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SALT LAKE CITY, USA — 11 September 1999
After reading some of the other reviews, I wanted to write and say how unbelievable this summer has been. Thanks to the Ninetynine Homepage (Thank You!!) I found out about and have been able to see the May 14th show in Vegas, the Blackfoot and the Salt Lake City show. All I can say is WOW. I live in Salt Lake and made the trek to Vegas back in May and was blown away. I had seen Toto before in Salt Lake on the Isolation tour - can't remember the year, but I do recall that when Luke was introduced that night he was congratulated on being a new father - anyway, it had been way too long to see Toto. So, some friends of mine went to the Vegas show, bought the Mindfields CD and I was jazzed. I never dreamed I would get to see them again this year, let alone twice. Highlights from the shows have been Jake to the Bone/Dave's Gone Skiing, White Sister, and Cruel. The word "Highlights" is a bit misleading as all of the songs, the musicianship and the performances at all of the shows were outstanding and Luke was a crack up with his humor and impersonations...."and I mean that!" One other defining moment that stands out for each of the shows is when Luke took center stage for the opening of his solo in "Caught in the Balance". Each show, after the first few notes sailed by I knew the night was going to be a good one. Some how that signaled that all cylinders were firing and Toto was back in town.
This summer will definitely go down as the summer of Toto in my book and many thanks to the band and the folks at the Ninetynine homepage.

I have to say that seeing TOTO live was one of the musical highlights of my life!! Steve Lukather has always been one of my top 5 favorite guitarists, so seeing and hearing him play live was a real thrill for me.
Having been a fan of the group since I bought the first album in '78, I was excited to FINALLY see the band for the first time! I kind of lost track of the group in the late '80's but after hearing "Kingdom of Desire" I had to hear more.
Having Bobby Kimball back made the concert even more special for me. No one sings like him and after all this time, he can still hit the high notes effortlessly.
I was embarrassed that there weren't more people at the show, (which was at the Utah State Fair) but there was practically ZERO promotion for the event!! I told a lot of people about it, and no one even had a clue that they were even coming to town. (of course EVERYONE in the whole State knew about the Britney Spears concert on the same stage the night before... What's wrong with this picture?)
It was a fantastic sounding concert with TONS of energy from the band! Steve said, "It's good to be back in Utah after 20 years!!" The crowd of appreciative fans went crazy and the energy between the group and the audience was contagious! Steve looked like he was still 29 with the energy of an 18 year old!!
The band played for a good 90 minutes and between the hits, the new material, the acoustic section, and the solos, we were treated to an incredible musical feast!! Why I didn't drag everyone I KNEW to that show... I'l never know.... HEY!! And I got a drumstick from Simon Phillips AND a pick from LUKE! What could be better?

David Paich, Steve Lukather
BLACKFOOT, USA — 10 September 1999
The TOTO-in-Blackfoot experience was very cool...
I would love to watch a dozen shows on this tour -- I could easily spend an entire concert just watching one of the cats play.
The Blackfoot audience loved TOTO:
- They loudly cheered after MINDFIELDS songs.
- They sung along throughout the show.
- They were amazed (they kept saying so) by the combination of TOTO's musical talent and sheer rocking power.
If this tiny town in Idaho can get a such a wonderful kick out of live TOTO, a U.S. tour should be a roaring success. I was talking with another fan who also attended one of the Las Vegas shows and we agreed that the crowd here was as enthusiastic as the hardcore TOTO fans who flocked to Nevada.
Blackfoot was a wonderfully bizarre dream. A beautiful American small-town state fair... complete with cow smells, fresh ice cream, carnival rides and TOTO. (It was very funny watching Steve Lukather in classic Luke/Sammy Davis, Jr. form while at the same time acting on Best Behavior for the family-focused crowd...)

"What an awesome show..." "These guys rock!" "Now that's a rock group..." "They kicked a**!" These were some of the many comments I heard after I saw the September 10th show in the VERY small town of Blackfoot, Idaho. But to me, this was the 4th show I've seen this year (Reno, San Francisco & Las Vegas), and these people were only reinforcing what I've known all along, that this is simply the....
But you guys already know that. So let me tell you how the concert went! The show was scheduled at 8:30, playing in the middle of a rodeo type arena, and the smell of manure and grass was everywhere! The crowd was mixed, but most people had no idea what to expect, especially since Styx and Billy Ray Cyrus had performed the last few days. I knew they were performing in Denver and Salt Lake, but I couldn't go to either shows. So, I flew from San Francisco to Salt Lake, and drove my rent-a-car 200 miles (with Mindfields blaring) to Blackfoot. I managed to stand right in front of the stage, normally where Mike plays. Finally, at about 8:35, Toto hit the stage! "Balance" was the opening song, and the boys started great! "Georgy Peorgy", "99" and then "Rosanna" woke up the crowd! Luke was in a great mood, talking every 2 or 3 songs, commenting on " it's been 20 years since they've been here..." sipping his Corona, he dedicated "I Won't Hold You Back" to the Idaho girls. Meanwhile, Bobby was belting out the hits, "Mama" ...He never lost a note. Then it was time for the mammoth "Jake To The Bone", Luke asked if there were any musicians in the crowd. Apparently, a lot! This is where Dave and Mike got to show off their stuff, and they did not disappoint! Dave's fingertips hit each note flawlessly, proving that he is one of the very best. Mike had a new buzz haircut, and his bass line was GROOVIN....argueably the most underrated member of the band, he was in complete sync with the band. And then, there was Simon. Simon, Simon, SIMON! The man is simply an octopus! His solo lasted at least 8-10 minutes! His arms and legs move faster than light, after watching him, you start to get dizzy! After "Jake", the crowd realized that this wasn't just any band! They kept it going..."Out of Love", "I'll Be Over You", "Better World", "Africa","Cruel"...I know I've missed a few..but they finally closed with "White Sister". Luke parted with, "..thanks for making this one of the best shows we've ever played!!" The crowd went nuts! They walked off the stage, but the crowd wanted more.
"TOTO! TOTO! TOTO! TOTO!" Finally, Toto came back on stage to roaring applause. After keeping the crowd on a high with "Goodbye Girl", Luke proceeded to introduce the group to the everybody, including the well deserved hidden members, keyboard whiz and backup vocals (J.J.) John Jessel, Tony Spinner on guitar, and the man with the crooning voice, Buddy Hyatt. Of course, the finale, "Hold The Line" brought down the house! And then, it was all over. As I left, these Idaho folk were just amazed. All you European fans out there..just prepare yourselves...I, on the other hand, walked out feeling the same way when I walked in...that there is no one who rocks better than TOTO.

John Jessel
DENVER, USA — 8 September 1999
Being only 17, this was the first Toto show I ever had the opportunity to see, and it was amazing! The incredible musicality of the band shows through live like nothing I've ever seen...flawless guitar riffs, piano licks, and an immortal rhythm section, along with the outstanding set of pipes on Bobby Kimball (it's good to have him back!) mixed for a truly great concert. And being right up front didn't hurt the experience either! They covered their entire musically history, performing songs from every Toto era I can think of. Old songs, recent songs, and brand new songs were all there, giving the audience a great overall picture of Toto's musical spectrum. was incredible! Thanks to all the guys for playing Denver, and thanks to Luke and Kimball for coming out and spending some time with us! They never cease to amaze!

Amazing treat!... to enjoy such superstars at a such a close, relaxed setting.
Great show...typical Toto-tight musically, punchin' percussion.. a blast of a time.
I really enjoyed the medley of older songs...short clips of songs from several albums...gave us the chance to hear more songs but leave time in the show for new tunes, and full versions of older songs I wasn't expecting but were great to hear live (White Sister, Girl Goodbye)...Fantastic!
Also great for Steve Lukather and Bobby Kimball to come out later and chat with the fans.
Super time.
Will be watching for more.!

Mike Porcaro, Tony Spinner, Buddy Hyatt
ATLANTIC CITY, USA — 9, 10 & 11 July 1999
I saw all three shows at the Atlantic City Hilton. I will tell you, the show's were well worth a flight from Oregon!!! Some of us had a chance to talk to Mike after the first show and he told us that they had not played together since the show in Las Vegas. Mike, humble in nature, made the comment that Saturday night's show should be better. I almost started laughing...thinking that Toto not at their best was still ten times better than any other band I had heard live. I was amazed at Bobby's vocal range. After Steve's big guitar solo and the band comes back out Bobby starts in by singing "Girl what's your name". He turns that phrase into a 30 second vocal masterpiece that sent the crowd crazy. Steve... He is definitely the crowd pleaser. He runs from one side of the stage to another just jamming on his guitar. All & all the best guitar player I have ever heard live!! Mike...He is the coolest. He hangs back on stage in his own groove. Very cool! David...His solo was just amazing. How he can switch from one music style to another so quickly and play it so well is beyond me. Simon...WOW!!! His drum solo is so cool. I have never been a big fan of long drum solos but I must say Simon definitely changed my mind about that. Toto is by far the best live band I have ever heard. I hope they come back to the U.S. soon. PS. come to Portland, Oregon people here really dig you guys!

