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Düsseldorf, Germany — 18 March 2007

With a lot Of Hopes i went from Cologne to the Phillipshalle again..after some years ago i`ve visited an other concert there.. And All my Bad dreams of that Day came uggly acoustic situation... not really a problem of the was really proper, but all the high frequencies seems hard to be handle on that day.

Esp. on that special Shuffle Rhythm of My Dearest Jeff Porcaro on " Rosanna " ( God keeps him very well )it was very important to be able to hear the higher frequencies of the HiHats, which is very important to feel that groove....but anyways...

The Bands Performance was outstanding.. these guys has been outstanding musicians over the past 20 years... esp. the presence of lee sklar was a real funny show...his beard has his own projection area for the visuals...hehehe.. wow...nothing more to say... great show, altough the crowd was not that enthuastic as we would like it for...BIG UP for all u gals.. as every time a great TOTO Show...looking forward for your Gig in Dortmund on July the Day after it was my 36th birthday on the 8th... At Least...You Guys are incredible...on such a high level over the Years and now bringing down this proper recording with " Falling in Between " to Us...I´ve got nothing more to say ...Big, Big Respect for that Lifework, dudes...I´ve just remembered of Steves Ask on The Concert : " How Many Musicians are there in the Crowd ? " It Was no Wonder that about 75 percent pull there arms off......You are one of the last great bands in the music industry, that is in a very ill situation! on is going to die, if not bands as you are going to keep the real Spirit alive...Peace out...going to check some Roots from Jimi Hendrix ;-)

Thanks, Toto for this first-class concert in Düsseldorf. It was absolutely incredible. The stage looked cool, the band was awesome and the setlist better than ever.
Greg becomes better and better, Lee was great, but I`ve missed Mike. The power and the energy of the band are unbelievable (never stop making music !!!). I was standing very close to the stage and I enjoyed watching Luke`s face during playing guitar. He sometimes seemed to be in another world for a while. Luke, you are really the best musician of all times and a great entertainer. It is fascinating, how you live for the music. And the most important: I love your voice!
All the best wishes for the band and a lot of fun for the coming concerts. I´m looking forward to see you again in Hannover in summer (I`m counting the days).

What more can i say. Again it was a total awesome concert. As a real Mike fan of course i missed him very much. But Lee rocks wow! The setlist was great, several numbers i haven't heard live in years. And my absolute favorite was Stop Loving you, Tony I loved it. Also the songs from FIB, King of the World, Taint your World, Falling in Between and Bottom of your soul were played with a lot of energy. Steve worked so hard, that he got a massage between the songs, how do you keep up night after night!!! We hope to see you again soon in Germany or in the Netherland. And my regards tot Mike. Get well soon and i hope to see you the next tour.

yes... how to start?!? I really don´t know for how long i give my heart to the music of TOTO. Even all the music beyond like the songs of El Grupo etc. are part of me! one of the many important points was the scene from the live VHS-Casette TOTO; driving through Germany.. on the Autobahn along the exit Bonn-Beuel, where i´m living. What ever: It is time to say thank you having your music in my heart. Yesterday i went to Düsseldorf and found again, what i´m looking for every day: Perfect Music played by superior musicians. Line-Array Sound System etc... 100% fantastic! How can i say: I´m 39 years and there is no day "without your love". thanx! I hope i get a chance meet these guys one day! Really: There are not many chances finding some new groups, playing stuff like this. Life is getting more simple... no one is able investing the time to play music professionally. everything is "now and immediatly". To bring it on point: God should give us the chance hearing you guys for a long time.. again and again. Thank you for the recent years... and sorry for my bad English. Finally: Lee Sklar is wonderful. god bless Mike and all the best to TOTO.
Kindest Regards and lovely wishes; Chris

There is always something special about a Toto concert and the sense of anticipation in the Philipshalle was terrific. From the oranges and yellows of the safety curtain to the superbly arranged introduction of Falling In Between with Shankar's voice, to the band's entrance and unbelievable riff of the same song - it was, as always, professional and awe-inspiring! The harder edge of the material from the current album was cleverly combined with welcome versions of Gypsy Train, Kingdom of Desire and Isolation, making for a brilliantly fresh set-list. Solo's can break up the flow of a concert, but last night's were cleverly worked, with magical touches, like Greg's keyboard finale, bringing the fans back to familiar territory from the very first album after a wonderful journey through all kinds of jazz, post-modern and blues; Simon's co-ordination-defying syncopations of the mesmorising bass/guitar/keyboard riff and, of course, Steve's incredible workout on his Ernie Ball signature guitar (I liked the first green one best!), set to the pumping bass/drum chug, reminiscent of his gigs with Larry Carlton a few years ago. Then we saw Toto not just semi-unplugged, but on stools (!) with Simon playing a jazz kit, wheeled on to lend the proceedings a more intimate and relaxed air. The reworked versions of familiar songs showed how well composed they are. Simon is to be congratulated on his Musical Direction, which is taking the band ever further. His tribute to Jeff was poignant. I enjoyed the harmonies and variety of voices, especially Bobby's of course, and look forward to the next thirty years. Thanks, Toto!

