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Bangkok, Thailand — 22 December 2002
Impact Arena - Bangkok, Thailand : 22 December, 2002 it was ten years ago since I've been to TOTO's concert in Bangkok and it was such a great and impressive experience ever. After that, I've always looked forward to seeing you guys in Bangkok again but it seemed to be a little bit hopeless after ten years had passed. As such, upon learing that the band was coming to Bangkok on December 22, 2002, I was very very glad and simultaneously purchased the tickets in order to get the best row. Although the first row was fully booked, I and my brother got the second row! However, TOTO's live performance won't let you just sit there. Therefore, upon the intro started, I and my brother rushed to the front stage in order to get closer to my ideal musicians! The concert was so great and wonderful that I won't forget. I love those songs from 'Turn Back' , "TOTO IV" , especially 'Africa' , 'Afraid of love'. Dave's keyboard solo was so beautiful as well as Luke's and Simon's. Mike seemed to be very happy with his instrument and he played it so emotionally. After the concert, my brother and i went to the arena's exit gate and luckily, we got all the band's members' signatures on almost all the CDs' covers! I even shook hands with Mike, Dave and Luke! They all were so kind and friendly. I won't forget to bring a camera next time! Last but not least, we, Thai people would like to thank all you guys for visiting Bangkok and made our dreams come true! Please come back again!!!!!

Sawaddee Krub to you all !!

I've been waiting for many years for this concert in Thailand. I still remember the day that I knew about Toto concert in Thailand. I rushed to get the ticket as fast as I can and counted for the 22nd Dec 2002. This is my first TOTO concert because last time in Thailand I was only a little child.

The concert was great. With the new version of "Goodbye Girl" for the opening, I was sure this was what I wanted and worthwhile for many years waiting. I got up from my chair and went to the front, singing and clapping along!! After "White Sister" I was completely exhausted. Thank you for the great "Rosanna", "Africa" etc...

All the instrumental solo was really really great !! Simon, Luke, Dave and Mike (jam with Simon). Booby's voice was powerful !

Thank you and please come again !!!!!

Seoul, Korea — 19 December 2002
My unforgetable 2002
Dec. 19. 2002. In Korea there were two big events. One is a Presidental Election, and the other is THE TOTO's CONCERT!
Early morning after throwing my valuable vote, I went to Seoul from KyeongJu (I live in GyeongJu and it takes about 4 hours by car.) On the highway I listened to their songs. Child's anthem, Africa, I'll be over you, I won't hold you back....ROSANNA.
It was my first Pop Artist's Concert and I really expected.. Just like a child, I couldn't go to sleep.. the day before. At Seoul I met some thankful people. They are members of TOTO's Internet CAFE. They have shared TOTO's info and stories. Because of them I could get a ticket and several TOTO's MV. REALLY thanks them.

Opening with Girl Goodbye .. they appeared on the stage...They were playing in front of me! us! All tickets had own numbers but we didn't need chairs. All of us stood up and song along loudly.

I coulnd't forget Luke's guitar sound.. When he song While my guitar gently weeps his guitar was really weeping. At that time I realized that guitar could have variable faces - smiling, weeping, shouting.... His solo was also FANTASTIC. At the end of the Luke solo, I felt like listening to the EAGLES. Of course better than EAGLES ^^;

Africa..Rosanna, Hold the line.. We song.. YES we song along together with TOTO.

It goes without saying that Dave and Simon Solos were COOL~!! Bobby's voice seized our ears and Mike was a real gentleman of bass. When Lukather played the Paich's keyboard, Paich took off his blue hat and let Luke put on, We couldn't help smiling... here's picture.

Time was flying and the second TOTO's concert in Korea (the first was in 1996) was almost closing. We called TOTO the name again and again...we got the curtain call.

Home of the brave and White sister. They were the songs that TOTO gave us with saying goodbye.

This concert gave me an unforgettable 2002. I was just a fan of TOTO. But now I really want to be one of TOTO's families ^^ And I want to see them again. in Gyeong Ju. Of course it's my little wish. ^^

Steve and Dave
Tokyo, Japan — 9 & 10 December 2002
Hi everyone,

I'm from Hong Kong and I travelled to Tokyo over the weekend to catch TOTO in Tokyo on Monday night. It was totally worth it to make this trip as it turned out to be the best concert (or at least one of the best concerts) I have ever seen.

Everything from the lights, the sound quality, to Bobby's singing, to Steve on the guitar was mind-boggling ! Bobby's voice is stronger than ever. The setlist was great too ! I have been a TOTO fan for almost 20 years and I have alot of respect for the band for their talent and their passion for music. How often do you come across a band with some of the best musicians in the world in it ?? And seeing them live on Monday night confirms my conviction that TOTO is the best !!

I guess my only complaint besides the show is that after waiting all these years, TOTO has still not come to play in Hong Kong. We have many top-notch venues here and some of the top, legendary acts have come back again and again. Moreover, TOTO's albums have sold well here over the years. I truly hope that TOTO will finally be playing here at some point in the not too distant future. You'll love this city and your fans here will be able to experience something to remember.

All the best to TOTO and see you again soon !

How do you do?

I have been in the concert in Tokyo international forum with the woman of the extreme love on December 10. Though I was very sorry for everyone, we were located in that concert place in the center of the central block of the first line of the first floor. It got a ticket for her somehow. It considers that we see TOTO in such a luxurious seat will be with two more times from now on. Therefore, before a concert began, a strange strain enveloped us. We put on our T-shirt of the official recognition purchased in that day, and we made preparations to animate a concert. Sorry to say, I could hardly confirm the person who wore the T-shirt and so on sold in the concert meeting place. Let's become one at the concert!!!

The concert began.

Bobby sings hotly in our front of our eyes. The live voice of Bobby can be heard. The sound of the drums of Simon is being conveyed live, too. The sound of the guitar of LUKE can be heard not from the left-right speaker but from his monitor. LUKE threw pick many times. Luckily I could get the pick which LUKE threw in the second time. It could feel the warmth of LUKE .I got excited. Why is it selfish? LUKE used that for the performance even some time ago. Besides, of one's eyes in front of more than 5000 fans!!! If it says so, Bobby was being sung with "Hold THE LINE" without using a microphone in a short time.

A member seems to be as happy as this, and I am the first time in having seen me doing though I have seen the concert of TOTO many times. I am the fan of TOTO for twenty more years. It liked JEFF very much in the member. I felt sorry when JEFF passed away. Though I felt uneasy and thought "what happened to TOTO from now on", TOTO became a wonderful band by Bobby and Simon in the above till now. Drumming of Simon matches TOTO all the more recently, too. It can't think about TOTO which Simon and Bobby are not in. Incidentally, the woman of my extreme love is the big fan of Bobby. I appreciates Bobby and Simon. I strike a drums, too. Simon is my big teacher as well as JEFF now, too.

Thank you for the wonderful performance. The concerts in Japan lasts still. Next, I see the final performance in Japan. More activity of everyone of the member is being expected.

Let's see December 17 again!!!

Morioka, Japan — 5 December 2002
It's a greatest concert of this year!! I was so happy to hear and meet all crue of great TOTO concert again at Morioka. All tunes reminded the situation of past time. Whenever I decide my important things, TOTO's sound comes from radio. I backed from concert just now, I can say just thanks thanks a lot!
The amazing power of members, especially Bobby! You make the history I'm here now!
Thanks how many I must say? See you soon, Steve said exactly! I remember this nice evening!

Yokohama, Japan — 3 December 2002
KON-NI-CHI-WA ! To all of the TOTO FAN in the world!

I enjoyed the TOTO's concert in my hometown Yokohama. Luke sometimes said Japanese words or something...( especially for girls?, you know,:-), it made me laugh!
The set list and improvised play was great! I felt like learning 25-years-history of TOTO.
In Japan, TOTO generally meant a "toilet" or a "lot", but means great music for me now .
Now, I am already reluctant to part from TOTO members. Stop Loving You lyrics -"time passes quickly and chances are few"-It's just my state of mind. I'm looking forward to seeing the next time.
By the way, 30th Nov, in Japanese time, was the great George's death day. Introduction of "While my guitar gently weeps", Luke said, "This one's for George." Oh! E.Clapton said the same words last year in Japan, too.

Love and Peace, forever. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Thank you.

Amsterdam, Netherlands — 18 November 2002
As a long standing TOTO fan I have at last achieved my ambition to see the band in concert for the first time at the "Heineken Music Hall" venue. First of all the venue is second to none with great sound and viewing facilities. Everyone of the band deserves credit for an outstanding performance from the first note to the last.
In particular Simon's drum solo was brilliant, I do not know how he does it, and of course Steve's Acoustic Guitar spot.David is so consistent on the keyboards that he makes it look so easy along with Mike on the bass. Bobby's singing was always in tune and together they are just awesome. My only complaint is that we want to see you guys in ENGLAND to promote your great album and to give a least a couple of concerts, so how about it ???
Keep up the good work and hopefully I will see you soon in the UK. Also thanks to Marijn Smit my Dutch friend who got the tickets for us to enjoy the show

What a great show Monday in Amsterdam!!! I can't believe I was there! Even standing on the front line! I'm only 16 years old, but I really love the, for me, "old" stuff Toto is playing. No Backstreet Boys or Westlife or whatever boybands there are for me. My band is Toto!! What a great performance!! I really loved the songs "Africa", "Stop Loving You", "Home Of The Brave" and... what the .... they were all great! I sure hope to be back in february when they're going to record a dvd here. What a sound!! Can you imagine a place, sorry I got a bit carried away, can you imagine, I'm only fan for, I don't know, about a year. I just want to thank all members of Toto for the best night ever!!! I love you guys!!

Since 1988 I'm a great Toto-fan, but the concert last night in Amsterdam was absolutely one of their best performances. It started magnificant with a cool version of Goodbye girl. I was also very happy with the medleys. The old songs from the first 4 albums sound great live. Especially "Gift with a golden gun" and "English Eyes" sounds very powerfull and I liked the way Bobby song them . I also enjoyed songs like "Home of the brave", "Hold the line" and "While my guitar gently weeps" very much. Steve did a brilliant solo on acoustic guitar. Men, he's so quick. The solo's from Dave en Simon were also excellent. Dave even played a short cut from "Take my hand" from the "Dune" album together with Luke. Simon's solo was top; his speed and timing is amazing. Mike Porcaro, as usual, played the bass very well. He's so important for Toto.The sound in the "Heineken Music Hall" was amazing, much better than in Ahoy (Rotterdam), where I've earlier heard many concerts of Toto. Probably this is the reason Toto said in februari they will recording a live DVD in Amsterdam. So far much compliments fot this great musicians. About two things I'm a little bit critical. First, I was disappointed that Toto played not songs from the latest albums. "Mindfields" and "Kingdom of desire" were fantastic albums and please, when you come back in Holland, play a few songs from those albums! For Example "Caught in the Balance", "Better World" or "How many Times". Second the solo's were from a high level and great but also a bit long. I believe in 5 minutes you can also give a great solo. Keep on rockin' guys. See you back in februari 2003. THANKS!!!!!!!

I visited this wonderful concert with my 18 year old son. We were very surprised about the amazing power of this concert and enjoyed every minute. For us it was a special evening because TOTO was the favourite band of my husband who died in 1993. "The seventh one" was the last album he listened to. The sound & light was beautiful, our compliments tot the band and the crew & technicians. We loved it !

The show in Amsterdam was great fun for a real fan, like myself. I've enjoyed it a lot. Since '84 or '85, I went to every single gig in the Netherlands by Toto or Steve Lukather. I really like the old songs al lot, my favourites are Home of the Brave, Hold the Line, Angel don't cry, Holyanna and I'll supply the love. I was very surprised and pleased with the choice of songs at this concert. The only negative thing is that sometimes it was very 'slow'. I've brought some friends of mine and they said that the solos were too long. They liked all the 'heavy' songs, but didn't like the three or four interruptions. For me as a fan, the solos couldn't not stay too long of course!
I'm very looking forward to the next concert in Amsterdam. I'll definitely be back!

