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Zurich, Switzerland — 12 March 2006

GUYS !!!!!

I can only say THANK YOU for that great night and music !!! It was my 6th TOTO concert but this one was so special for me, as I've brought my parents with me, along with my band and some friends, and it was my mother's birthday...

I still can't believe what I heard and saw sunday... I found myself crying 2 times during the show, just because you made me feel so happy...
I just feel the love you bring into your playing, there's so much intensity in each and every note you play... Guys... your sound, your groove, your amazing parts, the end of Home of the Brave... the beginning of Rosanna...oh my God...and Let it go!! This song is just beautiful...

I'm still having all these great moments coming back in my mind... I'm goin' crazy... Now it's like suffering, having to wait to hear again that sound only you can make when you play together... My mother and I still can't come back to reality...

Thank you so much for making our lives better, and making us wanting to be better musicians every day... You definately show how music has to be. Groove, love, and a great party !! We're just your humble fans forever !!

And please please please make a DVD of that !! For music history!! Remember we'll need proofs of what real music was before the music industry holocaust!! Hahahaha... guys... you ROCK...
C ya next time !!

Hey Guys,

What an incredible concert you gave us on Sunday. I came from Basel to see you and I was sure it would be perfect. I did not expect something like that !! When I bought "Falling In Between" some weeks ago, I was so impressed, so positively amazed that I listened to it several times during the first day. I went to your website and I saw that you were coming to Zurich. I did not think 2 seconds more. I took some tickets. And I was not deceived. You guys play so good music. It was a really good moment, musicians playing for other musicians. That was really friendly. Thank you Luke for your jokes !! ^_^Thank you too for your solos, thank you Greg for a jazz solo and thank you so much Simon for some of your parts ! The sound of your drums was so amazing. I never heard such a good sound for a concert. You guys are so professional. I had a thought for David and also for your friends from Van Halen when you played "Taint your Love". I'm sure they like it !!

Hope to see you next time you come to Switzerland or maybe to France. Take care guys and continue playing such a beautiful music !! You rock !!!!

Hey guys - it was my forth TOTO-concert that i've experienced, and I don't find any suitable words what a feeling it was yesterday! More than two hours with powerful rock, that's just unique for sure! And what an excellent mix of new and classic songs - just incredible! Now, one day later, there's just one big desire: a live CD and DVD! And please please please put the whole concert on the CD-release - you can bring out a triple-CD, i'm up for it! I just want to hear that great concert again and again and again ...

Hey Guys, last night's concert in Zurich was really cool! After the spine tingling Intro and roaring start with Falling In Between, Luke, Bobby, Simon, Mike and Greg rocked the Hallenstadion. Not only the setlist with it's wide range of brand new through the whole Toto back catalogue to songs from the very beginning of the band was fantastic, and especially the elaborate new arrangements of some of the pieces (e.g. Rosanna) were worth the ticket.
The presence of Luke on stage was just mindblowing, Simon and Mike with their understatement... let's say they are really cool cats! I missed Paich a lot, but Greg showed with his brilliant playing and vocal parts that he is a great enrichment to the band - not just a stand-in. How delightful would it be to see both of them on one stage... Tony Spinner on second guitar and vocals also meddled in perfectly and it was really a pleasure to see and hear them do their stuff on stage and having fun at it. Their fun was ours and we had a great time! Thanks guys, and come back as soon as possible


What you guys did on stage last night was as expected: MAGICAL!
Although our baby was due at any moment, we checked all the available hospitals near the stage and decided to take the risk! Our baby knew what real priorities are and didn't stress us with coming out, instead just enjoyed the party and did his happy dance in the tummy!
TOTO is now a familiy matter and by the next concert the youngest fan will be there too. Keep the spirit up and don't stop doing great music - we are addicted to it!
From the top of your hearts to the bottom of our souls...'s dark,..almost spooky quiet.., and at exactly 20.12h - the curtain to the ZH-show 2006 falls.., a mix of colors, sounds, lights and special fx's hits the eyes of thausends of fans from allover switzerland, austria, germany... - falling in between..means "falling in between" - we let ourselves fall in between movies and songs, we all love and admire since years.., theres a lot of energy on stage, "the voice" of TOTO - Bobby Kimball gets the crowd cheering, STEVE Lukather kills licks, plays as fantastic and solid as ever.., and real experts can find licks they heard from EL GRUPO.., mixed and filled up with the solid and with feelings brought Keyboardparts of GREG Phillinganes.., supported by "the TOTO-Engine" SIMON Philips and MICHAEL PORCARO.., what a night, what a cool event it is..., and last but not least.., the "as always" very influenced and solid guitarworks of TONY Spinner.. - yo guys, it was again a real firework of true musicianship..from a band that should never ever stop to play and who's songs are still hitting the charts of the world,...and that's good, real good!! God bless you guys and till next time - don't fall in between, stay at the top!


yes...what will i remember....the band seemed to be a little bit tired and feverish at the beginning of the show. The tempi were a little bit slow in my opinion....but that's personnal.The rest was simply very profesionnal as usual with some very humoristic moment like the improvised tribute to mr Jackson...with steve on vocals and greg on keys... with some great rendition like rosanna with the first verse arranged inavery surprising jazz soul style. Bobby was the one who astonished me the more. what an organ especially on two of my favorites songs "isolation" and "endless". He is like good wine he becomes better with the age. The simon's solo on the Hydra's riff was incredible...this man is a magician of the drums. I missed david Paich the crowd conductor especially in know what i mean, but greg was great on the keys and especially on vocals. So a great evening with one of the best rock band in the world. thanks guy's continu so it's great!


What a fantastic gig in Zurich yesterday! It was definitely one of the best TOTO-Concerts I've ever seen. And it really was not the first TOTO-Gig in my life ...

The setlist was amazing. A really good mix with "Greatest Hits" and the new fantastic songs from FIB. The acoustic Medley was one of the highpoints (thank you, Tony). The new arranged Beginning of "Rosanna" is just beautiful. Good to hear "Endless" and "Isolation" with Bobby on vocals. "Let it go" featuring Greg on lead vocals blew me away! What a fantastic song! What a incredible groove, Mr. Porcaro!

Simon's Solo over "Hydra" was as brilliant as ever. Luke's Solo (Pump) don't need any words! Luke, you are the hero of the six strings ... and the best Double of Jacko (hahaha!).

The "Da capo" with "Home of the brave" and "Africa" was a perfect end of a percect evening. I owe you my deepest respect for your incredible musicianship and for the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

You guys are my heroes since many years. And you'll be for the rest of my days. Thank you, Luke. Thank you, Mike. Thank you, Bobby. Thank you, Simon. Thank you, Greg. Thank you, Tony. And thank you, David (hope to see you soon! Best wishes).