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HELLO to all TOTO fans and to LUKE 'cuz I know he'll see this.
I had the amazing opportunity to see 8 TOTO shows.
Paris, Le Mans, Rotterdam, Essen, Zurich, Milano, Le Cannet and Brussels.
This is the 'icing on the cake' of being Steve Lukathers' girlfriend.
So, to introduce myself, my name is Shawn...and I am a TOTO fan, as well.
I cannot put into words, how amazing the experience of touring with TOTO was.
The first show I saw, Bercy.....was overwhelming!!!! I had never seen TOTO in concert and the size of the audience and the joy of the crowd put me into a state of shock.
I had no idea how many people really dug them!!
Claire, Simons' girlfriend, was there as well...and we were so proud to be in the midst of that wonderful night.

After Bercy, I spent most of my time, back stage....watching and listening. Each show I saw got better and better....the audience really makes a difference in the performance and even though Bercy was the largest crowd.....the guys played like, "Heaven on Earth" in the smaller venues.

I must say....Simons' drum solo, Davids' keyboard solo, the acoustic section, I'll Be Over You, and Childs Anthem .....stole my heart.
However, the crowd response to the shows opening (Caught In The Balance) and the sheer energy of the fans when ' Hold The Line' seared through the stadium....gave me chills every night....

I also, had the opportunity to go to the 'meet and greet', after show, events.
I was thrilled to meet so many, loyal TOTO fans and to see, first hand, how humbled LUKE is by all of the warmth and appreciation given to him.

You have no idea how much all of the kind words and applause you give to him really means.
I do....because, I see him read these messages and I see how it makes him smile.

I took a lot of video footage of those shows.
So,.... many of the fan reviews are familiar to me because I have those moments on the little girl LUKE brought on stage.
All the guys in the band will get copies of the tapes and just like these shows live in your shall live in theirs.

Thank you to everyone who attended every show I saw....YOU ALL made it memorable and cherished for me.
I am jealous of all who are attending the show tonight in MARSIELLE....I wanna go to!!!!!

all of my love,

Steve Lukather

METZ, FRANCE — 3 April 1999
There are no words to describe this concert. It was the best I've ever been to. To take Steve's words: TOTO IS GROOVE, in two words GE ... ROOVE.

On saturday 3rd april, we have had the last european show of the band (before the ones of the ending year) in the Galaxie (Metz, France). The program was the same as in Paris (8th march) except "On the run" and "Goin' home" which have not been played (they should have played "Goin' home" as they were back to the States after this concert !). The sound was really good, not too loud and the band was really MAGIC. Steve performed an amazing guitar solo on "Rosanna", Simon made a fantastic solo on "Jake to the bone" an David a giant keyboard solo at the end of "Africa" for introducing "White sister". Mike was perfect but set back a bit from the rest of the band. Finally, Bobby, he was near the perfection. This is the advantage to see them after some shows, they have had time to perfect, if it was necessary !, themselves. Bobby has a great voice, certainly different from the one of Steve but really ... FANTASTIC ! Bobby felt really happy to have joined back the band and the other members too. It was already the impression they gave the afternoon before the show while dedicating.
The atmosphere during the show rise progressively and exploded after the acoustic part and of course with "Africa" till the end and "Hold the line". It's just finished but we already wish to see them back very soon.
TOTO, be sure, we are really "MAD ABOUT YOU"

Toto at its best... there is nothing to say about this fantastic show- you know about it....
Track list :
Caught in the balance ( a fantastic gong drum by Simon) ending with Luke's solo
Tale of a man
I will remember
Rosanna (showing old album covers on the screen-remember the good old times)
A million miles away (Bobby is singing great)
Jake to the bone (to Jeffrey!!! ... fucking song)
Simons solo (by eating a banana and reading the newspaper)
ending with Dave's gone skiing
Out of love (acoustic)
Mama (acoustic)
99 (acoustic)
You are the flower (acoustic)
The road goes on (acoustic)
I'll be over you (acoustic)
Better world ( a highlight)
Mad about you
I won't hold you back
Cruel (it's groove time- time to groove)
Africa followed by
David Paich Solo (wow...some Hydra notes and others)
White sister (they strike up all at one point, really fantastic - Luke is a terminator...)
1st encore:
some notes from pink panther and a nice Toto crew as Spice girls (nasty spice), nice pictures -all people enjoy it
child's anthem (Simon sounds more and more like Jeff)
Girl goodbye ( a great gig)
2nd encore: Hold the line (the audience is enthusiastic)
Toto, it is "our band"......they must be from another world (fucking spice)..............etc.
It 's groove time now

Wow ! 5 days after my Toto week-end, I can't believe it was true... 2 concerts in 2 days (Strasbourg and Metz), that's really a great opportunity !
Saturday, I arrived in the Concert Hall at 6:30 pm, and there was still so much cars ! But I finally joined the stage, and I didn't move any more.
LUKE, how can you be so humbled... I saw you looking at people standing in front of the stage and I could see in your eyes how much you were pleased to see all these hands waving for the band.
I was about 3 meters from LUKE and Bobby, and it was really the best moment of my life. I couldn't think this moment could arrive one day. How to show the boys how much I love them when they are thousands people behind...
At the end of the concert, LUKE has welcomed a young guy on stage. This guy was standing all the concert long about 1.5m from me. So when Luke told him to come and have a "contact" with him, I was pleased for this young guy, but so sad for me... If only I had had the idea to make a poster and show the boys how much they are important in my life.
Remember what was written on the poster, Luke ?
I'm sure it's important for you to feel how people can love you and Dave, Mike, Bobby, Simon, Steve and the beloved Jeff, I saw on stage in 1990. I was so young, but this concert marked my life for ever.
So, if the Internet is the only way to show you, Toto, what your talent makes me feel, this will already be a fantastic thing. May you come back soon in France.
Eternally yours,

David Paich

J'y étais et je voudrais encore y etre !!!
Ce fut fabuleux ... Child's anthem, les nouvelles chansons comme Cruel, Better world ... sont deja des must !
En plus, Bobby Kimball a l'air en forme, ca fait plaisir !
LES SOLOS, des ragals tout simplement ... que dire de plus ?? j'en sais rien je ne trouve pas les mots ...
Apres le concert, j'ai planté la voiture !! je m'en serais passé mais c'est fait et elle sera surment épave, tant pis pour elle ... dommage quand meme !

After having enjoyed TOTO's fabulous concert in Essen in the middle of March, I thought a trip to their show to the beautiful town of Strasbourg in early April would be a fine chance to gather more details both from the musical performance and the video and lighting show. But as you all may know, things always turn out differently as expected.
TOTO opened the show with one of the best songs of the new album, "Caught in the balance". It is one of my all-time favourites but the most astonishing thing I had to learn was that the band members even have a perfect timing when they "murder" their sound system. Bobby gave a powerful beginning and sang his ass off when, at the same moment he sang "please don't forsake me", TOTO was dried up by the PA. Thanks to this incident we were able to listen to another fine drum solo from Simon "Power" Phillips and were treated with a melodic and entertaining solo spot by Dave"Piano man" Paich. So you see all negative things may have positive effects in the end! As the band possess of great technicians, the problem was solved within minutes and they went on with the show.
It was an opportunity to compare the setlists of Essen and Strasbourg which differed a bit as some songs were left out due to unknown reasons (Goin' Home, OTR) and unfortunately we could not figure out where Miss "Melanie" had disappeared after a short intermezzo in France, but in return TOTO included a short version of "Georgy Porgy" for the encores where the audience was asked to sing along to by Mr."Guitar Spice" Steve Lukather.
As for the rest of the setlist, I was more than happy to be able to listen to three of my all-time favourite songs by Mr. Bobby "Singing his ass off" Kimball, "You are the flower", "Mama" and "White sister" and "Cruel" from the new album "Mindfields".
Another hit would have been the acoustic set but unfortunately due to two weird fans standing next to me I had to suffer a show in the show for the rest of the concert. They behaved totally nuts, covered even complete instrumental tunes like "JTTB" and "Child's anthem" with silly lyrics (I was not able to get a single note from Dave's usual solo spot) and especially when Luke sang his wonderful ballads like "Out of Love" or "The road goes on", I could hardly hear him singing. It is absolutely no problem when fans get excited about a gig, but unfortunately their involvement in the show exceeded their musical talents by far. They hardly managed to be in time, as for "I'll be over you" where they started to sing the first verse when the band still played the intro and what was even worse, they simply never hit the right tone!
I thought I would go to a TOTO concert but was simply not aware that I would end up in a Karaoke competition! For members of the band it may have looked quite funny from the stage, for someone having to stand next to those guys for nearly 3 hours it was simply a torture! Gladly enough Bobby seems to get better every week, so he easily managed to drown out this horrible howling. THANKS PAL! The only positive aspect was that I was at least able to listen to Mike's fine bass playing throughout the show which made the situation a bit more bearable. I owe you that!
For all those fans who complained about certain songs having been left out or not added to the show, I can only say, "be grateful that the "Spice Boys" are still around and do not leave us alone with their female counterparts!"
As far as the rest of the show is concerned, I cannot really remember, especially the video show, as my attention was taken away from it constantly, you already know, "THERE WAS THIS KARAOKE COMPETITION!!!!!!!".............................

Hi All,
I'm calling you from Turkey and I am not here to say how great was the show or why they did not play this or that, because there is no single need to do that. They really are a legendary band. THAT'S IT... It was the very first time that I saw the guys live, because these kind of bands hardly come to my country. I just took my vacation from work just to go to Strasbourg to see them live with my wife, and we are very glad that we did it. It was a time of our lives...
It was not a surprise how perfect they were. I am also glad to witness of their friendliness and modesty. They really are "Just like us", as Steve said in the concert. I also would like to give them a hint about making a show in Turkey: HEAR ME GUYS, will get shocked how hard Turkey rocks... May blow up the PA and the monitors again, like it happened at the hall Rhénus, Strasbourg!
Glad to know if I could do something for them to come to Turkey...

The Toto concert in Strassbourg was a great opportunity to visit France on a sunny spring day for me and a lot of other fans from southern Germany.
It's written in other reviews on this website which songs and how great they played, so I want to tell my impressions in a few words. What I founnd in particular remarkable about the concert in Strassbourg is the band's very cool reaction when the sound broke down during the opener "Caught in the Balance" (one of my favourite tracks on "Mindfields" from first listening to it) and "Jake to the Bone" showing how real professionals work.
I would have prefered less guitar solos since almost - if not every - song contained one, but this is a matter of (my) taste. I've enjoyed the show very, very much and am looking forward impatiently to the concert in Munich in October.

Ich war schon auf vielen Konzerten, aber das ist mit Abstand das Beste gewesen! Ich bin eigentlich zufällig Toto-Fan geworden, weil sich meine große Schwester "Best Ballads of..." gekauft hatte. Seit Tambu habe ich alle CD's. Leider habe ich damals das Konzert in Stuttgart verpasst (Ich schäme mich!!). Das Konzert in Strasbourg war ein ganz besonderes. Ich weiß jetzt leider nicht ob das zur Show gehört hat oder nicht, jedenfalls ist gleich nach den ersten paar Strophen der Ton ausgegangen. Simon spielte dann solange auf seinem Schlagzeug und dann half auch noch David mit den Tasten aus bis alles wieder in Ordnung war. Luke versprach uns allen wegen dieses "Ausfalls" eine besondere Show. Die Stimmung war gigantisch gut aber es kam mir trotzdem sehr kurz vor (nur 2 3/4 Stunden oder so). Für eure Homepage haben sie dann Cruel World (wirklich nur für euch) gespielt. Toll fand ich daß Bobby dabei war und daß alte Toto-songs wie White Sister gespielt wurden. Ich freu mich schon im Oktober auf Böblingen.
Also dann, mit viel "Boy-power" (Insiderwitz für Konzertbesucher) voran!

Simon Phillips

TOULOUSE, FRANCE — 30 March 1999
I'm a big fan of TOTO since 1986
This concert was the 5th one I saw from the band. Like the others one, it was GREAT ! It was very pleasant to hear old songs like "a million miles away" or "White sister" or "Mama" with the original band 's voice of Bobby KIMBALL. And it was special in Toulouse for him, it was his birthday, and of course everybody sang him "Happy birthday" !
Simon PHILLIPS's and David PAICH's solo were INCREDIBLE, and just like everytime Steve LUKATHER proved he's a wonderful guitar player.
See you next time and go on like this !

Well, as nobody from Toulouse has sent his impressions, I'll do first. I will give you my feelings in English, so forgive my mistakes.
The concert of the 30th of March in the " Palais des Sports " of Toulouse was my third TOTO concert. The place was crodwed. And, I am proud to tell that : they recorded their CD live, that night. YES ! ! ! I was shouting as strong as possible to be recorded ! ! ! Anyway, I don't have to explain that, for this reason, the show was perfect : 2h30 of real pleasure, two standing ovations, nobody wanted to leave the place ! ! I was unable to get to sleep after ! ! I am a fan for almost 10 years and each concert is a real dream for me. They ask somebody to go up on the stage and I was so jealous. I would like to be at the place of that man....
It is so hard to describe my feelings because there is no word to describe how much I loveTOTO, and how much attending one of their show is pure pleasure. I won't describe you Steve's or Simon's solo, either the program. Everybody can guess that they were GREAT ! Live give an other dimension to their music. I would like to listen that kind of performance everyday. But, in Toulouse we are lucky because they always perform here each Tour. I just have one regret. The last composition of the group (with Jenny and John) was the best. I really love jenny's voice and her work in the band. Steve if you read these pages, you have to know that you are the best singer. It doesn't make sense to look for somebody else, Bobby do not sing, he shouts ; that makes a big difference ! No way man, nobody can do it better.
See you soon, in Toulouse. I will be there, in our new hall the " Zenith ". I love you all,

MARSEILLE, FRANCE — 28 March 1999
I've been to one their concert at Marseille on Sunday, March 28th of 1999. It was WONDERFUL, absolutely FABULOUS! I don't find the words suitables! It was my first big concert, and see the band, THE guys of Toto in front of me was an unforgettable experience! Like a child's dream, sometimes, it's still hard to realize that this meeting was... real.
Wonderful Salutations from a real french fan to a real & beautiful website! Best.

My brother and me visited the TOTO - concert in Marseille ,20.3.99, and we were both really "shocked" about this amazing concert. I think it was the better concert then the one in Essen, Germany, which we visited to. Ok, in Essen the played a few more songs, (My favourite song Mad about you for example) but in Marseille the crowd nearly exploded when TOTO came to stage.
After we travelled about 1200 km to this concert because we live in Oberhausen, Germany, near to Essen we had to travel so far, we had to buy the tickets for the evening, but on sunday all the ticket-stores were closed, so we had to buy them in the evening, but we were able to see everything. Not as good as in Essen, because in Essen we were standing in the first line, but it was still a great view. Also "Le Dome is perfect for concerts, and the sound was much better than in Essen. In front of "Le Dome" they were selling sausages and drinks, like I´ve never seen before on a concert. In Essen you could get something to drink at the nearest gas-station. But the funniest thing were our T-Shirts. We bought Mindfields - T-Shirts in Essen already, and when we came to the hall, nearly everybody was starring at our T-Shirts. The best songs, in my oppinion, were "Caught in the balance", " Child´s anthem" and "Cruel". It was a really great and funny show. Steve "Fucking" Lukather seemed to be in a very good mess, and his jockes were really funny like: "He looks like the Terminator, but he is the xxxminator"!
But that this concert was recorded for the live Album made this show even better than it was, but when I see the crowd in France, I know why TOTO records their live Album in France, and not in Germany. I´m really looking forward to the TOTO - Concert in Oberhausen and in Aschaffenburg and the live CD and Video, and I´m really sorry, that the US - Tour is in may and June, because we are goingt to the USA in July, so we´ll miss all the concerts, but I think it´s ok, if you can visit four.

This is my second time at Le Dome, a perfect venue suitable for concerts. Only one bad point: it's 400 Km far from home...
The show has been recorded for the next live album, and so the crowd sang every chorus and every notes of songs.
Luke said that this show has been the best of the whole tour, and one of the best in his life. I can believe him !!
They didn't play "Goin' home", "On the run", "Mad about you", but instead "Melanie" and a long, amaizing, incredible, bestiale (italian word) Luke's solo after "Rosanna".
Bobby was in a perfect shape and how was so beautiful listen so many old songs with the original voice!
I saw shows also in Milano and Le Cannet, but tonight Toto were very hot and exciting, and the sound was perfect, loud and clear.
Luke is the matador, no doubt, and his long band introduction, with beer and belches, is one of the highlights of this tour.
Very very very funny. Tres bon !!

