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Steve Lukather and David Garfield at the Baked Potato
Los Angeles, USA - 23 September 2000
I was fortunate to catch the early show. It was a magical night. Abe Laboriel Jr.'s playing was phenomenal. His playing really contributed to the more jazzy vibe for the evening. The first two songs were new. It is possible maybe one of them sounded like an old Miles Davis song. Luke's playing was as incredible as ever. I have been seeing him play since 1985 and I learn something new every time I see him. His playing is always fresh, creative, and he never runs out of ideas! The Baked Potato was really crowded and I was worried we were going to have another Palomino show where the Fire Marshals shut down the place! There were alot of people that were standing around after the show waiting to talk to Luke, so I decided not to contribute to the madness, even though it would have been great to say "hi" to him.(I was luckier last year at the Toto Key Club concert to run into Luke outside the club before the concert!) My hat is off to the Baked Potato for giving us the opportunity to see such great musicians at close proximity for all these years. Good news for all us Orange County residents, I talked to Leah Randi from the Baked Potato and there is the possiblity they could open up a Baked Potato in Huntington Beach in the near future! If that is the case, it would be great to see Luke play there!(Shorter drive!)

I went to the Baked Potato in Hollywood to see Los Lobotomys, but with a different lineup!! Luke, of course on guitar, David Garfield, John Pena, Abe Laboriel Jr. on drums, Lenny Castro on percussion, and the great Everette Harp on sax. The show got started late because the band was waiting for John Pena...finally he showed up. Right from the outset you knew this was going to be a special kind of show. The show was more of a free form jazz kinda feel. No vocals at all. Luke was in great spirits.....very funny as always. He wasn't "Shredding" as much as he usually does, but gave us some really tasty stuff. I think his first guitar solo of the night really shocked the sax player......He was just watching him in awe. The place was packed...It was very very loud. Everyone played great, although I really missed Simon's playing. They finished up with a smokin "Smell Yourself" & a soulful "Tribute to Jeff" we left there were a lot of people waiting to get in to the second show. It was a special night.......

I have just returned, one hour ago, from another AMAZING show in the life of a Toto/Steve Lukather fan. This evening, a small group lucky fans, and I mean small (150?) were treated to an incredible night of musical improvisation. Six gifted musicians, Steve Lukather, David Garfield (keyboards), Everette Harp (sax), John Pena (bass), Abe Laboriel, Jr. (drums) and Lenny Castro (percussion) blended as one to create a night filled with blazing solos and melodic licks that sent the packed house begging for more. The night was extra special for me as it began with a chance to meet Luke after the sound check earlier in the evening. I asked him if he would be kind enough to autograph 8 photos that I had taken over the 22 years that I have been a fan. The photos ranged from the very first Toto tour to the most recent which just ended. Luke was very friendly, and seemed to enjoy signing them all commenting that "this is like taking a trip down memory lane." If you have never been to one of the Baked Potato clubs, they are truly amazing places to see someone up-close. It is literally like having someone perform for you in your living room. If you have the opportunity to experience it, go, you will not be disappointed! I attended the early show and Luke was his usual funny and "colorful" self. Luke and David mentioned during the show that this is the first time they have been able to play together in 2 years with Toto having been so busy during that time. The show lasted 1 hour & 40 minutes and consisted of 5 songs. The first 3 "untitled" songs lasted 23:00, 22:00 & 25:00 respectively and gave each of the band members a chance to "stretch out" and show their stuff. They all gave incredible displays of their talent, but I thought Luke was especially sharp tonight and received the loudest applause from the audience. The 4th song of the night was "Smell Yourself", which Luke wrote from the first Los Lobotomys CD released in 1989. After Smell Yourself, a birthday cake was brought out to celebrate Lenny Castro's birthday, which was September 20th, and David Garfield's birthday which is September 27th. Everyone on stage and in the audience sang a very loud "Happy Birthday". The evening ended with a very moving version of "Song for Jeff" from the "Candyman" CD. As he always does, Luke dedicated it to "his dearly departed brother". He also mentioned that the song was recorded for the CD exactly one year to the day that we all lost Jeff Porcaro. The feeling during the song was unbelievable. Without a ticket for the late show, I was left wanting more as usual. I was very envious of the long line of people waiting to get in, but at the same time, very happy that I had the chance to experience what I did. I'll see you there next time.

All-Star Jam At Musicians Institute
Los Angeles, USA - 21 September 2000
What a great night for Fans of Guitarplaying. The Musicians Institute hosted a two-hour panel with the who's who of Rock Guitar. The informal Question and Answer session turned into a memorable evening thanks to the likes of Steve Lukather (our number one of course), Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Tom Morello (Rage against the Machine), Stanley Jordan and Trevor Rabin (Yes, Film Composer). My Italien friend Mario and myself showed up at MI 15 Minutes before the start of the event to find hundreds of people lined up around the building. When we finally got in, we ran across Steve Vai and Tom Morello which were nice enough to take some pictures with us. The panel was hosted by Steve Vai who introduced the other guest. He introduced Luke by saying:" Watch out guys, this next guy is crazy. One of the funniest person and most underrated Guitar Players." Lukather was welcomed to a huge cheer of the approximately 300 people in attendance. And let me tell you, he definetly kept the crowd on the edge with his wity persona lity. The panelist answered questions ranging from "how much do you practice your guitar?" to very personal stuff like the use of drugs. Luke responded to the last one by asking:" Do you guys remember the 80's? I don't!" He went on to say that in his opinion drugs are a big lie. Asked about his biggest achievment, Steve said without hesitating :"My kids!" (HIs son Trevor was in attendance). Another very funny moment was when Steve Vai talked about his musical beginnings:" I got a little organ when I was five." The which Luke quickly responded:"And you still do!" A 20-minute Blues Jam wrapped up the official part of the event. It was great to see Luke trade licks with Tom Morello and Steve Vai. To our surprise, we saw David Paich leave the Dressing Room area while waiting for Luke to come out. We took a quick picture with him as well. Luke took a lot of time to talk to us and told us some stories about his career. For example, the solo he played on Lionel Richies "Running with the night" was recorded while Steve was warming up and he didn't even know that the engineer was recording it! br> Anyway, my friend and I had a blast. Luke if you read this, thanks for the laughs and for your kindness. You are a mentor in the truest sense of the word.