Last night Toto played in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. What can I say that hasn't been told before already here ? Of course it was an outstanding performance again, caught you from the beginning until the very end. But the real great news was Luke's announcement that Toto will come back to Amsterdam in February 2003 to record a live DVD ! They probably couldn't have picked a better spot than this, because this venue in Amsterdam, which opened its doors about two years ago, has been designed especially for rock concerts. And yesterday's performance proved it again : the sound quality was absolutely marvellous. Also the light show appeared very well.
A lot to look forward to !

hey there guys
last night 18-11-2002 i went to the concert from toto,in the heineken music hall,in amsterdam, holland, man, what a perfect evening was that, the band was great, the show was perfect,what a energy have these guys!!!!!!, i have seen toto five times now, but it seems to me the band is getting better and better, after all these years steve played so good, and gave a beautiful solo on a spanish guitar, he even took over the keyboard from david with the song rosanna, what a great musician he is, the whole band played amazing, david was wearing a Tshirt from holland,very nice,steve said they would be back on february 2003, i can't wait to see them again, thanks guys for this great evening ,i will never forget this outstanding show, i wish you all the best, and i hope the band will stay on forever, HOLD THE LINE many greets from a great fan from holland

TOTOlly amazing show last night! I have been several times to Toto ('92, '95, '99 (twice)) and I have never seen them performing this well. Their voices in such perfect shape! Nice to hear parts of songs like 'Lion', 'Till the end', even if it was only for less than a minute. The keyboard had a very good piano sound, which made Georgy Porgy (especially the start) and Africa even sound so much better! And to hear the news that they will be back in Holland to record a live DVD is the greatest news I have heard lately!
You guys ROCK!

This was, and I must say as usual in our country, the party of the year, a show to remember ! The way you let old and new meet each other is incredible. Solos are refreshing and totally the TOTO sound. I didn't have tickets for the show but hoped to get in, buying tickets in front of the Heineken Music Hall from some partime dealer..., and I did buy two for 200 euro. So this is my most expensive concert ever. But I didn't want to miss it, I must say now.
Hope to see ya soon in February 2003. Thanks ToTo, you're the greatest and I congratulate you on the 25 anniversary.
with compliments,

I've been to Tina Turner, Elton John, I have seen Alicia Keys, I also bin to Michael Jackson. Finnaly I Have seen Toto in Concert. WHAT A FUCKIN GREAT BAND!Yesterday I've seen the best concert in my life. Steve Lukather you are deffently the heart and soul of Toto. Bobby Kimball you're the Lionheart of Toto.Personaly I say that without you the show would be not so greatfull as it was last night. Your voice is amazing!! David Paich, the Old thirty Basterd, wonderfull. Simon Phillips, how much faster you can man, beautifull! Porcaro you're a cool, relaxed man, Fanstastic!!Thanks for the great musical experience.You're the best band ever . I'll be back in Februari.

What a fantastic evening in amsterdam. All those great songs, some of them weren't played for a long time. A very very good sound.
This might be a very short review but there's nothing more to add because it's all been written in the other ones.
Just want to thank the band for taking some time before and after the concert to talk and make pictures with the few who were waiting outside. J.J if you read this: i meant what i said about you And Steve: My sister is very proud to say she talked with Steve Lukather on the phone.
See you again in 2003

WHAT AN INCREDIBLY AWESOME SHOW, tonight in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, supposedly to hall with the best acoustic in Europe. Toto again gave their very best in this gig featuring solos by Simon ( where did that man get the speed and especially the dynamics of his drumming) Phillips, David Paich and of course Steve Lukather on his black Ovation guitar. I swear I could almost see the guitar´s fingerboard burning because of the pure speed that Luke developed. David Paich wore his brand new JP Gaultier bright blue and bright orange coloured outfit and absolutely stole the show with his look. The orange t-shirt he wore saying ´Holland´ made him capable letting the audience eating out of his hands.

Toto played quite a lot of songs of their new CD ´Through the looking glass´, since it is the ´Through the looking glass tour´ of course, but also some of the all time favourites came along like Africa, Rosanna and Hold the Line.

At the end Luke announced that Toto will be back in the HMH in Amsterdam in February to record their DVD there!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I´m very sure that I´ll be there again in February!

Finally, I was the lucky guy to catch the original Lukey Stick pick! I still can´t believe it. Toto: thanks so much for this amazing evening. You rock!!

Keep on rocking,

What can I say about this band?
From the opening song till the last encore it was marvellous. The lightning, the sound everything fitted in place. Heineken Music Hall totally sold out and the place for Toto to be. Thanks to Elias the Cellorocker from the messageboard I got the setlist already in my possession, so it was easier the follow the songs. The opening song with a very interesting drumroll from Simon a bit like "I will remember" very smoothly and then the tremendous Luke with his ever fine tuned guitar. Wow, if this had to be a blueprint for this concert then we would be treated with more and so we were. Outstanding performances of the 24 songs, very thrilling solo's including a splendid one of Mike Porcaro, he should do that more often. Tony Spinner what a guy, great guitarplayer and singer. David Paich "heaven on earth" what a keyboardplayer,Bobby Kimball apart from a few nearmisses in his voice, he did it again. My hero Simon, from the place where I was sitting, I could only see his red "25 Toto" t-shirt and some arms and legs., but what a solo again and howinventive the interactions with the guys in the band. Steve, I've mentioned it earlier, was at his best this evening. It was a great night and we'll get a reprise of this one in february next year, according to Steve that is. The dvd will be made then too. We'll be there too.

I got myself a good standing-place in front of the stage, with Luke right in front in me.
The opening (Girl Goodbye) was insane!! Fantastic version of this song I usually didn't like.
The whole gig was fantastic, Luke played incredible and Paich was doing some very funny things.
About Bobby; I take back everything I said about his singing capibilities (people of the message board know what I mean). Bobby sang awesome, pitching some real high notes! The only negative point is that almost all songs they played were from the first 4 albums: no Isolation or Fahrenheit song (not even I?ll Be Over You), just 2 Seventh One songs and nothing from KOD, Tambu, Mindfields or XX. For me the highpoints of this gig were Girl Goodbye, English Eyes, Stop Loving You and Home Of The Brave.
I wanna thank the band for this awesome gig and I hope the concert in February, where Luke said the DVD will be recorded, will be just as good! See you then?

Hi there,

In my last review of the concert in Rotterdam (19 oktober 1999) I mentioned the band should sound much better in a place like Paradiso or.... Heineken Music Hall. Wow! I'm still breathless about the concert of yesterday. Impressed by the mix of old, newer and newest songs. Impressed by the fun you're are still havin, on stage and the perfect sound of the band (my compliments also to the soundengineers and the crew!!)
Maybe just in the beginning the sound of Luke's Guitar was a little sharp but during the concert it was more melting in the overall sound. For compliments about you're skills as individual musicians, just look around in the other reviews, they're just fuckin' amazing. For me thats a fact remaining 4-ever. It was a huge Chill to hear the greatest band on earth sound perfect in a great environment. In combination with the freakin' medley's and a very cool setlist, I heard the best Toto concert since Paradiso! The anouncement Toto is going to record a live DVD here in Holland gave me a very good feeling....goin' home...but coming back! Coooool!

At last I have a question for the band or/and engineers: For the audience the Heineken Music Hall sounds great. They say it has the best acoustic sound of Europe....Whats you're experience and how is the sound on stage??

See you in february, thats a sure thing!

You're the BEST!
This was a concert to remeber. Man, all those old-songs-medleys, you kept surprising us!
And the thing which touched me the most was the tribute to George, dedicated to Jeff. It's so great to hear the greatest rockband pay tribute to the greatest band ever.
***And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love, you make***
Thanks for an incredible experience!

Oh my god, what an energy!!! We went to the concert in Amsterdam.........and oh yesss, we wanted more and more and more. TOTO you are magnificent. Thank you for this wonderfull exiting evening. You are getting better and better while time passes by.I still can't believe my ears!!! The wonderfull sounds of tonights concert are still echoing trough my mind and it will be till the time we will hear and see you again ( February 2003!!! ), can't wait.Thank you, Steve, David, Bobby, Mike, Simon, Tony, John and all the other people who made this evening to such a succes!!! For all you guys out there in this prepared for the show of your life!!!! No tickets??? Hurry go get them before it's to late!!!!!!!! Greetings and much love to all of you,

Hamburg, Germany — 16 November 2002
Hello people My name is Martin Damiecki from Poland
I had a chance to see TOTO for a first time in Hamburg. We made about 1000 km trip to see our best band, we are group of 4 friends from Gdansk. There is nothing more to be said beside: YOU GUYS ARE GREAT. We are a group of musicians and it is crutial to say that TOTO music has a great influence for a lot of musicians all over the world. I do not know serious musician who doesnt take somethig from TOTO workshop to introduce to its own practice.

Important notice to TOTO producer: YOU CANNOT ALLOW LUKE ACOUSTIC GUITAR SOLO TO BE FORGOTTEN! please prepare DVD version of this concert, me as sales/marketing specialist guarante financial success of this release!! Luke has shown something which cannot be described in words, doesn matter if you are musician or no you will be touched till the deppest part of your heart.

SIMON you man are my fauvorite (I personally play bass guitar).

Right now (touched by unforgottable experirnces in Hamburg) we are going again to Erfurt (it is 1200 km trip). No distance, no money is important to see TOTO family again!
Why not to come to POland on summer? Beleive me you have a lot of friends here!
Best wishes to all TOTO family!

Hey Guys!!! Amazing....what can i guys leave me speechless everytime when you enter the stage. As a Toto Fan since 1994 ..i should mention that i´m 22 Years old :-)...i´ve seen you 11 times!!! And you blew me away once´re getting better from show to show. It´s really fun watching you guys playing and havin´ so much fun. No are more than just a are a family which has the ability to catch everyones attention and put a smile in your audience faces. Thank you so much for Yesterday evening. I´ve travelled from Essen, NRW to Hamburg just to see you. Well I drove nearly 4 hours through a very hard rain ...But i would do it everytime again..The show was amazing. And the Setlist was great too... I´ve seen the show in Oberhausen one week before, but it was still exciting watching you playing the old songs. English eyes, Gift with a golden gun, Goodbye Elenore, Waiting for your in my wildest dreams, i would have thougt i could hear you playing these classic Toto stuff. Thank you for that. And to Steve..Man, you´re the real´s great to see you playing everytime much passion, Tone to the bone :-) ..straight from the heart and with an incredible feeling..hats off Luke. All the others did a great Job too...Simon did an amazing Solo-Spot...and so Dave did. A really funny moment was, when Luke put on Daves Hat and played that Honky Tonk Blues Piano Stuff in the End Part of Rosanna. And Dave is one of the funniest persons i´ve seen on stage in my whole life..really. When Luke kissed Daves Hand like he was the pope and a while after that Dave kissed his Hand himself i laughed tears..really funny guys. So i hope i will see you 11 Times more in the future and there will be a new Album coming out next with new Songs. Perhaps it´s possible to put out an live DVD??? think about it. My deepest respect to all you guys, hang in there

This was my second concert on the "Through the looking glass" tour. I saw the guys in Oberhausen ten days before.
Last saturday i drove 380 kilometers to see the guys one more time and i must say: This concert was unbelievable. Clear sound, fantastic audience and the guys are in best condition ever. The solo sets are amazing. Simon and his drums.... Steve and his guitar and David.... ohhh. My favourites are: Girl goodbye (cool new version), White sister, and While my guitar gently wheeps.
I wish Toto all the best and say thank you for this great show and i hope i'll see you again very soon.

Luke and Simon
Copenhagen, Denmark — 15 November 2002

I needed a couple of days to digest all the impressions from yet another superb concert with my favourite band. I was very pleased with the setlist although a fan naturally would want to hear more tunes from a band having made so many divine studio albums. Mushanga, Pamela, Endless, Only The Children, A Thousand Years, Gypsy Train, Drag Him To The Roof, The Turning Point, I Will Remember, Going Home, Caught In The Balance and Melanie, for instance, would also have been a treat to hear.

You made the coolest intro I have ever experienced and also the best I have ever seen you guys do. The drums, the silhouettes of the band and the lightning, a very powerful setting and a great way to open a show this caliber. Also, the stage with its different levels was great because the audience got to see everybody on stage wherever they were or would move to.

I shall not confirm what so many others on this site already have written as I agree on all the credit that has been given as far as medleys, new cool versions, great vibe, good humour and lots of confidence coming off the stage, perfect lightning and so on. It's awesome and it blew me away.

However, I also agree on the one 'minus part' of this concert and prior shows that has been dealt with by many other fans, THE SOLO SPOTS. Don't get me wrong as a musician I am a huge fan of your solos and naturally a band like TOTO should solo live cuz' you are, if any, capable. BUT the long solo spots leave the excited audience 100% passive for 10 min and the atmosphere slowly vanishes until you continue with the next song. Would it be possible to guitar and keyboard solo within the tunes (like Mike did basswise in Copenhagen, it was short but very tasty stuff!) and then perhaps leave space for a solo spot for the drums due to the crazy effect this instrument has on audiences. Now, especially with Simon behind the kit.

Having commented on this, the musical ability of you guys is extremely rare within the industry, especially nowadays. We really need bands that can actually play l i v e and that have the incredible experience that TOTO has after 25 years of rehearsing, studiowork, tours etc. Not many bands today go that far back and those who do are often not as groovy, sharp and innovative as they once used to be. You are. I heard you guys quite a few times the past many years and you are always very professional, tight and on top of things.

