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Nantes, France — 28 March 2007

well i would like to say just thank you to toto to come to nantes in a very new concert hall.
Steve has said during the concert "it's cool to play guitar and to get paid for that", yes it's cool but it's more cool that toto gave so much dream and pleasure during these almost 30 years to a lot of fans in the world.
cool also for the guy (invited by steve) to play with the guitar of steve on the stage, thank's for him steve....
Your music is always in my mind, thank's so much

Dijon, France — 27 March 2007

Unforgettable night in DIJON 27.03.2007
We were two childs looking for heroes 2 hours during with eyes wide opened... When the curtain falls it's like a real revelation: THEY are right here! We've been waiting so long...
All members seemed to feel so good to be here and all in good shape, specially Luke of course but also Simon who's amazing: I think he's become a leader of the band (and he spoke a few words in a quiet good french) Hearing ans seeing Bobby is also a good good pleasure: after all he is THE voice of TOTO for oldest generations of fans and we sang all together a warm happy birthday for him, which was great. Setlist in Dijon was quiet good satisfying all fans i think with masterpieces like HYDRA, I'LL BE OVER YOU, a surprising STOP LOVING YOU, ROSANNA, AFRICA, and punching DRAG HIM TO THE ROOF to close the show...Solos by Greg, Simon, duet Luke/Lee Sklar were amazing too. Audience was quiet frozen at moments but i think people were sometimes so respecful and amazed by these guys!...
Thanks to LUKE for humour and to all for being real good. Can't wait for the DVD and for seing you in France maybe for a 30 years tour, you are a great band !...

This was my third FIB tour gig after those of Marseille and Aix-les-Bains from the tour's first leg last year. I had a three hours drive (and so much for the return) to get to Dijon but, frankly, I didn't regret the trip for a single second (except from an environmental point of view, of course).

The sound was very good, the guys were in great shape and seemed to have a lot on fun.

So far, nothing special, just Toto as usual but let me add something. I never thought I could fall in love with a man (being a male myself) but that is done : I fell in love with Lee Sklar ... Well, to be honest, I fell in love with the way the guy plays bass : he is too good to be true !!! Go and check by yourself, I promise you won't be disappointed.

All in all, thanks to Toto for lightening my day once again. I hope to see you soon anywhere on the road.

"Some people live their dreams" I live a part of mine yesterday night in Dijon and I didn't close my eyes !! Sorry for this frozen audience but be sure they were happy to be there (however I think people for A. Rieu schedule today were aleady there !!) Thanks to all the band for this wonderful evening and particulary to Lee-spiritual-man-looking Sklar who did a great job (best wishes to Mike). Sorry for my bad english, just as bad as Steve's french ! "C'est bon ??" Oh yes, it was ! See you as soon as possible !!!

Paris, France — 26 March 2007

WOW !!!
What a great night yesterday (and what a great DVD in prospect !). Le Zenith was full crowded and I felt very happy to be among the 7.000 lucky people who was there to attend the show (it was the 7th time I saw Toto in concert and the 3rd time in this venue !). The band was in excellent form, especially Simon, very inspired ! Lee seems to be at ease within Toto, changing somewhat the sound and feel of the group (in my opinion). He delivered brilliant bass playing throughout the evening. Luke looks very happy and relax, as entertaining as usual, Bobby was smiling and fit, his voice more clean and reliable than last year, and Greg was very energetic, interacting a lot with the audience. The evening had a bunch of highlights : Bobby's birthday, Mr.Phillips at the microphone to introduce Steve, and in French "s'il vous plait" (It was the first time I heard him speaking during a Toto concert), the pleasure to hear songs which were not played live for a long time, like "Gypsy Train", "Don't chain my heart", and the piece that ended the show, a powerful and extended "Drag him to the roof".
Thanks to all you guys in Toto and to all the people here yesterday for having made this night so special, I will remember (!) it like a very unique moment in my life. I'm eager to watch the DVD and I'm sure Toto is preparing some big stuff for the 30th anniversary of the band. Enjoy this 2007 year and come back soon in France, you know you're more than welcome here.
Merci beaucoup !

