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Seoul, Korea — 5 April 2008

I just got back from the vary last show of this FIB tour. Amazing night ever! Steve dropped his tears and their last song was 'with a little help from my friends' with all the crew. It was not only funny but also touching moment. Actually I saw this FIB tour in Arrow Rock Festival last summer. My first FIB show was also great but this time, we were closer (yeah, compact venue) and everybody was going crazy.
I deeply appreciated to Steve, Simon, Bobby, Lee, Greg, Tony, crews and whoever participated in.

I heard they will do their solo work from now on for a while. Good luck to all of you and hope to see you guys again. Toto is the world-best band for me and always will be!!!

Manila, Philippines — 3 April 2008

what an amazing experience. i had pretty high expectations prior to the show, and much to my surprise (or perhaps i should not have been surprised at all) TOTO totally blew me away!! the level of musicianship of each member, the cohesiveness of the band as a unit, the snazzy and original arrangements, and of course, toto's beautiful compositions all added up to one perfect evening!

In as much as I appreciate everybody in the band, I just have to say that Simon, you are an absolute monster on the drums and I am truly honored to have watched you play!!

if i were to complain about anything, it would be two things: the concert left me wishing for more, and that i would have to wait a long time before being able to watch you guys again!

see you again soon!

gypsy train
caught in the balance
bottom of your soul
falling in between
don\'t chain my heart
stop loving you
- i'll be over you
- won't hold you back
- lea
- 99
- georgy porgy
- girl goodbye
i'll supply the love
gift of faith
kingdom of desire
taint your world
hold the line


What a wonderful concert the last concert was...
It was really fanstic night with the help from Toto. I appreciate the members of Toto , engineers and person concerned. 20 years have been passed since I enjoy listening to the music of Toto. Even though most of toto memembers have been placed, Their music is still original in-depth and creative. I believe the real source of their music comes from their musicianships respecting each members to make good music.
Thank for allowing me to feel what the real music is in Korea. And Please Keep going to make better world with your music, we'll be always on your side. Have a good rest hour with your family. See you soon!


Tokyo, Japan — 31 March 2008

The night March 31st was special night because of the last show in Japan.
The 'mystery guest' Joseph joined 'PAMELA', 'BOTTOM OF YOUR SOUL', and 'STOP LOVING YOU', his performance was superb! What a beautiful voice he has! I really satisfied with that.
I was surprised that Eric Crystal (saxophone) and Dave Scott (trumpet) from Boz Scaggs' band joined for Toto's 'ROSANNA', wow it's perfect! Since they are from San Fransisco, as if California's wind had blown up on the stage.

Unfortunately there were some troubles to Luke's gear, but the audience helped him with singing along louder than usual. The audience and Toto were tied to each other by strong bonds of respect.
I guess it was not just an accident but might be Jeff's trick from heaven.

To our regret, we won't see Toto for a while, but we look forward to seeing Toto with much more fascination. Toto supplied the special night to us, Thank you very much, but I'm sorry I can't tell all.

Set list on 31st March Tokyo International Forum
---Boz Scaggs---
Slow Dancer
Sick and Tired
Miss Sun
Harbor Lights
We Are All Alone
Lido Shuffle

Loan Me A Dime
Breakdown Dead Ahead

Gypsy Train
Caught In The Balance Pamela
Bottom Of Your Soul
Stop Lovin' You
Falling In Between
Dave and Greg key solo (incl. 99/Georgy Porgy/Child's Anthem)
I'll Supply The Love
Medley: I'll Supply The Love/Isolation/Gift Of Faith/Kingdom OF Desire/Hydra/Taint Your World Hold The Line

