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Noumea, New Caledonia — 12 September 2003
Myself and a handful of Australian Toto fans flew to New Caledonia to check out the concerts there.

A few of us early arrivals were lucky enough to be invited along to the press conference by the local promoter Sylvie Mann (many thanks Sylvie) and got to meet the guys in the band. The guys were all so cool and chatted with us all, Bobby especially seemed to really enjoy mixing with the fans and answering questions they were all very accommodating with photos, considering they must get asked all the time!

The concert was BRILLIANT under a big full moon!

The focus of the concert (and the tour for that matter) was the hits and the radio songs with a big emphasis on Toto 1 - 4, many of which had the arrangements changed or were played in medleys. The playlist was very much as per the upcoming DVD. This was great to watch but as Luke said during the press conference, the band couldn't play Everyone's favourite song. Conspicuously absent for me was any material off Mindfields and classics like Jake to the Bone, Don't Chain my Heart or Dave's gone skiing.

The good news for us Aussies is that the band will be coming back to New Caledonia...and so will I!

We went to hear you yesterday night. It was a great night with a lovely moon. You were all wonderful. Thank you very very very much.
With love XXXXXX

Papeete, Tahiti — 5 September 2003
Hi Guys... GREAT concert !

I live in Los Angles but flew to Tahiti for your concert... OKAY, so I had work to do in Tahiti also but the MAIN reason for going was the CONCERT... What better than to see and hear TOTO in PARADISE.

Really good sound and very tight... The crowd really enjoyed themselves and it is good to see classic bands going to our beautiful islands. All the people I spoke with look forward to many more such visits.

Really neat when Greg Philliganes played the theme from South Pacific movie solo, as the Windstar 3 masted ship slowly sailed past the concert.

Come back to our islands very soon.

hi everybody!
i just want to say (no, not hello!) THANK YOU for all the wonderfull sensations i had feeling. (ah! I'm french and my english is very bad like you're french Mr Lukather). I was in your concert from tahiti. Now I can appreciate bobby's voice. Thank you for this too. Maybe next time I'll can see you in USA. I hope so. But I'll regret the proximity. In tahiti it was like an unpluged concert, intimate atmosphere.
So I stop because that nerves me to search all words in my dictionary.
one more time thank you very much. it was my first real concert and i'm happy it was you.

Monte Carlo, Monaco — 1 & 2 August 2003
Hi friends,I made 21!!!

Me, a friend of mine and his wife went to Monte-Carlo for the last date of the summer tour.
What a magic night! We arrived at "Le Sporting" (jacket required, AH AH) at 9,30 PM, we were introduced into the hall by a penguin waiter, and by another one we were took to our table, just close to the dance floor. It was really amazing being into a world famous disco-restaurant with all these multimillionaire old mummies with their Silicon Valley wives or young lovers dressed up in Dolce Gabbana ,Armani and so on!
The venue is really incredible, mirrors everywhere with red and yellow lights, through the porch a heartbreaking sight on Monte-Carlo, and the ceiling with lights like stars in the night sky, and at a certain point they moved it out,so it was like an open air!!!
It was "La Salle des Etoiles", where they have the night for the Monaco Red Cross with the Prince and all his family!!!
A third penguin took us our drinks and a big plate of fresh delicatessen...
At 10,40 PM the dance floor came up, TOTO started playing, the curtain was opened and the band arrived on a mobile stage! I had Mike about 20 centimeters far away!!!!!
After a few notes Luke recognized me, and came to me smiling and saying something I didn't understood.
After a bunch of songs the guys succedeed in involving this snob crowd, and it was really nice seeing these people loosing their usual aplomb dancing on the tables!!!
Bobby started a sort of karaoke making sing almost everyone in the firsts two rows. The stage was entirely covered with roses everyone throwed to the band!
During "Hold the Line" Luke came to me asking for the cigarette I was smoking, I gave it to him and after a pair of puffs he gave it back to me (needless to say it's now in a small plexiglass box near my huge TOTO collection...)
It wasn't a usual TOTO concert, I mean it was more like a birthday party!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After the show we waited for the guys, and had autographs on the tickets. Mike said to me that after 21 concerts I need a vacation... He's always so cool!
We passed an unforgettable evening in such a chic place with the best band in the world...
I want to thank my sister in law Lucia (she works in Monte-Carlo) that made all this possible for my pocket.

Monaco was yesterday the last show of this european summer tour 2003 and this gig was for me incredible as regards many aspects; first of all, the place: the Sporting Club looks more like a five-stars restaurant than a rock arena, because there are tables and chairs everywhere!! 2 friends of Marseille and I were allowed to seat at the back of the room which was reserved to the people who "only" paid 80 euros to see the show and have a drink without the dinner.
Second, the crowd: nothing to see with classic TOTO fans for most of them, many rich people as you can imagine here in Monaco!!
Third, the show: at 22h45, THEY came on stage with the opening medley and it was very hard for me to stay in my chair like other people did all over the room!! Luckily, as the setlist was shorter than the rest of the tour (they didn't played Gift With A Golden Gun, Luke's and Simon's Solos, Home Of The Brave, White Sister) "Africa" arrived quickly and then people began to stand up and dance; at that time, my friends and I ran to the side of the stage (2m from Luke who recognized "real" toto fans!!) and we stayed here till the end of the show; the atmosphere was strange because most of the people danced only when they played the most famous songs (Africa, Rosanna, Hold The Line) and sat on the chairs during most of the other songs.
As usually, the guys were perfect and Luke did his best to make the room groove, sometimes ironically ("It seems that Love left the room" when the crowd was "cold"!!) and I burst out laughing just before "I Won't Hold You Back" when he said "if you know this song, sing along and clap your hands; if not, move your jewelry!! HA HA GREAT and well thought with such a crowd!!
But the best was to come: after the show, my friends and I were allowed (thank you again,Martin!!) to meet the band backstage and all of them were very cool with us so that we could take photos with every member of the band!! thanks again guys!! This is also CLASS!!
Well,this was the end of the 26th Anniversary Tour and my 21st show since 1988!! What can I say? I am ready for the next 21!!!

Toulon, France — 31 July 2003
Hi guys,

After travelling ten hours in car across France, from Lille to Toulon, we came in that beautiful place: Gaou Island.

It was my fifth Toto concert, and I was placed like the last time, in front of my guitar hero, at the second line.

It was a great concert like every time. I'm very happy this tour will be available on DVD, the old songs 'arrangements are so great!

I just find "Afraid of Love" was a little bit too slow.

I love all of you.

Mike is always so cool. Simon "octopussy", so little behind his drums, is very incredible!

We missed David (our thoughts go to him), but Greg is very strong too.

Bobby, oh! It was a great moment, when you sang "Hold the line" without microphone!

I don't forget JJ, and Tony singing "I can't stop loving you".

Like always, I really enjoy Luke's solos. Your technique is amazing,

everyone knows that, and emotionally, you deeply touch me every time. It's great to see that you always take good times together on stage after 26

years. I'm so proud and touched that you consider us, your fans, as friends. It seems that we're parts of a family.

Now, I'm waiting impatiently for the DVD, and forward, I'm counting on you to write a wonderful new album during Night of the Proms.

Take care of yourself, see you soon.

the greatest concert of toto I've ever seen, TOTO just for us .......
very spectacular to seen Steve so close to me, the acoustic solo was so fantastic.
bobby equal as himself .... The best singer of the group, even if David wasnt here that night, there was a great concert, which will remain engrave in my mind. It seems that the band enjoy their selves to play behind the french audience, that's very cool, we love it

Thursday July 31 22h40, the night is finally to fall, the group arrives finally on scene, as of the first notes of goodbye girl one already knows that one will have right has large spectacle. steve, bobby, mike, Simon and greg are in super form, the group plays ace wonder the set list is identical to that of January 2003. luke makes sound his guitar like anybody, mike is always also spectacular, bobby is really the best singer of the group, Simon is also impressive. At each blow of rod my heart trembles, greg is really as a very complete musician, he brings in more his small personal key has each pieces. it is really it vivement times the next one to turn and to it new albums, thank you very much the guy and to continue like.
thank you very much steve,bobby, mike, simon, greg you are great

Tilburg, Netherlands — 27 & 28 July 2003
Hello Toto!!!

Last week I visited the concert in Tilburg. It was the 4th time I went to a concert of you you masters! And again... I enjoyed it very very much. In Brussels and Amsterdam it was also great, but this time it was very nice because you made so many jokes. Jokes about Holland and about the breakfast of Simon. Steve, your guitar solo was superb and the solo of master Simon was graniose. It was still like there were standing twenty persons playing the drumms, instead of one (simon).

