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TOTO finished the second leg of the European Reunion Tour with a sold-out show at Zenith, before another wildly appreciative audience. It's hard to believe that it's nearly 10 years since TOTO recorded their Live video at Zenith. From the now familiar opening strains of Caught In The Balance, Zenith rocked. The audience were aware that they were witnessing the best band on the planet, in top form. All the guys were really smokin', having improvised every which way in their parts over the last few months. This was my third concert of the tour, and aside from the mind-blowing, roof-raising classics, there were very memorable subtleties in their individual performances. This set was extended to over two and a half hours and included I Will Remember and I'll Be Over You.It was gratifying for die-hard TOTO fans to see that they are clearly loving working with Bobby Kimball again. Kimball's voice was on ripping form; His short solo spot, following and seemingly mimicking Luke's solo spot, exemplified that his amazing control, power and vocal chops are second to none. Mike Porcaro is so COOL, so humble. I'm sure we all wish he had a solo spot of his own. Luke shredded like a demon - and we thought we'd seen it all before - and the rhythm section grooved effortlessly through the set. This was a really fun performance. There were numerous "last night" pranks played on the band by the crew. Simon Phillips was passed his "breakfast" to eat whilst continuing through his blistering drum solo. David Paich's keyboard riser was akin to an altar by the end of the show - with a candelabra and throws adorning his set-up. There were several cleverly interspersed candid snapshots of the band - in various compromising situations - projected onto the giant backdrop screen. The encores kicked off with Childs Anthem ("It's a song without words - sing along - just follow me") as Luke conducted the audience through the first verse. An impromptu Manuela Run added another fine "TOTO moment" again demonstrating that they are truly consummate professionals. The very best. Cheers and thanks guys.

Second sold-out concert of the year for Toto in Paris !! After Bercy, the Parisian audience has showed its warm feelings to the Californian band, by reserving a great welcome to the band. Sincerely touched by the communion between the band and his fans, Steve Lukather will say : "You are us, we are you, we are the same". And for this last concert of their tour started in february, Toto is going to deliver us an excellent and extra-ordinary show. With an incredible presentation of the musicians that will last for about ten minutes : pictures taken during the tour shown on a giant screen, Titanic music for Simon Phillips (David Paich regretting the absence of Celine Dion, who finally did not find time to join the band on time), the pink panther played by Paich who complained that the other guys did not let him do all the experimentations he wanted to do with the fans, ... As you can guess, Toto was very far from his reputation of a cold band composed of soulless studio sharks. Concerning the play list, it did not change so much from the one in last march, with as a opener the great tune "Caught In The Balance", that steps right a high quality standard for the rest of the show. The band will then be greatly able to mix the ambiances, rythms and pleasures : sometimes close to a hard rock style (White Sister, Jake To The Bone, ...), sometimes much softer (I'll Be OVer You, the beautiful Tambu ballad I Will Remember).
After nearly 3 hours of an intense show, the concert will end with "Hold The Line" which already more than 20 years ago announced the start of an extraodinary career pour these talented and nice musicians.

The last show of toto in europe for this century was in Paris last evening, the concert hall was full of people and it was a big "fiesta" for us and for toto's guy. During the solo of simon, someone bring to him a simon breakfast and he continues to play while he drinks his coffee etc.... Lot of fun and he does a fabulous solo. Steve Lukather said "that toto love france and they are us and we are them" and i can believe him (it seem that some tears go out from his eyes) because the "ambiance" was very cool. David paich with some drawing on his keyboards play the song of titanic to present simon philips... Really these small jokes was very pleasant all the members of the band would give their best for these night and i hope that we can see the photos that bobby and steve took during the gig on these site and why not a video of a part of these show on DVD!!!!!!
Continue to play on this way toto and we have note that you promise to come back dear mister lukather; good return in the U.S. and keep your music alive.
Thank you to all the guys in the band; bye

le zenith paris, what an end to tour, i made the trip from the uk to see the last night of the tour and i was not disappointed, the guys really went for it. bobbys voice seems to me to get stronger with every show, luke was really on top form basically being the luke we all know and love, mike was mike mr cool as always, simon was as always unbelievable this time he even played while being served food and coffee by the road crew, simply amazing, david was on top form playing his keyboards that were decorated mid show by the road crew, even buddy a small solo spot this guy has a great voice give his solo album a listen, so worth the trip from the uk, you bet it was, see you next time guys.

Hello Team !
This is the 5 th time I come to see you in Paris. Of course, your show was excellent and your sound is still the best one. I'd miss that for nothing. Hope to see (and hear !) you soon again.

I can't find any words to describe what I saw last night.
Toto was GREAT!!! They were sad to leave France and the audience too... There were a lot of jokes, Simon will remember during a long time!! Now, we know his secret to play drums like thet: his breakfast....hum...during his solo!!! They played Manuela run and a special version of georgy porgy. Jeff was here, toto was here.
Hey, man, don't take Prozac, Valium or Viagra, buy a ticket for Toto's concert, that's better than all that shit!! I saw about twenty concerts in 15 years. For my part, yesterday was the best 'cause of energy and soul, I unsterstood that I'm an human being.
For simon, I'm a friend of Felix Sabal-Lecco, he said to me simon was a great guy, a great drummer, a great man. I'll hope we'll see you next time. Felix will make clinics during the Drum Fest in canada. He's a great drummer too.

Steve Lukather, Bobby Kimball
the concert in Freiburg was really great. It is fantastic how you do so fresh and unique concerts after such a long tour! I think you really had fun playing, didn't you? Simon Phillips really looked beautiful in that Titanic-Theme!! How did you like that uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh of the audience? Also a big compliment to the sound engineer: the hall in Freiburg usually sounds terrible - but at the TOTO concert the sound got better and better. Very good work - thank you.
God bless you (there is only "one road to the promised land...")

The second time I've been in a TOTO-concert this year and it was so amazing! You guys are full of power and passion. Two and a half hour full of fantastic music and brilliant sounds. Think I'll never forget these two great evenings...
TOTO give me the inspiration and the reason to make real handmade music (not these techno and computer-beats). Thank you Steve, David, Simon, Mike and Bobby. I love you!

I love you! The concert in Freiburg was fantastic yesterday evening. It was the greatest End of the Germany Tour! I think Simon didn't want to stop to drum, want he? Super Simon! You all have given your best. It was the third concert for me this year and the best. I hope I can see you in the year 2000. Also my seven year-old son want to see you again. Keep on doing the best and come back to Germany soon. Your fans need you!!!
We love TOTO!

Mike Porcaro, Steve Lukather
This my first ever Toto concert. The venue was a small sports hall in Differdange, i think about 3000 people were here. I had the chance to be on the 2nd row, just in front of Luke!
The gates opened at 7pm and the gig started at 8:30pm, lasting until 11pm.
The performance was AMAZING!! Luke and Simon were very excited, then band was joking a lot and sure that they were happy to play! I bought Livefields last month, i've listened to it thousands of time... and i can say that the performance, here in Luxembourg, was really better than the recording from the first european leg of the tour!!
The highlits of the concert were for me Luke and Simon solos of course! No doubt that Simon is the new Jeff Porcaro! It was also a big surprise to hear accoustic versions of '99' and 'I'll Be Over You'.
Sure that I WILL REMEMBER this concert for a lifetime!

Hello Guys!!
You are the best showmen I heard for a long time. At the beginning of the show, a friend of mine says to me:"with this musicians it's not necessary to have a big light show, only the music".
I was perplex but totally ok at the end. You are very excellent on the album, you used to write a lot of difference influences, but on stage, you are the best: your technics are perfect, the dynamic of the group and the improvisation are better than on the albums. The mixing of rock, blue, jazz gives a various show.
Perhaps there were too much bass songs at the begining, and the solos were a little bit too long.
But, for the first time I saw you live, I'm very impressed and captivated by your music.
I hope that you will continue in future, so I will have something to hear, less commercial than the radio, but more lasint in the time.
Thank you for your coming.

Hi to all the Toto crew,
November the 4th was my fourth Toto gig in Switzerlandand, well, it was absolutely amazing... All the guys were at their best and it was the first time I saw Bobby singing with the band.
Except the individual performances, I was actually charmed by the light show and the giant screen behind Toto.
As a drummer, I waited impatiently for Simon's solo (of course...) and once more, I was struck in my seat. He's probably the most amazing drummer I've ever heard. He's fast, precise, and a great showman. Naturally I enjoyed a lot Luke's and Dave's solos because they are also huge musicians. I regret Mike did not make a solo because he's the grooviest bass player ever...
I'm looking for their next performance in Geneva very soon I hope
Thanks guys

Hello there
Once more I had the opportunity to see Toto live on stage and I'm shure that everyone hwo joined the Arena in Geneva that special evening (11.4) saw and heard exactly what they've expected to. The way Toto played, the songs they've chosen and the audio-quality where once more over the top. Also a special compliment to the "sound-engineering-crew". I've never heared Simon's drum sounding so bright and naturally-living.

I was already at the concert in Zuerich in March 99 and I believed that it will be impossible to make better concerts than what I could experience there. What happened yesterday ( Nov. 4.) at Arena, Geneva was absolute inconceivably good. Thank you very much for all those good times we could spent because - and with you. I hope to see you soon, maybe already next year.