Innsbruck, Austria - 29 July 2000
This really was a special night at Innsbruckīs "Hafen" which is placed only a few hundred meters from the famous "Berg-Isel"(ski-jumping) in Tirol, as it was Luke + Edgarīs last show of the "Oddcouple-tour". So they pulled out all they got and blew us away with a superb performance. Luke looked like a highschool-boy with his shorts and his jogging-shoes. He said that it were the clothes of his son Trevor whoīs only 13!*HAHA! You really could feel some sort of sadness in Luke and Edgar because it was their last show and they told us that they had such a great time during the last 4 weeks. Luke: "This is the last show so letīs make this one the best-f.......g show of this tour, alright?!" ;-) And they really played like they were hunted by the devil himself! They put all their souls and energy into these 120 minutes-lasting concert with great improvisations during "Frankenstein" where Sonny Abelardo (their Tourmanager) played percussion and wow - how this guy worked the percussions, really amazing!!! I also met Marcel Cattin, a great guy from Sitzerland - heīs also a member of the TOTO-list. Marcel talked to the busdriver after the show who told him that a DVD of the Munich-show will be released before Christmas! Thanks to Luke, Edgar, Phil and Gary for this special night - you know who you are - Iīve seen about 16 TOTO, LOS LOBOTOMYS, LUKE shows during the last 14 years and this was actually among the most impressive ones. LUKE, keep on "lobotomizing" your FRIENDS as you call us - special thanx for that MY FRIEND! ;-) here is the detailed setlist of the "ODDCOUPLEīS Final Show" 1.) Intro 2.) Smell yourself 3.) Texas 4.) Song for Jeff 5.) Red House 6.) Fly away 7.) Candyman + Bob Dylan jokes 8.) Hate everything about you so fuck you 9.) Chuck Berry Medley 10.) Band-Introduction 11.) Tobacco Road 12.) "1st ending of" Tobacco Road 13.) Shout 14.) "2nd ending of" Tobacco Road 15.) Frankenstein "beginning" 16.) Part 1 - Pink Panther Jam 17.) Part 2 - Swing Jam 18.) Part 3 - Fusion/Rock/Latin Jam 19.) Part 4 - Funky Jam 20.) Part 5 - Phil Soussan Solo 21.) Part 6 - "Black Magic" Percussion Jam 22.) Part 7 - Gary Ferguson Solo 23.) Frankenstein "ending" 24.) Brush with the Blues

The evening actually started already at 5PM when Luke and Edgar arrived. Luke looked like coming from the after show party in Salzburg. But this impression was like a fata morgana. I had to get the tickets first which Luke strongly recommended "get your tickets.." Soon after the soundcheck started and my friend was already excited to hear Frankenstein. Then we went for dinner and came back. Short after 9PM the show started. What happened then is undescribeable. Toto shows are not so emotional as this experience. There's not much to add to the other reviews. They were all in grat shape and they enjoyed to play in front of a bunch of die hard fans. Especially Luke was giving away picks very generously. He loves the contact to his enthusiastic friends in front of him. The setlist is absolutely perfect for these masters of instruments and. There's no specific highlight for me as everything was there. Great songs, improvisations, jokes, solos from Steve of course and also from Edgar, Phil and Gary. And as this was the last show of the tour we received a second encore which was not on the set list. There is only one thing to "critisize". The show was not recorded. Too bad for all our friends on the other continents. Hopefully the DVD will become reality. After the show I've waited for an hour but they didn't come out yet. So I left the venue as I didn't want to bother them anymore. Thanks to all of you Steve, Edgar,Phil, Gary, your guitar technician and last but not least your talented tour manager. Next time you shold rehearse a bit more with thim. He's talented too ;-) (he playd the drums spontaneously). Now I'm waiting for next saturday when I get to see Steve again. I am so lucky.

Salzburg, Austria - 28 July 2000
I came up from Linz together with my wife and my son (19 years) to join the show on friday night at Salzburg. At first we thought,we are at the wrong show.The guitarist which entered stage was dressed like Angus Young - in short pants,white socks and jogging shoes (what we missed was the schoolbag). But at latest when the band started their first song "SMELL YOURSELF",a high speed jazzy song, all poeple became aware that no one less is able to play it so pefectly in tune and time, than Mr.Steven Lukather.He once more proved that he is a musician in passion with heart and soul-and a fucking devil on guitar.When "RED HOUSE" was announced, we all in the audience got a load of redhouse which we never will forget.Blues pure with perfect improvised solos from Steve and Edgar.(Jimi Hendrix would say..keep on doing the blues...) .And when Steve performed one of my favorite songs,SONG FOR JEFF, we all were overwhelmed.This melodious song with long sustained notes mixed up with a portion of jazz, is kind of composition in which Luke is perfect. Nevertheless,I have to mention that all other musician did their job vey professionally.There was Edgar Winter,the living blues legend, he plays the keys as well as his saxophone and demonstrated some vocal- akrobatics.(without him the tour would be not possible).There was further Phil Soussan on bass,he worked already together with Ozzy Osbourne and Jimmy Page (he looks like a dressman,and for all girls,he is not married as he told me after the show.). Finally the guy on drums Mr.Ferguson completed the band perfectly. By the way,as regards the acoustic of this concert, it couldn`t be better.I think it was sold out (350-400 people).After the gig my son and I had an opportunity to talk a bit with Phil. He told us about his plans after the tour (he works on a CD and Steve will help him at some guitar parts). Phil is a very honest guy and a friend of Steve, both are neighbours. Further we had a small talk with Steve afterwards, he had some drinks at the rockhouse bar and was in the best "mood". We couldn`t get out many answers from him on our questions and it was not our intention to bother him. But two things are worth to mention it: The long awaited CD from the Luke-Larrry Carlton will be issued not before Jannuary 2001 but it will come, all fans please keep in patience. Further, as Steve said ,from the current tour it was made a film of the Show in München and they plan to publish a DVD. I hope Steve`s announcment come true. He explained that there is no much money in this tour, they do this as they like to play music for their friends. Steve, you gave us the impression to be your friend and this is a good feeling, we wish you sucess on all what you intend to do in future, and are always waiting for more music. God bless you.

Vienna, Austria - 27 July 2000
Whenever there is a possibility to listen to Luke live, we take the chance! We have been at the TOTO concerts in Oberwart 1996, in Vienna and Graz 1999, at the 'oddcouple tour' in Vienna and we'll of course drive to Budapest at the 13th of August in order to listen to this great music again and again.... We had the possibility to meet Luke three times, which was a very interesting and enriching experience! In all the concert reviews I've read so much about how great Luke is, what a wonderful musician and so on. I really agree from all my heart! Yes, he's indeed a guitar hero, a guitar goodness! But what I want to talk about is the man Luke, the man behind his guitar. Well, I've been to one concert together with a little boy (10 years old), who just startet to play E- guitar. He has never heared from Luke or Toto, except from what I told him about that music. However, for this boy, it was such a mooving experience to listen to that concert and it was an very exciting experience that we met Luke after the concert. Luke talked to him and after he knew that he plays guitar as well, Luke told him that they were friends. We have a very nice photo with Luke the little boy and me. From that moment on, Michael (the young guitarist) was very inspired and he trains a lot in order to become a good guitarist. I thing that he wont forget this meeting and this concert his whole life. So we learned to know Luke as a very warmhearted man who has no primadonnaish airs, who took the time to enrich the soul of a young boy, who is not too proud to give a warm embrace...... There's a lot I could tell more, also about the other musicians, but fact is that they are all very friendly and symphatic and that they have fun when they are on stage. They and especially Luke give joy, fun and passion when they make music.Thanks a lot for that! We wish you and especially Luke a very inspiring time, all the luck for the future and we hope that we'll see in Austria soon again!!! All our love and the universe bless you and the rest of your musicians!