You guys keep getting better and you're about to create something very unique. Wherever I go TOTO always has a phenomenal reputation and amongst musicians and people that are really into the music scene you have been legends for over a decade. You blow our minds because of the fact that you play all your (and now also other's) songs as though you have rehearsed this particular song a million times. It looks so easy and smooth when you cats enter stage and start groovin' and knowing what it takes to play the way TOTO does, you'll always have a huge, very dedicated audience.

BTW, TOTO were on Danish TV Friday before the concert 15NOV2002 and the Danes could read several interviews in different Danish newspapers the very same day. Much more focus and positive vibes on the band than normally ;-)

Keep up the great work, gentlemen. We are looking much forward to hearing you again in Denmark, or perhaps even in Amsterdam 17FEB2003 for the DVD recordings ;-)

P.S. T-shirts were finally made in real XL, thank you.
Once again I attended a concert with the worlds greatest musicians. It was my seventh concert with Toto since 1991 and I must confess that it was the best. Since Simon joined the band in 1992 the timing, tempo and feeling has just evolved and growing better. Friday night it was perfect, and it was a fantastic experience to hear the timing and perfect feel in the old and new tracks. Of course, as always, it was mixed with fabulous solos, bridges and splendid closures for each song. You guys are the best! Before the concert I saw and heard you guys do an interview. The interviewer asked you, if you weren't over the peek. I most say, that in my opinion you are evolving constantly reaching for a musically peek. It may be that 1984 was the "grammy" peek of your career, but there have been many hits since, and first and foremost - you guys are constantly trying to improve and develop your musicianship. Friday night in Copenhagen you once again proved it. It was cool to hear some of the older songs, especially I enjoyed Afraid of love and Waiting for your love. The many guitar solos was stunning, Daves and Mikes solos super, a funny hat exchange between David and Steve started Steve's Danish debut as a keyboard player and finally Simon played and conquered. Simon - you're talking a musical Esperanto. Steve was as always on top of things. He even took the initiative to get the manager to remove the security in front of the stage, due to their attempt to control the crowd and "kill" the party. Thank you Steve for that initiative! Thank you for a great concert. See you next time in Denmark!

Hi Toto - Hi fellow Toto-maniacs! After "meeting" Luke and Bobby at a PR-arrangement in Copenhagen end of september (giving the guys presents in the shape of t-shirt of FC Copenhagen!), I was at the concert november 15th, and what a great show Toto performed once again! At this my fifth Toto-eksperience I was especially impressed by the way all members of the band (Luke in particular!) so obviously enjoy playing live. When Toto play like they played in Copenhagen, you never get bored with them! The show started off with a new very groovy arrangement of Girl Goodbye with a deep pounding and powefull sound, which the band has really refined on this tour. Every member of the band lived up to the individual standards we know, and I really digged the many great arrangements; they often managed to put two or three somg together in one, for instance finishing a song with the guitar-riffs from Till The End - cool. The many other "quotes" put into the numerous outstanding solos was nice "hidden greetings" to us "senior" fans. I was in wonderland once again, not least because I witnessed the "music love of my life" with the female love of my life, my wife as from august this year - and as well she loved Toto. PLEASE COME BACK!

Valbyhallen Copenhagen:

I have only one thing to say: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Well I'll say a bit more:

This was one h*ll of a show from our favorite Danish Band ;)(When Steve anounced that CMC had signed them worldwide...he also mentioned that since this is a Danish recordcompany: "TOTO is officially a Danish band now"....and the audience went wild) . I tried to keep track of the setlist posted on the messageboard....but sometimes they did put other bits n' peices in the medleys. The songs I noticed that I think is not mentioned ealier on this tread was:

During Daves solospot he started playing the pianogrove of Pamela....and the crowd just went wild...everybody sang along on the chorus.

During Steves acoustic solospot (Which is the best guitarsolospot I've ever seen!!!!!) I noticed that he played a bit of 99)

Somewere in the set they also played a bit of the track from Farenheit with Miles Davis (can't remember the title).

I must say that this is one of (if not "the") best TOTO concert I've seen in my life.

Oohh I almost forgot: Last time (Mindfields tour in 99) Simons drumsolo was grrreeeeeaaat...THIS time...I mean this guy IS not human!! I'm not a drumplayer but I know when I see something not possible to play with 2 arms and "4 legs"...but Simon did it :o

Bobby sang his lungs out...and i serously thought that the man was finished when they played Home of the Brave as the first extra in stead of White sister....but oh no....they came back once again and Bobby was ready and able again on that one.

I could go on and on but I'll just say: You guys/galls that are going to see them later on this tour are in for at treat!!!!!

Oh yes guess what: Luke said it was Daves birthday.....again ;) so we all sang for him.

And BTW Luke promised that TOTO would come back to Denmark again.....Can't wait.

Funny thing 'bout this band. Everytime I've been to a TOTO concert....the days after I get this feeling:....I WANNA GO AGAIN!!!!


PS. way to go Tony!! (on stop loving you)...yes it was like hearing Joseph on the record (I don't think he could do it today as good as you did live)
My Girlfriend and I went to the Hall of Valby, Copenhagen Friday the 15 th. of November. It was just the second time for my girl to enjoy a great, great TOTO concert. I have been listening to TOTO since i was 8 years old, back in 1980. Since 1990 I have been to all of the TOTO concerts in Denmark. TOTO is still THE BEST BAND IN THE WHOLE WORLD.....
We just got home from one of the best TOTO concerts in my life. As always TOTO were absolutely on top of things and it was such a tremendous pleasure to see Mike, Simon, Luke, Dave and Bob hitting it off again. You guys are gifted with a talent beyond this world and you're "making it a better world" for all of us listening to you - keep going and keep up the pace. Good to see that the place was crowded to the limit (as always when TOTO is playing... ) and that everybody had a great time because of you guys up there. I am a guitar and keyboardplayer myself and I cannot with words express how much I admire Luke and David´s play. They are just fantastic.
We want to thank you for this superb evening - We enjoyed it immensely. We have been a 100% dedicated to the music you guys create for more than 10 years and we always will be. We can't wait to hear you live again. Keep going guys - we love you.
The only negative, was that someone took all my money from my pocket, so then I couldn´t buy a shirt. Those kind of people is anywhere. But now we´re just looking forward to see TOTO next time they went to Denmark. TO ALL YOU PEOPLE IN TOTO! Merry christmas and Happy New Year, We love you.

Hi all

We were 18 friends getting together from all over the area. For me it was the 6'th concert, for others it was the very first - but definately not the last !!

The new arrangement of Girl Goodbye was very nice - allthough I was waiting for you to make a shift of tempo and end the song like it is originally written - That would have been a real killer. After the first 15-20 minutes of the concert the sound is usually good, but this time it wasn't. Sorry guys - I hate to say this - but the people who listened to the music from the back of the hall, really missed a lot. Especially Luke's fantastic acoustic solo drowned totally. You had to be close to the scene to get a clear picture of it.

I really loved the medleys you played - putting pieces of old stuff in between the songs and solos was awesome - Also the theme from Dune in David's solo was great.

For the first time, my two sons were with us to the concert - and although they are only 11 and 13, they really enjoyed themselves and will definately be with you to the next concert. So - to the great "danish band".: We are really looking forward to see you guys again this spring :-) and next time hopefully with better sound.

At last - I hope you enjoyed your birthday, David - We did !

Congratulations from Denmark once again.

Hi Guys
Great concert. Way better than the last I saw in Aalborg on your Mindfields tour. I especially liked the medleys you did. It was a great way to include a maximum of old songs into the set. About your individual solos, I must say, that I liked David's the best. They were all great, but his was beautiful. And I can honestly say that I had chills down my spine when Luke joined in and played a part of "Don't stop me now". I've seen two Toto concerts. And a funny thing about this is that both times someone in the band was celebrating their birthday. Last time it was Luke and this time it was Dave. -"I hope you liked our birthday song". I missed two things in the concerts: There were no songs from "Tambu" -which is you best album ever, and you didn't play "House of the rising sun" -which is the best song on your new album together with "While my guitar gently weeps".L ast but not least I will just say thank you for the display of extraordinary musical talent and joy. I'll be seeing you next time you visit Denmark.

Gothenburg, Sweden — 14 November 2002
Hi guys!! I'm 18 years old, and you're songs have always been played at I have almost always have dreamt of see you Live!! So a very thanks for a great evening! I hope you'll come to Sweden soon, again!! This was the first time a saw you live...and you were superb!!! But one thing to Bobby: Leave your tights at home next time! Here are the songs the sang...not exactly...not in the right order now, but here are they: Girl Goodbye (new version), Goodbye Elenore (a piece of it), Child's Anthem, I'll Supply The Love (the outro), Gift With A Golden Gun, Could You Be Loved, Georgy Porgy (a piece), I Won't Hold You Back (new version), Africa, While My Guitar Gently Weeps (tribute to Jeff Porcaro and George Harrison), Bodhisattva, English Eyes (Energy version), Stop Loving You (Tony Spinner on vocals...YOU'RE GREAT!!!), Hydra (the solo piece), I Can't Get Next To You (a piece), Lion (intro...the guitar riff), Don't Stop Me Now (just Steve and David), Waiting For Your Love, Afraid Of Love, Rosanna, Hold The Line, Home Of The Brave, White Sister. But please... sing Pamela next time you're on tour next time!!! Thanks that you played so long time...two and half-hours!! It's worthy the money! I hope you soon record a NEW album!!! With new west-coast songs! Thanks again!

hi... I was one of the crazy guys who stayed outside your bus after your wonderful concert in Gotheborg yesterday!! I really liked the way you opened up your concert yesterday!! very powerful and you really picked the right song!! so..just one thing to add to all your wonderful stuff you did, play pamela on your next visit in sweden.... Please... it`s the best song ever created!! Love you and keep playing this way!! and from all us fans over the world!! We want a new CD with those amazing songs written by those amazing musicians!! please.. a new realese would be wonderful!! Bye...\\

Hello! My name is Roger Christiansson 38 year old drummer. This was the fifth time I saw you and the impression is that Toto´s just getting better for every year, that´s amazing and great.
And since I´m a big fan of Simon Phillips, and been so for many many years (purchased both SP & SP returns DCI music video when they first came out), an evening with music (from the heart) entertainment probably can´t get much better. In fact, I was so excited so I had to drive directly down to my TAMA (old friends) Superstar kit in Onsala (50 kilometers south of Gothenburg) afterwards, and play for a couple of hours, before going to sleep (what good music can do).

Thank you all for a great evening (once again), and Simon for constantly giving me a lot of (new) energy to keep on developing my drumming!

Best regards

gothenburg 021114
two words: great energy! thank you,thank you, thank you. White sister as a closing song was just super. though I still miss the songs of Isolation, Angel dont cry must be one of the greatest rock songs ever! Thank you fore stop loving you, great vocals Tony! Please do Pamela on yor next tour. God bless snöret Sweden.

Oslo, Norway — 13 November 2002
Hello. This consert was my 5th with TOTO, and I just think you guys are getting better and better on stage!! Thank you. After beeing following you since the first record, it's always a PARTY when you are on stage! This time i brougth my 16 year old son to the show and may be you can imagine what his reactions was under and after the show.......? " Fantastic, Amazing..awesome!!!"We loved the opening with a sound from a helicopter and then turned into a Amazing version of Girl Goodbye. The medley was great too... But, I think your " solo spots" being too long though.. I hoped this night I could hear my favorite songs again: Home of the Brave, White sister, Childs anthem, Gift with a golden gun....... and at least: (Your beautiful version of) While my guitar gently wheep.......... So what happened?? I got it all!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! After 2.5 hours the show was over... ( and still you are my number 1 favorite band!!! ) and we had to drive to our hometown 5.5 hours away , and somewhere in the night we listening to africa, rosanna, hold the line...... Thank you again for the show!

Just came back to my native Trondheim, Norway after a great live-experience in Oslo last night.
This was my 5th Toto-concert, and to this date, the best. Luke and his commerads seemed to be in very good shape. Oslo Spektrum was filled with about 5000 spectators (I guess) And everyone tried their best to make it a special night for the band and the audience.
Luke introduced David as his "old friend", but someone in the audience shouted "He's not THAT old" to a cheer from the crowd. And from that moment, the evening became more and more magical.

To start with the basics: Mike and Simon are playing so tight, they have a lot of the chemistry Mike had with Jeff in those days! And with Simon's enormous bassdrum-sound, it sound bigger and bigger every time. Thank you, guys. (And thanks for the sticks, Simon!)