WOW MEN, we didn´t find the right words for the Show yesterday in Düsseldorf. My Husband and me had our 10. Anniversary Concert of you and it was one of the BEST we´ve ever seen!
The new Setlist ( includes *Drag him to the Roof*, Don´t chain my heart*, and other...), but also the great old ones *Africa*, *Rosanna*, *Hold the line*, *kingdom of Desire*, and Tony Spinners *Stop lovin you* (Did a very good Job again!!!), was wonderful!
Once we must say, we miss Mike (good luck to you), but Mr. Leeland Sklar is a very good Man for this Job! (yes well, Steve said *He looks like the guy in Harry Potter!). He´s a great Man, thanks!
And we had tears in our eyes, when Simon came to the front of the Stage and told us a view words. (That Düsseldorf always will be in his mind, at Düsseldorf he saw Jeff Porcaro for the last time....).
It was a rainy moment when he said this words...
Yes, he will be always in our hearts!
The sound and all of you guys were so amazing, it was so incredeble to see you once and once again.
And we can´t say this enough: You were better and better and better!
And Steve, its very amazing to be a *friend* of your Band!!!
Big Compliments to all of you, it was a beautiful show and night again, and we will see you again in Summer in DORTMUND!
So: God bless you all an Hold the LINE....
Best wishes for Mike and many greetings to David!

After the Toto Concert in Essen I was sure: "That was the best Toto Concert ever!" -
A year later I have to recall my statement: Last nights gig in Düsseldorf was uniquely, absolutely outstanding. The best Toto Concert ever! The band was awesome, the Setlist was great and the sound was incredible. We had a pretty good time. Thank you Toto, thank you Leland for the amazing show! Now I look forward to the Open-Air-Gig in Dortmund this summer. - Maybe another "best Toto Concert ever"!

Stuttgart, Germany — 17 March 2007

Hello all Members of TOTO!
Sorry for my bad English. Last Saturday me and my wife went to Stuttgart for our 7th Toto-Concert.
Our son Tobias (7 Years old) came with us. He learns drums since half a year. I thought he should see a really good rockband for inspiration.
And what could be better as a gig from the best Rockband all over the world -- TOTO. We stood in 1st row in front of the stage and enjoyed the more than 2 hours of excellent music. But the best thing happened at last. Our Tobias asked Simon if he'd give him his sticks and he did it really.
Many thanks, Simon. You should have seen the lightning in his eyes after this great night.
Now, we have one more Toto-Fan in our family.
He is having much fun with playing drums. He starts to learn, but with these sticks he must play .....

If someone was at this concert in Stuttgart and has a photo from Simon and our Tobias, please send it to us! We were so surprised, that we have forgotten to take a picture!!

Hello to all Toto fans. We traveled 8 hours from Croatia to witness one unbeliveble TOTO performance. The sound and lights were gorgeus! The concert last for 2 hours and they played so many good old songs (gipsy train, gift of faith,don't chain my heart, hydra etc.) . WHAT A GREAT ROCK NIGHT. You are realy the best band in the world!! We hope to see you soon again!! Keep on rocking!!

Hello together.

You did all together a great job at the Porsche arena on Saturday. It was my concert no. 6 and you get better from year to year. for my little son Moritz ( 7 years),it was the first time but you can be sure not the last. He is a great fan of Simon and he also plays drums since he is 2.
He decided to practice very hard next time and if TOTO needs a new drummer, don't hesitate to contact him (a small boys dream). All band members were fantastic, we cannot discribe our feelings in words.
Hope you will come back in the area of Stuttgart as soon as possible.