Munich, Germany - 26 July 2000
Thanks to the "toto99" homepage information, i went to both shows: munich on wednesday and salzburg on friday last week. I was very curious about this "odd couple" project as many of you. Iīve seen Toto before but not luke as "himself". It should become two great evenings. The four musicians entered the stage on 09:10 pm and began to play. I was standing at the second front row, and was very pleased, to see steve and edgar in such excellent condition and they played extremely well - from the beginning. While Luke had white jogging boots, grey half-cut trousers and "9" T-shirt, Edgar came over black-in-black with a long, black coat. Luke again showed up as a world-class guitar player (for me, the "best guitar player of the planet"). If you havenīt seen Luke playing yet you missed a lot! It is fantasic. He is not only playing the guitar as so many others, he really tortures it!!! Edgar is a fabulous singer and sax/keyboard player and the mixture of all these four guys is very amazing ! The salzburg "rockhouse" was a "fullhouse" this evening! There was a television team at the munich show, and the band manager explained, that there will be a Odd Couple DVD released. GREAT !!!! During the show, Luke picked up this topic and gave a funny explanation, what 5.1 sound (Digital Sourround Sound) is about. Musicians and Audience, all did really enjoy these envenings. Thank you so much Edgar, Luke, Phil and Greg !!! you did a absolute fantastic job! (By the way: I became a Edgar Winter Fan last wednesday! Hope to see all of you playing together again! Take care. Also thanks to the staff - keep on your good work !!! (If you did not attend to any of the odd couple shows: grab the upcoming DVD !!!).

Gothenburg, Sweden - 23 July 2000
Not a Video tape, CD-record, some written words or a simpley speak could explaine the imagine of this evening, a music travelling through Hipp Hopp, Soul, Funk, Jazz , Blues & Rock'n Roll. As a realy enthusiast of these musicans It's the highest wish to see them freak out In all music categorys. And my opinion Is that, that this kind of concert show how good a musician realy are. And I would like to say to Steve, Phil, Edgar and Gary, I'm pleased to have enjoyed this evening because this goes directly to the historical master piece and this century best consert ! Steve to the audience: -We just playing for fun you know and you are not our fans, you are our friends... P.S :-) Thank's Phil and Gary for the Photo posing In the end of the show but unfortunate the flash didn't work.

Pori Jazz Festival, Finland - 20 & 21 July 2000
What an amazing couple! Three gigs in Finland and I wouln't have missed any of them! It wasn't just jazz, blues or rock'n roll, it was all of them and more. There were four unbelievable musicians making history. Though I am a Luke-fan it wasn't just Steve who made my day. He couldn't have had better company on that stage. A concert is always more easier to get in touch with when there's chemistry on stage and those guys got the chemistry and the groove! As always, Luke's guitar playing was amazing! It's something that if you once hear it, you'll never forget it. And Edgar - The Voice... A multitalent with a great personality! And another great guitar player Jeff Healey visiting the stage made all the guitar lovers even happier! Steve, Edgar, Phil and Gary; Thank you! You made the best day of my life! I had a blast! If you ever come to Finland again, you can count on me to be there! KEEP ON ROCKIN'!!!

It was again a stunning performance from Luke, but Edgar also suprised me with his energy on the stage. I havénīt heard much his songs or his playing and I thought he was some old legend who has lost his touch but no, the man rocks. And so does Luke too. It was second time for me to see Luke playing live but Iīve listened his stuff for ages now. About ten years now (which is many years on 18). And I have to say I expected the night to be special and maybe even more and maybe eve too much, but I all kind of come true when I saw Luke play and handle the guitar so softly. If someone else hasnīt noticed he looks like he isnīt playing his guitar, he holds it so softly in his hands. But thats another story... Anyway the gig was great. I didnīt hear it very well. Maybe that is wrong word, because they played very loud (like all guitar player do), I mean I didnīt hear it in balance, but itīs going to be broadcasted in TV so I can listen it then. In the middle of the evening Jeff Healey come to the stage for our suprise. And the audience loved it. And Jeff almost shed some tears. Maybe Song for Jeff had even bigger meaning this time... And Luke played it with feel. He put his soul to the guitar. I could see his in his eyes when he fade of. But during the next song we looked into our eyes pretty long time, and he smiled to me and I smiled back. I think he doesnīt remember it but I do. Thanks for the experience. Maybe we meet some day in music business...

Copenhagen, Denmark - 18 July 2000
What a blast ! Last night I attended the Copenhagen show of "The Oddcouple Tour" and it was once again a fabulous experience for me and my friends to watch Steve back on stage. He showed that he's a legendary musician, guitar player and showman. Worldclass. He had the whole crowd cracking up as he joked around with Bob Dylan beginning to play one of his songs and a few songs later he did a hilarious intro to the song "Hate Everything About U" from the 1997 "LUKE" album, as he talked about his relationship to his ex-wife...Thank God, does he hate her or what ?!! As for the rest of the band; Gary did a fine job back there, very concentrated and tight, Phil played a very rhythmic bass and seemed to enjoy this gig in Denmark quite a lot and Edgar proved to be a very talented, experienced multimusician and a really funky, funny kind of guy as well. When he didn't play the keyboard, the sax or "The Monster", he was busy doing either chase solos with Luke or Gary or singing some leading parts. The chase thing he and Luke pulled off was hilarious to witness. Great idea, guys. They had so much fun doing it and it was stunning to see and hear Luke perform what Edgar had just sung. During this fantastic show it was great to watch Steve step a little aside giving Mr. Winter the maximum limelight while he kept grooving big time back there with his fabulous guitar playing. This may be the first and the last time that you'll ever have the opportunity to watch these two legends together on stage - go see it. And by the way, make a live cd out of one of these outstanding performances, please... Thanx for an unforgettable evening - see ya whenever you come to Denmark again, Luke. All the best - can't wait to the release of the forthcoming solo album.

The musical outlets of Mr. Steve Lukather have not been highly regarded by many critics in recent years. But having experienced yet another display of the versatility and constant musical development of this virtuoso one cannot help but wonder whether or not it is a prerequisite to become a critic that you focus on image and appearances rather than what it's all about: music. Certainly lovers of musical excellence and fans of the art of touching the audience are often given a treat by Luke and "his" bands - and this time around was no exception to the rule! The Odd Couple concert in Copenhagen July 18th was an amazing performance underlining the fact that all the computers, samplers and unscrupulous boyband/moneymachine-managers in the world will never be able to produce as much as one note as fascinating, moving and real as the ones produced by a gathering of some of the world's top musicians. Although the turnup was a bit disappointing - those who were there were certainly not let down by the performances of Gary, Phil, Edgar and Steve. Drummer Gary Ferguson and bassist Phil Soussan formed a solid foundation on top of which Steve and Edgar in turn - and sometimes together - would build great songs and explode into fireworks of breathtaking solos and gimmicks. For those of you who may never have heard the guys play a live concert : get your tickets now! For those who have heard Luke before: get your tickets now! For all the mislead conceited critics that have not yet discovered that the beauty lies within the music - and not in all the empty, phoney, shallow, carefully calculated moneymaking "we are fucking rockstars and we hate the whole world" - attitude characterizing the people who play - we can only feel sorry and hope that they will see the light one day. And finally for Steve and Phil: Great to meet you! Keep on drinking those "akvavits" - they'll help you stay young!

Wow, what a fantastic show, simply awesome, the band was really up for it and they all gave their very best. There was a chase between Luke on guitar and Winter using only his voice (but what a voice)---what can i say,...fantastic. During that chase sometimes Luke shaked his head at Winter as if he was saying "you've gotta be joking mate!". The set list was pretty much the same as the other shows reviewed on this page, and it lasted for 1 hour 45 minutes, not to much and not to short, just right. It's funny to wach Luke outside Toto, because here it seems like he is a bit more wild. If you want a good night of Rock/Funk/Jazz/Blues, then hurry up get your ticket, you won't regret it.