The moment I will never forget is when Steve said: 'goodevening Tilburg!' I am from Tilburg so that sounded very cool. And after the show I reached all of you to get signatures and photos!!!! I hope you will come back very soon to this little, but very nice town...

Dear TOTO and crew,

Last Monday, 28 July, I went to the concert of TOTO in Tilburg, my hometown. First, I have to say that it's amazing that a small stage like 013 is picked out by a band like TOTO for giving a concert. And what a concert it was. I enjoyed it from the first until the last minute. I went out of curiosity, honestly. But from now on I'm really TOTO-minded. I knew the great hits like Africa and Stop loving you, but also the songs I didn't know were very much impressive. As a lover of good music, I was surprised by the unity of the 7 members on stage. On stage I saw 7 hearts beating as one. It was clear that they knew exactly what to do. And that in a very smooth and nice way. I couldn't believe my eyes. The funny things Greg Philinganes did, the heartwarming drumming of Simon Philips, the amazing guitarplaying of Steve Lukather, the typical voice of Bobby Kimball and the firm playing of Mike Porcaro, I loved it all.
Special attention for the leader of the band, Steve. He is a very warmblooded person, with an incredible talent for music. He can almost talk with his guitar. I can get really enthousiastic when I think of his appearance. He's the one and only leader and make a good contact with the audience, very impresive. Keep up the good work.
Unfortunately, David Paich wasn't there. I hope that his sister recovers quickly.
So, I'm going to stop. Next time TOTO is in the neighbourhood I will surely be there. See you.

Dearly beloved members of Toto,

Being a fan for many, many years I've never had the experience enjoying a intimate session as I had last monday. I'm used to see Toto in Ahoy, maaspoort (Den Bosch), Bos Pop and Heineken music hall. Sold out all the time but I always am in the same spot; in front of the stage at the left side (stevie's side) experiencing the fine strokes of Steve on his guitar (The man with the golden fingers), the smooth handling of the keys by the big man David himself (may God, Jeff and Al guide you through these difficult times, my friend) Seeing Mike playing as cool as ever (keep the groove goin' my man!), Simon torchering his drums (Keep up the bangin'), Bobby singin' like a golden nightinggale (Jumpin Jack Flash) JJ, our man in the back (but heard and seen in the spotlights) and Tony (his masters voice and guitarplay) . Due to the intemacy of the hall, it was even better. Normally I go with a very close friend of mine, who was not able to come this time. Man, what a great thing he missed this time. Is there something after Toto? I think not.

See you at the Night of the Proms guys! And Greg, you kept the spirit of David alive, Well done!


Well, here I am... as from now I have to add myself to the big family of Totofans or friends or whatever you may call them.

It started November last year when I, just for fun, joined a friend to see a Toto show. Of course I knew Toto songs but never saw them perform live.. until then! It was a great show and when Toto said they'd come back for a show in February I decided to get tickets and see them again. I'd had a fun time so why not!?

The show in February turned out to be the DVD recording show. It must have been one of the best live performances I've ever seen (can't wait for the DVD to be released). The audience was brilliant, the show was more than brilliant and it, in the end got me hooked on Toto. I don't know how or why but I just happened: Totovibes all through my veins.

So last Sunday, 27th July me and my friend went to see you again in 013, Tilburg. Whatever it was, I'm still not sure, the performance, the audience, the songs, the solos, I don't know (maybe Tony's bare feet, haha). The only thing I do know is that early that Monday morning (28th July) I got in touch with my friend and practically begged her to come with me to the show that evening. I had to really persuade her but got her to say yes. We didn't have tickets but the show appeared not to be sold out (still can't believe it, but I'm so very grateful for it ;-)). So after work I began my mad race against the clock to get the tickets and basically fly to 013 Tilburg to get there in time. I just had to go and see the show again. Me and my friend ended up being there 2 hours early...

When we finally got in I just couldn't wait for the show to start... But when it did... oh maaan, I enjoyed every single minute of it. Stop loving you, Hold the line, I won't hold you back even the less well-known songs (to me) I loved them all. Favourites have to be Stop loving you and Africa. But I also liked Afraid of love, Home of the brave and White Sister! They're great songs.

My respect goes out to Greg who just kicked ass there on the stage. It takes guts to get up there in front of a huge Toto family and perform the way he did, twice!

But of course the other guys where great too: Mike for playing the bass the way he does, Simon 'how the hell can you play such a solo'... amazing, JJ for doing your thing behind the keyboards, Bobby for singing and running around on stage the way he does, Tony for singing Stop loving you the way he does and Steve.. well for just being Steve!!

Need I say more...

I don't understand why nobody told me about your shows and music before... like I said, I knew a few songs but the shows have made me aware of all the songs I've missed out on ..SO FAR! I'll catch up, no worries as from today I'm an official member!

See ya next time for sure!!!

Dear Toto- and temporary band members,
last night we saw the performance in Tilburg, and what a performance it was! It'd been years since we last went to a Toto-concert, and it seemed like time had just stood still. Everything was absolutely great: wonderful atmosphere, super sound, the best songs and simply amazing energy and family-feeling on stage and off!
Please, please, please, don't you guys EVER stop touring! I for one am sure going to keep a close eye on this site (which is great as well by the way).

Lots of love,

Mondaynight was my fourth TOTO-night. I gotta say that I loved the fact that the guys played in a small venue like 013 Tilburg: it creates an intimate atmosphere, which was, beside the Lukather/Carlton show I attended in Paradiso Amsterdam, unique!
I'm not gonna talk about the quality of the band, we all know that TOTO must have been created by God, haha...
I just wanna say that whatever the critiques say or MTV may play, just remember that YOU guys are some of the few that created REAL music and managed to survive because of your loyalty, talent and friendship. Keep up the good work and make sure all the upcoming records in the future stay real TOTO-records from the heart!!

You guys keep real music alive!!!

Once again I've travelled to Holland to see the best live band in the business.
This time I was accompanied by Glen Jeffrey and met up with our long time Dutch friend Marijn Smit who went to the trouble of purchasing the tickets and showing us around his City of Rotterdam, saw your footprints on the "walk of fame".
The concert was as usual up to the high standard of the previous concerts I've been too, with all the band enjoying playing, as much as the fans were enjoying listening to the music.
Simon on drums is awesome with his drum solo, brilliant !!
JJ it was good to see him on stage and plays with his usual coolness, Mike was his usual best with his "Africa" bass playing stint wonderful.
Greg was magnificent on keyboards and singing Africa, Dave watch out !!!
Bobby's singing was great, keep up the dancing.
Tony's version of "Stop loving you" was great, Steve's still up for the gigs even after all this time, your guitar playing is brilliant, keep off "the curried eggs" perhaps you will sing "I will Remember" sometime as it is a brilliant song.
Well done for the lighting effects.
Hope to see in Rotterdam AHOY for Night of the Proms.
Keep up the good work and thanks for a great night of songs from the three amigo's.
Don't forget your fans in the UK

Yo people of Toto,

My name is Tim Franken 23 years old and I'm an authentic Tilburgian, born and raised in Tilburg, Holland.
The reason I picked up a guitar is Steve Lukather and I've ben a huge Toto fan for years and years, and I was totally 'flabbergasted' (that one's for Simon, hihi) when I found out you guys we're going to play in my very ugly but also very lively Tilburg, but when I went to the box office they told it was sold out. Since I couldn't go I did not remember the date you guys we're playing in Tilburg, so I was having coffee in bar just across the street from 013 when I saw this crowd in line to get in, my girlfriend and I finished our coffee and walked passed the waiting line, and suddenly I saw that they we're waiting to see Toto and I felt bad because I couldn't go, then my girlfriend took my hand and walked to the line and hooked up, I said "what are you doing, we don't have any tickets" then she pulled out two tickets, she had them for weeks already and she kept it a surprise for me to celebrate our one year aniversary together (which was on the 6th of July), we already had a wonderful celebration with a day out and dinner for that aniversary so I didn't expect this at all, I didn't know what to say. God I love that girl (not just because of the tickets of course!!!)

