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Tampere, Finland — 18 August 2007

Probably the only band which is MUST to see every time when they come to Finland! And I haven´t disappointed not even once!

The concert was so good and what a playlist: Pamela, Isolation, gift of faith, don´t chain my heart etc. So rock!

Luke says that it´s nice to see that young generation has found toto also and I can say my sons are growing fast (now 2 and 3 years old ) and they know Toto allready!

See you next time... hope it is soon!

15 minutes before the warm-up act (Finnish Nylon Beat) the Ratina stadium in Tampere was blessed with a brief shower. Nylon Beat surprised a lot of Finnish music fans by making a momentary comeback supporting our favourite Toto, but arguably it was a match made in heaven due to supreme quality of the musicians in both the warm-up band and the main act.

Nylon Beat got the audience excited and at 20.14 it was show time big time - Simon Phillips jogged through the stage to sit down on his stool and opened a brilliant rocker: Gybsy Train. Lukather was in charge of the crowd from the very first moment with his voice and, of course, his guitar. Kimball got a huge cheer from the crowd as he joined the band for the chorus and proved with second song, stunning Caught in a Balance, that his voice still got what it takes. Pamela got all the 11.000 fans singing and cheering and the wonderfully good mood was set for the rest of the evening: As Luke welcomed everyone he made it clear the band was having a special night as they were off to US after the gig.

This special night and the cheerful attitude amongst the band and crew was demonstrated in a few cases: During Simon's solo (that Luke and Leland supported) a hanged Elvis stature with a mini gun came down from the ceiling, which simply killed Luke. The crew received a standing ovation as they were introduced to the audience. Simon introduced Luke by asking what Miss Moneypenny and a few other have in common - he is the Goldfinger of Rock'n Roll.

Medley You Supply The Love - Isolation - Gift of Faith - Kingdom of Desire, Luke's Pump solo, Rosanna, Stop Loving You, Don't Chain My Heart and Simon's and Greg's solos (random order - cannot recall the exact order) would have made already a great night, but the audience was thrilled to witness the duo Nylon Beat singing the back up vocals in Hold The Line. Luke particularly seemed to enjoy the attention of the beautiful Erin and Jonna of Nylon Beat. Prolonged Drag Him to The Roof finished it for a second after a fantastic jam and Africa made sure that we all left the stadium happy after 2hours of Toto although I wouldn't have minded to experience another 20 hours of the band...

Since in 2001 I was willing to hitchhike from Vienna back to Helsinki in order to see Lukather and Carlton playing live, I probably would now be ready to swim back from South America where they are set to play in late autumn.

Awesome job, fellas! Keep on rockin' and do come back to Finland!!

Wow...amazing...these guys just keep getting better and better. I´m not going to count how many Toto (or related) gigs I've seen since 1987... quite a lot anyway. The two gigs in Finland this weekend, Oulu and Tampere, easily make it to the top 3. The band sounded so tight, soooo good. Simply, this was the weekend of my life, so far. First in Oulu on friday, then plane and train to Tampere and even better show. And I managed to drag two of my friends to the gigs and they were really blown away; in their words; Toto is absolutely live and Rocks ! The weather in Oulu is the only thing to complain, but hey, it´s only an inconvenient truth. Other than that, pure magic; I think you all know what I mean !!

After every Toto show I think it can't get any better than this. But when I see them again I find myself being wrong again. This time they seemed to have more energy than ever.

Again we old fans got special treats; I?ll supply the love, Isolation, Drag him to the roof... I could go on forever. And Tony singing Stop loving you almost broght tears to my eyes.

Thanks guys for an amazing show. Again you showed me why I keep coming back!

18th of August in Tampere, what a night! This was my 6th Toto´s live concert and it seems to get better time after time!

We just got in the arena, when Toto began to play, so we didn't miss a thing. The concert started with Gypsy Train, which just felt amazing. Sun was still shining, light evening breeze in my face and lots of great music - what else can I hope for?

Steve welcomed us "cool people" warmly to the last concert in Europe and they have had a great time here in Finland. Beautiful girls, cool guys to hang out with, great experiences etc. Toto guys looked great as always. Steve and Bobby, my favourite singers (are the getting younger or what?!)