Hello to all. I went & saw two of the Toto shows in Atlantic City, NJ. I was there for the shows on the 9th & 10th. All I can say is that I was totally floored! The entire show was awesome. I'm an avid fan & have every release. I was especially psyched to hear the tunes off of Mindfields. That album is so good, it's crazy that it hasn't been released in the US yet. Caught in the Balance was a really great opening tune, then right into Georgy Porgy into Rosanna. The acoustic set was just tasty. It was great to hear "The Road Goes On" in that set. That's my favorite tune from Tambu. Individually & together each member of the group is so talented. Simon's drum solos were unreal! In one part it sounded like he was playing alternating 8th & 16th notes with the double base & at the same time playing alternating notes with a crash cymbal & these four long tom-toms. It was just incredible. In reference to Luke what can you say? The first night, after his solo in Rosanna there were a bunch of us in the front bowing down to him & yelling "we're not worthy". And I must say, he does a really good Sammy. Bobby Kimball's vocals were right on. The man clearly has still got some serious pipes. David Paich is an incredibly tasteful musician. I do wish he would sing a little more lead vocals than he is these days. His keyboard solo after Africa is as good as it gets. Mike Porcaro's base playing could only be described as silky smooth. When he was playing he didn't move around much, but appeared to be in like a state of bliss with a smile on his face. All I can say is that I hope that it doesn't take another seven years to play the east coast of the US. You guys have got to play in NYC. I'm looking forward to the live disc. Keep rockin.

Both shows I attended in Atlantic City were absolutely incredible! They started the shows both nights with Caught in the Balance, with a really cool intro, which happens to be the "outro" if you will on Mind Fields. It was reminicent of the Who. All through the night you can hear hints of the guys influences throughout their musical lives. There is always somewhere in a Toto show a flash, if for only seconds, in Lukes playing of Jeff Beck. Luke was just awesome and he is just such a great spokesperson for the band! David was absolutely perfect and ever so tasty. Mike, quiet as usual is amazing and Simon hits so dam hard it amazes me every time when I see the little guy climb out from behind that huge Tama kit. Bobby Kimball just floored me with the range and power he had and Buddy and Tony did a great job in the back with vocals and even some added guitar parts. Last but not least, JJ behind David with the "3rd" hand on the keys and running all the MIDI Equipment. The guys played songs that ranged from Mind Fields to Hold the Line and everything in between! With Bobby back we were treated to songs like White Sister and Girl Goodbye that just can't be done with out BK. Those songs just had the entire room jumpin! I was upfront at the stage during those songs as Luke told us to "come on up and party" so we came down had had a great time. Toto seems to be the greatest secret in the USA. I am always amazed at how intimate a Toto show is and how much fun it is and how great this band is! I keep my fingers crossed for their return to the East Coast! We love you guys! Ya gotta come back! They played a solid 130 minutes worth of heart pounding electrifying music that can not be topped! I am enclosing a couple pictures I took at the Saturday night show which I give Toto99 permission to use in this review section! Enjoy!

Hi, I went to the Atlantic City Toto concert July 11th and I just wanna say Toto rules. Bobby Kimball how can you do it so well after all these years? You're awesome. Steve Lukather--you were so funny and you didn't forget the words like you were worried about. David Paich--Africa still sounds great. Simon Phillips on drums, Mike Porcaro, the two dudes beside're all great too. What can I say? I was proud to show to my cousin (I brought him to the concert with me.) what a great group you guys are. I hope you have another concert in the east coast because I'm an east coast girl. We drove a little over four hundred miles to get to A.C. but it was worth it.

I don't think I can say much about this tour that hasn't been said before, but I heard a few Toto-related bits about the same night. When I saw Toto at the Grand Theatre at the AC Hilton on Saturday 7/10, BOZ SCAGGS was in town right down the boardwalk AT THE SAME TIME! I kept praying that he'd come on stage during the encore to jam with Toto. Can you imagine Toto backing him for "Lido Shuffle" and "Lowdown"? (Of course, everybody knows that dear 'ol David Paich co-wrote those two tunes.)
Alas, the Boz didn't show up, but it was still one heck of a show!!!! They took the stage at around 8 and didn't come off until 10:15. They started with "Caught In The Balance", and everybody, including me, went bananas! The highlights are two numerous to mention, but David's keyboard intro and Bobby's opening unearthly wail for "White Sister" sent shivers down my spine. Other surprises included "You Are The Flower", "Out Of Love", and "A Million Miles Away". A nicely paced medley gave the band a chance to showcase tunes from a variety of albums. "Girl Goodbye" was an excellent choice to begin the encore, followed, of course, by "Hold the Line". Everybody was in great form, and the backing musicians were great. Also, if you can get a copy of the tour program, do it! It's absolutely gorgeous and decked out with wonderful "Mindfields" graphics; as good a treat for the eyes as the show was for the ears.
One more cool Toto coincidence of the night before I forget: supposedly, Fergie Fredriksen is touring with Spencer Davis as part of a nostalgia package tour, and he ALSO was in town! Another wasted guest opportunity!
In closing, I've got to say THANK YOU to the band for an amazing night that I'll never forget! I've been waiting to see them since the Summer of '82, back when it seemed "Rosanna" was ALL they were playing on MTV. Can't wait for the live album - please come back again! (I recommend the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA, a converted 20s movie theatre that has played host to Boz, Squeeze, Roger Hodgson, etc.) And another thank you to the guys at Toto99 - thanks for letting us know about the show, and kudos for the cool site.

I caught the show Saturday night at the Hilton Atlantic City, NJ. - my first experience to see Toto live, Luke would agree they don't visit the East coast that often. I'm from the Philly area and couldn't pass up the opportunity to head down the Jersey Shore and catch the show. And what a great show it was....
The Grand Theater seated about 1500 people, all banquet tables of about 25. Our group of 4 sat 1st row in front of bassist Mike Porcaro. Some of my highlights from the show were... I'll be over you, Rosanna, Toto's shorted Medley consisting of I Won't Hold you Back, You Are The Flower... and of course their encore's of Girl Goodbye & Hold the Line....
Bobby sounded great, shit that man can sing, my wife said after the show that he sure shakes his butt alot, you know, now that I think about he does!
Being a keyboardist, I truly miss Steve Porcaro on the keys, big man Paich holds his own behind the KX88 and 76... Hey, Steve P. wherever you are out there, get back with the boys... there ain't nothing like paying live in front of a crowd.
Toto is definitely one of my all-time favorites and I can only hope they make to the Philadelphia area once.... How bout' the Tower Theater guys ??

There are really no words to describe what the shows on Saturday and Sunday meant to me. I was absolutely, totally, and completely mesmerized. They began with "Caught in the Balance" and went into "Rosanna." Great! "A Million Miles Away," "Jake to the Bone," "Dave's Gone Skiing," "Cruel," "Better World," "Mama,'' ''Africa,'' ''Girl Good-bye,'' "White Sister,'' ''I'll Be Over You,'' '''Out of Love',' ''I Won't Hold You Back,'' ''99,'' ''Hold the Line''... (not in that order.) The atmosphere that the fellas created as they were performing their magic on the stage was absolutely astounding. I could feel that everyone who was there really LOVED the guys and their music and just how they played and how they acted. Luke, as always, was at his best with his humor and his incredible playing. His fingers were BLURRING! I couldn't follow him at all! Simon was phenomenal in his drum solo. I don't know how that guy moves so fast! Mike was always and forever in his own little world, grooving perfectly. During the Sunday show, at the end of "Africa," a bunch of guys started chanting "The Bass Player's Song!" over and over, and Mike was playing some really awesome stuff during the end of it. Paich... What can I say? The man is great! Some girls got up on stage and were dancing around during "Girl Good-bye" and they took his sunglasses from him, and he didn't miss a beat! They were dancing around the stage with the fellas, and everyone was having a great time. Paich's solo was great, and "Africa" itself sounded just like the album. Absolutely fabulous. Bobby Kimball... Oh man. That man hit EVERY SINGLE NOTE! He was on FIRE! Incredible! I was sitting with a family who had their 8-year-old son with them, and the light in this little boy's eyes as the show was going on told me that he is a Toto fan for life. After the show, he walked up to Luke, Bobby, Simon, and John Jessel to get their autographs, and I was really touched by how nice the boys were to this little guy. They were all like a bunch of fathers. I was very impressed. The kid adores the band now. Great stuff! So the show touched EVERYONE, young and old. It just goes to show that there ARE people left in America that know what GOOD music is.... It's a shame that none of them work at Sony. Anyway the show was the best experience of my life thus far (and I really mean that.... WOW...), and I hope that someday once again, I'll be able to experience the true magic of a show with Toto on stage.