With A Little Help From My Friends

Boz Scaggs & Steve Lukather

Tokyo, Japan — 29 March 2008

Luke acknowledges the 3millionth gig as the tour draws to a close. The FIB party is nearly over. Last night in Tokyo saw the Toto Big Band party in full swing. Great to see them enjoying themselves so much at the end of this 26 month tour which has circled the globe twice "reaching the parts other bands cannot reach". Pamela and Rosanna were both brilliant. Somehow Toto still manage to squeeze a little more out of these tunes each time they perform them. Truly amazing to hear Bobby and Joseph together! What a treat. Bobby, the birthday boy, never one to shy away from vocal challenges still attacking Falling in Between as if his life depended on it. Simons explosive visual/audio workout on his new Tamas was breathtaking. Presume it was Simon, the kits that big he's quite hard to spot. Davids opening vocals on Africa drew a gasp from the crowd - do these Japanese love Toto or what! Luke, well everything about his playing on this tour is well recorded. His dedication to keeping it together, to tirelessly paying tribute to Jeff, Mike and many other of Totos unsung heroes and his great respect for the fans.... well hes a truly great man. (any fan on the receiving end of a Luke hug will testify to this). A lucky few still have a chance to experience Toto and FIB. So for those of you in the Phillipines and Korea don't miss this extravaganza. Last nights closing number "Little help from my friends" from the Toto Big Band et al was brilliant and a little poignant. Im sure Tony and Luke were itching to lay down a 5 minute solo but showed great restraint. A little poignant because here we are thirty years down the line theres Boz, Joseph, Bobby, Simon, Greg, Tony, Leland, David and Luke (hey thats nearly a football team) in whatever configuration, still here, still strong, still brilliant, still together in spirit, still TOTO.

Nagoya, Japan — 27 March 2008

I never thought Bozz and TOTO would play together here in Nagoya.
I first knew them when they played on Bozz's albums and later I knew they were TOTO who almost produced and played in his records. To wrap up TOTO's FIB tour,this show was great. They held at Nagoya Century Hall which was far better than the last concert hall. I hope TOTO will use this hall for their next gig (if it might happen).
First Bozz showed up and played his songs. And then, Dave was introduced when they played Miss Sun who co-wrote this song. Everyone applauded. And the best part came when they played Breakdown Dead Ahead which I guess Steve played on the original version. I never thought this cound happen Bozz sang while Steve played his guitar with two back up female black singers and he had lot of fun. The audience went crazy to see Steve's fabulous guitar.
After 20 minutes break, TOTO showed up. They played almost same setlist of a new DVD in Paris except for acoustic setlist. Dave joined in Rosanna and fun to watch Greg and Dave switched their instruments on this song. And When Dave left in the middle of the show, Steve told us he left out of building which made us laugh. After they played Africa, Steve introduced Bozz. He said 'I can cry now' to introduce Bozz. They played With a little from my frieds along with Bozz's horn players and female singers. It was very emotional to see Bobby, Bozz, Steve and two female singers switched to sing. It was great experience. I hope TOTO will come back to Japan someday. We much appreciate everyone in Bozz's band and TOTO's Steve, Dave, Greg, Simon, Tony, Lee and Bobby. How can I forget. They are the best on this planet.

Bobby Kimball & Joe Williams

Osaka, Japan — 24 & 25 March 2008

What were Splendid Nights!

My husband and I went to the concert on March 24th and 25th from Sapporo.
In the concert,first Boz played for around 1.5 hours.
After a 20-minutes break, TOTO played for around 1.5 hours.
Both of concerts were wonderful.
But, in the concert on 25th, the performance of TOTO and Boz were more fantastic, amazing and vivid than the night of the day before, and the jam gave us a deeper impression.

Boz... I usually hear only his ballad numbers.
However, in this concert, I rediscovered his charm of his bluesy and rock'n'roll sound.
Boz sang "DESIRE" which was made by Boz,Dave and Greg,and that song touched me.
Dave and Luke played with Boz,and I thought they are really comrades and old friends.

