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Bogota, Colombia — 16 November 2007

was amazed at seeing how many young people arrived at the concert, and realize how their music is not only for those 30 years or older, I went hoping to hear the classic songs from the group, but in the end the new stuff was the best part of the show. We all went LOCO when seeing the band came out the first time. I sang my lungs out with every song, and had the time of my life! Thank you so much Toto for coming to Colombia, here, in this little corner of south america we all love you!

PS: Awesome solos!

The concert was great. All the people in the venue were crazy, we all had one of our best experiences, that's for sure. I was so excited when Toto played Gypsy Train, and then continued with a great setlist including caught in the balance, pamela, bottom of your soul, hold the line and all the hits that Toto played with a lot of enthusiasm, looking how girls where just crazy with the presence of all these virtuoso musicians, with great persons, with a great sense of humour like Steve showed us. Thank you Toto you just made our lifes happier with this concert, I hope you all enjoy it to.

I'm telling you, TOTO's concert was INCREDIBLE!! It was divine. The venue was very beautiful and we didn't get to stand up front because our tickets were the cheapest ones ;-) so we had to see them from behind up in the balcony but the view was great from up there. We got to the venue at 18:00 and we had to wait for a long time because I think there was a problem with the microphones or something so TOTO started playing at 21:30, BUT IT WAS SO WORTH THE WAIT!!! I LOVED the concert because they played beautifully as always and the songs I love. Even my mom was so excited, clapping and dancing and singing with me (she doesn't speak any English so she was making up the lyrics hahaha). They played falling in between, caught in the balance, gift of faith, bottom of your soul, taint your world, georgy porgy, can't stop loving you, pamela, 99, isolation, drag him to the roof, child's anthem, i'll supply the love, don't chain my heart, kingdom of desire, rosanna, hold the line and Africa at the end. It was the best concert! I'm so very happy. The venue was packed and the crowd were clapping, screaming, they knew all the lyrics and were shouting TOTO!TOTO!TOTO! It was unbelievable. Well I just want it to let you know how this concert went down and to tell the world: QUE VIVA TOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a great concert! Eventhough they were sick the performance was awsome!!!!!!! their humor, their simpathy, their music WOW!!!!!!! thank you so much for coming....I couldn`t believe it, i was shaking cause no matter how much time has gone by since they started they are the best rockstars ever.....! AWSOME, GR888, FANTASTIC.... those are the words i can use to describe this wonderful concert!!!!!!!!!!!


Lima, Peru — 14 November 2007

Guys.....thank you thank you and thank you for the absolutely amazing show you gave us yesterday in Lima...the atmospherea was perfect, the sound wonderful and you guys incredible as always!!
This was my third time that i saw you live...i hope you come back very soon pleaseeee!!!! the set list was perfect....more than 5,000 people enjoyed this unforgettable experience...i went with my girlfriend and a friend and now they are also your fans!!!
Before the show i took a picture in the backstage with Lee Sklar yeahhh he is a kind and nice guy!! thanks Lee!!
Steve was killer with his guitar (you are my hero man!!)Simon was incredible with your drums you are rock!! Greg solo was sensational (ohhh child's anthem!!!) Bobby still has a great voice and Tony was wonderful in Stop Loving you yeahhh.

Please Guys come back soon...i hope that you follow the road!! TOTO LIVE FOREVER!!

Awesome! ... the best live band ever, great performance ... every song selected for this tour is perfect, Caught in the balance and Falling in between sound incredible, thanks Bobby and Tony for singing us the hits of "Seventh one" album and classic tunes like Rosanna and Africa sound so fresh after 25 years . Thanks for coming and please come back very soon...

Awesome!! Just awesome! These guys are unbelievable! I went to the airport to see TOTO and they gave me autographs and I took some pictures with Luke and Tony! The concert was so amazing, I think I will never hear something like that... one more thing! Luke threw his pick and I took it!!! I was all eyes when I came out and I can assure that these guys play much better than anybody would expect. I hope TOTO returns to Lima soon... love your music! god bless you all! Luke, Bobby, Simon, Tony, Greg and Leland rule!!

PS: drum solo was unbelievable, Simon...


Sao Paulo, Brazil — 12 November 2007

This was a dream come true. Simply put. What a night... Toto delivered a fantastic collection of songs in a energetic and fairly well humored performance. The audience was in heaven and the band got it pretty quickly. Not to mention Greg's solo... we got it! Please don't make us wait another life to see you again. You've got to come back next tour. You really do.

This was the 2nd time this year I went to a TOTO Concert. The 1st one was, of course, the PARIS Show. This time I had to go from Portugal to Brazil. Crossed the ocean to see, again, the best musicians playing live in this World!!
Thanks for the wonderful evening.
Hope to see you in Portugal on your next European Tour!


