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Milwaukee, USA — 8 July 2006

My first Toto concert and I loved it! Sometimes you have every album and the concert doesn't live up to the hype-- this one did! Loved the new stuff too, but especially the mix of "Make Believe" into "Hold the Line". Even what was done accoustically with "Stop Lovin' You" and then got psyched up with "Girl Goodbye" and "Home of the Brave". You guys are a classy band and appreciated you coming close to home for a change. I did miss David on the piano/synth, but your new man fit the bill and did a wonderful job! Thanks a million! Ron

I was so psyched for this one. I had seen Toto twice before, once in '88 with Jeff and Joe and another time in '93 after Simon joined. I was surprised at how many generations were in the crowd. True, some people dragged their kids to hear "their music", but I think once the show got started everyone was converted. Guys, the grooves and that signature tight sound totally made the evening. I couldn't stand still, and it was hard while keeping one's balance on the bleacher seats everyone was standing on. The highlights for me were the reharmonization of "Rosanna", the party atmosphere in the crowd during "Make Believe" (don't ever take this one out of the setlist. Infectious groove!!), and the newly gospel-tinged "Stop Loving You". I know you guys were ready for the break before going on to Greece, but thanks for stopping by the side of the stage to chat up with some hardcore Toto fans. Greg, thanks for starting the band to fan conversations, and Bobby and Luke, you guys are the most giving of your time, especially when you probably just wanted to get on the bus and head home for your break. So much you guys have been a part of all our lives, don't let U.S. radio get you down. We're still here, and you can tell by the crowds on the U.S. tour that we won't stop the love.

It had been a LONG time since my last Toto concert! The last time was May 12, 1980 in Merrillville, Indiana, at the Holiday Star Theatre. Technology has changed so much in 26 years! I remember Steve Porcaro having what seemed like huge walls of gear to process the sounds coming out of his many synthesizers. Greg's set-up was infinitely smaller (but no less effective). The rain (but not the humidity) let up just in time for the start of the show, and I had managed to sneak down to the 2nd row, directly in front of Simon (a group of us were all drummers and were in awe of his skills). But the REAL treat was watching Luke's mastery of the guitar up close. Mike was great on bass, and seemed to genuinely enjoy the appreciation of the adoring fans in our immediate area. Greg did a superb job in David's place (although we couldn't hear his keyboards during Girl Goodbye, which would have added greatly to the song!), and Bobby was in fine voice (although his vocal mic seemed to be cutting out during some of his trips to the front of the stage); his voice sounded better than some recent reviews had said it was. Tony did nice work on Stop Loving You, but the best part for all us drummers was Simon's drum fills during Bottom Of Your Soul and the solo at the end of Rosanna (does anyone remember drum solos?).
The set list was as follows:
Falling In Between
King Of The World
Bottom Of Your Soul
Caught In The Balance
Make Believe
Hold The Line
Stop Loving You
I'll Be Over You
Greg solo
Rosanna (jazzy version)
Rosanna (original version)
band intros (very funny)
I Won't Hold You Back
Girl Goodbye
Home Of The Brave

Luke promised not to make it 20 years before Toto returns....PLEASE keep that promise!!! We still love you guys here in the States!!!!!!

Muskegon, USA — 7 July 2006

My first exposure to the Band was in 1979, in the Zeta fraternity house, at Stanford University in California. Toto had just released Hydra and was touring to promote the album. Not a huge crowd, so I sauntered over and spent the show next to the left speaker stack, nursing a beer, only several feet from the boys. I was hooked.

I followed the travails of the band, in particular the somewhat antagonistic departure from the USA to Europe, and felt for the longest time I would have to ruck up, and travel overseas, if I were to accomplish one of my fondest goals: to see the band again live, before either I or it ceased to exist.

Imagine my shock and joy in reading the local paper that my small city was to host Toto on July 7th for Muskegon Summer celebration. I had a handful of tickets the next day. My family set up a blanket, but I, and my 17yo son and his girlfriend (for their 1st concert together), wanted to be close to the action, so we edged forward, ultimately at the very front rail for the entire show.

Others can surely review the technical aspects of the show, as one at the front often hears an odd mixture of live amp, monitor and reflected PA. What I heard, and particularly what I saw, however, was a performance of unrivaled enthusiasm, energy, technical excellence and joy from the musicians and crew.