Well, I got home to Long Island last night after attending Toto's opening night concert at the Atlantic City Hilton. As I sit here, I don't know where to start. I've been reading Toto concert reviews for a couple of years now (online, that is), and quite frankly have been more than a little jealous of all those lucky folks in Europe, Japan and elsewhere who have been fortunate enough to see Toto on a fairly regular basis. One of my biggest fears was the thought that I would never get the opportunity to see the band in concert; forget death...this was a fate much worse as far as I was concerned. Unlike many of you who have written, I had never seen Toto in concert. Twenty plus years later, 44 years old, the law of averages starts to catch up at some point, you know? When I saw the tour dates listed for Europe, I knew for me it would be a remote possibility. My husband has business associates in Italy, and through them he gave me the Mindfields CD for Easter (who needs flowers!). Of course after listening to it I became all the more bent to see a show. Then the dates for Vegas were listed, and I was as good as packed until I realized that the shows were booked for a few days before my son's Confirmation; now I really had a dilemma...God, Toto...God, Toto. I'm sure you can guess who I picked, but if you think it was an easy decision, think again. I'm sure the fact that I even debated the point has been duly noted in my file somewhere and will guarantee me a special spot for eternity. I was pretty bummed out, but I chose to have faith that it would all work out in the end. I was afraid to check the 99 Homepage for additional tour dates, so I avoided the web for a while. When I finally did look nothing had changed; why I looked again a few days later I'll never know, but when I saw Atlantic City posted there for July, I almost stroked out. Relatively speaking, I could throw a rock to Atlantic City...barring famine, flood and pestilence, I couldn't imagine anything standing in the way this time. And nothing did. Aside from giving birth and a few other occasions, I experienced one of the best nights of my life. Just to be with people who felt the same way you do was empty stares or hearing "Toto? Are they still around?" (thanks a lot, Sony). Before the show, I cracked up my table when I told them that I had lost 45 lbs. a few years back literally walking my ass off while listening (mostly) to Toto. Bet the band didn't know they were an effective weight-loss aid; who needs phen-fen! (I'm available for the infomercial, if Sony would like to explore this option.) The couple from Jersey sitting next to us, their first night out since having twins, he a big fan from way back...all he wanted was "White Sister" and "Girl Goodbye"...he got 'em both, a very happy man indeed. The young guy (early 20's), sitting next to me who was introduced to Toto by his uncles and who had endured the "bus trip from hell" to get to AC from St. Paul, Minnesota...he, like me, didn't have a particular song he wanted to hear...this was his first time too. We just wanted to see and hear Toto, and we were not disappointed. Luke joked that it had been a month since the band was together, and he was sorry for all the mistakes. If they were there, I didn't notice, nor did I care. The pure joy and enthusiasm for the material and each other that is so evident on their CD's translates tenfold onstage. Simon, honoring Jeff and still being his very own fabulous self, was fantastic. After his solo, I had to take a couple of Motrin 'cause my arms and legs were killing me just from watching him. Bobby, back from the abyss, looking great and sounding like no time had gone by...incredible. Mike, steady as a rock, no flash necessary, holding straight and strong, like a lighthouse in a hurricane. Luke, what could I say that hasn't been said a thousand times before, by people much more eloquent than I. During one of his solos I sat there with tears in my eyes, as I am now, because I just wanted to freeze that moment in time and never forget. I guess it worked. (However, I think it would add a new dimension to his performance if next time he really could pop out his eye and put it in a glass, a la you babe!) And David, the ever mysterious and magical Mr. Paich. The only person I know who wears his sunglasses more than I do. Probably the reason I fell in love with this band in the first, definitely the reason. I was so fortunate to be seated so close that I could see those magic fingers at work. I only wish he would have sung for us more...I don't think he realizes that his voice is as important to Toto as is Luke's or Bobby's. Like Luke, a true artist and an absolute joy to experience live. What a was a hell of a wait, but well worth it. I will continue to have faith that I'll get more opportunities to see them again before we all stiff out or worse. Other than not being able to stay and see the other shows (my 13 year old son only gave us a one night pass), my only regret is the missed opportunity I had.
Thank you guys so much for the gift that keeps on giving...thanks for hanging in there for us all these years as we've hung in there for you...and thanks for playing AC and making more than a few dreams come true. I had an absolute blast...can't wait for the next tour!

Well let me just tell you that without the Toto Web page I would have missed the greatest concert I have ever seen. In the past 20 years of listening to Toto and collecting their albums (now CD's), I have always wanted to see this band. This became a reality on Friday night in Atlantic City at the Hilton.
The concert started about 9:00pm and ended around 11:00. The selection of music was right on. Starting off with Caught in the balance just blew me away. Steve's guitar solo was hypnotic, Bobby's singing and intensity was flawless. Simon's solo was awe inspiring playing, and David's playing was genius, simply stated genius. Mike's playing was smooooooooooth. I felt the selection of music was great. When White Sister started I went nuts. The, as Steve put it " ...sensitive side of our show", was great, acoustic versions of Mama, 99, were great. I think that the most impressive was the performance of Jake to the Bone, Better World parts 1,2,and 3 and Cruel. The show ended with an encore of Hold the line and Good-bye Girl which again was flawless.

Steve Lukather, Bobby Kimball
I was lucky enough to have attended this show thanks to reading your web site a few days prior to the concert. Thanks to KLOS for the tickets, and I did not even have to do anything crazy for them! I have been going to Toto(and Los Lobotomy's) concerts since the "Isolation" tour and this was the first time I was able to see Bobby Kimball live. This was definitely the best Toto concert I have seen and the chemistry of having their original singer back in the lineup was definitely noticeable. There is no better band in the world than ToTo and it is a shame Sony in the U.S. are neglecting the latest release. I definitely enjoyed new additions to the set list from "Hydra" and "Turn Back". I was fortunate enough to run into Luke outside the club on the way in and as always, he was friendly and cool to me. I would really like to see this tour again in Orange County. The Galaxy Concert Theatre or Coach House would be great venues. Thanks Toto for a great night of music.

LAS VEGAS, USA — 14 & 15 May 1999
My friend and I decided that we would drive to Las Vegas and see TOTO (one of our all time favorite groups) play. What makes this interesting story, is that we are both from Calgary Alberta Canada, and it took us 22 hours to drive there! is that dedication or what! Let me tell you, it was worth the drive. What a pleasure it was to see one of the best bands ever! as long as these guys keep making records, I will be the first in line to pick one up! I did'nt know what to expect from the show, but what a performance. I see all sorts of concerts in large arenas and not one of them came close to the energy and talent of these guys.
Keep going guys!

The May 15th show in Las Vegas was a very special one for me. I have been waiting to see Toto since 1988, when my brother and I first heard "The Seventh One." And it just so happens that the 15th of May was my 25th Birthday. I couldn't think of a better present than seeing the best band in the world play live.
I must say that the 11 year wait was well worth it. My brother Jeff and I lucked out with 3rd row seats no more than 5 feet away from the stage. I can't remember ever hearing a better live performance, and Simons Drum solo was amazing, he must of gone on for 10 minuets so long that Steve walked out on the Stage and looked at his watch, and Steves acoustical set including "Out of Love was amazing. Steve kept the Fans going with his cool sense of humor doing his Sammy Davis JR. impression. The show was great and I hope Toto will play in the U.S. again soon.

I saw the concert in Vegas May 15.
Not only was the reunion awesome, I was able to buy the "Mindfields" cd. It has been impossible to buy the cd in the states, thanks for offering it at the concert.
As I'm writing this I'm listening to the Mindfields cd.
The guys were incredible and Simon, you sounded great, I've never heard or seen a drum solo so intense, not to mention so long, I was blown away, geat job!
Bobby, what can I say, he's still my favorite singer of all time, so intense and passionate, getting into every song he sings.
Luke, "He's The Man".
As far as guitarists go, no one comes close to Steve, he looked like he was having a blast up there, whaling on his guitar.
David, he looked too cool for words, he plays the keyboards with effortless ease.
Mike, keep thumping those strings.
Great to see Porcaro Sr. come on stage, he looked really happy.
Anyway, I will be there again if you come back, hopefully the San Francisco/Bay Area.
Thanks for the memories and what's still to come.

I just returned home (Kansas City) from Las Vegas where I was one of the lucky few who were able to attend one of the Toto shows at the Las Vegas Hilton. This trip was a gift from my girlfriend who knows how much I love this band and the work the guys do, but has never really been into it like me. It has been 17 years since I last attended a Toto concert and my but things have changed. Not only the lineup and all the music in between. The band has grown and matured into a real performance powerhouse. I saw this most in Luke. Having been thrust into the "front man" role for some time prior to Bobby's return, Steve really learned how to stretch his total performance. Now he's not just the best guitar player in the business, he's a complete performer.
There was a great mix of new and old in this show. Going all the way back to the beginning for unexpected works like "You Are the Flower", "Child's Anthem", "Mama" and "White Sister" was like losing those 17 years in between. The performance of the latest stuff from MINDFIELDS was tight and sounded great. They threw everything at us, even a cut down acoustic "set" of the quieter ballads like "99" and "I'll Be Over You".
This show, since as Luke said (in his best Sammy Davis voice) was to be the last for a couple of months, was a big party. It was obvious the entire band was having fun doing it. It's hard to stress how much this improves the overall experience. The guys were laughing, joking, hugging and delivered 2 hours of stellar music. They even dragged Mr. Porcaro (the "father of the band") up on stage to help out! Everyone had a ball, the extended individual solos were like clinics and overall, I couldn't have wished myself into a better place than I was that night. I was, of course, "sold" on them in 1977. The best testimony on this concert came from my benefactor who said afterward simply this; "That was the best concert I've ever seen." I replied, "And NOW you understand."
Thanks to all. Looking forward to the next time. Hopefully much sooner than 17 years from now.

I learned that Toto would be playing in Las Vegas thanks to the Toto99 web page. I immediately called and purchased two tickets to the May 15th show at the Hilton; one for me and the other for my 13 year old son who is a HUGE Toto fan (see, some kids have great taste!)
The concert was fantastic! Lots of energy and excitement. The band is TIGHT, the sound was good, it was a fabulous show. We were 7 or eight rows from the front on the aisle. Luke paraded right past us on one of his trips down the aisle while he played. The guy's just a little crazy, but man can he play. Of course you can say that about every member of the group.
Again, the show was great. We missed not hearing anything from "The Seventh One." I know Bobby wasn't on that recording and that the band may be sick of it, but it is still a great record. The new stuff is also great. Thanks for bringing C.D.s of "Mindfields." What a rip that us Yankees can't buy new Toto music until months after the rest of the world hears it. I KNOW that Toto would be selling out arenas and would be back on the charts here with even just a little promotion by Sony or whoever. The music has evolved and is as important today as it was when Rosanna or Africa graced the airwaves the first time.
There's still an audience here, guys. Consider a U.S. tour, I know you've still got a following in Salt Lake City and all around the States. What we need is a little more class and musicianship like Toto produces and a lot less crap from Revoltin' Boltin', Mariah the Pariah, etc.
Thanks for the show and please come back again soon.