3 days in Paris?..what an adventure! :-)

When I saw the announcement on that the dvd will be shoot at Paris, I only thought 1 thing: I have to be there!!!

So I?ve booked a hotel in Paris for 2 nights, bought the tickets and gave it as a birthday present to my boyfriend?s 24th birthday.... thank god he is a fan too!! ;-)

Saterday 24 march....getting ready

Sunday 25 march....Paris, here we come!
09:00 we left Utrecht and take the Thalys to Paris...13:00 we arrived at Paris gare du Nord
Dinner tonight at a French restaurant...we?ve made an reservation when we were in Holland...
It was a verry nice place! Good food!
We talked a lot about Toto during the dinner and we were really looking forward to the concert. We were arguying about where they should be right now... were they would eat and in wich hotel a kind of a joke I said: maybe the will be having their dinner right here.... When we ordered a dessert I was looking around....its funny to see so so much different people...most of them where french..but i?ve also heard german... americain..japan etc...?
I was looking around at all those faces...but the face I saw then 3 tables further really make me wanna was Luke!!!! And Bobby and Simon and Greg after some time and some other guys..maybye from the management or something...
I said to my boyfriend: Oh My god...TOTO is sitting right there!!!
We've waited till they are finished with their dinner and them we've made some pictures and talked a bit! It was fantastic!

Monday 26 march...TOTO!!
The show tonight was amazing!! I can't wait for the DVD!
After the show me and my boyfriend had the chance to go backstage and meet them!
That was verry cool! Bobby is the best and he is so nice!!!

Tuesday 27 march....back to Holland
At 19:00 the train departed..back to Holland...
When we arrived at Utrecht we?ve had to pick up our 2 sweet cats and at 01:00 we were finally home!

It was a great adventure! TOTO I love you!!

Thanks guys,the gig yesterday was GREAT GREAT GREAT, SIMPLY AND OVERWHELMINGLY THE BEST !!! The solo was great, the performance was great, all the musicians are great and they are also in just few meters from me which is something incredible for me...

I was with my cousin who've never seen Toto before but he becomes tot(o)-ally Toto-zed after the show. As for me, my best song during the show was "stop loving you" because not only is it one of my Toto favorite tune but they did it more jazzy yesterday and it was great to hear this with another new style, thanks Greg !!!

Steve, you're still my best guitar player in the world! You always said yesterday: "thanks guys for coming", but I think it's for us to say you and all other the band: "thanks guys for not giving up and for always giving us pleasure! God bless Ya"

Vivement le XXXe anniversaire !

Metz, France — 24 March 2007

This was my 9th Toto concert (the first was in 1990). I really enjoyed the setlist (Isolation, Kingdom of desire, Pamela and more...). Steve was funny (Michael Jackson) and the show was really great (2h10mn). I hope i can see Toto again in Amneville (this was the 3th concert in the city) and i hope that i can see David and Mike on tour next time. All the musicians were fantastic. God bless Toto and please never stop touring...

After seeing the group more than 8 times the last years TOTO are still the best! The setlist was awesome, the older rock stuff from the Tambu and Kingdom of Desire album makes the crowd weird. Even if my favourite track ("Going home") was not played yet I discovered songs I never heard live and some in new cool arrangments. I suppose that Greg gives TOTO new musical influence. As usual Steve did some great solos and Simon was drumming at his best. Leland is really a pro musician, Greg was also in good form joking around. Bobby and Tony charmed the audience. TOTO don't stop making concerts - you make the difference.

hello toto fans No words to describe this concert, simply amazing!! Excellent setlist.
Last night in Metz was the 6th time Iíve seen my favourite band and it was as awesome as ever. I donít know how they do it, but they seem to get better and better each year.
God bless you ALL! Best wishes to Mike and David especially.
See you again and i am waiting dvd from Paris show

Never enough toto.