Now finally the concert: it was very hip :-) I appreciate it that you guys express yourselves with such freedom and spirit. Everybody loves the hits of course, and so do I, but as a musician (I study guitar at the Rock Academy in Tilburg) it's also great to see you guy's playing solo's and improvising, showing that you guys can really play your instruments well, I'm very proud of you and also very jealous!
I think it's also great that you guys have such a good time on stage, I could really see that and that just lifted the concert even higher, to see a band who's been around longer than I'm alive still kicking ass with a smile is very cool. I also would like to say that I have a lot of respect for David Paich, he's a great musician and keyboard player and I hope everything will be fine with his family. Also respect for the way you treat your fellow musicians that you took on the tour, you let their talent come to the surface let them give solo's and do some lead vocals, they must feel at home working with you guys. It was very unfortunate that David wasn't there and I hope to see him in the future again, but Greg Philinganes rocked, that guy is amazing very talented and funny..... I knew some of his work and I think I read some things about him in Quincy Jones' book, but I didn't know what he looked like, so at first I thought" huh who's that guy", and then Steve said "mr. Greg Philinganes" and I thought wowie zowie.......aaaargh! Last saturday I went to bar called Boogie Wonderland where they play some cool old dance shit, and there I danced to "Rock with you" and "Off the wall" and just two day's later I see the guy who played on those songs play with one of my favourite bands, double treat!!! It was a great concert, a blast, thanks for comming back on stage for two times after the show and play some more for us!!

I wish you guy's all the love and hapiness in the world, take care and have fun on the rest of the tour.

(p.s. to David: I wish you will find strenght and hope and that your sister will get well soon!!!)
Hi Guys,

Just got back from your incredible show in 013 in my hometown Tilburg. Amazing performance what you guys gave us tonight. It was my second one this year (Febr. 17) and it was great again. Sad David couldn't be there but Greg did a realy nice job. He's a funny guy and it seems that he's a band member for many years. The chemistry with him was very good. David will be proud of him. Thank you for another great night.

Last night, we saw Toto in Tilburg. The concert was great. Thank you guys. Greg Phillinganes was an excellent musician, and did a really good job. He was also very funny. As usual all the Toto-guys reached a high level, Especially Luke. Luke was in a very good shape and we enjoyed his solo's so much.
We loved to here so much good songs from the Turn Back record. This is excellent material for live concerts (English Eyes, Goodbye elenore and Gift with a golden gun). We also were happy to hear great songs as: Rosanna, Hold the line, Home of the brave and I won't hold you back.
Thanks for this fantastic evening. This is Rock as it must be! Till next time

Sunday, the 27th of July my boyfriend and I went to the Toto concert in Tilburg.
Guys, we have seen you at Bospop in Weert last year, then I was al little disappointed, but then we went tot Amsterdam at the Heineken Music Hall in november en february this year and what we heard there was TOTO at their very best. All the old songs were played if there were new again, especially Goodbye Girl, wow !!
And last night was above all my expectations. Every song was played with al lot of spirit and the bass solo from Mike in "Africa" , I couldn't take my eyes off him, what a great musician our groove master is. Steve had a lot off fun this evening and inspite he said that he wasn't funny, you would do good as an sit-down comedian ( on the toilet ! )!!!
Greg my compliments, no one could be a better person to fill in the place from David. Bobby what a great voice you have, even without a microphone. Simon, like Steve said, without you it would sound like a folk band. And all my regards to JJ and especially to Tony Spinner, boy you have a very great voice and when you sing "stop loving you" I go really crazy. I can't imagine TOTO without you guys.

The setlist was very much the same as the last two concerts in Amsterdam, but for me you choose the best songs to play. Guys, I see you at the Night of the Proms in Rotterdam in november with David hopefully.

Thank you for an unforgettable evening. I'm still not down to earth yet.

Last nights was one of the best concerts I've ever seen. All Totomembers were great and were having a lot of fun. Especially Greg Phillinganes is a little bit crazy but really funny. Combined with his musical talent, that makes him the only one who can replace David (temporarely, of course)..
The setlist was almost the same as in February but the energy was unique! I think I've never seen them so happy. Thanks again for a great night! And see you tomorrow!

Dear TOTO,

My girlfriend and I saw your show on JULY 27 at 013 in Tilburg Holland.
We loved the show, it was great and altough Dave wasn't there his "substitute" was incredible.
Sometimes I thougt he put up a one man show. I'm still impressed the way you guys are playing after al those years. On stage you look like teenagers who are having the best times of there lives.
I hope that you guys keep on doing this for a long time, because we loved it and I think I speak for all of your fans who where there last sunday, You guys are still the best and we all loved the show!!!!!

Ahaus, Germany — 26 July 2003

At saturday 26th of july I crossed the border with some friends to see Toto in Ahaus. The Toto-concert was the headliner of a festival on a square in the heart of Ahaus (one of the other acts on the bill was Kim Wilde; I hope my girlfriend looks like her when she's 42 of age!). In the beginning of the show there were some technical problems with the equipment, Steve didn't hide his frustration about this. The show was simular comparing to the shows I visited at Amsterdam and Zwolle early in this tour. But this time, David wasn't there for personal reasons (I wish him all the power and strength) but Greg was a good stand-in. Greg contributed a jazzy flair to some of the songs. At the end, they played "white sister", many of us in the audience heard a lick from "Caught In The Balance" in it, but the band didn't play the song, sadly! Maybe the frustration at the beginning of the show has made the show shorter. At the other shows I visited at this tour they played "Home Of The Brave" as an encore, this time they didn't. Maybe it was the weather, it almost rained constantly.

Dispite of the rain and the simular show the guys of the band, they didn't bore me, everytime I wonder how the groovemast himself, Mike Porcaro, shows that he is one with his instrument, he closes his eyes and is in full concentration. Marvellous!!

One last note: It seems that the wardrobe of the guys is very limited because everytime I see them, they wear the same outfit!!!

Guys, keep up the good work!!

Langelands, Denmark — 24 July 2003
The Langelandfestival 2003 did not take place during my Holliday, but I took 2 days off from job.

At four o clock in the morning me and a friend left home and drew to Langeland, because we had to buy a ticket at 10 in the morning and the concert starts 23 a clock.

It was a long day but we enjoyed some of the other bands on the festival, although it starts raining in the evening.

One hour before the concert we found a good place in front of Steve for to enjoy all his energy and fun. Before the concert we were a little group of fans who have meet each other to several TOTO-concerts. It is the 6th time a have experienced "through the looking glass" and it is getting better and better but I missed a little bit "Could It Be Love" because I think that the TOTO version is special.

It was a great concert as usual and I was very pleased that it was the "LONG" version (more than 2 hors). It seems like they have a lot of fun during playing and the know how to bring it out to the audience. I simply love this band. Thank you very much TOTO.

I am looking forward to the next time.

Hi all Toto fans around the world!

I and my friend from Gothenburg in Sweden decided to go and see Toto at Langelandsfestivalen in Denmark.I`m only seventeen years old and I have listen to Toto for only two years.But when i heard them the first time I liked their music instantly. Now I have almost every record and I listen to them very often. After 7 hour car driving we reached the festival in the afternoon.
Everybody were talking about Toto around us and you could feel the excitement among the people at the festival. At 11 the guys entered the stage and the opening of the show with Girl Goodbye was powerfuland with a lot of energy. Toto really wanted to show why they belong to the greatest artists in the world. Toto played of course their most famous songs as "Rosanna", "Hold the Line" and "Africa". Other songs who were played were Bodhisattva, While my guitar gently weeps and I think this song belonged to one of best songs today. Lukes voice seemed to work perfect and the guitar playing were fantastic. The best part of the show was when the audience were singing in chor with Africa and everbody seemed to know the text. A small part of the audience beside the stage were Totofans but I think many never heard Toto before or they maybe just heard some songs, but it doesnt matter because everybody seemed to have a good time anyway.
It was a lot of people at the concert and I estimated the crowd to over 10 000 people, but it could have been so many as 15 000, but I dont really know. Steve Lukather played brilliant on his black guitar and he did a great show, specially on I Won`t Hold You Back when he showed the crowd what a wonderful guitarplayer he is. The other guys did also a great job and Simon's drumsolo was powerful and had a sound that was fantastic. I have never heard anything likely before. A big plus was that Toto played more than 40 minutes over what the program said and the show lasted for mor than 2 hour. I recommend to go and see Toto live on a summerfestival, they really fit in there. Its a special feeling than being in a big concerthall.
This was my third Toto concert, I have seen them on Marstrand and in Gothenburg before on their 25th Anniversary Tour. It was no doubt the best concert i`ve seen in my whole life. It was worth all the money and time it took to get there.
Thank you Toto for an excellent show and be back soon. If you go to Sweden in the future I will definitly be there.

