These guys are inspirational and have the recipe of showmanship mastered.
Thank you Bobby,David, Luke, Mike and Simon for being the best band in the world and for putting on a wonderful show. I hope that you will make your way back to northern Ca. for future concert dates.

Richard O'Connell San Jose, Ca.

My wife and I flew in from Houston to see the show...a truly outstanding performance by one of the greatest bands ever assembled. It was the first time I've seen Toto since the Kingdom of Desire tour which came through Austin. These boys can rip. It was great to see Bobby back with the band. Everything they played was crisp and flawlessly executed, especially Jake to the Bone. I'm sure everyone has a song or two they would have enjoyed hearing them play...I would have loved to hear them showcase a few more tunes off of Minefields and anything from XX. Truly a classic performance including a few jokes from Luke. Memo to the band: you have some huge fans in Texas. Come see us! Simon...I'm a nephew/cousin of Herb and Maury Brochstein at ProMark and got a kick when I found XX two summers ago in a small record shop in Cortona, Italy, that you had some kind words for them. They say you are quite a gentleman and one hell of a drummer. Thanks for bringing your creativity and artistry to TOTO and for so brilliantly continuing a legacy of unrivaled excellence in drumming for the band.
Hope to see you down the road.

Lanny Sachnowitz

This was my 2nd time seeing TOTO, I saw them at the HOB last year. The evening started out quite exciting, I met Edgar Winter upstairs in the bar. He couldn't have been nicer. We talked about the recent tour him & LUKE did in Japan & how much fun that was. I asked him if he was playing with the band that night, but he said no......he played one song with TOTO last year at the HOB, that's why I asked him. On to the show!!! TOTO came out at could see right away what great spirits they were in, especially LUKE. They started cooking right away with Caught in the Balance. Bobby sounded great, but his vocals weren't up high enough the whole night. The acoustic set was just great, highlighted for me with "The Road goes on"......The crowd was singing along to all the tunes and LUKE was digging it. Simon's drum solo was just tremendous, is there a better drummer out there today? NO!!!!!! Better world was fantastic, you all the know the set list by now. Steve was clowning around the whole night. White Sister was just smokin, crowd was going crazy (at least for LA,that is) Steve went into his comedy routine to end the show including the band introductions. He said something so poignant...he said "They were the band that has been cool to hate".......He had Steve Porcaro join them on keyboards, he made a nice speech about Jeff P including recognizing the parents of Jeff, Mike & David, and Steve. Finished with Hold the Line.....I felt if the crowd had clapped more after that they would have come back to do Child's anthem like last years show. Lasted 2 hours......What a great night.......I would like to know what the set list consisted of from Wednesday's show.

Steve Fisher, Cerritos, California

David Paich


If there is anyone interested in knowing what it takes to MAKE great MUSIC and to translate it into JOY for the listener, then you must listen to TOTO.
I saw TOTO performing in Orange County, California and they were terrific. From the great return of vocalist Bobby Kimball, to the great Simon Phillips on drums, who by the way has a huge responsibility in replacing our brother Jeff Porcaro (one of the great drummers in the history of music). From the great Mike Porcaro on bass, to the talented writer/singer/arranger/keyboard player David Paich; and let's not forget the incredible Steve Lukather that knows how to charm the audience with his guitar playing and incredible song-writing abilities, and his great voice ... you guys were incredible. Please don't stop the music. This world needs more from you.
If there is anyone willing to launch a career in the music business, you must, and I mean YOU MUST study these guys. These players have been everywhere, and almost every recording studio in the U.S. knows how talented these guys are.
I just want to thank TOTO for sharing the music with our world. We people move in different directions, and for some reason, we lost contact with our inner needs. But it is great music, like the one offered by TOTO that makes this life a difference. Please, keep the music playing.

