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Las Vegas, USA — 4 May 2002
Wow!!! What a incredible display of talent in Las Vegas. I came from Detroit to see this concert. Not only did I see some REAL musicians for a change the guys were incredibly nice in handing out autograph's before the show. Luke is truly the "8th wonder of the world". He truly has mastered his instrument. David was awesome (My keyboard influence) and great t-shirt by the way (Spear Britney). What a bottom end Mike provided and Simon just left me speechless. This great of talent really was clouded over by the sound guys. I'm uses to great sound when listening to Toto or Lobotomy's-Great studio work. These guys could not mix a bowl of salad. There was terrible comb filtering and harshness at around 2k. If the band is ever playing somewhere and needs someone to look over the sound wreck's shoulder I would gladly do it for free anytime. You guys Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Robinson, President SoundMedia, Whitmore Lake, MI

This was a night I had planned for a long time...flew down from Seattle and wasn't disappointed. After all the years hearing these guys....then to be right there in the front such a great street party....unbelievable. But the best part of the night, was all the fans that appreciate the friends from Cali....say hi if you read this, ok...this is Gale....what a nice night we had......meeting Simon Phillips.....I'm sure everyone at the concert has a story to tell....great concert that got only better as the night went on.....say hi to me if you were the night with me!!......

Hello to all! First, I must say how much fun I had with my dear friends Len Ventura and Anne Marie Mangano as well as some time with Cleveland's own and my friend, Rick Rudar. Missed my dear friends Peter and Sally Yablonsky as no Toto trip is the same without them. And finally, I missed Steve McVey, Waleed Kaleel, Scottie "Numb" Williamson (converted Toto fan and my best friend), and Glenn Gross.
Now to the show.
Fremont Street is in Old Vegas where most say Vegas began. The area has been converted into a semi enclosed street full of shops, gambling, and hotels with roofs equipped with special lighting for shows and advertising.
Toto played on one end of the street while Loverboy played several blocks down. People could therefore meander to either show while taking in the surrounding sights.
Toto has not played together in over 6 months and while most bands would sound rusty, Toto, as usual, did not. Opening with a thunderous "Girl Goodbye" (What a great opener!), Toto quickly gained the attention of the packed streets. Songs such as "Rosanna" and the studio album like version of "Caught In The Balance" rocked the crowd that, in large numbers, stopped and watched the Toto show in its entirety. The show was broken up into two parts as a brief light show took place between 45 minute sets. The set list was similar to the 2001 US shows with "I Won't Hold You Back" being added as it was in Tahoe in August. One very nice plus was the addition of "House Of The Rising Sun" to the evening's set list and played for the first time live. Sounded good and gave fans a preview of the upcoming new release.
I'd go to hell and back to see Toto (I went to hell, almost, when I went to Laughlin). Fremont was a pretty neat place for a show, but more of a party type place and not the ideal venue to see the World's best band play. I'm not complaining as I was happy to see them play. I guess I'm just more of a theater style seating type of guy. The band is hot and raring to go. With a new album and many tour dates lined up, they are ready to kick some ass. Hope to see some of you on the road for the kicking!
God bless everyone and thanks, Toto, for the great show!

