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Amsterdam, The Netherlands — 19 March 2007
Check out lots of great photos from this show here.

This was the 7th time I have seen Toto live and this concert was awsome! Steve was absolutely right saying that the Heineken Music Hall is the perfect place for a concert. Last year (2006) I have been to the concert in Ahoy, Rotterdam, but the setlist was changed! That was great. I loved to hear the Gipsy Train live and 'Drag Him To The Roof' was wonderful to hear live. I had goosebumps all over when you guys played this song. It looked like you guys where in a verry good mood this time. The jokes Steve made when introducing the band where cool. Lee Sklar was also great. I can't wait untill the DVD from the concert in France. I will absolutely add it to my collection. I hope you guys will keep on touring, because I want to make it up to 25 times to see toto live, so only 18 times to go. :-) Keep it up; you guys rock!!

Is there any word or words to discribe the performance that the coolest "Cats" of this world lay down for us fans in Amsterdam??.....ohh yes there is! Two words: F**king Brilliant!

Wow, this had to be the best concert I've seen so far from the "Cats". The setlist for this second leg of the European tour was to say the least the most intensive setlist I've heard so far.

How do these guys keep up with it day after day.
Thumbs up for you guys especially Si-man!
How do you do it on the U.S.S. Phillips, Amazing!

Catch you on the next venue in the Netherlands!

We were there in March, 2006. Ahoy in Rotterdam. We saw a superb performance on stage. After that we checked the site now and than, hoping you guys would come to Holland once again. As soon as we knew that Amsterdam would be visited by Toto we ordered tickets. We had to wait about six months but it was once again worth waiting so long. What a great show it was!!! It is not always easy to replace musicians but Lee and Greg played like they have been members of Toto for many many years. Well done!!! The setlist was OK, there are always songs which you like to hear. "Home of the Brave" is my favorite though...which was not played but that was not a disappointment...the rest of the songs was great, as always....

Toto, many thanks again for a wonderful evening....and till next time! Keep up the good work!

FANTASTIC!! I have no other words for the concert last night!
It was my 4th concert since I saw them for the first time in 2003 at the Night of the Proms when I was 18, but each time they get better and better!!
All day long I was looking forward to the concert!
I couldn't even concentrate on my work...
The show was great...Bobby amazing as always...Steve incredible and funny...Tony, Lee, Greg and Simon were great too! I loved to hear a lot of songs from Mindfields and my favourites Caught in the balance and Cruel!

Next week i'm going to Paris with my boyfriend to see them at Le Zenith recording the new DVD!
And of course I'm also going to Biddinghuizen in June for the Arrow Rock Festival! I'm really looking forward to it!

NEVER ENOUGH TOTO! You're the best!!

p.s. did you like my little sheep? ;-)
c ya next week!

TOTO WAS WONDERFUL LAST NIGHT!! I've been to several concerts but this has to be one of their best!! They sounded so fresh, what a setlist! I didn't expect the concert to be much different from last year (the first leg from FIB), but it was. A few great surprises, great sound (as always but still). They just can't stop making this great sound, thank God for that!! I don't know what they've been drinking but the vocal's were superb: congratulations BOBBY AND LUKE! Tony too of course. You gotta go and see this. The one joke from Luke I like the most (yes I'm very naughthy) i can't write that down hier, it's just impossible, it was so HEAVY!. But you don't wanna mis this. It's got to do with the introduction of Lee Sklar and b.t.w. he was great. I always will miss David and now Mike, that's for sure. GOD BLESS TOTO ALL OF YOU AND THANK'S SO MUCH!! What a night!!

This was my 6th Toto concert and everytime the show is better then the last one.
I really laughed my balls off with Luke's nice jokes with the audience and bandmembers, especially when Bobby came on the stage with his "rollator/weelchair". I personally felt the positive vibes of these topmusicians, you see them really enjoy playing on stage and giving us a very nice night to remember! Toto you were incredibly good! I can't wait for the DVD and the next gig in Holland!!!!