David, what can I say? Africa is such a lovely song to hear you play. Always. And Home of the brave. WHAT a song! One of my favourites. Dave's key-solo was a bit more quiet than the ones I've heard him do earlier, but it was fantastic. (Loved the movie-soundtrack-part!)

Tony! Great supplement to Steve! He's got the blues in his fingers. Just hope I can get a hold of his CD's. And a great singer too. A great version of Stop loving you. The start and ending on that song totally blew me away. It was the same ending as in 92, but even tighter. Awesome!

Bobby. it's so great to have you back. There are some who say you've done your good gigs. You really proved them wrong! Thank you.

Luke. You are as always the man. It was a brave choice to do an accoustic solo, but the crowd loved it. You have a feeling for hitting the right notes that is impeccable!

As a drummer, I always expect much from Simon. He came, he played, and he conquerred. You are a major influence, Simon, and I felt like a boy when you came out from your drums and the sticks. (Thank you for helping, Steve)

We had a good time in Oslo last night, and it seemed like the guys in the band did too. Hope you will return soon! I'll even buy you an Aquavite, Steve and Simon!

Big thanks from

Tony and Mike
Helsinki, Finland — 11 November 2002
I'm still recovering...the concert in Helsinki 11.11 was absolutely great!!! Finally I saw Toto and they really Rock! the hole thing was so ...i can't find any words to describe my feelings..Ithink you all know what I'm talking about. 25 years and still going, THANKS to Toto about that. I hope you'll come to Finland again..Iwill be there for sure!
Thanks guys!!You really are the best!!

WOW! What a great show it was. This was my second time I saw Toto live and I'm still recovering from Mondays show.
The band was at its best shape and even though Helsinki icehall is a little bit dark and chilly place to play in, Toto was rocking the ceiling off! The finnish audience was quiet at first, but when the familiar songs like Africa and Rosanna got started, the crowd responded with cheerful applause. The setlist covered songs especially from the first four albums, which was a welcomed surprise. All the guys played awesome solos and we heard Bobby singing very high vocal parts. And what about Luke and his "out of this world" acoustic set! I think some guitarrists felt they had better smash their guitars to pieces when they saw and heard Luke playing. Luke and Dave were funny as usual and they made the athmosphere relaxed and warm. Mike and Si, what a grrroooove.
In my mind The best rhytm section in the planet. And we musn't forget the great Tony Spinner, who did a perfect job by singing Stop loving you and bc vocals. Also Thanks to J.J who is in the backside, but as important as always. All in all the concert was a real hihglight and proved that Toto is the best live band in the world. I hope that Toto would come to Finland as soon as possible. Toto has many fans out here and people who understand where real music comes from. Maybe it's the lack of promotion that makes some people forgot that Toto is alive and well and after 25 years it still gets people exited!

Hello for all TOTO-people around the world!

So, it was my 4th time I saw TOTO in concert, for my boyfriend it was the first and he was very happy to see them just like I am - still!!
The weather was freezing in Helsinki at that time, but once we got in, we both melted, totally. It was great to see Steve, David, Mike, Simon and this new friend, Tony again, after two and a half years!
Again, Steve remembered to entertain us with his funny stories about David in shower with his duck etc. David asked us if we wanted to hear music instead of these shower stories. The audience was quiet. But when Steve asked us if we wanted to hear more stories like this we all answered yes!! :-D

I loved to hear some of those old songs like, Girl goodbye, Hydra, English eyes etc.
Bobby has so clear voice!
Also I loved these old, new songs; Could you be loved, BUT especially While my guitar gently weeps.

Steve is always a showstopper for me. Time after time he looks better and better like he's getting younger year after year.
While his guitar gently weeps, I must have never heard anything so beautiful voice.
In front of these great musicians, I'm speechless.
Thank you so much again Toto.

Well, they did it again! Made my head spin in the very best way. We were shown that after twenty five years there's more energy than ever. As Luke so often says" Time flies when you're having fun" and they sure have fun, and so did we! Mostly because of Luke and Dave - And of course the whole band with those incredible songs! I was so happy to hear Bobby sing old songs like "Gift with a golden gun", "Goodbye Elenore" and a bit of "English eyes". And Luke on "Afraid of love" - That was so amazing, not to mention the guitar playing that almost made me weep. And I don't think anyone could keep their feet on the ground when "Could you be loved" hit the air! And Tony singing "Stop loving you" was the final proof that he's definitely in the right place! It sounded SO GOOD that I can almost forgive them for not playing "Goin' home". The whole concert was so amazing!!! It made me smile for a very long time! There is no doubt in my mind why this band is still alive and well after twenty five years...

Thanks again guys! The show that you gave us the other night was spectacular! 140 rocking minutes of Toto. Wow, what can I say.. Mr. Kimball had a great night! The voice was where you need it to be - where the high notes are. I was on your last tour at Helsinki and if I must compare those gigs, I must say that this show was much better than two years ago. Now I heard great riffin' songs from Turn back and when you playd Stop lovin you, I wasn't shure what to think! My God, when is the last time you've played it? Thanks for Home of the brave! I need to tell that Bobby's "job" for doing Joseph's thing on Home of the brave was great - high notes again.. There were there! But I was little bit dissappointed because you didn't play any songs of your latest albums: no songs from Mindfields (caught in the balance for example..), no songs from Tambu and no songs from Kingdom of desire. I like very much of Tambu. The spirit of Tambu is something else, you know... Gift of faith is a great song but you didn't play it! Also Wings of time, Don't Chain my heart.. But still I liked your show very much. It was very entertaining! Luke playing David's synth and Luke's acoustic solo was awesome! And for the next time, play something from the Seventh One, Kingdom of ..., Tambu 'cause the audience haven't heard those songs for long time..And they are great songs!

The highpoints of the show: You played many songs that I had already forgotten. Thanks for bringing those back to my mind. And David Paich looked just like mr. Ice cream man:) and Kimball looked like M.A Numminen (better check it out from the web!!)

The Magnificient Five - no doubt about it!! David - you sure can play, fast and fabulous, Simon - you bang, you bang and still treat your drums with tender, Mike - you and your bass, you are one, Bobby - your voice is full of rock, blues, jazz... you name it! And Luke... I am totally speechless and overwhelmed with your singing and playing - your guitar gently weeps, me along with it!! 25 years together have made you even better - if possible! Your concert in Helsinki Jäähalli 11th Nov. was everything I could expect - and more!! Hope to see you soon!!! You guys, you ROCK!!

It was my first time in concert of Toto and it was just great! I would like to thank very much Luke for magnificent guitar playing and singing, David for excellent keyboard playing and singing too, Mike, you are the best bass player in world, Simon for cool drum solo and beat and Bob "the high singing expert" (and dance was cool too)! I hope you guys will return some day in Finland for some more goooooood music!!! If you will, I'll be right there! And someday I hope that I'm able to meet you guys personally...some day if God allows, some day...

Anyway God bless you all and I'll hope that you will carry on your music career in the years ahead.

Last night was by far one of the greatest nights in my whole life. Seeing Toto for the second time, this time standing right in front of the stage, was a great experience. Sounds were great and all five played really good. Luke and Dave threw punchlines to each other every time they had the chance. The Finnish audience is not easy to please, but Toto did a good job. Such powerful songs like rosanna, hold the line, africa, i wont hold you back, while my guitar gently weeps etc. were played to perfection. In a matter of fact, i don´t have anything bad to say about the concert. TOTO REALLY RULES. And if the great show wasn´t enough, i actually met all five of them after the show (after waiting over a 1/2 hour in the cold). I was so stunned when i saw my heroes walk out one by one from the Helsinki Ishall, that at first i couldn´t get a word out of my mouth. Somehow i still managed to get my tour book signed by all five members. Don´t know what the drink was that Luke drank during the entire show, but it seemed to have a "cheerful" effect.

Thank you Mike, Dave, Bobby, Simon and Luke (the sandwich man), for an unforgettable night. You guys really are the greatest!.I hope to see you soon again in Finland.

My expetations for this legendary band´s show was very high when the show started. I gotta say that after the show I was even MORE impressed than I ever though. The Show was amazing!! And those people complaining about the setlist - go to the show and then tell how it was. Because the setlist really rocked! I don´t know how it could have been better. Of course Toto can´t play everyone´s favourites (where is Only the Children, Gift of faith or I will remember?) because they are such a big band and have 25 years of hit albums.

The show started with a new "intro-like" version of Girl Goodbye. The guys looked REALLY relaxed and enjoyed performing for us. I was really close to the stage (few meters from the stage) and could see really well. Mr. Kimball was sometimes looking after his leg during the show, so I don´t know if he has injured it - But it really didn´t slow him down, he was running and dancing all over the stage, great. After Girl Goodbye was this medley of songs ("I´ll supply the love" wasn´t there?). The audience in Finland was in good mood as well and the feeling was great. The new songs from the new album were fresh and interesting, though I think three or four is maximum. The only bad thing during the show was that the sound wasn´t the greatest possible in where we were, right in front of the stage. But according to my friend at the other side of hall, the sound was great over there.

The first real audience-booster was Africa. Mike Porcaro, the groove maestro, was as groovy and funky as ever and he is the coolest basist in the planet! (sharing the title with Timothy B. Schmit) During Hold the Line, I had an eyecontact with Mike (I am still in another planet!!), and I´ll never forget the moment. After Africa it was time for some soloing. David Paich did and interesting solo (as the others too, Steve and Simon!), but maybe I would cut the solos a little bit. They weren´t too long or boring, but I personally would like to hear songs instead of solos. After Luke´s amazing acoustic solo, it was time for "waiting for you love" (loved the"whoo-oo-hooa") and this was a monster. Think about Luke jamming with a classical quitar and Simon and Mike grooving.. What was positive as well was that it looked like almost all the songs had been re-arranged (including this one). But before continuing I gotta mention Stop Loving You and the really great singing by backround vocalist Tony Spinner. This song was a bit re-touched as well and it worked GREAT!

The guys had so much energy on stage, and Luke and David joked at each other during the concert, it was really fun! For example, once luke asked if the audience wanted to see a video of David Paich taking a shower in the backstage...HAHA! And during Rosanna it was cool when Luke took David´s hat and started playing the synth solo!! He did the job well, but then suddenly David took the hat back (how fun..) and continued....The whole concert was an amazing experience, with great (well...SUPERB!) music, amazing live playing, relaxed atmoshpere and lot´s of rocking.. The second medley was also cool, but I wish they would have played longer songs like Lion or Hydra. English Eyes was so smooth!!! There wasn´t too many slow songs (which was a good thing I think) but the new version of I won´t hold you back was very welcomed. Luke talked a bit of Roger Sanchez, MTV (haha) and other things before the song. After that song came the everybody´s known drum riff of Rosanna and the audience got wild.. Hold The Line was not from this planet. The two encores were bigger than life...(David said that "Home Of The Brave" is dedicated to world peace before the song)...It´s amazing how the guys can play their instruments and sing the way they do... I didn´t notice any mistakes anywhere during the concert. They all played like virtuosos, but we all know that already! :)

All in all, what a concert! Me and my girlfriend had to travel alltogether 15 hours to see this band but it was more than worth it! And there were lots of people, maybe some 6000 people in the audience, great great. The only minus is the sound in some parts of the hall, but that´s not the band´s fault. It´s great that we have some bands like Toto today in the days when Music Television-crap is played everywhere... And don´t believe some journalists at the swedish press, they don´t really know anything about great rock music. Toto offered an unforgettable show, and many people here have said that it was their best show ever here. Toto please come back soon to Helsinki - we are all waiting. Here is the setlist:

1. Girl Goodbye
2. Goodbye Elenore - 3. Child´s Anthem
4. Could You Be Loved
5. Gift With A Golden Gun
6. While My Quitar Gently Weeps
7. Bodhisattva
8. Africa
9. Paich Solo (together with Lukather at the end)
10. Stop Loving You (Tony Spinner on vocals)
11. Lukather Acoustic Solo
12. Waiting For Your Love
13. 99
14. Georgy Porgy
15. Lion(the guitar riffs)-16. Hydra(piano things)-17.English Eyes (Yeah)
18. Simon Solo
19. I won´t hold you back (totally new cool version)
20. Rosanna
21. Afraid Of Love
22. Hold The Line - Can´t get next to you babe - Hold The Line

1st encore:
23. Home Of The Brave

2nd encore:
24. White Sister


(e-mail me if you want to discuss toto at:
Last night in Helsinki was fantastic and an unforgetable! Even though me and my friends waited outside for about an hour in such cold temperature it was so well worth it of course! I must say that the show was even better than my expectations! The guys really know how to play their instruments! Bobby sang really great and they gave it all! All the solos were absolutely fantastic! They seemed to have a nice time up there on stage, just as fun as we were having in the audience! The crowd went of course wild when they heard the drums in the beginning of "Africa" and everybody sang along! The most beautiful song was the new version of "I Wont Hold U Back". Luke's got such an amazing voice. They were so open and natural and Luke told the most funny stories between songs. They were so down-to-earth:) Luke said the most wonderful things about the fans in the end! Hope to see you soon again guys!