Steve Lukather

GRENOBLE, FRANCE — 26 March 1999
The dream came true!! I went to grenoble to attend the concert, after the one in Milan. After a short but wonderful performance of Michelle White, at 9 o'clock p.m. the concert started with Caught in the Balance, as usual. Mike was dressed to kill, while Luke got the same black shirt he got in Milan. The sound was pretty much better than in Milan.
They didn't play Goin' Home but Melanie, introduced by a funky loop of drums. Then the one, the only Rosanna, with a wonderful, fantastic and don't know what else to say, Luke's solo.
Simon's solo was something I cannot describe, he can do whatever he wants with a pair of sticks ( I'm a drummer too so, you know....).
After the acoustic part it came the moment for Africa and the crowd went crazy. After Better World, Luke appealed for peace.
The final part of the cocnert was a show into the show: Luke drank a can of beer, then called all the band members, changing voice everytime like a mimic, then he made believe to drink a cup of coffee, knowing that Dave would have told him to do that. Hold the Line was the final song.
It was a masterpiece, as usual, I'm really happy I was there and I met them for a while too, so another dream came true that night.
Thank you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing, Fantastic !
I'm a Toto fan since 1984 and I already attended to 3 shows (1990, 1992, 1995(? or 1996)) . After reading all the comment about this tour I have exactly the same feeling than most of you: "It was just perfect !". It took me 24 hours to recover from this great show I was waiting for several months.
Because they didn't play the day before, I felt them very quiet and cool for the show in Grenoble, moving, jumping, ... or joking with the audience, when presenting the band members.
- Steve is the best Guitar player on the planet Earth !
- Simon have lost 3 or 4 drumsticks during his solo !
- Mike was, as usually, discret but very efficient.
- David, THE keyboard master offered us a demonstration !
- Bobby is back with his incredible voice.
They really appeared to have a lot of fun and pleasure to play.
TOTO is still there and better than never !
Only concern: Why did they put the additional keyboard player outside the stage ?
I also Watched them at the French TV, last sunday in "Vivement Dimanche". What a shame to see them playing and singing "Africa" (not Melanie) in playback, especially if you have seen them 2 days before, on stage !!!
To finish, I would add: "If you don't have a ticket yet, buy one immediately and go and see Toto on stage. You will understand what is a great Rock band !!!"
Thanks TOTO for this intense moment !

BORDEAUX, FRANCE — 24 March 1999
I've seen many artists on stage in my life but I definitively believe that TOTO are from far the best ones. As I am from Bordeaux, I could say that like wine the older they get the better they are.
Tonight the band gave us their best. Bobby's voice didn't fail even once. Steve was on great shape. Dave was also in a great mood. Simon did one of the most amazing solo on drums I've ever seen and Mike was, as always perfect. It was good to hear the good old songs (the acoustic set was one of the best part) and the ones from the new album (especially Melanie and Cruel). In one word everything was PERFECT. Thank you TOTO.
But when I say everything was perfect it is just as far as the band is concerned. Unfortunately the small audience (the place was hardly half full) was far from being as good as the band. Steve had to make a great deal to motivate them. I was in the fifth row in front of the stage and all the people in front of me didn't move but once in all the concert ! Actually we were just a few to move, making us almost looking like crazy in comparison to the others. I hope that the band won't be crossed with Bordeaux and will soon come back. But if they didn't I must confess I couldn't blame them.
Anyway thank you again Toto for this GREAT night.

Steve Lukather, Bobby Kimball, Mike Porcaro

VANNES, FRANCE — 21 March 1999
I was with Eric Montant and I agree with him, we were in the third or fourth row, just in front of Bobby's microphone and facing Simon and his amazing set of drums. I've been to many concerts before, but this one was really one of the best ever. Being a musician myself ( Eric and I play in the same band ) I was really amazed by what these guys are able to do. As for the show itself, that was just POWERFUL. Starting with Caught in the Balance is a brilliant way of engaging it. Then we didn't have to wait much longer to hear their great successes ... I will remember, Rosanna, Dave's gone skiing,...the guys performed for two hours and a half, including two encores ..the second one just for Hold the Line !!!Which actually was the very song I had been awaiting during the whole show. I just love it !!! Anyway that was great, and I even managed to fetch one of Steve's picks that he threw in the audience !!!!! Now I always keep it with me !!
We had a very very very good time in Vannes.

it was great.
Toto has given a fantastic show in Vannes.
These fabulous band seemed to be very happy to be there, to play in a quite small area...
Bobby has been fabulous during the whole show and it was for me very exciting to be in front of that "new" member of the band. I think that Bobby in the band again is like a Toto's rebirth.
Simon is a quite unbelievable guy: his solo was perfect.
Mike was smily and played like GOD.
I'm more torn concerning David. I like that guy very much but, even if he plays like Jesus, I'm afraid he was tired. But I reached his hand, so it doesn't matter!!!
Steve is a cool guy, he plays so well...
Always smily, joking...
It was a great experience for me to attend such a good concert.
Thanx guys.
"i'm mad about U", and about your music...

Well Done on giving an excellent perfomance at Vannes, 21st March. The show exceeded all expectations. We actually travelled from Plymouth England to see the gig, how come TOTO is not doing any shows in Britain? Anyway, once again - WELL DONE, it was amazing to be there!!

Yesterday I saw with 3000 people in a small town called Vannes in the ouest of the france, five guys happy.happy to play their good music and to communicate with their fans.
Yesterday Steve Lukather sang very very well, in Paris his voice is no so clear and strong. All the members of Toto are done a performance last night, Bobby Kimball give to Toto an other dimension. His voive missed to the band. I really love theses guys because on stage we feel a big energy the music is so fresh and the power is there. Thank's again to Toto, you are the best band in the world

CAEN, FRANCE — 20 March 1999
So, what can i say ?
I don't want to write that the concert in Caen was great or else 'cause other fans can do that better than me.
The audience was a very very very bad, you know, like a family who goes tho the circus on Sunday because it is the only entertainment of this country. I don't know if you see what I mean, but it was the fifteenth concert i saw and I've never seen this kind of things. I didn't see any T-Shirt, or beautiful fan girl....
Where were the Real Toto audience ? Steve tried to make stand them, but they prefer stay on their chair, it was more comfortable (!!!). They have played a lot of songs like a million miles away or white sister (gee! white sister just before girl goodbye, it was incredible) Steve was very cool and made a lot of noise after drinking a Corona Beer, do you see what I mean?
There were a lot of jokes. For my part, it was a great concert, except the audience.
So, I think Jeff could be happy to be with these guys.
steve, david, bobby, simon and mike, I hope you'll play during two centuries at least. You're THE BAND!
P.S: On October, you'll come in Europe again, so, do you remember where the France is? (joke)

David Paich, Steve Lukather

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — 18 March 1999
4 months ago, my brother played a CD for me in his car. It was the XX CD of TOTO and I loved it from the start. My brother told me also that you guys came to Brussels for a concert so of course I could not mis it.
So we bought 4 tickets for me my brother and two friends of ours (Rocco and Arturo). By the way Rocco is the biggest fan of Steve Lukather infact he also bought a Steve Lukather Guitar. He plays almost as good as Steve.
About the concert, I have to say it was one of the best concerts I have seen in years. Especially the solo's of Steve and Simon. I am also going to Rotterdam in October but can you please play Dave's gone skiing it is one of the best and I missed it very much and thought you were going to play it as an extra. The lightshow was also very good, not to much not to less just good. In the other reviews I read that the backingvocals are not good, or they have problems with their ears or it is because I have not heard the others from the past yet so I am going to buy all the other CD's.
I am looking forward for the Rotterdam concert and hope it will be as good as in Brussels. See you guys in Holland.
For everybody who hasn't seen TOTO, don't miss it.

C'est avec une impatience quasi devenue insupportable que j'ai attendu l'instinct ion des feux dans notre seule salle de spectacle potable dans notre petit royaume.
Enfin les basses "à la Pink Floyd" retentissent et l'homme Mindfield apparaît sur l'écran de fond de scène.
Comme j'ai lu tous les commentaires des autres fans concernant les concerts précédents, je connaît déjà l'ordre des chansons.
Heureuse surprise: le son est presque bon d'entrée de jeux et n'est as trop fort, contrairement à la tendance actuelle à faire cracher les diffuseur avec une telle puissance que l'on n'entend plus le moindre détail musical dans un boucan assourdissant.
Mais ici, on écoute Toto, de VRAIS MUSICIENS, qui font de la VRAI MUSIQUE, celle que l'on découvre à chaque écoute.
Rien à ajouter à tout ce qui a déjà été dit sur la virtuosité des musicos, sauf une petite réserve quant à la justesse de Bobby, surtout sur la première partie.
Le publique belge n'a pas rempli la salle, et est resté assez froid, se contentant d'applaudir après chaque prestation.
En fait, je pense que la musique de Toto se savoure, se déguste, tel un met raffiné élaboré par un des plus grand chef. Impossible dès-lors de sauter ou de pogoter sur un tel nectar, ce serait presque indécent!
Luke était toutefois parfait dans le rôle de l'"ambianceur", charriant ses petits camarades à chaque occasion.
Le set acoustique consistait en une succession de veilles chansons raccourcies, dont la surprise du jour, l'inattendu "Out of love" chanté par Luke.
On a touché à la perfection avec "A better world", encore meilleur que sur l'album, ainsi que sur "Jake to the Bone - solo de Simon-la-pieuvre - Dave goes skiing", le tout enchaîné divinement pour démarrer la seconde partie.
L'ambiance est alors devenue beaucoup plus chaude, le publique se laissant enfin aller.
Moment grandioses où les frissons ont remplis mon corps: Africa (divin, merci Bobby pour la voix originale) et Child's Anthem, quand le publique a repris la mélodie en coeurs.
Enfin, l'apothéose avec Hold the Line, tout le monde est en transe, des ados au quadrigénaires.
Merci Toto.

A few months ago, I heard TOTO was coming to Belgium.
Immediately I contacted my friend. We saw Toto live for the first time on The Night Of The Proms in Antwerp some years ago. After that concert we said: "If they come to Belgium some day for a concert, we will not miss it". So we didn't... And right we were !!! What a style, what great music (yes, even the new songs) not to mention the 3 big solo's. I loved every minute of it. It was worth every penny. I missed the song "Pamela" though. The backing vocals weren't that bad. But I have to admit I like better the black backingvocal who sang in Antwerp. He had a great voice but he had also style !!
Just to make you feel better: I saw the Stones last year. It was also a good concert. It was what I expected. This concert was MORE than I expected.... Keep It going.
Best Regards,

The show in Brussels has to be one of the best. Everyone wants the old Toto back and that the beauty of Bobby Kimball and his amazing voice. That's what everyone wants to hear, the old songs with the original vocalist. The backing singers are brilliant. They are also tremendous guys. I love you to bits, Buddy and Tony!!! The acoustic set is brilliant. Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!!
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- Hi Guys, hope you are all well!!
Yesterday, it was party time in Brussels! It's already my seventh Toto concert, but still they're different every time.
The big novelty this time was of course Bobby Kimball! What an great artist! He's running up and down the stage the whole time (sometimes he's even gone for five minutes!) and Bobby still has the same high screaming voice like 20 years ago.
The concert was a great balance between old stuff and new songs, ballads and faster work, acoustic parts and some solo's from both Steve Lukather and Simon Phillips, vocals by Steve and Bobby. Lights and video are great too; not too flashy but a great add-on to support the show.
The only criticism you might have are the new backing vocals. The two guys don't seem to be too interested; they're just standing there, moving two centimeters every now and then! Please bring back John James and Jenny Douglas-McRae!
But in all, really an awesome concert! I can hardly wait to see concert number eight...

TWO TOTO CONCERTS IN ONE WEEK. IN OTHER WORDS A TOP WEEK. Your show in Rotterdam on the 11th was the best one I had seen so far. No slips in the drum, guitar and piano play and the vocals where magnificant, it good to have Bobby back.
But your show in Brussels last night proved that things could even be better, mainly the vocals. Especially Steve who sang and played for his girlfriend.
Guys, I hope you will go on for a lot more year. It was great seeing you and I'm looking forward to you next concert in Rotterdam on October 19th. See you.

What can I say. Yesterday I saw Toto for the second time in 1 week and this it was really great. The first time was in Rotterdam. This time in Brussels the sound was much much better and louder and the band showed to be in a better shape than last time in Rotterdam. The setlist was the same as in Rotterdam, but there was difference in drumsolo (very agressive) and they played a little tune from the high price of hate.
Great evening and I'm looking forward to the second part of the tour.

This is a difficult place to get good sound but what a relief: tonight it was kinda good :-) Of course I loved the concert, however here are some of my findings: There aren't too many guitar solos at all, actually some of them are shorter than could be anticipated (Rosanna, On the run). And Steve, why not consider going mono, the second guitarist's solo almost kicked your ass ;-) All backing vocals at any time sounded truly awesome, perfectly matched and the best I 've ever heard! Both backing singers look a little cool and out of place though, but I guess we just all miss 'the girls'... They were so into it and added a lot more to the 'party atmosphere' of the concerts. Something is definitely missing. To compensate this Bobby (and the rest) could have done with a more flashy outfit maybe, something shiny. The light and video are OK but so much more is possible I would think, so don't go expecting too much of it. Of course it was great to hear Bobby, he's impressive enough. 'A Million Miles Away' started off with just drums, bass and Bobby and still sounded as if nothing was lacking! This song sounded perfectly balanced throughout. Dave's solo featured the Irish-like stuff which was quite tasteful. But Dave, don't you have some REALLY exciting stuff from your own or something to play? So much more can be done with a keyboard, it wasn't exactly grabbing people's attention... I'm sure you can do much better!! I could do without the 'classics', the real fans know them by now... Some really great songs with impact are missing I feel, but hey, what can you do with a catalog like these guys...! There was very little talking in between songs. This crowd could have done with some more 'Come on you guys' from Steve. Maybe his mind was with his girlfriend who flew back home tonight... ;-) The crowd only got hot screaming for the encores. Sorry for that guys, you deserved better because the playing was immaculate as always. Thanks for lifting our spirits and keep going!

Bobby Kimball, Mike Porcaro, Buddy Hyatt

MILANO, ITALY — 15 March 1999
March,15/99. A lot of people was thinking "you must be crazy,are you going back to Italy earlier for a concert?".that`s what happened when i left work and went back home in Italy 4 months before the date that anyone knew.that show was everything to me that time and really i didn`t want to loose it.So, prepared the baggage i` ve landed in Milan on sunday 14th .8000 people were there and the 3 hours TOTO show was faboulous.Luke was the man ,Dave the mentor,Bobby better than ever,Simon aTrain ,Mike simply Porcaro.3 hours of glory and passionate feelings . I was almost criyng when they played "Child`s Anthem" and everybody was singing with that like was a national anthem.THANK YOU TOTO TO BE "THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD"

Thanks guys for the emotions in Milano. I can never forget this night, I've see Toto in Firenze on 1988, was great; tonite was bigger!!! Luke, I was at the encores in the first line on the right of the stage. The sound , the touch, the feeling, the groove that's all I've see remain in me for the future as an experience for my musician life. All the tracks was perfect, but only the first two don't hear good. It's too much for Italy to see some musicians as Toto, because the music indistry in Italy is Sanremo-ish and Mtv-ish, too bad. Thanks for the pleasure and I wait the live album and video for the endo of this year, is a primise don't forget. By, by Simon we meet on concert in Mestre (Venezia) in feb. 98, By Luke we meet in Milano on Los Lobotomys concert in nov. 1994.
The 1999 - concert, the music of end of millenium are Toto feeling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful concert, GREAT musicians, Bobby was incredible and Simon... is an alien!
Just one bad thing: not songs from two greatest Toto album , "Seventh One " and "Isolation" and this is incredible, Why ?