At an old cinema in Copenhagen Steve and Edgar gave only 300 - 400 people an unforgettable evening. Luke and Edgar had so much power and energy on stage, and they had fun, so had we. After 75 min of great rock and many solos from all 4 in the band Steve and Edgar said thanks for a great evening, but we could not let them go. We were all amazed by the show so far, that we needed more. They came back with even more power and energy and continued for another half hour, GREAT. The sound in Amager Bio was clean and perfect, and Lukeīs guitar was loud and clear. The last Toto show I went to was on June 8 2000 in Helsingborg (Sweden), the sound was all too loud, and it was close to a disaster. This time it was perfect. Out of the around 20 times Iīve been to a Toto or Toto members show, this was one of the best. If this show will be copied on CD or video let me know. If you are in doubt about going to this show don't be. It is great. Thank to Luke and Edgar for at fantastic evening in Copenhagen. See you next time

Bochum, Germany - 16 July 2000
HI PEOPLE; Here is a short review on steve`s solotour with edgar winter in bochum, germany. to keep it short: it was awesome! what else could it have been anyway? the sound was great as always. the setlist was quite similar to the cologne show they did a couple of days ago. edgar winter was in good shape. his voice has got the certain something. really dirty let alone from his saxophone skills. long story short, i have seen luke for the sixth time and he is still the guy from next door. the people in bochum knew that. the only thing that was a little bit disappointing was the length of the set (maybe due to edgar who is not the youngest anymore) since we got used to 3.5 hrs lobotomys jams in recent years. luke, see you next time around. by the way, everytime i see/hear you play i dream of seeing you in a projekt with eddie van halen!!!!!! eddie should really get his ass off and do something! go and get him!

North Sea Jazz Festival the Hague, Holland - 14 July 2000
Yesterday evening I've been to the North Sea Jazz festival at the Hague Holland and have been eyewitness of Steve Lukather/Edgar Winter's Odd couple gig. What can I say about the "eminence grice" of the rockworld when I talk about Steve Lukather and Edgar Winter together on stage then the words outstanding! They've started with 'Smell yourself' with a very fast doublebasspedaling of Gary Ferguson during the whole song, what a drummer! For me it was the very first time that I saw Edgar Winter live on stage. I knew him ofcourse already but what a great vocalist he is and his sax and keyboards playing was tremendous. Phil Soussan was the steady rock in the band. Well and Steve he was playing like hell, I got the shivers on my back especially during Song for Jeff and Red House. Other songs they've played were: Fly Away - Tobacco Road - Johnny be Good (tribute to Chuck Berry) - a Texas Blues Shuffle - Frankenstein (complete with the Pink Panter's theme and some blistering timbales / drums duets). I sincerely hope that a live album of these great artists will be released to hold the memory of this absolutely great gig.

Cologne, Germany - 13 July 2000
I was really eager to see the odd couple Lukather/Winter not just because the two guys look totally different. I wondered what kind of music they would present and I must say that I haven't been disappointed at all. I hadn't seen Edgar Winter before and watching him sing and play with Luke (not to forget Gary Ferguson and Phil Soussan!) was such a great event. Everyone in the Live Music Hall could see clearly that these gorgeous musicians had big big fun, because they did it all for their fans.The quality of their music was just fantastic! To watch Luke play the guitar is breathtaking (sometimes he tortures, sometimes he caresses his instrument), he plays with heart and soul and it seems to me that the older he gets, the better he is, because he can play hard and soft, rock 'n roll, blues, jazz - just outstanding! It was also amazing to see the harmony between all band members. Hope to see these guys more than once in my lifetime!Those who haven't been to Cologne, have missed an unforgettable evening.

Hamburg, Germany - 12 July 2000
I had been looking forward to the concert at the "Fabrik" onJuly 12th since weeks. I've been a Steve Lukather fan since years and I have been to his concerts at least 10 times. I was really excited about the concert of Steve and Edgar, because I also know Edgar's brother Jonny, whom I have also seen live in concert several times. It was a great experience. Those guys got so much fun on stage, it really is igniting! I know some musicians who can learn a lot of them. Those guys don't take themselves too seriously but they enjoy their music. I would run into every single concert of the tour, if I only could. Man, you are gorgeous!

STEVE LUKATHER/EDGAR WINTER TOUR Filderstadt, Germany - 10 July 2000
With the energetic "Smell Yourself" Steve Lukather, Edgar Winter, Phil Soussan and Gary Ferguson started to burn off musical fireworks for the following 100 minutes, leaving the audience in awe and enthusiasm at the same time. They went on a trip through rock, blues, fusion and even going a little hip-hop with a very versatile version of "Frankenstein". The set included material from Luke and Edgar Winter as well as some classics like "Tobacco Road", "Johnny B. Goode, "Red House" and an excerpt from the "Pink Panther" theme. Alternating between ballads and uptempo rock songs, Steve Lukather and Edgar Winter literally chased each other to ultimate heights. While Luke was showcasing every facet you can probably get out of a guitar, Edgar set his counterparts on keyboards, saxophone, percussion and with his unbelievable vocal talents. They were accompanied by a fabulous rhythm section. Besides perfectly supporting Luke and Edgar, Phil and Gary were also given the chance to demonstrate their class with their own solo spots. You could clearly see that this band enjoyed the concert as much as the audience, ending with a brilliant homage to Jeff Beck. This is a show surely not to be missed!

STEVE LUKATHER/EDGAR WINTER TOUR Bospop, Holland - 9 July 2000
I know I might be a bit late but I just wanted to say how great Steve & Edgar were at the Bospop festival. The last time I saw Steve playing solo was at the Marquee in London. My friends & I went to this small festival to see DreamTheater, the day itself was very wet but when the odd couple music started up the rain eased off. The strange thing was when they started to play " Song for Jeff " the sun came out from behind the black clouds and shone down on all the crowd. The other good thing was that Steve was so loud , I enjoyed very minute especially starting with " Smell Yourself" Great Number !!P lease come and tour England, I know I missed the last Toto concert at the NEC because of illness, but please hurry up and tour again. Thanks,

July 9th, Luke and Edgar Winter in Holland. It was raining all day, everybody was soaked, but finally, at 19:15 Luke and Winter were playing on the stage of Bospop. And guess what: it wasn't raining anymore. There was an big rivival of the crowd and Luke was having fun. He sang only one song, Hate Everything About You, but did that very nice. And it's clear he doesn't like his ex-wife: "......You don't no how much I hate everything about you..... AND F*CK YOU!!!!" I didn't know what to expect from Edgar Winter, but I absolutely wasn't disappointed! What a power! They played Song For Jeff, Los Lobotomys-material and some songs I hadn't heard from before. After one hour it was over, Luke thanked Edgar, Phil Soussan (bass) and Gary Ferguson (drums) and ofcourse the audience, wich had a great time (and was dry again).