TOTO began with "Gypsy train" ,and the shout went up from among the people and the hall undulated greatly.
Bobby... we think that he was not in good condition on 24th,and we worried about him till the concert of 25th begins.
However,on 25th, he was really hot,hot,hot! And his voice was powerful and soulful till the encore.I love Bobby!
In this concert,I felt that Luke is himself at any time.
When he even played as a guest in the Boz's concert, his personality and sound changed the atmosphere of Boz's band!
At the time of session,I thought that Dave led the performance.It was great scene!
Of course, "Africa"... how do I say?
Whenever I went to the concert, the opening of the encore, Simon entered the dark stage first.
I like him, so and somehow I felt lonely whenever I see it.(Of course,I knew that music began when he kicked out his heavy beat, but....) I called you at the opening of the encore,"Simon!". Did you hear me?
I heard that Greg played an oriental melody in his solo.
It was very happy surprise for me.
Lee... I think he drew me into his deep sound every time(←Of course,this concert,too!), and I was absorbed in his sound.
There is no doubt that Tony's guitar and voice is essential for the sound of TOTO.

"With A Little Help From My Friend" with TOTO & Boz's band... what were gorgeous members and a superb session!
Please release this song!
If you release this song,we will certainly buy it! We want to listen to it again.

Now, we are sad because we know that TOTO will take a break and the reopening of the activity as TOTO is undecided.
However,more than two years... I think it was long time for members.
You gave us spirit,energy and wonderful memories.
We hope to see you again soon. We are waiting you and supporting your solo activity.
Thank you very much!

P.S.We missed Mike... I'm praying his recovery and we hope to see him again.

Tokyo, Japan — 20 March 2008

Welcome back to Japan!
I enjoyed the show last night, and that was the memorial 100th concert in Japan.
What can I say...AWESOME!
Boz played with David and Luke, it's amazing. David with Boz band and played 'Miss Sun', 'Harbor Lights', 'Vanishing Point', 'Georgia', 'Lido Shuffle' and known as the standard 'We are all alone'. A miracle has happened, Luke and David played 'Breakdown Dead Ahead' with Boz and Jon Herington and Luke were playing guitars so happily.
After the short break the Toto would be back, David was the centre of the stage, I missed you David so long time. There was a heart warmed scene in 'Rosanna' that Greg handed over key solo to David!
Especially the last song was played with Boz Scaggs 'With A Little Help From My Friend', I was so impressed with that song.
Luke said that after the end of this tour, Toto would take a break for a while. The sad news make me so lonely. We hope to see you again.
Have a nice stay in Japan and keep on rolling. Thank you very much.

David Paich & Boz Scaggs

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — 16 March 2008

Two Toto concerts in my life time!! What can I say...I'm blessed! I had attended the Falling In Between tour in Fort Canning, Singapore. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my favorite band would ever come to my doorstep. I never want to wake up from this dream!
Having the benchmark set in Singapore, I kinda knew what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised...the KL gig was even better than Singapore. The sound system...the lights...the crowd...the band line up...the songs!
This time round, my better half came along. Mind you, she's no great fan of Toto. Even she commented after the show, "it was a good show!"
To all Toto fans in Malaysia, if you missed the concert...pray that they'll tour this part of the world again. To those who had the chance to see them...cherish your memories! The KL gig has set the standards for all concerts!!!! ROCK ON GUYS! ROCK ON!!!

Just like Surabaya the same tsunami happen with this concert... POSTPONED ! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!
I got the news on my mobile phone after driving for 4 hours getting to the concert venue. I was Shocked and piss but was assured that TOTO is gonna Rock same time same Place BUT the very next day. From then on it was agony for me as I have waited all my life the catch MY DREAM BAND.

I had a early morning flight to china leaving singaporepore at 6.20am on 17 march leaving me not much time to get back. BUT HECK IT Guys, I Wanted to SEE YOU Rock. I decided to to drive back home, make last minute arrangements, and was driving up the highway again back to KL 4 hours plus. NOW comes the story. I arrive at 9.25pm Bought 1 t-shirt. Put my ass on my VIP Chair and instantaneously the Show started. It Was A MIRACLE and i could not hold back my tears for the first time in my life TOTO was in front of me just barely 10-20 feet away in the flesh baby!

