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Perth, Australia — 10 March 2008

What can I say fellas?!

Your show at Perth was a phenomenal experience! My family and I have seen you in Melbourne 06, Dubai 07 and the Perth 08 show was every bit as fantastic as previous shows and more.

The band was super tight musically, and you played a huge variety of songs that spanned your entire career.

Thank you for treating Perth to a second encore song!! We got to hear "With a Little Help From My friends" after the mighty Africa!

Toto is truly a band that transcends time and encompasses many facets of music.

Your music is very close to my families heart, and we thank you for a night we won't ever forget!

Ed Devine, 23 yrs old, Perth, Western Australia..

wow what can say. Thanks to the guys for not leaving Perth off the tour. Luke I stand by what I told you on monday after the show, you are a legend, your slick guitar licks and your geniune personality will never be forgotten, and yes I am now goin on my honeymoon. Lee you are a true gentleman, and the world'ss coolest bass man. And thanks for your kind words on Laura Branigan. Simon just kicked butt, and so did Greg. For those were at metro who witnessed a great gig let's push for a return very soon of Toto and Luke, and for those who missed it don't be so foolish again.........Bobby, you just seem to have never aged, and my mum reckons you rock mate. Missed not hearing I won't hold you back, but Bottom of your soul made up for it, Pamela rocked as did you Supply the love and Hold the line...... I am indebted to the management who allowed my bro and me to head after the show to meet the band and got all my albums signed, but more to the band for chatting and making us feel important and very welcome......TOTO DON'T TAKE 25 YEARS TO RETURN, DO IT SOON......

Tony Clarke

Melbourne, Australia — 7 March 2008

This concert was everything and more-the music was great, the guys sounded great and the crowd was pumping.
A wonderful night was had by all and meeting all of the Melbourne Toto Network Members and New Zealand ones and Jamie from Phoenix Arizona was a highlight of the night for me.
There were young and old fans there which shows just how much the Aussies love Toto-and we really, really do!
A huge thank you to the guys for making it special for a fan of nearly 30 years.
Our "Toto Down Under Week" has been bloody fantastic!

Take Care

avalonsmagic-Toto Network

Sydney, Australia — 5 March 2008

There was a smoky blue haze hanging over the stage as hundreds of people packed into the front floor section around me. The place was heating up, but we all knew it was about to get so much hotter...
And then the band came on. Simon kicked that first drum and the whole building reverberated... we never looked back.

This was my first time seeing Toto live in Australia, having missed out last time (and being a little too young the time before that!) And what can I say? They didn't disappoint.
After blazing into the set with 'Gypsy Train' (what a FANTASTIC opener that song is!) what followed was a seriously tight performance delivered by some equally serious musical talent. It was the sheer precision you noticed most - every note, every beat perfectly timed and together.

Everyone's favourite new tracks ('Falling in Between', 'Bottom of Your Soul') appeared along with some of the older, lesser-heard items (like 'Don't Chain My Heart'). The much-anticipated piano solo came about midway through the set, while the rest of the band took a break. The piece started out wild and intense, eventually resolving into 'Georgy Porgy'. We were waiting for the band to come out and join in, but no - after 'Child's Anthem' and 'I'll Supply the Love' I was starting to think I was at a Greg Phillinganes solo concert - not that I'd ever complain! Then the rest of the band re-emerged and launched into the second half of the show with their revamped arrangement of 'Rosanna'.
Medleys followed; the drum solo, set to the hypnotic 'Hydra' riff, was completely mesmerizing. Another round of impressive solos for everyone in 'Drag Him to the Roof' finished off the show, and 'Africa' was done superbly (and inevitably) as the encore.

The show was a pretty well-constructed mix of older and more recent songs. There were a few old standards I missed - 'I Won't Hold You Back', maybe some of the good old Toto/Hydra era stuff - but hey, there's only so much music you can fit into 2 hours. With the repertoire these guys have there's always going to be something left out, and there wasn't a single song that seemed out of place here. 'Pamela' sat well enough against 'Falling in Between', and 'Isolation' with 'Gift of Faith' - and they all ROCKED.