STEVE LUKATHER/EDGAR WINTER TOUR Mannheim, Germany - 8 July 2000
I traveled half way around the world (from Australia to Germany) to see Luke for the first time since Toto's Kingdom of Desire tour, which ended in Australia. When I first arranged to travel to Europe, I must admit that priority one was to see Toto again (Mindfields and Livefields are both such amazing albums) and to be honest, I was a little disappointed at first that no Toto dates fitted around my work commitments. This later turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I got the opportunity to see Luke in a smaller, intimate venue and found a position right up the front. Better than this, I got to meet Luke in person as he walked in through the front door of the venue about an hour before show time. I also had the added bonus of meeting Mark from Toto99, who had emailed me details of how to book tickets from Australia (what a great guy!) The gig was a very casual, laid-back kind of club show, about 300 people in attendance, club size (but very clear) PA and light show. I was well pleased! Armed only with their talent, Luke and Edgar put on one of the best shows I've ever experienced. The evening was truly a showcase of two great musicians away from the structure and formality of a big concert. The music was diverse in style and Luke and Edgar shared the limelight well. At times each would let the other shine, at other times they worked off each other; for instance they did the classic vocal / lead guitar question and answer thing ala Gillan and Blackmore.but better! - Luke has such a good ear and obviously knows his fret-board backwards! The Set: A mix of Luke (solo) and Edgar tunes with loads of jamming. Luke played "Song for Jeff", "Hate everything about you" and his Candyman version of "Redhouse" ("fuckin' broken God-damn string!" as I've come to call it!). Edgar Winter's stuff was a little before my time, but I recognized "Tobacco Road" (...always thought that was a David Lee Roth tune!) and of course Frankenstein. My impressions of Luke: Luke is playing better than ever. He's could always make your jaw drop, but he's matured into such a tasty player. I've always said of Luke (to anyone who would listen!), he has the best LEFT hand in the business: There are literally thousands of hotshots out there who can pick at the speed of light and have technique to burn, but that stuff is all about practice. And while Luke certainly has all the chops, he has something more, something that I think you have to be born with; the ability to make the guitar sing. The surprise of the evening for me was Edgar Winter. As I said above, Edgar's music was a bit before my time, and I didn"t know what to expect, but what a talent! Great singer, great sax player, great keyboard player. He received a huge round of applause after playing a White Trash tune. As always, Luke's guitar sounds were amazing, mind you, with a rig that size, they'd want to be! Criticism? It would be hard to fault what I saw and heard that night. But I would like to have heard more of Luke's solo tunes, even perhaps the odd Toto number. My biggest criticism though is that I am unlikely to ever see anything like that in Australia, Luke has NEVER played there solo and Toto have only ever toured once. Still, I hope this won't be the last time I see Luke live, Japan is only 12 hours away! ? If you still have a chance to catch the Luke and Edgar please do so, you're missing something really special if you don't.

Thank you guys for this unforgettable evening! An evening full of fantastic music and with brilliant musicians. LUKE plays like an "classic guitar-hero". I'm standing direct in front of the stage, see every chord and every note he was playing, always wondering about his fast and exactly timing. This man, for me, is the only one who plays with such a power and passion. He's the GREATEST!!! Also the rest of the gang. Edgar, Phil and Gary are so great musicians, too. Before the show i don't know much about them - but after the show...They're fantastic!!! Keep on rockin'...

STEVE LUKATHER/EDGAR WINTER TOUR New Morning, Paris, France - 4 & 5 July 2000
5th of july, Paris, New Morning, I was siting on a fly case on the left side of the stage and it looked like a family réunion. one and half an hour of blues, rock'n'roll, jazz and fusion. those guys are really the best. the odd couple tour is the 8th time i can see luke on stage, he was terrific. he came after the show to meet us (there is no back door in this place!) he spent an hour whith us talking about the show, writing a few word for his fans, he was here like a friend we all know for many years.Thank you man for those moments, thank you for your talent, thank you to the other musicians (they are musicians, not rock'n'roll stars, i mean they are her to play music, not just to say : "hey man look at me I AM THE BOSS!!"). Thank you, thank you, and see you next time wich for me is the 8th of august in Vienne with TOTO. Your sincerely.

The odd couple tour, Paris New Morning july 4th & 5th 2000. It's always a fabulous moment for us to see Luke live in concert and especially when it's in a club like the New Morning or the Reservoir. 2 sets for a total of 80 minutes featuring for the first set of the first night : Smell yourself Red house Song for Jeff Dying to live Frankenstein Second set : Chuck Berry medley Texas Hate everything about you Tobacco road Brush (J.Beck) The second night was the same excepted Dying to live replaced by another Edgar song, (sorry, I have not the title with me). What can I say, I was just magic ! ! ! Gary Ferguson is a great drummer and a composer too, I love the songs he wrote with Glenn Hughes these latest years, and we already know Phil Sousan on bass for his colaboration with Luke project in the past. We've been very lucky to have 2 nights of Luke and Edgar extraordinary collaboration. I hope to see one day the release of a live CD of this tour. But what about the Carlton/Luke long awaited CD recorded live in Japan in 98 ? ? ?

I was really desapointed last December to know that Luke and Edgar would tour in small clubs in Japan only. I didn't know I would have the opportunity to see them few months later , 5 mn walk from my home, in the best place to listen to music in Paris : the New Morning, which is a small club usualy dedicaded to jazz music . My friends and I were sitting around a table on the frontstage, having a drink in front of our favourite guitar player : where else could it be better ? As the band entered the stage at 9h30, the most appreciative audience knew immediatly it wouldn't be a simple gig, but party time ! "Smell yourself", "Redhouse" and "Song for Jeff" opened the first part of the show. The sound was great, clear and not loud at all, although Luke uses 4 Riviera's amp and a very small(!) effect rack. most of the audience were discovering Edgar Winter last night : this man sings incredibly, plays saxophone, keyboards, percussions, we met a great performer last night. What about our man ? Luke said : "where not here for a record deal or whatever, we're here to play for our friends!". We were not desapointed, Steve played perfectly the way we enjoy him to play : AAaaarrgghhhh ! The man was in great shape, and so was is sense of humour... We had all great time and fun as well. I won't tell you more, but don't miss this tour ! This is a real special event, we were all happy to be here and to have this privilege. Thanks to all the guys, see you tonight for the second row ! And I wish all the best to all european lucky bastards like me who will enjoy this tour the way I did.

The show of the very last one in Tokyo already got into climax at the intro of the very first song "Smell Yourself". Audience went wild and so did Luke and Edgar. Luke showed us his hot shirt on which the covers of Playboy Mag all over. His cheerful talks and jokes were another highlight of the show. It is always amazing that Luke can express his emotion with his guitar so freely and perfectly. I was sure everybody at the place at the night, both the audience and the band saw Jeff came down in front of us when they played "Song for Jeff". Before the band began to play, when Luke introduced the song to us, many of the audience began calling out "Jeffery, Jeffery, Jeffery...." in unison. Luke put his whole heart and soul into his guitar. My husband and I saw he wiped out tears from his eyes. Edgar was always busy during the show singing and playing keyboards, saxophone, percussion. His energy was not less stronger as Luke's although Edgar was ten and some years older than Luke. His good old "Rock'n'roll" shout was still really cool and made me feel dancing just as same as when I was a highschool girl. His Gospel influenced way of singing seemed tireless. Among those songs they played, Frankenstein was "piece de resistance" in which various kinds of musical style appeared, 4 beat jazz, Hip Hop with Edgar's rap, Gary's fabulous drum solo, Latin tune (Luke played Santana's Black Magic Woman!) etc... I also would like to give a big applause to the band's great talented rhythm section, John Pierce and Gary Ferguson, who did a perfect backing to support the frontmen. Relaxing but respecting each other, Luke and Edgar made a great night. We wish to thank them for giving us the chance to see them. I do hope they'll be back again soon. The songs they played at the show were: (Sorry I'm not sure this is complete. If somebody has the complete set list, please send in here) Smell Yourself Texas Blues Song for Jeff Red House Dying to Live How Much I Hate about U Chuck Berry Medley Tobacco Road Brush With the Blues Frankenstein

The Tokyo Blue Note has moved since the Luke/Carlton shows to new, bigger premises with better acoustics and more elbow room. The 2nd set last Friday was packed out (probably about 300 people) for the last show on the Japan tour with Edgar Winter. Luke has obviously been learning to speak Japanese as he arrived on stage and shouted in Japanese "big dick" which managed to confuse the audience totally. The band then stormed through a 90 minute set which included Red House (Hendrix), Brush with the Blues (Beck), Johnny B. Goode (Berry) and solo selections Song for Jeff, Hate Everything About U (the words "wish it was true" changed to "so f**k you") plus Edgar Winter material which sounded familiar but which I couldn't put names to. Edgar Winter provided the blues element - energetic vocals, keyboards, sax and percussion. All in all the evening was a blast and the band totally rocked out on the bluesier numbers. Luke should find a way of distributing CD recordings of things like these gigs through the 'net. I'm sure many of the people logging on to this site would be interested.

