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Dubai Jazz Festival — 09 March 2007

What can I say???........ I was there but I REALLY wasn't "there"?!
Well......the reality is that I was not able to attend the show in person (as I had wished to do ) but my "ever-dependable" sister Jehad (the free-lancing marketing and public relations specialist who works out of Dubai) and her husband Sammy were able to go on my behalf to their VERY FIRST TOTO concert (after waiting 25 years Joojoo)! Zzzzzz....wake up now!!! THE ABSOLUTE COOLEST part sis was able to capture the whole audio of the concert THROUGH HER CELL PHONE-LIVE to me down in Puerto Rico! We are talking about diggin' a show over 7000 miles away and 8 hours ahead in time.

I heard the intros to "Falling in Between ", then on to "Pamela" and "King of the World". I heard how brother Luke was absolutely ecstatic that he FINALLY came to DUBAI and that he wants the country to bring them back soon! The reception from Jehad's cell phone was so crisp that I could actually hear Bobby's high notes, Luke's soaring riffs,Lee's chord changes on the bass and Simon's double bass drumming (without any distortion?!?). Oh, by the way , this is not an endorsement for any cell phone model. HAHAHA.

I was able to hear an extended version of "Hydra" that just would not quit. "Caught in the Balance" (the album version) was followed by "Don't Chain My heart", "Kingdom of Desire" , "Gypsy Train" ( I guess the band was in its own way paying tribute to their beloved brother Jeff Porcaro). "Taint your World" and "Rosanna" were then heard and the phone signal was lost. Jehad ended up callin'me back close to the end of the show Luke yelling out to the crowds as to what they would like to hear. Obviously, the crowd shouted back "Africa" but Luke was gonna make them work for it!! So he asked again....and again ...and yes, again !! The crowd had rubbed their Aladdin's lamp three times and hence Master Luke granted their final wish. The intro to "Africa" set the crowd to a heightened level of ecstacy and fullfillment. I was truly priveleged to hear the whole song all the way through right until the closing. Simon ended it all by closing with a solid strike on his snare drum. This was the sung that rang in people's ears as young teenagers back in the 80's, and was an anthem (in some way or another)to any and all who ever was "blessed" to hear a song empowered by drama and passion. Thanks to David Paich and Jeff Porcaro for writing this classic piece of art! Dubai got their first taste of Toto ....but I am sure it will not be their last!

I want to thank Luke and Bobby for setting up the passes for Jehad and Sammy. She was absolutely delighted and touched to have met the 2 of you. Thank you Luke for being so generous and kind...and mostly "patient" with me along the way. You are a groove, my friend. The same goes for you Bobby. Thanks to Martin Cole for escorting my sis (since you have never seen her before or know her) to the back where the band was. Thanks Jehad for the "LIVE" audio transmission and the video clips!!! So unreal!!...I love ya! Now, we gotta go see TOTO together ....someday....somewhere. PEACE.

Well, once again I was treated to an awesome night courtesy of Toto.
Saw you last year in Melbourne and was fortunate enough, this time, to be right in front of the stage in Dubai. Missed Dave and Mike but Lee and Greg were fantastic. Luke, it was a privilege to be close enough to watch you play.
Thanks to you all for a great show and now I need to decide where next to see you guys perform - oh, the agony of choice!!

A dream come true for me to see live TOTO in concert at the Dubai Jazz Festival. Shame on the organisation and the way people were sitting down smoking shisha during the concert. The selection of the songs played was extraordinary.

Leland Sklar playing on the bass guitar, as Mike Porcaro suffered some kind of injury in his hands. He shows the great talent, and what kind of artist he is. No wonder he plays with and for the best.

Steve Lukather: being a guitarrist myself, had the pleasure to enjoy a great performance by one of the best. Luke is like a good bottle of red wine. It gets better with the years. Reaching a level of matureness musically, that kept the espectators following each and every single riff.

Simon Phillips for me the best drums player for TOTO. With all due respects to Jeff, which was remembered by Luke during the concert, but Simon Phillips has something special.

A part from that, great performance, no mistakes, excellent sound mixing, and a wonderful list of songs!

Keep it up!