Today is the day after and I feel as if I had a dream, intense but too short. I havent't been able to get down to doing something usefull since I came back home. What I do need now is another concert!! Can somebody tell me why so many shows in France and only one in many other Countries?? Let's make this a Better World...starting with 5/6 shows in any Country!!!! A bliss!
About the concert I can't say anything new or add details about the show that you don't know or haven't read yet. I can only express my state of heart, because that's what we are talking about: heart and Love.
During the whole show Toto slap us with a projection full of truth: an impressive, technological, melodic, ruthless list of the "diseases " of our world.
On the other side, before their eyes... thousands and thousands (9.000 in Milan) of people singing and dancing the same song; a unique voice willing to save those angels on fire. Standing there you do feel the magnificence and the greatness of the moment. I believe that love is stronger than hate, just like water against fire.
In spite of that, dears, I would have "killed" for a Steve's autograph.
Let me spend a word for "my" (inverted commas to avoid any ferocious anger) dear Steve, a "matador" who spread around his vitality, his energy, spirit, spontaneity, friendly manners and love. Since the beginning of the show I had fastened my eyes on his hands and I hope I will never forget that superb art!
***"Steve, if you were my slave I would make you play day and night!" - "Man, you have conquered my husband too, always hyper-critical towards you and your playing. My sincere compliments, you have saved his musical soul!"***
What about the concert? And the Musicians? The Music? Simply superior-upper-class but we have known that for ages otherwise we wouldn't be here now.
And in the end...the news is that even the press has spent a positive word this time. Is that the beginning of a new era? Hope to live long enough to enjoy it. Love,

8.000 people waiting for Toto. Waiting for Bobby,Steve,David,Mike and Simon.
I have wait for Bobby from 1982, from the first tour in Italy of Toto, and the first time in Europe. At that time Bobby had a broken leg (he can confirm to you) but wathever he jump like a spring. I have seen all the concerts in Italy of Toto and everyone has gaven me a special emotion.
Yesterday my emotions mixed up the past and the present. Bobby with the new songs and Simon with the old hits. First "Caught in the balance", and I wondered...=If we start in this way, whao... how we can resist till the end?"=. Why wait 20 years to play "Tale of a man", a beautiful song? Anyway better late than never.... I don't want to say nothing about "Rosanna", I have already suffered from heart enough. Spectacular were the light and video effects of "Better world", "Africa" and "I will remember". Spectacular was the voice of Bobby in "Mama" and "White sister". "Going home", "On the Run", and "Cruel" are great songs and were played excellently. "The road goes on", the last ballade of the millenium...
I appreciated very much the "celtic pipes intro" of David during the keybords solo and when he played, for an instant, "Hydra". I closed my eyes when Jeff apperared on the megascreen on "Jake to the bone". I remembered Jeff and his young son on stage having fun (Toto Seventh tour).The solo drums of Simon was uncredible. I belive that he has more than two arms and more than two legs! Were magic moments when Toto played "Out of Love","I'll be over you" (everybody sungs), "99" (Mike played this song very concentrated), and "You are the flower". "I won't hold you back" and "A million miles away". In those moments I saw a kind of video clip, like a flash, in my mind. I think that for me, these songs mean a lot of ...memories. Belive me that with "Child's Anthem" I was in trance. My body was there but my mind was out of the world, somewhere in the galaxy. "Girl goodbye" is a "must" after "Child Anthem". Bobby's voice reached the sky.
Than Toto decided to kill 8.000 people with "Hold the Line". Our "brother" Steve played as usual tonight, as a legend...
Our hearts are with your hearts!
Thank you to all the guys that yesterday night made a dream came true!!

I've been to Toto concert in Milan two years ago and it was nothing comparing this latest one! I mean, they were great also on that occasion, people were really cool and it was great fun but this time they were superb (even if I have to say David and Bobby were not on their top...).
Yesterday people got crazy, no way the one sitting on the first raws could see something because Steve called everybody near the stage and got them really excited!
Well, about the songs there's nothig to say, so much and with such a musical taste on the arrangements and sequence... you hardly have the time to breath in singing along them.
I've been playing electric guitar for almost 20 years and I still play guitar in a band, we play a lot of Toto songs (everybody LOVES them in the band) and what really drive me crazy is how GOOD they shoul listen at the rithm, the groove, the way they end the songs...sometimes you really get shocked at such surprising finals (technically and melodically)! And what else should be said about Simon solo immediately after "on the run", a very tough song as far as rithm is concerned (we play it and can tell you!).
They plaied for about 2 and a half houres and I wished they had go on for another couples more.I also liked a lot the scenography, something that was missing last time: I found it a sort of a Pink Floyd kind of style.
Everybody sings all along Child's anthem, Steve seems to have enjoyed this (and all the evening) a lot:
All the time I see Steve playing it's like food for the soul...

Thanks guys for the emotions in Milano. I can never forget this night, I've see Toto in Firenze on 1988, was great; tonite was bigger!!! Luke, I was at the encores in the first line on the right of the stage. The sound , the touch, the feeling, the groove that's all I've see remain in me for the future as an experience for my musician life. All the tracks was perfect, but only the first two don't hear good. It's too much for Italy to see some musicians as Toto, because the music indistry in Italy is Sanremo-ish and Mtv-ish, too bad. Thanks for the pleasure and I wait the live album and video for the endo of this year, is a primise don't forget. By, by Simon we meet on concert in Mestre (Venezia) in feb. 98, By Luke we meet in Milano on Los Lobotomys concert in nov. 1994.
The 1999 - concert, the music of end of millenium are Toto feeling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What could I say that's not already been said? Till midday people started to arrive at the Palavobis and everybody was in his best mood to attend the show.
The Palavobis was almost sold-out, maybe 7/8,000 people, despite of the critics. the show began at 9:10 p.m. and from the start we realized it would have been a special night for all of us, a 2 hours and a half dream!
The only bad thing was that there were numbered and not numbered seats, nobody knew where to go and the organizers wanted us to stay quiet and still till the end of the concert. Impossible!!! After four tracks all the people left their seats and, who could, moved under the stage, the way it should be.
The guys were awsome, all of them, even though the volume was a bit too low at the beginning. Steve was in his best shape, really cool, his solos shook us to the bone, he's my idol I really love this guitarist!! The same for Simon: what a solo at the end of On The Run!!! this man seems to have a million arms and legs.
Mike is always Mike, a wonderful presence on the stage, you know that noone could play the way he does.
Bobby was better than 16 years ago and we are glad he's back, he got an ovation even though in the first two or three tracks his voice failed just a little bit, but the rest was cool!!! Last but not least the only David Paich: what about this man, one of the greatest keys players in the whole world doesn't need any other word than FANTASTIC!!!
The two vocalist were good too but they stood too much still.
The crowd grew crazy song after song and I must say I'm really happy I had the chance to see them once again (my first was in Rome 1996). I would like to say to that guy, Paolo, who sold the tickets because he didn't like Mindfields, he made a terrible mistake. Anyway every opinion is respectable!
What a concert!!! I will never forget it for the rest of my life. I would like to thank Rosy, Michele, Giacomo and Maura for their help and instinctive friendship and to the guys of Toto I say " Thank you for the joy you gave to all of us, stay cool, see you soon once again, Italy loves you!!!

greetings to all toto fans!
it was a magical night. being a long time toto fan from ljubljana, slovenija, along with three friends we drove to milano to see masters in action. the show lasted more than 2 hours and toto played an interesting collection of songs. there were some songs from the new album mindfields, some old stuff and concert favorites. the guys were (are) fantastic. luke and dave are strong, bobby is fine, but the rhythm section was too good to be true. simon and mike are a homogenic unit of melody, power and passion. especially in simon's solo the full house got a good impression of his musical genius. luke is the showmaker and a brilliant guitar wizard. though one of my friends said that he had too much space for the guitar, i was satisfied with his performance. david is a master of many styles, perhaps his vocal was a little bit too low sounding. at the beginning of the show at 5 minutes past nine the sound was too dense, too compressed so i got the feeling that the sound system was too weak for that concert hall (about 5000 listeners). but, later, when the show developed, the sound got much better especially in the arena. the video wall and the visual direction was really amazing. computer graphics and designs worked as the eighth member of the band. of course, tony spinner and the other backing vocalist were pretty good, indeed. so, child's anthem was the first for the encore and if you are looking for good rock and superb entertainment you must not miss their show if they are near you. i believe they will play the second leg of the european tour in fall 1999 and i will go once again to see them live (austria, germany or perhaps slovenija if all things fall together at the right time and place). rock on, guys!

i'm arrived now (3.00pm) from the only concert in italy of the band,great concert that of this evening great bandwith abobby limball in uproarious form.two hours and half of big initiated with caught in the balance extraordinary public to the palasport many many people from every part of italy. that have sung together to the band the news and old success apotheosys of the public to the notes of rosanna follows from going home fantastic i will remember in memory of the ever present jeff. emotional the acoustic part with a steve in great form like all. incredible jack to the bone with a drum solo of simon perhaps not a good amoplification for me but wiyh a great energy always hot the groove of the bass guitar steve like always in a big play develope in unique manner also fantastic the solo and the sound of the great david an end encored with child anthem and goodbye girl for the return again after a great acclamation of the public with to finish with the intramontable hold the line!!

Bobby Kimball, Simon Phillips, Mike Porcaro

Six and a half years after the last show in my hometown ( back in `92 I realised I had seen the best band in the world with the greatest feeling ) I finally got the opportunity to see the whole band again. What can I say about the show? I liked Bobby, but there were some guys who told me after the show that they think Bobby was the only bad thing. Strange . I only would like to hear more new songs, because "Mindfields" is probably going to be one of my favourite Toto-Albums.The show was even better than the one in Essen the night before and the crowd in the front row went crazy in the end (including me). When this band plays there is an unbelievable spirit around. I hope I can catch it again many times in the future.

I don't want to write a whole story about it; the only thing i can say about the concert is, that it was the most perfect evening since I saw the guys in 1992. The rhythm gets into me when "africa" begins, and everytime I hear "I'll be over you" live, I shed a few tears. The event just passed too fast...I could listen to them forever. Guys, don't wait too long before you come back to Switzerland to give another emotion-filled evening to your fans!!!

TOTO à Zurich, quelle classe, vous êtes tous un peu fou (crazy) mais vachement fort.Quelle événement de vous écouter jouer ensemble et quelle virtuosité lors de vos solos, vous nous avez fait vivre une soirée inoubliable.dans cette forme vous pouvez revenir quand vous voulez, vous êtes les meilleures.merci et encore bravo

What a feeling!!!
I was a Toto-Fan from the first hour, that's more than 20 years ago. I was in Zürich with my friends, my wife and my little son Fabio ( 9 ). He was on my shoulder in the first row. Toto performed the song Rosanna and Steve looked at him, gave him a smile and talked to Fabio. In this moment, my son was the happiest boy in the world.
Thanks, Toto. Thanks for the good moments in my life with your music. See you next year in Switzerland, and when the concert will be over and you guys don't know what to do, come to my house. I will cook you a pan of Pasta with some bottles of good Italian wine.

Am 14.Marz. 99 bin ich 15 Jahre alt geworden, und ich bekam als Geschenk den Eintritt ans Toto Konzert im Zurich Hallenstadion. Ich hatte alle Toto CD's mindestens gehort und die halbe Collection besitze ich selbst. Ich war schon immer fasziniert von diesem einmaligen Musikgefuhl dieser Gruppe. Leider habe ich nicht viel von diesem einmaligen Schlagzeuger Jeff Porcaro mitbekommen. Aber ich werde ihn wie alle anderen Fans niemals vergessen! Aber die heutige Toto Band, macht ihre Sache perfekt! Als ich so glucklich an dieses Konzert gehen konnte, erlebte ich die grosste Show die ich je gesehen hatte. Ich war beinahe zuvorderst, am Buhnenrand. Doch meine 5 grossten Musiker, standen nicht weit von mir entfernt. Auch die 2 Background Sanger hatten mir sehr Eindruck gemacht. Ich habe so gut wie moglich versucht aufzufallen. Ich glaube dass habe ich dann auch einwenig geschafft. Der eine Background Sanger mit den blonden kurzen Haaren, hat mich einige male, wenn die Scheinwerfer ins Publikum zundeten, zugelacht. Ich habe auch versucht, das Steve oder Babby einmal schaut. Vielleicht sagen dass alle Fans: "Er hat mich angeschaut!". Vielleicht wunsche ich mir auch nur, das sie es bemerkt hatten. Wie ich mitgesungen habe. Und wie wir Schweizer die Welle mit den Handen machen, die der Band so gefallen hat. Aber auf der Welt haben sie so viele Fans, dass das ihnen vielleicht egal ist, wen sie anschauen und wen nicht. Eben vielleicht wunsche ich es mir einfach dass sie mich gesehen haben. Denn dieses unbeschreibare Konzert mit:
Steve Lukather
Mike Porcaro
Bobby Kimball
David Paich
Simon Phillips
Und den 2 Background Sanger und allen anderen, war das beste Konzert das ich je sah. Und ich schwore! Dass war nicht das letzte Toto Konzert dass ich sah. Ich werde das nachste mal auch tobend und tanzend in den ersten Reihen sein, und mit aller liebe zu der Band, "Toto" rufen!
In love to Toto,

TOTO live in Zurich - what a fantastic concert. From the opener "Caught in the balance" until the final "Hold the line" not a single boring minute. Man of the evening: Steve Lukather - he was in very good mood, jumping around all the time and playing like a maniac. His introduction of the band that night MUST be featured on the next TOTO live album.......absolutely brilliant... :-)
Musical highlights:
Better World (fantastic new song, brilliant)
Jake to the Bone (dedicated to Jeff P.)
"I won't hold you back" dedicated to the Zurich audience and the
etc. etc. etc. (the whole concert was a highlight)
There's only thing left to say:TOTO, PLEASE COME BACK TO SWITZERLAND VERY SOON !!!!!

Hey Guys, welcome back to Switzerland!
This was a great gig, especially for me, because it was my first such experience outside of my native England. - Long live the Zurich wave !
It was great to see the guys back together again, in an impressive show lasting nearly 2 and a half hours. The sound suffered only for a few minutes at the start of the gig, but I'd put that down to the nature of the hall, and how different it must of sounded to the engineer when it was empty during sound check. But now it was show time, and the place was packed, and rockin'.
Not only was this a great musical performance by the band, but the backdrop was a constantly changing collage of stunning imagery interlaced with live footage, which combined with a stunning lightshow that provided the ultimate live concert experience.
Excellent new material intermingled with the old, with outstanding versions of the classics Africa, Child's Anthem, and Hold the Line.
Thanks for a great night - may the power of the Zurich Wave be with you!

After three weeks of reading and putting up all those enthusiastic concert reviews, it was finally Mark's and my turn to see the new show for ourselves.
And it was nothing less than stunning!
I think it is absolutely impossible to absorb everything that's going on visually and musically in one concert attendance. There's so much to see and hear that I was all the time torn between the action on stage and on the video screen.
From the opener "Caught in the Balance" it was clear that Bobby was back with a bang! He's an incredible performer with neverending power, singing his ass off with a voice that's still unbelievably strong. It was a pleasure to watch him and Luke interact, they both seemed to enjoy the show a lot. The setlist was so great that it's hard to highlight certain songs. Not only the old "goodies" that they haven't done in ages but also the big hits sounded fresh with some new arrangements. "I will remember" ended with a new guitar solo from Luke, while unfortunately "A millions miles away" was cut down from the arrangement they had played at the "Tambu" tour. I think everyone who went there will never forget the guitar solo that Luke played at the end of that song then (hint, hint!). The acoustic set in the middle of the show gave us an idea of what a strong song "Out of Love" would have been had Luke sung it from the start. Well, better late than never :-) Of course Simon and David had their solo spots as always. I guess there's nothing left to say about Simon that hasn't been said before, he is simply awesome. David's keyboard spot started out with some motives from "Hydra" and then moved into Arabian sounds, this guy comes up with new ideas for every tour! So, where was the bass solo that Mike apparently played at some other shows??? As for Luke, he is THE guitarist and also a clair-voyant as I know now :-) Unfortunately the backgrounds singers Tony Spinner and Buddy Hyatt didn't have that much to do, they have excellent voices that they couldn't really show off.
Before the concert I was convinced that hearing "I won't hold you back" again would certainly be the ultimate highlight of the show for me, but what happened at the first encore was an almost spiritual experience. The audience singing "Child's anthem" from start until end, correct me if I'm wrong but I think this has never happened before. Why does this song last only 2:45??? After the frenetic "Girl Goodbye" and "Hold the Line" the lights went on again.
What a show!!!

Yesterday i was with some friends at the concert in Zürich and i have only one thing to say: it was fantastic how every concert. Every time when i was at a toto concert it was a great pleasure for me and my friends. They are since many, many years musicians, and these concerts are special for musicans a big *fucking* thing. They are great fans since many years and they are every time very surprised what you can do with these instruments. So exactly the breaks and stops, changes between the rhythm and how diffrent the songs live are played.
Thank you for a great evening with greatful songs, many surprises and big fun.

Ouch! was that loud...but sooo goood. Great gig, although not as great as the 7th One tour. Yes I know, that was a long time ago, and maybe time helped to enhance the feeling I had from that concert... far the best I've ever seen.
Both background singers were quite amorphous; thank god the rest of the band was high-powered, specially Simon, Bobby (still the same great voice) and Steve! It was also really good to hear so much songs from the Toto 1 and Hydra albums.
Just one thing left to say: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaahhh! The band knows what I mean, and people from the assistance also!