We heard great old and the latest songs. My favourites definitely were I?ll supply the love, Isolation, Rosanna and of course Hold the line!

The concert ended very nostalgic with Africa. Steve thanked us for coming to their show and wished god blessing to us all. Thank you Toto for the great show once again and god bless you - have a safe journey to home. Kiitos!

This was very special night, as my dream came true and I had a chance to shake Steve Lukather's hand, talk & hug Bobby Kimball and talk to Lee Sklar after the concert.

What a band!The sound was excellent and the guys were playing very tight. The gandalf of rock (Leland Sklar) was phenomenal. It's fun to see that these great musicians still love to play, no need for anything extra tricks.
If the main concert was great, there are no words for what we saw and heard later in a local pub. A finnish tributeband was playing toto in an after concert party and suddenly mr. Kimball took the mic and mr. Lukather stole the guitar. They played a few songs and the place went nuts! True musicians and musiclovers indeed.

What a great experience once again! The sky cleared when Toto entered the stage and what a show they gave us! Especially I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the song Pamela. Absolutely fantastic! Can't wait for the new live dvd release and seeing you on stage again! Thank you excellence like no other!

Thanks again for a fantastic concert. The announcement of the last concert of this European leg promised great concert and you kept it. Guys kicked the show on with Gypsy train and the train kept on rolling until the last song of the set before the encore Africa. You guys did the trick with bringing the singers of the warm-up group "Nylon Beat" who were singing their last ever (so they stated) concert together. Hold the line had two fine lady-backup singers. Luke: you are the man with your axe, Leland: man...can you handle that four-five-six-string..., Simon: you keep the base on show after show, Greg: God bless ya.. keep tinkling the ivories, Bobby: you are great gentleman giving the stage to Luke when he sings, Tony: the quiet man who has the perfect spot to fill...background vocals like an angel and rhythm guitar behind Luke. Once again: THANK YOU for a great evening that was worth every euro and hour...

Oulu, Finland — 17 August 2007

Wonderful night in Oulu with some of my very best friends. Toto has still that amazing feeling in it's music no doubt and just been able to see legends like Luke and Bobby is... what can I say... a thrill like nothing else!

The show's first 15/20 minutes didn't sound maybe as "diamond" as some years ago in Helsinki, but some of my abs. favourites were played and band clearly had really nice energy going from the very start. :) It seems that Luke is truly the spirit of Toto... remembering the part when he opened Kingdom O.D. I had some serious job to do, order to get my emotions stay in some control... well, maybe I wasn't the only one. ;)

Been honest, the most difficult thing was maybe the fact that I kinda missed Mike! Leland is a great musician no doubt. I just don't think that anyone could possibly ever bring that same magic that Mike truly has... and so, in those circumstances, Leland did actually quite amazing job! There was nothing wrong with his basslines, he also seemed very confident and relaxed and all that... great replacement of course! Just felt that the show didn't maybe have that maximum potential now. I stay and wait for Mike to return. Then we're going to have the full magic happening again! :)

Anyway guys, you're the most amazing musicians in business no doubt - past and present. Thanks for a wonderful night once again and all the best!

I went to my first Toto show last night. It was amazing! I'm only 16 so I guess you could say I'm part of the younger generation of Toto fans and I was happily surprised to see many people around my age at the venue. The show was great, the guys played even better than I expected. I was in the front row so the atmosphere was great too. The set was great, the guys sounded great, they looked great. At the end of the night Simon Phillips noticed me from the audience and blew me a kiss! Can it get any better? I don't think so. Thank you Toto!

Umeå, Sweden — 15 August 2007

Can´t say anything else but fantastic! one of my best nights I´we ever had. It all started with me getting a VIP-pass and meeting the guys before the gig. They were really funny guys and they seem to be having a great time on this tour. Too bad tony was sick so he did not come to the VIP-loge.. but he did a GREAT work on stage of course!

The Gig was fantastic! Simon, my hero of all time, you are a living drum-machine!S teve, bobby and, Greg..well you´re all natural borne musicians:) Maybe I was most suprised of leland sklar´s skills this night. I´v seen the other guys before and already knew what they are all about on stage;) To watch Leland perform was great, such a musician he is!

