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Zaragoza, Spain — 4 April 2007

WOW!!! I´ve always wanted to see the guys live and finally did it. I went with my girlfriend, who like myself has never seen TOTO live, but both of us had a blast. It was fuckin´ unbelievable!!!!! They did songs from almost all albums, including my favorite I´ll be Over You. The audience went crazy, from the first achord, to the last one. It was most definitely, the greatest night of my life. I´m looking forward to seeing the guys in the future. LONG LIVE TOTO!

Simply gorgeous. The way they played and sang, the set list, the show. Everything was perfect and we'll never forget that night. It was an special concert because it was also the last one in Europe. The guys give us not only a wonderful concert but also the chance to share that last night in Europe with them and enjoy their gags and jokes.
We have an amateur rock band (Jacaré Jack)and we went to the concert together to join many other local musicians and enjoy one of the greatest rock bands in history. They didn't let us down, they are the authentic masters of AOR. American fans, you are lucky, so don't miss it.

I enjoyed the gig! For some reasons: the music, they, the whole experience of being two days "on the road"... but too for the new friends I made there, and the Fact of share this experience with another totofans. I went to Bilbao and Zaragoza alone, and I thougt it wouldn’t be the same without my brothers (how I missed them and remembered them...) But I had the time of my life in Bilbao And Zaragoza.
I think the gig in Madrid (july, 2006) was more exciting because was the very first gig in Spain, and the public we were most enthusiastic and emotional in Madrid... but the music in Bilbao was better because we could hear it! In Madrid we sang so louder than sometimes we can’t hear anything!
In Zaragoza was fantastic too, and the guys were funniest as never. I remember Simon introducing Steve... I nearly splitted my sides laughing. And the images of Monsters’ family and Bobby as a teletubbie... ay, por Dios! What a laugh!
I’m glad Tony sang two songs, not only one, I love your voice, I hope in the future you’ll sing more songs even though you say you’re not a singer :)
The band was so close to us, as funny as they usually are, giving one’s all... and later they had patience with us when we took pics with them and so on. Thank you very, very, very, very much for stay with us in Bilbao and in Zaragoza behind the rain! Thank you, Sklar for the chatting and the loving expression of your eyes! Thank you Steve, Bobby, Simon, Tony, Greg, Lee for all! I’m dying for your next gig in Spain! Come back to Spain soon!

Bilbao, Spain — 3 April 2007

Incredible!! I know every time I review a toto concert I end up saying the same but... Perfect!! Brilliant!! The best show I've attended for sure. You guys enjoy what you do and that can be seen outside the stage.

And this was the first concert I could enjoy in my hometown (Bilbao) and I met lots of musician friends right there. You always ask for musicians in the crowd, but this time I really realized that it's always full of them... Even harder to play as first class as you all do when you've got thousands of eyes stared at your fingers cats!! Luke's playing was more than perfect, Greg did a great solo, same as Simon.

The acoustics in "La Casilla" are between the worsts I've listened to (lots of echoes) so I was a bit frightened at the begining but the sound was PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT!! That shows you care about your fans and you give things the time they require. I'm more than sure that you don't just "plug and play" as many bands do. You seem to spend long time with soundchecks. Thank you for that!

And due to the bad acoustics in the venue the PA was not very loud and when he played soft I could hear Simon's drumkit from itself and not from the PA, which was a great experience.

Bobby this time had his voice at TOP form. I've attended some concerts in the past where his voice seemed tired from the road. Not this time. He NAILED it!! Brilliant begining also. It's not easy to hit those high first notes on FiB and you did it man!!

Tony was also wonderful as always and Lee did a great job (nice picture of the Guggenheim Museum in the network man)

A tip for the DVD... PLEASE DO CUT NOTHING!!! Luke, you're a great entertainer!! Please I want to see everything back in the DVD!! And I want some shots at Greg dancing all aroung hahahahha.

Well, as I always say... Go and buy your tickets NOW!! NOW!! NOW!!