It was an unforgettable night! I could enjoy Luke's splendid performance at very close range! Of course, his guitar and songs were just awesome. As Luke said, "It's fun to be musician", he interacted well with us and seemed to enjoy the show himself. To tell you the truth, I didn't know much about Edgar Winter. And he was great, too. He and Luke said, "He's my hero" to each other. Edgar traded vocal licks with Luke, which was one of the highlights of the night. When I first listened to "Song for Jeff" on "Candyman", I wept. A friend of mine listened to the song for the first time and was moved to tears like I was. "Red Hose" was also cool. "Hate everything about U" was a little surprise to me, because the lyrics were changed. Luke said, "Everybody ripped off my money. My ex-wife......" before he began to sing (I'm not sure this is what he exactly said, sorry). Luke sang "You know how much I hate everything about you" instead of "You don't know how much I hate everything about you". And he sang "You know it was true" instead of "I wish it was true". Hum...... Anyway, the show lasted about 80 minutes. Time passed so quickly, and I wanted to listen to more! As you know, Luke is such a humorous man. At the end of the show, he loosened a screw of microphone and gave it to one of us! When Luke left the stage, I stretched my hand toward him, then he touched it walking past me! Wow! That was another reason why the night was unforgettable. Thank you, Luke and please come back to Tokyo soon!

I have seen Lukes's performance on 4 September in Linz at this years "Linzer Klangwolke". It was a free concert in front of 120000 people. He performed the song "We pretend" which was part of a symphonic piece composed by Peter Wolf called "Progression". It's a great song and the Bruckner Orchestra really sounded great. For collectors of Luke-Songs: The Cd "Progression - A Symphonic Piece by Peter Wolf" is available containing all songs (and also poems) performed in Linz.

BLUENOTE, TOKYO, JAPAN - 15 NOVEMBER 1998 (2nd show)
It was a super excellent night! I saw the last show for the Blue Note Tokyo in this tour, Luke and Larry played killer sounds one after another, so the show was just like a coolest roller-coster for the audience! The show was started at 8:30 pm, (Luke appeared to the stage w/ "Candyman" song.) the first song was "the Pump". The guys were getting on top-heat sound from 2nd song "Don't Give It Up", Gregg Bissonette's shuffle beats were so groovy! (This song came from Larry's album, but Luke's volume of his amp was louder than Larry:-) ) 4th song was J.Beck's "Cause We've Ended As Lovers". Luke has played this song w/ Lee Ritenour for Ritenour's video, but Luke & Larry's combination was more heartfelt than that performance. yea, Luke has "LUKE" style of playing guitar, and Larry has "CARLTON" styles of playing, but They were "A HARMONY" on the stage though they're different from each other. It showed us they're respecting each other. (Luke called Larry "My Sen-sei" (a Japanese word means "teacher") on the stage, and Larry was listening/looking seriously w/ smile to/at Luke when Luke was playing solo.) The highlight of the show was last song "Room 335". Luke and Larry knocked the audience out completely and we screamed out w/ happiness!! Gregg played a drum solo for the song. Drummer John Ferraro who used to play in Larry Carlton Band said that he felt pleasure everytime when he played "Room 335" 'cause Jeff Porcaro's groove for the song in the album is really great. Gregg took his own approach for the song, it was different from Jeff's way of course, but I loved it very much. They played one song for an encore, it was "Put It Where You Want It". I can't find more nice words to praise them for the show! So I wanna say it simply "AWESOME"!! Probably this tour is just like "Dream come true" for not only me but also all the audiences at every show. 2 guitar heroes play together on a stage of a small club --- not at a large concert hall! Of course we Japanese fans were bubbling at this tour and tickets for Tokyo nights (14 shows) were all sold out. Our hearts were filled w/ expectations for the show, and the heroes did more great shows than we expected. I hope this tour is not the last chance to see Luke & Larry on tour. I wanna see it MORE!

I've just attended the show of Luke and Larry Carlton at the Bluenote Club. The musicians were Larry Carlton (g), Steve Lukather (g), Rick Jackson (key), Chris Kent (b) and Gregg Bissonette (ds). The gig was of course really great. Luke rules!!! He really loves and enjoys music and is still making efforts for good music. The hero of 70s fusion music, Larry is still a master. He played dynamically from tranquility to passion as a big wave. While Larry was playing his solo, Luke seemed really happy to listen to it, and vice versa. In presence of one of his masters, Larry, Luke showed various styles of guitar playing that he had learned from his masters, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck and Larry adding brilliant taste of his own. It was really breathtaking. It's true I forgot to breath for a while!! Gregg created a flood of rhythm in his solo in the song "Room 335" and Rick Jackson showed his funky side in "Put it where you want". The gentle-eyed giant bassist (:-D) Chris Kent did a killer chopper in "Put it where you want" which was played at the encore. The players seemed very happy during the show. That made us happy too. Unfortunately, the set was very short. They did only 5 songs in about only 70 minutes. But the density was high. The gig was worth to make my whole body all ears and pay much attention to each and every note. The songs at the gig were: The pump, 'cause we've ended as lovers, Red House, Room 335, Put it where you wanted (I wanted to hear All blues, Smell yourself.... where have they gone!!)
Yasuko Jasmine Ohi(Special Thanks to Petra Regemann for her love and great help)