Hope to meet you guys another time in sweden! (Just give me a call or e-mail anytime and I will arrange a good time!;) Keep up the good work! All the best// tobbe

WOW! This was the first time I ever attended a Toto concert.
It was amazing! Me, my parents, my friend and my uncle were, for all of us, at our first Toto concert. It was really amazing!

So great to hear all old songs and all the new song too.
So great to see Toto!!!
I was screaming and jumping and shouting and singing and really enjoyed myself!!
The band was amazing. They were playing so tight.
Though I would've liked to see Mike, Leland Sklar was the best substitute!
WOW. I can't express my feelings in words. It was just amazing!
Love to see you again!

Thank you Toto for the wonderful concert yesterday. It was my 3rd Show in 5 years. This time I was in front row & enjoyed every second of the Gig. From the first beat of Gypsy Train (great performed) to the last beat of Africa.

I have to say that Sklar must be the coolest guy who has ever been around here. What a freeking musician & lovley laid-back personality.

Steve, Simon, Greg, Bobby & Tony "mr Stop loving You" Spinner were in great shape & nailed all the great songs in the set!

Top Song: Have to be PAMELA or GYPSY TRAIN. Both of them groovet & the audience just loved it.

The Setlist was (If i remember)

Gypsy Train
Caught In The Balance
Bottom Of Your Soul
Falling In Between
Don't Chain My Heart
Stop Loving You
Greg Solo
Medley: I'll Supply The Love - Isolation - Gift Of Faith - Kingdom Of Desire - Luke Solo (The Pump) - Simon Solo (Hydra) - Taint Your World
Band introduction (Tony Montana, James Bond, Goldfinger..Haha, really ejoyed this)
Hold The Line
Drag Him To The Roof

I almost can't believe what I heard just a couple of hours ago.

This was the first time I heard TOTO live, so I didn't really know what to expect... I now understand why so many people see TOTO as the best live-band out there.

The show was simply incredible, the Gypsy Train intro was really cool and all the following songs were just as great. I really liked the Rosanna version they did, and Falling in Between was just amazing.

I missed Mike and Dave a bit but Lee and Greg really proved they could handle the job!

I'll never forget this show, THANK YOU TOTO

Sundsvall, Sweden — 14 August 2007

This was the first ever Toto concert for me and needless to say, I had been looking forward to this for a long time. I got to the venue early to get close to the stage.
The entire floor in front of the stage was just for standing people and on the bleachers there were seats. We got really close up front, and we began our wait. 5 minutes before the show was about to begin, the place was packed (3500-4000). We had to wait 30 more minutes though before the lights went down and I could see Simon take his seat behind the drums. They kicked it all off with Gypsy train and I thought they sounded really good and seemed to be in a good mood. Greg, Leland and Simon were constantly looking at each other smiling. Caught in the balance and Pamela followed and I knew we were in for a real treat.

One song that didn't turn out as good live as on CD was Bottom of your soul. I wasn't that disappointed though since all the other songs were fantastic. Falling in between really came out big and heavy, and Tony's singing on Stop loving you was just mind blowing. He really should get more singing time! Luke seemed to be in an awesome mood and made jokes all the time in between songs. The presentation of the band was just hilarious and when he introduced Leland Sklar as "the Gandalf of rock", he just said what everyone else in the venue was thinking :)

They did a really long medley followed by Luke's and Simon's solos. Everything was really tight. One of the last songs before the encore was Drag him to the roof, which was one of the best things I've ever heard at a concert. They then left the stage for a short while before they came back and finished it all of with Africa. Greg handled Dave's vocal part really well I thought.

When the show was over, we went to the back stage exit to try to catch the band and we were not unlucky. We got pictures with everyone and they were all really nice. All in all it was a fantastic evening!

Linköping, Sweden — 12 August 2007

I´ve seen many Toto-concerts, but they became better and better. Of course, I thought I should miss Mike and David, but Greg & Lee make wonderful music too.
The rest of the band, Steve & Simon & Bobby & Tony were so extreme good all of them. They seem to be wonderful and relaxed, at the same time, and they are playing so good. To hear "Drag Him To The Roof" and "Don´t Chain My Heart" was fun and unexpected. Nice guys!
I´m looking forward to seeing from you again soon and then I will bring my cameras.

