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Queretaro, Mexico — 9 February 2008

We can say that the concert was better than people expected. We are talking about authentic rock musicians. And to have Lee Sklar in front of us at the stage was a historic remark. Have this session musician with the group was an unique experience.
Steve is a great guitar player and in general the entire band performs at its best. Incredible concert and all the new songs from "Falling in Between" showed that Toto is still one of the great rock bands in the world. We missed Mike Porcaro.
Incredible concert. The jamming or solos were incredible as well. Thanks everyone for a great concert.

Leon, Mexico — 8 February 2008

Wow! Awesome Concert you give us. Really amazing Show from all of you, Luke you´re a genius man without you TOTO can´t be the same, you wouldn´t take the luxury to not be on a tour, I´m so sorry Paich and Mike don´t come this time but in change Mr. Sklar fills totally the bass notes with his own style, excellent choice guys!! Greg plays an enigmatic and dark way which gives the band a different but tasty concept. Simoncito what can I tell you? with you I confirm the next... The smart is taken from heaven to Head and not from floor to Head. Bobby you sing every time much better. Really thank you all guys for this spected show. Come back soon!!


Puebla, Mexico — 2 February 2008

What a great show, I've waited a long time for it.

When the lights went down and as soon as I heard Simon's drums I realized it would rock.
You guys have such energy when performing, everyone's gotta love Greg's attitude, he lights up the stage. Luke is an artist, he is so charismatic, he made a really good impression of Michael Jackson, he was having a blast. I loved the bass fills that Lee threw in during the break on Pamela, Tony vocals were amazing. It's always nice to see Bobby performig, especially in I'll Supply The Love. But the best part of the show was during the medley of Kindom of Desire/Hydra with the solos, great musicianship.

Amazing concert, looking forward to the next time. Viva Mexico!


Mexico City, Mexico — 31 January 2008

we are waiting for two years too see again our favorite group my kids: Biko and jordi (12-14 years) came with us for the first time and for my wife Lucia (37 years) was the second time, the first in the Auditorio Nacional since 5 or 6 years. the show was amazing you most see my child's face, smiling dancing and singing like my wife, this is the most intimate concert that i ever go, Luke, bobby and tony rocks & sing like usual, simon and lee always on tune, mr.greg 12 hand fingers phillinganes just incredible...yes we miss david and mike but what can we do.... please come back soon to the Auditorio Nacional this is your place.... toto for ever


They're no words... But "incredible" must work.

I can't find the words, except of course the emotions and the most beautyful night by see you guys do your things... Make music.

Thank you all for return to México City... Remember that we´ll be waiting for more

A wonderful performance by one of the best rock groups in the world. A very private concert where Toto had a very good communication with the audience. There where some technical problems at the beginning of the concert but those couldn't put a black spot over the perfect musicians' work on the stage. As always the band let us see that they are really having a good time on the stage.
The music selection show the audience that TOTO is not an "oldie" group, they were caught in the balance between classics and new songs
Perfect Music!!! Great Performers!! Good Friends!!! Made that night incredible. Thanks Steve, Simon, Bobby, Leland, Greg & Tony!!!!!