I attended "The Jimi Hendrix Music Festival" last night in Pumpehuset in Copenhagen. It was a great experience !! The concert started with Tony Macalpine & band playing a very heavy rock like tune with heavy drum rythms. They gave a couple of Hendrix' more "rare" tracks (I've forgotten the titles. Sorry !), but played them very well ! Especially the drummer in Macalpine's band impressed. He gave a 10 minute long drum solo ending the first 45 minutes of the concert. Pat Travers was next on stage playing "Voodoo Child" among other songs. He played the most of the Jimi Hendrix material last night and only a couple of his own songs, and he did it tremendously well !! In my opinion he was the 2nd best gutarist (Guess who is the best !!!) at the gig sounding a lot like Luke. Maybe because of the fact that Travers like Luke played some of the more melodious Hendrix Songs. Mick Rogers entered the stage as guitarist number three. The audience seemed to be impatient now waiting for Steve Lukather. Mick Rogers played a lot of blues, but was not able to satisfy the audience who now "asked" for Luke. Mick Rogers played some great long solos like Macalpine and Pat Travers. At midnight Luke came on stage asking us if we felt well (He did feel very well, when you look back at his performance !!) ! He did not wait for our answer but fired off "Freedom" as the opening track. It was just perfect ! Of course he did a lot of improvising, and it was just A GREAT opening. "Tears of My Own Shame" was next, and again he played some awesome guitar solos. No wonder that he changes his guitar after each track ! Steve Stills' "Bluebird" came as track number three before giving us another chance to hear "Little Wing", which Luke dedicated to Jeff Porcaro. Luke played "Hate Everything About U" - a very Bob Dylan like song: He sounded just like Dylan ! "Purple Haze" and "Hero With A 1000 Eyes" were "fired off" with some awesome solos. It is just amazing that he is able to improvise like that ! Most of the audience was singing and yelling. It seemed that everybody was satisfied with the concert. To me it was a GREAT experience !! Lukather finished the show with two "bonus tracks" - Jimi Hendrix' "Red House" and the Jeff Beck track called "Led Boots". On the last track, Tony Macalpine joined Luke on stage and it was a GREAT experience to see Luke perform with another guitar ace. They played different solos and teased each other on stage. A great finish. A lot of different people attended the concert. Young people and older people, heavy metal fans and I think I spotted a couple of Toto fans as well !! But one thing is for sure: everybody came to hear Steve Lukather !

After the speedy notes of Tony MacAlpine, the rock & blues of the great Pat Travers and the static performance of Mick Rodgers it was Steve's turn to enter the stage at the annual Jimi Hendrix Memorial Concert. The concert started with Freedom which got the crowd going (there's nothing better than starting with an uptempo song), which was followed by Tears of My Own Shame, Purple Haze, Hate Everything About You (in a real nice accoustic version with only guitar and OralMonica ;-) eat your heart out Dylan & Clinton ;-) ), Bluebird, Little Wing, Hero With a 1000 Eyes and Red House (Hendrix). There were also a couple of encores which I don't known the names of. The last song Steve played with the Tony MacAlpine band (including Tony himself) in which he and Tony really got loose and dirty. This song featured some great twin guitar parts by these two guitar masters. The sound was pretty loud yet clear (I'm a sucker for the sound of three Rivera's kranked up :-) ). Steve's voice was simply amazing, he sang like a young god! I can't remember when I last heard him sing so well, even Hero (which tends to get tough when he's on a long tour) came out flawlessly. Steve is the first artist ever (and I've seen a lot!) who did what I thought would be impossible: his playing made me go into some kind of trance which I usually only have when I'm on stage myself (I'm a guitarist myself) or when I'm doing the dirty thang, eh, well.... Great concert, great backing band (go Juan!) and I've really enjoyed this one. Thanks Steve, and come back to your second home soon!

THE MINT, LOS ANGELES, USA - 15 August 1997
Well, I saw Steve Lukather last night in Los Angeles at a very very small club called "The Mint". It was packed by the time he came on at 10:00. His voice was exceptionally good compared to when I saw him with Los Lobotomys about a year and a half ago. He also seemed like he lost weight. He played pretty much the same set he played in Europe except for one very special moment. He played the synth...electric piano....just him alone on stage and played some old Toto ballads. It was really great and he sounded wonderful. He said he never does this except when he is playing in his own living room. His kids were there and he dedicated one of the songs to his son. He also dedicated the Beck song "the Pump" to Simon Phillips who was in the crowd. David Garfield was also in the audience along with Jason Bonham. Luke mentioned that he practically knew everyone in the crowd. He was in great form.......riveting was 2 hours.......He announced that the new CD was coming out here in October. It was a great night.

So this was my second Lukather concert in little over a week (lucky me, huh?!) You could clearly feel the tension building up in the audience before the concert. The concert was great, Steve played and sang fantastic. It was clear that he enjoyed this concert a lot. He also showed that he would make a great stand-up comedian :-) What I've noticed especially this time was that Brett and Phil are excellent singers themselves. I must say that the sound was very good, you could hear the vocals very well. There was one strange incident however. The band started playing Tears Of My Own Shame and Steve made them stop after he started playing along because something (someone? ;-) ) was clearly out of tune. After changing guitars (I think...) it sounded much better :-) Gregg " Steve: "Pretty Boy" " Bissonette played a great drum solo, consisting of parts from songs like Rosanna and Shy Boy as well as perfect twin pedal work and outrageous (yet controlled) fills. The crowd demanded (and got) two encores, which made a grant total of 2 hours of top quality music! And... (remember my last review?) Steve's cold is over! When after the concert I got to meet Steve and he signed my guitar it was the end of a perfect evening (thanks Steve, you've changed my life in more ways than you will ever know!)

The concert began half an hour later, because Luke and his guys needed some "regeneration", whatever that means... The sound was not bad, just too loud to be good. Even 30m in front of the stage you could hear Luke's cabinets scream! At several points he had some problems with intonation, whereas his bandmates Brett and Phil did their harmony vocals very well. The first highlight of the concert came with an instrumental tune from Jeff Beck with fulminant guitar work. Luke's whammy bar action was very impressive! Some people quit the concert just after three or four songs, looking quite astonished. Maybe they expected more Toto-like stuff? Gregg Bissonette's drum solo wasn't very exciting this evening, he played just some ordinary heavy stuff with lots of double bassdrum action and no real highlights. I expected more from a drummer who was introduced by Steve in such a way. Far more exciting was "Extinction Blues" from "Candyman". This one was welcomed enthusiastically by the audience. The third and last highlight was "Red House" from Jimi Hendrix, with good vocals from Luke. After all, it was an evening with nearly two hours of outstanding guitar playing and strong songs from one of the worlds most famous guitarists!

The air in the packed Batschkapp was stuffy and hot. From the first rhythms of the opener "Love the things you hate" the audience was rocking. It was a great atmosphere, and all around people were stunned by the performance that Luke and his band offered them. It was a very energetic show, the new songs translated very well onto stage, and Luke's guitar work was nothing less than awesome. The Jeff Beck cover "The pump" made the crowd go crazy. The first single from the album, the folk oriented "Hate everything about U", was introduced by some "Tequila" before it actually started. It featured a harmonica played by Phil Soussan and an additional acoustic guitar played by the guitar technician. The audience especially loved this one and enjoyed it very much. The couple of older songs that were played were also celebrated, with "Extinction Blues" turning out to be the crowd's favorite. After the band had gone off stage the audience heavily demanded an encore, which was opened by the song that a lot of people were waiting for, "Little wing". So Luke was accompanied by a choir of several hundred people on this one. After a medley of "I want you" and "Heavy" the crowd insisted on the band playing on, so we got a very special treat by getting to hear "Red house". Even after the lights went on the audience still demanded more encores. It was a fabulous concert! Set list: Love the things you hate Bag O' Tales Tears of my own shame The pump Don't hang me on Broken machine Hate everything about U The real truth Bluebird Extinction Blues Smell yourself Little wing I want you/Heavy Red House

First we didn't know what MAD ABOUT MUSIC should be, "maybe the name of a concert-hall", we thought. We read about this concert in the ninetynine-Luke-tour-information and decided to meet Luke there. So Ivan came from Sofia, Kris from Berlin and Diana from Wye - three members of the Bulgarian Toto Fan Club came together in London. We found out that the concert will be in the Arena London (Docklands). After we had gone into the Arena we couldn't believe our eyes. We saw a very big hall full with musical instruments. We realised that MAD ABOUT MUSIC is a instrument exhibition. Behind the exhibition hall we found the concert hall, big enough for more than 1000 Luke-fans. But it was too early for him. First we enjoyed the Hamsters, then SLASH and his band. Luke should appear at 3.00pm, but because of some problems (SLASH played longer, Luke had a car-accident...) he started playing one hour later. We had to leave the concert hall during the soundcheck and when we went in the band started with LOVE THE THINGS YOU HATE. Everything was fantastic - the sound, the light-show, Steve and his friends were feeling great, Gregg didn't stop making his jokes for a moment, I never saw him playing drums and looking serious. They went on with TEARS OF MY OWN SHAME, THE PUMP, and HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT U. "What a great start", we thought, "it is the best concert we have ever seen, let's see which song comes next..." when suddenly a man appeared on the stage and said that the exhibition will close at 5.oo pm and there will be only time for one song with Luke and Slash. Can you imagine how disappointed we were?! Steve was very surprised, but what should he do.... So we enjoyed the last blues with Steve and Slash and then the fantastic but too short concert was over....

