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Uncasville, CT — 25 & 26 April 2003
The exhausting travel from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Connecticut was worth it.....because this was TRULY the best 2 shows I have seen by the band!!! The renewed energy of the band was CONTAGIOUS with the new set list!! The band kicked into gear with a perfectly seamless medley of tracks off of the "TOTO" and "TURN BACK" albums. Now that was a treat to those of us who never heard these tunes live. Other cool memories of those shows were also hearing excerpts from tracks like Hydra, Lion, Waiting for your love, Till the end, I won't hold you back(2003 version), 99, Can't get next to you, Africa, Hold the Line and the DUNE love theme. Simon carried the band with a vigor and intensity that is admirable and unique....I do not believe another drummer could be able to pull off those chops and keep perfect time like he did!! Mike and Simon seem to have "locked in" perfectly after more than 10 years together .....the rhythm section that these 2 players create is the ENVY of any musician out there!! There was a moment when Bobby sang without the mic...and Luke hid it from him.( hey, they are entitled for a little fun onstage). Bobby's voice carried over the crowd and I believe that is the TRADEMARK and STAMP of a veteran vocalist!! Luke's guitar work gets more and more honest with the years.....thanks greatly to the wizardry of guitar tech Bob Bradshaw. You can notice that Luke's notes are more identifiable and cleaner, as compared to the layering of effects and delays that was noticed during his 80's and 90's performances. Luke even treated us by taking over the keyboards for the jazzy piano solo at the closing of Rosanna.Luke is a double-threat onstage!! And last but not least, David Paich, the founding member of the greatest rock ensemble EVER! what word comes to mind.....let's it..."Omnipresent". David's eyes and hands are on the keys, BUT believe me, his ears are everywhere onstage! The slightest reverb or feedback and he is looking back at John Jessel or pointing it out IMMEDIATELY with an "unwaivering stare" to one of the techs at the soundboard. Ladies and gentlemen and musicians alike...nothing gets past David Paich......NOTHING!! The shows had video footage of the band as they played...a very cool detail that is usually only seen by the "privileged" European audiences. (ok, ok.......we'll go easy on the French for now). The band was in good spirit and they have demonstrated to "usually lukewarm" American audiences that TOTO is still here, and that they are only getting better with time! So sad that the US audience may not be aware of the new album and its cool revivals of classic tunes by Bob Marley, George Harrison and Elvis Costello (to name a few). All Toto really needs RIGHT NOW is a record company that will eat, drink and breathe get them in the public limelight with social and political events....hence making the cover of Rolling Stone and Time magazine!! Columbia, Relativity and Legacy FLOATED Toto's material, but TOTO 's hard work needs to get a boost of "momentum" by die-hard record execs in order to RIDE THE BIG WAVE ! That wave is waiting there for you is all about getting MORE of the right people behind an "alluring " public campaign.....and of course, a sturdy surfboard!! My many thanks to Norman Shabarekh and Liz Porcaro Shabarekh (Mike Porcaro's aunt) for opening up their home and their hearts to me....Norman Jr. and Kim Shabarekh, Fred , David and Phyllis Porcaro for their kindness and warmth.(Mark should have been there with us). Martin were extremely generous and patient with me.Thank you Martin for allowing me to put the posters from "memory lane" up in the dressing room walls and have them signed by Mike, Luke and Simon. My thanks to Luke, Mike and Martin for truly digging the folder of 8x10 management photos from that is what I call taking the "TOTO-L time machine" !! (sorry, couldn't help it). Simon, Luke, Bobby and Mike......thanks for "the groove" always.. See everyone at the next US Toto gig!!!

Concerts NY & CT
We, Sigrid & Jolanda from Holland, went to New York to see both concerts of TOTO at BB King's. It was awesome to see them in there own country. For us it was a little bit strange to watch TOTO and saw the audience eating hamburgers and salades. But we'd enjoyed every minute of the show. For me, Jolanda, it was the best birthday ever!!! After the shows we felt empty and sad that it was over, but we've heard that they gave two concerts at Mohegan Sun, CT. So Saturday we rented a car,left New York and drove to Uncasville to see them again. The band was great as ever !!!! Thank you guys!!!! The next morning we drove back to NY and flew back to Holland. Tired but fulfiled. We want to thank Martin Cole and Steve from webmaster and special thanks to David Paich, John Jessel and Peter G. for making this an unforgettable trip for us.