Best regards

Patrimonio, Corsica — 20 July 2003
Hi, during the day before the soundcheck for the TOTO concert in Corsica, the Sunday 20 of July, I did the translater for an interview on a local radio with Luke and Bobby Kimball, great moment with them, and at the end of the interview, I have asked to Luke to sign my LUKE guitar and he did, Steve is very a great man !!!
The show was phenomenal, the opening with the new version of GIRL GOODBYE with a killer LUKATHER guitar riff was impressive, the sound, the band, all was perfect !!!
All the members did their solos, and at the end of the GREG PHILLIGANES ONE, LUKE have joined him to play the guitar lead on the superb PAUL MEETS CHANI Dune's Theme !!!
Then After the show, I have met LUKE again , and did him sign all my TOTO and LUKE albums, and made some photos shots with him !!!
This Sunday 20 of July was one of the best day in my life, Luke have promised to the audience that TOTO will be back here in PATRIMONIO CORSICA, sure I will be there again to see my best band !!!

Zürich, Switzerland — 17 July 2003

What a concert! In the beautiful ambiance of the Landesmuseum in Zurich your music was even more striking than normally. Although we all missed the presence of David Paich I have to acknowledge that Greg was playing just exceptionally. Particularly his subtle quotation of Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" during is solo was brilliant. Simon's drumming technique is simply amazing, Bobby seems to be still in his twenties with his energy, and Steve played guitar as usual: high class!
Thank you very much for this unique musical experience.

This was my first TOTO concert after years of listening and enjoying your great music and I can't describe how much I was looking forward to that gig! I must say that the performance was really disappointing for me, not because of the band's versatility (you all know that you are among the best players on earth!), but because of the sound. It was so loud that no sound technician could possibly be able to make a good mix!! The EQ-ing was horrible! The only chance I had to hear Mike's bass, was during his solo spot! All I could hear in the low frequencies was Luke's guitar and I thought "for heaven's sake, it's not Luke's job to play the bass right??!!". Don't get me wrong, I love distorted sounds, I am a guitar player myself, but this guitar was way too loud!!

A personal word to Luke: Man, I have been a great fan of yours for years now and you have strongly influenced my playing. However, I don't understand why you had to pack so many notes in your solos yesterday! Everyone knows that you are fast - very fast. It's great to see your speed, but the faster you play, the more feeling and preciseness disappear. Your solo in "Why my guitar gently weeps" was just outstanding!! It went through my body and soul and that's what I call truly virtuous guitar playing! It's not always the speed that counts...!

Well, there are not only negative things to say. Simon, you were truly amazing, sitting behind your huge drum kit, always a smile on your face. Your timing and feeling for the groove is out of this world! We were blown away by your solo and I'd like to give a compliment to the light technicians at this point too. Bobby, thanks for putting so much emotion into your singing! I wonder how you still manage to pitch those high notes! Awesome! Tony, you are a gifted man with a great voice and lots of talent that is still waiting to be released. One day you'll be the front man of a famous rock band! Greg, you did an excellent job replacing David. You are a funny guy! Mike and JJ, I'm sorry but I couldn't hear you. Please have a word with your mixing man so that I'll be able to enjoy your playing next time.

Dear TOTO - on stage and behind,

What a night, TOTO live at sunset, Zurich, July 17th2003 ! We all felt you and your deepest grooving vibes that night, it was a veeeeeeeeery joyful gig that moves me still very much!

You remember "the hand vibrating thing" we do in Switzerland! "Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhh"

... through all the years now, I never did it, as there was no one, no band to give that much of my very personal respect - ...until July17th 2003 !... when you took a piece of my heart!

"Merci beaucoup" & Peace to all of you, here and above, take care,

WHAT more can I say? Aside from heartfelt thanks for memories that will go with me though the rest of my life. Toto is such a tight group of true journeymen. And what a great job that Greg is doing stepping into in the footsteps of a giant like Dave. But it's always been clear to Pat Clapton and all of the other great musicians and singers he has worked with that he has what it every situation. A final comment - after spending the last two years underway doing work for that wonderful organization MSF, in places at all points of the compass, hearing "Africa" from the other side (one of my all time favorites) touched me in a whole new way. That alone made it a personal experience that I shall never forget. You dudes are tops in my book !!

Dear Toto's

I saw you the first time in Wohlen Soundarena in June - and I was absolutely and deeply impressed by your musical skills and the way you act on stage like I've never been before in my life. And believe me I have already seen lots of good bands. So I had to join your second concert in Switzerland again and went to Zurich at Live at Sunset yesterday evening. I haven't words enough to describe what I heard, what I saw and what I felt. I just wanna give you my respect, and I wana say: Thanks so much for the way you guy's are and play. I've been a musician for more than 15 years now, and I learnt a lot during these two concerts of yours. Again: Thanks and all the best for your future. You definitly have a new fan now.

Hi all together where stay on a very first class concert on the special arena in the museum yestreday night!

I`m a very big TOTO Fan since the early 80`s! I`ve seen many shows in the 90`s from the big musicians...! But the last night show were absolutely amazing! Better then ever! They play with 25 years experience on stage...! Especialy the intro with many old songs go into on and another - the sound - for me you are simply the best rockband that i know and ever seen!

When you rising on the stage in the spotlights my musician heart beating faster and it becoms to me like a little wonder... The hole arena becomes to pleasure and its groove through all the fans....!

Thank`s for the great show - and a very thanks Steve Lukather for the guitar plectrum where you played at the final song, you give it me after! You`re the best guitar player whit so much feeling - technic - speed -and and...!

Till the next one in switzerland...!


I would like to thank you guys for a truly aweson gig in Zuerich yesterday, live at the Sunset. It was just an amazing concert also underlined by the unique setting at the Landesmuseum in the center of Zuerich.

Again, like in last November, you gave it all and you absolutely played with heart and soul. Though the event Live at the sunset only offers space for a very limited number of people (approx. 2200) you had us going within no time. The mixture of old and new songs was great and showed that even now - in your 26th year of being together it just WORKS ! You are worldclass musicians and it shows in every single song ! I am absolutely sure that each and every person in the audience, no matter if young or old, felt it too.

Thank you for a very special Night. It was sad, that David Paich could not be there. My prayers are with him and his ill relative. Still Greg did his best to fill in his part and that was swell!

All I can say is - Keep it up guys - Hope you come back to Switzerland soon. One thing you can be sure of - I'll be there !!!

This time Toto played at the beautiful setting of the Landesmuseum in Zurich. Ticket prices were double the usual price and so I didn't know what to expect from the crowd. Well it was a very enthusiastic crowd. Although it was all seats no-one sat for more than half an hour! It was an inspiring place. Never had I been so close to Luke for so long. The setlist was the same. But the improvisations. AWESOME. Always surprinsing. The fun was written all over their faces. Greg was brilliant. He enjoyed himself like a little kid. Very nice interpreatations from his side. No sign of strangeness at all. Tony's solo left me speechless. I am impressed. He must have learned a lot from Luke. As I was so close the sound is different. Simon sounded like a gunman. Bobby sang without microphone. What a clear and powerful voice he still has.
I feel very lucky here in Switzerland. Whenever Toto's on tour they stop at least one or two times. Thank you for your music, your love and passion.

Rome, Italy — 14 July 2003
I was there, it was my 3rd TOTO concert, and in every concert you gave me unique emotions. Fantastic sounds and executions.

For Steve i have one of your "plectrum" you gave me at Villa Clara during your first concert in Rome, now it's in a frame keeping with great care!!!!

Now i'm going on holiday with my kawasaki and i hope to see you again in Montecarlo on the 2nd of Aug.

Thank you are our music!!!!

We have spent a good night at the Fiesta Festival in Rome, yesterday 14 July. I've appreciated very much the great care lavished from the band during two hours of good music. For me, Simon has been the best: his solo on the drums has been a perfect synthesis of an excellent technique, a superhuman speed and an incredible strength; I've never listened live an artist sublime like him. Mike is simply exceptional on the bass, and I also value his elegant style very much. Bobby is really great, his voice is indeed fantastic and he gives always all his heart when he sings. Greg, Luke, Tony and JJ have made a good work too. Besides, it has been very nice the duet of Luke with another great guitarist (I'm sorry, I don't remember his name).
During the night, we've also had the pleasure to listen songs such as "Girl goodbye", "Goodbye Elenore", "Child anthem", "Gift with a golden gun", "English eyes", "While my guitar gently weeps", "Bodhisattva", "Africa" (with Greg as lead singer), "Don't stop me now", "Waiting for your love", "Stop loving you", "I won't hold you back", "Rosanna", "Afraid of love", "Hold the line" and - as encore - a great interpretation of "Home of the brave".
I hope that TOTO comes back to Rome very soon.