John Marshall, Newport News, Va

Here is my review of an incredible night!!
Las Vegas, May 4th 2002
How do you define TOTO?? With the contributions they have made to other artists through their performances, writing and producing as well as the music that they have given to all of us, it is impossible to do. Maybe they can best be defined by the loyalty and dedication of their fans. Saturday in Las Vegas as I waited for one of the choice seats for the concert, I enjoyed the opportunity to talk to other Toto fans and make some new friends at the same time. Myself, a 25 year fan from New York. Next in line was Randy who had flown in from Canada with his wife. Next was Kazumi who flew in from Japan. Next was Michael who came with his family from Seattle and on and on. I see this happen at every show!! There aren't too many bands who enjoy this level of dedication. There must be something special about these musicians. We all know there is. As part of a huge street festival in downtown Las Vegas, it was a unique setting to have the show. Surrounded by millions of lights and thousands of people, it was one big party. As David Paich said from the stage during the show, "We're not playing the big casinos. We're bringing the show to the people in the streets." This was a free concert! Imagine that these days with most artists charging unaffordable prices for tickets. There were a few seats (100) that were for sale for a very nominal fee directly in front of the stage for anyone who wanted to be front and center. Little did we know, for those of us who purchased a seat, instead of receiving a ticket we got a laminated pass which allowed us backstage after the show to mingle with the band! As Luke said during the show, it has been six months since they performed together live. Let me be the first to say, "We're glad to have you back!" The concert featured the following set list:
(Luke solo)
3) HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN (First time live. If any indication of the new CD, it's going to be HOT)
(Simon solo)
5) DAVE'S GONE SKIING (ending)
(David solo)
Backstage after the show, all the guys were very accommodating by posing for photos, signing autographs or just talking music. All in all, another great night. Thanks for 25 years of incredible music. We're all looking forward to another 25 yet to come. See you at the next show!! P.S. Congratulations on your marriage, Luke! My best always to you and your wife!!

Bob Dinsmore, Fountain Valley, CA, U.S.A.

This was really an incredible show. It was my best friend's daughter's first concert. Mina is 8 years old and is a huge Toto fan from listening to her father's Toto CD's in the car. We had actually planned on not going because of the Cinco De Mayo crowds but Mina insisted. We tried to bribe her with a trip to Toy's R Us instead of the show but she would have none of it. She was determined to see Toto. She even took 5 of her matchbox cars and painted each band member's intitials on them and was wearing her Toto tour shirt. It was a free show at the Fremont Street experience but we were happy to see that seating was available. Mina got an aisle seat about 10 feet from the stage. The band put on a great show!!! I bet they won over many new fans playing to the Cinco De Mayo crowd that night. The longer the boys played the bigger the crowd got. People who were just curious onlookers were cheering and screaming before too long. It was quite a unique and special event. Mina said her favorites were David Paich (her favorite songs are Africa, Stranger in Town and Holyanna) and Simon Phillips. She did add that if she ever was going to be in a band she would want to be the guitar player like Steve because his job looked the easiest!! She said Simon had to work the hardest because he had to use his hands and his feet!! At the end of the show Steve threw out his pick and it landed and stuck on my leg (lucky to have sweaty thighs, I guess) and Mina got to bring home Steve's guitar pick. Be ready for a new generation of Toto fans.....

Christina Buttell

Las Vegas, USA — 14 September 2001
September 14th 2001...only 3 days after the tragic event that has changed this country FOREVER...Toto was scheduled to play at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. Considering most acts in Vegas cancelled several shows over the last few days, I was sure that Toto would not perform. Yet the boys came through, in patriotic fashion, and performed a show that most would not forget. Honestly, the mood in HOB before showtime was somewhat somber, and the venue was half full at the most, due to the fact that most tourists could not(or would not)fly in. At about 9 P.M., the boys came on stage with one extra prop- A large American flag on top of a speaker. Again, the crowd was subdued at first, but the boys got them going with "Goodbye Girl", instead of the usual "Balance" opener. It worked! Next was "Rosanna", and that got the crowd really started! The band played several songs on par with the Livefields tour, with the exception of the acoustic set, replacing it with the full version of "I'll Be Over You" & "Tale of a Man", usually not played in the US shows. But there were two memorable moments. The first was Luke's intro to one of my personal favorites, "Better World". As the boys started, he said, "I wrote this song two years ago during better times...It's kind of ironic ...that this song represents how we feel now..." As the lyrics hit home, right before the chorus, Luke said, "I know you guys don't know this one, but it's easy! It goes like this...WOOOOOAAAHHH!!" The crowd sang along!
"That's it!", Luke said! It was the band and the crowd- as one. The second moment was when Luke thanked everyone for coming to the show. He said that the boys just couldn't sit back and watch TV, and wished for peace while pointing at the American flag. "USA! USA! USA!" came chants from the crowd, especially at the end of the show, when the band came down for their final curtain call. My only disappointment, "Home of the Brave". Even though I know it's not a regular song on the list, it was never played. Guys, I know you have little time for rehearsing, but there has never been a better time to play this one.
I have attended several shows in the US over the last few years. Nashville, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, Idaho Falls and my home in Las Vegas are some of the cities I have been privileged to see this marvelous band perform. Undoubtedly, this was the most memorable show I've seen to date. I would personally like to thank the band and crew for showing up. After talking to Simon backstage, they came down on a 5 hour bus ride from LA and went back all in one night. JJ, Mike, Simon, Bobby, Dave & Luke- thanks again for a special memory.