Simon Phillips
Oh, my God! What a wonderful evening! Probably our the best evening we've spent in our lives! We are two seventeen years old passionate fan of the greatest band of the last "Twenty" years. On November first, we were in Verona, Italy. When the notes of "Caught in the balance" started playing we saw that the doors of Paradise were opening. And we were there. There with TOTO!!! For two musicians like us, listening to such a concert, also means understanding how to Play. When Luke said "Are you having fun? Ok, 'cause we live for fun", we knew the greatness of their music. We also think the stage was superb!!! Simply TERRIFIC!! In the beginning we were seated far enough from it, but short later, we came down to the stage, where we listened to "Cruel" and "Africa". Well, we would have wanted it never had ended, and we hope we'll be able to listen to a Toto concert again in the future, and Toto won't be dissolved! However, it's been the most wonderful musical experience in our life!
Forever Toto fans,

Grazie per le emozioni!!!!!! Great night in Verona problably more than the date in Milno in march. The Toto play with feeling and joy, as positive os the message from Luke Peace love and rock'n'roll. I cannot forget the guitar style playing because is all that I want from a guitar, Steve you're the history!!!! As you play a theme of Jeff Beck in your solo, and I scream in tha crowd. I've see you in Milano with Los Lobotomys on november 1994, and I have a picture with you. Thank for the past music from Boz Scagg's until the last record, every note from you guitar is music and my inspiration, because I play guitar, only inspiration not to copy and try to have oneness and joy as your style. By to the boys coming with me, "toto" the bassit of my band, Ale, the new keybordman, my parent Piero a drummer from the past, that say about the Toto "che bestie!!!". By see your video !!!!!!!!!!! The band of end millenium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, guys & girls, i'm a 26 years old italian Toto fan. I've been crazy about them since "The Seventh One", and I especially appreciate Luke's unique guitar style, since I play guitar too. I've been at my first Toto gig in Verona, on November 1st, at last. GREAAAAAT!!! The powerful and restless vocal performance by Bobby Kimball beated my highest expectations, he was impressive. Welcome back to Toto, Bobby ! Mike faultlessly wove his precious sonic thread, he gives every single note its own sense, from the soft and tasty flavour of "I'll be over you" to the strong picking of "Rosanna". Simon was unstoppable and energetic as ever, a real rhythmic engine, performing a COZMIC(!) solo spot (i'm sure that he is the Kali Goddess in disguise...)!!!!!! Mr. David Paich acted as a perfect conductor and played perfectly as well. And last but NOOT least the KING OF ALL AXEMEN, the brave, bold, fantastic LUKE:it's incredibly catchy to see him playing live, it's like being struck by lightning, his inventive craziness on the stage is EXCITING, as big as his talent!!! He really (and the band as well!) has big fun in playing gigs, and it shows. He didn't save a single drop of sweat (either a single plectrum, yeah..), from "Caught in the balance" to "Hold the line", neither did he stopped making moves stirring up the audience. He introduced every band member playing few notes suggesting a different tune for everyone: a funny country tune for Bobby, "James Bond's Theme" for Simon, "The Godfather" for David, "Bad" for Mike. Then Mike replied Luke introducing him as "The Topo Gigio of rock 'n' roll" ! No way to hear less than high level music, no way to get bored at all, THAT'S TOTO !!! PLAY ON 'TIL THE END, BOYZ !!!!!! P.S.: Why not a single, little note from "The Seventh One", Luke ? I'm sure i'm not the only one asking for a live version of at least a song taken from this wonderful album, it would be a big gift and surprise !

Great concert last night at Verona for the second return of Toto in Italy. Public not numerous but very very hot. Great performance of the group, unbelievable energy. The songs were the same of march with the addition of Georgy Porgy ring from shiver. Personally has stayed much involved of the first show of Milano. Also Steve, David, Mike and the others members of the group have given big energy. Fantastic the solos of Simon, Luke and David. Public that has participated from first to last song in a hot way. Two hours and thirty of big undescribable energy and emotion. Thanks Toto !!

Steve Lukather
GRAZ, AUSTRIA — 30 October 1999
Man, what a concert! It was the best concert I´ve ever seen in my life. Because I was sick the last two times TOTO were playing in Austria I really was so glad that I was able to see them this time. The hall they were playing in was not the best one for a concert because of the bad acoustic. But the sound engineers really did a great job and a brilliant sound came out of the loudspeakers. Just like it should be - brilliant musicians have the right to have a good sound, too. The opener "Caught in the balance" was really great and followed by one of my favourite TOTO songs "Tale Of A Man". Bobbie´s voice really was fantastic and it was the one thing I was missing the last years.
The instrumental part followed by Simon´s incredible solo was music at its best. No band in the world can top that: Mike´s laid back bass play, Simon´s powerfull drumming, David´s creativity on the keyboard and Steve´s rocking guitar sound. I also liked the acoustic session where they played the old songs like "Mama", "I´ll Be Over You", "Georgy Porgy", "99" and "The Road Goes On" where the guys let the audience sing. One song I would have wanted to hear was "Mad About You" and "Goin´ Home".
I really had the feeling the guys had a lot of fun on stage, they made jokes and enjoyed the gig. The last song, and alsways the high light of a TOTO concert was "HoldThe Line". I was hoping the would play the long version which contains audience participation, but it was fine though. I hope they will come back as soon for another concert as possible because there ain´t anything better in the world. "I Will Remember" this concert for the rest of my life.

TOTO Concerts VIENNA (28.10) & GRAZ (30.10)
These both concerts have been the best concerts I ever saw in my life. I've visited a lot of concerts but I never saw a perfect band like that. I was very impressed by the show and I enjoyed to listen to the drum solo of Simon Phillips and the guitar solos of Steve Lukather btw. thank you for the guitar-plektrum! :)In Vienna Toto had a multimedia-show which wasn't shown in Graz, maybe the stage was to small for it. The cam of David Paich should be placed at the other side of his keyboards, because he plays mainly with his right hand on the "high" keys. The solo of David Paich was better in Graz, but he should try other things - he always plays the same, of course he is quick on his keys - very quick! But in Vienna I missed the special feeling and a kind of creativity. But all in all I have to say, that EVERYONE on the stage is a brillant musician - not to forget the man on the bass Mike Porcaro, the singer Bobby Kimball but also the second keyboarder - he's really great!!! And those two guys on the right side - the both singers, wonderful voices! TOTO - the best band all over the world, hope to see you soon again in austria!!!

There was an amazing band on stage in Graz on October, 30. It was TOTO in all its glare. I also saw them perform in Milan in March, but this time the band was in much better mood, in my opinion. The concert took place in a small gym, so there were just a couple of thousands of people present. The stage was smaller than in Milan, and the projection screen behind it, too. There was simply no place to put it. So there weren't any camera shots of the band, just a bit of projection of the videos,... But we all came to see the band and to listen to them perform and we got that! All the band members were amazing. David was joking, enjoying the gig and playing fantastic. Luke played his breathtaking solos and joking with the audience. Before the last song of the encore, Hold the Line of course, he introduced all the band members, lots of joking again. Mike was cool as ever, Simon did his incredible solo again. And these guys play the solos different almost every time! Their live performances are even better than recorded ones. They always remember Jeff, so Jake to the Bone was dedicated to him again. It was nice to hear Bobby sing again and to hear the old songs. Child's Anthem works great live! Especially with the audience singing along. A Million Miles Away is great! Africa and Rossana are classics! I like I Will Remember a lot, and it was performed unbelievably. What a great song! I missed Going Home and some songs from The Seventh One and Fahrenheit, and Home of the Brave, but there will be another tour soon, hopefully. The sound could be better (maybe it was too loud, too), but in a gym, I guess it's the best they could do. TOTO should stop in Slovenia the next time, I'm sure there are enough fans here to welcome you decently. Keep on playing, TOTO!!

Well, I have also seen the TOTO concert in Vienna. It was amazing. But the Graz gig was better. I tell you the reasons. The venue was not high enough. So there was no place to bring in the video stuff. The guys had place to do some very cool improvisations. They had a lot of fun as well. For example: Simon finished his solo but nobody came out to join him for the end of the song. When David started his solo, Bobby came behind him with a large figure with the writing on the word "clap". We have seen a very special gig in Graz. Luke says, TOTO will come back soon. Hopefully they will.

WELS, AUSTRIA — 29 October 1999
A couple of years ago I saw Toto at the "Burg Clam" for the first time, then Simon with his project "Another Lifetime" at the Rockhouse Salzburg, latter Steve at the "Linzer Klangwolke" and finally Toto again last week in Wels. And all gigs together were amazing! I simply love the music, the genius musicians (if you look at the huge amount of different things you do, you surely understand) and the mood I felt each time I heard something from at least one of you, especially live (you *are* the very best live band of the world!). No need to mention, Bobby rounds up things, but for me, Steve is my favourite on vocals, though many parts sound unbelievable with Bobbys amazing screams. I never enjoyed Jeff live, but Simon is the best drummer I ever saw; I go nuts each time on one of your solos. Mmmhhh, the groovy bass lines of Mike, you have to listen! And David "Coolman" Paich;-) created really wonderful sounds at Wels as well. Well, Finally, how would I like to play guitar like Steve - wow! Perfect would be an understatement. So, what is left to say? Maybe: " soon as forever is through - I'll be over you"

Yesterday I have visited my first TOTO concert in Wels which was absolutely amazing to me. I have never heard such a good band before in all my lifetime and I can say that I have seen lots of concerts. These guys have really done their best and I could feel it in front of the stage. I finally have to say that TOTO is probably the most likeable band around the world and the music is simply perfect. Whenever you come back to Austria, I will see you again. Thank you guys for this wonderful concert and "Keep on Rockin´"!

David Paich
VIENNA, AUSTRIA — 28 October 1999
just to say, that i was there and thank god i was there. what a GREAT concert, what a fantastic show of music and professional way to play instruments.
it was a wonderful atmosphere of abt. 4-5000 people which was joining that gig.
i think to say that luke did a very good job on the guitar and the vocal, that david paich was cool playin like always and how he played his keyboards (!!!!!!!), that mike porcaro was on very good vibes, simon philips had a fantastic drum-work (and his solo !!) and well bobby kimball had as well a great performance on the vocal side its maybe not enough to say, how fantastic it was for me. from the begin they played like i never saw in my life (and the four other concerts of them i have seen between 1987 and 1996 here in austria). it was again a demonstration that real and true rock music still alive, with bands like toto, the rock n roll will never die. all the best for the guys from a big fan from vienna.
see you soon (i hope so), take care,

Well ... what can I say ... wow, brilliant, unbelieveable ...
Having read all infos about this tour on I expected the best Toto show ever ... and it was the best. Luke was (as always) in a fantastic mood for playing and joking. Listening to all those Toto classics with Bobby on lead vocals, who really sang his ass off, took my breath away. Also the new songs and instrumentals (thanks for giving me the chance to listen to "Child´s Anthem" live) fit perfect to the classical Toto songs. Simon on drums was mindblowing as always in combination with the fantastic bass of Mike Porcaro. David Paich´s performance of "Africa" was fantastic .. sing us some more songs David :-)))
I can´t await to see the guys again ... and I am happy, because its just a few hours away from now (Graz, 1999/30/10).
Yes, I´ll see this show a second time, man! Greetings to the guys in Toto and all other fans out there,

Yesterday we've seen an really fantastic Toto concert in vienna. I am a fan over 20 years and and I can remember every part of my life combinated with a song of Toto. So when i heard the voice of Bobby singing 'Rosanna' i could see myself 12 years old sitting together with my friends an listening to toto songs ! In my opinion this band has the best musican all over the world !!!