Well, so much has been already said about this great show but I think we forgot something:
Even though the sound wasn't really the best (but I think none of TOTO crew is to blame for it), those cats gave us real great time and I guess they were able to see and hear how much we're enjoying. Roma has been waiting for you for a while but we HOLD THE LINE for you guys!

Come Back Soon! (with DAVE please!)

Hi TOTO, I'd like to THANK YOU all for the amazing show you held here in Rome yesterday!

It was a real blast to see (and hear!!) you on stage, you showed some great technique and you also - what I think is more important - gave some REAL EMOTIONS to us... your love for music and the actual FUN you had were very apparent, it was wonderful. The set was really good, mixing up some cool TOTO classics with some recent tracks from "Through The Looking Glass". When you started playing "(I Can't) Stop Loving You" I thought I was gonna cry... you have an incredibly powerful sound, so rich and full, I just love it. The show lasted more than 2 hours, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Being a guitarist myself, I really enjoyed Luke's performances (also great vocals!), his playing is of great inspiration to me... and I'd kill to have a MM Luke guitar! ;) I think I'll never forget his solo spot with AL DI MEOLA!!! Simply astonishing... especially the "tarantella" section... ha ha ha...

Then Simon... for me, one of the best drummers out there... and I really mean that! I also enjoyed very much your Protocol albums. Keep up the GREAT work! And of course, your drum solo blew us all away :))

Bobby... incredible vocals! You know there are so many singers who don't do very well in live concerts... but you nailed every song in an incredible way!

Mike... you're the man behind TOTO's fantastic groove, I really appreciate your style!

Last but not least, a big thank you to Greg (you've really showed some chops man!), JJ & Tony... I'm very sad for Dave, I just hope everything will be fine for you and your family... We're all sending our love to you and I'm pretty sure you'll feel it, thank you for the great man and the great musician you are.

I had a really wonderful evening yesterday, thank you for the gift you made us, from the bottom of my heart... while we're always getting more and more cold, sampled, "artificial" music, you're among the ones who keep the REAL music alive!!! You simply, totally, absolutely ROCK!!! God Bless you all, we love you!

A piece of music history .......
I have no words to describe the feeling i had felt.
I hope to see a TOTO live concert again.
Steve you are the best guitarist i've ear.
Thanks for your music and the joy you gave me.

Dear Toto, my name is Gabriele and yesterday I was at your Concert in Rome. I'm 31 and I listen to your records since I was 13 but this was my first time for your concerts. I've grown up with your music but this was my first Toto concert, well... let me tell just one thing: YOU ARE THE BEST. Thanks for your music you soul, your melody and your marvellous jam with Al Di Meola.
I'm still tryin' to understand if I was dreaming or if I really was there, with Steve three meters in front of me.

God bless Toto and Jeff

What a great show guys... simply amazing!
And I felt shocked when Al Di Meola come on stage to join Luke on a incredible guitar duet!
One of the better part of the show, surely. Al re-join the band later during Hold The Line, with the TOTO guys doing a kind of a South American rhythm for him! Unbelievable.
Greg is an excellent replacement for Dave, he's funny and...very "jazzy"! He also have a great voice.
But Bobby Kimball IS the voice, guys. Wonderful. His performance are always full of energy. In Milan he was a little better, but yesterday he was really enjoyn' the show, with all the crowd singin' the tunes!
Mike Porcaro is the groove. His solo during "Africa" was perfect, as always. As a bassist I really dug his performance. And Simon Phillips... wow. Him and Mike are one of the strongest rhytmh section of the world.
What I can say about Luke? He's a show man. He have fun on stage and he plays better now than in the 80's.
"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" really touched me. Great voice and great solos.
Tony Spinner are JJ were also very good. I miss "White Sister", but it don't care!
So the concert was very powerful, but unfortunately the sound quality was a bit poor. In Milan was far better.
Hope to see you soon in Italy, guys...thank you for this show in Rome. We've waited for you for 8 years!
Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks a lot.

Thanks to all of you!!!
For me it's been the most exciting concert of 2003 so far...
For all of you that weren't yesterday evening at Fiesta... you missed something special...
...and... surprise!!! WHAT A SURPRISE!!! 15mins duet Steve with Al Di Meola!!!
yeah!!! if you weren't there... you missed something!!!

Luke and Bobby
Padova, Italy — 12 July 2003
Hi friends ,

I saw your fantastic Show in Padova Prato Della Valle , for me was an unic way to see you very closed , and hear everything of your music. It was the second time i saw you this year , everytime with a new emotion , that what I live for ...." Rock 'n Roll "

Hey Luke do you remember that during your acoustic solo somebody from the audience scream " SEI UN GRANDE " ? SO , THAT'S ME !!! ...... This words means "YOU ARE THE BEST " ...... very simple ..... but true ...

Bobby , thank's a lot , your voice is pure energy ........

TOTO, you are the best!!
Padova show was fantastic, steve you are a incredible guitar man!!
Simon, no comment! 6 legs and 12 hands!!
Mike your sound is fantastic and your name (Porcaro) is the rock story!
Greg you have an incredible technique on the piano and keyboards, you are a very jazz man!
Dave = the best you are "the toto" , Africa is the best song in the world!!
Don't stop please....

Dear Mr. Lukather, I was in Padova (IT) on saturday night, and I saw your show. It was a marvellous one and sure, the best show I've ever seen. Not only for the music, the stage and the lights, but most of all for the energy and the joy you put in it. It was so evident that you play first for the great love that you have for the music, and then for the crowd. It was an old style show, because the musicians were enjoing themselves and had no fear of showing themselves nude in front of the crowd and giving the audience the most important thing: THE MUSIC. No fashion, no sex, no false musicians, no plastic sound, but the MUSIC.

I was so impressed by your technique, but above all by the joy you showed on the stage and gave to the audience.

God bless you not only for your fingers' touch but just for your HEART.

My God,

what a wonderful concert yeastarday in Padova.
I have realized a dream in my life: just to say thank you Steve, Mike, Bobby, Jeff, David, Simon and friends Greg, JJ, Tony, for your music and inspiration during the years.
It was amazing listen to the sound c., i can't explain my emotion talking with the great Bobby after the sound nice and gently man..i hope u'll enjoy my CD, i can't belive it while i'm writing this mail, and Steve, so gently with me in the restaurant during realax just before the know...!!! u are at the table with your friends eating a good pizza....and Steve say u Hi, wait for u, time to take a Photo (that will remain forever in my studio IoI ) thanke u so much!!!!!!!!!!! u are really great.
I have no words now to explain emotion to live a concert with ToTo.
My best wishs to Dave .
God bless

40.000 friends partying with their lifetime friends TOTO. Padova 12th July 2003. At last they've made it, at least here in Italy. TOTO play to a massive enthusiastic audience. And the way they played!!
TOTO give always 100%, this time in my opinion they gave their 1000% on stage. They played their asses off from beginning till the end, 2 hours straight later.
Awesome. No other words to describe what 40000 people experienced on that magical night. Bobby, great voice great feeling great soul we're really happy and proud to have you back. Simon, you rock you rule you get always better if that's possible. Mike, you're so classy and you feel every note you play that's undoubtable. Tony you're the right person to be at Steve's side. Greg thanks for helping the guys, even though we miss Dave we acknowledge your pure talent. Steve what can i say...awesome...perfect...i almost cried when i heard the while my guitar solo you dedicated to jeff as we dedicate our prayers always. You're the best guitar player on this earth...yeah i know you don't agree..ha ha ha...but it's so damn true... f..k the press and mtv..who cares...we will be always there for you guys.
That's a promise. Blood promise if you want. ha ha ha.
God bless you always.
See you soon.

TOTO: The Legend....The History....The Music....
Yesterday evening has been one of the greatest of my life!!!
Under a sky painted with a romantic blue moon, bathed into a marvellous square, we were amazed listening to the poetry and the power of TOTO music.
A concert thru the past to present.
Songs like 'Goodbye Eleonore', 'Afraid of Love', 'Hold the Line', and 'Home of the Brave' (My FAVOURITE!!! At the end of the SHOW!!! INCREDIBLE!!!), made our hearts reach the skies.
Thank u that much guys!!! For the emotions you gave all over the years, and especially 4 me...
yesterday evening!!!

Hello guys, my name is Beppe from Padova-Italy, I came with lot of friends last night to your fabulous concert in Prato della Valle square - hope you like this place!
Well i wanna say to you all it was a memorable concert, you're great as ever guys and with enormous human feel, keep on this way and give us more music to enjoy, it is so rare during these years to hear good music, I think your "Mindfields" is your best album with Toto Four and "The Seventh".
Thank you again

Hi to all the TOTO fans out there!