Lance Thibodeau, Las Vegas, Nevada

Lake Tahoe, USA — 31 August & 1 September 2001
I'm not going to bore anyone with set lists and compliments for the guys. I, quite frankly, can't think of anymore creative ways to describe the brilliance of Toto. Friends, these last two performances left me breathless which may be a knew adjective for me, but not a new feeling.
While the set lists were similar to the US shows the last 2 plus years, I must comment on a few changes (some that pertain to a set list change). First, both nights featured guest playing by the brilliant Larry Carlton. They did "Red House" on the first night and it reminded me of those great Luke/Larry shows I saw in Chicago and Detroit. "Red House" featured trade off vocals by Bobby and Luke. As a bonus beyond this, both played off each other and challenged each other to take small riffs and outdo the other. Of course, these guys are great friends and the respect for each is obvious. Luke praised Carlton as his mentor several times. (NOTE: I love Carlton, but Luke is the man!!!). Quite fun to watch and spontaneous. I enjoyed watching the rest of the band's expressions during this as much as the playing. It was truly a treat for all.
Night two featured changes to the set list that made the show more rockin'. Much credit needs to go to the band and John Jessel for reprogramming this show. Only a band as magnificent as Toto could pull it off and they did, making these changes look easy. First, Toto opened with "Girl Goodbye". An awesome opener!!! I watch Bobby with great awe as he sounds as good as he did when he and the band recorded this gem 23 years ago. AMAZING! The acoustic set was pretty much done away with the exception of "I'll Be Over You". A full version of "I Won't Hold You Back" was an addition and Luke sang it beautifully. He made reference to the sampling of the song for a dance tune that is #1 in parts of Europe right now. Luke also did a version of "Little Wing" during his solo and it was awesome. "Tale Of A Man" rocked the theater with thunderous power as did a studio-like version of "Caught In The Balance". I still prefer the LIVEFIELDS-like intro for this song, but must admit the change was very good and fresh. The changes I've mentioned made the show more enjoyable for the fans and, I'm quite sure, for the band.
Friends, the guys are playing more shows in a little more than a week. Get out and support the best rock band ever put on the face of this Earth.
God bless and thanks, Toto, for the awesome shows!!!

John Marshall,Newport News, Va. USA

Sun Theater, USA — 16 & 17 August 2001
Hello to all.
I had the pleasure of being at both Toto shows at both the Sun Theater and the Canyon Dinner Theater on August 16 and 17, respectively. Both shows were mind boggling as usual. Each offered similarities and differences that I will try to briefly explain.
I've been to 19 Toto shows in the last 2 plus years, but none were like these two. Sure, the set lists were identical (except for Canyon which I will explain in a moment), but the band seemed even more pumped than normal. Much of this energy, I believe, was due to their playing on their home turf. The crowds, too, were more energetic.
Night one saw another Lukather, Trevor, display his chops. He is a chip off the old block. I would not be surprised to see him clutch a Grammy to his chest one day.
Night two saw Luke try to get David Foster and Steve Porcaro to come on stage, but both had left the building. We got Joe Porcaro, though, playing percussion on "Hold The Line". Always a treat to see Joe on stage.
Both nights found Lukather on fire; Simon shaking the venues behind the kit; Mike his intense, perfect self; David sporting the "Spear Brittany" shirt and making his craft look easy; and Bobby Kimball...folks, he is the best in the business and proves it time after time.
Finally, night 2 ended with a couple of different twists-"Tale of a Man" and a second encore, "Girl Goodbye". The second is special to me as this song got me hooked on Toto 23 years ago.
The song list is as follows:
1). Caught In The Balance
2). Rosanna
3). Guitar Solo
4). Jake To The Bone
5). Drum Solo
6). Dave's Gone Skiing (ending)
Acoustic Set:
7). Out of Love
8). Mama
9). You Are The Flower
10. The Road Goes On
11). I'll Be Over You
End Acoustic Set
12). Better World
13). Africa
14). Dave's Solo
15). White Sister
16). Tale of a Man (2nd Night Only)
Band Intros
17). Hold The Line
18). Girl Goodbye (2nd Night Only)