Wow, what can I say. THANX for being the best band in the world, what a night it was!!! When Simon started Gypsy train I just couldn´t stop smiling, and when my hero of all time, mr LUKATHER entered the stage... I don´t know what to say. YOU GUYS ROCKS. THANK YOU Simon, Bobby, Lee, Greg, Tony and of course LUKATHER

Hey! Guys what a great evening at the Cloetta Hal. Awesome performance all of U.
Great to see The Gandalf-man Sklar on base. And officious see that U all have (hopefully) a great time on the scene.
I have a regard to Luke from a old-old friend living here in Stockholm his name is Tomas Duvfors call name Duvan/pidgin. He says that back in late -70s, he thinks it was about -77 or could be -78 in LA on a small club, James or was the name Jessie, what ever the same all music boys ;)
This guy tells U and the guys that he was a Swedish guitar player in the public and put him up on the scene to play with U, it was great he says and gave him that time the courage to take the BIG step out in the BIG world, and he is still playing.
Back on track, he says a BIG HELLO and hopes that U never quit play ;) And I say the same to ALL of U boys, hope U will be back soon. With all of my heart. Peace, Love and Understanding.

I dont know, maybe the 9th or 10th toto gig for me. This one? Great as always!!
I think I can rank it, not as my numer one, but definitely top 5!

It started out with Gypsy Train, a great song that really could set the pace for the rest of the evening.
I think the first two or maybe three songs sounded a bit untight in some way. The timing in the band didn't seem to be 100 (Note: When Toto plays "untight" they´re still SO MUCH tighter than most other bands in the world. )

Anyway, after a while it really sounded soooo great and the evening just was getting better and better....
New versions, unexpected songs, great solos and a really really GREAT toto gig, once again.

I have followed the cats for 30 years. Since I first heard Hold The Line back in 1978 I have been TOTO-bitten.
I have only missed a few concerts i Sweden but this one was outstanding the greatest one. The band sincerly looked like the really had a lot of fun playing this evening. A perfect set with several not so common songs like Isolation, Pamela and the "30 years medley". Everyone in the performed their best this evening and (we all miss Mike) what can you say "Gandalf of rock'n roll" Mr. Lee Sklar is a great bass player. And everone can understand why Luke named Greg as a soul brother, 'cos they are, without a doubt, crazy both of them.
I walked home in the warm summernight with a warm heart and hope to see the cats back i n Sweden soon again. You can at least rock for another decade.

Man... WOHOO!! What can I say? They blew me away. Im part of the younger generation of Toto-lovers:P. This was my second TOTO concert and by the looks of it they are geting better and better.
I will never forget the smile I got on my face when the guys entered the stage, and played "gypsy train":P. Excellent performance from all the members, especialy Steve Lukather the king of guitars. Really nice solos from all, like the drum solo really much. Would loved a big bass solo from Sklar, but anyway he did do a good job filling out for Mike. Hope they get better reviews this time, the surly deserve it...

And by the way, messages to Steve: I hope you really get your penis back from the fridge:P (inside joke for everyone who have read the interview with luke in swedish magazine:P)

Ringsted, Denmark — 11 August 2007

Thanks for another good TOTO concert, but this one was something special, after a lot of concerts on this tour, it is AMAZING to see so much fresh energy, and what a tight show, and you Luke, you are a damm good showman, and Bobby, your voice are so fantastic. I am looking very much forward to the new DVD, and the forthcoming 30'th anniversery tour, maybe with some surprises ?

Wauv fantastic yesterdays show at the Ringsted festival!! What can I say, which hasn´t been already said. This was my fifteenth time watching these cats, and never ever has a show been that good!!! so fucking tight, and the ONE and Only Steve Lukather in such shape (think he is getting younger day by day). Awesome on his guitar and the born performer!! Greg is really talented, and brother Simon banging his drums is always a pleasure. Bobby once again impressing with his fantastic voice.