Last night was the absolute climax of these three years I've been a growing fan of TOTO. The show was literally a marvellous glance "through the looking glass", nearly 25 years back in time. We heard songs that have become everlasting classics, and great songs from the recently released cover album. Simon Phillips bewildered everyone with his drumming skills, Steve Lukather in turn dazzled the crowd with his acoustic guitar. The performance was very energetic, and catched the crowd into the mood from the very first minute of the show. Seeing the group live differs so much from listening to plain records, no matter how catchy the music might be. My admiration towards TOTO has undeniably grown greater than before. Thank you guys, for arranging such an amazing concert in Helsinki. I am grateful for getting the chance to see you perform live. Have a safe and a joyful tour! ..And hope to see you soon again!
Best regards,

Hi guys,

Still trying to recover of yesterday's gig!

Toto's the same age as I am, 25, so it's strange (i think) that my favourite song is from your first album. Thank you for giving a sneak peek to Hydra during the old songs. But I didn't mind if you'd played it ALL the way through..

Strange but the crowd did not seem to recognize the first couple of songs? Are we that dumb? No, maybe finnish people always gets warmed up a little slowly (-10 degrees and below and in the icehall, yeah).

The sound levels in concert got a little better remarks than last time. This time only the end was too loud. The fabulous solos and Simon's drum fills were distorted in the end when sound was put through PA too hard.

I'm astonished of the content of the gig! Thank you very very very much for the good old songs. Here are some thoughts:
- We could do without:
- covers from the latest album
- too much sound pressure compared to hardware capabilities
- We could have had instead (these were there in the previous Finland gig so its ok anyway):
- Dave's Gone Skiing
- Jake To The Bone
- We would starve without:
- Solos from Dave and Mike
- Lighting (!!)
- Child's Anthem
- Thank you for
- Warm and extremely intense feeling
- For the video of Dave in shower.. ;)

A gig even better than previous? Yes. I Like it. Even bought the t-shirt. With the snake. Ah.


ps. if you ever, ever come to Finland again, please do not print "Helsinki Ishallen" to the tour t-shirt, use "Helsinki Jäähalli" or "Helsinki Icehall" instead ;-) thanks. The "Ishallen" word is in swedish.

What can i say!! I have been to many concerts through the years, but last nite, the gig in Helsinki it was superb. As the TOTO themselves said "Helsinki Rocks" and that's for sure. The band played at it's best, i must say that the 25 years have made TOTO as one of the best live bands today, i mean the whole concert is absolutely great as musically and otherwise. Lukather's guitar playing is so stunning that many of today's guitarist should learn more from that!! I must say that i start to learn more of guitar playing today and guess what band is playing in stereos "TOTO".
Best regards

Pasi Heinonen from Finland/Helsinki

"please come back soon"
Stockholm, Sweden — 9 November 2002
Been there, done that! Yes, I did it again! I saw Toto with my brother and one of his friends. Awesome! I couldn't believe my ears when I heard some of my favourite songs that night!! I mean; I never thought I would ever hear Stop Loving You live again since Joseph Williams is no longer a part of the band! (Tony, you did great! I want more!!!!) Nor English Eyes, Afraid Of Love, Goodbye Elenore or that short part of Don't Stop Me Now... (That was beautiful, guys - and unexpected!!) You guys certainly know how to enjoy! I found myself sittin' there listening for your very next note with a big smile! I can't help but to think that Simon's gotta have at least four arms and four feet, Luke's gotta have at least twenty fingers and that goes for Dave as well. I sat there smiling of deepest joy when I saw groove-meister Paich "conducting" us during the songs with his hands in the air... Nodding his head along with the music while he played... I can see it all in front of me... (Okey, I know a lot of the fans like Luke and the guitar parts better, but I prefer mr Paich!) And I was so positively surprised to know that Luke can play the keyboards that well. (But hey, keep your fingers on the guitar, man!) We had quite good seats, so we actually saw were the guys hung out during the solo parts. Therefore we didn't leave in the first place either! As long as the candles were burning down there, we knew we could expect some more! I also recognized Dave's sleeves through the darkness and I knew they weren't done yet! *big devlish smile* So what else could we do but to rise and shout a little more when the guys re-entered the stage and Luke got down on his knees and very humbled thanked us for our loyalty despite what the Swedish papers keep writing about them! ;-) And then White Sister... A good final but yet - no... And this little game has to me become a great part of the show; how many times will they come back on stage for us?? I mean, of course we couldn't give up that easily. And as I wrote - the candles were still burning after White Sister and I saw Dave's sleeves. So we did our best to have one more - and I think I almost died in my seat when I realized that the final song was Home Of The Brave!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And as soon as the song was over and the lights went out, someone blew out the candles as well. It was time to leave... :,-( It was worth the hoarseness I have today, definitely! And I will do it again, I promise! As Luke promised; see you next time!! And finally: F*** the Swedish papers/critics!!!

This is musik, fokes! NOT only covers as they say. Reviewers BEHAVE and LEARN that this band are humans to. I´ve seen them i Halmstad in a cold rain, I got really warm just listening. BOBBY! From the bottom of my heart I SALUTE you. Welcome BACK and in particular to Sweden. It was true they were back. I sensed an other type of feeling in the air this night. I got all warm to hear you guys picking up (the old and the best album) Turn Back. My personal oppinion is that you got better and better BOBBY as it went on. You really cleared your throat at Home of the brave. I would like to emphasize some good parts.
* Elenore - this is music
* Luke´s acoustic solo, and I didn´t know that you were such a "hotshoot" on keyboards. LUKE "State of the art".
* Your friendship (on stage) and to take pleasure in your attitude towards us. YOU GAVE IT ALL, to us and for JEFF.

I´ll be there next time, count on that.

Hello TOTO and all the fans around the world ! Some fans has already written a lot of the great concert in Globen - Stockholm. But I just want to say some more about it. At first I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOTO ! Hope you will be playing for the coming 25 years. The last thing I will write is: THANK YOU: Steve Lukather - no one can play so sensitive and fantastic ! Bobby Kimball - you have a great voice with a very wide register ! Mike Porcaro - you are the bass and the platform for the band ! David Paich - the cool man with his hat. How many fingers do you have..? ! Simon Phillips - the best drummer ever !!! Specially thanks to you ! Jeff Porcaro - you will always be in our memories. Thank you for what you gave us ! Please come back next summer for some concerts. We will be there and listen ! We don't take notice of the bad reviews that the Swedish newspapers write about you. God Bless you !!!

Mathias Thorberg

You are the best, thats all I can say right now. My mind is still in globen. I like it when you dont have to many "guests"on the stage. And finally you played "stop loving you" among many others of my favorites. Maby I get to hear "Pamela" next time. PLEASE DO NOT LET ME WAIT FOR YEARS!!! The consert yesterday was perfect, the right balance of everything. Actually I think it was one of your best ones, and I have been to almost all of them. Like I said, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Yesterday night was a special night. The guys were back, those guys that have inspired me musically for 25 years.
Last time I saw them was in Marstrand this summer.
My expectation was what's new on this show?
I was impressed how the guys nearly covered something from all albums from -77 until present.
Unfortunately the globe is a less good choice for music but that didn't matter last night. To see the band perform in the same way as they always has bringing out surprises short cuts and a lot of funny stuff (specially David) made us think about the show more than the sound. I am still waiting to hear songs from Isolation which is from my opinion one of the greatest album they have done.
And I am sure that Bobby can sing those songs. Another thing that my wife asked me during Luke's solo was "is he in a hurry?" since he always play so fast?
But she was joking of course. Mr Mike Porcaro did one of his strongest nights ever that I have seen. You know Mike is always doing his job, but last night he was shining!
Tony sang well on his Can't stop loving you, that guy can both sing and play really good.
Simon did his solo, how is it possible to divide the body in that many pieces?
John played excellent from his hidden spot in the back of the stage (Why back there?)
I can't wait to hear a real TOTO album so please guys put together a album with your own songs next time
Through the looking glass is a great album but it is not a real TOTO product from my opinion.
Come back soon

Last night in Globen was amazing, having seen TOTO everytime they come to Sweden since the Fahrenheit tour back in 86, for me last night was all about love and affection for the band which I have come to have as no1 since day one. The opener with a new version of "Girl Goodbye" set the tone for the night, very cool version and held back yet powerful with the drums, I like it so much when they restrain themselves and minimize solos and keep it simple (although great solos were to come). I can´t really give you guys the setlist, partly because I can´t recall specifically and partly because the throw a vers or a chorus here and there, last night you had to pay attention, and I loved it!! I´ll give you a sample from the top of my head, "Hydra", "Goodbye Elenore", "Waiting For Your Love", "Afraid Of Love", Dave´s solo with Luke joining him breifly doing "Don´t Stop Me Now" that was one of the highlights, another highligt was when they snuck in "Till The End" in the middle of two songs, I was very frustrated when they didn´t play more of that one especially.... The classics with Africa, Rosanna and HTL was there but next time they should cut introduction´s shorter I think, instead of that play more from the exceptional catalog of TOTO. Luke´s solo on acoustic guitar was also unexpected and amazing to see and hear. For me it is always bittersweet to see TOTO since Jeff´s passing but Luke manages with his talks to the crowd to keep the spirits high and every time I´ve seen them since 92 he ALWAYS mentions Jeff. Last night dedication for the cover of George Harrison´s "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" went out to the GH, very good version.
Best Regards and God Bless,

They came, they entertained and they conquered. Two encores, an unforgettable 2.5 hours of the best quintessential live west coast music with the best musicians around. Toto seems to enjoy the Swedish audience which proved its allegiance to the band throughout all these years. Booby, Simon and Luke shone throughout the evening. Maestro guitarissimo - Mr. Steve Lukather proved again that he is the best guitar player in the world and Bobby Kimball has a voice that can literally rock arenas around the world. Simon Philips is the drummer. Add to that the magic of Mr. David Paich and Mike Porcaro and you will have a night to remember. It is not just the trends, the type of music, or the musicians - plainly you just want to hear HQ music performed live. And Toto gives it to you. A nice retrospective of the bands career, focusing mostly on IV, Hydra and especially TURN BACK - and underated album but one of Toto's best ever rockers. Even stuff from VII appeared with the 2nd encore being HOME OF THE BRAVE - Hail to Mr. Paich on vocals!!!
Bobby was awesome and just imagine if you had JOESEPH WILLIAMS backing him up and singing his songs from VII and Fahrenheit!!! A dream come true!!! It is difficult to find the high points as the performance was near perfection except for Africa - something happened at the sound boards on that one. The "new" version of I can't Hold Back was AWESOME - Luke's comments on that one were great - Toto had a #1 single in UK pop charts in 2002!!! Fantastic emotional touch on While my guitar gently weeps. Songs from the new album blended nicely and were a treat to hear. Opening track was awesome - but to the best of my ability I couldn't figure out what it was - it sounded like girl goodbye. They rounded off by...what else...then HOLD THE LINE!
In today's overflow of cheap mass produced music, latin over influenced vibes, teen and half adult girls and boys bands, and other plastic easily consumed music, there are but a few names that still stand out like a beacon on a stormy night. TOTO is one of them! This is an outstanding group of individuals that can bridge gaps between generations (I had a 10 year old sitting on my left, a 50 year old behind and a 20 and 40 year olds in front). I was 7 when these guys started to conquer the world. Trends come and go - Toto certainly stays! I hope they continue until the end of days...God Bless you guys!

I would just like to thank all u guys for one of the most amazing moments of my life and at the same time express my rage towards our fuckin newspapers i mean what the hell are they writin i can't believe they were at the same concert and i have written complaint letters. Well your show in the Globe of Stockholm will forever remain in my heart and you guys are truly the greatest musicians. Dont listen to the stupid newspapers. Thanks again for the amazing concert.

Luke and Bobby
Oberhausen, Germany — 6 November 2002
Dear guys.

Being back home in Dubai - United Arab Emirates (I am a German living down here) the unforgettable impressions of this fantastic concert in "Oberhausen" still make me shivering. I travelled all the way up to Germany just to see you again "at work" and ... you did a great job! It was one of the best TOTO concerts I have seen so far and it was worth it spending my holidays for that. Since almost 22 years I am a TOTO fan and checking out the setlist from the other cities made me even more excited days before.