Toto Concerts of the past: My favorite band was in town, so I had to be there! Before the concert I was curious what songs they would play this time, and then I was going home high and very impressed by the show in general and the fine rearrangments of some of their songs.
Toto Concert 99: My favorite band is in town, so I must be there again. But due to this website and the release of "Livefields" I knew pretty well what to expect, which songs in which versions they're goin' to play, so no surprise effect. So I was prepared that I'll miss my favorite songs from Isolation and later. But I do understand that now with Bobby back the band set different priorities.
The band tried to deliver a great show. I destinct clearly between loud music and noise. Hate to say it but for large parts we got only the later because everything it was overlayed by a loud noise wave. Especially what we got hear from bass and keyboards suffered. I would understand if a beginner's band tried to hide lacking virtuosity behind noise levels. But this band with these brilliant musicians should deserve a better technical output!!!
To me the highlight of the show was Simon's drum solo. Incredible! Beyond all human words! Ever seen a drummer using his right hand to dry up his face in a towel while drumming with his other hand and feet without any interruption of rhythm?
Congratulations!! Had the impression the band really loved playing there and had fun. So, when your next tour has again 2 legs, please come to Vienna BOTH TIMES!!!

Good morning, guys!
I always thought that the Rollings Stones are the best live band in the world but yesterday I had to change my mind... Nothing could be better than TOTO live on stage! The most professional and fantastic show I´ve ever seen. During "Hold the line" I had tears in my eyes. Hope to see you back in Vienna soon!
Good luck and thanks for this fantastic evening!

Always hard to tell about feelings and heaving a great time, especially when english is not your native language, but I'll try. It was my first gig in the Libro-Music-Hall but my second Toto-show. I saw them years ago at the vienna austria center with Jeff on the drums (I miss you) but without Bobby. Missing no album I bought Livefields too and so I expect a lot on this evening. Guys you did a great job. It was fun and great in musical and human relations. What I liked very much was the way of introcuding and thanking the whole stuff for their work, which is unusual. Hope the tour goes on that way and thank you all so much for escorting me all the years with your music. Although I got a tip where to meet after the show and I really wanted to shake hands, but it's getting too late - so - perhaps next time -

12 o'clock midnight local time, Thursday 28th October 1999.
I just got back from the Toto gig in the Libro Halle in Vienna, and it was ****ing brilliant!!! (apart from the band being 20 mins late on stage - but to make up for it, they did three encores)
So if any of you people out there are undecided about whether to see them or not......
JUST GO!!!!!!!!!
Just the way they play and perform is a tribute to Jeff. They are all obviously (still) really talented but at the same time seem to be very humble and down to earth guys, who love their fans, and love playing for them.
Keep up the good work TOTO.
Thanx 4 the great concert.

Hello my friends!
Yesterday TOTO played their concert in Vienna(AUT) and I have to admit that these guys are getting better the more concerts they play in a row. I saw them 3 weeks ago in Munich (GER) but the vocal performances were much better this time. Luke´s singing was really perfect - he didn´t sing 1 false note! (it´s 12 years ago that I saw Luke in such a shape concerning vocals on the Fahrenheit - Tour!!!) and the same goes for Bobby!
Maybe the reason for their impressive performance was the Joe Zawinul concert the guys were attending on Wednesday evening in Vienna - Luke said that compared to Mr. Zawinul TOTO is a little "nobody" and they really were deeply impressed by this guy!
So for all Austrians, Italians and French people - don´t miss the concerts - you won´t regret it!

BERLIN, GERMANY — 26 October 1999
Hi there! We are two brothers living in Bulgaria. Time and again we went on a big fight to see our heroes live. And it was in Berlin. What a night! We had visas from the Austrian embassy and that's why we first went to Vienna and than to Berlin. It's impossible to enter Germany with austrian visa direct from Bulgaria. I hope that TOTO will visit us someday. There are so much fans here, but only few are ready to save money several months, to wait in font of an embassy, to fill hundreds of application forms, pass niterwiews why and where we're goin. Like a criminal. Never the less. We'll do it again. Now about the concert. We were almost the first in the hall because we wanted the closest place to Luke and we had it. First we bought TOTO hats and with them on our heads started to wait. And 90 mins later WOW. We were the happiest people in the world. Last several months we did so much things thinking only of this moment and it happen. It's hard to explain my feelings. You have to be there to understand how is to see TOTO live. I was looking at Luke all the time and during the Simon's solo he made me a sign to look Simon instead of him. I know that this night will keep my heart warm till the next time. I'm sorry that I had no chance to write this review earlier. I work in Sofia music enterprises and we are the biggest promoters in Bulgaria and the day after TOTO we had here John Patitucci, Andy Summers and Bill Bruford at the same time for the annual jazz festival in sofia. I saw their performances, but i was thinking of TOTO all the time, so maybe it's more right to say that I missed them. Thanks to all the guys from the band and the crew and all the promoters for making TOTO concerts reality. We're looking forward to see you again. And maybe someday in Bulgaria. It's very different from Prague.

There is just one thing I can say. This is the best concert I have ever been to, and I don't think I will ever forget about it. The songs played were just perfectly performed. Such awesome musicians playing together is really hard to find. All the solos by Steve and Dave and Simon. They were all incredible but Mike really has to come forward and show his skills as well. That was the only thing missing for me. Although this is the first time I saw TOTO it is surely not the last. I especially would like to thank Simon and Bobby for giving me Simons drumstick. It just blew my mind and I really appreciate it! Thank You!

It was the first time we saw Toto on stage, and we don´t regret a minute. It was a delight to see them playing even their worst songs harder and with a joy , that made any song real good. Everyone of the boys is a real musician, playing a virtous style, that takes my breath away. Simon was in top form - he didn´t wanted to stop, Steve rocked as it would be the last time, David always makes me smile, Bobby singing clear high notes like a school girl - what a man! The only thing I missed was a solo by Mike. Nevertheless, it has been a wonderful gig and the place was rocking - the best concert I´ve ever seen.
Thanks for this evening and don´t mind the bad press, you guys are brilliant.
Keep on rocking!

Simon Phillips
COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — 24 October 1999
Once again, TOTO delivered an outstanding performance just as they did when they visited Copenhagen back in March of this year. Just that a band of this magnitude returns twice to Copenhagen within a year is amazing. The show started out with the great intro and the song 'Caught in the balance' which quickly became one of my favorite Toto songs. This was probably the best possible way to open the show. Then the band went on with their brilliant performance, playing one classic after the other. Though, I thought the guitar solo was a little bit too long - but I suppose you could justify that considering it's delivered by Lukather. Other highlights of the show were definitely 'Rosanna' and 'Africa', both of which the audience totally loved and also two of my favorite songs. Speaking of which, it was a shame that the band didn't play the great opener of the 'Mindfields' album - 'After you've gone'. I also wish Bobby Kimball would do 'Pamela', but all that matters is that the is back in the band - and that man is better than ever.
'Hold the line', I must say, was a perfect way to end the show. That song has got to be one of the best songs ever. And the crowd loved it, and everyone I could spot was singing along to it.
Toto .. you did it again. You delivered a great performance that I and all your other Danish fans will remember forever. I even caught two of Luke's guitar picks, which was great. I hope you will release a video of a COMPLETE 2½ hour show from the Livefields tour ... perhaps one of the two shows from Copenhagen :) Keep it up guys ... you rock!

Wow, what a show, i`ve seen TOTO in concert 10 times, including the XX Launch party (concert) in 98.But i must say sundays performing was outstanding, a lot thigter than the one in March, the only thingmissing was a few numbers from the period spanning from Isolation--Tambu. Simon are you a living human-being? i sometimes wonder, i`ve seen you in different bands ever since 1976 and you just keep gettingbetter. Luke, dam you where hot tonight, what solos, Mike, thigt as ever please do a solo spot next timeand David youre the man, once agin what a solo, but a bit more singin please (we know you can do it).Bobby great to have you back, what a set of lunges on that guy.At one point Luke talked about how they are not an MTV band, no youre are not, and thank god for that,keep on rocking, and please come back soon!!!!!

The best band in the world..... I just got home from the best concert in my life. As always TOTO were absolutely on top of things and it was such a tremendous pleasure to see Mike, Si, Luke, Dave and Bob hitting it off again. You guys are gifted with a talent beyond this world and you're "making it a better world" for all of us listening to you - keep going and keep up the pace. Good to see that the place was crowded to the limit ( again... ) and that everybody had a great time because of you guys up there. I am a drummer myself and I cannot with words express how much I admire Simon's drumming - he's the only world class drummer that could ever replace Jeffrey. Tonight his solospot was the best I have ever witnessed and I shall never forget this fantastic experience. Thanx Simon. And Mike, you're magnificient. It's fine that you stay close to Simon during the whole concert, but please give us some more of your bass solo next time you come to Denmark, okay ? Or how about a chase between the drums and the bass ? Anyway, I just want to say thanx a lot for this superb evening - I enjoyed it immensely. I have been a 100% dedicated to the music you guys create for more than 10 years and I always will be. I can't wait to hear you live again. Keep going guys - we love you.

I went to the gig tonight in a bit of negative mood remembering the concert in March as a wasted chance to hear Bobby Kimball sing some of the tracks from the Toto 4 such as Afraid of love & Lover in the night, or maybe Hydra, but that´s another story. Back to tonights concert, the set was nearly the same as in March, with Georgy Porgy and 99 thrown in, but the musicians much tighter, a more polished performance with a rock/funk edge, due to Mike Porcaro´s excellent bass work. Bobby Kimball has found his place in the band, singing the parts we know him so well for. Steve & Simon work faultlessly, but that what we expect from two of rocks legends. David seems to be in his own world, as if he´s trying to find a new way to interpret life into the now ageing classics, Africa,Rosanna & Hold the line.
For those of you who haven´t seen Toto yet on this, You can look forward to over two and a half hours of Toto`s music with it´s roots in the past but very much looking into the present sound of Toto now.