I was given a gift tonight by the band. I was able to see my son next to me, for whom I had played these songs over the years, scream, whistle, pump his fist and generally enjoy himself as much as I did. Luke jumped up jamming for 10 seconds or so right in front of my kid and his girlfriend... Close enough to touch. I haven't shared a (smile) moment with my boy like that in years. God bless you guys for everything. No matter what the crowd, weather, technical stuff etc. keep playing like you do. Like there is at least one person out there who has been waiting his/her whole life for this one night!Tonight was my night. Expectations surpassed!

Sault Ste. Marie, USA — 6 July 2006

When I found out that Toto was playing in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I immediately planned my summer vacation around the show. Toto has been my favorite band since junior high starting with the first album and I have been a fan for over 25 years now.

I had second row for the show, right in front of Bobby. I was awestruck the entire show. Seeing you guys play up close was fantastic; having Bobby singing his heart out right in front of me was a dream come true. My husband said he has never seen me smile so much as I did at that show.

After the show, my husband, my friends, and I went to the casino bar hoping that maybe one of the guys from the band would come by. First, Greg and Simon walked into the bar. I couldn't believe when Greg came right up to me, put his arm around me, and started talking to me. Later I saw Luke and then Bobby walking past the bar. I ran out of the bar to meet them both also. You guys are all so friendly, down-to-earth, and appreciative of your fans. Thanks to all of you for taking pictures with me. Luke thanked me a few times for my support and I want to say thank you Luke for almost 30 wonderful years of music. Bobby, thank you for the autograph and the picture. You are truly the voice of Toto and I was so happy to see your return to the band with Mindfields.

The show was two days ago and I'm still on cloud nine. Seeing you guys play up close and then meeting you was truly a dream come true. It's an experience I will treasure forever. We still love you here in the US. Please come back again soon to Michigan!

Well after almost 30 years I finally get the opportunity to see this legendary band and since I messed around and didn't get tickets for the show in St. Louis, I had to drive 1000 miles from Springfield Missouri to the Canadian border just to see these masters and let me tell you every mile is worth it. To see these gentleman at all was great enough, to be able to be on the fourth row was awesome, then to be able to shake their hands, get some autographs and personally talk to them and introduce them to my boys was unbelievable and I am in heaven. The only problem with the concert was that it wasn't long enough but oh man during that hour and a half I was on cloud nine. Starting out with the new album is a super way to kick off the evening and Falling in Between will let you know that you're going to rock at this show. I was very happy to hear some Mindfields music as well, Caught in the Balance, what a great song. Of course there's the old tunes and I swear Mr. Kimball's voice gets stronger and more clear as the night goes on. By the time you got to Girl Goodbye, you were pumping it through loud and clear. And I've got to say something about all of the band members. Mike, you are one happy dude when you play on stage and that spills out into the crowd as well. We were all happy!! I'm sorry to hear about the thumb but you were still laying it down like the bass master you are. Tony, that's the first time I actually got to hear your vocals by yourself and ya bud...I'm searching for your record as soon as I'm done typing here. Simon, thanks for being who you are. We miss Jeff because we miss our brother, but there's not better fit than you. Thank you for posing for a pictue with my son on his 11th birthday. I'm convinced that this will set the fire under his already blossoming drumming skills. He'll be listening to the cd's of yours that I have when we get back to the house. Same for Greg, the master of the soul patrol is right!! Thank you for spending time with my other son and continuing to light the piano fires under him. Again, we miss Dave because he's our brother, but there isn't a better PHILL IN than Phillinganes, no not one. That of course leaves Steve, but the Lukemeister, you make it all seem so effortless, so easy, yet it sounds so awesome, so tight, so ROCKIN!! THanks for a wonderful time, if there's anyway I can be in Muskegon for Saturday's show I will be. Thank you for helping fulfill a lifelong dream and making the reality so much better. Thanks so much all of you guys for taking time after the show before you had your dinner to talk to us and take some pictures. You guys are truely a blessing, thank you for not giving up on your USA fans, we are here for you!!

Blue Ash, USA — 4 July 2006

I have been a fan of Totos for many years, but never got a chance to see them live. So when I saw that they were playing Blue Ash, Ohio, I HAD to make the trip. I brought my brother and his crazy friend along. They had not heard of Toto but I was hyping them up telling them that they were going to witness some of the best musicians in the world.