I have seen the show in Padova last night and all i can see is: Amazing!!! The audience was very passionate and there were people from 10 to 60 years! The guys probably felt all this love and performed amazingly... I have seen several TOTO gigs but yesterday evening there was something special, more than ever!
I want to remember here a phrase that Luke said to us yesterday:
"We're not the typical MTV band, we're not the typical Rock'n'Roll band, we're your friends, we're your brothers... God Bless You All!"
I have strained myself not to cry!!! Thank you Steve, thank you guys! For me and all your italian friends it's exactly the same, don't forget it!
I wanna send to David my best wishes for his family hoping that our love can cross the ocean! (but i'm sure it can!)
I would want to say a lot of things but the most important is: GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!!! Thank you for this fantastic 25 years, you're the best!!!
An italian brother,

Hy guys!!!! Your're simply TOTO, the most great band of the world...thank you for your wonderful shows!!!
I would like to come back in the U.S....I never forget Las Vegas (2000) and L.A. (2001) shows!!!!
I'm waiting your next venue...
P.S. J.J. I love you!!!!

What a show again!
Yesterday night toto played in a very italian beatiful place.
The sounds was great end the enthusiasm of the band was incredible, i have felt it !
Greg is great but we miss David.
Dave, you are the maestro!!!
See you at the NOTP

Hi, my name is Fabio and I am a great fan of Toto.
I have seen their concert in Padova, (Italy) two hours ago and like the other concerts that I've seen, has been a great show. I am sad for David. I hope that his problems will be resolved soon. Steve is the best one.. With "While my guitar gently weeps" I've cried.. Thanks to exist..

Turino, Italy — 11 July 2003
I'm Luca Jozzo form Turin Italy.
Turin 11/07/2003, Friday night. That's the story.
The concert starts at 23.48, the arena is very very hot! After two hours the guys are still playing: I love the Toto because nobody nowadays is so tough! I saw all the show two meters from them and I could again appreciate the skill and the honesty of those guys. I saw a very very active Mike, an irresistible Simon, a powerful Bobby and a histrionic Luke! Many old Toto songs (5 or 6 from Toto IV), few from recent albums. A great show with great musicians with great fans. Thanks to Luke for his exciting acoustic set: about 3-4000 people silent listening to his incredible guitar evolutions!
Again thanks guys!

Hi Guys, this is my rewiew for the concert of the Best Group of the World...TOTO!!!!!!!!!
Steve going back in Turin after 7 years ago..(Tambu Tour), but the time not exist for you!!
Great concert in hot summer night...
Greg Phillinganes sing a song for this wife birthday..
Bobby very inspirated voice..Mike insuperable Bass man (like a battery)..Simon great solo performance & Steve (GOD of Guitars) Lukather the heart and soul of Band!!
Turin we love so much, see you later again!!!

Ravenna, Italy — 10 July 2003
Hey Guys

magic evening that one on last Thursday to Riolo Terme,continuous to return with the mind to the fantastic show and in the incredible passion that himself gave out in every song, great musicians but in first great person Toto.

I can't belive at all has happened this night for me that I have grown with your music, that I have known with they my passion for the music.

For me has been how to re-live again all my life and in the best re-find it.

In my heart will be forever the passion for ToTo

Ciao By

" A man from Sicily" to my brothers Toto

Just one word for one Show (in Riolo Terme - Italy): MARVELLOUS !!!
Thanks GOD for giving us: Greg, Luke, JJ, Tony, Mike, Bobby, (unforgettable) Jeffrey, Simon and David.
I will send to David my best wishes for him, for his sister and for all his family out of Toto.
And last, but not least, my best congratulations to a man that becomes a really legend with his entrance in "Hall Of Fame" of "Modern Drummer" magazine. My much love, respect and admiration to one of the best drummer in the galaxy for the past, for the present and certainly in the future, Mr. Simon Phillips. I make my curtsey to You, Man!
...always drummingly yours...

No words to explain the incredible performance of the band!
Great concert, like to Milano in march.
Many emotion...that's ammoree!!!
Thanks guys for this fantastic evening.
Grown together in these 25 years, i hope to age well with your amazing music for the next 25 years...and more!!!
See you very soon!

Lucca, Italy — 8 July 2003
Hi all TOTO fans,

also if some days are spent from the concert given in Napoleon Square in Lucca, I gets excited every time I think about the great performance seen last 8th of July.
This was the first live concert and I was been very happy to see Bobby, Mike, Simon, Steve and their excellent guests, that follow them in this 25th Anniversary European Tour, near to Viareggio, the town where I was born 41 years ago.
The concert was wonderful, also for the place that had received many fans. TOTO began with a live majestic version of "Girl Goodbye", with a great performance of Simon on drums, followed by the first medley with "Goodbye Eleonore", "Child's Anthem" and "I'll Supply the Love" executed with great energy. Great Luke performance during "While my Guitar Gently Weeps" and a great people sharing on "Africa". Greg Phillinganes stired up emotions with the execution of "Nessun dorma", a gentle homage to Giacomo Puccini. Great performance of Bobby during "English Eyes", "White Sister" and expecially on "Home of the Brave" (I only knew the version sung by Joseph Williams). Great control of bass guitar showed by Mike and great asolo of Simon and Luke with the acustic guitar. After all, a great concert has been seen in Toscana and I hope that TOTO can be again soon in Italy to do hear and see their music over and over again.
God bless TOTO and their fans!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! I was in Lucca the 8th of july and it was really amazing...
Everyone has been great..
It was the first time I saw TOTO live...
And really I' ve captured by the way you play...
And the way you are...Luke you're great....LOVE....

Dear Friends, I saw your gig in Lucca on 8th July. I knew your most popular songs, "Africa" is one of my favourites since I was 10, but really I couldn't say I was your biggest fan.
Well, probably now I am! You were amazing, I can't find the right words to describe how I felt listening to your great music!
And the thing I really loved it was that I really felt all the love you put in your works, you really play with all your heart! I had so much fun, even my father, who is 60 and never heard a word about you, started to dance, and now he's always telling me how great is Mike!
A special thank to Greg, who played "Nessun dorma" in the city were Puccini was born. We were all thrilled.
And a message to Luke: I love you man!!! I'd like to have you here at home (I'm a great cook ;-) !) to hear you playing anything on your guitar!!! So thank you so much to all you guys, I'll never forget that night, and I really hope I'll see you again.
Italy loves you!!

Well guys,what can I say?
The one in Lucca was my 20Th TOTO concert!!!!!
I started in Zurich in 1992, and since then I visited about half Europe following the Magic Band.
I had the pleasure to meet the boys in more than one occasion,and everytime they demonstrated friendship and kindness, I also want to thank them 'cause they gave me the chance to meet other friends at the concerts with whom I'm still in conctact and sometime we meet, even out concerts period.
I'm a guitar player myself, I've started playing on TOTO music,but everytime I see Luke joking with the 6 strings I'm moved to take mine throwing it outside the window!!
I don't want to make a review of the Lucca concert 'cause I don't want to be repetitive, I just want to thank everyone in TOTO and all the people I've met at the concerts.

Dear Toto, dear fans!

Mad or simply raptured? Who can tell...! Just takin' the chance (first & last time maybe) to join many dates one after another.
But that's how I've decided to do my holidays this year. I started on February in Milan, Lucca the previous 8th, than the 10th, 11th, 12th and 14th as well !!
We were a dozen of musicians meeting in Lucca and some of us had the lucky chance to stay the entire afternoon while listening to Your soundcheck from close up. Wish I was there I look forward to enjoy Your show in Padova, where I'll surely be compensated!
You are a gift to all of us in times like these, where sane principles are almost dissapearing. In this mess Your music is a concrete reflection of beauty and harmony.
I deeply believe what a wise man told me ones..What do You think may float in between the stars? What we call energy and have the gift to "see" is simply Music!

Blessing to Greg (what a great surprise! Thanks for the tribute to Puccini ,Your performance was heartbreakin'!

Thank You so much for Your warmth and sympathy, You are simply the best!! Best whishes for Your Tour, stay well and enjoy Italy. Hope our & Your country may become a good inspiration for Your next album!

Lots of Love

Saw Toto in Lucca (Italy) last night (July 8) after a good 20 years (circa 1982 in San Francisco).

They were as good and as full of energy as back then.