Sure, I'd have to agree with Waz, where we were standing the bottom end was overpowering, particularly with the drums, and the vocals were a bit indistinct. But if you want perfect sound, you buy the DVD. For the sheer experience of going to a live performance, I don't think you could find a better act to see.
Many thanks to Toto for a great night out here in Sydney! Me and my friends thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and we're hoping to do it again some day...
MISSED YOU MIKE!!!! Get well soon, OK? and then shift yourself down here with the rest of the band for the next Toto tour of Australia!

All the best from Sydney AUS


I got hooked 30 years ago with St George and the dragon. Nothing has changed since, if anything it got stronger. It took me 30 years to catch up with them in Sydney.There are not many things I would wait 30 years for but this is one of them and I wasn't disapointed. Crispy sounds and violent guitar I got it all. I can't wait for the next one. I just hope it won't be 30 years. I know both TOTO and I have beeen here since the dinosaurs but boy it gets better with age.
merci pour la musique as we say in France
love you TOTO

This is the 3rd time I've seen Toto, having already seen them once on the 25th anniversary tour and up in Asia at the start of this Falling in Between tour.

Last night in Sydney was without a doubt the best sounding show I've seen them play. The mix was superb, a guitar heavy rock sound this time around and Steve's guitar sound was huge. From my seat at the front of the upstairs section I could feel the air moving in the guitar cabs and feel the venue shaking from the thunderous rhythm section.

The band was both musically tight and somewhat adventurous at the same time. This is the first show where I've really seen them improvise and for me, the freeform jazz jam in Drag Him to the Roof was a highlight of the show. I loved how Simon was looking for cues from the rest of the band to hold it together and couple if times it felt that he really didn't know who was going to solo next... real music by real players, nice! The jazz jam also highlighted for me what a monster player Tony Spinner is.

Vocally this was probably the worst show I've seen. Bobby was awful in Pamela, completely unable to hit the high notes and gulping water after every line. With Bobby's voice smoked I thought it might have been a good time for Luke to bring out Ever Changing Times (wishful thinking!) but then in Luke's voice went as well. In Don't Chain my Heart I sank back into my seat feeling embarrassed for them it was that bad. But like the true pros they are, the show went on without so much as an acknowledgment that their voices were gone and certainly they seemed to come back fairly strongly after the solo sections to finish off the show. Nothing worse than playing a gig where your voice just won't hit the high notes. I've been in that situation before and it ain't nice, kind of weird to see the best in the business having the same type of night.

Anyway, the band truly made up for any vocal shortcomings. They were totally 'on' and musically it was far and away the best Toto show I've seen.

The crowd were great, really appreciative and knowledgeable. The 'dancer' in Hold the Line was hilarious, everyone who sat upstairs will know what I mean...who WAS that guy!?

Thoroughly enjoyable night. Shame about the vocals but in a way it just made me enjoy it more for the reality of it all, a totally human performance!

Can't wait for Luke to bring his solo show down here, hope the promoters put him in the Enmore. For all its faults it's probably one of the best sounding venues around and there isnt really a bad seat in the house.

Only wish I could get down to Melbourne to see it all again on Friday!

It's taken nearly 20 years for me to see one of my favourite bands of all time and last night's Toto gig didn't disappoint as I am still flying and shedding tears of happiness! After missing them at Selina's (being underage at the time) then missing them in '06 (being overseas at the time) I cannot explain the feeling when I received my email alert that they were back again....
The anticipation was killing me as I waited patiently at the stage for them to finally arrive. To have a dream finally come true is something that cannot be described to people who don't understand how much a 'band' can mean to you. The talent and the passion that Toto has for their music is indescribable and the feeling that you get when watching all of the members belting out track after track is something that I will never forget; as I have just experienced one of the best nights of my life.
Bobby, you were so inspiring and gracious and Steve, ****... what can I say? One of THE 'best' of all time is a given. All other members, you guys are phenomenal and you are all a part of something really special. I could watch and listen to you all 24/7.
All I can say is thankyou so much Toto for giving me and the world so much pleasure from doing what you love most and please come and see us in Sydney whenever you can as we really love you guys. Dreams do come true, not just for the performers, but for the fans like me....X Marina