AARHUS, DENMARK — 23 October 1999
Disappointed as I was, and with the suspicion that it was the audience who made the night turn out a bit disappointing, I went to Aarhus on Saturday to hear the band again. I will never regret this - it was the most fucking fantastic Toto concert I've ever seen. The crowd were exstatic and the band played their asses of. I stood right in front of Steve in the first row and he's got an amazing energy - Steve you rules. It was impressive to see the difference between these two concerts - although it was the same sets - it was so different. Aalborg was good but Aarhus was SUPERB. The night ended with a happy band - a happy crowd - a funny (and a bit high) Steve introducing the band in the most funny ways and of cause - Hold the Line with a jam over Saturday in the end. Thank you Toto for making this a speciel evening - See you next time in Denmark

The Toto Reunion concert in Scandinavian Center i Aarhus was my first Toto concert ever - it was also my first real rock concert. But I can guarantee that I wasn't the last. It was a great experience to be to the concert. I was standing about 5-10 metres from the scene so I could se everything that was going on. The five members of the band were all great and it's fantastic that Bobby is back. The solos from Steve, Simon and David were suberb and Mike was playing a fantastic base. I was missing some of the songs from "Mindfields" e.g. "Mad about you" and "Mysterious ways" but anyway - it was the ultimate experience when Toto played "Hold the line" and the hole Scandinavian Center was singing. So I hope that Toto is coming back to Denmark again - then I'll be there.

I'm writing on behalf of my brother, my girlfriend, my friends and of course myself to express our feelings about the concert we experienced with TOTO, Saturday the 23'th of October in Aarhus, Denmark.
Most of us had seen TOTO a couple of times before but not with Bobby Kimball in the band, so it was kind of a nostalgic concert. And surely they didn't disappoint us. The set-up of the show was really good giving the right atmosphere to the concert. There was a lot of energy in the band that evening and they played a good combination of old and new songs (we missed some very good songs, but the concert of course had to stop at some point).
The band members showed their skills as musicians in the different solos and as my girlfriend said: "It's amazing they can play like that despite their age". The guy who really impressed us all was Bobby Kimball. His singing was incredible!!! The choir singing was extremely good and it can be described very precisely in this Danish expression: "It was put in the closet".
Thank you for a good concert and we really hope to see you again here in Aarhus.
Best wishes

Bobby Kimball
GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN — 22 October 1999
Ever since I first went to a Toto-concert, the Fahrenheit-tour 86 (I believe), I've been stuck to this impressive group of top-of-the-line musicians. I had to travel about 300km to get to the Gothenburg-concert and I can tell you, it's quite a drag traveling all the way back in the middle of the night after the concert. It was totally worth it though... None of the Toto albums or concerts has ever been a disappointment to me, and I know they never will, no matter what the newspaper reviews says. I don't even read them anymore because the reporters sent to the concerts sure as hell don't know anything about REAL music and REAL musicians. Anyway, now I'm sitting here in my Mindfields T-shirt and looking forward to the next time I'll see the guys. I hope that'll be soon!
About the concert then... Simon Phillips is one magic drummer, and I will remain sleepless for many night to come wondering how the hell he pulled that solo off! I missed a couple of tunes though, but I realize it's pretty hard to play all songs from all albums in 2 hrs. I would like to hear live versions of songs like "These Chains", "Going Home" and "Could this be love". I was a bit surprised that "Melanie" didn't came up, but it didn't really matter after "I will remember"! I could go on and on about this superb concert, but I won't. I just wanna send out a huge THANX to Luke, Dave, Simon, Bobby and Mike for bringing me and all the other fans their wonderful music. Don't ever stop!

When I think about it - what more is there to say to all the things already said on this page about these five musicians?? I saw Toto in Globen, Stockholm i March this year and I thought that concert was great, but hey, this one was even better! We (my brother Anders and our cousin Jonas) went to Bengans, a local record store, to get our own signed copy of one of the Toto-cd:s. When I think back, I can hardly believe that I actually talked to Bobby Kimball, wishing him welcome back! And after I've had my cd signed by Dave, my brother says: Hey, he glanced furtively at you! (Guess I looked a lot like a tomato after that comment...) I never saw that glance myself, so I can't tell if he did it or not. (I can't imagine what I would have looked like if I had seen it...) Then when we came to Scandinavium we had to wait almost an hour for the concert to start, but when it did... Hey, I guess all the people there remember the feeling. The songs that I missed the most was Goin' Home (which they played earlier on the tour) and Stop Loving You (a personal favorite), but except that I think that the show was complete. And one thing that I like about Toto's concerts is the fact that the crowd ages everything between 15 and 55+. Cool! But the couple (age 55+) sitting next to me and my brother didn't seem to appreciate us screming our asses off! We sung, we shouted, we yelled, we screamed... Just like (almost) everyone else. We compared our arms several times just to see who had the most goose-flesh!!! It was awesome. What a show! No wonder we were hoarse at Saturday morning... ,:-) Thank you Toto for giving me a night to remember! My brother will probably remember it for a long time. Suppose this was the best birthday present he got this year? :-) (A special thank you to my brother for teaching me what great music is all about! I'm glad we shared this concert together!) Also a big thank you to Lars-Erik for letting us stay the night at his house. Thank you Toto and welcome back soon!!

I would like to thank my absolute favorite band for the wonderful concert in Gothenburg. It´s wonderful to hear Bobby Kimballs strong voice accompanied by the complete musicians in Toto, how can he sing so good so many weeks in a row? To begin with a high song as "Caught in the balance" is impressing. It was nice to hear all those old songs from the first albums with the sound gear from today, although the songs are more than 20 years old they beat everything that that the radio plays today. The fact that they had fun on stage and enjoyed playing feels good, makes it even better. I´ve already read a review from the concert in a newspaper and as everybody knows it wasn´t good. It´s always like that; all the critics in Sweden don´t like Toto. However, I don´t understand why they go there time after time...If someone is born without a feeling for music but his biggest wish is to play in a band; it´s a dream which he can´t make true, and if he fails a brain - I´m sure he can get an employment on a swedish newspaper. Enough. Steve is a phantastic guitarist, he´s got it all and live he really shows it, jamming the solos different every night without any mistake - say no more...I missed a couple of songs from Mindfields, for example the title song, but I do understand that they can´t play a four hour show. This was my 5:th Toto concert and I will come every time I can, keep coming to sweden guys, you´re needed here! Thanks for giving us the perfect music, you should write a book and tell other musicians how to make music!

I can´t bring up words to describe my feelings for the gig in Gothenburg.
Tight as always, very nice songselection, but I miss Home of The Brave. One thing only. The volume was`much louder than previous concerts. Why is that?
It´s still ringing in my ears. Except that; Wonderful, guys. But bring out Mike some time!
Nice crowd in Gothenburg, wouldn´t you say?

Well, what can I say? Thank you guys for another great concert. My friends and I had been looking forward to this concert since the Stockholm concert last spring. On Friday afternoon, Toto came to a local CD-store to sign 'Livefields'. Of course we went there! When we got to Scandinavium, we got told that the concert was supposed to be half an hour late. It turned out to be an whole hour but it doesn't really matter that much when you've waited that long. It would be nice though to find out if it really was the ferry which was late...
The concert started with the great song 'Caught in the Balance', then came 'Tale of a Man' and 'Rosanna'. I think it was great that they mixed old songs like 'Mama' and 'Girl Goodbye' with newer like 'Better World' and 'Jake to the Bone'.
Paich, Steve and Phillips had their traditional solorounds and what can you say about them? Well, you gotta hear them! And we finally heard a tiny little Mike-solo! I would like some more of that!
Personally, I think that there were too much guitar solos. Steve sure is great, but it gets a bit "boring" to hear ten (don't know exactly, lost the count somewhere...) solos in one evening.
Anyway, when Toto told us to get up front and start jumping around, we did. The guards that tried to stop us before let us pass. The guards seemed more friendly than the one working during the Stockholm concert.
Thank you Toto. I wish you come back soon!

We all did have a fantastic evening yesterday in Gothenburg, Sweden.
The guys were a little late but when they came...what a show! The guys were really taken by the great feeling in the arena. It was nearly sold out and after we all showed them our respect after the songs Luke said things like: "It's far beyond our expectations", "You feel like friends, assholes" (typical language), "You keep coming year after year to see us, it's unbelieveble". You could really felt that they appreciate our support, he was nearly a bit touched for a moment.
What the show concerned it was absolutely great! Great sound and really great playing but if I should say something bad then it would be that I do think that Bobby "screams" a little too much...he did that more this time then in March this year in Stockholm, he's just unbelievble in the songs when he sings in Rosanna and Hold the line and so on.
But of course it was "fuckin' great" as Luke said, and I won't say anything opposite!
Looking forward to next time!!
Hold the line!
Jacob, Sweden

Last night i was at the TOTO concert in Scandinavium, Gothenburg, and i was breathless when i left to go home. You guys are the greatest to see live. This was the tenth time for me, and it is always a pleasure. I very much like the mix of new and old songs. what can i say? the soloparts is for me the very highlights, but i think Mike could come more forward. I want to thank you all guys for a fantastic evening. Hope to see you soon again. Keep on rockin!!!!! THANKS

AALBORG, DENMARK — 21 October 1999
Finally they was here in my hometown Aalborg - Toto the greatest and most talented band the world ever has seen. Their music have been an inspiration to me for the last 12 years and I'm a very dedicated fan who will travel 300 km. to see those guys play. So I couldnt wait to hear and see them play right next to my home. As always the band played fantastic. It was almost the same set as in Copenhagen in March with the exception of a very cool and slowfunked version of Georgy Porgy and 99 and you guys just make this sound so great and easy. The soloparts were fabulous as always, and speaking as a drummer, I must say that Simons solo is an incredible study in simultaneus coordination - Simon you are talking a musical esperanto. Steve celebrated his 42. birthday on stage (and I think the day before) and he was playing his ass of HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE. The only bad thing about this concert was the audience who never really hit on this incredible band. I stood about 4 meters from the stage and I found the audience in the back of the hall very disappointing - It was a hard job for Mike, Steve, David, Simon and Bobby to play that day - but you tried - Thank you guys.