Steve Lukather was great and Simon Phillips was awesome as always. I was surprised they didn't play 99, but played all their hits and a great version of Bodhisattva (Steely Dan cover).

München, Germany — 6 July 2003
Hi Toto,
thank you for one more fantastic Toto-day... It was a great idea to play a medley of the "good old titles" after a "new-old" number to rock your fans. To say it with some simple words: the performance was great! Simon with his 4 hands and 6 feet (it seemed so) was exactly AND groovy - a very difficult thing. The voice of Bobby is one of the best and Greg did his job very, very well. It looks and sounds like he had played with TOTO for the last 25 years. Luke made his jokes and did his part in perfect way and a solo...somebody can't look or hear as fast as you can play your guiter! The backup-section with JJ and Tony did a solid job. Mike is the master of the groove - his groove is the base for the whole band.
A great show - because of the limited loudness at Tollwood not as loud as Toto should be (Fürth was great-clear and a lot of power to feel the bass with your stomach!!!!) and i missed someone - Colin Norfield. He is the master of the SOUND. I could not believe to see another guy of Britannia Row behind the FOH-console - he was good, but the sound was not the typically Toto-Sound i heard a lot of shows the last years in Europe. What's about Colin ?!?!
[Note from Colin is on tour with Herbert Grönemeyer this summer]

I know someone who gets crazy this minutes during I'm writing down this mail. A good friend lives in the town of Lucca and he hadn't heard you since about 15 years in Munich (Deutsches Museum). But today she is there - with the whole family, husband kids...

I hope you come back to Munich again (or openair in Colmar ?). The best wishes to you, keep on rockin and asskicking your fans for the next 25 years !!

Dear guys from Toto,
after the Tollwood gig on Sunday I have to make a confession to you:
I've heard you for the first time in June 1979. I was 17, hanging around with some guys in Stuttgart and your sound and music blowed me up. Now I'm a lifelong fan of you and your fantastic music. Thanks for feeling like 17 again!

Hi TOTO, Hi All Fans !
Yesterday in Munich was my 42th TOTO live Concert. Always if i see the band i have tears in my eyes. The music is so fantastic. Thank you very much for coming. Have fun for the next concerts in Europe and we see us at the NOPT in Munich again.

Now once again Toto made a stop over in Munich at the Tollwood Festival.
Nearby Robbie Williams but who cares for RW if you could have Robbie Kimball. In the beginning Luke had some technical problems but after these were solved we all had a wonderful night. The new "David" - Greg is like a hurrican who sounds like Paichy - incredible. And the others - all in best mood to rock Munich all over. Thanks for this evening! Keep rocking!

Karlsruhe, Germany — 5 July 2003
Hi. I was in karlsruhe saturday and i must say again what a great show of Toto... i came from france just for see the show (it was my third show this year) and i must say each show is better than the precedent, greg make a very good job on the keyboard he's a great musician as well, i like the way he sing africa and home of the brave.
The rest of the band was fantastic mike the groove master, simon the one the only the legendary drum killer what a great performance again, bobby like usualy great voice and last but not leastttttt mister steve lukather (THE MAN) again a great performance steve : which is your secret to be as much in form with each show ??? think that a part of your secret is contained in the cup which accompanies you all the concert !!! :-)
the only thing which one can reproached is that the set list was exactly the same than the show of march and february some mindfields material or TAMBU would have been the come good :-)
Anyway thank you all the band for the great moment you offer to your fan every show, thanks to be patient after the show to take some photo and some signing with all the fan which wait you and thanks too te be patient with me just before the soundcheck and signed my TTLG lp pocket.
Thank you again and again hope to see you with the night of the proms this autumn....

After Frankfurt, Mannheim and Böblingen now it is Saturday 5.07.03 and me and an friend drive to Karlsruhe. Toto is in Town.... After the Opener "SAGA" , Toto came out at 22.30 PM . A NEW MAN on the Keys Greg Phillinganes, David Paich has any problems at Home and Greg makes his Job, and he does his Job very fine. The rest of the band have fun, but Mr. Lukather is THE ONE AND ONLY, he talks, sings, and he does his Job in perfection. For me an Absolutely Genius on the Guitar. Thank you for this GOOD ROCKING Saturday.

What a great- and powerfull performance last night in Karlsruhe. Especially the solis from Luke, Simon and Greg.
They are the best, because of their unusual skill of improvise during a songplaying and their great joy to play live on stage. Close your eyes and drift away to the musicworld of Toto. WOW. We all love it and we need them for the next 25 years.
I`m in great anticipation of the forthcoming DVD. And Luke for your next livegig I bring you icespray for your fingertips that you can play the whole night ;-)

Once more many thanks from the girl of the second line

Potsdam, Germany — 22 June 2003
Guitar greets to the night sky

Dear Toto - Musicians and crew,

I like very much your concert in Potsdam. Not only you were honored to be there - no, we where honored to see you live! I have been following your way through all these 25 years, that means, Toto sound is an essential part of my life. Even in this moment I listen to your milestone "Isolation" ...
Your concert was fantastic, especially the silent version of "I won't hold you back" with this endless and melancholic solo from Steve. Not to speak of "Rosanna" - this solo came without warning and I was deeply moved. But most of all I like the last song. Bobby sang so warm-hearted, the guitars sent their greetings in the night sky. This song gave me courage and a little bit sadness in the same time...
Dear Toto, it was a wonderfull evening with you. Please follow your way and make new records - may be a fresh and modern "Hydra"?... - Please stay so young and enduring (more than 2 hours live-power without a break!). Have a good time in Germany (and many greetings to 'Saga'!) and come back some day to Potsdam or Berlin. We want to celebrate your 30th anniversary at least, short: Hold the line!

I did it again, went all the long way to a TOTO concert in Germany, last summer it was Berlin, last winter it was Hamburg, and this summer PotsdamIt was a great performance as usual but the sound was not the best I have experienced, maybe becauce they had to change gear so quickly, after the German "boyband" "Die Prinzen". On stage there was a big screen, which made it easier to follow the active guys on the big stage. Steve was in a good shape running much around having a good contact with the audience. I loved the magic chemistry between all of you, it was an experience and all the money worth. Personally I fund the german audience a litte bit too boring compaired to a danish audience. I look forward to hear TOTO on the Langeland Festival later this summer.

Words. I need words to describe how amazing and fantastic that show yesterday was. After having waited for about 2 hours in one of the front rows ("Die Prinzen", the band which was performing before you, really sucked) we were rewarded with a performance which was much better than the last show I saw this February. First of all: Luke, I could see one of your technicians opening the bottle with the stuff you always have in you cup and it is definitely NOT lemonade. I don't know HOW you could play that good after having drunk 2 cups of it but i know THAT you could and it was that fucking good I can't describe it. Not to forget the solos all of you did, they really blew away my mind. (Simon, where do you hide your two additional arms and feet???!?). And Bobby: Please, NOT THESE PANTS!!!! But the most thing I love when you're playing is the atmosphere on stage. It was so funny when you giggled and made jokes (Especially the clowns on the guitar and on the drums were doing nonsense all the time). And Last, but not least, Greg, you did your job very, very well but David we miss you. C U soon guys!!!

Ravensburg, Germany — 21 June 2003
Hi Totos!!!!!

We are your greatest fans and saw the third concert of this tour. The last was in Ravensburg.It was very verrrrrrry fantastic. Especially Mr rostbeaf*g*Simon and Luke.....Simon your technic is superfantastic and nowadays i also play the octobans because they sound very well. I play in a Jazz Band named Jazz Up And i´m watching exactly your style. Please play your song "starfish spaghetti" with Toto because the groove is cool. I´m looking to visit every concert of you in south germany!!! Thanks for your great inspirations. Luke your the craziest stringwalker on earth*gggg* Your fingers are faster than my eyes. Perhaps you come back soon with Larry Carlton. I have been waiting for your new DVD from Toto.
I bought all Toto albums you released and they are all more than fantastic.
This year i was in Nürnberg (rock in Park) and there was no band which played as well as Toto.
Ok I hope we´ll see you again

Gigs in Bonn and Ravensburg

I have celebrate two times the 25th Anniversary (2002) and fourth times the 26th Anniversary of Toto (2003, the fourth partytime comes on July 5th).
I celebrate every day, month and year the best band of the world. Words can`t describe what I`ve heard and seen in Bonn and Ravensburg. I feel it in my heart. Many thanks to the band for the great Gigs and hope they come back many times to fullfill our hearts with their fantastic music. Greg is great, but I miss David and hope his sister get back soon healthy.
One question: The sweet black sheep, who stand on a container, to whom does this belong?