As a fan of their music, I have been praying that Toto would come and play in Australia again, and thank god my prayers were answered! The intimate atmosphere at the Enmore theatre was a great place to showcase the incredible talent and experience Toto shared with us. Steve Lukather is a great entertainer and jokster, and the entire band really connected with the audience and encouraged participation with singing, clapping and humour! The friendships these guys have together, and experience all these guys have as session musicians really showed, they gave 110% it is so obvious they love what they do, and share this passion with the audience. My friends and I even spotted a well-known guitarist sitting in the audience keenly observing and appreciating Steve's first class guitar playing skills. All the members of Toto are gifted musicians,and I would see their show over and over again if I could! The standing ovation they received from every audience member at the end of their set said it all!!!! Please come back again soon guys! TOTO RULES!

Inspirational!-My dream has come true and I can die now. Well, perhaps that's a little over the top but what a magical night. I have followed this band since their inception and admired their individual brilliance but never seen the boys live. Imagine my joy when they announced an Australian leg of their world tour. Sydney was the night and it was well worth the travel and cost to witness musicianship of the highest order.
A fabulous concert. I walked out of the theatre with T-shirt, DVD in hand and a feeling of TOTAL exhiliration. Many, many thanks, guys.

Hi Everybody.
Toto in Sydney was incredible. They blew the enmore theatre to smitherines.
Bobby Kimball sounded incredible, and what more can anybody say about Steve Lukather. As for the rest of the band they are truly incredible musicians.
Best songs of the night were bottom of your soul, hold the line and a fantastic version of i'll supply the love.
I had the pleasure of meeting the boys after the gig and while Luke looked like he had a few too many to drink I couldnt believe how friendly they were to everybody and taking a pic or asking for an autograph was no problem.
This band is what rock and roll is all about.
Go and see them if you get the chance.WOW

Once again our mates Toto grace our shores. Thanks for coming back so soon boys. It was great to see you again, and to just watch the brilliance of these musos again on the same stage.

It really is a shame main stream music fans can't see musical brilliance and somehow put these guys on the stage at one of our arenas in place of some hip hop computer generated garbage that gets that opportunity. Sydney has way better Venues than the bloody Enmore; places way more fitting of an act of this calibre. The poor old Enmore didn't handle the bottom end and mids so well last night, where we were anyway. I'm sure where the engineer was sitting, it sounded gold. Block your ears a little and you could hear just how well the boys were playing....... not a criticism of anyone....just clearly a bitch of a room to get sounding great everywhere.

Enjoy the rest of the tour lads, thanks again for the opportunity to see you, and be blown away. There were some huge highlights.

Best wishes and enjoy your time at home with your's been an epic album tour.


I've been waiting 30 years to see this band - every time they've been to Australia before, I've found out about it after they've gone home.
But this show was definitely worth the wait! I can't single any of the guys out - they were all brilliant. I was overcome by seeing my favourite band live for the first time & I really hope it won't be the last.

The venue was perfect, the music was unbelievable and the audience had almost as much fun as the band.

Thanks guys for a magic show and a memorable event. Don't make me wait another 30 years to see you again!

Brisbane, Australia — 4 March 2008

TOTO, just about my fav band of all time...playing LIVE in our /home/ state, downunder? You've gotta be kidding? And me being a 30-year fan?what was I to do?

I thought all my dreams had come true when it was finally announced they would be in Oz /back in 2006/, albeit 3000kms away! (was fortunate to witness them at both Melbourne & Sydney that time around, where we arranged for one of my adult sons to meet the guys)

It would be downright UN-AUSTRALIAN not to put in the effort & money to get time off work, fly down with family & friends, find accommodation, etc.....was it worth it??

Anyone reading this already knows that answer! Not going to attempt to describe the show, as many others with vastly superior writing styles have done so here over & over.....suffice it to say that TOTO rocked hard & blew us away!! This time my wife & /other/ adult son were there to experience the atmosphere?a genuine thrill for me to have them there with me!