Thanxx guys and I can´t wait until next time - the 30. years celebration. And as Luke has mentioned several times - Toto has a new young audience - fantastic

Frederikshavn, Denmark — 10 August 2007

Thanks guys,unbelievable concert,this is the third time i've been to your show.I'm from Bergen-Norway,and i've been travelling through europe this summer vacation with my family in our camper,before i left Norway i bought tickets to the concert in Denmark, and i didn't know TOTO was supposed to play in Norway in five different places, well anyway i've got to see you in DENMARK this summer and im very happy about it. Next year is the 30th anniversery and i really hope you're gonna visit Bergen-Norway,Toto was supposed to come to Bergen in 2003 but something happened and the show was off. But maybe next year, you kow Bergen is the second biggest city in Norway so it should be a lot of people at the concert. Well back to the concert in Denmark, you are the best i really like to see you up there and playing my favorite music, MAY THE SUN SHINE IN YOUR FACE AND ON YOUR FAMILY, BEST REGARDS OVE FROM BERGEN-NORWAY

What an evening, what a party.
From the very start ( Gypsy train ), to the very last song, the rock ´n roll train just keept on thundering down the road, ....awesome.
U guys just amaze me everytime. Leland Sklar, now that's a cool dude, rock on. Good luck rest of this tour. Until next time.

Årdalstangen, Norway — 8 August 2007

I have been on three Toto concerts on this summer tour, In Trondheim, in Aalesund and Ardalstangen.

Only one word can describe the concerts: Fantastic!
Sad about all the bad weather, but the audience didn’t care at all.
The first concert in Trondheim was absolutely great. Greg and Luke were in best shape ever!
Luke is the funniest man I ever heard! Haha could not stand on my feet when he jokes about Greg's pen…… haha
The set list this tour is so great!! Dont want to tell the fans which song you played, but you rock from the beginning “till the end”.

All the concerts where fantastic, but the last one I Norway, in Ardalstangen. Oh what can I say?
First of all I meet my biggest idol, Steve Lukeather! Can’t describe the experience! Standing there whit luke!! The man I idolize most in world!
Thank you so much for being so nice and friendly. The picture is already on the wall!

In Ardalstangen you where in the best shape ever! Never seen you have so much fun on stage. Lukes jokes, Bobby and Steve dancing together, and the big afro wig on Greg's head at the end, Bobby and Luke laughed and laughed. Haha

In my ears and eyes, Toto have never been better!
Greg: doing a wonderful job, he actually plays a different solo for each concert. And I love them all.
Leland Sklar: Ohh what a fantastic man! What a great charisma and a hell of a good musician you are.
Simon Phillips: Does a fantastic job, as always. On this tour I think you do the best job when you present Luke for the audience! haha.
Luke: what can I say? You show us all that you are the best guitar player in the world, but also that you are one of the best singers!
I love your voice man. When you sing “bottom of your soul”… I have no words.
And not at least Bobby: You have the best voice ever! And in my ears you have never sung so great before, in a age of 60! It’s crazy. You rock on stage. My biggest Idol!

Can’t wait too see you again. The best musicians in the world, on stage at the same time! Thank you for making such a great music, and being such great idols!
I would never get enough of you!!

TOTO played a magnificent concert outdoor alongside the famous Sognefjord. From start to end this was a journey through most of their career but with a fresh approach. Each of the band members looked really inspired and in good shape. Bobby had some vocal problems on some of the tunes and really had to push his voice to the limit. Luke`s jokes are always a higlight. I was lucky enough to talk to Leland and also got the autographs of Luke, Bobby, Greg and Leland. The sound was also really good. See ya next year!

Haugesund, Norway — 7 August 2007

The Toto concert was a perfect start for the Silda Jazz Festival.

Playing Gypsy Train as the first song in the concert gave a nice effect, and certainly created an atmosphere of expectation. Nice to hear some songs from the Falling in between record also.

Nice jam section, incredible performance of Hold the line - the best I've heard. Simon's drum solo was nice, Luke's talking was funny. Especially when he introduced the band: "Lee Sklar, you've seen him in all the Lord of the Rings movies." Very nice!

The performance of Africa was very good!