At last.
I had been waiting for three years to hear these genious guys playing their groovy irresistible music. Last time, a field concert on a rainy summerday, in Randers it was great and then I knew I had to see them again.
It was the summer of '94 I realised that TOTO existed. Late som would say - not too late I say. At that time I didn't believe I would ever hear them live. But I did. Twice in '96 in Randers which both were fantastic shows and then again yesterday, the 21st of October 1999. This live concert on the Reunion Tour was the greatest. Those guys can shure play, sing and make effects on the stage. What a fantastic show of sound, light and effects.
What will be in my memory I think for the rest of my life is Simon Philips playing solo. One rhyhtm with his feet, one with his right hand, and one with his left hand. That was phenomenous!! And Steve Lukather playing a simple melodic blues on his guitar. Great. Happy Birthday Steve. I must say that no one like David Paich can play Strangers In The Night as a birthday song. And then Mike Porcaro talking in a mic. A fantastic evening.
Many thanks to you all.
Steve, Dave, Mike, Simon and Bobby.

Mike Porcaro
A sold out Rotterdam Ahoy on 19-10-1999. Logical because Toto was in town. It was the seventh time that I've seen the guys in concert. The first time was in 1982 in The Hague with Bobby Kimball and now in Rotterdam as Luke said, after a long vacation, Bobby is back! A little bit older, but his voice is still great. We'll always remember Jeff,but the man of the evening was Simon Philips, what a solo that guy did on stage! Luke as a singer was better than I've ever seen before. David was freaking on his own way and Mike played his basguitar easy. Thank you guys for a great show and I'm happy for the American fans that Toto has been played, and still gonna play a couple of shows in America! I hope to see the guys next year in Holland.
Keep on rocking !

It was the 19th of October 1999 when TOTO "raped" the AHOY in Rotterdam, the concert was outstanding!!! Bobby's voice was even better then on the 11th of March 1999. Steve and simon played their solo's like never before. You guys have to come back and play out in the open next year, when the weather is as good as the music! The only thing i missed was " home of the brave" that song belongs in a TOTO concert for making it exclusive. You guys are one of the best musical bands this world has had for many years!!

I was at the Toto concert in Rotterdam at the 19th of oktober '99. Because I also was there in March I knew what to expect. Of course the beginning of the show with Caught in the balance, what a chill.. Directly followed by Tale of a man. Played layed back by Simon it seemed to be played by Jeff. I think Simon feels very comfortable in the band for the last years and his taste is now also heared in the new songs making Toto more heavy. Its a shame the sound of Toto was a bit ruined by the bad acoustic sound of Ahoy. It must be a hell of a job to make the band sound good. I've seen many bands in Ahoy (3 times toto) but never a band sounds so well as they do. The gig in Paradiso is the best I've ever seen in my life. Paradiso is the walhalla for bands while Ahoy isn't and thats a shame. So back to the marvelous show. It was perfect. Steve's solo's were exeptionally outstanding but I have to say (although he's the leader of the band in my eyes) his sound was real hard and sharp and his tapping, sliding and picking solo's were much louder and havier than in march. It's great that Bobby's back after a long long vacation. His voice has improved very much during the tour and his performance on stage is a lot more open and selfasure as in March. It's great to hear songs as hold the line and white sister performed with the original singer. One of the greatest moments that evening were the solo's but one of them (simon's) was just outstanding. Man, is that guy born with sticks in his hands or not. I think you can compare the impact of his solo with an 5.7 earthquake or walking half a marathon. Of course mister Page's thick fingers hit the boards in an incredible speed. I can't understand how he puts them on the right key, marvelous. I forget one man; the always on the background but pumpin' drivin' and groovin' Michael. Especialy his slapin' version of Rosanna was great. One of the last songs of the main set was girl goodbye. The whole hall was shaking in the maisonry. In this song the band sounds fuckin' great. You can definately say Toto are the best musicians in the whole world. I hope to see them back in Holland soon in a better sounding place so that the quality of the song comes much more to it's right.

I went to see TOTO in Rotterdam (Ahoy) on Tuesday October 19th. It was my second visit to a TOTO concert this year (and 5th ever) and I must say they are still F R E S H. No words can describe what these guys give on stage. They entertain their fans in a special kind of way. Enjoying every minute on stage they proof to be solid as R O C K and they really are millenium proof. These special kind of evenings make you feel dynamic, make you feel great to be there and the adrenaline clears your head for a while. Keep on giving us more guys, much more. You RULE, you are ABSO-TOTO-LLY FABULOUS.

In one word, amazing. I 've seen Toto three times and Steve Lukather vife times and this was definitely the best concert. My anticipations were high because of the Livefields album and they went beyond that one. Bobby Kimbal was very strong and his vocals were better than on the live album. Steve, as always, was in a top shape like the rest of the guys. Toto rocked the completely sold out Ahoy. The sound and the lightshow were great. The songs were played outstanding. I 've seen the worlds greatest rockgroups play live but this concert was special. You could see the guys were having a great time. David played some airbass, Steve and Bobby could not keep their hands of each other. Steve talked a lot with the crowd. It was as if the audience and the band together were creating the show, as if they became one. This is what makes a live concert unforgetable. I would like to thank Toto and the rest of the audience for this incredible evening.

HI There,
i am just home from the concert of toto (19 october) and i am still inn trance... wow this was my first concert ever of toto and to see these guys performing life was like a wish come true. I play drums in my band and Simon is my favourite..its amazing that he has so much power, control and balance to play the whole concert i couldn't believe my eyes, especially when he gave his 10 minutes solo.... it was so great everybody was sayin' that he was wonderfull. The band played so great!! nice solo also of steve!! and of course david!! i didn't figured it out if it was a love story of a horror story... i hope to see toto really soon again because these were the best 2.5 hours of my life!!!

I have visited the Rotterdam Ahoy concert. After seeing several Toto-concerts, for me this was the best. Absolutely. I experienced the "coming home" feeling. It was heaven. After two and a half hours we were set back on earth again but with a fantastic memory of a suberb show. One remark though for Tony Spinner and Buddy Hyatt: You're part of the show, it's not a shame to show you're having a good time. Perhaps a smile every now and then? A rhythmic move of the hips?

The Concert started after a technical failure at 20.30 with Caught in the Balance. And from the first sound the crowd went wild. Steve was really in shape. Some singing parts of Bobby were a bit worse. But overall it started great. When Steve was talking to the audience he stated that this was a great birthdaypresent. And the crowd went on to sing "Lang zal hij leven". He started laughing. The Solo spots were very good and I Will Remember and Better World were one of my favourites live. I have enjoyed the concert very much. Pitty they didn't played Melanie. Hope to see them soon again in Holland
Danny van der Ploeg

Goin' home.....I have seen 'our' band more then 15 times live, and I have always the same feeling when driving home: what an fantastic band. Even my girlfriend, not a Toto-fan like us, said after the concert that they are really good live. But everbody who had the chance to see them live must admit that. The concert yesterday in Rotterdam showed again that these are brilliant musicians who can really play live. The concert was almost the same as in Ahoy on 3 march, but as always the solos were different. The band was in a good mood, Luke must have seen every inch of the stage. Everybody was a highlight this evening: Simon drums brilliant, and when he played his incredible solo I thought of "Monster" from the Muppet-show!!! What can he play the drums.....Mike plays the bass with his owm style: really bass with a big "B"; David again made that typical Toto-keyboard sound with makes their music so beautifull. When introducing the band by Luke the crowd went crazy.... Luke said: "We aren't an "MTV" band, but "we are your band, and we are here because of you!". The crowd (almost 10,000 people) gave a great applause, to show them that we love them. Let's hope they will play live for us and make music for another 23 years. Don't listen to what the critics in the papers say. Evenings like yesterday show that Toto really loves us, and that there are many people who love them. And we always will.

Steve Lukather
ERFURT, GERMANY — 17 October 1999
Hello all together!
Now I`m sitting here, thinking back to the great concert yesterday, listening to my new favourite-song ("I`ll be over you") and wishing I could turn back time just for 24 houres!!! It was the first time yestrday (octobre 17th) that I saw you and that`s why I just knew the wellknown songs, but this will change now!!! And I also had the luck to stay in the first row (right from you; I wore black clothes and I`m also real young, I`ll be 16 next week on saturday, but I don`t think that you saw me!?!) and so Ihad a really wonderful view to the stage! I think the lightnings are really great and all the show was very surprising for me. I`ve been playing also the guitar for now two years and I just thought that the things Steve did were really great. Generally, I didn`t expect that you make such instrumental things but this was something I really enjoyed. In fact, I think it was a really great concert and I always would go there again so can`t you come here next year or so, because I haven`t got the possibilities to travel long distances and it also takes me a lot of time..... For example, last night we were at home at 1 o`clock and I had to get up at six because of school..........
So far, but I still have one question that interestes me for a long time: On your CD`s there can almost always be seen a sword. What does that mean????? I have to finish now. Hope I`ll see you soon again....

Hi all,
I`ve been to the Toto concert on 17th October 1999 in Erfurt/Germany. Being a great Toto fan, it was the best concert I`ve ever gone to. Though the gig wasn`t sold out, there were a crowd of at least 4500 more or less Toto fans. Nevertheless, it was a great atmosphere. We had to wait until 8:30 pm. Then came the breathtaking moment when all was getting dark, the guy from "Mindfields" appeared on the screen and "Caught In The Balance" began. With this, a 2h long great program began, with the exactly right mixture of new and old songs like "Better World", "Rosanna" (Nearly the great groove like played by Jeff), "I Will Remember", "Africa", "Cruel" (Bobby was so great !!!), "Child`s Anthem" (All was singing along the guitar), "Hold The Line" (The beginning was catching my breath) and many, many more. The solos were more than fantastic (although it was a pity that Mike doesn`t have one, but I`ll never forget his devotion within he was playing his instrument . . .). Other great parts were the visual effects and as Dave spontaneously played the title melody from "Pink Panther" when Luke introduced to him. A bad thing was that the guitar was a little bit too dominant. All in all, it was an event I´ll never forget and I hope that the Toto members also enjoyed giving this damned good concert. Thank you so much!!!

David Paich
OBERHAUSEN, GERMANY — 16 October 1999
Hallo guys. Thank you for that great concert. This was my third TOTO-concert and I´m looking for the next tour (I hope that we didn´t have to wait so long!!!). I joined your concerts in Düsseldorf (Tambu) an the Reunion-Concert in Essen this year. They were also great, but the atmosphere in Oberhausen was very special. How Steve introduce the band!!! Mike, your straight groove is fantastic... Go on and never stop!!!