I was on the Toto-Concert in Zurich and I can say, that these guys are fantastic and great!!! The opener "Caught in the Balance" from the new Hit-Album "Mindfields" sounds better than on CD. Steve Lukather enjoyed the songs and played guitar with so much happiness, that the Fans were crazy!!!
Bobby Kimball's Voice had a special feeling in the old songs and the new stuff. David Paich, Mike Porcaro and Simon Phillips made this event to a great Gig! All five group members were in a top form. More than 2 hours long and after 2 bonus-songs was this evening at the end! I was fascinated about the energy from the whole band.
When Toto will be come in the future, I'll be there!!!

It's quite a while since Toto was in Switzerland last time. I was really happy to see them one more time. And the concert was great! The sound and the lightshow was perfect. The running order was the same as in Paris. As I can see they changed it a little bit comparing to the one from Finland (see below). Toto delivers! Everyone in the band is just a virtuoso. The guy from "London England" is amazing. If you listen to other drummers solos you mostly hear only a lot of noise. I mean some of them also make it really fast - but at the end of the day it was only a lot of noise. Not this guy here! It's a pleasure to listen to Simons solo. I don't know but this guy does it somehow different. I think he's the best rock drummer ever. During the songs he's grooving without limit and for the solo - gosh, this man is the master of cymbals and drums. But the most amazing thing about Toto this time is that Kimball is back. He is great! I tell you folks, this guy can sing. For the first time in years songs like "Rosanna", "Africa" or "Hold The Line" sound like those songs have to sound like. Forget about Jean Michel Byron and all the other drag-queens who tried to sing these songs. Kimball is the voice! He's screaming and yelling and singing, high and higher. Why the hell did this guy leave the band anyway?!? And of course the rest of the band is great too. Lukather does some great improvised solos here and there. But there's one thing I noticed: Kimball is back. But to me it seamed like he was not a real member of the band. Was it because he was away for such a long time? Nope, I think it was mostly because Lukather did all the talking, "Thank you"-s and stuff. And when Lukather was singing lead Kimball was standing in the middle of the stage doing backing vocals. I think that was a bit strange. But anyway. Go and see this band. These guys are awesome! And if Kimball stays in the band this time, well, I tell you, Toto has some great perspectives for the future. The band is back!!!

Bobby Kimball´s presence made it possible to play songs like "Girl goodbye" and "White sister" although his voice wasn´t always in good shape. The band was really brilliant (great music played by great musicians). Buddy Hyatt and Tony Spinner had (what a pity) so less to do. These two people are so excellent vocalists. I wished they would have been featured a little more in the concert.
Simon´s drumsolo was outstanding and Luke´s voice and guitar playing also. I hope this wasn´t the last TOTO-tour !!!!

Yeah, I'm just back home from the great show here in Zurich (Switzerland). It was great to see Bobby back with Toto. His voice was not always perfect, but still lightyears better than mine. I think this show was not as good as the others in France or Scandinavia. But that's because the show was not sold out. What happened to all the swiss fans? So the concert really started after the acoustic part. The crowd woke up and they played with more enthusiasm. Simon's solo was phantastic. He received extra applause. We all wanted more from hin and we all screamed SIMON, SIMON. I think Simon is more integrated with the band as before.
In the lineup of the band the femal part was missing. The girls were not adequately replaced with this blond dressman on the right side. I also missed the percussions. All in all I have seen better performances from TOTO. It's hard to compare with previous shows. It was just different. Bobby made the difference. He is the singer that fits most. Nobody else can sing the old songs like he does. My favourit song on that show was white sister.
Luke also had the pleasure to introduce the special guests Petra and Mark Regemann.

Steve Lukather Bobby Kimball

ESSEN, GERMANY — 13 March 1999
Toto in Essen in fron of 10000 fans was one of the best gigs I've ever seen.I've seen Toto for the first time evr and it was a great experience. The "videoscreen" and the lighting was brilliant and the setlist had a few surprises to me. I missed Stop loving you, Holyanna and a few tracks from TAMBU, but all in all it was very very awesome! The power delivered within the first songs was unforgettable. The acoustic set was a nice surprise. Going Home and Tale of a Man became Toto classics to me at that concert. Bobby Kimball is back and it seems he has never been out of the band. Rosanna - Africa - the awesome I will remember - and such a great audience. I didn't expect such as many people as old as I am (23). I will never forget this special event and I will for sure be a part of their Oberhausen show, october 16th.Thankk you guys, long may you play live and longer may you live!

March the 13th, Grugahalle/Essen. For the first time I saw Toto live on stage. What a great experience!!! So I could hardly believe my eyes seeing some people behind us sitting almost motionless on their seats. Somebody even told us several times to sit down again. We could not believe there was anyone to keep calm.
People could not help but cheering seeing Simon wipe his face with a towel while he kept on with his solo or Steve lifting a little "cute" girl from the crowd onto the stage.
"Child´s anthem" and "Hold the line" nearly smashed us from our seats. It´s a great thing Bobby is back after almost "two decades", as Steve said.
What made me sad was that I never saw Jeff on stage.
I would like to thank my friend Stefan, who gave me the concert tickets as a Christmas present. We both had a great time with Toto.

I read the almost positive reviews about the concert and must say that I don't agree in all points. It was my sixth concert since 1990 and I felt a little burned out in my favour for their concerts. There were several good aspects especially Bobby who really sang his ass off, as Luke stated. Second good aspect was the brilliant light show which even topped the video-screens in Aschaffenburg in 1995. Pretty good indeed. Less good was the sound. The guitar was mixed too loud, so that Bobby had problems to sing against it. Girl goodbye was impossible to recognize til Bobby started to sing and you understood the words. It reminded me of the sound on the Absolutely live - record (Luke about that one: "That's my least favourite record, don't listen to that at all."). But the thing that really left me a little disapointed was the setlist. Luke promised many surprises but there were none. The songs from XX and Mindfields you could expect and they were very welcome. Pretty good choice. The hits were obvious too, but why play I will remember, Jake to the bone and A million miles away? The second was played now on the third tour since 1992 and the third they already played on the last tour. And no single track from Isolation and The seventh one. >From Fahrenheit only the obvious I'll be over you. Where were Stop loving you, Only the children, Can't stand it any longer, Stranger in town, Endless, Change of heart, Holyanna etc? I admit a personal list of mine but you can fill in any track of the mentioned albums you like. Since several years I miss the anthem-like rockers. It seems as if they intend to play no AOR anymore. That leeds to the problem that the real party and rock feeling is missing. Every time you thought they got the crowd rocking they played a ballad, a pop tune or a solo. In that way the concert seemed to fall into pieces. After 2 hours I finally got excited when David's solo lead into White sister. What a brilliant song and performance. Following Child's anthem and Girl goodbye and I finally got my Toto-feeling. The introduction of the members however stopped that again. After that Hold the line only in the album-short version. All in all it wasn't a bad concert but it also wasn't the sensation I expected and the guys promised. I won't forget 1990 when they ended the concerts with Afraid of love, Lovers in the night and Hold the line all in a row. What an unforgettable experience!

The concert in the Grugahalle in Essen, Germany was a great one, I really enjoyed it. Luke played like a man from another universe - as ever, Simon flew over his toms and octopans in such an unbelievable way, that one must thought "... Oh man, when do this hands fly away ???? ", Bobby sang " his ass off", as Luke said it that night and David did an superb job, too ( great solo at the end of "Africa".
Though Bobby is back and really does a great job, I missed Jenny a little bit. The background vocalists were rather boring, like two men saying: o.k., let´s do this job until we get another one.
The opener Caught in the balance was really hot stuff, what a heavy guitar sound.
At " I won´t hold you back " I had to think about Jeff an the legendary concert in Paris 1990.
Girl goodbye, White sister, Jake to the bone and, o what a great song, On the run were the best songs beneath Caught in the balance and I won´t hold you back.
It was the 4th time I went to a TOTO Concert and the 6th time I saw Luke playing and I have to say, that wasn´t the last time.
See you in October in Oberhausen and Stuttgart, Germany.

TOTO is back !!!
I have been on concert in Essen/Germany (13 March 1999, Gruga-Halle).
It was one of the most beautiful concerts I've ever seen. It was very nice to see again Bobby Kimball. My highlight of the evening: Child`s Anthem !!! I`m glad that I did not miss this event. I`ve been waiting for that a long time.
Thanks TOTO!

The TOTO Concert in Essen has really been a great show. Steve was fantastic, Bobby sang absolutely brilliant most of the time (but I think I noticed two or three slightly false notes...), Simon´s Drumsolo was a killer and Dave was also very good. But it really was loud! Standing 5m from the stage, directly in front of Steve´s Rivera-Amp-Wall, it sometimes got almost painful...especially at high pitched guitarsolo´s. During the concert, Steve said there would be a little, cute girl in the front row. He took her up on the stage and dedicated her the next song "I´ll be over you". The videoscreen showed her a few times after that during the concert and near the end Steve took her up on stage a second time and asked her if she would have had a great party!

Das Konzert in der prallgefuellten Gruga-Halle war super.
Die Stimmung und der Sound waren bombig.
Steve, was'n Brett !
Bobby, was'n Rohr !
Simon, was fuer ein Hammer !
Dr. David Jazzfree und Mr. Steve Fundamental, weiter so !

Yesterday i have been on the reunion toto concert at essen/ germany. as a not so "convinced" toto- fan (i´ve just visited ONE concert) i have to say now i am! it was great- absolutely great. we had to drive for about five hours and a half and since we arrived in essen at 4 p.m., we have waited in front of the grugahall until the show startet. we stood in the first row, just that we were able to face the allmighty steve lukather. more than two hours fun and action, the audiance was great, the concert was sold out...
a seven- year- old girl was standing near us. when luke watched her, he took her up on stage and after that the girl was so overwhelmed that she started crying...
after the concert, we had luck to meet the band personally and got signs of all of them on our tourposters and books.
tomorrow i´ll order the tix for oberhausen/ germany in october `99!

To say it with Luke's words: WOW, what a fuckin' great night!!! The show was impressive, the sound was delightning, the band created a great party for their real fans! About 10,000 people enjoyed songs like ROSANNA (the best version we ever heard), AFRICA (with a really fabulous video show and a fantastic solo by David Paich), HOLD THE LINE (the voice is finally back: Bobby Kimball, a very big extra-THANK YOU to you!!!), a lot of their other typical songs and instrumental highlights as well as parts of the new album MINDFIELDS. We won't ever forget the unbelievable drum solo by Simon neither Luke's guitar solo which never can be topped. We don't promise too much when we say: If you should decide to be part of the next concert you will live one of the greatest during this decade! Don't miss it!
See you in Hamburg (October 8th, 1999) for a new party!

I was so pleased to see some of the best musicians in the world yesterday at Essen !
The show was so great !!! The superious stage-design was great, everything !!
I felt that Steve had so much fun this evening, the atmosphere was very good !!
I look foward to the second show in Germany on the 16th October, this will be my 6th Toto concert ! I´m really very happy that there are such musicians like Toto, I love their music !

The Toto-concert in Essen began with a surprise for me, when I found out that there is an additional concert already scheduled for the 16th October 1999 in Oberhausen, Germany, so get those tickets now, they should already be available... Then, after hours of waiting, the lights finally came down, and, well, pretty much the same routine as on the other occasions, but it was simply great. The sound in the front row was fantastic (otherwise it was said to have been VERY loud...) and they all were in a great mood, however Buddy Hyatt (backings & percs) looked a little bored or at least not as enthusiastic as everybody else. "I will remember" of course was the highlight for me, being astonished, that Luke plays a guitar solo in it now... Way to go!!! :).
Anyway, I´ve just ordered my tickets for the Oberhausen Show in October, and I can only recommend everybody to do the same :). Thank you, Toto, thank you Mark and Petra.

Mike Porcaro

Hello all TOTO-fans around the world.....I hope that the bandmembers will read this also........I went to the Reunion Tour in March In The Netherlands....but I liked it so much.......19th October I will be there again......I have to little words to explain how good it was.....TOTO is a great band....Every note...every sound......every payed attention to......and David Paich........YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!.....And the sound of Simon and Luke were amazing also.....and I like to say to Mike Porcaro because he is always in the background:......YOU CAN PLAY AND SLAPP!!!!! Shortly......YOU GUYS ARE ALL AMAZING!!!!

I am a very big TOTO fan and in march 99 I went to TOTO in Rotterdam. It was my first TOTO concert and it was great. I knew the guys were good when they are playing live but it was better than I thought. First of all: the Drum sound of Simon was great. It was amazing to, to see Simon Phillips play. He's good you know. When he played his solo for a couple a minutes, my mouth was wide open. Unbelievable! And when they started with Rosanna, all people went nuts!!!! And I was waiting for the big solo's of Steve and David at the end of Rosanna. I am a big David Paich fan you know. The old TOTO feeling was even bigger when Child's Anthem was coming up. was great!!!!!! In October there will be another concert in Rotterdam and I'll be there!!!!!!

Hi there TOTO fans throughout the world and of course greetings to Luke, Mike, David, Simon and Bobby. I saw the show in Rotterdam and i must say, to speak with luke's memorable words, it was coming home for me to. Wow what a charisma these guys have, they owned the stage so to say and the crowd as well. The whole crowd was sucked into a music experience that was like magic. The sound was incredible. No other band grooves like TOTO. There's no doubt, the're the very best. Thank you guys for a great night. God bless you!

I've been to several concerts in my life: Bon jovi, pink floyd,van halen.dream theater,etc etc. But TOTO was one of the best i have ever seen!!!!
My highlight of that evening: Caught in the balance
Please make a record of this live concert (maybe you can hear me singing)

Before the concert I already knew they'll be back in Holland on October 19th. After the concert I knew for sure I'll be there too. From the opener 'Caught in the Balance' to the hitsingle 'Hold the Line' the gig was absolutely fabulous. Particularly Mr. Kimball was impressive , what a voice. Some other fans might complain on missing high notes : well f*** you. What I'd liked the most were the old songs like 'White Sister' , 'Girl Goodbye' & 'Million Miles Away'. It was nice too to hear a bunch of songs from the TOTO XX album live. All the musicicians were in their best form this evening. However I'd prefer a return of Jenny & John for the backgound vocals & Chris on percussion. Me and my friends had a great concert and hopefully in October it's just as good as this.

Doubted a lot, wether I would sit down in front of the computer or not. I planned to write a review right after the Ahoy concert in Rotterdam. But I just couldn't get my mind together to write a decent review. In the meantime a lot of Dutch Toto fans wrote their enthusiastic stories.
I think my hesitation to write my own story has probably something to do with the experience I had during the last two weeks before the concert. The new album (Mindfields) was just arrived in our local music store, as we buyed one. We (my husband and soulmate Arend and I) putted the latest asset in our dashboard compartment with trembling hands (that day we planned a trip to Arnhem), after we agreed that the best moment to play the record was on our way back home, in the car. Where else can you listen to music like this than in the car: nothing to worry about and driving withe your eyes closed (that's my eyes, Arend is always looking sharply when he's driving. I like it this way).
It didn't last too long before we saw each others eyes and recognised the look of understanding. We were smashed! Pure eyoyement. Absorbing all the new music "till the end". You have to be a marvellous team to make such a constant and rich album like Mindfields. Super!
We are glad that Bobby joined the gang again. He and Luke are completing the Toto sound. I have to say that Luke has the ideal voice to sing the Toto ballads. How is it possible to sing those ballads with so much passion and involvement. I'm shivering all over my body and mind (I'm acting like an adolescent, what can I say? Do I want to be an adult anyway?), and I'm loosing control, because "... your voice moves me in a special way... (Last love)."
Okay, back to the concert in Rotterdam. I was there with Arend and our son Kay (14). (Kay was only 7 as he saw Toto for the first time.) After two week of big tension, the concert started. We went through a lot of Toto concerts (and of course Luke and Phillips gigs), but this concert was the most outstanding. You get the feeling that you know this boys for many years and that you're looking and listening to a bunch of good friends. It was a marvellous superdream that can go on forever. Great music combined with a great scenery made by a great team. I would die for the possibility to tell this to the boys myself right after the concert.
A lot of Toto fans are talking from a technical point of view. If I would do so. I couldn't exactly tell what I want to express. All in one this whole Toto experience of the last few weeks has turned my world upside down in a serious way (I mean this positively). As I said at the beginning, it took me several days to decide wether I would write a review or not. But I can't get loose of it. I have to... I have to write my story, although it's very personal. I have to pick up the pieces again.
And to the Toto boys, if you are reading this, I want to tell you this: "Your music touches us, fills our hearts with this very warm feelings... Thank you guys. You and your music are great. You are really giving us the feeling that we've known each other for years now. In bad times and in good times. Now the time is right. See you again in October!