A big fan,
Bill Gogin

To anyone who may be a new fan to Toto, welcome to the family, we've been waiting for you. To the long time fans of 22 years like myself, Toto proved, once again, that they are still the BEST on a GREAT night in Anaheim, California. Having Toto back in the states is such an amazing treat that it seems like a crime to miss any of their shows. This was my 34th time seeing the best of the best and they just get better and better. The set was a full two hours and was identical to the set list in Tahoe. In addition to great song selection from their vast library, Luke's blazing guitar solos, Bobby's crisp vocals and Simon's driving beat, the show was made extra special because of the great mood the guys were in that night. There was a lot of laughter and it was very clear that the audience was not the only one's having a great time. At one point even during "A Million Miles Away", David & Luke snuck up behind Bobby and the laughter caused him to miss a few lines. It is just impossible to see Toto live and not be blown away by the energy and musicianship of the band. Run, don't walk, to the next show and I guarantee you will have the time of your life. I'll see you there.

Bob Dinsmore, Fountain Valley, CA

I was fortunate to catch this show, and thanks to Toto for playing in Orange County! It was a much quicker commute than going to L.A. when I saw the band at the Key Club last June! However, this time I was not lucky enough to run into Luke outside the club. Toto opened up with Caught in the Balance, then Rosanna, which ended with Luke's solo spot. Luke's solo spot was incredible. Very Jeff Beckish and you could definitely tell the blues influence of recently playing with Edgar Winter. I have seen Toto five times starting with the Isolation tour, plus many Los Lobotomy's & Greg Mathieson concerts at the Baked Potato, Palomino, etc. Luke never ceases to amaze me with his playing. I have never seen a show where he has not given 110% heart and soul. Luke and the band seemed in great spirits like at the Key Club. They played pretty much the same set with songs such as White Sister, Million Miles Away, Better World, Cruel, The Road Goes On, Georgy Porgy, You Are The Flower, Medley of I'll Be Over You, 99, and Out of Love. And of course the standard hits of Africa & Hold the Line. The show was about 2 hours total including the encore. Luke mentioned that Bobby Kimball had a sore throat, so maybe that is why they did not play the 3 hours I thought they normally played. It was my first time at the Sun Theatre, and it was a great venue to see them. I hope they play there again in the future, however the ticket price of $39.50 was a little high, but I was willing to pay the price only because it was Toto. I never go and see other bands play because after you see Toto (as well as Los Lobotomys), there is no other musicianship that can compare. Toto is the most incredible band in the world with the greatest guitar player ever! As a guitar player myself, Luke is my biggest musical inspiration through the years to keep playing & recording. Luke, thanks for being down to earth and cool to your fans. It is much appreciated.

Scott Olshevski

The critics have always been wrong about TOTO. TOTO is the epitome of music. Some things get better with age like a fine wine and it holds true for TOTO. From start to finish TOTO rocked the Sun Theater in Anaheim, CA! From the early years to their current offering MindFields. It was great to see them dig into the archives and play many of the songs that make up TOTO’s history. From their simple beginnings with songs like White Sister to the closer Hold The Line it was non-stop rock and roll. Not to mention awesome solos from Steve Lukather, David Paich, Simon Phillips with Mike Porcaro never missing a beat and Bobby Kimball’s vocals. It was great to see TOTO back in the US after a number of years. If you only see one concert this year make it TOTO. You will not be disappointed. Just a final thanks for great memories and music !

Jerry Andries, Palos Verdes, CA

Mike Porcaro, Steve Lukather


I am a long time fan of ToTo. The first time I saw ToTo live was at the Old Waldorf Club in San Francisco. I believe it was the 1'st tour after the first album. The show was awesome, incredible! I knew Steve from High School days in North Hollywood. He was playing with Mike Landau those days. I went on to see them at University of California - Davis, The Greek Theater in Berkeley with Stevie Ray as guest guitarist, and most recently at Ceasers in South Lake Tahoe. I also saw them as backup band for Boz in Lake Tahoe. Mike Landau was there also. Every concert was the best performance I had ever seen. The latest show at Ceasers in South Lake Tahoe was the best high energy, precision, emotional kick ass music I have heard from these guys. The guitar work was unbelievable and Simon was incredible. David was a genius with his keys and filled the room with unreal depth. Mike was solid as a rock and the vocals were superb, studio quality. Put all that together and you've got a show that is beyond compare, something one must see in their lifetime. With all of the music at the top of the charts these days, it is a real pleasure to know ToTo is here to give us some real music from real musicians that we can enjoy forever.