I just got back To TORONTO CANADA from 3 awesome days in Vegas, the highlight of which was seeing TOTO for the first time in 11 years. Let me say this, these guys are an absoloutely incredible live band,they play soooooooooo tight and Bobby Kimball was f@#$%$# amazing, this cats(Steves Terminology) live vocal range is like nothing I have ever heard before, he sang his ass off and none of TOTOS other former lead vocalists could ever come close to Bobby. The first show clocked at 1 hr and 45 min, the second was 2 hours and 15 minutes and was outta this world. I met some great fans(Peter and John a few hours before Fridays show), no sooner than they had left, my friend and I were walking towards the casino and I saw David Steve and Simon, I literally froze for a moment, I saw Peter and John and let them know they were there, I met Simon and Steve, shook hands and got a couple of photos, this was an awesome thrill, these guys have been idols since I was 10 years old and I really gotta thank the guys for taking a couple of minutes to chat. The acoustics in The Hilton theatre are very very good, the second show we had front row seats just off from the centre I could reach out and touch the stage, Steve and Bobby were playing right in front of me (3 feet). they were high fiving fans, how many bands do that??, Steve was as usual quite humourous doing his Elvis and Sammy impressions, asking if anyone was actually winning at the tables and of course took a moment to Blast the Idiots and Sony USA, It WAS TRULY THE THRILL OF A LIFETIME!!!!!!!!, they played so many classic Toto songs, you are the flower, a million miles away, Georgy Porgy, Rosanna, Africa, Out Of Love, 99, ill Be Over You, A personal kickass favourite was White Sister sung with tremendous power and range by BOBBY, along with some Mind blowing solos, new material, the opener Caught In the balance was fantastic and Cruel had the place groovin, The Road Goes On, Simons Drum Solo in the second show was almost 15 minutes, it was the best drum solo I have ever seen in my life, the chops were awesome as is your lateral movement, it really blew me away, I think Steve felt the same way cause when he was ready to cut in Simon just kept going. Jake to the Bone was the best instrumental I have ever heard and it was dedicated by Luke to Jeffrey. Another Highlight was when Joe Porcaro came up on the stage for Africa, he got a very warm welcome. Steves Solo during Rosanna was awe inspiring. The encore consisted of Child's anthem and another personal favourite hold the line, during which Steve went along the front row and allowed some fans including myself to strum on the guitar........I cant wait till TOTO signs with a company that will support them in North America, they are the last and truly best pop/rock band with gifted talent left, MTV has such crap on it they would do themselves a huge favour by playing TOTOs music, Last I would like to say that I cant wait for a live video and cd from this Tour .AWESOME, THANK YOU TOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's about time! I have been a die hard fan of the boy's since I first heard Toto IV! (15 years!) People have always asked me when I would say "Toto rules" if I'd been to one of Toto's concerts. I have been saying no for fifteen years. Until last night when I FINALLY saw them in Las Vegas! I drove 450 miles one way just to get the chance to see them. Fourteen hours (round trip) on the road and I can easily say it was well worth it! I've never had so much fun in my life. Luke and the boy's make for a fantastic evening! I can now say that after fifteen years I have been to a Toto concert! Thanks guys! Your the best!

There are about 400 lucky fans smiling ear to ear today, after having spent Mother's Day evening in the sonic embrace of the supergroup "Toto", performing at Boz Scaggs club, "Slim's", in San Francisco. The surprise of the evening turned out to be the reunion of Bobby Kimball, absent from performing with the group for 15 years, with his old bandmates, who performed at their old friend Boz's as a tuneup for their tour in support of their new release, "Mindfields."
Steve Lukather filled the role of Master of Ceremonies with Leno-like timing, albeit tinged with Chris Rock-like observations of everyone from music critics to his current recording companies' position on not choosing to release their current CD in the US. The energy generated from the band's re-uniting with former lead singer Kimball was spontaneous: the crowd sensed the sheer joy that Bobby felt as he belted out all of his past hits, and sprinkled in some new gems from the latest CD.
David Paich enjoyed an evening of playing in front of hometown friends and family (David hails from Oakland), and Steve expressed a little disppointment that the band wouldn't be able to play that evening with Boz (he, too, was working), but Steve made it clear that the band owed Mr. Scaggs a huge debt for his participation in the elevation of their musical careers.
The band was truly faithful to many of their recorded arrangements, and despite the relatively small confines of the club, was able to reproduce their stellar sound. Jeffrey Porcaro fans were rewarded with Steve's dedication of the fusion-chops instrumental, "Jake to the Bone" to the much-missed beatmaster, with Mr. Simon Phillips locking with Bass-meister Mike Porcaro in this searing version off of the last CD Jeffrey recorded on, "Kingdom of Desire".
The band played spirited encores for the faithful, including a fabulous new ballsy, bluesy cut off of the latest CD, entitled "The High Price of Hate," punctuated with absolutely blistering guitar licks!
The musicians all took great delight in playing in this intimate setting, with the band taking any and all opportunities to acknowledge its' fans: there were innumerable playful glances, handshakes, and high fives with those fortunate to stand at the feet of the performers, whose stage was far smaller than they had become accustomed to playing on! Of particular note was Steve's repeated mention of having his microphone positioned in front of a big metal pole running from ceiling to floor, which he termed "a cruel joke" by the support crew, which took delight at the fact that it might have truly been done on purpose!
The night ended with a powerful rendition of "Hold the Line", which left the masses fulfilled in having seen Toto...Past, Present, and with the re-emergence of Bobby Kimball, very much looking toward the future!

OH. MY. GOD. "whooo..TOTO...whoooo"
I'm a 40 year old keyboardist. My band has always played as much TOTO as possible through the years. Just for us. Damn the audience if they didn't know the tune. I spent $35 to get the Japanese version of Mindfieds from the internet. I am a -FAN-. TOTO's motto should be: 'If it don't groove, it ain't shit"
My wife and I needed a getaway weekend from Seattle. San Francisco is only 2 hrs away by plane. On the recommendation from one of the TOTO mailing list folks, I booked 2 tickets to the show online, two airline tickets online, and called an old friend for a place to crash. I'll skip the 'tourist around the bay' day we spent before the show. San Fran is spectacular.
Standing in line, we couldn't help ourselves but break out in our best South Park 'whooo--toto-whooo' cheer. We were pleasantly surprised by fellow South Park fans joining in. As we entered the club (owned by Boz Skaggs, who wasn't able to attend the show), we were surprised how small it was (maybe 300 people?). Just a funky little bar with standing room only 'seating'. We were one of the first in, so we managed to get right by the bar, and sat up on a little ledge by the monitor mix.
Within the first 4 bars of the first song, you could tell that the boys were there to 'play'. Small stage, small light show, no big theatrical thing. Just a kickass band playing in a fun club on a sunday night to all their friends. It was relaxed. It was electric. And it was time to have FUN!
Luke was in RARE form, both playing gtr and relating to the crowd. The stage was SO small that the crew ended up setting his microphone up right in front of a big, black pole. He thought this was pretty darned funny, and made a number of appropriate jokes. He also seemed to have it in especially hard for the boneheads at the record company who won't release Mindfields in the states, as well as one particular 'boy band' that doesn't deserve the record selling success it has. (gosh, Luke...maybe TOTO should buy some matching Calvin Klien outfits and learn some cheeseball choreography...THAT'LL sell some records) Appropriate profanity was called for by Luke. And dutifully noted by the crowd.
TOTO never made it to Florida where I lived in 'the old days'. My loss. Oh, how I wish I had seen Jeffrey with the band. Simon, my hat's off to you. I know Jeffrey was smiling down on you with pride in San Francisco. You rock, groove and drive the band. Locked hand in hand with Mike, the groove never, never ended. Bobby, thank you for singing your ass off. David..thank you for the inspiration. This band is TIGHT and well rehearsed. Vocals parts shine with all appropriate harmonies, thanks to an additional gtr/singer, keyboard/singer, and stand-alone singer. I'm a picky person when it comes to live shows and parts being played properly. I wasn't disappointed with the performance or arrangements. DAMN good. Thanks, TOTO, for caring enough.
The set list was a great combination of the obvious sure-to-please hits, album cuts (White Sister/Girl Goodbye/Mama!!), new acoustic arrangements (99!), and new material. My ONLY sadness is that I would have loved to heard more of the new album. I hope the tunes are there for the overseas shows. And there weren't any $20 T-shirts for sale :>)
2 and a half hours. 3 encores. Too many chilling moments to recount. A night we'll never forget. My brain is still swimming. And I'm still smiling. other thing to all of you who see the show. Try and swing by the front-of-house soundman and thank him on your way out. He is the unsung hero. It doesn't matter WHO the band is, this guy can make or break a show, and, in this case, he TOTALLY made it. Slims' looks like a cave. VERY difficult room to work. Luke, give him a raise. He smokes. Yeah, it was loud, but it was CLEAN. A superb, excellent mix. Thank him for all of us.