-- Thank you again Toto --

Much better than in Madrid... LOT OF BETTER! The Gig at Bilbao was fantastic. Leland Sklar has been the best replacement for Mr Porcaro (We miss you dude). The full concert was a true experience with all that DVD material in front of us... that giant screens, the best light's i have ever seen in all my life and a Perfect sound that was carrying a good set list (I prefer the one from 2006 but that's very personal). Luke was very funny as always and the solo's of Greg and Simon were the best of the show. I Miss "Home Of The Brave" which is my favourite Toto Song. "Drag Him To The Roof" was amazing!!!!!!!!

Can't Wait to see you another time guys! YOU'RE WELCOME TO THE BASQUE COUNTRY!

What a great show in Bilbao!!It was my first Toto Show and the guys are awesome.Great classic tunes (Pamela,Rosanna,HTL, I'll supply the love) mixed with the wonderful FIB material and surprises like Caught In The Balance or Don't Change my heart, Luke is the best guitar player i´ve seen, better than vai,satriani,wylde and other fine guitar players.
Thank you guys and I hope see you on your next tour.

First of all, thanks for coming to Bilbao.
What can I say? I saw you one year ago in Bourdeaux, with the same show, and I hope to see you soon again, in San Sebastian if it's possible. Very good show, plenty of energy and feeling, good sound (although the place is not very suitable for concerts),... In one word, GREAT. How many fingers are in your hands, Steve? Wowwww, your way to play the guitar is ... no words!!!!!!!!!

Hello everybody again

Other special day, the fourth time that i see Toto. Brescia 04' Frankfurt 06' Barcelona 06' and Bilbao 07'. Now near of my city, only 35 km, incredible, next time where?? surprise. About the concert: confirm all the reviews of this website and wait the next concert again. I don't know anything about Dave, with all my respects to Greg who is fantastic. Remembers to Mike and hope to see you soon. Good sound and effects, Luke, Simon and Bobby, Tony and Greg are the best. The job of Lee is very very good, almost one month of test with Toto. Greg is very good, he plays since 4 years and is one more, good and pretty solo. Tony good singer and person. Great solo of Simon & Luke
Thanks for the attention to all the band in the backstage. Nothing more friends, every concert that i see, haven't words and can't tell me more, TOTO is my second family and all days I read these websites and the paths of these boys (sorry is my favourite team). Please soon the new DVD Paris.

See you. Ricardo 2007'

Mantova, Italy — 1 April 2007

Hi guys! Thanks for giving me yet another great AMAZING show! What a concert!!! It was my second Toto gig, and I look forward for many many more. Though the acoustic of the venue was a real crap, you really sounded like the great band you are. I've been so glad to hear once again "Nessun dorma" played by Greg, and it was great to hear the first notes of "Thriller" played by the man himself! Tony is really a great musician, both on guitar and on vocals, he really rocks. I never had the chance to hear Lee Sklar playing live and I think that it's a real blessing for any music fan (Lee, has anybody ever told you that you look like "Albus Dumbledore" the wizard from the Harry Potter books?? I think you're a wizard yourself!). Bobby is one of the greatest voices ever heard, he really blows away the audience! Simon is definitely a drum good. His solo with the lights and the pictures on the screens was hypnotic... how can you do that, man?? And then Luke, so brilliant as a guitar player and as a showman. It was real fun the April fools jokes with those ...errr... pictures on screen :-))), I couldn't stop laughing just like you did on stage!
And thanks for remembering Jeff, the whole audience was moved, believe me. Thanks thanks thanks. Please come back to Italy very soon, I agree with the guy who said you should play in the Arena of Verona, but you can even play at my place if you want ;-) ...just go on playing and rocking and giving us dreams!! Thanks! Isabella.