After being able to experience the privledge of being able to see Toto's first set at B.B. King's this past Thursday night, I just knew that I had to see another show as soon as possible. I drove over 3 hours up to Mohegan Sun to see Toto's Saturday night show. The band sounded absolutely phenomenal!!!! It is a real testament to Toto's staying power that after such a long absence in the states, to have so many people pack their shows and remain faithful to such a powerful marriage of talent. I only hope that it will not be so long before they grace us again with their musical virtuosity. Thank you Steve, David, Mike, Bobby and Simon for all that you have given us....your undying and loyal "friends and family."

Saw both shows in CT last weekend and truthfully I wish I had a time machine so I could go backand do the whole weekend all over again!! As far as the band goes, Friday Night was the best showI have ever seen Toto do, Hands Down!! They were on fire and they knew it!! Man they kicked ass! Saturday's show was great too but Friday's was excellent! Both shows had great crowds and seeing thatin the US was exciting. On Saturday Luke even made a comment about how great it was to be playing in the US "again"! Full House both nights and plenty of standing ovations. The crowd was on it's feet plenty of times during the shows. The guys in the band looked thrilled. I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Porcaro's Aunt and Uncle and spent some time talking about the band and them growing up together. Super nice People!! Mike's Aunt was so thrilled after Friday night show I thought she was going to cry. I told her "Your nephew and his band are the best!" She replied with "Oh, Thank You!" Luke had introduced Mike's family as the Connecticut Mafia! The song line up was outstanding. Great Medley of some rare tunes you don't get to hear them play very often, excellent songs from Through the Looking Glass. Very nice dedication of "While my Guitar Gently Weeps" to Jeff and George Harrison. Then a performance that brought tears to my eyes. Luke can cut right through to your heart! I hope the new version of "I won't hold you back" is on the DVD coming out in the fall. A guy named Robye got involved with "Hold the Line" and did a fantastic Job singing! He told the band, "Now I know how you guys felt when you got to play with McCartney!" The song that just killed me was "White Sister" on Friday night. The song had a power and strength like I have never heard before. It was a total controlled explosion of the best sound and vocals you can imagine. Luke's fingers were moving like a machine gun! Thank You Toto!! Thank You So Much for the treat of a lifetime on Friday and Saturday Night! You guys couldn't have been more gracious and friendly! Meeting Luke after the show Saturday made the weekend complete! What a wonderful person! Thanks!! We put in about 1000 miles on the road to see these shows but like I said, Give me that Time Machine!! I'm ready...!!

Toto in Westbury, NYC, and Uncasville, Ct. (April 23-26)

Hello to all.
I must first say what a great time I had with my friends Steve McVey, Peter and Sally Yablonsky, Ken Hodgdon, Len Ventura, Anne Marie Mangano, Robbie LeBlanc, and the numerous others I had contact with. You all are dear and made the days great!
Of all the Toto shows I have been to over the years, these were the most enjoyable from a creative standpoint. Let's face it...these guys are second to none and we all know that, right? However, the arrangement of the music and the variety offered in the sets was, in my opinion, better than ever.
I was immediately jolted by the reworked version of "Girl Goodbye', but what pumped me up even more was how the ending of the song flowed into a killer, live version of "Goodbye Elenore". It is so nice to hear a song like this live as to many it is a forgotten song from an album (TURN BACK) that Lukather once said went "Plywood". "Goodbye Elenore" flowed nicely into a short version of "Child's Anthem" which ran into the ending of "I'll Supply The Love". The creativity of this linkage was wonderful and made for a perfect opening to each of these shows. "My Guitar Gently Weeps" was done beautifully and Steve sings it wonderfully live while adding his signature, brilliant guitar playing. "Bodhisattva", another gem from THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, rocked the house each night to the delight of many while "Africa" showcased the brilliance of Paich and Bobby on vocals. Paich's solo included a nice, piano version of "99" and Steve joined in for part of the jazzy "Don't Stop Me Now". Steve hit us hard with an awesome acoustic solo set including the music of Yes. He continues to amaze with his playing, whether it be a vigorous riff or a delicate, sensitive note. Mike and his groove come through with "Waiting For Your Love" which brilliantly flows into "Georgy Porgy" after Mike gets a great work out on the bass. "Georgy Porgy" tastefully falls into the instrumental ending, then beginning of "Lion" which launches into an instrumental version of "Hydra".
Another great TURN BACK song, "English Eyes", shows the band at full force with a powerful vocal from the one and only Bobby Kimball. This song jumps into an instrumental portion of "Till The End". Simon jumps in and lights up the night with one of his typically breath-taking drum solos which show his great timing and overall chops. Things slow down with Steve on "I Won't Hold You Back" followed by he and Bobby on "Rosanna" which always has the crowd on their feet. "Hold The Line" wraps up the night with a segment of "I Can't Get Next To You" powerfully added.
Encores included "White Sister" and "Home Of the Brave" which, for my money are dynamite enders to magical nights of Toto. Thanks to Toto and all my other friends for a fantastic five days. Love to you all and God bless.