During the concert of Thunder (festival Line-up: Mennen, Tamas, Walter Trout, Thunder, The Gathering, Fish, Luke & Alice Cooper) I got pretty confused because I saw a guy at the leftside of the stage who looked exactly like Simon Phillips. When the Lukather band backline was set-up and a Mapex drumkit appeared I knew it was certainly not Si but Gregg Bissonette (like expected). The backline was pretty basic: Luke: Three Rivera 100 Watt heads, three Rivera cabinets, five Music Man Lukes and a really small Custom Audio Electronics (Bradshaw) effect controller. How about back to basics?! :-) Phil: Trace Elliot amp & cabinet, Music Man (?) bass Brett: Rivera head and cabinet, Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster, Korg synth, Hammond Gregg: Mapex drumkit They played a bunch of songs off the new album. The crowd reacted pretty good considering they probably didn't know the songs. The only old songs that were played are Extinction Blues and Smell Yourself which both really got the crowd moving. The unisono break of Extinction Blues sounded so tight! Luke looked physically in top shape, I haven't seen the man more thin ever. He did look like he hadn't slept very well though and because he wore a shawl too I think he might have a little cold (his singing wasn't really bad, but he didn't give his best I feel). Overall it was hard (Luke's sound is really loud on-stage) and heavy but he seemed to be enjoying it.

The place had a really small stage placed in a weird corner. Most of us couldn't see so much, but in spite of that the crowd (about 250) was in a really good mood. As in all the past shows Luke (this time in a white t-shirt without sleeves) started off with the rocking "Love the things you hate". It continued with "Bag o'tales", "Tears of my own shame" and the, at least for me, unknown Jeff Beck tune. Then Luke did a small introduction of the band and told us it was Gregg Bissonettes birthday! They continued with "Don't hang me on", "Broken machine" and "Hate everything about u". This time no extra tambourine man was needed :o( They continued with "The real truth" and the Gregg Bissonette drum solo extravaganza... This time he went on a little extra, I guess he wanted to give us something extra on his birthday. Then it was time for Bluebird again, a song which I love live when the tune somehow goes faster and faster in the end. So cool! Now it was time for the real band introduction, and Luke showed us that he was in his very best joking mood. They jammed excerpts from songs from both Slade and Ozzy Osborne (who Phil Soussan has played with before). The mood was now on top and it was time for "Extinction Blues" and as extra numbers they played "Smell yourself" and "Little wing", with an enormous singing effort from the crowd. Between "Smell yourself" and "Little wing" Luke wanted the crowd to sing "Happy birthday" to Gregg, which the crowd of course did, both in English and Swedish. Another great Luke night had ended.

It was a great evening for a Luke show. Sunny and warm. Unfortunately the place had been changed. The police wouldn't allow an outdoor concert at Katalin, which first was announced. Instead we all had to go inside to a tiny pub - Fredmans pub. I guess we were about 100 people who had found out about the show. We waited outside for a while before we went in for the show. That wasn't bad, 'cause then we could see Luke in the window singing up his voice and friendly fight with Phil Soussan (the bass player). Luke has lost a lot of weight during the year and looked really thin in his black t-shirt without sleeves. The show started off at about 10:30 pm with "Love the things you hate" from the new album. Then it continued with "Broken machine" and "Tears of my own shame". After that Luke told that he had produced Jeff Becks new album and he went on with an instrumental Jeff Beck tune. The sound was loud and rough, but not bad. The show went on with "Don't hang me on" (Cool to see Luke adjust the tuning of the guitar during the solo!), "Bag o'tales" and "Hate everything about u". The country inspired "Hate everything about u" of course needed a tambourine player. Luke asked if there was anyone in the audience who was a drummer. One guy was selected and fastly taught by Gregg what to do, and then he joined the musicians for the song. There was also a tour guy as guest musician on acoustic guitar during the same song. The song afterwards was "The real truth" which contained a monstrous drum solo by Gregg Bissonette. Then they played the last song from the new album, "Bluebird" from 1968. Luke was in a pretty good mood and asked the fans if we knew what 68 was. (As you know Luke's humour is a little rough, so if you are sensitive, don't read the next sentence ;o) According to Luke it's: If you go down on me, I owe you one! The last song before they went off the stage was "Smell yourself" from the first Los Lobotomys album. After a short break it was time for the extra numbers, which this time was "Extinction Blues" from Candyman, and then Hendrix' "Little wing". We all went home a little happier than before after an about 2 hours show.

Starting with Love the Things You Hate, the band played quite much new material. If I remember right, they actually played all the tracks on the new album except for Always Be There For Me and Open Your Heart. The only piece the band played from the older Steve Lukather albums was Extinction Blues from Candyman. Two instrumentals were also performed. The first one was a Jeff Beck cover, supposedly from the new record that Luke's been producing. The second one was a piece that I didn't recognize, but I would assume it was some older Los Lobotomies stuff. Additionally, three more cover songs (whose names I don't remember anymore) were heard as encores. The set lasted quite precisely two hours altogether. The sound of the gig was somewhat heavier and darker than on the new record. Luke also played a lot more and a lot longer solos than on the CD, which I personally thought was cool. He seemed to be in a pretty energetic mood, bouncing all around the stage in his sleeveless black shirt and cracking jokes between the songs. Occasionally you could hear quite clearly that the gig was indeed the first one of the tour and that the band hadn't yet performed the new songs live too many times. Most of the time, however, I didn't care to pay much attention to the slight imperfections there were in the singing or the solos - the band simply rocked, yeah! For those of you who are still pondering whether or not to go see Luke live, I'd say that if Toto is the "heaviest" stuff you like to listen to, you may not like the concert that much. However, the show's definitely worth seeing and hearing if you're into ass-kicking hard rock with phenomenal guitaring and drumming. Moreover, if you haven't bought the new CD yet, go buy it right away! Unfortunately there aren't any instrumentals on it, but otherwise, as a whole, "Luke" is definitely the best recording Steve Lukather has released so far.

When Luke played in Helsinki, I got somehow in, though I'm not over-aged (but anyone doesn't know it, right..?) This meant the world to me, I have been a Luke-fan since I started to realize something 'bout music... so, extremely excited I waited in front of the stage until HE came. And the show was f-u-c-k-i-n-g great. I knew that he is a genius, but the show...! Words can't describe the way he played, and the music from the new album was cool. I really liked it, though it was a lot different from Candyman. Luke is my hero, and he'll always be. That's the real truth.

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