Guys, what a concert... This concert was my 5 th concert but it's alwas like the first... God bless our brothers Jeff , this concert was for you...
It's so amazing to see 6 firends before 6 wonderful musicians play togheter and joke togheter with the audience.
I like very much the photos of Simon and Luke!
And please stand up and give your love for Greg...your version of "Nessun dorma" was absolutly amazing... absolutly God bless you!
And finally, for the first time me and my friends had the chance to met the band after the show in the back of the arena (Greg I was the guys with the Lakers plush)... thank you guys for the fantasic evening! I hope to see you soon!
God bless!

Hi guys!! What an incredible night yesterday, I'm a drummer and my question to Simon is: "What have you done last night!!!"
This is the 6th time for me at a toto concert....but you're drumming yesterday was very heavy and creative and so musically matched with the rest of the band....thank you for another one lesson of style!!!

I hope one day that Toto will playing in the "Arena of Verona", this is the place for the gladiators of Rock&Roll!!!

Have nice days...all around the world!!

Hi guys ! Let me first say how much I enjoyed your work through the years I've been following you !
The gig in Mantova was as always fantastic, even if I must say that the sound was better last year in Milan.
I really got to laugh watching Bobby losing his mic and desperetly trying to look for another working mic to sing along.... or watching Luke gettin' mad with the stupid security guys "keeping" away the "danger" from the artists on stage.....!!!
I was touched by the moment Luke reminded everybody April 1rst beeing Jeff's birthday !! How much I miss him, and how much we all do .... Jeff was my inspiration and still is !
Everybody on stage was groovin like no others, and it's great to see legendary Lee Sklar playing like he always was a Toto member ( what a smooth and warm sound he's got ). By the way, he looks exactly like in the James Taylor video in Boston in 1987......How does he do that ????
Gregg was perfect, and I particulary liked his Jerry Lewis impression ....ah ah ah ah !!!
That Tony Spinner is a killer ! The way he sang "Stop Loving You" made me stop thinkin' Joseph is the ultimate singer who can sing that song !!
As always Simon's drums sound were like thunders and beeing a big Jeff's fan I like the way he is more and more making old songs sound "perfect".
Let me say it wasn', that way on the "Absolutely Live" album ......!
And last but not least, Luke...I think he's the heart and soul of the band, playing, singin and entertaining people like he was Letterman or something.... His guitars were great, but me and my friend Matteo ( great guitar player !! ) liked the green one way better than the other ones.
As I said earlier, the sound was better in Milan last year ( and that can have something to do with the building beeing much better than in Mantova ) but the light show was amazing, with warm and rich colors, giving the music the perfect "ambient".
So as always Toto have shown that they still are one of the best live acts in the business and there are still a number of "big names" who should watch some Toto gigs just to see how the real thing must be done !! Toto rules !

Torino, Italy — 30 March 2007

WHAT A NIGHT!! First I just have to brag and say my wife and I met with the band prior to the concert and we got to chat with alot of them. Greg gave my wife a great big hug (old smoothy) and we had photos with Si and Steve and were flawed at how nice and humble these guys are. Like Steve said, they are not popstars they are musicians minus the BS. The evening was blissful. Excellent sound, brilliant lighting, great projection screens and the venue was just small enough for it to still feel intimate like we were having a casual night with the best band in the world. The opener "Falling in Between" got the crowd going and the crowd just got more active as the night rolled on. Great to hear KOD tunes as well...LOVE THAT CD!! They played a great acoustic medley and it was really cool to see them have a joke and mess around.
Steve's and Greg's Saturday Night Live version of 'Ebony and Ivory' was a crack up too (Greg's exceptional Jerry Lewis voice did not go unnoticed). I LOVE THESE GUYS. I can't wait to see the new DVD, what they come up with for their 30th and ANYTHING else they put their minds too.
Thanks for an exceptionally great evening. When they come around DON'T MISS THEM.

It has been my first time i see you live in concert: i was gazing at you in rapture during 2 hours!!
After first 3 songs Steve asked "How many musicians are of you?" Everybody shows hands. "God bless you. We are not popstar, we're musicians! Are you with us?" Every single bone of my body starts vibrating again. Tears fall down, i can't believe what i was feeling.
Incredible, fantastic,unforgettable night! I shot you many pictures (if you need it let me know). I would like so much have a recording of that incredible,magnificent there any way to have it? Ask me to do anything and i will do it! Please, please, please..