Mike Porcaro
RENO, USA — 8 May 1999
Right off the top...this show kicked ass! I've been following the band since the very beginning, and unlike a lot of other 20 year veterans, Toto has weathered the test of time, and will take their rightful place in music well into the 21st century.
Bobby Kimball, back after a mere "16 year vacation" as Luke put it, deserves everyone's admiration. Not only can he still hit all the notes in 'Mama', 'Rosanna', and 'Hold The Line', he's doing it with ease plus, he's throwing in vocal acrobatics like it was 20 years ago. Hats off to Bobby! Way to show the skeptics, that some things only get better with age.
For die hard Jeff fans, I can only believe that everyone loves what Simon Philips brings to the band. The crowd showed their appreciation for Simon and their respect for Jeff, after a blistering rendition of 'Jake To The Bone'. Simon does not pretend to be a replacement for Jeff, but he is a welcome addition to the Toto family.
As quiet as Michael Porcaro is...he speaks volumes as a master of modesty and subtlety. Never over playing, always adding just the right note to create that special Toto voicing, and being one with Simon at every turn, makes Mike what he truly is...the "heart and soul of the band", and that's exactly how Luke introduced him.
I had read in previous reviews that the keyboards had been lost in the mix. Well, that certainly was not the case in Reno, Saturday night. Nothing could be further from the truth. David Paich was definitely in the mix, and his playing was superb. All of his solos were flawless and the out section of Rosanna was especially a treat. The playful dueling between Paich and Luke was inspiring. These guys truly understand what it means to listen, and that's what sets them apart from the rest of the pack...'Past To Present'.
Luke was in fine form. Between the hellacious solos and his vocal work...he also managed to pull off a great impersonation of Sammy Davis Jr. It certainly put the Silver Legacy Casino venue in the proper perspective, not to mention the obvious connection between his 2nd solo release "Candyman" and Sammy's classic version of "The Candyman Can". Luke also managed to mind his language, as he was informed that it was a 'family show'. Along with all the other tunes that were mentioned in previous shows, Luke pulled off a wicked acoustic version of "Out Of Love". No small feat considering the range involved.
All in all, the 1600 people that attended the show, all went away more than happy. I for one flew in from Vancouver BC. in Canada, to see this one...and I'm glad I did. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to their manager from Fitzgerald/Hartley. She was very pleasant and seemed genuinely hopeful when I told her that there was interest from some venues up here for Toto to play. So keep your fingers crossed all you Toto fans in Canada...I'm doing my best to make it happen here in BC. perhaps you could do the same where you are.
Thank you and all, for making Saturday night in Reno...a night to remember for me and 1599 other people. For all the gamblers...the real money was on Toto all the way. It's not that often that everyone goes away a winner, but we did that night. Here's to 20 years of great music and continued success into the new millenium.

I am a fourteen year-old teen who has loved Toto since I was about seven. I have always been looking forward to seeing Toto and when I found out that they were playing in Reno, I immediately asked my dad if we could go and he said that we could. The concert was just awesome! There were about 3 other kids my age and all of us were gathered around the stage.
Steve and Dave were nice enough to come up and give the people by the stage hi-fives. When the band started to play "Hold The Line" Steve told me and the other 4 kids that we could go up on stage, so we did. That was probably the best experience of my life, it was just AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! About 10-15 people were on stage just dancin and singin, the best part was that David gave the mic to me so I could sing into it and I DID!!!!!!!!!!!! It was my first concert and it turned out to be probably one of the most happy experiences of my life. If the band is reading this, I just wanna say, "Thanks Guys, You were awesome, Rockon Toto!"

HOUSE OF BLUES L.A., USA — 4 & 5 May 1999
Was in town from Chicago and had tickets with a friend to see Toto for the Tuesday May 4th show. What can one say but just purely awesome! I think enough's already been said about that show. However, I couldn't help but come back the next night and see the Wed show as well! Even though House of Blues told me over the phone that tickets would be sold out, I showed up anyway and they were selling tickets at the door by the boat loads. The energy outside waiting to get in was electric - I could tell it was going to be a great night when David Paich walked in past the crowd and smiled. He looked liked a man on a mission.
This night had the added surprise of Lenny Castro sitting in on congas for most of the concert!! Cool!! The added rhythms along with "Simon the Superman of the drums" really elevated the band another level for this night. It looked like a lot of the bands family and kids were in the audience in the front row of the balcony - this seemed to really inspire the band and, in my opinion, this night had even more energy, inspiration and power than the first night. Simon ("Simoan," as Luke would say in his british accent) took a much longer drum solo that was beyond category as well as Luke stretched longer on his stand alone solo. Bobby Kimball again hit each and every note - amazing!! How does he do it?
Luke described "Mindfields" the new import album as their "number one on the plywood charts" in the US. I can't believe that the album hasn't been released over in the states - what are the record companies thinking? Oh ya - that's right - they don't think!! Luke had a personal description for the record companies which I'll leave to your imagination - I'm sure you'll you figure it out!
THE MOST IMPORTANT THING . . . . EVERYONE MUST KNOW IS THAT THE NEW ALBUM "MINDFIELDS" IS AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON.COM - I GOT IT FOR $32.00 INCLUDING SHIPPING. It's simply AWESOME!! Buy it, open it up, put on track 12 "Cruel World" and turn it up REAL REAL loud. You'll have the time of your life.

Finally a dream came true !! I've been trying to see Toto since Hold the Line was released and I thought I would never have the chance to see them. I'm a very hard core fan of Toto. Their music has been ( and still is ) the soundtrack of my life. There is no place or experience that I've been or lived in my life where there was not a Toto song playing. Every time I hear " Could this be love" or "Home of the Brave" I get goose bumps and I go back in time. And this is happening with so many songs !!! Last night at the House of Blues I could not believe that it was really happening. Steve, David, Simon, Mike and all the others where right there, 10 feet away playing the soundtrack of my life. What a trip! I 'm originally from Italy, and I moved here only four years ago. I couldn't believe that THE Best rock band around was practically disappeared here in the States. What is wrong with Sony's producers? Instead of producing shit like Michael Bolton (i'm just quoting Steve) or Spice Girl, or all the garbage playing on MTV and VH1 why they don't try to understand what real music is? I almost killed a poor guy in a record store yesterday when he told me "Toto?? oooh yeah, that band from the eighties..." Talking about the Toto performance, I was so glad that Bobby Kimball came back. He has such a power and determination in singing till his lungs explode. I'm sure that all the fans and the band members missed him all these years. Since I never seen Toto before, I didn't realize how good was Simon at the drums . Who is he? E.T ? I work out a lot, and to do what he did those 6 minutes on his solo it takes such a kick ass preparation and power. I only saw another drummer in the past doing what he was doing. His name was Billy Cobham...
I consider David Paich the spinal chord of Toto, the way he writes and performs on stage is unbelievable, too bad he didn't get to sing Holyanna. Mike Porcaro is such a talented person that sometimes you don't even realize the great impact that his sound has on Toto's songs. Last but not least Steve Lukather. There are four guitar player that in my opinion are above any other musician performing with that instrument: Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Steve Ray Vaughan, and Steve Lukather. Steve is an unbelievable musician. I know for fact that the sounds that he could make with that guitar are virtually impossible if you don't have a particular gift. Steve Lukather is probably the best rock guitar around right now and he showed it big time the other night. I probably sound like a sixteen years old teenagers in all this comments, but Toto has been such a great part of my life that I feel very involved with their music. They play at another level, and their music is extremely fresh and powerful.
Thak you Toto for showing up in L. A. !!!

P.S. Why I can't find Mindfields in any store? I can't believe this shit! I'm gonna write to Sony right now !!!!
WOW! Anyone who says that these guys are an old forgotten dated band has not got a clue. Toto is not doubt a band of musical superiority. I do not believe in calling any one musician nor any one band "the best". However, last nights performance at the "The House of Blues" only reaffirms the level of musicianship that Toto has been always known for (although not always given its due, especially by the 'critics').
First off - let me say that it truly is a shame that the new album, "Mindfields" is so difficult to find in the USA. I had to search a great deal at many stores in the import section. Hands down - It is well worth getting. The material is strong through and through and shows the musical diversity these 'cats' have.
The opening tune was 'Caught In The Balance' from the new album and it gave the band a strong first impression on the audience and proved that Bobby Kimball is as strong as ever. The mix of material from every stage of their career as a band all stood up to time and showed how each of them know how to be musically simple when it is appropriate and in your face chops (Dave's Gone Skiing/Better World, etc) when they want to.
A major highlight of the show was by all means every one of the songs they performed. But to 'one-up themselves', for an encore Luke introduced the legendary Edgar Winter onto the stage and it made the night one to be long remembered. Edgar was HOT and led the band through a blues jam (simple but so effective) that not only allowed everyone to show their stuff, it showed how mature the band is as a group and as individuals since it was completly unrehearsed. Improvisation was the highlight and these guys knew how to have fun and yet show that they can be masters of nearly any musical idiom. Edgar nearly stole the stage with his sax playing and 'scat' improv. The trading of 'licks' between Edgars voice and Luke's guitar was brilliant and the audience ate it up. And then Edgar took a couple of licks and through them at Simon who gladly returned the volley. Al Jarrau - look out. I had no idea Edgar could do that (I would pay top dollar to get a recording of this performance - brilliant). It was also great to see Steve Porcaro back on stage during the encores.
Although Steve can be crued with the humor (which he does so well), he and the band also showed how much they appreciate their loved ones (friends and family).
One final comment - both the new CD and this show demonstrates not only the music growth and maturity but a strong sense of maturity as people. As Luke sings on "Better World" "...the things we believed are no longer true. 'Cause we're older now, so much wiser than before".
Thanks TOTO.

I have been a Toto fan for so many years from TOTO to TURN BACK to KINGDOM OF DESIRE to IV to DUNE. Lukather is the absolute best. His guitar virtuosity is unmatched in today's marketplace. He is one of the last of the great studio and live musicians. I attended the concert last night at House Of Blues in LA, the second of its kind. Seeing everyone back together was fantastic. I still miss the frenetic and ethereal drums of Jeff but Simon kicked some major ass specifically during his solo halfway through the set. Most bands will just play a small set. They don't seem very much into it but Toto came out and blasted along for close to three hours. Unbelievable. You guys just like to Jam and get it on. From the intensity of OUT OF LOVE to the energy filled rendition of ROSANNA to Steve's great rendition of I WON'T HOLD YOU BACK to the spectacular closure of HOLD THE LINE, it was ripping roaring time. For those three straight hours, it felt like I was in a kick ass club with a great stadium rock band. Most people don't get that opportunity. Even cooler were the instrumentals where everyone truly got to see the great instrumentation of the band. From the first cut from TOTO to the instrumental from KINGDOM OF DESIRE, the band was totally one. Steve's humrous roasts and ode to Billy Idol kept the house laughing and charged. The most exciting and toe tapping element of the entire set was the ending performance with Edgar Winston, a blues legend, coming on stage to perform with the guys. Watching Steve match him note for note in perfect tandem was insane. I hadn't seen something like that in a long time. With Bobby Kimball jumping into the mix mid-tier, I really got a sense for what America has been missing from Toto. I had been in Paris last May when Toto made an appearance at the Virgin Megastore. Most people in the States don't realize or appreciate what Toto is: one of the all time great legendary bands. I hope they do soon. Toto has been missed but I think they knew LA had love for them out last night in full force.