All these great songs like Africa, Afraid of Love, Gift with the Golden Gun, English Eyes, Stop loving you, Waiting for your Love, the special performance of Rosanna and Hold the Line, the very short Hydra and after all the incredible end (to be honest it came too fast) with my favorites White Sister and Home of the Brave (which I was praying for to hear live on stage) made the concert a real 25th birthday. Luke, you mentioned "it was only for fun" producing "Through the Looking Glass", let me judge: it must have been great fun .. seeing you playing "While my guitar gently weeps".

Again (and like always) it was a pleasure watching all of you playing your solo. Since I am a drummer I was once more impressed of Simon, touching his drums. It was marvelous!!! (God bless Jeff, my big idol). Overall one could feel the joy and power you put into the songs, playing with such emotion and talent. The sound (even in a hall like the Arena) was gigantic and the light show in combination with the music very impressive.

Thank you very much for this fantastic evening and please: Don`t make me (and all of us) waiting again 3 years to see you back over here! Hopefully another 25 years are in front of us and .. aahh, another small wish: get us a DVD of one of the concerts please!

Take care and good look for the rest of your tour. See you hopefully soon.

As in Aachen (13th July) it was again a pleasure for me to watch the show from the first row! Great! I saw the Band live playin now for the 5th time. Again it has been a very special night ...incredible!! I only missed again the great songs of "Mindfields"! Hope you guys will play "Caught in the Balance" and "Better world", when you return! Again my urgent message for Luke: I play guitar and saw a lot of famous guitar players and so called guitar heros. Maybe some of those gunslingers are faster then you or know more killer licks. But Luke, when you enter the stage, I always know: You are the one and only guitar hero on the planet!! And again I have to know: What is the drink in that mysterious cup, which your roadie always fills up during the set? If it makes you acting so cool I need to know the ingredients! All the best from Bad Münstereifel, Germany.

Beside classical songs like Rosanna, Africa, Wild Sister they played parts of their new record as well. Songs of Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder und Steely Dan were interpreted in a well known Toto ultimate perfection. Steve Lukather made us a genius present, playing George Harrison`s While My Guitar Gently Weeps. It was tremendous to listen to him. Toto, now after 25 years you begin to cover yourself. It is a wonderful gift to us. Keep playing'.

Last night's show in Oberhausen was by far the best TOTO concert ever. The band was strong at demonstrating their musical skills and surely displayed a high state of maturation concerning musical perfectionism. It was wonderful to hear songs that have never been played before live on stage. Steve was in optimal shape, very active and a special highlight was his solo on accoustic guitar by demonstrating all possibilities one can imagine to play on accoustic guitar. It needs to be stated that vocals by Bobby Kimball were supreme, never missing any high key and it was powerful as ever. David Paich of course strong and accurate as expected. A special highlight was Porcaro on bass, very precise and fully in the groove at all times, unforgettable and unusual for him to join Steve in the center stage to play some nice solo at the end of Africa. Not to forget about the guy that must have at least for different brains enabling a drum play that blew some minds, crazy, Simon you are for sure the heart beat of TOTO, as Stated Steve after his solo. The voice of Spinner singing Stop loving you was fine and he surely fits well with TOTO, hope to hear more from him.The arrangements and rearrangements of some old TOTO classics were a nice surprise and the audience loved it. Sound was very good. Overall a very nice show, demonstrating that TOTO after 25 years has come to be as tight and precise as never before, and I want to state that they made themselves a very nice 25th birthday present by doing the Through the lookingglass album, a project that somehow brings close together the band and their fans/friends, sharing some basic emotions and feelings experienced with some classic tunes, like while my guitar gently weeps and so on. Setlist (not in a particular order, to keep some surprise): Gift with a golden gun, English eyes, Goodbye Elenore (Turnback), Africa, Rosanna, Afraid of love, Waiting for your love, Won't hold you back (TOTO IV), Child's anthem, Georgy Porgy, Hold the line (TOTO first), White sister, Girl goodbye (Hydra), Stop loving you, Home of the Brave, parts of keyboard Pamela (Seventh one), Could you be loved, While my guitar gently weeps, Bodhisattva (Looking glass). Thanks a lot guys and come back soon....

Hi, we´ve had another unforgettable night at November 6th in Oberhausen. Having read the other concert reviews about the 25th anniversary tour I was surprised about the setlist, but I think it speaks for the band to change the list during a tour. (The only song I really missed and that I had been looking forward to was Hydra!) In fact we saw a great Toto show again: Luke´s guitar feature on While My Guitar Gently Weeps was unbelieveble, Simon played very groovy - thanks for the sequencers on Africa! -, Paich was funny - up to his fall entering the stage for Home Of The Brave, Mike layed the bas(s)ics as usual, and there was Bobby at his best;not to forget the superb sound in front of the stage! It was a good idea to give Tony Spinner a bigger part of the show than on the last tour, his playing and singing is worth it! But why did JJ have to sit behind the stage??? I think his part is more important than most of the audience know. So the last to say about the 140 minutes in the Arena is: Come back soon! Oh, one more thing: Thanks, Luke, for throwing your pick to my 11-year-old daughter Maren after Hold The Line!!! She was the little girl right in front of you who sang along with almost all of the songs.

We already bought tickets in July, so we had a lot of time to look forward to the concert in Oberhausen. Since Oberhausen is closer to our hometown than Amsterdam, we decided to drive to Germany and we were not dissapointed. When we got there at 7.00 p.m., we were surprised there weren't so many people at the Arena, no big queus at the door like we normally see in Holland. At 8.15 p.m. the lights finally went out and the guys started to play. They started with Girl Goodbye and me and my friend couldn't stop smiling and cheering. The "new" songs, like Could You be Loved and When my guitar gently weeps, were fantastic. After some time Tony stepped forward and we were pleasantly surprised by his voice when he sang Stop Loving You. And, of course, the solos David, Steve and Simon gave were of very high quality, you don't hear them like that anywhere. When Won't hold you back was played (the new version) we both couldn't keep our eyes dry, Steve put all his heart in the song, it was difficult not to get goosebumps. And, as always when things are great, everything must come to an end. When we heard Hold the Line we knew there weren't so many songs left to play. But, in our opinion, the best was yet to come. Home of the brave has been our favorite song for many, many years, and we sang along as hard as we could, which was remarkable 'cause our voices were almost completely distroyed, because of all the singing we had already done. At 10.45 p.m. the lights went on and the first thing we said to each other was that we were stupid we didn't also buy tickets for Amsterdam (it's already sold out), so we have to wait some time before we can see them live again. ear Steve, David, Bobby, Simon, Mike and Tony, good luck for the rest of the tour. God must have been in a very good mood when he gave you your musical talents. I hope you will enjoy playing your songs as much as we enjoy listening to them. Thank you for a fantastic show. See you again soon, hopefully.

Hi All,
Thank you for the great time you gave to us all yesterday night. It was a marvellous more than two hours journey through the last 25 years best rock'n'roll music.
For my son Phillip (9) it was the first live concert and he was very impressed. A few month ago he listened to Simon 's drumming at Frankfurt Musikmesse, but his experience last night was even more. He knew the music from CD, but listening to the musicians live on stage was much more than he expected before. Today your gig was top theme at school.
Thank you very much for the lightning you created in his eyes. See you next time! Take care and god bless you all.

Last night I went to Oberhausen to see my favourite band once more, as a musician I 'd like to thank the band for an amazing concert and inspiring other musicians in a positive way, Simon, I never heard a drumkit sounding so great, thank you man, I really enjoyed it, hope to see you guys a lot again, bye

Now I´ve seen the Show in Oberhausen / Arena and I would like to thank you guys for that brilliant Show!!! I was so happy to see you once again! The sound was the best I have ever heard. I hope, that you´ll come once again in our Town, and would like to say
It´s beautiful to know that I´m a piece of your big
Good Luck for your going on European Tour!

Vienna, Austria — 4 November 2002
hi all toto fans around the world. We made a pretty long trip from spain to munich (3000 km by car) in order to see, I guess the most prestigeous and talented musicians on the actual music market.....To survive 25 long business years is the result of dedication, professionalism and honesty towards this huge fan comunity around the world. Steve , Mike, David, Bobby, Jeff, Luke, Simon and John Jessel your music is the result of friendship and belief - god bless u all, and thank you guys for transmitting philosophy. Luke I told you in Munich and Vienna - stay healthy man and keep on influencing younger generations with the gift that god gave u - Mike you are playing with 2 souls.....Jeff is in you......god bless you, J.J. I know u miss your family but never forget u guys have the biggest family on earth....keep trusting in us. David you are TOTO's "Corleone" without you .....u know the rest. We saw 2 shows Munich and Vienna what can say.....philosophy.......I`m still waiting for "These chains"..........stay healthy guys
Best regards

I am a great TOTO fan since the early 80's and visited every concert in austria and some even in other europe. Every one was fantastic and unique; TOTO presented themselves still in full energy like never before.Yesterday TOTO was in town again but they did not only play a show, NO they appeared and celebrated TOTO! And what a concert it was!Perfect sound, great lights - Steve played his guitar at 'While my guitar gently weeps' like he was in touch with George personally. 'I won't hold you back', 'Rosanna' were played in never heard versions before - it would be great to hear them later on releases, please make it possible!!At 'Hold the Line' Steve succeeded to play the end of the song in a form of duet with us and he enjoyed it really and was surprised of us. 'Africa', 'White Sister' what a great pleasure to feel the spirit TOTO is still standing for after all this time!As last song 'Home of the brave' my favourite song among all the band still gave 100 percent or even more. After 140 minutes the show was finished - I was glad to be part of the TOTO world again - so Guys never give up, keep playing for ever!

Toto is in town. I have to be there. Thanks to the guys at I know it at all; because I have seen no advertisement for the concert anywhere. In general it looks like Toto has a marketing problem in Austria. So far I have not seen any ads for the new CD, and in radio I never heard any song newer than "Turning Point". As a result the number of visitors at the concert was disappointing to me. In the beginning the audience seemed to be sleeping, and it was impressive to see how the group (most of all always funny Steve) has changed the crowd into an enthusiastic one that in the end did not want to stop singing "Hold the line".
Their instrumental solos are always a class for themselves but this time they even surpassed themselves. For Luke's acoustic guitar solo I have no words. But my favorite was in Dave's piano solo the version of "Pamela". Please, put that on a future CD, or in a sound-file on the homepage!
The concert was fun, fun, fun & lots of gags and musical surprises for each other band member. You could see how much they enjoy playing. Once again I have to criticize the poor acoustics in this hall! Your extraordinary talents have deserved something much better! Next time you come please choose a better place! And PLEASE: don't let us wait for another eternity of 3 years until you come back!!!

dear friends, yesterday i joined the concert in vienna and it was a pleasure for me to hear the good old songs from the first,- hydra,- turn back- and IV album. daves and lukes improvisation of the dune album during paichs solo was tremendous. I´m not sure whether everyone knew that this was a song from the motion picture "dune". for those, check out the soundtrack! I´d seen my favourite rock group since the fahrenheit tour with joe williams and it´s always overwhelming for me to experience these guys. thanks a lot and hold the line.

Hello everyone, here is my review for the Toto show last night at Vienna (Nov 4th 2002):

I didn't sleep much last night because I was so impressed of the Toto show last night at Vienna! What can I say about the show? I really think it was the best Toto I have ever seen! I couldn't believe it, but they got so tight together! They had so much fun on the stage and also had the fans!

The show startet at about 8:30 p.m. with the hot new version of "Girl Goodbye" and from the first moment the crowd (about 3000 Austrian fans) got crazy. Luke was in a really good mood, he laught and joked with the other guys all the time. A very special moment was when he got back to David and played instead of him a part of the keyboard solo from "Rosanna". Something i had never seen before was the absolutly incredible accoustic guitar solo he did. I cannot believe that someone on the earth has such fast fingers, if you know what i mean!

The guys did a lot of old songs, partly not the whole songs but a couple of songs mixed into - in my opinion - great medleys (e.g. "Hydra", "English Eyes", ...).

Also a great fun was, what Luke introduced as the "new version of the old version" of "Won't hold you back", he did some jokes about Roger Sanchez, who had a number one hit last year with this song. Another great moment was the drum solo of Simon, he played like coming from another planet, and during the solo the guys lower something from the ceeling, which Luke - under great laugher - introduced as Si's brother! It was great!

They did a special long version of "Hold the line", with a fantastic solo of Bobby, whom i have never seen better. His voice was great last night, i think he gave everything for us!

Great fun was as Dave made a mistake and Luke said that we (the fans) should forgive him this, because he doesn't really play long, it was only the 5th concert!

After about 2 hours the guys left the stage, but the crowd didn't let them go. It was such a great ambience and the whole arena started singing "Hold the line" again until the guys came back and ended up this incredible evening with the great "Home of the brave" and "White Sister"!