Hi Fans,
of course I enjoyed listening to this brilliant Rockband like I always did (8 concerts, 4 tours). My special thanks belong to Michael, who always fascinated me with his brilliant bass interpretations. Like his brother Jeff, he knows how to impress without being in the front row. The mixture of old and new songs was well tuned. Maybe, sometime, there will be a Toto concert, that DOES NOT END with "Hold The Line".

Well, this was the third time for me to be on a TOTO - show. And it was definitely the best show I've ever seen. Surprisingly the show wasn't sold out that there was enough room for the audience. The crowd was waiting till 8:15 pm to start up. But it was really worth to wait. The outstanding visual effects and particularly the projections were that great and overwhelming. When the guys entered the stage, the audience on ranks were a little reserved. But after some songs they woke up and celebrated as much as we did in the interior. Heavy D's piano playing is always amazing again how virtuos and alternate-rich his solos are. The band, Luke above all, was surprised of the wave, the mass let roll from the front to the back. Simon's nearly insanity drumming was that cool and grooving. The FOH - sound was of the all-finest; unbelievably clean and pumping.
With Bobby back in the band they've really made an enriching. You could see, that he's back. His voice is still that great as it was sixteen years ago. Really cool was Mike's slap - pattern on "Rosanna".
Also the presentation of their new single "Cruel" was simply fuckin' great.
All my respect to that band!!!
It was a pleasure to see them there. I think they also had a good time to play these 2 1/2 hours.
In my opinion in summary it was already a little too loud. But it was really worth it and we look forward to the next tour.
Thank you guys for this damned good evening

Hi! I´ve been to the Oberhausen (Germany) concert on Oct. 16, 99. If you are planning to go to the concert to hear songs like "Rosanna" or "Africa" - don´t go, you are in the wrong place. If you are going to see some great musicians - you have to go!!! It was a fabulous concert. 2,5 h pure fun. It seemed the guys were really enjoying themselves. The atmosphere in Oberhausen was great. The audience was very mixed - young and old. Sound and light were fascinating. Maybe the concert was a little bit too much of Steve´s guitar in the beginning, however his solo was absolutely breathtaking - even for myself as a non-guitar-player. But Simon, Dave and Mike are just as excellent. Good combination of old and new tracks. To the guys: Keep going! Hope to see you again. Steve: Enjoy your birthday (32, wasn´t it....?)

Dear Toto, I was in Your concert at 16. Oct. in the Arena Oberhausen. It was fantastic. I don´t have words for the great show and performance. Thank You so much for a wonderful show. Please come back as soon as possible.

I was in Oberhausen yesterday. It was a great preformance. Congratulations and good luck for the rest of your tour.
Hope to see next year again in Germany.

Simon Phillips
STUTTGART, GERMANY — 15 October 1999
Friday night in Boeblingen was a TOTO night. From the first second of the gig the audience has been fascinated by the impressed show of the guys. Since the first TOTO album I´m a fan by these fantastic musicians. TOTO is a very good studio band. But you´ve no idea - "Live" they are like a thunderbolt !!!! My sixteen year old son who accomponied me to this concert is now a TOTO fan. In the same night he borrowed my TOTO collection to enjoy them under his headphones. At least let me say to you .... Jeff was a really a big drummer, but Simon is a worthy successor. To watch Mike let yourself feel the rhythm. Bobbys voice is crystal-clear in every register. To talk about Steve the words fail me. David lay a carpet you can shake and slumber. These words are not exaggerated. Go to a TOTO concert and you will see it!! Definitely, if I can get any tickets, I will go to Freiburg to see TOTO again. Maybe I see you there ???!!! So long !!

Hi there TOTO-fans all over the world, after waiting for 17 years I've been lucky to see our heroes live in concert. I got a good place in the 3rd row in the middle in front of the stage. It was an outstanding performance, I have been visiting rock concerts for 20 years and I have to ask me : what garbage have I seen before this evening ? Steve's excellent guitar-playing and singing, Bobby's exciting voice, David's famous key-stroking, Mike's solid bass-playing and Simon's accurate drumming mixes to a perfect sound, which is amazing. They played with such a joy and passion, everyone could see and feel that. Steve was joking all the time, with the audience and with the guys. I wonder how can Bobby sing every evening with such a strong passion ? He must have been nearly lost his voice this evening. Great luck that he is back again ! The sound quality was excellent, the technicians cannot do better. We enjoyed an evening with the best musicians ( yes, I did know that already before the show ) of our universe. I hope, they will delight us with many more albums and visit us again at any time...

Hi, All I want to say is: TOTO are best! I saw their concert in Böblingen (Germany) 15.10.99 and it was so greatful. The atmosphere was full of peace, love and harmony. The music: fantastic! Thank you guys for these great performance.

Hello to all the fans of Toto. I was Friday night in Boeblingen Sporthalle. What can I say !!!! It was a marvellous show. The barometer of opinion was from the first to the last second on the highest level. Guys, thank you for this great evening. Let me say one word about Simon. Jeff was really a great drummer, but Simon is a worthy successor. His drum solo let shake the floor of the hall. Fanatastic !! You can see details in the background on a big screen. This show is for your mind and eyes a big challenge. But never to much !! Great, that Bobby is back! Now you can hear the older songs "LIVE"!! This is for every TOTO fan a big pleasure. OK, I hope you can enjoy yourself a concert from this great band. Sure, I will be there when Dave, Bobby, Steve, Simon and Mike come back on their next tour.
till then

Bobby Kimball
NÜRNBERG, GERMANY — 13 October 1999
Hi All,
thanks so much for the fantastic 2.5 hours that we spent together last night - altogether a brilliant musical demonstration of talents !!! The band deploys its full power with the recent tracks like the impressive opening "Caught in the Balance", "Better World", "I will remember" and "The Road goes on". The other outstanding highlight of the performance is the combined "Jake to the Bone" and "Dave's gone Skiing", including Simon's vertigious drum solo. However, despite all respect for classics like "Rosanna" and "Africa", the "Oldies-Section" (forgive me, guys) was overweighted and I am sure that everybody would have enjoyed to hear more songs from the latest albums, like "Gift of Faith", "Mindfields", "After you've gone", "Melanie" just to mention some. Last and least, Bobby is welcome back - but looks a bit lost at some moments of the show.
Never mind(-fields), we had a great moment, don't let us serve out our years in darkness and come back soonest for another big musical event !

Ciao to all TOTO fans out there!!
I have been to the show on october the 11th in Aschaffenburg and it was really amazing...
The (nearly) original formation of Toto was in a good mood. One of the highlights was the large medley of such classic Toto songs as Georgy Porgy,99,...and of course good ole'Bobby Kimball who danced away like a hurricane blowing his vocals into the audience with a fantastic performance...
As I have been playing guitar for almost 8 years I was totally facinated by the perfect guitar playing (often in a "JEFF BECK" style, who is Lukes' hero, you know!?), in opposite to his awesome tone on his last solo album he brought back his timeless tone of "candyman" as he demonstrated all of his typical style(incl.dive bombs,death tones,easy going,two hand tappings,...) - that evening he showed the audience his soul-, and heartful musicianmind!!!
Simon did a very cool solo (ca.10 minutes), and the rest of the band was also fantastic...
On the whole it was a unforgettable evening for me!
I wold like to dedicate this few lines to my Topo Steffie N. Welk & to Jeff Porcaro!!!
c u on the next show guys & take care,
greetings from

Mike Porcaro
MUNICH, GERMANY — 9 October 1999
It's now 9 minutes past midnight but I have to say/write something before I go to bed. I was allowed to see TOTO at the concert in Munich and I hardly can express what I'm feeling about it. It really was the greatest event in my life to hear these "fucking nice guys". I have never imagined that one day I can see them only a few metres away from me (We stood in the first row. Yeaahh!!) and I will never forget these 2.5 hours. Naturally, we sang and jumped the whole time through (For the next time I will learn the texts). Now, when we talk about TOTO and the concert we only have one word for this: UNBELIEVEABLE. I hope that one day I will hear and see them again, I would nearly give everything for it (My friends will drive to the concert at Verona on November 1 without me, I hate them.).
Steve/Luke (for us Austrians: Steff),
Bobby (what a voice!?),
Dave (my colleague),
Mike (yeahh),
and Simon (We started the "Simon, Simon" shouts in Munich.)

The Toto Munich concert was far better than i've expected: The whole band with Bobby Kimball (fortunately, he's back!) has performed at its best. Two and a half our of excellent performance - Luke's guitar solo is good on the LIVEFIELDS CD but live on stage it's absolutley breathtaking. I surely will go to WELS (Austria) and attend for a second time. Toto, please give your fans a LIVE DVD in DolbyDigital 5.1 Sourround, 2,5 hours uncut, with interviews of the band members and backstage videos. It feels good, that a band which is over 20 years in business still makes great music and performance.

I was on your concert at Saturday, 9.Oct. in Munich and it was really great ! I´m a big TOTO-fan from Austria since years but that was my first live concert. I find it very good, that Bobby Kimball is back in the band. (good singing) The intro and the lighteffects are fascinating ! For memory to this evening I would buy me the new Livealbum.
Okay. I hope you could read my (bad) english.

The Toto concert in munich yesterday was the first one I have ever seen from this band and now I can truly understand the enthusiasm which one can feel by reading all the concert reviews on this page. Not only as a musician but also as a lover of heartfelt music made by such outstanding personalities as the members of TOTO (including all of the seven musicians) are I have to admit that the show is absolutely breathtaking. Making music on such a high level both technically as well as musically and still showing that it`s great fun for the band to play all their great stuff is a very special experience for me and makes this concert very inspiring as well.I hope that I can still get some tickets for the show in Nuernberg and I'm absolutely looking forward to getting a live video from this brilliant tour.Thanx a lot and see you soon...

Hi boys and girls! I was in the toto-concert in the Munich-Olympic-Hall. I was overwhelmed from the playing and the show.It was the first time I've seen Toto anywhere and so it was also a dream of my childhood, to see these guys playing. The show started at nine in the evening and endet at 23.30. They were very engaged and their playing was beautiful - fans were happy. A few things should be named:
- Simons solo
- Bobby Kimball in great form (like in the seventies)
- Luke as the "Showmaster" with some jokes
- and the very very cool Paich.
A good feeling, when some old songs will be sung again by Bobby (hold the line, tale of man). Last but not least it was simply absolutely live!!! Thank you guys,it was great.