Thanks for that unforgettable night

what a band - what a night. last year, i was in schwetzingen (heidelberg) and i tought - wow. after this concert, i bought your cd "toto - absolutely live" and i hear songs like i'll be over you, don't chain my heart, kingdom of desire... and i love it!
at stuttgart, you played so many old f... good songs, i'm totaly confused.. until this moment (it's monday).
but also your new songs are pretty pretty good. so this time, i tought WOOOOOOOW!
i know...I KNOW, i will enjoy your next concert in germany, i doesn't matter, where it is.

so hold the line!!!

p.s.: i'm 21 years old so you see, not only old guys are impressed

Second leg of the "Falling in Between " Tour. These Musicians must be crazy, they toured their asses off. Over 2 Hours of fine Rock music, and this is not a young BOY BAND......but they have the power of them. I´ve seen Toto including Soloconcerts from Steve Lukather and Simon Phillips about 20 times. But I never had the feeling that it wasn´t good. no no Toto and the musicians really love what they do. And the fan can see and feel that. This is the reason. The Concert in Stuttgart was not my last !!! And "KILL ME" with the Solo from KINGDOM OF DESIRE . THANK YOU !

Well what can I say. It was another unbelivable concert by Toto.
Everything was perfect. Each one played his part on such a high level. Stunning.
Simon did another great Show. And I just thought I have to practice a lot more on my kit. And his kit just sound so good.
Steve was again better than the last time I saw him.
Greg is does a great job and is the best replacement for David you can find.
Leland ist one of the best bass player I know. And aide for Mike.
Tony is also a great guitar player and a great singer.
I just can't wait for the next concert. And the LIVE DVD.
And now I go practice drumming.
See ya.

I organized a bus with arround 50 persons for yetserday and everybody was enthusiastic about the show. Thanks for the great concert. The beginning with falling in between was one more time great.
I liked the acustic sound you played in a small round with Simon on his nearly smaller drumkit :-)
I know what it means to play the same stuff with a lot dynamic because I play at "Jazz-up" often like Harvey Mason at fourplay.
Pete York told me you´re also able playing on smaller drums hihi...I like also your gallant behaviour. Very british. It fits definetly to Luke. You can also throw drumsticks very far away ...E.G. at Caught in the balance Moses...Surely I mean Lee Sklar did also a good Job and he looks so great on stage. Your concert was also a good entertainment and I have to laugh a lot.
Come back soon...


PS: for Simon come arround and visit me

What a awesome Evening in Stuttgart, PORSCHE Arena. It was the third TOTO Concert I saw, but it was the First Time I especially watched the People around me. Every Face around me had real Pleasure and Fun, especially when Luke introduces the Band (I liked the Shirt as well ;) . Everyone was dancing, clapping Hands, singing the Songs, waving Hands, an so on... (By the Way: Nice Setlist!). It is impressive how TOTO is acting on Stage!
I had a wonderful Evening, Thank you Steve, Thank you Bobby, Thank you Simon, Thank you Greg, Thank you Lee, Thank you Tony. And warm Greetings to Mike -get well soon!

Can't wait to see you again on Stage!

I just came back from Stuttgart and what can i say ?? WOW !!!! Seeing you guys again, play up close was fantastic. The show was incredible. It was so funny.
I couldn`t stand still. I was blowned away to hear a full 2hour show. Full of pure ROCK, pure FUN, pur TOTOSOUND. They all playes there asses off. LUKE, you are a phenomenal guitar player and a very, very funny dude. It was the funniest night ever, since many many TOTO gigs.
GREG grooved like there was NO tomorrow, also SIMON, oh SIMON - you are a devil with drumsticks. I love you on "Hydra".
Bobby, you sang your ass out, or ?? TONY has to be a part of the band. He`s so smooth, tight and a fantastic guitar player also. LEE does a great job and really - he looks great also.
But i missed Mike and i MISS Dave. Guys, take care.
YOU ALL ROCK / ROCK ON / And i hope you rock the next 20 years. Looking forward to see you ALL next time, next year to celebrate your 30 anniversary - hopefully in good old germany.
HOLD THE Line ..................................

"We´re not on the cover of the Rolling Stone, we´re not on MTV, we are someone you can have a barbecue oder dinner with, we are no rockstars, we are musicians..." said Steve Lukather while introducing the band and really that´s the magic of the band and a Toto concert: you feel like one big family, having fun and singing along all the great songs from past to present.
The name of the venue : Porsche Arena - and the band went like a porsche !!! What a gig, what a band, what a sound and what a feeling. We saw Toto for many times over the years an believe it or not - they are getting more powerful and fresher through the years; you can feel, that they still have fun playing music and when Steve asked " how many musicians are here tonite", and hundreds of arms went up, you know that Toto still is setting standards for all musicians. Toto played all their famous songs including stuff from the new album, isolation, kingdom of desire and and and ..... Lee Sklar had to sit in for Mike ( all the best wishes to him ) and every single note was fitting precisely ! What a bass - player !!! We are looking forward to the next album and the next tour !!!