The concert in Amsterdam was in only one word: FANTASTIC. Due to the atmosphere and the very good understanding between the bandmembers, I had the idea they really liked to play with more fun than ever. The introduction of the band was with more humor than ever before. The audience laughed a lot and it was really nice enjoying this concert. You really could hear the joy in the playing itself. Again: GREAT CONCERT

Yesterday was the 4th time we saw Toto live on stage. I must admit that yesterday was the best (There is some competition with a Toto-concert in Trier last year which was very intimate). It is almost impossible to say that they get better every concert (how good can you become) but they still do. Steve was funny as always joking around. With Lee replacing Mike doing a great job (fine bass-guitarplayer). You can tell that you are watching the best band in the world (sorry Stones but you can't match Toto). Toto still makes life more fun and we hope that they go on forever. See yo guys next time in Germay (Bremerhaven). Greetings to David and Mike and we keep Jeff in our hearts.

One word. BRILLIANT! Actually two words, F###ING BRILLIANT! You guys REALLY kicked ass last night. I saw you guys playing in Rotterdam last year which blew me away, but last night was even better! Fantastic set! Awesome tunes! Really looking forward in seeying you "back home" very soon. This year maybe? Count me in. I'll be there!

This was my fifth Toto concert, and I never get tired of seeing these guys. First of all the sound in the HMH in Amsterdam was great, very clear. And the band were really on fire. Lee Sklar was awesome on bass, much appreciaton for the fact that he's been able to replace Mike on such short notice. So many highights this evening: Falling in between, Bottom of your soul, the acoustic medley, I'll supply the love and Isolation in the other medley, Caught in the balance and the mighty Gypsy train. Luke is almost a stand-up comedy act at times (quite funny :-D), and during the introductions you could sense how many fun and respect there is between all the guys in the band.

I'm looking forward to the DVD of the Paris show, and I hope Mike will be ready for the 30th anniversary year. Who knows what Toto will have in store for us then.

TOTO.....WOW!!! They were kicking ass tonight in Amsterdam!!! It was a real great GIG with a surprising setlist and a better than best can be thrillride of musicall craftmanship!!! Respect to the band who can make angels pee in your ear......8-) We enjoyd the show standing in the front row catching the great vibes of every second of this AMAZING FUN GIG!!!!

Everybody on the stage seemed to have FUN...and so did Amsterdam!!!

Thank you Steve, Bobby, Simon, Greg, Tony and Leland...yeah Leland, thank you!!!

We love you guys and see you next time (that is for sure!).

And all the best and love to all of you (TOTO-fans) out there, enjoy your GIG!!!

Dear Luke, Bobby, Simon, Greg, Lee and Tony!

You guys were f*ck*ng awsome when you were rockin' the HMH in Amsterdam on the 19th of March.

It was a really nice suprise that you played some tracks from 'Mindfields' which I think is one of your finest albums. Especially when you played 'Cruel' in acoustic set, wow, absolutely great.

Too bad that Mike wasn't able to play with you guys, but Lee did an amazing job. It was cristal clear to me that he enjoyed playing the TOTO songs in the show. Great!

Overall, I think it was a blast, fantastic! Thanks guys so very much! You're the greatest! Please come back to Holland soon!



No words to describe this concert, simply amazing!! Excellent setlist, perfect sound and the type of enthusiasm one has come to expect from these guys after all these years. They prove again and again what real music is all about!! Emotion, craftmanship and a hilarious sense of humour! Compare THAT to what they play on the radio and TV nowadays, here in good old Holland we call all that computer crap "kleuterpop" haha. Still the boys amaze me, what an opener with Falling In Between, Pamela, Isolation etc.etc. And as encore Drag Him To The Roof... Too bad it's already over, but we will see and hear them again next year!! PS: Lee Sklar, you did an excellent job tonight!!