I felt all through out the show that I Was Flying High Above The Clouds of Heavenly Sweet Music. The Band was AWESOME!!! Everything and every one of them was PERFECT! I have not a single complain at all. The Nite was Fantabulous for me at VIP Seat F3. The lights was simple but highly charge. The sound was Clean and crystal clear and i could hear every single note and key and the light ground buzzing but hey All of you ROCKED the lake man! The whole PR team the crew, the engineers, the techs, the monitor man I Offer MY Humblest THANK U for making my ecstacy come through. Keep up the good work people...

To The BAND : Don't stop believin in what you are doin coz you guys are just doin fine. Rock On DUDES and stay Cool. Keep The Music Flowing, The Passion Burning and The Spirit alive!

The man on drums was Simon who kinda like stole the show from everyone, Luke as always, the live wire and band jester on stage the man that fill in the gaps and made the band complete, Bobby the ladies around me love you with their SCREAMS heYYYYYYrrrerrr!!! everytime he come on stage, he was my version of Luther Vandross crossing over to Rock, the man on Bass look like a runaway member from ZZ Top he he he, the man on keys was Hey - a choclate man, Earth Wind and Fire eat your hearts out to Greg, and the man on guitars, cool and demure.

SO to all you guys I have listen to most of your live versions but nothing beats this set so Keep It up. God Bless Always and Have A Safe Journey on the Tour.

I will always remember the moments with TOTO Live In the Flesh Malaysia.

Surabaya, Indonesia — 13 March 2008

Yesss... !!! I've got My second chance to see TOTO. This Time was on 13 March 2008 at The Empire Palace Surabaya. I came alone to see but I met My Friends and My Mentor at The Venue then we waitedthe show by talking and discussing TOTO.

I really didn't think that The Show would be postponed because of The Stuck of Equipments in Jakarta Airport. But I salute to The Promoter and TOTO's Tour Manager. They were really tactful to face the problem and convince the fans that The Show would be begun one day after The Schedule. No Problem. I waited The Postponement patiently as TOTO Tour Manager told us on his announcement that we should be patient. I enjoyed it so enthusiastic.

The Show was begun with GYPSY TRAIN. Si-Phi took his gear for the first time. The Intro was Beating. Really waking up. Then Luke; Bobby; Greg; Lee; and Tony came along on their places. Everybody were screaming. Yeah.. The Opening was so very ROCK.

TOTO was nothing less than 2 years ago in Jakarta. This year was more improvisations and arrangements. Especially in The Jazzy Jam after "Drag Him to The Roof". WOW... Excellent Combinations among High Skills; Arrangements; Solo Spot; Great Sound System and Lighting. Each of you communicated with your each instruments in this part. Luke was The Conductor.

The Other Songs were filling my heart with Love and Spirit. The Ballad and The Rock. So do with The Jazzy Rosanna. Made me have a groove zone. You played it all so very totally. You gave us all of your talent. You are truly Entertainer. So i would like to say to each one of you :

LUKE : Congratulation for The 1st Place at v*t***** I choosed you everyday. You brought your victory to Surabaya Fans. Not only your guitar skills, but The Great Announcements and Jokes too. Really Interesting and Entertaining. Especially while you were introducing Si-Phi with The James Bond's Theme. You brought us The Taste of Each Stuffs you have and you feel. Your guitar solos were so very great and new.

SIMON : I saw The Details You Played behind Your Transparant and Difficult drum kit. Your Bass Drum Sound kicked my chest. Your 12" splashed my heart too. So Fresh.

BOBBY : Nothing less than 2 years ago. Your voice still beautiful, powerful and more improvisations. Especially in The Jazzy Rosanna. Your High Voices were really Striking.

GREG : What a beautiful and harmony chords you played. Especially on your solo spot. You Played your spontaneous improvisations then you played The Intros of "I'll be Over You; Georgy Porgy; and 99". You made us sang together like this ( It Takes Sometiiiiimes.....) I miss it.

LEE : I tried to spell The Bass Notes you Played on your solos. Especially in The Jazzy Jam. But you played it too fast and too difficult. Could you repeat it ? When I go home, I'll take my bass and watch your picture. The Legend.