All in all: Great performances, nice atmosphere, a great stage and a wonderful variety of songs! Very clever!

Trondheim, Norway — 4 August 2007

This was one of the best days of my life! My mum and I travelled from Bergen to Trondheim just to see you guys, and we even met you! On the airport! I was shocked and totally stunned when I saw your faces, and I even got Bobby's autograph and my mum got a kiss on her cheek from Luke. Amazing!
The concert was incredible. I have never seen my mum jump up and down that much, and I sang along to all of your songs (or 90 percent of them, at least the ones I know ((Thank you so much, Marius)). Kimball's voice was perfect through every song, Luke's guitarsolos were stunning, Sklar's bass was really good!, Philliganes was so funny and his medley was one of the best things I've ever heard, Simon Philip's drumsolo; I've got no words to describe it!, and Spinner's voice on Stop Loving You was just awesome!
The concert was outdoors on Torvet in Trondheim, and there were 6500 people participating in this fantastic event. To top it all up; the rain came pouring down during Africa!
I went back to the hotel dripping wet with a sore throat. One of the best shows ever!
(The next day I even found out that we stayed at the same hotel.)
For a 16-year-old girl, loving your music, this was incredible. Thank you for a great night, and I really hope to see you in Bergen next year. That would be awesome.

Bodø, Norway — 3 August 2007

After a "trip from hell" you honored the public with an outstanding concert. Nice combination of both old and new material. My personal favourite "A gift of faith" came on - and I felt a chill down my spine. This of course dates back to my first album purchase - Tambu.

The stage and the audience was on fire - "Hold the line"... I`m amazed that the roof stayed on. Simon`s drum solo - how is it possible? - Words doesn`t quite cover it.

Steve's small talk from the stage - perfect! Just the right amount - varying from respectful (more or less) presentations of his band - to those funny stories. And I haven`t started on commenting the magnificent guitar playing - all of you.

My sincere thanks; to the band - past and present members -who spreads so much happiness, and to your families and friends who let us borrow you. :-)

Thank you for a magnificent concert - it took me a day and a half to regain my voice. :-)

Take care!

Reykjavik, Iceland — 10 July 2007

We came from Germany to Reykjavik to see the boys play their very first concert in Iceland. We were lucky and met them in the afternoon at the venue doing soundcheck. What a great experience, they were all very kind and friendly.

In the evening we were standing in the first row and saw a great show. Of course we missed Tony but Lee's backing vocals were also brilliant.

What a trip! Thank you guys!!!

Dortmund, Germany — 7 July 2007

"This is gonna be a very special evening, cause it´s the last concert in germany on this tour" Luke told us at the beginning.
And so it happened......
In front of the stage: the lucky, singing, dancing and celebrating audience.
All together we were like one unit. Luke must have felt this, when he suddenly sings "feelings" for us. How sweet!!!

So again a marvelous concert! Extraclass Band!!!

Was proud of you, cause two friends joined us, who have never before been on a TOTO concert.
Now they know, what we were always talking about.....

On thing more to mention: Mr Leland Sklar! Thank you for helping TOTO, (while Mike is ill), in such a congenial way. You will have a place in the hearts of all TOTO fans forever!!!

My dear TOTO´s, good luck an success, whatever your´re gonna do until next year´s 30th anniversary.
Next year, such a long time... huhuhuhuhuhuhuh

Oh no!!! I forgot, we get a new double live CD and a new DVD. YIIPPPIIIIEEEE !!!!!!!
That will help!!!

So long

WOW, it was our Show at Dortmund and it was a crazy Show. A lot of fun, the sound was sooooo great, and the setlist was one of the best. You played all our favorites and the intro with Gypsie Train was awesome! We stood in the second Row and it was unbelievable....
You did a very good job once again, and we hope to see you once again in Germany this year, because we love to go one or two times to your Show.
The Performance you gave was perfect and brilliant, we´ve never seen a better Show than that at Dortmund.
Every Solo was so incredible, Simon, you´re Goodfather of Drums! Respect!
Now we wish you a very nice Tour and see you next time in Germany,
Good bless you, many greetings to all of you, bye.

Wow, What a Show !!!!!