I really believe a saw the greatest Toto last night, and i will never forget this incredible evening my whole life! Thank you guys, you are bringing sun into my life for a so long time now, and I will feel this - every time when I hear your music - forever!

God bless you all, and I'm really looking forward to see you life again!

What a great concert yesterday evening at the Libro Music Hall (Spark7) in Vienna.It was my 3rd TOTO concert and yesterday I had the chance to see three of thoseguys at an "After-Show-Party" or so-called "Meet & Greet". First, Mr. Porcaro entered the room and said hello to the fans. Then Bobby Kimball came and talked to the people in a hoarse voice. No wonder, as this guy gave everything to please the crowd. His improvisation on "Hold the Line" was just perfectand he was given a lot of applause by all those TOTO-fans.Steve ... what can I say ... this guy is awesome. Man, what a great acoustic guitar-solohe performed yesterday. I hope that I will find this on the one or other Toto live CD inthe future. TOTO, the greatest band ever. That´s final!! Keep on rocking, guys!

Munich, Germany — 3 November 2002
Hi to you all. Greetings from Croatia!! I am sorry that I write you 3 days after concert but I wasnt able to get a computer. First of all I have to say that this was my first Toto concert and it was so good that I can't still belive it. They played for about two and half hours! This evening was so good that I didn't want it to end. They play songs from new album: could you be loved, bodhisattva, and while my guitar gently weeps! It was great performance. The suprise for me was that they played songs from they past to present tour like stop loving you, english eyes and afraid of love!! It was so so good!! And also the solos!! Simon was the best!! He killed the drums!! And Luke had a great solo on acustic guitar!! For two hours I enjoyed how the guys play!! I came from Croatia to Munich just to see them!! As many more croatian people!! There are many Toto fans in Croatia!!!
Good bless you guys and one more time thank you!!! You are the best!!!!

Hello everybody, i´m still impressed of this great concert yesterday evening. I´m a TOTO-friend (Steve Lukather told us on stage, that we´re not fans and the band, we´re friends !) from the beginning of their career, especially from the IV-Album, so for over 20 years. It took so long to see them first time live and it was worth to wait for ! This is the highest quality of rock-music, that still exists and in the combination with their sympathy on the stage to the crowd, everybody can feel, how the band enjoys it, to play for us ! Once again thank you, TOTO, for being here and for giving these great sounds to us ! God bless you an take care !

Dear Sirs, Greetings from Germany! Yesterday (3. Nov. 2002), I was able to see the Band "Toto" for the first time in Munich, Germany in the Olympiahalle, near the '72 Olympic Stadium, to a very-near Sold-Out Arena with a capacity of at least 10,000! Let me firstly say, that I'm not actually a Fan of the Band, but do Respect what they have accomplished in their "short" 25-Year Career! With the likes of Steve Lukather, Guitarist-Extroadinaire and ex- "The Who", Drum-Prodigy Simon Phillips as members, one can't help but have respect for this mostly Pop Formation from the U.S. (except Simon!). The Band are celebrating their 25th Anniversary, as I mentioned before and on this day, along with the infamous Mr. John "Ozzy" Osbourne, my son celebrated his 11th Birthday! This meant that I was running late and missed my Interview with "Luke", but, hope to be doing a Phoner in the near Future. In any case, I made my way to the Foto Pit to flash away and catch the start of the Evening up-close and personal. I can't tell you "officially" the Title of the Opening Song, but, having seen other Setlists here Online, perhaps it was "Hydra", "Girl Goodbye" or the follow-up by "Goodbye Elenore" (I'm not sure, maybe, someone else from the Show can post the exact Setlist?). It was pretty dark at the start, but once the Guitars kicked in, picture conditions improved. Mr. Bobby Kimball is back as the Lead Singer, David Paich on the Keys, Mike Porcaro plays the Hell out of the Bass and "Tony" Spinner on Rhythm Guitar and some bloke with the name of J.J. on "third-head Keyboards", as Mr. Paich put it. Simple Light Show, but excellent sound, my Accolades go out to the Sound Man who definitely is a Master of his Trade! Later, proven, just in case there were any doubters when a couple of very Special Guests came on Stage (But, that's later!) The 3rd Song was in all cases the latest Single from the new lp "Through The Looking Glass", the Bob Marley Cover of "Could You Be Loved?" This went over rather well and got the crowd warmed-up a bit, which was much needed since there was no support Band, this night. So, I got my 36 Pictures or so and was escorted out of the Pit, I believe "Afraid Of Love" was playing, as we left, but, I got back in the Arena just in time to catch Steve's Tribute to the late, Great George Harrison, "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", nothing on the Original, mind you, but, there was alot of Heart there - so, an A for Effort. The "Steely Dan" Cover of "Bodhisattva" was up next and this came off more to my liking! It grooved well. This Band is definitely tight! Finally, the 4th and last song from the new Disc, "I Can't Get Next To You" rocked on and gave me Hope of some good rockin' to come! I think it's fabulous that Band's have more than one Singer, however, I only wonder why Mr. Kimball doesn't learn guitar or something, because he doesn't sing Lead, as much as I'm sure he'd like; but, that's not saying he doesn't make his Presence felt, when not singing, he becomes a sort of John Travolta (lol!). During the Big Hit "Africa", he was relegated to the high notes on the Chorus, as Mr. Paich handled the Verses. I suppose, this Song brings some of the People to the Show, but it's not a favourite of mine and tended to drag on a bit. The first of many surprises, this night, took place next as Mr. Spinner was allowed to move from out of the "Dugout" onto the playing field to pitch a very well sung "Stop Loving You"! Nice job! Next up, "Luke" solo on acoustic (I wondered at the time, why?, but, later it was revealed!) Perhaps, this is called "Gift With A Golden Gun", I'm not sure, but it did the Job! Steve then sang, "Waiting For Your Love" and, after a funny story about Roylaties, did a nice Version of "I Won't Hold You Back"! Tasty! Then it was time for the Meat & Gravy of the Set, first "Georgy Porgy" with a superb solo, "Rosanna", second crowd-pleaser and, the Reason why I came, "Hold The Line"! The Song still kicks ass, after 25 years! The masses joined in singing away! The first Encore was the obligatory "Home Of The Brave", maybe on this Tour, as a sort of Tribute to the 911 Victims, etc. The 2nd and final Encore was "White Sister" from the "Hydra" lp! However, that only says the half of it! A couple of "Friends" joined the Band on Stage. The Legendary "Pied-Piper" Ian Anderson of "Jethro Tull" and a bit later, with Electric Guitar and Leather Pants, the eclectic Al DiMeola!! What a closer! A bit of a Jam with "White Sister" with a couple of riffs from "Aqua Lung"! A unique moment that I'll never forget! I hope somebody got this on Tape, video or audio! Ian was his usual playful self using his Flute for various pranks, as well as, setting the Tone and keeping pace with the 2 extravagant 6-Stringers, who themselves duelled away to the enjoyment and amazement of the gawking onlookers! Di Meola Rocks! So, now I understood, Steve showed off some Spanish acoustic guitar, during his solo bit, earlier in the Set; possibly because he knew Al was going to don the Electric Sword later! What a change of Pace! And, best of all, it left me the non-Toto fan wanting to hear more! Point made! I still would have liked to hear a couple of riffs from Alice Cooper's "Serious" or the great Drum Fills from Judas Priest's "Sinner"; but, that's another Story.

Hello guys, I've seen the concert yesterday in the Olympiahalle in Munich and I just want to say that it was fantastic! It was my second Toto concert (already seen the 99 reunion) and I am looking forward to the next one! (I'm sure there will be people who shout also Lu-ka-ther, not only Si-mon :-)) By the way I want to thank Toto for bringing joy to my life and help me through bad times, just with their music. You're the best! CU

Hello dear Friends!

Yesterday (3rd November 2002) I was one more time on a TOTO concert. It was in the Olympic Sports Hall in Munich.

Thank you for a great and fantastic show. Thank you for the best sound I ever heard. Thank you for your ideas to play famous songs with new aspects.
Thank you for your feelig to the music. I'm a friend of you. Please come again - soon. Mabe again with guest musicans like Ian Anderson? Haha - it was a great surprise.

Zürich, Switzerland — 2 November 2002
Dear Steve, Bobby, Mike, David and Simon,
In case you ever get to read this - there is something I would like to tell you.
Last Saturday - November 2nd - I attended your concert in Zürich, a day I had been looking forward to very much. And what can I say? It was an amazing evening full of intense joy and fun and happiness. I feel so fortunate to have been able to spend these two hours of my time together with Toto. I have been listening to your music for about 15 years now and have seen you live several times. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for what you do and for the way you do it. In my opinion you do it in a very excellent, real, devote and humble way. It's impressive how your concerts don't feel like Toto AND the audience, but they feel like US, having a an awesome time together. Saturday was not the first Toto show that brought tears to my eyes - it blew me away. I could go on, but I want to add just one more thing: I am currently going through a difficult phase in my life and sometimes I wonder if it's worth it all. Experiencing your concert last Saturday was like a God-given gift to me, at the right time, that made me realize anew: there ARE moments that make life worthwile. Thank you for everything - wishing you all the best. I'm looking forward to the next 25 years!

Hi guys... I was in Zurich Saturday night, 500 km from home, just to see my fave band on the planet.
At 18:30 me and my friend Marco (the same my name) were sittin' in Hallenstadion (wonderful acoustic place to do gigs) waiting for the gig. It was my seventh Toto's concert since 1982 (I saw the guys always in Italy and they were everytime fantastic, even if the gig in Florence 1988 was not so, due to a ugly vocal performance by Joseph Williams). So... the gig... what can I say, after every Toto's gig I think to have reached the top, but they are everytime allowed to make me feel wrong... they get higher, and higher... Luke was the master of the evening, a giant on the stage, he makes what he wants with is Music man LUKE (a true extension of his fingers...) and gives to the audience an impressionant solo with his Ovation acustic guitar... he enjoys... the audience shut up!!! David is everytime David... he's a cat... he stays silent in a corner, but when he puts his fingers on the keys... hahahaha... he kills... Mike and Simon are the best rhythm section all over the world anyway... Bobby is a fairy, but what a voice... I wanna spend a word for Tony Spinner (I heard him in the Mindfields tour and he was huge, now it's better... he sings Stop lovin'you as best... I like a lot his voice) and for JJ (many of the Dave's parts are surrounded by JJ's sounds). The gig was unique, from Girl goodbye to White sister... but... nothing from Fahrenheit, Mindfields and Tambu album... (I'm kidding guys... but I'd liked to hear I'll be over you, Caught in the balance and The road goes on). Hi guys... hope to see 'em in France... if it isn't possible in Italy...

Hello there !It was my second Toto concert ! ...What can I say.. fantastic !!! I've never heard Toto playing live the oldies success like Gift with a golden gun, Goodbye Elenoire, English eyes, Hydra, Wainting for your love, We made It, and guys.. let me say... what power on the air !!! Toto made me crazy again! About the new album, Toto played 4 pieces ...Could you be loved. Bodhisattava, Living for the city and a wanderfull "While my guitar gently weeps"; Lukather give as some beautifull solo with a lot of feeling. And again.. the classic Toto's success...Africa, Hold the line, Rosanna, White sister, Girl goodbye (the first song of the concert with a new drum arrangement similar to I will remember) Stop loving you and mmmmh... a very special gift for me: Home of the brave; ones of my preferred Toto's song. The sound inside the Hallenstadium was perfect to me, I was close to the stage but I've heard everything very well. OK.. stop for now )) I will never forget this concert..and .. hope to see you next time in ITALY !!!!

I drove about 900 kilometres in the pouring rain from Genoa (Italy) to Zurich to see the best live rock band in the world and it was worth it !!! They performed great as they always do, giving their best to the audiance in each song.I always look for a place close to Luke ' cause it' s amazing how he played his electrical and acoustic guitars and the way he charmed the crowd and made the fans laugh (shaking while playing his acoustic guitar and expecting an electrical sound !!) Thank you Toto for your unique music and your positive message to the people (let' s make a better world!). One suggestion to Toto: let' s play live Isolation and Endless, those songs are part of Toto history! Bye,

Dear Steve, dear Simon, dear Mike, dear David, dear Bobby,

saturday night at zurich, i heared one of the best concerts of my life! You've played your songs with so much power, love, feelings and fun, it was just amazing to enjoy your performance! TOTO, you're still the best, there's no doubt about it! Maybe I have never 100'000 dollars to get learnt playing drums by Simon, or playing guitar like you, Steve - but to listen your songs and especially your concerts is more worth then one million dollars! Please, come back as soon as possible, for the next great TOTO concert of you at zurich!