I've been to the concert in Rotterdam and I can tell you it was one of the best I've ever seen. Steve is really one of the best guitar players in the world. One of the others is of course Edward van Halen. I wish I could see the concert in Las Vegas, because then you have one of the greatest bands in the world in one of the greatest city's in the world.
Best wishes,

We visited the TOTO concert in Rotterdam on the 11th of March. We have had a very fine night with good music and great guitar solos by Steve. Especially the "unlugged" part of the concert with some of their hits was great. The whole AHOY was singing and swinging. We thank TOTO for the great evening in Holland. Hope we see you again very soon.

Thank you TOTO! The concert of the TOTO reunion concert was absolute amazing. This was such a good energy concert that people after the concert were dancing and jumping outside and singing Child's Anthem. As a TOTO fan I have a special memory with TOTO concerts. This concert gave more energy than the TAMBU concert (8th of November 1996) in Arnhem. I compare the concert with the one TOTO gave in Den Bosch (November the 3rd 1992). That was the best concert I have ever seen, maybe also because I was with my girlfriend who unless she was very ill, such a energy gained through the concert. Unfortunately she died 2 months after. I will keep her always in my heart. That's why TOTO concerts will always have a special effect on me. So did the last concert in Rotterdam. The energy that TOTO can put in their music, is just great. I agree with Marlon Robert about the real fans, where were they? A lot of people expect TOTO to play only hits of a couple of years ago. But a lot of good TOTO songs were no hits. The background singers didn't feel the energy I felt, they were stocked to the stage or something. I missed the percussion section as they had in '92 performed by Chris Trujillo. But Simon Philips can just handle it by him self. Unbelievable that such a small man, can produce such a great sound. The balance was just so good, with new and old songs. Specially the songs Goin' home, Mad about you, White Sister and Hold the line. I didn' had enough after the last song. Thank you TOTO!

I was happy to hear that friends of mine bought tickets for this concert, as I was in Los Angeles when the sale started (although I saw Lukather perform there with Los Lobotomys, which was very nice too). Otherwise I would have missed out on something big of the guys again (the concert was sold out!!) It was good to hear and see them play again after 3 years. Stunning show, what can I say?? They did not play a lot of the Mindfields cd (too bad), BUT they played so much stuff of Toto 1 and Hydra, that was so thrilling. The guys were in good form, even Bobby Kimball. He is like Joe Cocker the second, they way he moves and dances, man, can that man act crazy!! The videoscreen behind them was really IT. fantastic, I can't think of any words for that. Especially in the beginning. People who haven't been to the concert yet: it's really beautiful and keep on focused to it.
Just like all the other Dutchies said: good singing of the background singers. But (this is my opinion), they kinda bored the show. We all said: if John and Jenny were there, I know for sure it would have been a hell of a party. And then the show would have been different. I was standing in front of the stage, and just couldn't help looking at those two guys the whole time, hoping that at a certain point they WOULD have moved just a little bit. I know that the one with long hair was sick (had the flu), but Buddy Hyatt could have done something, but was standing there as if he was a statue in a wax museum (NO KIDDING). Good that the Toto guys were having fun and were jumping around. Thanks for the guitar pick you threw at the audience. I got it, although it kinda hurt when it hit my forehead!!!!!

Yesterday it was the seventh time for me to see TOTO perfoming live. Besides those concerts I've also seen Bobby performing solo one time. A lot of people can't imagine why you visit the same artists time and time again. Well these people will change their minds if they saw TOTO's show yesterday. In my opinion the best concert ever.
In the previous concerts now and then their were problems with the vocalists. Only the concerts with Joseph singing were superb. (besides the one where he had a bad voice because he was ill). Everbody did a hell of a job yesterday. But that's not news -we know the guys-. So the difference with previous concerts: BOBBY!
My favourites this evening:
Caught in the balance; A million miles away; Girl Goodbye; Mad about you; Child's Anthem; Better world
The ones I have missed:
Till the end; Home of the Brave

The last concert of Toto I visited was in 1996 in Noorderligt, Tilburg, The Netherlands. I stood near to the stage in this small hall. This concert in Ahoy was a completely different experience!
I had a seat on the second ring, but the view and above all the sound were absolutely great. There were very good video projections on the background, containing the musicians and animations. At one moment appeared. Good advertising!
All Toto members were very enthousiastic and did a great job. Luke, as always, really freaked with his solos and acted as a true guitar hero. Dave's solos and piano and synthesizer sounds were great too. Mike was a bit on the background, but he is a fabulous musician. Simon's style and sound can be recognised out of a thousand. He added a lot of energy to the show. The backing vocalist and guitarist completed the sound, but they had a silly appearance! I rather see Jenny! And last but not least Bobby. He does have a great appearance! I never saw him live before (when he left Toto, I was about 4 years old), but it was great to see him dance and scream.
The setlist roughly corresponded with those printed on this page. In my opinion, they played only a few songs from Mindfields. I would have loved it to see and hear for example Mindfields and No love live. But I really appreciated they played Better world; what a great song! They played a lot of old songs like Hold the line (the encore), Rosanna, Africa and a few songs from XX as well. I will remember was dedicated to Alfred Lagarde and Jake to the bone was in the memory of Jeff. The acoustic set was a nice relief.
It was a great show. I am already looking forward to the next and, hopefully coming soon, to a live album.

Yesterday was another night I will never forgot.The band was brilliant, the songs they performed my absolute faves... The only thing I was wondering: were there real fans all around me (I stood in front of the exit)????? Some of them only became enthusiastic when TOTO started performing one of their hits. But, I won't jerk anyone off... All'n all the whole setlist was strong.
'Caught in the Balance' turned out to be a damn good opener. As they rocked on with 'Tale of a Man' I knew TOTO can still rock the world. 'I will Remember' is truly one of their finest ballads lately and it was funny (maybe a drag) when people all around me were wondering if this was the alternative mixversion of 'Africa'? Then we got Rosanna and most of the hands in the audience went up and everybody started screaming and shouting. And this must be one of the finest moments for a band (although I'm really asking myself if they still have fun in playing Rosanna for the Trillionth time???) Home again.. and TOTO performed 'Going Home'(I liked the vocal sharing between the band (Luke or Paich or the background men??)and Kimball). It was 'A Million Miles Away' away from the most of the audience when TOTO performed 'Jake to the Bone', because a lot of people didn't seem to care about any instrumental (technically musical)stuff!! They just walked in and out of the hall. Especially when you're standing in front of the doorway it's so hard to be friendly. At the end of 'On the Run' lord Phillips drumsolo stunned everyone. I think Simon's playing within TOTO is far better than I have ever dreamed of. The drumsolo fitted perfectly between 'On the Run' and 'Dave's Gone Skiing'. The acoustic part of the show surprised me because songs like 'Out of Love'(sung by Luke), 'Mama', '99', 'You are the Flower', 'The Road Goes On' and 'I'll be Over You' were done with Simon still behind the drums (and not just on some percussion).
'Better World'(Pink Floyd meets Simon Solo meets Los Lobotomys), Mad About You - and Sex and stuff - (Joseph, write more stuff for the band..), Hold you Back (the most beautiful GTR solo Luke ever recorded for the band), Cruel (they can still do it... it's as funky as Rosanna and Pamela)and White Sister (David's solo ended into White Sister- fabulous) closed the official set.
TOTO performed two more encores. At first the most popular instrumental song 'Child's Anthem' and the funky headbanger 'Goodbye Girl'. After 'Hold the Line' the lights went on and it was the end of one long musical ORGASM. Bobby's back forever (sometimes he sang too loud..) So all of you Celine Dions, Whitneys and Mariahs.... LISTEN TO THE BOSS!!!!!!!

My first Toto concert ever, and it couldn't have been better. The sold out Ahoy' was treated with great music, a almost perfect live show and a great light/video show, with live camera's and video/mixing technologies standing by during the whole concert. The only minor point I can find is the static impression I got from Buddy Hyatt... Isn't he such a showman? I could have understood it from Tony Spinner, 'cause he had the flu that whole week! My Humble Opinions about the songs (don't read on if you don't want to know the set list!)
Caught In The Balance
A great concert opener! The crowd went wild! The great intro, the strong chorus... You can hardly think of a better start.
Tale Of A Man, featuring Big Al on the videoscreen Bobby sung his vocals in the same range as he did on the 3fm show in '98, but suddenly raised the pitch in the last verse... Apparently he warmed up earlier for this concert!
I Will Remember, dedicated to Big Al
As good is I remember with a nice video on the background. As I never seen the videoclip for I will remember, was that it?
Rosanna, followed by Steve's guitarsolo
Finally, Rosanna live with Bobby (only heard it on the Budokan) (Note that the friend that was came with me replaced Rosanna with another name... Was surprised he knew the lyrics btw :-)
Goin' Home
One of my favorites and it sounded as strong as ever. I always imagined driving in a car alone with this song, as that came true on the videoscreen... That was a surprise :-)
A Million Miles Away
Jake To The Bone, dedicated to Jeff
On The Run, followed by Simon's drumsolo
Ah... Now I get the stealthfighters chasing and shooting at that butterfly (no I don't :-) Any Animal Rights Associations protesting agains this one? Also funny was Si doing his drums solo, and getting a towel to wipe the sweat off his face, while still playing...
Dave's Gone Skiing
(Acoustic Set:)
Out Of Love
(Bobby was LHAO seeing Luke singing this one!) Luke should have sung this one from the beginning!
You Are The Flower
The Road Goes On
Also one of my favorites... If you ask me they could have performed the whole song..
I'll Be Over You
First time I ever heard this one acoustic... Luke's guitar solo is great, also when it's acoustic!
(End acoustic set)
Better World
Finally, Tony get's to show his guitarplaying abilities, as he would also on the next song...
Mad About You / Mad About Love / Bad about our love / Crazy 'bout Sex
Well... You find out the real title. Luke's introductions didn't really clear things up :-) My favorites off the Mindfields album, and Luke did the lead part at the beginnin with Tony doing rythm, which changed at the ending when they switched parts.
I Won't Hold You Back
Cruel World
One thing: where are the horns?
Africa, followed by David's solo
Well... what's there to say about this song? Only, I saw a blond girl being carried away during Dave's solo, I think she fainted?
White Sister
(1st encore:)
Child's Anthem
Great opera-like vocals by Luke :-)
Girl Goodbye
(2nd encore:)
Hold The Line
Although I didn't hear it, my objective concert attending partner noticed Bobby missing a few high notes...

The show at Ahoy, Rotterdam was absolutely fabulous. It was my third time going to Toto live, all at Ahoy. The first time was during the Kingdom of desire tour. That was a great show, but Steve's voice has improved a lot since then. The second time was during the Tambu tour. Although the music was great, the guys were just playing the music as a couple of old men. But this time, Wow! The music was nearly perfect, you could see they had fun on stage. And to see Bobby Kimball live for the very first time was just great! I was very pleased they played Child's anthem. It is one of my favourites. The songs they played were the same as in Helsinki, except they didn't play High price of hate and the order of play after the acoustic part was somewhat different from Helsinki. Guys, thanx! I can't wait for the live album!

Great show, fantastic performance, but the sound was BAD! Much too loud, you guys really don't need such a high volume.
It was good to hear Bobby again, what a great voice. Simon: magnificent solo!
Dave: my hero! Steve: what can I say more..... Mike: Mr. Cool, fantastic.
Highlights of the evening: White Sister, Child's Anthem and Girl Goodbye. Thank you!

Toto was great in Holland. They really rocked the place down. The guys seemed to have a great time! And so was the audiance. Bobby and Luke run from one side of the stage to the other, which gave good dynamics to the show. So did the huge video-wall. The band gave the impression to be good friends again, with Luke and Bobby standing hand in hand several moments. Steve also pushed Bobby a few times, which made singing for him almost impossible. The return of Bobby is a big succes. Though live not the best singer in the world, he managed to produce the real Toto-sound. It was good to hear 'Hold the line' by the original singer after all these years.
Highlights of the show were the many great guitar solo's by Steve and the solo of David. Child's Anthem always seems to do well live! Luke showed us once more why he is the best guitar player in the world. He also sung quite good this time.
The new mindfields songs do great live. There was a good balance between this new songs, old work (like white sister!), XX-songs and classics. Ofcourse the house was already sold out for months, so I hope they come again to the Netherlands, for those who were not able to get a ticket. They missed the best show in years!

I'm a big fan of Toto for over 10 years (i'm 16 years old now) I like the solo's of Steve and the great music they make. I play gitare myself, then I can see how good steve is. The concert in Ahoy Rotterdam was great. It was totaly sold out. Every body enjoit the concert with the big light effects and movies on the screen, but, most important, The music was great. I will always Hold the Line with TOTO.

It was 3 years ago that Toto did a concert in Holland. Now they were back and how!!
The show was great, just a few dips from my point of view, but totally it was perfect. The lightshow, the videoscreen and the musicians it was all a big party. I have to make compliments to the greatest guitarist on earth Steve, he was superb. My hero Simon Phillips did a great solo at the end of 'On the run' and was the steady rock to lead the songs.
Mike Porcaro as always the basic bassplayer but surely not to be missed. Dave Paich did a wonderful solo in which he showed his great skills on the keyboards. Bobby Kimball what a voice!! After 16 years he came back and did a hell of a job. The two backing vocalists can be missed as showfigures, their voices were good but their moves were like a broomstick.
The setlist was a bit different than the one who's been printed at the 99page. They played Child's anthem as a whole song and skipped unfortunately High price of hate. The show was in the memory of Jeff Porcaro at the song Jake to the bone and in the memory of Big Al (fred Lagarde) at the song I will remember.
The acoustic part was a bit boring to me, but that's a matter of taste. When I overlook the show in total I can say it was great and I was glad I was a witness.
The sound was very good in balance and what a great amount of roadies they've got. The ones who haven't seen Toto yet can look forward to a happening that keeps your mind busy for a long time.
Thank you TOTO guys you were superb.

LE MANS, FRANCE — 9 March 1999
Le Mans, 2 - 3000 people, fantastic atmopshere - like a jazz club compared to Bercy !!
Exactly the same set list that Paris, but Luke, Bobby were in front of me, at aroubd only 10 meters from me.
A really nice evening too !!

PARIS, FRANCE — 8 March 1999
So this was a great show, Steve was really present, and as I saw in the mailing list it was "THE MAN !". Simon was really amazing on drums, and his sound was very loud, really interesting, better power than from Tambu world Tour. Dave & Mike as always, really in their shoes and Bobby sang well.
I was really suprised with one of the background vocalist (I don't remember his name), the one with short white/yellow hairs, because he seems to be fed up with the ambiance, don't move, just like if he was waiting for the end to go somewhere else. Strange.
The ambiance was good, Simon was ok at the end of the concert and, perhaps something they've prepared, when Luke said to the public "On Druummmmms : Simon Philips !", Simon came for the backStage when Luke was pointing his finger to his drumkit. The light engineer send something like "Prince Charles" uniform on the screen with Simon head's instead ! :)
Well good ambiance, good show, good music, personaly really better than Tambu tour and "Absolutely Live" record.
The guys were really in their shoes, with the groove feeling.

In the middle of this list of fans-from-the-first-hour, do you want the feedback of a newcomer ?
I have been brought to TOTO 6 months ago by one its most dedicated and persuasive fans, who incited me to join for the Bercy concert...I was in Bercy on the 8th of March and my feedback is..."Hey, friend-of-mine-who-brought-me- to-TOTO, THANK YOU !!"
As a matter of fact, I did have a great moment ! I have been definitely extremely impressed by Steve Lukather, David Paich and Simon Phillips, I have been deeply moved by the beautiful 99, I have loved Better World at first sound - I did not know it yet from Mindfields at the time of the show, I have enjoyed the crazy atmosphere around me (did I mention that I was surrounded by 10 other friends of my TOTO teacher, all screaming, wistling and singing all along ??)
I have one regret, however : where was Pamela ?? And, even if I do not share the general enthusiasm for Hold the Line, I am happy to consider myself today as a TOTO listener !!!

I went to the dedication / showcase of TOTO at the Virgin Megastore Champs Elysées. That was very cool... short but cool ! A lot of people was waiting for the group when i arrived. Toto sang some samples of great great songs : 99, georgy porgy, africa, high price of hate, a million miles away ... Luke & Bobby sounded really close together .
I've just listened to one fabulous but unfortunatly unreleased song : spanish steps of Rome ... Dave on vocals, Luke with a beautiful spanish way of play. Sad song but great. Just for that reason, i will buy the japanese version.