What professionals...and so down to earth! As fans & lovers of true musical talent, we are well & truly spoiled seeing & hearing them perform mere metres away.

We love 'em downunder, just like fellow fans from all over this small world of ours...we wish them the very best of success with the remainder of their tour dates, then the relaxation time they so desperately have earned to be with their loved ones!

Thanks "from the bottom of our souls" to big John & his team at Alliance Touring, band management & support team including techies & roadies, the band themselves, and to all you other fans out there who came together to rock our world in Oz!

I have waited 25 odd years for this event...TOTO in the front of my eyes and totally in my ears. Needless to say it was well worth the wait my friends. The Tivoli Theatre in Brisbane was a perfectly intimate and up close venue to see this band, and what a band. The sound was great, you could discern everything in the mix, and the volume was perfect (nice job sound guy). I did however have some concerns about seeing my fave band live though. In this day and age of lip sync disasters, sneaky musical machinery giving false realities and abilities, I was not looking forward to being disappointed or cheated (I've seen the DVDs... are they really that good?) This gig was either going to cure me of my near obsession with this band TOTO...or reafirm my belief that these guys are truly the greatest rock musicians under one banner...ever. After witnessing a 2 hour plus show I am happy (deleriously so) to confirm that my suspicions were correct, these guys are truly great.
The set list was a mini tour through their carreer, which pleased both the hard core fans and was still interesting and entertaining enough for the TOTO virgins.
To were perfect host and man can you play. The tone, the licks, the sick sense of humour.. you've got it all man.
To Simon...the drums sounded fat and tight, you are an awesome drummer and musician.
To Bobby...keep belting it out mate, nice to see back on board.
To Leland...what a nice suprise to have a legend like you on the tour. (p.s my wife thinks you look like Gandalf too)
To Greg...another legend, keyboards and vocals a plenty, nice karaoke solo by the way.
To Tony...great voice, would like to hear some more guitar solos from you.
In conclusion, I can now honestly say I have seen the greatest collection of musicians in the world...up close. TOTO be thy name. They have exceeded all my all I want is to do it all again...SOON GUYS. Regards Smithy.

What can I say..?! Awesome, amazing, crazy, funny.. I think they're all fairly inadequate, really..! The concert at the Tivoli in Brisbane last night was all of those and more..
From the opening riff of 'Gypsy Train' to the ending of 'Africa', the band put on an amazing performance - sounding fresh, looking enthusiastic and kidding around as only you can..! They got the place jumping from the get go - and it didn't slow down until the end. Everyone was in fine form - Bobby sounded great, Lee held down the bottom end beautifully, Tony got to sing lead (you sound great mate!), Greg kicked tail - and what do I need to say about Simon and Luke..?!? (BTW guy - I reckon the sound was great last night. Thumbs up to the job the crew did!) Quite a different set-list to when the guys came to Australia last time - they have included 'Gypsy Train', 'Don't Chain My Heart', 'Kingdom of Desire' and 'Drag Him To The Roof' - all of which are welcome additions.
My highlights (if I had to pick them) were Greg's solo with the Georgy Porgy sing-along (thanks for Child's Anthem too!) and Luke's band intros (as always - very fruity!). Or, should that be "..the Ernst Stavrou Blofeld of Rock and Roll..?" he he he..!
For those of you in Australia and waiting in Asia to see the guys - stand by.. They are in fine form and sounding better than ever..!!
Keep up the great work, Toto..!

Auckland, New Zealand — 2 March 2008

To see the stage lit with reddish light over Simon's new Tama drum kit and over Greg's Falling in Between stylish keyboard was enough to realise that Toto were finally in New Zealand!

The anticipation built and then the thundering toms as 'Gypsy train' exploded with a wonderful wall of sound. Wow! The energy was amazing with Greg acting like a master of ceremonies urging those in the crowd who were either blown away or too timid, to rock away. What an incredible start to an over two hour concert.