These guys keep proving that no one in the World does it like Toto. The are the best and no one else comes close. Thanks, guys, for the KICK ASS shows!!!

John Marshall,Newport News, Va. USA

Las Vegas, USA — 26 & 27 May 2001
Here they are,only a 9 months break from a 2 years tour and back on the stage again!! This band is just like an excellent wine, as older it gets,better it gets. Toto is definitely the band that has to be back in the Olympus of pop and let me tell you they will!!!! Bobby Kimball,the guy had a 16 years vacation,kicks asses and his voice is TOTO,he can`t be apart.His performance was perfect,he screams!!!Hits the acutes like nobody else on this world. The lighting was not the European livefields,but was awesome,very touching and the atmosphere,with the star light,WOW!!man,nobody knows until you get there!!!
Did you know that Simon Phillips,plays so fast and he scratches his ass at the same time?He definitely has 3 hands,just like Luke says!!.Somebody screamed"SIMON YOU ARE GOD!!!Well,let me explain this.His solos are always different than last time and the speed is incredible,nobody plays like him. About Paich,the "SPEAR BRITNEY" t-shirt had us so TURNED ON!!as well as his performance,Africa was perfect.A message to Heavy D:"NEVER BE AWAY FROM THE BAND AGAIN!!!!"
Luke.This guy is a bad ass and i hope you will follow his tour with Larry Carlton.
there is an extra touch of jazz in his performing which made Georgy Porgy better than ever.Jake to the bone,such an "UPLIFTING"!!!
The final chase between Luke,Simon and Mike on Hold the line was very cool. We also have a new true talent here,Tony Spinner.One day this guy will be somebody,his voice and his playing guitar is just outstanding.
Mike Porcaro on the bass,what can we say?What the groove would means without you?Man,thanks for keeping the Porcaro family touch in the band,because i believe that Jeff is always with you guys,always with us,right Luke? There is another guy,who deserves to be part of it,because he is part of it,John Jessel,he workes hard behind Dave.We love you JJ.
Now,here we are,waiting for another Toto night......... Thank you so very much boys.

Pasquale Illiano,CT USA

Before I begin, I would like to say a few things...

Ever since the February 1999 international release of "Mindfields" and its subsequent US release in November 1999( along with the international 2-CD release of "Livefields" that same month AS WELL!!), TOTO has been on a mission!!! Call it "strictly business" it "unrelentless gig bookings everywhere on God's green Earth" it "getting back to their GLORY DAYS".......I REALLY think they have been touring extensively for the last 2 years for the simple fact that they THEMSELVES know that they are HERE TO STAY, and they will NOT have it ANY OTHER WAY!!!! Let us not forget to mention that these guys have been together through GOOD and BAD phases of their careers, and have not allowed their individual lives and business affairs veil the REALITY that they are more than just BROTHERS.....but best of FRIENDS. It shows in the music!! We(the audience) are the priveliged ones, because we are standing out in the distance , seeing these guys with big smiles and joy on their faces.....the whole SPIRIT and VIBE of their shows is contagious and sincere!