I've seen the band two times before, but they never were as good as yesterday! It was brilliant. There was real power in the show, the solos were fantastic, but there was always the song and band in the middle. I also liked the lightshow with the projection in the rear. My advice to everyone: go there, see that band!

HAMBURG, GERMANY — 8 October 1999
HiHi, Karsten here
I saw TOTO at the 8 October in Hamburg
It was my 4 th time to see TOTO live in concert. But this time was the best. Excellent show and the guys in a fantastic condition. I was really happy to hear the old stuff like " girl goodbye " and " white sister ". It was so impressive to me that i still think about this fantastic show.

On Friday, October 8th we went to Hamburg for enjoying Toto in the bad Alsterdorfer Sporthalle. The hall is a shame for a town like Hamburg. BUT: Toto was wonderful , very nice solo´s , Steve is the best, and Simon - what a dynamic on the drums! Everybody was glad that Bobby is back. Very clear and powerfull voice (real Toto sound). We´ve seen Toto in Essen in the wonderful Grugahalle, but I must say that the 5500 people in Hamburg made the same noise as 10.000 in Essen. We can say to everyone: Join the show, and you´ll get a real big party with one of the best bands of the world! See you!

David Paich, Steve Lukather
It was a great night. The show began with 'Caught in the Balance'. I was also in 'Ahoy Rotterdam begin this year, but Toto was in Groningen better! I must say Simon Phillips was the man of the evening. A solo like Simon gives I've never heard. Everything was perfect. David Paich can play better than he did, but that isn't bad. Luke was making jokes like always and Mike the quiet man. Bobby was fantastic like always. What a voice! I thank Toto for the wonderfull night and I hope they will come back soon, because now I'm definitely a fan of Toto! YOU'RE THE GREATEST!

Last thursday I went to Groningen to see TOTO, and how great it was. Even when you're blind you can see that they have fun on stage while they play.
I was on the 4th row, they were about 5 metres away!!
Until the acoustic set the setlist was the same as on "Livefields". At the acoustic set they also played "Georgy porgy" and "99". The audience knew the words as well. The solos of Steve, Simon and David were much longer than on "Livefields". Simon made an immense impression on me. To me he's fully accepted as a new Toto-member, he naturally has another style, but it's awesome.
> Especially the old songs "Hold the line", "Rosanna" and "Africa" are so good, now Bobby is back, they achieve the originals! I wonder how long Bobby can go on like this, his voice has to suffer the way he sings sometimes.
Luke sung like never before, so loud and clear and with a great passion.
Jake to the Bone, played for Jeff, (his picture was printed on the screen), was one of the (many) highlights. The two hours and a quarter (from 20.15 to 22.30) flew away. If you're going to see them in the next time, you won't be disappointed.

i was at the concert at groningen and it surprised me that it wasnt the same as in rotterdam. many bands would play their playlist for the whole tour. it was fantastic. i hope for everybody that the concert 19 october in rotterdam will be as great as in groningen.

Hey guys,
For me the concert in Groningen 7 october was the evening of my life!! When I was home again I couldn't sleep! I was still shaking of the great perfomance!!!
I'm a Toto fan since I was a kid. At school they always laugh at me because I like music of which they say: 'only old men like' but I bet that even they would like such a great concert
I've been looking forward to 'the Toto-concert' experience for a long long time. But I didn't expect it to be this great. It was a Kick!!!! My favourites were Better World, The road goes on, 99, Tale of a man and Cruel.
It was my first Toto concert, and it was on my 18th birthday. Can't think of a better start of being an 'adult' than this!

The concert was, in one word, outstanding. Like previous tours and shows, it was an absolutely world-class event. Worth the (in total) 500 km's drive.
Three highlights make this concert special for me, compared to previous shows :
- The fantastic drum solo of Simon Phillips; not only musical, but Simon is also a top athlet.
- The great background animations (lights, special effects); a perfect show.
- Bobby Kimball, both his superb vocal qualities and his inspiring presence on stage, this is the real Toto !
By the way, Luke didn't swear during the show ;-) Suggestion for next tours : make "Going Home" the last song of the show... not that I don't like Hold The Line, but I've heard that so often, and Going Home would perfectly fit as the last song before going home...

Yesterday evening (7 -10 - '99) I visited TOTO! What an experience ! I had never seen them live, and I must confess I'm not a die hard fan. You could say I'm more interested in very good music, and TOTO certainly kicked ass last night. I play the guitar myself and Luke is just the best guitarist in the world. Just awesome! About the concert.......yeah, what to say about it, it was much like the 'livefields' recording. Just a flawless performance with great sound and show. The highlights to me were : 'Caught in the Balance' , 'Luke solo' , 'Simon solo' , ' Hold the Line' and the acoustic set. I'm already looking forward to the AHOY-concert on 19-10 !!
Greetings :

An unbelievable day in my live. Toto playing just 10 minutes from my home!! At 20.15 PM the first sounds of Caught In The Balance were shaking the building. What an amazing concert!! Bobby sounded like an electric guitar!! Luke joking as always, Dave as usual, and an amazing Phillips! And Mike of course, with his new look! Do I have to say more? I only want to say one thing: PLEASE COME BACK.....

Bobby Kimball, Steve Lukather
BIRMINGHAM, UK — 5 October 1999
I was fortunate enough to see TOTO just once in my life time. My husband and I saw them at their only date in the UK at the NEC.
Read all of your reviews, i'm speechless the whole night was a musical blur, but I can safely say it was the best experience of my life (don't tell my husband!!!).
I thought nothing could top it till I recently managed to get a copy of LUKE!!!!!
Words cannot describe the album so I wont try. For GODS SAKE please bring out a live video before I go insane. Please come back to the UK and do loads more dates one just simply is not enough!!!!!!!!

What a great show!!! It was the first time I have ever saw these guys live and it was absolutely amasing. My mate and I got the best view in the house and could see every little detail of Luke's solo's. This was very interesting for my mate who is a guitarist aswell and with me being a drummer, I thought simon had taken over very well from one of the best drumers in the world Jeff Porcaro. Great show lads and come back again soon. By the way thanks for the plectrums luke, we both got one, CHEERS

This is the fourth tour, and sixth time I've seen the band. A buddy, and I travelled from Scotland, roughly a five hour drive to take in the show. We had decided that we were going to try and get as near the front, and centre as possible, and managed a perfect location. Previous gig's I've been to gave a muddy, and indistinct sound if you happen to be off centre. The good news, was the sound was perfect, and guitar work was easily distinguishable. It was great to hear Steve L again, I had forgotten just how impressive he is. He is obviously the leader of the band, and seems to enjoy the spotlight. Bobby K, was great to hear, and must be delighted to be back in the band. I'd have to say, his stage moves require a bit of work, but there's nothing wrong with his voice.
The show highlights were the real ensemble pieces, ie the mainly instrumental parts. The band are very tight, and fluid at the same time. There was no surprise that the material was vintage Kimball era, and was all the better for that. Hydra period, and Turn Back were given a dusting down, and the songs sounded absolutely amazing. I could have lived without the solo spots, impressive though they were, but you can't please everybody, with the exception of the guitar solo's obviously, which I wanted more of! Overall though, it is a band effort, and I suppose it was well balanced.
It's the biggest audience I've seen them play in front of, and from where I was, they got a warm welcome from the crowd. I don't mind in the slightest travelling to see the band, anywhere in the UK, and Birmingham seemed the perfect choice.
Good luck with the rest of the tour, I only hope Sony in the USA would get behind the band, and let everybody else know, what the hard-core fans have known for years now. That is simply, Toto, are without equal in terms of musicianship, song-writing, and commitment to their fans, than any band trying to compete for the more discerning music listeners ears! America's loss, is Europe's gain as far as I'm concerned.

Birmingham show was absolutely excellent. The sound quality was excellent and LOUD !!!!!I've caught the last 3 tours, including the Tina Turner gig at Don Valley, but this was on a different level. The lights were awesome and the band were on top form, back to their well deserved supergroup status. Mike are you the coolest bass player or what...and boy do you like those low notes...and Simon ...playing patterns with those double bass pedals...are you for real ?Anyway cheers guys it was absolutely brilliant....lets do it again.Say hello to Alec Leslie and Pat King for me ..Cheers

WOW!!!What a night! Two years plus is too long without seeing you guys - please come back soon - add in another date over here!We will all be there - I guarantee it!
The mix of songs was excellent,and to see you all reunited with Bobby Kimball after all this time was just the icing on the cake.My only regret is that we did not get the chance to see you when Jeff was alive. However,as always,Simon Phillips was awesome!Thanks once again for a fantastic evening,and please, COME BACK SOON!!!!!!

From the moment the band went straight into 'Caught in the balance' it was a great opening to a great show. Bobby Kimball was back and along with Lukather's guitar was driving the whole thing along from start to finish. Most of the material came from Toto's early back catalogue including 'Tale of a man' (from XX), 'Mama', 'You are the flower', '99', and 'Georgie Porgy' (my least favourite Toto track). The only low point was the acoustic medley which didn't seem to work and Lukather's voice seemed a bit strained on 'Out of love' and 'Ninety nine' but Kimball was there to hold it together especially on 'A million miles away'. We also got to hear a bit of 'The road goes on' from 'Tambu' and I would have liked to hear more songs from that album and also 'Mindfields'.
The band played the usual 'Rosanna' and 'Africa' and it was great to hear the original voice again on these classic Toto cuts. Instrumentals came in the shape of 'Jake to the bone' and 'Dave's gone skiing (wrapped around Simon's drum solo). Towards the end the band were rocking out with 'Cruel' and 'White sister' and an enjoyable 'Better world'. The band sounded much better on the new material but surprisingly only played three cuts from the new album. The back catalogue was once again re-visited with 'Girl goodbye' and 'Childs anthem' and the encore 'Hold the line'.
All in all a great gig but I would have preferred more of a cross section of material. The band ignored 'Isolation' and 'The seventh one' (my favourite two Toto albums) and 'Tambu' apart from the 'Road goes on'. Some better songs could have been included like 'Carmen', 'Stop loving you', 'Home of the brave' and 'English eyes' to replace songs like 'Out of love', 'Georgie porgy' and '99'.