TONY : You were really nice that night. especially on "I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU". Your guitar solo in The Jazzy Jam was so very Blues. Yeah... You played it on Top. More...more...

A concert with so many heartfelt and friendly feelings. The Postponement; The Announcements; The Ballads; The Rocks; Jazzy Things & Busy Crews.

While you were leaving the stage, We screamed " WE WANT MORE...WE WANT MORE...WE WANT MORE...", then Simon Phillips came back on his chair and stroke us with The Intro of AFRICA. Yes... You ended The Show with your Beautiful and Exotic AFRICA. You did it totally and We were Raising The Applauses to The Sky only for you TOTO. Don't forget Surabaya. I'll be waiting for you so much more. Please come back.

Almost 20 years, I've waited for this Thursday night (March 13, 2008) to see Steve L, Bobby K, Simon P, Greg P, Leland S and Tony S play in Surabaya-Indonesia......Even though they had postponed their show as on schedule (March 12, 2008) to the next day, it didn't make my spirit go down.

As a fact, I was very worried too when they decided to postpone the show due to their equipments were still stuck in the Jakarta's customs and can't get out. As I speak with one of them at the postponed night, Toto has a tight schedule to run and he wasn't sure Toto will still stay and run the show for the next day. But I was very lucky that night, in the uncertainty situation, I met Simon P and we take a picture together and he only says to me "Letís meet on Thursday night at the show" and this is a sign that they will stay in Surabaya and do the show...

The next day afternoon, the news mention that the equipment have been arrived and the show still go on.

Thursday night is the big night for me. When I went to the venue, the stage was already full with all the equipment (Drums, Gregís Keyboard, etc). Itís quiet different compare the first day which there is no more equipment at all on the stage. In My Mind only mention "Toto Ready to rock us Right Now".

Timeís ticking on 20.35 pm..suddenly Steve L shows up from the back stage and launches the "Gypsy Train" Almost 2000 of TOTOís fans are standing, yelling, dancing and greating TOTO on Stage that night. Steve L, youíre so gorgeoussss and all the members are so cool nothing can describe just one word "TOP ABIS" which means you are VERY AMAZING

The show ended at 22.45 pm after they finished a long waited encore AFRICA.

GUYS ...Surabaya Canít Stop Loving You TOTO ....HOLD THE LINE....WE MISS U

Surabayaís Play List:

Track Live in Surabaya
1. Gypsy Train
2. Caught In The Balance 3. Pamela
4. Bottom Of Your Soul
5. Falling In Between
6. Don't Chain My Heart
7. Stop Loving You
8. Greg Solo
include : I'll be Over You and Georgy Porgy
9. Rosanna
10. Medley :
- I'll Supply The Love
- Isolation
- Gift Of Faith
- Kingdom OF Desire
- Luke Solo
- Hydra
- Simon Solo
- Taint Your World
11. Hold The Line
12. Drag Him To The Roof
13. Encore: Africa



A performance that was worth the wait !!!!

once it was annoucned that the concert is postponed due to the band equipment were "stuck" at Jakarta Airport, many things crossed my mind. Will it happen (the concert) or it will never happen? however I decided to keep my ticket and keep convincing myself that TOTO won't let me down, and YES, the next day, that night in Surabaya, TOTO do not let anybody down. I found that I am not alone, the numbers of the real TOTO fans are proven on that day, those people who were as sure as I was that TOTO will perform no matter what and how.

Steve, you're the kindest celebrity I've ever known, you let us see you at the closest distance and never feel irritated, in fact you made us feels we are friends. I believe that personality is the soul of TOTO that brings you guys always in our hearts. you are INCREDIBLE in all aspects ; your music, your stamina and your soul.

You see now that Surabaya is one of your greatest fans, please make sure to put it on the list for your next Tour, and don't make us wait too long ;-)

P.S. do not forget to bring Mike Procaro with you next time, we missed him last night!!!

GBU Pemilia