Merci from the girl of the second line ;-)

First of all, I have to say that this was my first TOTO show, even though I´ve been a big fan for a couple of years now. And what can I say? Fantastic! Amazing!I have seen many shows of other bands before, but I never saw aband having so much fun playing like you guys! Steve said that you had only two(!) rehearsals with the great Greg Phillinganes, which is almost unbelievable! It seemed to me like he´d been a band member for years! The whole show was simply one of the best things that I ever saw! A perfect, crystal-clear sound, great lights and a band which is definitely one-of-a-kind!

Many thanks again to you Bobby for taking the time to talk to us after the show and for introducing us to the band. Hope you like the CD... ;-) !
Due to your kindness I had the chance to meet my idol - Simon Phillips! And, of course, a BIG thank you to Simon! It was an honor to meet you.Thanks for taking the time for me - I can´t express how much it meant to me to meet my hero! I will always remember this very special moment!

Wohlen, Switzerland — 20 June 2003
Hello Toto!

Friday night in Wohlen was my third time to experience you live during your 25th anniversary tour! Since I have written a review before I am not going to go into detail about how awesome the concert was - just let me say that I am still floating about one foot above the ground ...

But there are two things that I would like to mention here.
First of all:
Bobby Kimball, you are a killer! I am amazed at your vocal abilties - I get such a kick out of listening to your singing! The part that I like best is when you sing without a mic at the end of Hold the line. And because I made it to the first row I could hear you really well :) It is so good to have you back with the band.
With your 25th anniversary setlist you guys have made a dream of mine come true. Again and again I thought how cool it would be if a band that has been around for a while went on tour and played their old songs mainly, not just their latest record and all their hits.
And you are! But not only that. A lot of the old songs are re-arranged or put into medleys or part of a song suddenly shows up in a different place. This makes your current concerts very exciting and full of surprises. I love it! Thank you!

Well, I'll see you guys in Zurich in July! Can't wait!

Bonn, Germany — 19 June 2003
What a show again. A good friend, my beloved wife and me went to see the best band in the world once again (we already did last year in Oberhausen) and we were confirmed: They played as fantastic as everytime: Thanks Greg for your great job on the keys and of course all the best wishes for Dave and his family. Luke`s solo on accoustic guitar was fantastic and Simon... I think there´s no more superlative to form about the man with thousand legs and arms (I have seen bands playing with two drummers plus percussion but still Simon plays more, and more, and more... just amazing!!). They played all their great hits but I missed "I will remember", a song of the record "Tambu" which I really love. After the show we went to the TOTO´s tourbus. Everyone of the bandmembers signed our ticket (thanks Mike for your time you took exchanging a few words with my wife who was sitting in a wheelchair) and Luke was in a great mood so he said: "Hey, you´re our fans, we love you, we will do anything you want..." and when my wife asked for a beer Luke got one from the bus saying "suck it down", clapping his hands with the words "here you go girl" and waiting that she will take the whole tin in just one turn. We really had lots of fun, so thanks for that great evening. Waiting for the DVD (I think it will run everyday in my player).

Hi everyone. On Thursday, I myself and 4 friends of mine went to your concert at the Bonn Museumsplatz openair. All in all we stood for more than five hours, but the concert was worth all efforts and even more. We were able to listen to the best band all over the world for the first (second) time. The sound was absolutely perfect. The "USS-Phillips" really had blasting basses and the performance of each bandmember was a class of its own. Its simply great fun to see Luke playing with an easiness never seen before, while still don't hitting the wrong strings, or searching for the additional arms and legs Simon definitely has to have. The new Dave was also ok. A funny guy with a great potential who found into the band perfectly. Of course you notice that he didn't play the songs for nearly two and a half decades (especially the Rosanna solo was quite different, but also well done). The backup musicians were great, too. Tony Spinner did a well job singing one whole song (i forgot the title ;), and John played great additional Keyboards. The whole concert was neither too loud, nor too quiet. It was great to sing the songs you hear in the radio every week among with 5000 other fans. One also has to mention the band's behaviour: the typical star affectations were missing, instead the band communicated with the fans what made the show special, too. The one and only bad point was, that the concert was over after two hours. Perhaps you simply were tired after doing this show. :) A great enter into the Toto-family. This definitely was not our last concert. Keep on rocking.

Hello friends and fans from Toto !

it was my x-tes...? concert that i visited. this time i drive over 500 km from north germany to the west. and what can i say: toto like good old wine - ever they get older, than better taste it! it`s like a drug, you cannot let go!

open air in Bonn was sold out (5000 people) at summerweather and the audience become delighted. unfortunately was the sound from the great new version opener "girl goodbeye" very bad mixing and bobby`s voice break down at the highest moments. but his voice and the sound come back and it was a worthy evening before only (unfortunately) two hours. Inside they play two ours and a half! i missed songs like "georgy porgy", "i`ll be over you" an instrumental song and...david paich, which was replaced by mr. phillinganes - which do his best!

i enjoy them next time in december on the "nokia night of the proms" in bremen (north germany) in the hope, they promote to success a new single or album after the upcoming dvd in autumn this jear!!! - maybe i have a second time the luck, to see them at a meet and greet like hamburg in 1999?!!! a great pleasure !

in thankful for the great music since 1979 and the hours in your shows ! good luck for all of you, from

hi to everybody,

we drove nearly 400 km to see Toto in Bonn and our expectations had been fulfilled! good sound, excellent stage and this band. So much fun and power, nice versions and combinations of so much great pieces of music. sometimes it was really hard to believe what we´ve heard - so mighty and wonderful.
We were absolutely happy to have made this trip. Next time again! But we have could stand more than just 2 hours. Time ran too fast...

Hello from Voerde , Germany to TOTO! We saw you yesterday, at Bonn live for the second and third time . It was a great pleasure to see and hear you perform even if something funny happened. We had a great evening and are proud to be members of the TOTO- Family because we are freetime musicians and influenced by you since 25 years. We all get older, but you get better and better and set milestones every concert and CD.
The "new Dave" was also a big surprise, but he made a real great job. Is he part of the new DVD we`re lookin ` forward?
Hope you keep rockin & havin fun with us for another 25 years( minimum) ;o) !
See you soon at festivals,>

Hi there!

Yesterday we (a good friend of mine and myself) were at Toto's concert in Bonn at Museumsplatz-Open air. It was my first concert but I was so lucky I could have been there. I was amazed and fascinated how perfect their show was. One of the greatest hours of my live, I have to admit. When they first entered the stage, the whole audience was screaming loudly. They had the best sound I've ever heard, especially Simon's drums sounded really brilliant (Simon, your new double octoban patterns are crazy!!). They all brought full energy. Steve and Mike performed to their best abilities and also the new Keyboardist was great. He brought some new sounds in, which were very cool. The set was everything from past to future - including all hits, but also some new stuff, which was previously not played so much. Bobby Kimball is an incredible singer and dancer on stage, he motivated me all the time to keep movin'. When the first set was over, Steve showed us, that he felt very close to us and that, apart from being picked up by the press all the time, the majority out there still likes Toto as they are. That was a very emotional moment, which made this concert very special for me. The incredible things for us was, that (after knowing every record so well) they have so many power and that they always know to keep the music very interesting, for example throwing in some new fills or having Simon playing one groove but combining and playing three Songs over this one rhythm - it was awesome. Now I know one thing for sure: if there is a Toto concert in the future which is next to our town, I will not miss it. Greetings to all fans and Toto members, I love you all.

PS: if anyone has pictures of the concert, could you send them to me, or the webmaster? My address is

Last night my Husband and me drove to the Museumsplatz at Bonn to see you the third time! It was the best Concert we´ve ever seen of you guys!!!!

The Fans were so beautiful an the sound was great! I was singing all the time and every song. We heard fantastic Drum, Keyboard, Bass and Guitar Solo. But one thing : David, we´re missing you and from Germany the best wishes!

It was more than fantastic to hear *Rosanna, Hold the Line, Africa, instrumental Hydra, Child´s Anthem, Can´t stop lovin you, won´t hold you back* and many many more.
We have a big party all the time an we hope, that you´ll come back soon to party with us!

God bless you all and best wishess for your going tour!

Hi everybody,
I`ve seen one of the best TOTO concerts I`ve ever seen before. Tonight TOTO played in Bonn, Germany. It was an unbelievable concert. Greg on the keyboards- WOW, what a musician. Thanks a lot to TOTO for the many concerts in the last years. I had the chance to see TOTO three times in one year (Aachen, Oberhausen, Bonn). The concert in Bonn was the best!