Uncasville, CT - 25 April 2003
The show at Mohegan Sun was highly anticipated when I first found out about it a few months ago, and I looked forward to seeing the band on a rare East Coast appearance for the second straight year in the atmospheric confines of the Wolf Den.My expectations were high, but the band didn't disappoint, but yet proved once again how tight they can be in running through their nearly endless catalog of great tunes, and then some.The band reinvented itself with it's reworked songs and medleys that had the diehards enjoying every minute of their energy filled, rocking performance.As I have told any others, they are a must see live for their sheer brilliance and musicianship.
Come back soon Bobby, David, Michael, Simon and Steve and crew.
Under-appreciated and even unknown to many here stateside, their talent doesn't fail to rise above so called rock musicians of today25 years is just the beginning!
1) Medley: Girl Goodbye (reworked), Goodbye Elenore, Child's Anthem, I'll Supply The Love
2) Gift With A Golden Gun
3) While My Guitar Gently Weeps
4) Bodhisattva
5) Africa
6) David Paich solo incl: 99, A Million Miles Away, Dune Theme(?), Don't Stop Me Now
7) Luke's acoustic solo incl: Roundabout (by Yes)
8) Medley: Waiting For Your Love, Georgy Porgy, Lion(?), Hydra, English Eyes
Simon's solo
9) I Won't Hold You Back
10) Rosanna
11) Hold The Line, incl. parts of Can't Get Next To You and Won't Get Fooled Again (The Who)
12) White Sister

I can not say enough about these guys... a truly amazing show at the Mohegan Sun Casino. I went to both shows Friday and Saturday. The band did not miss a note in either set. I have been a fan for over 20 years now and the sheer presence of them on stage electrifies me. Thanks Steve for that wonderful Acoustic rendition of "Roundabout" by YES. I also have the honor of knowing some of their roots here in CT as I myself have grown up in the Hartford area with them. Thanks again and come back home soon. Jeff is guiding all of you into the future for ever. God bless you all.

After all the years of listening to the records/CD's, I finally had a chance to see Toto live and in person. It's been a long time since I've seen a band walk out onto stage and display a high level of energy like they did. They had the place really ROCKING!!!!!!. I guess you can never appreciate how good a musician is until you see them perform live. You guys are the ultimate professionals. Thanks Bobby, Steve, David, Michael, and Simon for a fantastic show and thanks for finding your way to Connecticut.

I have been a TOTO fan for over 20 yrs, and I'm only 33. Let me start off by saying these guys are truly unbelievable musicians. The tightness of the band is just sweet. Everything was on Friday night at the casino. People were lined up to see a great band. Being a drummer I focused on the blazing Simon Philips, a true talent. Steve Lukather smokes on guitar and Mike Porcaro and David Paich well what can you say, "awesome". People just do not realize that a band does not survive 25 years without greatness. I just hope TOTO continues to rock the house for many years to come. God bless you guys, I and many thousands of other people truly appreciate your music.

I almost forgot, Bobby Kimball, that dude can flat out sing. Jeff is smiling down on you guys, keep rocking!!!!

Well well well. I'm 35 years old and have seen every type of music and every band known to man. I took the night off from work to see Toto for the first time at the Mohegan Sun in CT. Of course people at work laughed at me but I always leave my mind open. I waited in line for 4 hours and met alot of great people. True fans of the band some traveling hundreds of miles to come and see them. I now know why. Rocks true underappreciated and extremely talented band. Steve Lukather is truly a smoking guitarist as well as the many talents of the rest of the band. I only hope they can go on many more years and spread their seeds of talent to other generations of fans. Count me in as a new member to your over appreciative audience. Thank you TOTO.