May 4, 1999 House of Blues
Okay, I hope the band reads this one.
First off, the concert was UNREAL! This was my fourth Toto concert. These guys are not only some of the best musicians, but collectively are truly awesome. What a sincere pleasure to see this band. It's such a rarity these days to have the opportunity to see a band as talented as Toto. I'm 37, and grew up listening to similar bands and really appreciate any chance I have to see them. So, you can imagine how psyched I was see Toto...especially at the House of Blues which is a smaller venue.
Lukather is such a virtuoso of the guitar. I'm not even a guitar player (obviously in the minority at a Toto concert) and frickin flipped just watching and listening to him. His energy, style and charisma is simply icing on the cake to a super talent. He seems like such a warm and cool guy too.
Being a drummer I somewhat gravitated towards Simon. I just can't get over this guy. My first thought was to go straight to my set and emulate Simon...then I thought, "yeah right...don't think so". He's just unbelievable. I love his style and playing. Simon, Jeff and Steve Smith have to be my favorite drummers.
Bobby Kimball was simply amazing. I've seen a few Reunion Tours of other bands, and the lead vocalist naturally isn't able to hit all the high notes like the 'gold old days', but Bobby hit every single one, and then some. It was great to see Bobby back with them.
Guys, I just want to thank you for an awesome show, and continuing to support your fans by touring. I realize that the demand for 'real music' in the U.S. isn't what it was, like years ago. I think MTV, rap, etc just infected the music scene with sheer crap...and I can't even believe the youth of today bought it. I guess they just wanted a change. I just hope that it all circles around, and maybe one day soon people will appreciate the music, not the image.
Again, thanks....and best of luck.

Well it's been like TOTO week in California. From watching them perform with Billy Idol at Tina and Trevor Lukather's (Luke's kids) school on Friday the 30th in wich they did "Jake to the Bone", "Georgy Porgy", a Jam with Trevor Lukather on Drums and then "White Wedding","Rebell Yell" and "Money Money" with Billy on vocals. Crazy thats all I have to say about that. From Billi's signature punch trowing anntics and heavy metal posses to the one in a lifetime chance of seeing Luke ripping some amazing guitar work on guitar classic like "Rebell Yell". Awsome.
Then it's time for Guitar Center's Rockwalk induction of TOTO on Tuesday the 4th. Great recognition for the band although it wasn't schedule at a time of day were the fans could actually show up for it. I had to call in sick at work in order to be there. But despite of that, there were a lot of fans and celebrities like Steve Vai, Jennifer Batten, Carmine Appice, Billy Sheehan, Fee Waybill, Jeff Porcaro's family, etc. It was very emotional for me as a fan to finally see my band being recognize here in the States were for most people TOTO either dissapear a long time ago or is just a joke. Specially in California were you only hear about the "flavor of the month" on radio or TV, and so happens that TOTO ins't it right now. Well enough of my rage.
Then it's the actual show, for the first time since 1993 TOTO it's playing the House of Blues in LA. "Caught in the Balance", "Tale of a Man", "Rosanna", pretty much the same song list that I've seen on most reviews. I was right in front of Luke for every solo and "holy s#*t" what a f#*ING solos were those. God bless him. Bobby's vocals amazing, this cat is as bluesy as he is of a soulful rocker. It's like having a male Aretha Franklin mixed with the soul of every hard rock singer in the planet. Freakin Simon Phillips, this guy actually sounds like two drummers at once,it's like he has two brains working at the same time. (I wonder if he's actually using his two heads for this...hmm.) Paich what can I say a world class musician, a master at the keys. The only thing I did't like was that he did't sing more. Mike the man in the pocket, this guy really carries the band with one of the most solid bass lines ever played. A true master. Special Guest keyboardist Steve Porcaro for "Hold the Line" and "Girl Goodbye" truly a very emotional surprise for us. The back up musicians were great, amazing vocal harmonies and background wall of sound.
I don't know what else to say but THANK YOU to the band: It's been really the happiest day of my life. Even though I don't know you guys personally I feel like you are family to us and like family we are proud of you.
P.S. F#*k Sony records in the US for not backing up the band. Thank you...

Just got back from the House of Blues show in Hollywood (Los Angeles). All I can say is incredible!
The show was so powerful! In this day of recycled, derivative pablum, especially in the U.S., it was so refreshing to see Toto again. Their combination of high energy, sensitivity and master musicianship is just unbeatable!
With the exception of three songs from the new album, the show covered most of their past albums. The "unplugged" set was great with "I'll be over you" being a highlight. One of the new songs, I believe it's called "Cruel World" is amazing!
Bobbie Kimball is back and better than ever! I'm amazed he can still hit those high notes.
I loved Steve Lukather's tribute to Jeff Beck within his solo! The highlight of the evening for me was at the end of David Paich's solo. He hinted at going into the intro to "Hydra", but then the rest of the band came back on and they went into "White Sister". I think the roof was lifted a few feet!
Cheryl Lynn, who sang on "Georgy Porgy" on the album, came out and sang her part incredibly! The cool thing about L.A. is you never know who will show up!
I think the show was bittersweet for the band. They were finally playing their hometown again after probably six or seven years (The last time was the tribute to Jeff at the Universal Amphitheater). Here is one of the best bands in the world that has been around for twenty-two years and they are playing a venue that holds five-hundred people. While it is a great and intimate setting, they deserve much more respect than that! Steve ranted a bit about the lack of support from the record label. I don't blame him at all. "Mindfields" isn't available domestically in the U.S.
Music in the U.S. has been reduced to the lowest common denominator. Basically it comes down to the following qualifications if you want to make it in the music business today: must be cute, under 30, have no discernible talent and have no more than two weeks experience playing your instrument. Enough of my rant. Thanks for a great show! Keep it up!

VENTURA, USA — 2 May 1999
HOUSE OF BLUES L.A., USA — 4 & 5 May 1999
I will make it short and sweet, which is hard to do when you want to say so much about the band that has inspired you from the very beginning.
I was lucky enough to attend two TOTO shows in one week! I saw the show at the Ventura Theater in Ventura CA, USA. I was blown away by how great they sounded. Bobby's voice is just as powerful as the first album they cut!! It was a real highlight when Bobby threw the mic down in front of the stage to Cheryl, she was standing just a few feet from my wife and I, when she started to sing "To Be Real" not a Toto song but it sure added to the show. Everybody around us started dancing and grooving to the music. The Ventura is a good place to see shows because it's a small venue and intimate for the fans.

Then I went to the House of blues on the 5th and WOW they burnt the House down! I saw some other musicians there. John Tesh was walking around and my old friend Jimmy Huan (Monster Guitar player) who introduced me to the band back in the early eighties at Leads rehearsal studios in N. Hollywood, and Michael Sherwood was there (His voice is backing vocals on the song Lea) You could sense that there were a lot of music people there.
Then when they brought out Edgar Winter at the end of the show WOW! They just had fun doing some blues stuff. Edgar traded vocal licks with Luke and Simon. (It was improv) All of these guys are the kind of guys that you'd just love to hang out with and jam around musically. (It could happen you never know) Toto if you read any of this HEAR ME NOW....YOU BETTER COME BACK AGAIN SOON...YOU HAVE FANS THAT LOVE YOU GUYS HERE IN SO CAL!! THANKS FOR THE GREAT MUSIC AND SHOWS.

I had the distinct pleasure of going to both the Ventura Theater gig, and the first night of the House of Blues gigs (last night). That show last night was INCREDIBLE. Truly.

5/4 House of Blues
There was a tiny bit of feedback that lasted throughout the show (on Luke's mic, I think), but that did not stop him, or distract us, for one second. Bobby's voice was in top form - Absolutely wonderful. Simon was, well, Simon. The octoped. I can't describe his solo, whole performance - It was superb, but I'm biased. One of my friends said that she could feel the drums in her chest, but she's biased too. The whole band was just electric last night. It was the best show I think I've seen of theirs, and I saw a week's worth in Europe, too. Steve Porcaro joined the guys for a few songs at the end - It was a wall of sound. So exciting! Of course, the audience was going nuts. I'm STILL reeling. And looking forward to tonight (lucky me!).
The set list consisted of pretty much the same songs as the European gigs - The one big change was Georgy Porgy, sung with Cheryl Lynn, which was funky and cool. Luke made a hilarious comment on the upcoming reviews of the shows - I hope the critics that were there paid attention to the show and write accurately about it. They cannot find fault with that show.
I also managed to go to the Rock Walk of Fame induction at the Guitar center yesterday. That was a nice "ceremony" - The band received plaques and commendations from the Mayor. Luke, Dave, Mike, Simon, Bobby and Steve Porcaro put their hands in the cement (I heard Steve P. made it look like he had six fingers!). I hope I haven't forgotten anyone - I do remember seeing seven plaques, but I would think that would be for Jeff. Dave dedicated the induction to Jeff. There were a number of other musicians and press there for the induction.

5/2 Ventura Theater
This was a more difficult gig than the House of Blues, simply because the venue set tables up all the way to the stage. What a mistake! It took the band until the middle of the show to convince people to get up out of their seats and enjoy themselves. I, of course, was dancing in the aisles (with my mother) on the third song, but that's another story. It's a great theater (needs work) - But I think the venue management lost the plot slightly on how to throw a gig. Despite that, though, Luke got everyone up and singing along. As always, "Hold The Line" almost brought the roof down.