I`m very happy that I have seen the Boys yesterday.
The Show was incredibel, the Sound was excellent and the Fun by the Band and also by the Audience on this Evening was great.


I hope and I wish, that we see you next Spring in Germany an Celebrate the 30th Birthday together, perhaps with David and Mike.

Leipzig, Germany — 5 July 2007

Thank you boys for a breathtaking and unforgettable night!
Just came back home and I´m still flying! Saw you in Munich in March and I just HAD to see you again soon - so I decided to go to Leipzig. The location was perfect - the rain stopped - and you were: TOTO - pure TOTO!!! Couldn´t believe that I was standing so close to the stage; so close to all of you: Luke, Simon, Leland, Bobby, Greg & Tony. You did a fantastic and unique performance - a perfect rock show!
BOBBY - you were in an awesome shape! I had the feeling it was your night! God really blessed you with that certain magic in your voice!
Thank you TOTO for making the best music in the world -
you "must have touched the right part of me!".....Sandra

I just came back from a trip to the "far east" (of germany). A trip I will never forget. Why ? The greatest ROCKBAND ever - LIVE ON STAGE.
First I will thank you for coming back to germany. I waited a very very very long time to see you again .... 4 month.....!!!!!!

The location was nice and beautiful "The Clara-Zetkin-Park, Leipzig"
The stage full of phantastic, funny and rocking musicians, the weather after many many rain absolutely perfect.
TOTO you are the BEST and for sure - you know that.
What can be said about you that has not been said before ? In one word: AWESOME!!!!! You get better and better.
I really loved your performance last night. It was so funny, it was rocking, great sounding and the setlist still top of the top.

Thanks again for coming, thanks for rocking, YOU ARE ROCK, ROCK AT ITS BEST.

See you next time, next year. Germany will celebrate - celebrate 30 years of TOTO.

and don`t forget Mike and Dave ! (we miss you)

Hannover, Germany — 1 July 2007

Hey guys,
what a night! Well, we had bad weather but did it matter to anybody in the crowd? - NO!- definetely - NO! You guys gave such a magic performance, I just could not stop dancing, jumping and singing.
Great playlist, I guess they all loved it.
You know, I had my doubts, because dave and mike were missing, but Leland gave an outstanding performance and Greg, what can I say, you must be shittin` ice cubes (smile), you are so cool, I love you man! Bobbys voice was there (thanks to the inventor of pump-sprays; smile). Tony, you are much more than a sideman, I loved to hear you sing "stop loving you". Simon, what should I say, I guess brother Jeff throws kisses from heaven, every night. I`m sure he`s proud of you! (greetings to your wife and kid, I hope they like germany)
And, last but not least, Steve, you are my hero for over 25 years now (man we got old, didn`t we?), not only because I love your guitar-playing; for me you are one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time (I love you from the bottom of my heart)
So, once again, thanks for a wonderful evening, hope you come over to europe next year.
may god bless you all!
see ya next time,

Hey guys,

yesterday me and my girlfriend listened to the very nice sound of Steve's and Tony's guitars, Greg's keyboards, Simon's drums, Lee's bass and also Bobby's awesome voice. That concert was real great. Whether it rained or not;-) There were sooooooooo many cool songs played by the guys, that I wished the show would never end. But especially my girlfriend missed one song - I Won't Hold You Back - her most loved song :-) Okay, that's it. Wish you a very nice tour and see you again soon:-)

Greets Jan

Arrow Rock Festival, Netherlands — 30 June 2007
Check out lots of great photos from this show here.