With Steve's first solo, I knew we were in for a rocking night! The overdriven tone of the guitar cut through all other sound and soared. I was ever so grateful that the live sound was like the best heard on their DVD recordings. As usual, Simon's drum tone was in a league of his own; that warm yet crisp snare and each tom sounding unique. I spoke briefly with Jon Ostrin, the sound engineer, who said there were twenty mikes on Simons' kit.

If I remember correctly the second song continued with the in-your-face rock with 'Falling in between'. This was perhaps the only time the group looked a tad uncomfortable as Bobby certainly didn't hit the range initially - I am sure most didn't notice and the energy and precision of this song overpowered any nitpicking criticism. For the rest of the concert the band were all enthusiastic and Simon seemed to find much amusing and was full of smiles and visual interplay with other band members. Leland looked like he was having a ball and when later introduced to the crowd by Steve (Toto's resident stand-up comedian) Steve said that now that he was in New Zealand we would understand when looking at Leland that underneath all the beard was a hobbit! Steve introduced him as Gandalf the Grey, the master of the bass, and the New Zealand crowd responded accordingly. Leland came onto the stage and proceeded to film all the crowd and seemed to be as much of a fan of the occasion as the audience!

Within the first few songs we were in for surprises as altered arrangements and extended improvisation made for riveting watching. 'Rosanna' was a great example of this with the new jazzy start then into the radio-play version. But it's what happened in the middle that blew me away as we went on a brilliant excursion including quotes from jazz standard 'Birdland' finally returning with a crescendo to an ending that all you could do was stare in amazement and applaud. Toto are undeniably phenomenal musicians and they showed this in Auckland. Yes, they played the hits but I loved the 'recent' classics like the final song 'Drag him to the roof' with the amazing interplay and extended additional soloing by all.

Look out Australia, you'll be blown away. Don't miss them! It may be a while before we see this brilliance again.

Thanks guys for an awesome night! After years of listening to your music, watching video clips & various dvd's, it was surreal to be sitting in the theatre watching you perform live. You did not dissapoint ! Steve, thanks for further inspiration, you rock. Simon, literally you never miss a beat. Greg, Lee, Bobby & Tony, professionals all of you. Since the concert I've had a serious case of Toto-itis, I can't see it passing anytime soon. Thanks once again & don't leave it so long next time. - Cheers

Have been an avid fan of Toto for many years so have been very excited at getting the opportunity to see the Band live as were all our friends. Eleven of us made the six hour trip to Auckland and made a Week-end of it. I personally was totally blown away by the whole show and I'm still on cloud nine as I write this review. Initially I was a little disappointed to hear that Mike Porcaro & David Paich weren't touring but found both Leland Sklar & Greg Phillinganes more than filled the bill. We also had the chance to meet the band after the show and you wouldn't meet a nicer bunch of guys. Many thanks to Steve Lukather for taking the time to chat to us and allowing us to get a photo with him. I'm sure we'll all treasure the moment. Steve is an absolutely phenomenal Guitarist. This band is surely in the upper echelons of the world music scene. Thank you for coming out to New Zealand.

I am not a fan of this band but I am a fan of music and Toto proved to be musicians of the utmost highest level. They blew me and the rest of Auckland away truly. Steve Lukather proved beyond a doubt he deserves the title of outstanding guitarist and Bobby Kimball was nothing short of an inspiration. For the uninitiated like myself the songs were easy to absorb and I left feeling thoroughly entertained. I had the good fortune of meeting the band and you couldn't hope to meet a nicer or more grounded group of rock stars. For me it was all about the songs and I am now hooked, inspired and enlightened. Greg Phillinganes was phenomenal during the keyboard solo giving the crowd the chance to sing along to Georgy Porgy, Simon Phillips, complete with his James Bond intro from Lukather, was equally phenomenal, Tony Spinner rocked on "Can't stop loving you" and Lee Sklar made my seat rumble all night long. Stand out moments for me were "I will Remember" "Rosanna" "Hold the Line" and of course the brilliant encore "Africa". Thanks guys for a night to remember.