David Paich
VENTURA, USA — 2 May 1999
On Sunday evening, May 2, Toto performed at the historic Ventura Theatre. This was the first time I'd seen Toto in concert since the Past-to-Present tour, and I was particularly looking forward to seeing Bobby Kimball with the band again.
Overall, it was a great concert. The venue was small, which made for a somewhat cozy and intimate atmosphere, and the audience was excited and enthusiastic, which the band clearly enjoyed.
The set list (in no particular order) included: Caught In The Balance, Child's Anthem, Georgy Porgy, You Are The Flower, Girl Goodbye, 99, White Sister, A Million Miles Away, Rosanna, I Won't Hold You Back, Africa, I'll Be Over You, Out Of Love, Jake To The Bone, Dave's Gone Skiing, The Road Goes On, Tale Of A Man, Cruel, Better World, and Hold The Line. I was not expecting You Are The Flower, Tale Of A Man, Child's Anthem, and A Million Miles Away, and I was delighted by them. Out Of Love also came as a surprise to me, and Luke sang it better than what's-his-name did on the record. A few days later, the songs that in my mind stand out as being particularly well done are Girl Goodbye, White Sister, Cruel, Rosanna, and Africa, although the last two are on the list probably only because it was such a joy to hear them sung by Bobby instead of a backup vocalist.
And what a joy it was to have Bobby back. He clearly enjoyed himself and sung his heart out. Unfortunately, it seems that the years may have taken their toll as there were a few high notes that he didn't quite hit. Or perhaps he just had a (relatively) bad night. However, he sounded awesome--that man can sing!--and is a tremendous asset to the band.
If Luke had bombed as a guitarist, he might have made a career for himself being a comedian--he was hilarious! He introduced Jake to the Bone as a number that "you definitely can't dance too--at least not the middle part, anyway" and described Bobby Kimball as having been "on vacation for 16 years...and he still doesn't have a suntan." These alone are not what made him funny, but I shall refrain from describing the rest as this site is no doubt a "family" Web site. (If you were there, you know what I mean...and my apologies to those of you who weren't there.) His playing was superb; not much need be said about his performance. As he is my favorite guitarist, however, that is not exactly an objective opinion.
Dave was quiet, as he usually is. Although he's a solid player (and a great composer and producer), I miss the keyboard sound that the band used to have up until Kingdom of Desire and can't help but wonder if that has something to do with Steve Porcaro's departure. I don't think Dave has gone skiing; I think he went on vacation and never really came back to Toto full time. He doesn't seem to write as much as he used to, and his lead vocals have been conspicuously absent from recent albums. But I digress. He performed a nice solo, which included the opening theme of Hydra, and played well all evening.
Mike was characteristically low key, providing (along with Simon) a solid foundation. Being a Chris Squire fan, I sometimes wish that Mike would cut loose once in a while; I'm curious as to how that might affect Toto's overall sound. He gave Luke an "appropriate" introduction, after which the audience actually booed Luke. :-)
Simon is an awesome drummer, period. I knew this for years before he joined Toto, and the band is incredibly fortunate that he signed up. He played well, and his solo was the best of the night's. Simon doesn't have to fill Jeff's shoes; his own shoes are just as big. Although I miss Jeff's style, Simon's contribution to Toto's sound is just as great. Suggestion: let's end the Jeff-Simon comparisons. Simon proved himself long before he joined Toto, and anyone not convinced of that needs to give Tambu and Mindfields a good listen.
About a week before the show, I heard a rumor that Joseph Williams might be putting in an appearance. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. It would have been great to have both Bobby and Joe on stage. However, Toto did have a surprise for us: Cheryl Lynn came on stage to sing her part for Georgy Porgy. Later, the band had a surprise for her and a treat for the audience: they played part of Got To Be Real, and Bobby handed the microphone to her in the audience so she could sing along. Toto had another treat for us as none other than Lenny Castro came on stage and played with the band.
Toto played an awesome concert, and the audience loved it. The concert was certainly great for me as I had flown to Los Angeles from Hawaii just to see Toto. After the show, I wished I had planned to be in LA longer so I could also catch one (or both!) of the two shows in Hollywood. Oh well, maybe next time.

Hi !
Well, went to the Toto show last night... Had a great time, bringing back lots of fond memories, and also realizing just how great a band they are. Here are the good, and not-so-good, points of the show, IMO, of course...
First the good. Bobby Kimball, now back with the band after a 16 (!) year absence, is truly an AMAZING singer. He sounds _better_ than he _ever_ did on the recordings, or at _least_ as good, and his showmanship, although still very much rooted in the 80's style, is really great... I was amazed at just how marvelous a singer he still is after all this time, and he's got such an amazing range, it's a joy to watch and listen to him... Can't say enough about him. What a welcome return !
Next - Steve Lukather. He's a true guitar god, and his solos are incredible. He delivers so much raw energy, you get goose-bumps just watching him play... He's really into the " grunge / badboy " look these days, and it's a sharp contrast to Bobby Kimball's " 80's " look... " Luke ", as he's called, is fully-tatooed, and looks like a punker, but his guitar sound is pure gold. A gifted singer and writer to boot, it was so wonderful to listen to him.
Simon Phillips, although _not_ Jeff Porcaro, ( who is ?!? ), was awesome. He kept everything going splendidly, and his chops are a sight to behold. Not quite the " groove " player that Jeff was, he was definitely in the " Rock " vein, as opposed to Jeff's more " Funk " approach. Nonetheless, he really rocked the house... A great drum kit, too !
Two added bonuses ; Cheryl Lynn ( the singer of the disco/funk hit " Got To Be Real ", which was written, nonetheless, by David Paich and David Foster ), was there to sing " Georgy Porgy ", and sounded _ just like the record_ ! It was so fun to see her there and to come out and sing with the band ( I didn't know that THAT was her on the original recording ! ) Also, they did a small bit of " Got To Be Real ", and the crowd loved it, of course ! On congas, longtime Toto recording percussionist Lenny Castro was there too, not playing much else but congas... He's wonderful, but didn't do a whole lot to the sound. But his presence alone was very cool...
Now the " Not-So-Good ". I don't want to say " bad ", because the entire show and everyone in it was great, of course. But there _were_ things that were questionable, IMO. And they were...
David Paich. David is truly one of the great recording keyboardists of all time, period. His songwriting, orchestration, and inventiveness are truly _one-of-a-kind_. I am probably one of his biggest fans, and always will be. With that said, his playing was very much below what it should've been in this live situation. The whole show was buried underneath a wall of guitar and drums, with Paich barely " peeking out " with bluesy/rock piano licks here and there. My point ? It was WAY too guitar-based of a show for my tastes ( as great as Luke is and was ). It was almost like Paich really didn't even need to be there, as you never really heard him over the thunderous guitar "wall ", all night. Paich is such a great player, but you'd never really know it by THIS concert set. I truly miss the Paich/Porcaro keyboard team, as I think Steve Porcaro's influence in the band really helped bring the keyboards more to the front. C'mon David - give Steve Porcaro a call, and let's get the REAL Toto keyboards back again !!
In the bass department, Steve and Jeff's brother, Mike Porcaro, was there... Mike's a decent player ; not flashy by any means, and I guess that's OK, especially against the stark contrast of wildman Luke and screaming Kimball...
The second guitar player and back-up vocalist were very non-descript, and I think Toto wants it that way - They had your typical " I wanna be a rock star in L.A. " look, but seemed to competently " flesh-out " the supportive guitar and vocal parts, respectively...
And that's it, really... The newer material they played, with it's guitar/rock edge, definitely isn't even close in quality to their older " hits ", and although it's admirable that they're still trying to get another " hit " with the new tunes on their upcoming album " Mindfields ", they're not even close, again, IMO. And the hits they DID play, too... Great renditions of " You Are The Flower ", " Girl Goodbye " ( Kimball sang his ASS off on these !! ), " Africa ", " Rosanna ", " 99 ", " You Know I Won't Hold You Back Now ", " I'll Be Over You " ( both done VERY well by writer/singer Lukather ! ), " Georgy Porgy ", " Child's Anthem ", and the closer of the show, " Hold The Line ".... All were done VERY well, and again, these guys TRULY rocked the house.... Notably missing from the songlist : " I'll Supply The Love " ( too bad !! )...
A great show with a great band. The place was packed ( 1,250 people )... I had front row seats, with an excellent view of everything... The sound engineering, IMO, left MUCH to be desired - the mix wasn't that great, and was very mid-rangey... the Ventura Theater is a good-sounding room, but the engineers, IMO, didn't get the best out of it, or their gear... But the band played great ( albeit without much keyboard sound from Paich ). These guys are a great ROCK band, but could stand to be a _little_ more funkier like they used to be, again, IMO... But we all know why ; Steve Lukather definitely is the STAR of THIS band, make no mistake... And that's a good thing, I guess, because he really is a wonderful musician... But if they were just a little more balanced, it would turn a great thing into an AMAZING thing, once again...

Bobby Kimball

TEMECULA, USA — 1 May 1999
I saw Toto for the 10th and 11th times at Temecula Balloon Festival, and House of Blues.
Yes, they were amazing shows (especially Temecula, if you were there, you know why!) but I have just one thing to say, after hearing the new record.
Why would they release Michael Bolton, but not release Toto??? ?Or Deborah Holland for that matter!!!