This was the first TOTO concert where I saw a pre-performances and an aftershow, and that for one price!!
It started great with INXS. I'm glad that they found a new leadsinger, he has a very good voice and a great charisma. Nice to see TOTO watching them and Luke fooling around with them.
After that we (Jos Aalders & myself) saw the Outlaws, great performance with 3 guitarists & 2 drummers.
Then when we just had bought new TOTO t-shirts, I saw Greg walking at the festival area, nobody recognised him ... until I said "Hey Greg, how are you doing." We talked a bit and we made some pictures with him.
After that we watched at a bit of Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) and Steve Vai, both great performance. Only problem by Steve Vai was that he played in an big tent and it was the hot there and due to the accoustic the sound wasn't so good as it could be. Then I went to the Scorpions, because I didn't want to be late to get a good place to see TOTO perform after them. Scorpions made a great show, but in my opion the drums were too bombastic. Nice was that they also talked in the Dutch language a few words.
Till so far we saw some good pre performances... but it was waiting for TOTO, the band we came for, and it was worth waiting for!!
TOTO played for 71 minutes through the following setlist: 1. Gypsy Train 2. Caught in the Balance 3. Pamela 4. Bottom of your Soul 5. Falling in Between 6. Rosanna 7. Stop Loving You 8. Hold the Line, Band introduction 9. Drag Him to the Roof / I Want to Take You Higher 10. Africa.
As I said they were great, they enjoyed themselves and had an excellent set! What can I say more about their musical skills that was not said before!! I'll hope that a lot of rock music fans discover TOTO again, because they are still rocking and the best there is. Can't wait for their 30th Anniversary!!
After TOTO there came a nice band called Aerosmith. They had a great performance, musical & show, and played their songs in a row. It was like they did their own musical thing and didn't even try to make contact with they audience. For me they were a bit disappointing ... before the show I had great expectations about Aerosmith but they didn't fulfill them.
We had a great day and for me the 2 best acts were TOTO and INXS!

Wow! Toto was the best out of all the bands at this big rock festival(30.000 or more people)in Holland. They sounded like never before, they are really at the top of their game!! unbelievable. It was also great to see other band members enjoy their show so much (the guys from The Scorpions stood there throughout the whole TOTO show and went wild and crazy, great to see that!). Many people from abroad attended this festival and I even saw people from all over Europe and from Holland leaving for home after seeing TOTO. I heard people saying that Toto was the best and there is just nothing else to see after TOTO. HAHA!! I totally agree. What a performance... AMAZING! Thank you TOTO for yet another great show and experience.. WE LOVE YOU!!! A short (I thought it was short) but nonethe less great setlist: Gipsy Train, Caught in the Balance, Pamela, Stop Loving You, Bottom Of Your Soul, Falling In Between, Africa and as an encore Drag Him To The Roof.. I believe that's how it went, forgive me but I had so much fun I don't remember if this was the right order.

Second time this year, but guys this performance was great again. Playing at a festival gives some additional joy and nice contact with the audience. Also seeing you guys interact with the other bands is great, Steve greeting the INXS members whilst they were performing was fun!! Great to see Leland and Greg in action again. Hope you enjoy your summer tour!! Krgds, Erik

Emden, Germany — 29 June 2007

WOW!!! After the Gig in the Northseahall in Emden togehter with Status Quo every TOTO-Fan was running arround smiling and bursting with pride. And for good reason:
Super setlist, starting with Gypsy train, rocks from the beginning. After gypsy train the audience looked at each other, yeah yeah yeah, thats it!!! They are simply the BEST... hahahahaha
As i could read the Fans on the Arrow Rock Festival felt the same way.

It was our fifth show since the Falling in between tour started in 2006, an we only can say to everyone out there: GO TO THE SHOWS, you will enjoy it!!!

The next morning an impossible dream came true for us. TOTO stayed in the same Hotel. Ready for travelling, Luke stepped out of the Tourbus again, so we can shake hands and talk to him all alone. He signed a funny picture of him, that i happen to have in my backpack. We laughed and he was very kind. My husband, being a rock musician himself since over 30 years was very pleased to met this fantastic musician personally (who was even born on the same day)

Going to sea one more show in Dortmund on 07.July.
Then they will leave .....
Hope to see you back in 2008 for 30th anniversary!!!

Hi Guys,

last Friday i was at your Show in Emden/Germany and it was a great Rock Show!! It was awesome to hear "caught in the Balance" and "Drag him to the Roof"!! OHHH MAN, THAT WAS SO GREAT FOR ME!!! Unbelievable!!

A special Thanks goes to Leland Sklar. You made a really fantastic Show. And Mike - best Wishes to you!!

Guys - You're all the Rock N' Roll!!! See ya next Time; that's for sure!!