May 26 and 27 came as a surprise to most of us , because most fans were under the impression that TOTO was on a hiatus .....regrouping ideas for its future. The 2 shows had the same set list as last year's shows....opening with the Pink Floyd-esque escalating intro of "Caught in the Balance", ripping into Van Halen-ish guitar riffs. Luke's guitar solo after "Rosanna" NEVER is the same......GUARANTEED!!! Luke should really put out an album called " The 1001 ways Luke would end Rosanna" would be a killer!!(Just kidding Luke). How does he come up with these different twists and licks to that solo, night after night?? I guess that's what has made him the "Master of his Trade".

Several very memorable moments(and FUNNY ones I must add!) from the 2 nights were:

>>>>>>>>Tony Spinner's guitar solo>>>>>
Luke was in awe sitting by Simon's drum kit, and Paich was slowly rubbing his chin( alternating looks between Tony and Luke).

>>>>>>Simon's drum solo>>>>>>>
Luke comes out close to the end and stares HUMOROUSLY at Simon between his kit ....then Paich and Kimball tag along. Simon wanted to LAUGH.....because Luke was trying to throw Simon's time-off with comments only they would know of. When Simon ended his solo, Luke gets to the mic and says "Are you for real bro??"

>>>>>>HOLD THE LINE jam>>>>>>
as Simon was ending his tom-tom run at the end of that song, he strikes his snare drum twice and kicks into a rock-fusion jam!!!! Believe me.......Luke and Mike were thrown off for a moment!! Paich went along with it.....smiles all the way. Simon kept crashing the cymbals, counting off, crashing them again, keeping full eye contact with Mike and Luke. From where I was sitting, I was even able to read Mike's lips as he stared over at Luke , saying "I don't know". THESE GUYS WERE JUST HAVING SO MUCH FUN......why NOT!!

The lighting was great.....great job, ASTRO!!! It was cool to catch up with some old friends.....DEAR FRIENDS......Peter and Sally of NY, Lenny and Anne Marie of CT, John and Glenn of VA, Pasquale of CT, Mike Miranda and the "breakfast club" of San Diego, Lauri Stine and Dave Caballero of Los Angeles...who else??? All my love and appreciation to Luke, Bobby, Mike, Dave, Simon, JJ and Peter guys are the REAL DEAL!

Thank you to Joe and Eileen Porcaro.....for opening your hearts and friendship to me. Hope you enjoyed the book on Jeffrey. It was a labor of love. Jeff will never be forgotten...........

From the acoustic setlist of "99, I'll be over you" to the haunting melodies of "Africa" and on to the somber ambience of "Better World" , TOTO was playing with a will to SURVIVE and to carry out their ARTISTIC PILGRIMAGE. Others would have faded far from the limelight along time ago.....and their names would have been just a MERE MEMORY. TOTO is still around because of the NOBLE VALUES of UNITY.....(and that applies to all that we do in this LIFE). it has been stated on numerous occasions that the significance of the SWORD logo symbolizes the "WILL OF GOD"............that explains why the LEGACY of these fine musicians glows like an everpresent aurora in the Northern be seen with awe and admiration by the many nations....guided by the ALMIGHTY ONE at the helm!!!