Paris Bercy - 17 000 persons screaming, shouting, singing - 2h 40 of an incredible show . Everything was there : Luke as brilliant as usual, playing like a god, running everywhere, screaming to the crowd, a real tornado ... a wonderful solo of David with celtic and then arabic sounds, the whole starting White sister in front of a public totally CRAZY , Mike "the last of Porcaros" ... real king of the Groove ... so concentrated on his bass, Mister Philips and his AWESOME solo (but i still miss Jeff ... anyway), and the one and only ... Bobby Kimball. This man is incredible, his voice and way of sing are incredible, not a false note, he was on the stage like a 2nd storm ! He's doing with Luke an incredible duet !! Thanks (i don't know who ?) for his coming back... TOTO is so stronger now !
The set list :
- Caught in the balance
- Tale of a man
- I will remember (17 000 parisians singing : Whoo hoo hoo hoo hoooooo !!)
- Rosanna (Luke's solo will kill you !)
- Going home (with the WWW.TOTO99.COM appearing on the screen ... )
- A million miles away (Bobby sings so well !)
- Jake to the bone (dedicated to Jeff)
- On the run + spectacular simon's drum solo
- Out of love (Luke sings so well ... with a lot of echo in Bercy)
- Mama
- 99 (with a beautiful but short bass solo)
- You are the flower
- The road goes one (Christa, Kylie (from Australia) ... they've sung it !!!
- I'll be over you
- Better world (perfect, incredible light effects)
- Mad about you
- I won't hold you back
- Cruel
- Africa (and David's great solo)
- White Sister
- Child's anthem (to me, the most emotional moment of the concert ) - Girl goodbye
- Hold the line
Nothing else to say , a great great moment...

Let me say one or two things about these guys and what they've done last night...

First, the Virgin Megastore acoustic part.
The place was completly full !!!
More than one hour and half before the official begginig of the show, people were arriving and standing in front of the stage area. As if the show in itself didn't last for long (about 20mn), this was really great !!! Simon just had in place of his drum set a pair of tubes full of sand in each hand. Of course, David keyboard was plugged (not a really unplugged show, but it doesn't matter) and so were the guitar and bass. Bobby seemed to be so happy to be there, to see the crowd... A man has made a sword (in wood) that he gave to him.
Concerning the title they made, read the previous review. Smile : David started to play "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" (by Elton John), but they stopped it very quickly...

The support act was on time (8:30 PM) and, let's say, quite special : I know that it's a very hard job to start before TOTO and their 17 000 fans, but Michele White (the daughter of Tony Joe White) should have taken a better guitarist, and maybe songs a little bit more funky or heavy...
After 40mn came TOTO. I will not give you the set list (that's a surprise...) but it's not exactly the same that the one described below. Technically, the show was perfect !!! Bobby was a little bit too short on the 2 or 3 first songs, but after, he was amazing !!! Luke and him spended the show walking from one side to another, and smiling at the dozens of cameras and the two videos (yes, the whole show has been recorded, maybe for an international release, who knows ?). Mike was concentrated and perfect, and so was Simon (he solo is one of the most incredible I've heard). Concerning Dave's solo, the only thing I can say is : wwwwoooooooooowwwwww !!! I have heard many Paich's solos in my life, but this one was so inspired that I rank it first without any contest !!! The acoustic part was a great idea (I think that they had this one while touring for TOTO XX : when they gave a Takamine in Paris to a girl who has won a contest, Luke started to play and the idea may come from here...). The voices are incredible : God thanx these two guys for touring with TOTO. The only thing I regret is that they were supposed to do 2 encores, and that they only made one (we didn't had High Price Of Hate, only Hold The Line : maybe that's because they did a part of it at the Virgin Megastore ?). Nevertheless, this show was one of the greatest I've seen (and all the people I've met at the end think so), with the Candyman tour one but it's another story... In the VIP area was sitting Jean-Jacques Goldmann, the famous songwritter from Celine Dion, who was already at l'Olympia last time : I really love this man and what he writes.... for himself, and as if that's not exactly the same kind of stuff that Mr Paich's songs, I was happy to see that he appreciates TOTO. Smile again : Luke started to sing some Harry Belafonte stuff, and the crowd was singing with him... but here again he stopped very quickly. A girl (again !) has won a MusicMan and has been on stage to receive it. I hate her !!!!!!!!!!!! (this has been my dream for months...).
To end with this beautifull story, let me just tell you that the TOTO albums have been sold more than anyone else at the Virgin Megastore on Monday. Long lives our favorite group. Long lives TOTO.

What word could we find about tonight's show in Paris? Wonderful? This word means nothing anymore compares to the feeling flying into the concert hall. But let's start at the beginning.First of all, there was an acoustic set at the Virgin Megastore at 1.00 PM. They played only the songs that WE wanted (Georgy Porgy, 99, High Price Of Hate, A Million Miles Away, Africa) and a good surprise: "Spanish Steps of Rome " which is an unreleased track (sang by Dave Paich).
The show started with the eternal "Caught In The Balance" and the set list was the same than the other countries.Dave Paich's solo was the biggest I 've ever heard (violins and piano in an Irish stuff falling to "Hydra" and finally "White Sister") We can clearly say this man possesses the COSMIC synth sound on every track.Simon was HUGE tonight with his marvellous fills, breaks and what a f.... solo : Jeff can definitely be proud of his legal successor. About Mike, nothing special except the fact that he's become THE human figure of the groove (all Toto fans know what the REAL groooove is, you can't describe it, you just have to listen stuff like "Tale Of A Man" to understand and to feel it) Thanx for that Mike.
The chorists (Buddy and Tommy) were incredible tonight: what back vocals on Rosanna or Africa or even Cruel (the BEST song of the show)!!! Toto needed two guys like them.
Concerning the return of Bobby, I must admit I was afraid before the show but when I heard him during the rehearsal on "Cruel",I knew he was here to show everybody that he IS and has always been the real lead singer. His voice is so pure ("Mama" and "A Million miles Away" are pure jewels) It's so good to have you back, man !
I will finish this review by Steve who made this show a real Giant one : when you listen him singing his first notes, you understand immediately that he worked very hard for the vocals , even if he knows Bobby is back, and that is the right reaction :Toto needs those two types of voices. Concernig his guitar performance, no commentary :simply too perfect , too funky, too sweet, too fast for a single man's eyes. This man is dangerous, really !! Prepare yourself for the apocalypse, you lucky guys who haven't seen the show yet. This one is at the top of the Toto spirit...

Steve Lukather, Bobby Kimball
Back in '96 I saw TOTO in Randers on the Tambu-tour, and I thougt that it was the best concert I ever been to. To this concert I had very high expectations, and they fulfilled all my expectations and added a lot more. What a concert, and what a sound (my compliment to the sound crew). The sound level was very comfortable (and perfect after the first minute in the opening song). The drums sounded excellent, and the guitar had the same unique sound as only Steve Lukather can make it. The opening with the video sequence intro followed by "Cought in the balance" was so perfect, and the crowd of fans was witness to a marvellous show that lasted way beyond two hours. My favourites were "Better World" (way to go), "Caught in the balance", "Cruel" "Roseanna" (of course) and "Jake to the bone". The solos were fantastics (to Steve:"how can you keep playing so fantastic guitar for over 20 years?") and especially the drum solo. I stood in front of a couple of drummers, and, I tell you, they were screaming in the end of the solo, me included. After the ordinary set was over, they were out playing extra numbers two times, and what an ending with "Hold the Line". Thanks for the concert guys, for me it was the best concert ever.

What can I say, the show was amazing, superb, fantastic, the best concert I have ever been to. Valby hallen was completely sold out, and everybody rocked as maniacs along with this fantastic band. I went totally crazy when they played "Childs anthem" and "Girl goodbye", so incredible fantastic. Those two songs along with "Tale of a man", "Going home", "On the run" and "Caught in the balance" were my favourite songs on the concert. To see and hear Bobby live was very special. He gave everything and you could tell that he enjoyed being back with Toto on the road again. His voice were great and to hear the old songs as they should be was fantastic. Most of the things that I would like to say has already been said by others on this site but I also have to celebrate Simons drumsolo-but I can´t find any words...the man is a freak. I don´t believe there are any other drummer in the world that could copy that solo.
It was two and a half our in heaven, though I missed Jeff a lot. But I believe that Jeff played with angels in heaven this evening.
BUT where were songs like "English eyes", "Afraid of love", "Lovers in the night", "Make believe", "Stranger in town", "Isolation", "Angel don´t cry", "Til the end", "Home of the brave", "Only the children", "Kingdom of desire", "Don´t chain my heart", "Gift of faith", "Drag him to the roof"... I think it´s time for Toto to play these hits also. This is a Reunion concert. I also would like to say that Aftonbladet is a tragical Swedish newspaper. The journalist that wrote about the concert in Stockholm, that I believe was as good as the one in Copenhagen, must be a complete idiot. I think that he should get fired at once. Thank you Sydsvenska Dagbladet, your journalist understands music.
Welcome back to Sweden or Copenhagen again, TOTO. Why 15 shows in France and only 1 in Sweden? GOTHENBURG miss you a lot.
Thank you Steve, Mike, David, Bobby and Simon for an incredible evening. I love you.

Oh my god! I think I'm still in a trance after having been to the TOTO concert in Valby-Hallen in Copenhagen on Saturday 6th.
Since I bought my ticket in November I had been looking forward to this major event. And when I arrived about one hour before the concert there was already a huge crowd present and I was thrilled by the atmosphere. I got a fine place right in front of the stage and stood there, waiting for something big.
Soon the whole place was filled to the limit with TOTO fans such as myself. It was fantastic - it was about 4500 persons. I had expected some amateur band to open before the main event but at exactly 8 pm all lights went out and a blue heaven with clouds appeared on the huge video screen. Then the old fella with the hat from the "Mindfields" cover appeared on the screen.
It was a blast!!! Suddenly the big stage was lit up and each member of TOTO was in position already playing "Caught In The Balance". It was fabulous suddenly to have Bobby Kimball himself standing just 18 feet away and seeing Mike Porcaro playing his 5-string Fender bass. It felt different than I had imagined. Suddenly I felt myself jumping and singing and going absolutely berserk. It was a feeling that can't be described in words!
Then followed "Tale Of A Man" and "I Will Remember" - it was a thrill! And then..."Rosanna" with Bobby on the chorus vocals like on the original recording! It was like heaven ("Rosanna" has always been my favourite TOTO tune!)
I was just SO happy that them also played the fantastic "Jake To The Bone" - a masterpiece of a tune! And "On The Run", oh boy! This night it was really confirmed to me HOW professional these guys really are!
Simon did a drum solo so advanced and fast and with great light effects that everyone stood there, completely paralyzed! That guy must have at least 10 arms and legs!
The acoustic set was very beautiful with Luke's awesome vocals and some old classics like "99", "Mama" and "You Are The Flower" being played.
In the 3rd part they played three songs from "Mindfields" and of course "Africa" which was more than just fabulous! And in the end they did "Child's Anthem" (awesome!!!) and ended the concert in the best possible way with "Hold The Line"!
The last couple of days since the concert it hasn't left my mind. In my imagination I'm still standing there worshipping the greatest band on Earth!
This was my first TOTO concert, but I asure you - IT WON'T BE THE LAST!!! It was devine!!

The show at Valby Hallen in Copenhagen was absolutely great. Before the show I was a little worried because it was my first concert at this place, and it's "famous" for its bad acoustics, but I must say that TOTO overcame that very well, mainly by not playing too loud, and thanks for that. The presentation was great and I loved the online camerashots, although the picture quality could have been better with videoscreens.
The setlist was great and all the songs from Mindfields gained from the live situation. The old songs were great, especially White Sister and Girl Goodbye. And it was great to hear Childs Anthem again. I was, however, a little disappointed that there were no songs from The Seventh One, as I had hoped for Pamela, after the return of a high-pitched singer, although the, otherwise great Bobby Kimball, didn't sing it originally.
And, although I'm probably pretty alone with this opinion, I could have done without the acoustic set and the solos. I'd rather hear Pamela, Gift Of Faith and Don't Chain My Heart than those solos and acoustics. I mean, we already know that you are the greatest musicians in the world. Please don't use too much of the live-album for this.
But still, I wouldn't have missed the show for anything, and I can't wait for that live-album and hopefully a video, was that what the cameras were for???.
And by the way - why is there no show in Randers this time. On the previous tour you were here twice, and to great response I must say, so please consider to come back later on the tour.

Magic happend last night
Luke: " Saturday night in Copenhagen............Woooooooooouuuuuuuw!!!!!"
Thanks guys! This one was the best - it was so cool to feel the spirit of Jeff Porcaro again!

What a concert - What a night - What a rush...
ToTo are back, bigger and better than ever. Steve, Bobby, David, Michael and Simon thank you so much. The show in Valby/Copenhagen yesterday was the biggest "mindfield" ever. The music sounds great, the light was wonderful and the atmosphere where huge.
Bobby is the troop leader - Steve is the right hand - Simon you are a magican on the drums - David is the "greatest"- and Michael is online all over.
Me too Steve, se ya next time ToTo visit Denmark and thanks for the words "In god we trust, you are the best audience ever, I mean it"!
Hold the line all over the tour!

Well the Tambu concert in '96 was great - last night in Valby Hallen was FANTASTIC! A big welcome back to Kimball who gave an energetic and powerful performance as lead vocal. Paich was as always "Mr. Super Cool", Lukather a wizard on guitars, Porcaro tight as h... and Phillips, well..... wow!
Toto once again proved that they are still going strong after more than twenty years in the business and the songs from the new album "Mindfields" should (hopefully) become instant hits among others than just us fans. Especially "Mad About You" was great live (I think it's a bit tame on "Mindfields" - looking forward to a live album guys!)
The acoustic set in the middle of the concert was too short I think, I would have loved to hear more of "99" than just two verses :(
A good concert consists of two factors: a great band and a great crowd. The concert was totally sold out and the audience created a fantastic atmosphere - almost electric the whole two and a half hours the concert lasted. Steve called us the best audience on the tour - you're welcome! :)
For all you guys out there who haven't been to the concert yet: look forward to it, it's the best one ever!

Toto is back ! What a great show. The good "old" Toto with a new drummer, and what a drummer. Simon Phillips,- he proved that he belongs in Toto. And Steve,- your songs are great. It was the best concert I´ve ever have been to!

Steve Lukather
STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — 5 March 1999
Hi everyone!
I know this is a very late review, but believe me, I´ve been hesitating for a long time if I should write this or not. Anyway, It´s more than one and a half month since I was on the Toto reunion concert at the Stockholm Globe Arena in Sweden, fifth of march 1999, but I can still remember almost every minute of it. to be mild: I´VE BEEN IN HEAVEN!!!!! I can see all the cool lights just infront of my eyes, and I can still hear and feel the wild cheers from nearly 8000 enthusiastic Toto-fans. It war absolutely overwhelming.
This was actually my first concert ever with Toto, so I was pretty nervous before the show began. I was going to see my musical heros live for the first time in my life. I sat infront of the stage at one of the gallerys, so I had a great view. To see Luke, Bobby, David, mike and Simon preform on that stage, brought me to antoher world, and I haven´t left it yet. The opening song, Caught in the balance, was great!!! From now on it´s one of many favourites I have. Of course, the rest was fabulous too. And it was fun to hear some songs I´ve never heard before. ( we don´t have all the albums at home ) Actually, many of my favourites were played tha night. Here are some of them: I will remember, Goin´ home, On the run, Africa, I´ll be over you, Childs´ anthem, Caught in the balance I loved the acustic set, cause my heart began to melt. I´ve never been able to explain the feeling when the crowd started to sing. It seemed tha almost everyone knew the text. ( Including me, i couldn´t keep my mouth shut once that night )
I thought it was a nice mixup of both new and old, fast and slow songs, but I still missed some. I have no idea why. And at the grande finale, I thought the ceiling would fall. It was amazing to hear Toto and 8000 Swedes sing "Hold the line" together. I´ll tell you. I wish I could turn back time. Cause if I could, I would sit there again in the Globe Arena and watch Toto play their music from heaven. I´m only 15 years old, but I´m completely sold. Would it be to overact when I say that Toto is my gods??? I simply can´t wait until Toto are back here in Sweden again. And when they do come back, I want to be the first person to buy a ticket. PLEASE COME BACK SOON!!!!

Unlike most of you I was not that impressed by the concert. The Stockholm Globe Arena is a great building, but definitely not a great concert hall. Maybe I was seated in the wrong section but I found the soundmixing poor. The voice of Bobby Kimball, who mostly sang (or rather yelled) out of pitch, unfortunately drowned the band.
Paich, Lukather and the others are absolutely very good musicians, (something we were allowed to hear in the instrumental parts when the show actually rose to a higher level), and the music is sometimes very powerful, especially the old songs. Still I think that the most memorable in this concert were the outstanding keyboard-playing by David Paich and the great drumsolo by Simon Phillips towards the end of the concert.
I must say that I have been to several concerts (with other bands) with both a higher intensity and a far better soundmixing than this one. Finally I do agree with Inger Bladh that an unplugged gig would be fairly interesting, especially in a smaller concert hall. Toto absolutely has the musical qualities required.