Santiago, Chile — 10 November 2007

Viña del Mar, Quinta Vergara and Santiago, Teatro Caupolican

What amazing two shows of Toto in Chile!!!
A real hard rock shows with an excellent sound 12.000 people at Quinta Vergara Arena and 5.000 people at Caupolican Theater, confirms that Toto is a band very loved in Chile, please go back again and again.... Luke, Simon, Lee, Greg... musicians from another planet!

It was the fourth time in Chile for Toto and my fifth personal time seeing them live. My wife and I have been great fans for a long time and I don't have to tell you what a treat it is to see that Toto is alive, kicking and rocking in such an incredible way. The night was perfect, the music great and the spirits very high. I really felt the guys were touched by the audience's welcome and devotion. We were lucky to be on the first row and live one of the most unforgettable times in our lives when Luke decided to let himself fall back on the crowd in an attempt to be even closer to us. Let me tell you it was an honor to prevent your fall, ha-ha. Thanks Toto for years and years of love, respect and great music. You will always be welcome here and we'll never forget you.

In an excellent performance, Toto gave us a master piece collection of their great music. Two hours of the soundtrack of our life, enjoying the night with the riffs of the "golden eye of the guitar"...Steve Lukather. Thank for sharing your music for 3 generations. We hope you'll be back soon....Toto lives forever.

Cordoba, Argentina — 7 November 2007

TOTO .. the show was AMAZING!! it was really wonderful... I only knew 3 songs of you because my father and family show me the style of music and I really like it.
Of all the things this band has the one that I like so much is the meaning of each song!!
continue being like this ..
I hope you come again!!

sorry for my english


Buenos Aires, Argentina — 5 & 6 November 2007

Dear Toto, thank you for giving us an amazing show. It was full of wonderfull songs and very exciting. I love the new album and those "virtuoso" solos from all of you but I missed some "soft" classics like "I´ll be over you", "Georgy Porgy", and "St George and the dragon" but I know that having so many hits to play and a new album to present it`s hard to choose a playlist.
Special mention to Bobby, he is singing better than ever!!!!, God bless you
I wish you come back soon (very soon).

UOOOOUUHH!!! OLE OLE OLE !!! TO-TO TO-TO !.that was our anthem at the Gran Rex. Really enjoyed the show a lot! Thanks for your kindness and warmness to us also your dedication, really please COME AGAIN SOON, Didn´t you know guys that you had a lot of fans down here?
It´s been such a long time almost 11 years!
Please tell Lee Sklar to post some of the pics he took on the theatre.
Steve what a presenter the academy missed !
Simon Why you called Steve " Moneypenny" ?
Really thanks for all, we hope to seeing you soon and be sure we´ll miss you a lot.

We are classical, jazz & pop musicians. Traveled and seen a lot, but nothing like your show. You guys are incredible. We've never seen such a combination of energy, great performance & amazing equalization of sound and lights. It was just perfect. We are huge fans of you. We could not believe that you came down here to Buenos Aires; people here are really crazy about you. We truly hope that you had a great time as well as we. We also hope that Mike recovers soon and send him all our love. Please come back soon, you will be always welcome here in Argentina. We love you guys, you are great.

Thank you for an amazing concert. It was incredible to be there, in front of you,listening to all the old hits I´ve heard almost 30 years ago and the new ones. Great performances, excellent solos. Only one word can define this show: Perfect !!!
Please come back soon and let us have the pleasure to sing again: ole ole ole ole... toto...toto...

PS: thanks for that bonus track while you were living the theatre, signing our tickets and taking photos with us.

Amazing Show!!!, thank you TOTO for coming to Argentina. Thank you Simon, you are one of the best drummers in the world, your sound is the best I hear in live concert. Please Come Back soon!!. Congratulations for Falling in Between, maybe one of the best albums in the history of TOTO. Many Thank!!. Sorry for my english.

The show was amazing. Great performance, each musician gave all!!! Incredible...My congratulations...but i want to say something: We hope Toto come back to Argentina very soon... please, please and please...No more 11 years!! is too much for us. Next time, please, 2 shows (or more!!) in Gran Rex theatre, no more Opera theatre, for me, the sound is not good in the Opera...the Rex is better.
Songs not in order:
Gipsy Train, Bottom of your soul, Don´t chain my heart, Caught in the balance (amazing!!), Africa, Rosanna, Hold the line, I´ll supply the love, Pamela, Stop loving you, Drag him to the roof, Falling in between, Taint your world, Isolation, Kingdom of desire, Gift of faith and solos by Greg, Steve and Simon. Maybe I forget some song...
I missed so much Child´s anthem (song never played here) and Home of the brave

Sorry, my english is so bad...

Luke and Simon