New York, NY — 24 April 2003
A TOTO-siting on America's east coast is a rarity indeed. I vowed several years ago that if the group were ever scheduled to appear ANYWHERE between Washington, DC (my home town) and New York City, I would be there. My trip to NYC this past weekend was my second opportunity to witness TOTO live; the first time was in Atlantic City, NJ in '99. Thus, I kept that promise to myself twice. "The Road Goes On"; I'm still on that mission.

Low and behold, the band brought their 25th Anniversary show to New York's B.B. King's Club & Grille. I went to the 8:00 show and enjoyed every moment of it from beginning to end. The show was magnificent! Lots of surprises in the current repertoire. Some interesting new arrangements of some old favorites not only by TOTO but by others, including George Harrison's "While My Guitar Gently Weaps", and MOTOWN's The Temptations hit, "Can't Get Next to You", and Steely Dan's "Bodhisattva."

The band's energy level was high enough that the entire audience a sold out house fell victim to the contagion. Totally electric!, I could not hold my enthusiasm! The solo segments were superb as they were during the Atlantic City show. However this time, there was added a new wrinkle: Luke's keyboard solo. And if you like his guitar chops, his chops on the keys will surpirse you as they did me. I was blown away!

I'm a pretty old TOTO fan; 54 to be exact. I've been listening and buying things TOTO since 1982. I heard and loved the piece "Rosanna" and "Africa" sold me. Now I anticipate the release of the TOTO DVD. Hurry up fellas, we're waiting! I look forward to more east coast TOTO sitings. Bring it on Luke, Paich, Porcaro, Bobby, Simon, and let's not forget Tony Spinner (2nd guitar) and J.J. Jessel (2nd keyboard).

On Thursday, April 24, 2003 I saw the band for 2 shows 8:00pm, and 10:30pm, at the world famous B.B.Kings Blues Club & Grill, in New York City. I have'nt seen toto live for almost 15 years. I last saw them back in the late 80's at the Great Adventure Theme Park in Jackson, NJ. At that time Joe Williams was the lead singer with Jeff Porcaro on drums. I was so psyched to finally see jeff play live. What an awesone show!!!! Back to the main show: At B.B. Kings, I could not believe the energy in the room from all the toto fans, and of the band. From the first tune "Girl GoodBye" (Loved the new arrangement-very funky!!!) to the encores "Home Of The Brave", & "White Sister". I tell you man from a drummer's point of view I loved Jeff's playing; but Simon Phillips takes this job to another higher level. He is a master craftsman.Steve Lukather, is a consumate musician and comedian. He made everyone in the band and audience feel great. Mike Porcaro was laying the groove down hard on the bass for me. (God Bless to one of the last Porcaro brothers still in the Band). Lastly, David Paich, & Bobby Kimball are both consumate musicians. Guy's please don't stay away from the USA - NY/NJ area for another 11 years. I'm a TOTO FAN for life!!!!!! Great job guys you rocked the house

The 8PM show was sold out, so I took my son (18) to the 10:30 session at BB Kings. "Hey Dad, they were great!". The place was so packed we could hardly move. Toto was tight and gave us a tour deluxe, old and new; perfect wonderful music; largely unnoticed by those countless pedestrians outside. It is ironic that such great talent, in concert, is also so accessible to those who know and love them. Perhaps my son will not be afraid to tell his friends.


I just saw Toto last night at B.B. King's in New York City! The 10:30pm show was phenominal!! I enjoyed it so much! I wish I wasn't sitting in the back row though! :( I did nothing but watch Steve Lukather play his guitar like no musician has ever played before! I can just sit there in awe watching him too! The rest of the entire band was just sensational! This was my first Toto concert I've been to and I've been such a fan all these years! They really got the place rockin last night with their songs such as "Africa", "Rosanna", and my favorite, "Hold The Line" I would definetely go again if they ever played in the New Jersey/New York City area! Thank you Toto for making my first Toto concert enjoyable and memorable!

A Huge Fan,

Last night's concert at BB King's here in NYC was super! I'd never seen the band play before and it was wonderful to those great songs we grew up hearing. I'm a huge fan of Steve's playing especially and he rocked! The whole band did, and you tight and lots of fun. Great sound, great balance and great singing from everybody! and great playing all around! Great job!!! Come back soon!