I used to be a huge, devoted Toto-fan, as I went to see their reunionconcert in Stockholm March 5. Reading through these comments, I feel like I have been to a completely different show! The sound was awful, Bobby sang out of tune and never once talked to the audience after, what, fifteen years of absense. The selection of song was a bit strange. And why do they still do long drum- and keyboardsolso, as trying to prove how good they really are. We know they are exellent musicians, but those solos was boring. I totally agree with the reviews in the newspapers the next day. Sadly to say. I have seen Toto four times; three here in Sweden and once in LA. There was no magic at this one. Is it necessary to stand in the first row to get moved by it at all? Or is my Toto-love gone forever? However, I really would like to hear them unplugged, because the set in the middle gave me an idea how that would sound. Interesting and new. If they ever would do a unplugged gig, I'll be there again. Otherwise, sorry!

Thanks to one and each of you for the lovely concert in Stockholm, March the 5. Special thanks to Steve Lukather - you make me shiver when you play the guitar. I have already bought "Mindfields" and it is fantastic - my favourite is "Caught in the balance" plus "Melanie" of course!
I am looking forward to your next visit to Sweden - don´t wait too long!


Finally coming down from the adrenalin high after the concert at the Globe Arena and the "after-Toto-party" we had on Saturday night I must say - THANX TOTO!!
It seems to me that the return of Bobby Kimball is somewhat of a rebirth for the band. To have the privilage to hear classics like "A million miles away", "On the run", "Mama", "White Sister" and "You're the flower" is something we are to be very thankfull for.
The reviews in the Swedish newspapers the following day was not a surprise. As always they give the assignment to people who already have their written opinion about Toto. In fact since the band is soooo good they often turn on the audience. To be quite honest I have never read a fair review of a Toto-concert in Sweden. Instead they portrait the paying fans as morons for even listening to the band and in one of the papers they even wrote there should be a law passed to forbid drum-, keyboard- and guitarsolos at concerts. That's not even worth to waist any comments on.
There is a saying however that day-by-day proves to be correct. That these music critics at the newspapers a player-wannabies. They just didn't have the talent to play so they spend all their time beating down on those who have what they don't. Perhaps they have chosen the wrong line of work after all since they don't seem to have the talent to write anything intelligent either.
The new album is in my opinion one of the better they've made since Toto "IV". The old groove is back with great lyrics and harmonies. Along with the new songs, mixed with the classics Toto gave an excellent and unforgivable performance this night in Stockholm. I hope we are to meet the new Millennium with smiles in our hearts and souls. And that Toto will continue to put them there. Hope to see ya soon again, guys! :-)

I was looking forward to this concert, I've never seen Bobby Kimball performing live before, and it sure was fun! Behind the group, there were a big videoscreen where some great animations were showed during the concert.
The concert in Globen was one of the best ones I've been on. If it weren't for those red-dressed securityguards that didn't allow us to stand in front of the scene, it would have been just perfect. I was standing to the left of the scene with a couple of friends and when Luke waved us to come forward, of course we did!! The guards tried to hold us back, but we got there at last! I also got one of the flowers David Paich throwed out. Wow! Too bad that they only played one concert here in Sweden. Why so many in France?? I hope that they get back soon.

Toto's reunion-concert in Stockholm the 5:th of march was F*ing AMAZING!!! The Globe were fullseated and there was a great atmosphere... It's a pity that they only had one concert in whole of Sweden. Because of that, some of my friends couldn't come when the tickets were sold out! (Why do they perform FIFTEEN concerts in france and ONE here in Sweden?!?!)
The shit-paper "Expressen" thought Toto sucked, and their paper aint even worth using to shit on!!! I mean, what do a f*cking reporter know about superb music??? In the back of the stage, they had a huge screen that projected images which was connected to the songs somehow... They also used it to capture their solos closer on. Pretty amazing lightning too! Especially to "Jake to the bone" witch was dedicated to Jeff...
In the beginning of the concert, Luke presented all the bandmembers (with Bobby in the lead) except himselves... "The Man", Mike Porcaro did that (!)
When they played "I'll be over you", all of the audience began to sing with them... WHAT A FEELING!!!
Simon's drum-solo was outstanding! Totally unbelievable!!! (Couldn't count how many drums he had, but he had A LOT of them...) and I thought Dave's solo sounded like something in the movie "Titanic".
Bobby tread on a microphone and had to sing along with Luke, and believe me, they had fun about that!
And when they started "Hold the line" I thought that the ceiling would fall... Everyone started to scream, jump and applaude (including me!). It sounded like old Toto, and that's the Toto I want to hear! Welcome back Bobby!!!
The set for this concert was a copy from the ones in Finland and Norway.
Thanks to You guys! (Luke, Dave, Bobby, Mike and Simon) You have made the day of my life!!! "I WILL REMEMBER" you guys... Always! Please come back SOON! We miss you already!!!

I've seen ToTo several times and they're always rocking your heart out (specially thanks 2 Luke). I was so excited to see Bobby Kimball live. Even more than the first time I had 6.
This preformance even went better than that. I've got an huge orgasm. This tour is something you just can't miss. I won't tell you anything about the opening because you have to see it for yourself.
The background motions are very cool and it makes the show the greatest one we've ever seen with ToTo. Mr Luke was in a really good mood, facing the "Vikings" from north. The concert's play list was very close to the one in Finland but not exactly.
"Accidents" that happened in Stockholm Globe Arena:
Mr Luke had a problem with finishing "Mad about you" (nothing that I heard as an axeman). Luke started to laugh after the song and told us that he couldn't see what he was playing 'cause it was too dark. - "I've missed the last tune 'cause of the dark. It should sound like this instead." And Mr Luke plays the right tunes. He knows that there are a lot of professional musicians in the audience. He just has to face it. Then he says: "Well, now you know that we aren't playing playback!"
Later on, I don't remember the song, but Bobby Kimball steps on the microphonewire and he looses the sound. He runs towards Mr Luke and starts to sing in his mic instead. When Luke sees what has happened, he laughs so much that he nearly can't play at all. We are all having a great time and laughing to this mess. ToTo handle it with proffession. You could nearly hear any difference.
I have always been on the first row, rockin' crazy. ToTo is always something special for us in Sweden (and rest of the world). We just love this kind of music. This concert was something different from all the rest with ToTo, in a bad meaning. On every opening, in any concert, you start to run to the stagefence and start rocking with the band.
The red-dressed security guards were totally mad! This time they went amok! SIT DOWN! DON'T STAND UP! DON'T RUN FROM YOUR SEATS! they screamed. Well, we stood up and sang with TOTO anyway. At the end of the concert, Luke started to wink to everyone to come closer and rock with them. When some fans started to run to the stagefence the red-dressed guards started to fight the fans.
I'll NEVER forget Mr Lukes face. He jumped down trying to talk to these maniac guards. He screamed: "Hey! Don't do that man! Don't do that man!". Don't ask me what we think of these big dummy guards.
After a while Mr Luke started to wink to us again for the fifth time. "Come on! Get closer!" - he screamed. At least the guards let us party and we went to the frontline and rocking wild with TOTO.
I was really looking forward to hear "Hold the line" with Mr Kimball. When Toto played this song as the Grande Finale, the crowd sang louder than Mr Kimball himself. What can I say? We all love TOTO.
Don't miss this TOUR.

Well,this was better than I hoped for..
last time I saw TOTO with Bobby Kimball was in Stockholm 1982/83 (the "TOTO 4"-tour..and I´ve seen them about 10 times since that show..and this was one of the BEST shows of them all !!
Good mix of old/new material (OK, I missed the songs from the Joseph Williams era) but I have to admit Mr Kimball does a really good job on this show ! It´s obvious his place IS to be the TOTO-singer..
Good to hear "Child´s Anthem" again..and the killer "Girl Goodbye".. But to end the show with a drumsolo...??? Unexpected, so to say...
And THANKS, guys that we didn´t have to hear 15-minutes versions of "Hold The Line" or "Africa"...
Maybe there´s a place for TOTO after the year 2000 after all...amazing !!!

Toto rules. Do I have to say more. I watched the concert at the Globe Arena in Stockholm. Everything they touched (played) this evening turned to gold. They are the greatest band ever with so much talent put together into a two and a half hour long orgasm. I myself wanted to hear the song "99" and when they played it, nothing could be closer to a religious experience. Steve's guitar sound was great and his singing superb. Bobby Kimball gave everything onstage though he lost his voice a couple of times during the performance. They gave me a memory that will last a long long time inside my heart. Thanks guys and see you again next time (there will be a next time huh.)

Simon Phillips, Bobby Kimball
OSLO, NORWAY — 3 March 1999
After reading Concert Rewiews, I thought for myself, where is the rewiew from the concert in oslo???? The day the tickets were available i bought three tickets at once. I just couldn`t let this great opportunety slip away, and now today I am realy happy that we went. After three qarters, Luke came in and told us; because of bad weather they were a little late, but they promissed that they would try to make up for it. And God....... so they did. Last time they were in Norway I also went, and I really loved it, with Gregg Bisonette on the drums, but this time it was really,really great. It was me, my father and a friend. Just two days earlier the "Mindfields" album was released, and that was the only album that I was listening to. And when they started the concert playing "Caught in the balance", I was in heaven,I thought I was dreaming. Here I am, and on the stage was TOTO!!!!! Bobby, Luke, Mike, Simon and David, playing and singing like "God`s". They played a lot tunes from the new album, and a lot of older really great stuff. After playing for about a hour and a half, then came this really great drumsolo by Simon. How on earth is he able to do all the great stuff that he does??
I can`t understand where they take all their energy from. They`re really great, and I hope that they soon will come back to Norway, we have more great places they can play.
I hope that it doesn`t take too long........

3rd of march, Toto visited Oslo. I had looked foreward to see my all time favorite band, and vocalist Bobby Kimball. I was disapointed. Bobby sang out of tune and his frasing was bad. I had expected him to do a better job. Ofcourse he had his better moments, but still. So to the set list, witch was the same as in Finland: I didn't like it. When I heard they had got Bobby back, I thaught they would play a lot more from Toto IV, and I also had hoped for something out of the Williams period. If they know they will have trouble with a song; don't play it...(Girl goodbye)
For the first time guys, I was disapointed. Get Steve Porcaro back! That the sound was bad as well didn't help a bit.

I felt like I was hypnotized during the whole concert... My God, Simon, are you a human being, or are you a machine? Steve, you surely know how to play the guitar!
The norwegian newspapers wrote: "How long can you masturbate your guitar, Steve, without getting orgasm?" Don't mind the newspapers!
David, you are my hero, I play the piano myself, and I try to pick up some cool stuff that you play. Keep up the good work!
Mike, you are a VERY steady player of the bassguitar! Your image on the stage is cool. I think that you have your eyes closed more than you have them open when you play on the stage...
Bobby, it's good to have you back. The groove is just like it was for 17 years ago!
Too bad about the sound though, but what can TOTO do about that, nothing. They tried to do their best, and they surely did!
They know how to play rock'n roll, they know how to play ballads... What more can you ask for?
Already looking forward to seeing you next time (but not in Spektrum...)
Best regards

Yeah!!! They're back......and with Bobby Kimball....Ho ho ho ho. Xmas came early this year. With snow and bad weather Toto emerged a little late in Oslo, but what the heck. THEY KICKED ASS!!!!!! Luke grinnin' and jumpin' around having fun, delivering superb guitar-stunts the whole evening. What a guitar player. For you guitar freaks out there .........just watch Luke's uncanny Jeff Beck licks. There's only one guy doin' it better and that's Jeff Beck himself. Luke played beautiful solos and sang better than ever. Bobby had some trouble reaching the high notes during the first few songs, but hearing the guy singing old classics like White Sister, Hold the line, Girl Goodbye made my hair stand.....all over. Mike , he got the loudest cheer during the presentation of the band (as if a presentation was really necessary ....duh), well what can I say. He's one great bass player, Mr.Niceguy and Mr. Humble all in one. David tinkled the ivory (yeah the ebony as well) and played a bit of Child's Anthem during his solo-spot and Mr. Octopus is just not of this earth. With his caracteristic drum sound he bashed his drums like there were no tomorrow. Outstanding. The only complaint is that the sound could have been better through the PA, like on the Tambu tour, but it was really good to see Toto again.....and seeing them having so much fun. The stage was decorated with some big spotlights and they utilised a backdrop to great effect. During each song they projected images connected whit the song in some way, and they also used a camera to show close-ups of the band and snippets of footage from Toto videos during a couple of songs. A cool set.
So to the rest of Europe and're in for a treat. You lucky bastards : - ) (The set list was identical to the one from Helsinki)
Cheers (Skål) from Norway
PS. Thanx for the hug Luke!!!

Great music, great musicians,bad sound.
Bobby Kimball was back. He gave Toto back what they lost when he left them after Toto IV! Toto are complete! (So complete they can be after Jeffs tragically death.) The new drummer Simon Phillips really fills Jeffs place! He is a fantastic gifted drummer! Steve Lukather plays better than he had done for years- maybe Larry Carlton have told him some small words... Steve have found back to his tasty and more inspiring playing ! Mike Porcaro plays the bass very steady and cool, he really means much for the Toto sound! David Paich is the "brain". I think he works as Totos "conductor"? Fantastic musician. The two singers (and guitarplayers) did a good job. The chosen songs was great. I didnt miss any!
The concert was a great experience ,but the sound was poor! I traveled 1200 km to watch this event, but the bad sound ruined most of the concert! I hope the Toto tour will have a better sound the following conserts! Toto are still my favourits, and I wish them luck in the future, and hope they will make us some more music! THANK YOU TOTO!

The Reunion-concert in Oslo Spektrum was just.....Veryveryvery good!
Here are some words about how I feel for you guys! (TOTO)
Mike: You're my hero!
Steve: Your guitarplay is medicine for me!
David: Pianoguru!
Simon: WOW!
Bobby: You can sing!
The big tabloid neewspapers in Norway slaughtered the concert.... They dont know what music is!
They were right about the sound though, but that is not TOTO's fault! (Sorry if my English is terrible...) Your new song - "CRUEL" rules! The first theme in this song is so groovy that even my belly was humping along with the groove....!
God bless you guys!

Impressions from Oslo, 3rd of March.
Set was more or less as in Finland. Sound was GREAT! And Bobby was IMMENSE!!!! My God, what a voice! He is just so perfect for those old songs, no-one can ever do it better.
Steve......running around, grinning, playing, grinning even wider..... and delivering solo after solo and unbelieveable stuff from his "not-of-this-earth" guitar........4 songs (i think) into the set he just finishes off with a three-minute solo, Bobby jumping behind him just shaking his head, all the other guys just laughing. Steve was THE MAN in Oslo.
Mike......he just looks like he is some other world, he's enjoying this so much. A big contrast to Steve and Bobby, stagewise, as he stands still most of the time. But by his looks and gestures you can see he is there all the way. No-one grooves better....
Simon...oh Simon......ooohhhhhhhh SIMON! How does he do it?
David......lead on Africa.......with Bobby on the chorus......and just rocking the keys......his solo......rocking, funky, the band came back on stage and David was going into their next song Steve and Mike exchanged some funny looks with David. He was grooving into "Hydra"..........and then they did "White Sister". What a song. It is one of their absolutely greatest, ever.
Thanks a bunch for a great although a bit short 2,5 hours (delayed because Oslo's airport was closed because of snow). I am still smiling.

Toto delayed the start for the show because of " tons of snow " and stormy weather had done roads in the south/eastern Norway very difficult to drive on. The fans had problems to reach the start for the show. Ca. 40 minutes delayed, the band came on stage. As the band said: " We are here to play to our fans"!!!! ( and thats exactly what they did!!!!)
Almost 7-8000 people came to the spektrum this night . They started with the new song: caught in the balance.
And I'll think we got all that wanted: Great song's, great solo's from Lukather, Phillips and not to forget mr. David Paich. He was great this night. (Toto had some problems with the sound some times, but spektrum is not a great concerthall). We heard song's as: Africa,Rosanna,White sister, and of course Hold the line. Our new favorite, we ll think are: Cruel from TOTO's new album. Something very important this night was that it's seems like the band really enjoying beeing together on the stage. Porcaro had a big smile in his face alltrough the show and it's seems like they had a great time.
Even if we ( 14 persons) had almost 19 hours in a van, through snowy, norwegian roads and mountain, it really worth beeing at the TOTO show. To all of you who are waiting for this band: YOU HAVE REALLY SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO!!!! Enjoy.......
To the band: Thanks, WELCOME BACK TO NORWAY!!!!

I was on TOTO in Oslo Spektrum 3. march 1999. It was the best consert I`ve ever been too. The thing I liked best was Simon`s drumsolo. He is a great drummer that know how to play drums. The consert was a magnificent experience for me, and I`ll be back when TOTO returns to this cold country in the north. I wish TOTO only the best in the future, and hope they`ll live forever. I'm also very happy that Bobby is back, because he`s the best singer that have been in the TOTO family. All the best to you to.