T O T O - Y o u a r e g r e a t !!!!! We know and love Toto-songs since about 20 years and it was our first concert from Toto yesterday in Zurich. The best we have ever seen in music and performance. We are back on your next concert in Switzerland. Please "hold the line" and your great music.

The whole concert was fantastic. From the beginning (Girl Goodbye) to the end (White Sister). Each song was so good performed by the Toto guys. The crowd was given a special feeling to the band. After more than 2 hours, Toto leaved the stage and the fans were happy about an unforgettable evening. I hope to see the guys in the future on many gigs!

Hello all there !!! I was yesterday the 2nd of november at Zürich Hallenstadion for the TOTO's Through the looking glass Tour. It was a very very good concert to my mind. It's the 12th concert of TOTO I've seen since 1990 and one of the best ! In the podium, I think it's te third best (behind '92 TOTO Kindom of desire Tour and '90 Past to Present Tour). They played lot of old songs but they're great up to 2 hours ! If you go to a next concert : see and listening for the new version of "I won't hold you back" it's interesting ! So, see ya in France next year !!!!

Tonight I was at the TOTO concert in Zürich, by the way my first TOTO concert, and if I have the possiblility to see you again, I will be there again! The power you still have, after 25 years, that simply must be a life dedicated to music. You really give everything when you're in front of your fans and as a great fan of TOTO I'd really like to thank you for the incredible evening I had tonight. Just rock on like you did tonight!

Frankfurt, Germany — 31 October 2002
This was my sixth Toto concert and as usual it was brilliant! I want to thank this incredible band for 25 years of great music. Most things are already said by the other reviewers and I can agree with every positive word said about these guys. I just want to add for completeness the set-list of the evening. May it not be in the correct order, but at least I put together every title they played in Frankfurt (even if it lastet just a few seconds as part of a medley):
Girl Goodbye, Could You Be Loved, Gift With A Golden Gun, Bodhitsattva, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Waiting For Your Love, Paul Meets Chani (within Dave's solo spot; from the Dune OST), English Eyes, Luke & Simon Solos, Africa, Afraid Of Love, Goodbye Eleonore, I Won't Hold You Back, Stop Lovin' You, Georgy Porgy, Rosanna, Hold The Line, Home Of The Brave, White Sister
The following songs were played as part of a medley or in addition to another song: Child's Anthem, I'll Supply The Love, Hydra, Lion
Total time played: about 2h15min. This was exactly what I hoped to be in the set-list, I really appreciated the version of "Waiting for your love". My only wish for future tours: Give us some more Isolation stuff! And in my wildest dreams I see also Steve Porcaro back on stage with you! Thanks again for this great night!

First off: it was a brilliant show as always! The guys played and sung the best they could, and as I have seen them many times over the years, I can say that they are better than ever. I saw them first in that same Jahrhunderthalle in 87, the tickets were around 38 Marks then - now it was 2002, same band and same venue and it was 40 Euros per ticket (like, you know, 80 Marks, prices more than doubled) ... how times have changed. But the band was worth every damn cent I spent. But I was sad somehow, because this was supposed to be a 25th anniversary tour, but what I saw was no anniversary show or whatsoever. It just didnt do the bands history any justice. Ok, there were songs like "Waiting For Your Love" or "Goodbye Girl". But there was no "Burn Down The Mission", that Bobby wanted to do live on stage, and there was not one song from the last albums, AT ALL. I can understand that they wouldnt wanna do some Fergie-stuff or more Joseph-songs, but, hey, ho about "Stranger In Town" or "Hollyanna"? "How Does It Feel", "I Will Remember", "Gipsy Train?", "The Other Side"? This would have been the perfect opportunity to do a real caleidoscope of songs, medleys, whatever. Dave's Solo with an extract from the "Dune"-soundtrack was brilliant, by the way, one of the highlights of the set - with Luke coming out for some licks and then leaving the stage to Dave again ... cool! But still they could have dropped some Hits like Rosanna or Hold The Line in favour of some really rare stuff, to show what they have accomplished in 25 years. Bobby mentioned a medley with songs from ALL albums, and thats what I was really hoping to hear. But Im very much aware that they didnt have much time for rehearsals, so probably they just couldnt squeeze more songs into their list. And anyway: the concert was great. Maybe next time we will all be really surprised again! God bless Toto. And the fans.

It seems everyone else has said the things that I could say, so I wont repeat them again.

Except, I have been a Toto lover and groover since the day Toto first hit the scene and I was quite young.

I remember my long early morning trips in the car on the way to racing my motocross bike and listening to Rosanna as an inspiration (Spooky, but true.!!).

I am an Australian that currently lives in England and of course, Toto (to my knowledge) have never, and probably never will, play any live gigs in Australia and so, when this tour started, I just HAD to go see them. My girlfriend and I travelled from the UK to Frankfurt specially to see Toto. I can say, it was everything I had imagined. You guys are the best musicians this planet has to offer, without a doubt.

As a fellow musician, although, no where near the talents of you guys, particularly, Simon Phillips (I am a drummer.!!) I appreciated every note, including the one dis-cord played by a particular guitarist (NOT Luke!!). Live music does not get any better than this.

If anyone is considering making a trip to see Toto live, do it.!! You cant take your money with you and it was more than worth the expense for us to travel to see Toto play. Considering we had to go twice, due to the change of venue from the Festhalle scheduled for the 12th October and the sods at a particular british airline refusing to change our flights.

Anyway, enough ramblings. From a die hard Toto loving, fellow musician, keep on rockin guys. You are the best.

Hello there!
All I want to say is that the concert on thursday was really fantastic. The feeling just being part of the audience there is simply undescribable... I was looking forward to the show since i was on a concert in 99 and I was not disappointed...
It was worth driving for about five hours from Dresden and back. I hope, you`ll have a nice time with the tour and I hope to see you again really soon.

On October 31 st, I was with my husband in Frankfurt to your concert. It was so gigantic and full off enthusiasm we lost one`s way on way home. Actualy we wanted to go to the tramcarstation but we landed on a dark parking space, because we walked thoughtless behind some persons. Now I have a few blisters at my foots as a memory of your concert. You`re so phantastic musicians and I (a little musician) am a big fan of David Paich.
6 years ago I baptized my cat on the name "Toto" ( black with white paws and white "neck tie"). A crazy presentation to see you in this outfits on the stage. Sorry, because I`m a woman and a musician in one person sure the double dose of insanity comes there together.
Nice greetings from Weimar (Germany)

All I want to say to the Toto-guys: Thank you, thank you, thank you very much for this magnificent, fantastic gig in Frankfurt. There are some people in the whole world and Germany who appreciate real good music from real giant musicans. Sorry for my miserable English, I hope I can describe a little bit my feelings, I can it better in german. I hope also Luke will return to us next year with his Album "SANTAmental" for a live gig, maybe in Mannheim/Capitol, it`s small but good. TOTO FOREVER TOTO FOREVER TOTO FOREVER.
Once more thank you very much. I wish the heroes luck and health for all times.

One of the greatest fan of the planet

It was my first time to go to TOTO Concert, but I´ve never seen a Concert like these!!!! It was wonderfull an powerfull Rock!
TOTO has played with an energy, it was so beautiful!!!!! Steve Lukather played *While my guitar gently wheeps* with so many feelin´ it was great stuff!
I will go to the next Concert on Wednesday, 06.11. in Oberhausen!
I can´t get enough. TOTO is the best Band of the World! I hope they will come back soon, and I hope they´ll play many years in the future

Here is the Playlist:
Girl goodbye
Goodbye Elenore
Could you be loved
Gift with a golden gun
While my guitar gently wheeps
Afraid of love
I won´t hold you back
Stop lovin´ you
Hold the line
Georgy Porgy
Home of the Brave
White Sister (Great feeling)

Toto in Frankfurt, who would have thought? I always catch the best shows when I least expect it...

My wife and I really enjoyed your show, she was dancing the whole time. I'm sure she would also like to thank you for the extended version of "Hold the Line". Everyone was dancing and singing the whole time. I was expecting for the band to be a little behind the curve, but they performed as well as they did 25 years ago and still put on a very entertaining show. I always enjoy hearing the covers of songs that bands play. The version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" was very good and had a nice change to it, and "Could You Be Loved" was very good as well. (nice suprise). I didn't know all of the songs, sorry, but I can always tell it is a good concert when it doesn't matter, and it didn't!

I really wish I would have waited around like some of the other people and met the band, but I think my wife and I will try to make the show in

Metz, France, and we will try there!

By the way, there was at least one person in the audience that understood all the jokes, but I'm not sure about everyone else. Make sure you swing back through Nashville for my sister, she is sooo jealous that I got to see the band and she didn't, and I have been telling her how good it the concert was last night! Have fun and happy touring!

A great "Best of" Show. The Sound was brillant and to see the Band rocking "family" is always a huge enjoyment. There´s only one thing to critisize. Toto, please call someone who gives you help with your dressing. No more "Hawaii-Shirts" and leggins. Please ! It´s 2002.

There's only one thing we can say: fantastic! All bandmembers are musically in best shape, solos of luke were unbelievable. The fun and enthusiasm, you are performing with, is unique! Best regards

This was my fifth Toto-Concert since 1982 and it was THE BEST !! They played in more than 2 hours many many old songs which I never saw live before (Waiting for your love, Gift with a golden gun, Goodbye Eleonore). It was a great party with fantastic solos from Steve Lukather on the acoustic guitar (with a short Yes-Roundabout-Part at the end). The Audience loved the three new Songs Could you be loved, Bodhisattva and While my guitar gently weeps. The "Hold the line"-Version was nearly like on the Absolutely Live Album (about 10 Minutes). For all the fans of the newer albums: They played nothing from the last 3 Releases before "Through the looking glass". But what does that matter in consideration of this big History of songs? Come back soon, Toto !!

Hello there,
now that I found this address on your homepage I love to give you a review on yesterdays concert in Frankfurt! Even though I am not sure if anyone´s gonna read this!?

I have been to the gig with my two litte brothers who are really big fans of Toto even though they are only 15 and 19 years old! The "Classics" as well as the songs from the new album were so good... We had a great night and we saw an amazing concert even when there were technical problems sometimes... ;) But anyway it was a phantastic night and Toto gave us two hours where we could forget all the troubles and pain in one´s life!

After the show we went out and in memory of " being one rockin´family" (Steve) we thought that it would be a great thing just for fun to see if we can find a tour bus...
And yes, we found the busses and it was thrilling for the two boys and even for me in my Thirties to be so close to the musicians we adore. We thought that we just try and wait and we were sucessful at last!

After a while, Mike came out and he talked to us a little, signed our tickets and was that amazingly friendly!!!! We felt honoured and he left such a positive feeling... just in case someone really reads that... he is phantasitc with fans! Thank him from us!

Also David and Simon came out and talked to these let´s say only 15 fans standing out in the cold... they allowed that some of us took pictures with them and also were very kind.

Best wishes from Germany,

Brussels, Belgium — 30 October 2002
Last night, we attended the opening concert of Toto's new World Tour. If you don't have tickets yet, go get them now, 'cos the show was AWESOME!
The opener was a very powerful "Goodbye Girl". Wow! That showed immediately the trend for the whole concert. Lots of lesser-known songs, "old stuff" from their first few albums. Great tunes, which I certainly haven't heard on any concert, I've been to.
Simon and Luke did their outstanding solo's; Luke on acoustic guitar. Bobby was in great shape again; this guy just gets better and better! As usual, it's the classic Toto hits (Africa, Hold the Line) which gets the crowd really go wild. Of course, there were also some tunes from Toto's latest album "Through the looking glass". Bob Marley's reggae classic "Could You Be Loved", but also the very emotional "While my guitar gently weeps" (dedicated to George Harrison). And thanks to, we got our number one requested song "Home of the Brave" too!
The concert lasted for about two hours. The band came back two times; the crowd just didn't wanted to let them go.
This was my seventh concert of Toto or Steve Lukather, and each time they're able to bring a superb performance. Looking forward to their "30th Anniversary World Tour"...

Luc Laureys

Well, forgetting the fact that we got lost in the traffic of Brussels (no signs at all!! But maybe we are spoiled in Holland) and therefore we missed the first five minutes, it was great to see Toto back on stage. The last time I saw them was in 1999.
They had so much fun doing this again and it was their first night. They had a good setlist, lot's of old ones and some songs of the new album. I found it great how they played on song into another song. They let Tony Spinner sing Stop Loving You and that was a good idea in my opinion, because he can sing very well. Plus of the fact that I never heard Stop Loving You live!! Luke did an accoustic solo, wich was quit refreshing.
I had a great evening. Next time Amsterdam18-11-2002!!