Tim Traylor - Sebastopol, Ca.

T.W. gave an accurate and complete rewiew but failed to mention the lack of the video projection behind the band..I assume that Ceasars stage was to short ??? Perhaps the bands management could let us know the venues that won't include the whole show..I wasn't crazy about the songs list either..Why not play Melanie? Better World is a great song,'s not a broad based appeal tune. "Goodbye Elenor" or "English Eyes" would have been more fun than "A Million Miles Away". What was that strange noise in the middle of Africa? it almost sound like something broke or fell over?? I did however love the show..This is the best group of musicians in the world...make that the Universe! Luke Rules!!!!!!!!!!!


This was a typical Toto performance - amazing! A big THANK YOU to the guys for putting on some shows in the U.S. - even though I'm sure the big money is overseas. For those of us lucky enough to see you live, it was an awesome experience. This is the second time I got to see Toto, the first being at the Slim's show in San Francisco last year. The set list was a bit abbreviated (I'm guessing that at casino shows they are more restricted as to how long they perform), but the songs they did play were excellent. The concert opened with Caught in the Balance, which they delivered perfectly. (This song is a GREAT opener.) Then came Rosanna - other than a small mistake by Bobby (he sang "I never thought that losing you could ever hurt so bad" in both verses) which many people didn't even pick up, this song had no flaws... it was a highlight of the concert with Luke's mindblowing guitar fills and Bobby's vocals (I'm amazed he can still sing like that). This was followed by a Luke guitar solo (words cannot do justice...), A Million Miles Away, Jake to the Bone (this was also a real highlight of the night) and Simon's solo (This guy is incredible - I think Jeff P would definitely approve) which ended with the end of Dave's Gone Skiing. After this came their accoustic set: Out of Love, Mama, 99, You are the Flower, The Road Goes On, and I'll Be Over You. The final segment consisted of Georgy Porgy, Better World, Cruel, Africa - Dave's lone vocal solo...he's probably my favorite member of the band, but he sounded like he might have been struggling a bit with the vocal (I wish for his sake he'd lay off the cigarettes) - then Dave's keyboard solo. Of the three solos (Mike needs to have a bass solo in their next tour!) Dave's was my favorite of this concert. The first part (featuring a violin lead) came across beautifully - as opposed to the S.F. concert where it seemed a bit funktafied (maybe the sound in S.F. wasn't as good). Then he switched to piano and just went for it. Again, words cannot do justice! At the end of Dave's solo, the rest of the group came back on and finished with White Sister, which I put into my top three songs of the night (along with Rosanna and Jake to the Bone). After leaving the stage, they (of course) came back on and did Hold the Line - to the delight of the crowd. I was a little disappointed that they didn't do Girl Goodbye, Tale of a Man or I Won't Hold You Back. However, their performance on the other songs definitely made the night worthwhile. (They could have done only one song, and the night STILL would have been whorthwhile!) After the show my friends and I hung around and looked for some memorabilia (we got several of Luke's picks, and one of the band's copies of the set list that was taped to the stage where Bobby was singing - it's even got Bobby's footprint on it). We were hoping the band would come out and say hi (Buddy was out there briefly) but unfortunately they didn't. Still, it was a great evening and a performance I'll never forget. I hope to see more of TOTO in the U.S. in the future...You guys rock!

T.W., Sonora, CA, USA

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