The press in Norway didn't have much good words to say about TOTO before the concert. And they didn't have much supportive words to say after the concert either. But for us, the fans, this was a completely great evening!!! I also think that this concert was a good one for new TOTO fans. This concert proved that TOTO is back, maybe better than they've ever been!
TOTO had some problems arriving the concert, due to bad weather they could not land with an airplane. So they had to drive in cars from Sweden, and they did therefore miss the opportunity to warm up before the concert. This was a problem for Kimball in the first 3-4 songs, he had problems with his voice, but as he stated backstage after the concert, "I'm 53 years old, and I really need to warm up!". And that would be the fact for everyone, even the best musicians need to warm up. In this case, TOTO practically came directly from their cars and onstage. But hey, when Bubba got warm, he really kicked ass!!! And so did the band in generally, some small misses here and there, but nothing more than usually for any band. Luke also did a good job on the vocals, better than in a long time actually. In "Africa" the sound of Paich' microphone went bad (I'm no technic-freak, so I really don't know what went wrong...), so that ruined his singing a bit, too bad since this was the only song where we could here him sing other than backing vocals. But this was of course not Paich' fault, he did a brilliant job on this concert, so did also "Mr. Feel", Mike Porcaro, but wouldn't it be great to hear a solo-spot from him too? Simon Phillips had an extravagant drum solo, lasting about 7-8 min. And they started directly on Dave's gone skiing after this, you must admire that man, he really knows to swing those sticks!
The concert was sold out, but they did open for more tickets on the same day, so a couple of thousand more spectators came in, this made it nearly 7000 spectators in Oslo Spektrum this evening. And the spectators where in a great mood this evening, singing along with TOTO on many songs.
This was for sure on of the best days in my life, with Bobby back and everything, let's just hope they will make more records, and that they will be back again this year!

This was a concert I have looked forward to for a long time, and I must say that the concert could have been a great experience. TOTO played, as usual, very good. Simon was maybe the best of them, and I saw more than once that he broke his drumsticks. His solo was extreme! But I can't forget Luke, Dave or Mike. They are in my opinion the best musicians in the world, and they showed it in this concert!
But even if they played well, the sound in the concert was terrible. I sat in the centre in row 8, and there was not ONE song with good sound. It was way too loud, and the sound picture was horrible. It is a shame that such a good concert is ruined by bad sound. But I'm glad I didn't miss the show! TOTO is my favourite band, and they will always be!

It was really fun to see our "old" heroes on stage - live. We all appreciate that Bobby Kimball is back in TOTO, - it makes the sound "complete".
A lot of positive things are already said earlier on this page, so here's some critics too. Maybe we're old, but by our opinion you guys should have played more of the good old songs in Oslo.
HOLD THE LINE was a great final, but please............- when you're playing in Norway you simply have to play songs like STOP LOVING YOU.
The guys at the mixing table in Oslo, - are they your guys - or locals? We have to admit that the sound destroyed a lot of the concert for us. (We're also aware of that Oslo Spektrum is far away from the perfect place for a rock concert !)
But, - you're still our heroes and we hope you'll be back in Norway soon. (with a new "crew" at the mixing table!)

Steve Lukather
HELSINKI, FINLAND — 1 March 1999
It was probably the smallest place you've ever played at but anyhow it was GREAT !
We the Finns are not always very easily excited but you did the job. The music is going to a better direction again... and thank you for playing the old songs as well.
The whole concert was thrilling and fantastic ! I have never seen such power on the stage as I saw now. I had bought the tickets for my husband's Christmas present and it was definately the best present ever. It was great that you bothered to come to small Finland (the best country in the world) and make us all believe in you.
TOTO is the best and obviously isn't growing too old for hard rock'n'roll...
Great new songs, nice sound in old ones...

The concert at the Areena was great. It was my first "real" concert. The other where I have been was Hank Marvin´s concert at the Tampere Talo. And compared to Toto it was something like from different planet.
I don´t say that Hank doens´t know how to play, it´s only that Luke plays much better.
And the rest of the band too. Simon played marvellous drum solo. He is a machine. He has got to have at least three sets of brains because he played at least three different beats at the same time.
David and Mike were just like professionals. They let the other boys do the jumping and stuff.
At the beginning Bobby sang little out of tune but so what. When he warmed up he was hot. Nice soprano at the end.
What can I say. The whole band was absolutely fabulous.
Some people at our school claim that Dream Theater isa better band than TOTO and that the musicians are better.
Yeah right. Not a chance. Don´t worry, I´ll stick up for you.

I saw ToTo on stage in Helsinki Finland. This was my first time in ToTo gig and I can only say that every day was worth waiting to see my idols on stage...
They played old and some new songs from the Mindfields album and they were so great. The gig lasted almost three hours and it was really fantastic.
The gig started with "Caught in the balance", and from the beginning till the end the feeling was there. These guys really have the fire in their hearts.
ToTo left a really good feeling to me and I'm looking forvard to see the fellows again.
Steve, Bobby , David, Mike and Simon. You really are something special, so keep it up. You will never die...

Hello TOTO-people around the world!
On 1st of March TOTO performed in Helsinki and as you know it was guaranteed, that you heard nearly for 2,5 hours gorgeous music! It was great to have Bobby in the band, singing those great old songs of Toto for us again; You are the flower, Girl goodbye etc. - this time - live.
Steve seemed to enjoy playing for the finnish audience, like everytime before and his image and style of playing seemed somehow softer, though he did his solos as a professional can do. I was hoping to hear those two beautiful songs from the new album 'Mindfields'; 'Last love' and 'Melanie'. Steve sings those songs so sentimentaly and like he is truly in love, I guess he is :-) At least you can find those two songs from the new album! In spite of missing those songs, we heard so many old and new songs, that everyone heard his/her own favourite. Mine was 'Hold the line' - a perfect end for the concert!
You guys gave us an unforgettable concert experience once again, thank you.
As we all knew, Jeff was with us on that night in Helsinki.

Best Regards,

The Toto's concert in Helsinki was f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!! That Simon's drum solo was perfect and I enjoyed every single second. My friends were also there and so did my music teacher. They all said that it was excellent!!! I just closed my eyes and sang when the old ballad "I Won't Hold You Back" started... I cannot describe that feeling. Everyone should have been there listening to the best sounds of music. I think I'm coming a real Toto fan now... The video screen was very wide and there were also live stuff on the screen. One day after the concert I listened to Toto all day and night... It was an experience of lifetime. I wish that someday Toto will return to Helsinki and just play good old songs like Toto did in Helsinki. Rosanna, Africa, Hold the Line... WAU!! David Paich was great especially with his simple but great sounds in "Hold the Line". The best concert ever made. TOTO
Thank you Steve, Bobby, Simon, David and Mike & others. I love your music. Keep it going.

It was 1st of march, I had just bought Mindfield...damn, some songs are great, some are not so good, but it happens .I had a great feeling about the concert and I was right, IT KICKED ASS!!!!! Toto comes on stage and starts with Caught In The Balance, great song from Mindfields. Oh shit, my ears. The mixing was not so good but it didn´t bother me very long time because I was so freaked out. Luke was outstanding, so full of energy.He was much better than on Tambu tour. They were in Helsinki and the mixing was great then. The concert was great too, it was 1996.
Luke sang F*****G great, better than ever. Bobby sang good too but sometimes he didn´t sing in tune. None of the songs sucked. All were too great to be true. David did an impressive solo. Simon was sooooooo fast and sooooo good. I screamed so much to Simon, "ALRIGHT SIMON!!!!!!". Mike was groovy and happy. Tony and Buddy were propably the best backup singers ever, thanks guys.
Better World was propably the best song because it´s sort of progressive Jake To The Bone ballad (I´m a fan of progressive music). And of course Jake To The Bone, great solo by Luke.It was also dedicated to Jeff Porcaro (one of greatest drummers ever, Rest In Peace).Acoustic set was beautiful.
The effects and lights were outstanding. The best concert ever, come back soon.

The arena was sold out some 8000 people, most of them got there almost 1 hour late due to traffic problems. Anyway opening song Caught in the balance was rocking from the beginning followed by Tale of a man. Luke sang B.Scaggs song Lowdown in end of it - quite nice. During the I will remember they showed video on the back screen. Rosanna was great as usual followed by Going home, Million miles away (surprise), Jake to the bone which was dedicated to Jeff - IMO their best instrumental song. On the run ended the first part.
Acoustic set was great, althought all songs were short. Highlights were absolutely Bobby's songs Mama and You are the flower but also Luke did a perfect singing on Out of love, 99, Road goes on and I'll be over you which during it crowd got crazy. Better world started the "third" part followed by Mad about you which was also highly appreciated by crowd. I won't hold you back sounds simply always better and better. Cruel was IMO the best song from new album and they had horns programmed as well followed by Africa. David did his solo after Africa followed by White sister. After White sister it was Simon's turn to do his incredible solo followed by Girl goodbye. They came back to do High price of hate which IMO was not the best choice to end up the concert - however they played it brilliantly. The second and the final act was of course Hold the line which was rocking the whole house.
Great concert which was dominated by Luke but Bobby was very strong when he did lead vocals. You won't be disappointed!
Have a great time.

Another great concert by Toto. The concert was held at the brand new arena called Lansi Auto Arena. This was the first concert ever there. The concert started with a great new song called Caught in the balance. Just to see Bobby enter the stage with the other guys made this a real TOTO concert. They played a lot of songs from the good old albums (Mama, Girl goodbye, White sister etc), songs that sounds right only sung by Bobby. The sold out crowd (about 8000) saw Luke doing solos, you can't describe unless you've seen it yourself live. Simon did a great drum solo... just like Dave, the blues man. Mike was Mr Perfect, what else can you expect when your last name is Porcaro ! This Reunion tour is something every serious fan of good music should see ! The concert lasted almost 2½ hours, pure enjoyment every second ! Go see it yourself ! Welcome back, THE REAL TOTO ! Hope we'll see you soon in Helsinki again ! Me myself I've got tickets to the Stockholm gig too, so my christmas ain't over yet !

I was in Toto`s concert in Helsinki 1. 3. and what a show it was! Light effetcts, video screen, and of course M.U.S.I.C! I have been listening to Toto`s music for a long time, and this was first time when I saw them alive, and I enjoyed every minute. And so did they, I can tell you! We heard all the good classics, Africa, Hold the line, I will remember, and some new songs from Mindfields, which was released the same day. Gonna buy that one... And those solos! I`m quite sure that those drumsticks aint useful no more! As my polish friend said in his comment, I`m glad that I didn`t miss that show!

Ok, here's a review from someone who's still recovering... Firstly, for all of you guys there waiting for the concert, I have to say it's definately worth it! As was expected, Toto came back filled with energy and holding nothing back. The guys seemed to be in a great shape and it was so obvious that they were really having fun out there. The set was about two and half hours long and consisted of everything we longtime fans wanna hear. For the guys of the band, as always, Luke stole the show just by being on stage. Bobby is also a-must-see, and impressed the crowds with his energetic singing, and sometimes, screaming...
The show included many highlights, and one of them was the six songs including acoustic set, where Luke kicked some butt with his vocals! As he himself at one time mentioned, that part is for the ladies...
There was also something for the musicians in the audience to bring home, as Simon showed his drumming techniques in his solo. The man has got to have more arms and legs than the rest of us!
As for Dave and Mike, what can you say, the guys have a routine and professionalism only decades in the business can bring.
In the whole, this concert is something that every Toto fan definately needs to see. When comparing this tour to the ones we've seen before, this beats them in the level of energy anyday. And we know how good they were...
And finally, for all of you who want to spoil the suprise, here's the set list from the concert in Finland:

Caught in the balance
Tale of a man
I will remember
Going home
A million miles away
Jake to the bone
On the run

acoustic set:
Out of love
You are the flower
The road goes on
I'll be over you

Better world
Mad about you
I won't hold you back
Dave's solo (included a bit of Child's Anthem)
White sister
Simon's solo (ending with Dave's gone skiing)
Girl goodbye

High price of hate

Hold the line

So everyone, check out the concert and have the time of your life!!

P.S On stage there was also an advert for a certain very good website...
Toto's concert here in Espoo, Finland was a small disappointment, sorry guys...
I don't know was it because you guys were the first band performing in our new arena, or did your mixer have a bad day, but at least on the seats right beside the stage the sound was terrible. Bass was just a blurrrrrrrr.
Anyway Luke, you were perfect again. Full of energy all the time and you seemed to enjoy playing, like always. Thanks to you I stayed for the whole show.

WARSAW, POLAND — 23 & 24 February 1999
When I first bought a TOTO record ("Best Ballads") i was amazed. I've heard a lot about this group, "Rosanna" & "Africa" where stunning the charts when I was about 7 years old (!) (I'm only 18). I've heard about the TOTO concert in June '98. I was pretty sure I'll be there. I wasn't wrong. I play i na pop-rock band on the bass guitar - Mike Porcaro was one of my biggest inspirations. He always choses the rigrt notes... brilliant. He didn't play the 99-solo, though. That solo makes me cry - it puts away all the solos before tha one(Steve - you're also great!). Simon is one of the greatest drummers on earth - he always was (I saw a concert wit him playin' when he was 19 -WOOOOOW!!!!!). David wasn't in his greatest shape I guess - but he was still great. David... as a musician you KILLL ME!!! I want to sell my guitar & sell computers instead of music every time I listen to "Anna" and your arrangment-mastery. Anyway, the next day after the concert i have bought TOTO's new CD. It's brilliant. Keep up the GOOOD music, guys!!!

My name is Andrew.
I was two weeks ago in Warsaw concert.
I am under preasure.
Was perfect.There I bought your new CD.It is so perfect too.
I have been listen your music since I remember.
Greetings from Poland.
Your friend

It started at the end of January, 1999. Someone told me about TOTO's world tour. I thought it would be great to join that show, TOTO is my heartbreaker. I've been waiting for that a long time. A month before concert during walking on the street I've seen an information. I didn't believe my eyes: TOTO in Poland, at Warsaw concert, Oh my god ! At once I booked the ticket with the best sit I could get. My memories were born once again. For me TOTO's songs were inspiration to be happy. It still reminds me the time of my early youth and falling in love. That was a sweet period of my life and I wish it never had ended. Finally the long awaited day just became. It was February 24, 1999. The show is to begin at 7 p.m. Of course I'm here already at 6.30 pm. I like to watch the people preparing and testing equipment. What the drums ! Keyboards ! Kilometers of wires, hundred of plugs and huge speakers. Nice amps. All this connected with each other and work without the signal very quiet and smooth. OK by me. I watch this in a short distance. Strange dark curtain behind the instruments. I wonder why ? It's quarter past seven. Nothing. God let them play and let me live till the end of that concert. At last something is going on. The curtain is a big trick movie! First minutes are very impressive. High level of amplification push me into the sit. My head is full of music. My seat is very good one I mean acoustical conditions so effects are even more impressive than elsewhere. If I would like to describe the whole music and it's quality I should say that it is outstanding with one exception. Sound is very detailed and holographic. I have no problems to hear all words. Steve's guitar sometimes is to be like overdriven. It should be a little bit softer but it works very well. Don't ask me about emotion. That group is simply making miracles. I even don't remember previous song because next one is the better. It seems that this performance will stay in my memory for ever. I have no chances to be at concert like that very often especially such group like TOTO. It was really great event in my life.
Keep going that way !

Toto's concert in Warsaw was great! They started with a song from their new album ("Mindfields") - "Caught in the Balance. Bobby Kimball was very expressive. Steve Lukather was very vivacious, Mike Porcaro smiling all the time. David Paich wore a hat on his head. They were "hungry" to play the music. I think Toto is in a good condition. Then they played their hits and other songs from their new album ("Better World" is very interesting). There were 2 or 4 encores at the end. It was possible to buy their new album "Mindfields" before concert - a week before world's premiere! This album is very interesting, but on the stage they are more expressive and fresh; they improvised very well. Simon Philips showed he's a very good drummer.

I have been on concert in Warsaw, and I will remember this show for a long time.
I have never been on concerts like this one.
Everything was great, sound, lights effects, moving pics etc. and of course the music!!!!
The concert was lasting something about two and a half hours, started by new songs from the new album.
And we could hear of course songs like Africa, I will remember, Hold the line. The public went crazy with joy (me too).
It was nice to see again Bobby Kimball.
Any way I was impressed by brilliant playing of Steve Lukather, David Paich, Simon Phillips (solo). They are just perfect. Mike Porcaro did not play solo (it's a big pity).
TOTO gives two concerts in Warsaw.
I'm glad that I did not miss this show.