Westbury, NY — 23 April 2003
I have been waiting 25 years to see you guys kick some rock and roll butt! And bo

y you did not disappoint! I always knew Luke could play a mean guitar, but I couldn't really appreciate his skill till I saw his hands fly!

And Bobby...welcome back! I was hoping that one day you would rejoin the guys and you did. What an amazing, tight sound. To hell with the critics!

Your fans are still here, still buying your CDs and still coming to you concerts. Please schedule some time in PA if you can. I will be there for sure. Thanks again for a fantastic night.

Hello. I just saw Toto April 23rd at Westbury Music Fair, Long Island, New York. In one word: Amazing. This band has always been a musician's band. These guys have always been a musician's musician. Their playing was always to be admired and their songwriting left us with many tunes to remember for the rest of our lives. They still rock, cook, play incredibly well, and the ballads are as beautiful as ever. Don't miss them if they play in your town.

Agoura Hills, CA — 19 April 2003
Toto rocked the Country Club as if it was the last show they were going to play. Steve Lukather made the standing room only, hometown audience his best friends and made sure everyone had a great time. Steve is a funny guy and lets his personality come out on stage. As he said "the jokes are free". His easy style made me comfortable and relaxed. I almost forgot that I was in the presence of some of the most recorded musicians in rock history. Then they start to play again. I was awed and my senses became wonderfully intoxicated by a complex blending of guitars, keyboards, drums and vocals gushing from the stage. The show is fast paced and exciting, the music is fantastic and the jokes are, well - free.

Hey Guys,
What a show on Saturday night Canyon Club (Agoura Hills). The music was incredible, all the stuff that made us fall in love with Toto from the get go !!
The energy that you guys let off was felt through out the whole room. I was right in front which only made it better. Thanks for playing the old stuff a s well as the new.
the group we were part of are all die hard Toto fans, they too were jazzed. This was as good as the first show (says my boy friend Ed) that he went to a show in LA Colliseum in 1978.
myself it was my 4th toto concert and gets better each time. You're not getting older your'e getting better. just a little disappointed we couldn't buy our traditional concert shirts. We did buy the Livefields CD to add to our collection. We listened to it all the way home, couldn't get enough!
Thanks again,

The concert in Agoura Hills last Saturday was INCREDIBLE! Everything about the concert was great. Toto was very energetic and had a great selection of songs. Steve Lukather was excellent on his six stringer. That guy is, without question, one of the best guitar players on the planet. The group sounded very tight and as good as ever. The sound in the building was great. Every musician could be heard very clearly and they all showed the jaw-dropping talent they have. Great show guys!

Caught Toto at the Canyon Club Theater in Agoura Hills last night. Was wonderful to see the guys once again, last time we saw them was August, in Phoenix, AZ. First time at this venue.......great room. It was really awesome to hear a few songs from Turn Back and a couple from the new CD, with a very short version of Can't Get Next to You. Stop Loving You, sung by Tony Spinner (goat boy), was very impressive! The guys seemed very relaxed and at home. A couple of times, Steve jumped from the stage and onto one of the nearby dining tables, while playing his ass off, which surprised and thrilled all us fans! This was a great show that lasted just over two hours. Hard to believe it's been 25 years............keep rocking, Toto, true quality is timeless!!!

Anaheim, CA — 18 April 2003
Toto rocked the mouse, it was great to see the band back together, looking so happy, sounding so great and having so much fun. I see a lot of shows at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney, but that was by far one of the best. It was really great to hear them doing so many songs from the days with Joseph Williams, but I really missed 99, maybe next time. And when there is a next time, I promise I'll Be there.

Always a Fan,

Hello Toto, This is a message for the band. We were at your Concert in Los Angeles last night. First of all let me tell you I am a BIG Fan of TOTO. Listened to your music releases since I was in school in the 70's until probably the "Pamela" song was released back in the late 80's. I was a Club Dj back home (Lima, Peru). We love you back there ! (I am 40 yrs old now). Most of my friends last night at HOB are about the same age. (American & Peruvian fellows). Your performance of Child's Anthem followed by I'll Supply the Love was GREAT !! When you played some old hits (Africa, Hold the Line, Rossanna, Georgy Porgy, Goodbye Eleanore) you guys sounded really awesome, you got the place rocking ! If you want to know if you still have it ? YOU DO !! Anyway, last night was a big night for us. We booked the TIXX like 2 months ago. Even without Mr. Jeff (Great Artist & Person) we were expecting (and got) a great show !! If you are asking what was missing ? We all (Me and my friends, we were together like 18 people to the HOB to enjoy your music) think you probably would have played more of your old hits. You have too many you know? Like... Stranger in Town, more from your great Hydra Album, maybe St. George & the Dragon, 99. Pamela !! which is a great song, (even Mr. Mike Porcaro heard my friend scream "Pamelaaa, play Pamelaaa", you can ask him), Holyanna, etc, etc, etc. Thanks for your attention and if you happen to come by again we will go there to see you AGAIN !