DR.Waleed Kaleel - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Only Toto can get us to drive 5 hours into the dessert. We're not big fans of Las Vegas but given the opportunity to catch an awesome band like these guys, was well worth the trip! We caught the Sunday night May 27th show and were, once again, blown away. They are of such caliber that, even if it were an impromptu get together on a scheduled long term break, we knew they'd deliver as the consummate pros that they are. Upon seeing the marquee featuring Toto, as we approached the Las Vegas Hilton, electricity began to build. And it remained until we were seated in our seats in the theatre, at which time we became ecstatic with anticipation.
When the intro to 'Caught In The Balance' started, it was like a rollercoaster ride! It started and there was no turning back until the ride was over. The boys proceeded to kick some royal ass. Bobby Kimball's vocal prowess never ceases to amaze. Definitely one of the proponents of the spirit of Toto. What more can we possibly say about the amazing 'bad, bad boy' Steve Lukather (we've already got our tickets to see Luke with Larry in San Juan Capistrano,CA June 22nd)! My husband, Al, was so moved by the emotion that David Paich's solo evoked, at one point, that he could hardly contain himself. Simon Phillips' dynamics were awe inspiring. His solo displayed such energy and technical ability with all that incredible independence. However, his solos are also musical, taking one on a journey. And Mike...WOW! My personal favorite, without a doubt! The way he gets into his playing with such passion and emotion, setting off a solid foundation with typical 'Porcaro' discipline and groove.
Toward the end of the concert, Luke invited everyone to get out of their seats and approach the stage. We sat in the 6th row center, so we didn't have far to go. The way the band interacted with, and engaged the audience was really incredible. It's clear they truly love their fans! A highlight and thrill for me was when Mike acknowledged me in the crowd and greeted me with a handshake during his intro by Luke. Thank you, Toto, for yet another awesome show. We'll see you on August 16th at the Sun Theatre in Anaheim, CA (which is only 20mins. from our home this time)!
We've followed Toto since their inception in the 70's and this is the first time we've gotten the nerve to express ourselves a bit.

Ro & Al

I had the pleasure of seeing both shows in Las Vegas this past weekend and both were typical works of art. From the thunderous opening of "Caught In The Balance" to the extended, pounding ending of "Hold The Line", the boys were delivering the goods and then some. The set list was pretty much the same as previous US shows, but some of the twists added were noticeably different. I'm no musical expert, but I could definitely sense some influence from Luke's playing with Carlton in his play with Toto. Luke is the only great guitarist, in my opinion, that can play different styles in a sincere way. He's just that good! Simon's drumming just gets better and better to me as well and his drum solos were brilliant. Paich sported the "Spear Britney" shirt which I am trying to locate for myself. As much as I like Babko, there is only one David Paich and I was thrilled that he was there. Mike was his typical, intense self (happy belated birthday, too, Mike!!!), laying down the grooves with perfect precision. Bobby once again demonstrated why there is no other lead vocalist anywhere that can do what he does with flawless execution on the vocals. Strong or delicate vocals-he hits them all!!! I cannot leave out J.J. or Tony Spinner as their support roles are so very important. Both can hit the high notes singing. J.J.'s keyboard playing and programming are awesome and Spinner can play the hell out of the guitar. Final praise goes to Steve (a.k.a. ASTRO, I believe), the lighting tech. He put together one unbelievably good light show which added to a couple of perfect nights of music. For those interested, here is the set list from both nights: 1). Caught In The Balance
2). Rosanna
3). Luke Solo
4). A Million Miles Away
5). Jake To The Bone
6). Drum Solo
7). Dave's Gone Skiing (ending)
8). Out Of Love
9). Mama
10). 99
11). You Are The Flower
12). The Road Goes On
13). I'll Be Over You
14). Georgy Porgy
15). Better World
16). Africa
17). Paich Solo
18). White Sister
19). Band Intros
20). Hold The Line

A great few days in Vegas filled with great music and time with my friends Scottie, Glen, Len, Ann Marie, Robbie, Mr.and Mrs. Brian LeBlanc, Peter, Sally, Waleed, Steve (Sarlic), Richard, and the Gilbert clan from San Diego.
Can't wait to do it again in August. God bless and thanks to Toto for the awesome shows.

John Marshall, Newport News, Va.

Fellow Toto fan Steve McVey said it right... Damn Straight! The Las Vegas Hilton show was fantastic... Luke was in a relaxed, happy mood the whole night and made it look easy. True, they had not seen each other or played together in 9 months, so it was fun to see them scrambling to remember song cues....

Missing from the set were "Girl Goodbye," "High Price of Hate" (Luke wrote and my personal favorite live piece, "Tale of a Man." Their "Tale/Lowdown" jam session at Slim's (San Francisco, CA) in '99 is up there with Luke's comment about "The Fuckin' Pole." Ask him about that one.

