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Innsbruck, Austria — 22 March 2007


Beside QUEEN iŽam a big TOTO Fan.
In Innsbruck i saw you for the second time, and it was great ROCKnight.
What should i say, the music is perfect and each of you did a great job.
Always when i see or hear Simon on drums, i would like to burn my own drumset ;-)
Thanx Luke for your solos - it was funny.
Every musician in the world can learn from each of you. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Listening to you is so wonderful and powerful.
I think you donŽt need more words, TOTO rocks and everyone should know it.

ThanX for your music, hope to C U soon in austria

Ehm...Simon, could i have a signed drumhead please ??? :-)


Hello, me again, giving a short comment on the show in Innsbruck: the band was a killer - as expected, or should I say "as always" (saw the gig the day before in Munich). The most amazing thing to me that evening was the audiance: people came from all over Austria, me I stood in the second row right in front of Luke, but as far as I could see, the place looked quite crowded. Spectators sang along each and every song, no matter whether old stuff or new. Incredible many young (I mean really young)fans: just in front of Bobby a bunch of 16 or 17 year old guys, knowing the set list, praising Steve and the band, obviously having a blast, unrolled a banner saying "Luke - you got the balls" (definitely true)!

Toto, thanks again for being there - even better than the night before - how often can one say that? Come back asap - please!!!

All the best wishes to you and to the Innsbruck audiance

Munich, Germany — 21 March 2007

You Guys were Friggin' AWESOME!!! My buddy and I were headed to Czech on some business and so happened that we were flying through Munich, so we got to catch you guys. I've been a fan since day one but never had the opportunity to see you live and HOLY CRAP! T o see you in Europe on top of that! I just want to say that It was just so great to see you and I'm glad you guys are still rockin'! Luke,You're the whole reason I started plaing guitar and you were Smokin! Thanks again for a fantastic evening!

It was the second TOTO concert in my life, but I hope - not at all my last. It was so great, I can not describe it. How Steve Lukather plays the guitar, how Simon Philips plays the drums - every single member of TOTO plays at a level that`s unique! I was the girl in the front row, who always smiled so stupid. Sorry for that, I enjoyed these two hours so much, so I had to smile all the time. I don`t know if you wonderful guys can imagine how you enrich the lives of your fans with your music. Thank you very much! A very special thank you goes to Leland Sklar, who made this part of the tour possible, because he sat in for Mike Porcaro. Mike - I wish you all the best and I hope that you get well very soon. My greetings also go to David Paich. Maybe TOTO will visit Salzburg (Salzburgarena) some time?

Looking forward to the next TOTO concert -
I will be there and in the meanwhile I wish you all the best!

Hello, Guys.
Thank you for an wonderful evening.
It was my seventh concert and once again you played unbelievable. Im a real fan of your every time different set. And thanks to Bobby, that he sings also the songs of the albums, when he wasnt a member of TOTO.
Can't wait for your next CD release and for your next concert.
Many Greetings from Augsburg
P.S. For the next tour : Endless, I will remember

Hi out there,

just returned from the show tonight in Munich - still breath- and speachless.
DidnŽt miss a Toto concert around here the last 20 years, and as so many in this place mentioned before, me too, I have to say: they get better and better and better each time! Thank You guys (band and crew) for this wonderful evening and another awesome gig, thanks for playing "IŽll be over you", thank You Lee for joining the band instead of Mike and making this concert possible.
All the best wishes for David and Mike.

CanŽt wait to see You guys tomorrow night in Innsbruck! Maybe Luke will show us his toy this time... >:-)


PS: Steve, IŽm really, really looking forward to Your new CD. YOU ARE THE GUITARE GOD!!! Nothing but LOVE AND RESPECT for YOU.

I dream come true. So many years waiting for this moment. As Toto never played in Rio (Brazil), my hometown, I was really expecting for this show!
It was a perfect night! The sound was great and the guys were playing fantastically!
Thank you all for this amazing moment in my life!

Hello! Please, take it in the Hompage. Thanks!

Let it snow! Let it snow! *joke* But, Let it snow the great Sound from TOTO in Munich/Germany!!!!! Oh my God! Oh my God! It was FANTASTIC! It was my first concert from TOTO! And? I was sooooo surprised! IŽm a TOTO fan 15 Years. But the concert started and I have goose-pimples complete of my Body. WOW! The Groove, the Feeling, the Sound, the Atmosphare, the SoloŽs, the Setlist, the Stage and......It was Amazing. Luke is a funny man....and the Joke with Simon and Luke....hahahaha! Bobby have a powerful voice.... and Greg, Tony and Lee Sklar did an excellent job tonight.

Too bad that Mike wasnŽt able to play with you guys. Greetings to David.

Hey Guys, many thanks for a wonderful evening.....and I hope i see you soon again!

You are the best Band of the World and I love you guys!!!!!!

Please come back! What a night!!!!