Sadly Toto's criminally small fan base and lack of critical support in the UK meant that the World's finest rock band could justify only one gig in the UK. After making the 120 mile trip from London to Birmingham on a lovely autumn afternoon, we were in a good mood as we joined 5,000 or so faithful devotees in the NEC Arena.
Nothing could really have prepared us for the awesome powerhouse show that Bobby, David, Mike, Simon and Luke delivered. After a short summer break in between legs of the World tour, they could surely have been forgiven for being a little rusty, but we were not to be disappointed. From the opening notes of the intro leading into 'Caught in the Balance', the next two and a half hours flew by, encompassing a brilliantly composed selection of the band's finest moments, past and present.
For fans from around the country who may have had reservations about their long journeys, the sheer quality of the stage presentation and sound surely justified the effort. Luke had said he wanted British fans to enjoy the full impact of the show in all its grandeur rather than a compromise in smaller venues, and he was proven absolutely right.
Toto's family of fans reading this around the World don't need me to tell them what they already know about the titanic talents of Mike, Simon and David. And thanks too to the excellent backing support of Tony, Buddy and John. But special mention just has to be made of the welcome return of Bobby, whose dynamic vocals added a new layer to the band while at the same time perhaps allowing Luke a little more freedom. And speaking of Luke, what can you say? This man is our God, we hero worship him, we respect and love him for his impeccable musicianship and stage presence. He's simply one of the most brilliant guitarists in rock music history. And he's a comedian too! But what makes him even greater is the fact that he obviously respects and loves us too.
Highlights of the show? Every single song and moment! The pacing was perfect, the solos perfect, but the sheer power of 'White Sister', 'Girl Goodbye', 'Jake to the Bone', 'Rosanna' and Luke's conducting of the audience for 'Child's Anthem' will stay in our memories for a long time.
As we started the long journey home to London, we relived those moments, we sang our favourites and we were deeply jealous of all you Toto fans across the continent who still have all this to look forward to.

I just had to write to express my thanks to the band and all involved in putting the show together. Its a shame that this was the only UK show but was certainly worth the journey from South East England. More UK shows need to be added!!!!!!
I took my 12 year old daughter, this was her first real concert and she was very impressed. She could not believe the level of brilliance in particular Bobby's vocals. She was delighted to hear Africa, Rosanna and Hold the line. She is definitely a long term Toto fan, just like her parents.
The mix in track choice was excellent, covering the full Toto history and the sound was first class. The solo spots were brilliant, a refreshing change from so many backing tracks on so called "live" shows but where was Mikes, Bass solo?
The stage was very impressive, the lighting superb and the back videos spot on, nothing to fault. Things have certainly come a long way since 1982 when I last saw Toto at Hammersmith Odeon, London.
An excellent nights entertainment, thank you all very much.
Two slight gripes to finish, given I had my 12 yr old daughter, Steve please keep it clean, the music is what its all about, lay off the medication!!! and the programme was a little disappointing, more info on the band would have been useful. These are minor issues and do not detract from one of the best concerts I have ever had the pleasure to witness
Cheers one and all.

As EVH once said, these guys are collectively the best musicians on the planet. Tonight's performance was once again testimony to this.If you didn't get the chance to see the first leg of the Reunion Tour earlier this year, try to get to see the show in the next few weeks. If like me you did, you won't need any encouragement to go again. TOTO played to approximately 4,500 for their only UK date of the year, and they were on blistering form. Despite having seen more than 25 TOTO/Lukather gigs, including Paris in March, they always produce something new. With each performance, the crowd are treated to "alternate takes" capturing the mood and vibe of the audience. In England, there is always an appreciative nucleus of musician fans and TOTO never disappoint.The return of Bobby Kimball not only opens up formerly latent material from the first four records but also seems to have provided even more energy and depth to the live performances. In addition to his awesome contribution to the rock'n'roll element of the show, Bobby Kimball's classy vocal scats, particularly in Africa and Rosanna, adds a gloss to the songs which has been badly missed.The groovemeisters themselves ("The members of the band, the key word being members") displayed, as always, virtuosity in large doses. David's playing is truly inspirational - as a keyboard player myself, everything I try to do is a poor impression. I have learnt far more from listening to these guys than I have from any amount of lessons. These days, David's keyboard parts in some of the new material seems to be a little more sparing - adding colours to the groove, in songs like Caught in the Balance. Great sounds. Nevertheless, there was ample demonstration of his silky improvisation skills right across the show. Some of David's ingenious fills (Dave's gone skiing) appeared to catch Luke off his guard. How DO these guys find new ways to keep it fresh after all the years in the studio and on the road?Simon (Rule Britannia) Phillips & Mike (Snazzy Barnet, mate) Porcaro provided another new lilt to the old classics, such as Georgy Porgy and A Million Miles Away, and it works really well. Some of these songs maybe twenty years old but they are timeless.Last and definitely least (just kidding) is the phenomenon which is Steve Lukather. For someone who said that as a kid he wanted to be the fastest guitar player in the World, he must have achieved his goal, and with an abundance of class. His fingers were again blurring throughout (a much recently reported happening, but I swear it's getting faster, baby) but he still manages to drop in those mind-blowing fusion riffs. Despite suffering from a cold, which he attempted to rectify by self-administering medicinal cool libations, his vocal performance was amazing. Great banter as always, - nice joke about J.J. providing the 4th hand !Personal highlights and crowd favourites included Caught in the Balance, White Sister and Girl Goodbye. TOTO can be REALLY HEAVY.Thanks guys for another cool gig, enjoy the tour. Cheers.

Dear TOTO 99,
It was such an incredible experience seeing TOTO live for the second time and doing such a great job. It was such a fresh sound, and 'Jake to the Bone' couldn't have been a more appropriate tribute to dear Jeff. All of the band pulled together and the sound balance was perfect throughout the gig. It was so great to see Bobby Kimball so enthusiastic and as energetic as ever!
As a bassist myself, Mike Porcaro certainly gave me incredible inspiration. 'All us boys' in the audience were so warmed by the great musicianship and sense of humour that the band has retained - 'It's a feeling' that will stay for a very long time. The final song they played 'Hold the Line' was the best I've ever heard it, but throughout the gig the band did themselves proud 'till the end' and I hope they don't 'stay away' from England for too long!! Long may it continue guys. Here's to another 20

It's the first Toto gig that I have ever attended, but as I have had all of their albums for years I thought that I would have a pretty good idea of what I was letting myself in for... But I was wrong.
The show was quite superb, the lighting and sound were amazing... and the quality of musicianship was so inspiring, that I have decided never to inflict my guitar playing on anyone else again. It was an absolute pleasure to be there... the lads are real musicians. My only complaint is that they played just one gig in the UK... I can't believe that they are so lacking in support that they couldn't justify another three or four at least.

Well, what can I say, but unbelievable. I think I can speak on behalf of everyone that witnessed this incredible band in Birmingham last night. Truely mind-blowing performances throughout the band. Being a keen drummer myself, there were stages during Simon's solo where I felt in complete shock as to how someone can play with such speed and accuracy. As for Luke. Well. I'm almost speechless. I don't think I have ever witnessed a more talented player, so quick and accurate, a true showman. Infact, the whole band rocked. This is the first Toto gig I have been to, and I only hope they play in the UK again v. soon. I'm so glad I saw them. The stage lighting and set was amazing, and it echoed the quality of the music, which covered everything from the old hits of Mama, through to 'Caught in the balance'. The guitar solos were truely fantasic, I still have them blasting in my mind! A big thanks to the guys for what was truely a great, great gig. One I won't forget. I now wait in anticipation for your next visit to the UK, I will be the first in line for a ticket!! Regards to fellow Toto fans.

In a few worlds-briliant-brilliant-brilliant.A truly outstanding show. The place was rocking.It was good to hear them play a lot of the stuff from the bobby kimball days. I have always been a toto fan but in 1992 i had the chance to see them while i was working in Singapore. This was my fifth concert. Lukes guitaring was excellent. Bobbys high notes were amazing (He must have been wearing tight trousers). Simons drumming was unbelievable. Davids keyboards superb as like the rest of the band.The only dissapointment was that they didnt play any of the "seventh one" and "isolation" stuff, but we cant have everything can we. Having bobby back really adds an extra dimension to the band. The stage and lighting were the best ive seen at any toto concert and was a good backdrop to an already good set. You guys really know how to rock and probably put a lot a new bands to shame when it comes to putting on a good show. Keep rocking.Do what the rooling stones do. Keep playing into your 60s becuase with a show like that you will never have a problem selling tickets. Keep up the good work and hope the 2nd leg goes well the entire band

ps When you release "livefields" the video please make sure it is released on DVD as well.
I went to the Birmingham show last night, sadly the only UK show on the world tour, but boy was I pleased that they came. It was an awesome night, the sense of expectation in the crowd before the gig started was massive and the intro going into "Caught in the balance" was fantastic. When Luke stepped forward to centre stage to play the solo, his sound was crystal clear and just perfect - this was going to be a great night. The return of Bobby Kimball was what I was looking forward to most and I wasn't disappointed, he had such enthusiasm and energy and his voice live was every bit as good as it sounds in the studio, it was great to have him back. The choice of material was spot on, covering every era of the band, the medley in the middle was perfect. Individual favourites were "White Sister", "Goodbye Girl" and "Mama". I'd forgotten how good these oldies were! As ever the band was so tight, with the solo spots not just being self indulgent displays. I thought that the backing vocals added so much on the night, providing that little bit of polish that adds so much. The show was practically two hours long and packed full of memorable songs that would take too long to mention, but a fantastic night and well done to the sound guys for an excellent mix. My only moan is for Luke to cut out the swearing, especially with kids at the gig on the front row, you're such a huge talent, we all love you, there's no need. Well done guys for a superb night, please come back to the UK soon, no one even comes close to your standards of musicianship and ability to give pleasure to many through music.

I would like to express my feelings as to the gig at the Nec in Birmingham last night, it was the single most enjoyable concert that I have ever been to and one which I will never forget. The 2 and a half years since Toto played in Wolverhampton have been too long and they must come back soon!!! Failing that a live video of any part of the tour would be a slight compensation. Cheers for a cracking night