Right at the beginning of the night, 3 or 4 young, pretty girls were seen hanging out on either side of the stage... no surprise that the security guards let 'em stay there. At the beginning of "White Sister," though, about 2/3 of the audience hit the floor right at the foot of the stage to cheer on Bobby & Luke... the security guards looked a bit nervous.

During band intros at the end of the night, Mike pointed out his dad, the venerable Joe Porcaro, in the audience. They tried to get him to come up and sit in on a repeat of "Africa," but he declined. Dave mentioned something about connections with "the Family," and "an offer he can't refuse," after playing the "Godfather" theme for Mike's intro... these guys have way too much fun up there!

Set list for Saturday, May 26, 2001:
Caught In the Balance
Luke Solo (blistering)
A Million Miles Away
Jake to the Bone
Simon Solo (is he human?)
Dave's Gone Skiing (just the last part... tasty!)
(Acoustic set)
Out of Love (I got up and slow-danced with my lady friend)
You Are the Flower
The Road Goes On
I'll Be Over You
(Back to electric)
Georgy Porgy (funk, then jazz, then swing... yikes!)
Better World
Dave Solo (I think he quoted "Dune" this time...)
White Sister
Hold The Line

I plan to be at the Agoura Hills Canyon Dinner Theater on August 17... these guys put on a great show, well worth the $45. See you there!

Dave "Mister Pie" Riegert, San Jose, CA

Toto was incredible!! I can't believe how great they played after not being together for 9 months. Absolutely Awesome!! The most amazing part was Bobby. His voice was just amazing for these shows (on the second night it sounded like he hurt his voice during his vocal "solo" but after a few songs it seemed to come right back). He did things with his voice only a handful of singers could do. Stand aside Ann Wilson and Steve Perry - you've been outdone!! Lukather was terrific. Paich was in the pocket as usual. Simon was mind-blowing!! Mike, of course, was rock solid. These two shows have spoiled me for any other band. Please keep it up, there are a lot of us young musicians that need you!!!

Christina, Las Vegas, Nevada

It is almost impossible to believe that this band has been apart for 9 months. These two nights were without a doubt the two best shows I have seen -- making every show since Atlantic City 2 years ago better than the last -- but how does one improve on perfection? Toto knows how.
The setlist was the same as it usually is, except that Girl Goodbye was removed because of time constraints. Caught In the Balance kicked major ass, still giving me goose bumps after hearing it so many times. Other highlights were a new jazzy version of Georgy Porgy that rocked the house, and David's addition to his solo. Fantastic!!!! Luke, as always, was absolutely incredible. Simon flawless; Mike the groove-meister as always. The person who shone the most, however, was Mr. Bobby Kimball. I have never heard him sing so well. He hit EVERY NOTE beautifully. The man impresses me more and more every time I see him. It's wonderful to have him back. Luke commented during the band intros, "This is what we're supposed to sound like; this is the original Toto." Damn right.
I tried to listen to differences in Luke's playing since his teaming with Larry Carlton, and I think we got a bit of the change during the new Georgy Porgy. Very Jazz, Very Cool!!! Hold the Line was given a new ending with a guitar chase with Mike, Simon, and Luke. Mouths dropped open, One of the most spectacular aspects of the show was the lighting. The man in charge told me he spent 18 hours programming it all, and it was utterly and completely fantastic!!! I have never seen better. They did not have "THE" screen in the back, but there was A screen there, with all kinds of designs shined on it by the lights. The most incredible part was the lighting during Simon's drum solo, where each hit was punctuated by a different color. As we all know, Simon is fast -- it seemed like a strobe light was on in there.
David Paich was great as well, big smiles all night, with a shirt that said "Spear Britney." That had us all in fits.
Of course, all of my words are meaningless. Only two need to be spoken -- "It's Toto." That's the best way to describe perfection. Thanks to all of the fellas for a great weekend. The magic they create on stage as a beacon of light among the dark low pop culture has taken recently.
Great memories once again. Thank you so much.

Steve McVey, Wilmington, DE USA
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