Many thanks in advance for your attention + ONE BILLION OF COMPLIMENTS!

I' ve been Friday night at the concert here in Turin at PalaRuffini with my brother.
This was my first TOTO concert, it has been absolutely great!
TOTO and VAN HALEN are absolutely my favourite bands!
The band took to the stage around 9pm and opened with "Falling In Between" then "King Of The World", "Pamela" and "Bottom Of Your Soul".
All the other parts of this live show was great, both acoustic section (great TONY SPINNER on vocal in "Stop Loving You") and instrumental solos (GREG, STEVE and SIMON solos).
BOBBY, 60 years old, hit the high notes like never before. It' s unbelievable how he has maintained the range and the power in his voice during 30 years of career.
What can I say about LEE SKLAR? Great bass player! He played like he'd been with TOTO all of his life.
This is an important aspect of this band, all the musicians who played with TOTO are great, both present and past members.
I think these guys are the best musicians on the Planet Earth, they speak to the World with their music.
I want to underline that "LUKE" is a guitar genius, I think him and EVH are the best guitar players in the World!
A thing that let me without words is to see the unlimited discography of each member of this band, they played in thousands and thousands of works. Unbelievable, unbelievable!
I hope to see TOTO live very soon, in Turin TOTO were "strangers in town" so I hope in a future concert to hear "Stranger In Town", this is one of my favourite songs.
TOTO is an awesome live band and this concert in Turin has been unforgettable!
Thanks TOTO!!!!

What a great night, guys... It's impossible describe what i felt last night at my 3rd Toto concert. This one was the best.
It's fantastic see how 5 persons, old like my father, play enjoying themselves, and their fans.
Steve was fantastic, amazing, he's the only Steve Lukather...
Happy birthday to Bobby, yesterday was his 60th birthday. Bobby is the finest voice of the World...And what can i say about Lee Sklar? he looks like wizar Merlin, he is a magic player...
Toto have made so many wonderfull songs that choose which one include in their shows is a mission impossible...
Songs like: Kingdom of desire, caught in balance, gift of faith, drag in to the roof, pamela, stop loving you, gave a great rock influence to the show.
Thank u Toto. God bless you... see u soon

Yesterday evening we were there, for the same band, in the same venue, after 25 years...
I was 23 when I went to Turin's PalaSport, on September 14, 1982, in order to watch and listen to TOTO's concert. My friend's sister Carolina was also there and we got together during that concert.
Twentyfive years later, the two of us went again to listen to Toto, together with our daughter and son, who've been knowing of the band since ever (since we hold a complete collection of all released albums).
We really appreciated seeing and hearing Bobby and Steve still on stage: we felt somewhat younger, as well as they surely feel, if judging from their behaviour.

Wonderful! I saw especially Luke in great shape and it was emotional to see Greg in action again after almost 20 years from his last concert here in Turin with Michael Jackson! Yes, I was there too.. Great song selection even I would like to listen to "Better world", one of my faves. Yes guys, you got to play over the world and make records still for a long time cause people need your wonderful music! I hope I see you in this country again!

I've been yesterday night at the concert here in Torino.
My best friend Antonio came with me.
It was FANTASTIC !!!!
This was my third one (after the 1996 and 2003 concerts).
The concert opened with "Falling in between"...then "King of the world", "Pamela" and "Bottom of your soul".
Great acoustic version of "Stop loving you" and "I'll be over you".
Also great versions of "Caught" and "Africa".
Great solos of Steve, Simon and Greg.
And what about Lee Sklar ? Great stuff.
Then, Bobby: 60 years old but a 20 years old boy energy !!!
How can I forget Tony Spinner ?
Thanks for this superb performance.
A beautiful night.
One question: why Toto they don't play "Angel don't cry" ?
I hope to see Toto live very soon !!!