San Diego, CA — 17 April 2003
Its great to see the band in top form. Steve, Luke, Mike and Bobby still sound as good as when they released their first album. Simon Philips has successfully filled the shoes of the great Jeff Porcaro. What can I say? The concert in San Diego was great. Unfortunately, 90 minutes can only give you a glimpse of the band's enormous repertoire, and you always leave the venue regretting that TOTO didn't play a particular song. Guys: next time, include "Mama", "These Chains" and "Made it" in your set. Hope to see you again soon. Take care.

The best I've seen in years. I just ordered 4 Toto CDs this morning after seing the concert last night. My wife and I have been fans for over 20 years but hadn't heard anything new in the U.S. since Isolation or Farenheit. It's great to rediscover one of the greatest rock bands ever, and to hear them sounding better than ever.

I just don't understand why you guys aren't bigger here in the states. We've been complaining for years about the boy-bands, the rap, and the general lack of good rock, while all along you guys have been cranking out great material that's been virtually unnoticed in this country.

I came back from Holland last fall with a copy of your latest CD and we love it. I found out from my family in Holland that Bobby Kimball had rejoined the band. Nobody in the US seems to hear much about Toto these days and that's a damn shame. What the hell is it with the record companies pushing all these insipid talentless bands while bands like Toto get no promotion at all. I found out about your concert by accident a week ago and none of my friends even heard about it. I'm sure as hell glad we went!

Thanks so much for 25 years of great music!!

I have been a Toto fan for 25 years and last night was my 3rd concert. I've seen Toto in 1988 in Berlin/Germany, in 2000 in San Diego and last night at 4th & B.

What a show. My husband and I had front row seats and it was just awesome to see the boys close up.

Steve rocks! What a guitar player - he is just unbelievable. The rest of the band was fantastic too and as always they all seemed to have lots of fun and they obviously enjoy what they are doing.

Keep going guys, I hope to see you again soon. Next time probably in Europe.

Love your music, have all your albums and will forever be a huge fan.

Welcome home to the U.S.!! Each time I sit down to write a review of another amazing Toto experience, I find myself almost at a loss for words and this time is no exception. I continue to feel blessed to be able to see Toto at small venues here in the states. I'll never understand the record companies here and why they can't enjoy the same level of support they receive everywhere else in the world. The show tonight was well worth the long wait for a U.S. concert date and everyone at 4th & B was treated to almost two hours of classic Toto. The band looked and sounded great as they worked through their 25-year catalog of music. Many of the songs played tonight I have not heard in a long time. I reminded me what we have all been treated to for so long. Here was tonight's set list:
1) Medley - Girl Goodbye (completely reworked), Goodbye Elenore, Child's Anthem, I'll Supply The Love
2) Gift With A Golden Gun
3) While My Guitar Gently Weeps
4) Bodhisattva
5) Africa
David Paich solo
6) Stop Loving You (nice job of vocals by Tony)
Luke's acoustic solo
7) Medley - Waiting For Your Love, Georgy Porgy, Lion, Hydra, English Eyes
Simon's solo
8) I Won't Hold You Back
9) Rosanna
10) Hold The Line
11) Home Of The Brave
There is no need to praise Luke, David, Mike, Bobby, Simon, Tony & J.J. individually because we all know the incredible musical gifts they possess. It is necessary to mention how much they appreciate the people who support the band. They don't act like rock stars and they always refer to their fans as "friends". This feeling was demonstrated both before and after the concert when they all took the time to sign an autograph, pose for a picture or just talk music with everyone who asked. Luke was the last to leave as he took the time talk with and thank everyone who patiently waited outside. You have six more chances to catch a great evening of music here before they head out for another leg of their tour outside the U.S. Don't miss the opportunity. I'll see you there.