It had been 17 years since I last saw Toto. It was May '82 in Holland during the IV tour. Bobby had twisted his ankle and was singing from behind a keyboard the whole show. I was lucky enough to get a stick from Jeff at the end. I remember Child's Anthem that night, gave me goosebumps.
On to 1999! My wife Laurel and I live in Hemet, which is about 25 miles away from Temecula. We found out from TOTO99.COM about the Temecula date! Laurel called in to Mark & Brian when Toto was in the studio, and cracked up the band by saying "we're looking forward to seeing the Uncle Fester of Rock 'n Roll in action" :-)
We were at the Balloon & Wine Festival with our friend Shannon who always liked Toto, but after the show was speechless :-) The show started a little after 5 PM in front of a festival crowd (a lot of lawn chairs, coolers and blankets) and of course the die-hards at the front of the stage (incl. Scott who had flown in from Minneapolis and Ryan who is 10 years old; he eventually got the setlist). I have a pic of the setlist but it's still in the camera, so I'll do this from memory (so excuse any ommissions):
The show opener "Caught In The Balance" was overwhelming! To see the guys that close, from basically the same spot 17 years ago was awesome. We had held off on buying the (import) CD because they were supposed to be sold at the gig. However there was no merchandise to found after the show :-( (Hopefully they sold out). Next up "Rosanna ", a classic, with some sweet work on the bass my Mike Pocaro. Bobby was on fire! His voice was as good as ever, if not better, as proven in "A Million Miles Away ". Luke said they were happy to be back playing in the U.S. for the first time in 9 years, because "here they get all the jokes!" Then he asked if there were any musicians there, because you can't really dance to "Dave's Gone Skiing", a song for the musicians. Unbelievable to see such a collection of musical talent on stage! I can still feel Simon's double bass drums pounding my chest.
Then followed the acoustic set including "Georgy Porgy", "99", "You Are The Flower", "The Road Goes On" and "I'll Be Over You". It was more of a medley, and I can only imagine what it would have been like if they had played all songs in their entirety, especially "Flower". Next up "I Won't Hold You Back" where Luke pulled off a really sweet and tasty, wailing solo. Bobby sang his heart out during "Mama" and came up with some really cool rock poses :-) (remember the only time I saw Toto with Bobby, he was sitting down the whole show). Luke having swapped guitars several times by now, and also being very generous with his picks, then talked about the new album and said they were going to play another new song "Cruel", in which Simon wore headphones (sequenced backing vocals? :-)) It sounded massive. Next up "Africa". By this point in the show, if you looked back at the crowd, everybody was standing and dancing. David Paich did a solo with some "Hydra" in it, a song they played that night in '82. During "White Sister", Luke made eye contact with Laurel who had been singing every word, and looked really surprised "You KNOW this song???"
The encore (of course) was "Hold The Line", which brought the house down (even more!) We had a blast, and it was great to see the crowd so fired up! I think the band was even a bit overwhelmed by the response :-) Well, GOOD!!!
You can see pics of the show at:
Thanks guys, it was a privilege...


YOKOHAMA, JAPAN — 24 April 1999
TOKYO, JAPAN — 16, 17, 25 April 1999
All those nights were really super! Each night they played pleasantly and they were tireless during the shows.
Bobby surely brought bursting tears to everyone not only those who have been a long-time fan since the debut of the band but also the younger people. When Bobby starts singin Rosanna following Luke, or, starts "Mama--" they say "Finally we heard the song with that voice!!" After his 16 year vacation (as Luke introduced him), he worked perfectly, even more than in his younger days. I don't know how he manages to keep his energy and voice that high!! (excuse me for referring to it but) at his age!!! He dances, rocks and rolls and shouts....that was really amazing.
As somebody told here in 99's review page, everything was highlight to me. Speaking of each member's interplay, however, I would say Rosanna and Jake to the Bone were the best.
Luke killed us again and again and again... The passage of quiet small stream to the raging waves, he took us to another world. Within his solo in Rosanna, he played a couple of melodies of Jeff Beck and also played in jazzy style, which reminded me of the gigs he did with Larry Carton last autumn.
I loved Dave's cool New Orleans style solo in Rosanna that made me shake hip :-).
Simon came back this time with more of Jeff's style. He must have made great efforts to do so and still, of course, keeps his own style as well. Speaking of his solos, I do believe that he must have independent brains in his limbs. He gave us very different solos each day and all of them made me forget breathing.
Nobody can play like Mike, the groove master. Without his stability, those miracle interplays cannot be realized.
I would like to say that Luke is also a great singer. His gospel style singing especially in the songs like "I'll be over you" and "Out of Love" touched my heart deeply.
Thanks to Buddy, Tony and J.J. the sound of the band became so rich. Especially in the acoustic set and the song "Cruel" I couldn't help saying "Yeah--!!" every time I hear the chorus in the song.
I said each show was super, but their very last night in Tokyo was more. The guys played hotter than the other days. At the same time, they were funniest on that day. Simon drank coffee, read newspaper and answered the phone while he kicked his double bass drums. JJ appeared in front of the audience and sang a song. Luke did not stop dancing in a fascinating way to the Latin music Dave and the other guys played. Luke and Simon threw fruits at each other on stage..... We reallly had fun :-) and then we missed them so much when we had to goodbye to them :-((.
I was so much impressed at and encouraged with the fact that they never forget their spirit in their younger days when they just started playing music and the guys are still growing after 20 years of their great achievements.
At the end of my review, from the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank Mr. Martin Cole for bringing them to us and Petra for her great efforts to continue this great page.

TOKYO, JAPAN — 25 April 1999
No words will be enough to say how awesome the show was! I went their last concert inTokyo on April 25, and I almost fainted getting too excited and too happy. We admire them as our mentors as I and many of my friends have been playing their songs in our bands, and to see real TOTO was absolutely our dream come true!
I am so happy that they are back on tour with this fantastic new album – it was great to see them play how they are now, with songs from Mindfields as well as all the other albums from the past with Bobby back. It was truly like a dream to see TOTO playing songs like Mama, You're the flower, White sister and Girl goodbye with Bobby. I goose bumped when I heard Bobby shout in Girl goodbye and Steve made the perfect finish with THAT scale (Sooo cool!). I felt like, "THIS IS THE REAL THING!"
I was so impressed by their superb orchestralization, on live in front of us, and solos played in ways that we are so familiar with and love so much, such as in I won't hold you back, that simple but incredibly beautiful and emotional solo. I enjoy different arranges they make on songs from the past, giving us shoks and tips.
I admire TOTO as great musicians and composers. There are many people in Japan who love to listen and play TOTO songs, with respect and royalty, without perfectly understanding what's in lyrics (ENGLISH!). We learn music from TOTO!!
I sincerely thank TOTO for their wonderful show, for their wonderful works up to now. I specifically want to thank Simon, you are the savior! I want everyone in TOTO and all of their crew to always be confident that there are this many people on the earth who can't live without your music, and who are more than happy to support anything TOTO would do in the years to come.

Steve Lukather

FUKUOKA, JAPAN — 22 April 1999
What a wonderful and exciting night I could spend with my sister! I went to the concert hall by a car with my sis, it took for 4 hours by highway. Of course we were listning to all of TOTO's albums and sang loud in the car.
To see Bobby in concert with another members is like a dream for a long time. 1992 was my first experience when I saw TOTO in concert at BUDOKAN, and 1990 I met TOTO for the first time, my best friend recommended me TOTO's album, since then, TOTO living in my heart.
I love all of albums, and especially Jeff robbed my heart. I love his playing drum, all of his personality (though I have never met him in personality.) I respect him. So that I started to learn DRUM!
Haha, anyway, concert was great, and it was the most wonderful concert I've ever seen before. I feel almost cry because it was my first experience to listen "Rosanna", "A million miles away" and so on which Bobby sang in the concert. I moved and could not stop shouting.
All of audiences were so excited like me. Everybody (I think) sing together, dance together, felt same feeling. "We are kind of Family" when Luke said, I shouted "YES!" Yes,they are kind of my (and all of fans) family because I spend my youth and now with TOTO.
I never forget that wonderful night and never forget when Luke jumped into audience, a boy drunk a beer which Luke had it, some peoples on the stage and sang together, some of boys played Luke's guitar! A little boy stood by Luke, and just watched Luke playing with his shining smile. How lucky they were!! ...and I laughed when David did mistake to play the keyboard, some of members laughed at David.
I thank again to Luke, David, Bobby, Simon and Mike for brought us such a wonderful night, I always respect you, and Jeff. I know Jeff watched us at Fukuoka or every places and he always being our heart. Because I felt so strongly at the concert.

Tony Spinner, Bobby Kimball, Buddy Hyatt

TOKYO, JAPAN — 17 April 1999
It was great Saturday night live in Tokyo. Since 1982, it was their 2nd visit to Japan, I've been following their tour in Japan, Bobby's show, Fergie's, Joe's and Byron's. The best concert for me was my first encounter performed by Porcaro brothers, David Paich, LUKE and Bobby at BUDOKAN!! But it may become the 2nd and this concert become their best performance including the situation (a spring Saturday night!) and audience's expectations.
When they introduced members, Mike said "Tonight, it's yours, Steve Lukather" Yes, we all agree, the man of the show was LUKE whose guiter was broken (cut strings?) when he started to play "Child's Anthem" and drunk too much beer on stage.

Steve Lukather, Bobby Kimball

MORIOKA, JAPAN — 14 April 1999
Dear Staff of TOTO Tour
I went to the concert TOTO99 TOUR JAPAN! It's a 1st day of tour in Morioka city hall. Thanks for the greatest live on the Earth Planet last night. Welcome back Bobby, most exciting vocal! The 1st day of Japan Tour is cooooooool! and exciting performance I have never seen. Thanks again, I don't know how to perform that last night show is so wonderful.
And also thanks for the spirit of Jeff Porcaro. I, we Japanese hope successful stage in Japan and will welcome next tour !!! Of course, Steve promise next concert in Morioka from stage!! Thanks,Thanks,Thanks again !! See you next time!