The show was incredible. Luke is just a sick badass on the guitar. Bobby was like a crazy male version of Aretha Franklin - he had soul pouring out of him. Mike was totally ripping it up on bass and Simon - me being a drummer watching Simon perform was like a Rite of Passage for me!!! Words cannot describe how incredible Simon is.

I was in sonic euphoria for the entire show. I swear I would see every Toto gig that came near Ohio. Best concert I have seen in a LONG time!

After the show my brother's crazy friend convinced us that we should try to sneak backstage to meet the band. I normally wouldn't do things like this but it was a spur of the moment decision. So we get in the vicinity of backstage during the fireworks display. I could see the band and crew chillin and I about fainted when I saw Simon and Luke hanging out. After the fireworks we tried to get a little closer but the police stopped us. All of a sudden Luke comes running up and says "Officer, Officer, it is okay, they can come on back". Okay, now I was almost fainting! We got to meet and chat with Luke, Mike and Simon. I got my picture taken with Simon. I can't tell you how nice that was of Luke and I feel extremely fortunate that he went out of his way to take care of his fans. I will remember July 4th 2006 forever!

Last night, July 4th was a MAGICAL night for the people of Blue Ash Ohio. Last night Toto took the stage for what can only be described as a "once-in-a-lifetime" experience. I knew going in it would be special but, I doubt much of the 10,000 plus people knew what they would soon witness...pure musical genius.

I have waited my entire adult life to see this band "live", and I was more than happy to drive the 200 miles from Fort Wayne, IN to see them on the 4th. I would do it again in an instant!

The show started with a couple of numbers from "Falling In Between" which went over well considering the audience was mostly unfamiliar with the material. As I had hoped, the band was tighter than a duck's arse and were playing at a level of musicianship that most bands can only dream of. This band is incredible! Tight, tight, TIGHT!!! Luke's tone was to die for! Mike's bass was always in the pocket (although it took the sound crew a couple of songs to get it to sit in the mix properly). Greg's keys were hot! Simon...well...he is just unbelievable! Bobby sang his butt off and was the difference maker. He is such a legend and I am such a fan of his.

The band proceeded to play the required "hits" from their catalog, as well as some unexpected gems from discs such as Mindfields...lots of twists on older songs. Very well done!

The encore fit the July 4th setting so well...Home Of The Brave (which Luke dedicated to our soldiers in Iraq) and Africa (brought the house down). Very emotional for this fan.

We THANK YOU Toto for gracing us in the Midwest with your gifts. I personally want to thank you for giving me a memory for a lifetime. You have no idea what your music means to me!

Peace and please come back...we love you in the USA too !!!!

The 4th of July Performance in Blue Ash, OH was amazing in so many ways. Only knowing the name Steve Lukather, [the only member's name that I'm familiar with] I was intrigued not knowing who or what I would hear/see... When the band took the stage, I, and the entire audience got excited. I enjoyed every minute of the performance !!! I knew I had seen the keyboardist 'somewhere.' But I didn't know from where. The drummer had a familiar face but I couldn't say the place. When Mr Steve announced the backgrounds of the musicians, it was a revelation. Pete Townshend's drummer from "Empty Glass" that I had seen from the videos. And Greg/keyboardist from singing the high voice on "White Room" with Eric Clapton. Never in my wildest dreams would/did I think I would be in such presence. I couldn't take my eyes off the rhythm section. Very Tight, gentlemen. 4 stars.

Only knowing ToTo from videos and the radio, my exposure on July 4th was immense. I didn't play with fireworks on Independence day, but my heart, mind and ears were scorched with seething, seering sounds that I don't want to have go away. Thank you for visiting my town, gentlemen. WHAT A DELIGHT !!!! Question: Steve are you still scoring movie scenes, creating the sound heard during certain scenes of films; I think I've seen your name on some film credits. I'm still buzzing from being in your presence. Toto is a delight to the senses

Loudoun, USA — 2 July 2006

What a blast!!! Sometimes there are precious few words available to describe an event, a phenomenon, or even a person to convey to others the total awesomeness of that endeavor.
Well, such is the case with a TOTO concert, if you have an appreciation for their music, their collective musicianship and their output history. On July 2, I was one of many fortunate souls to witness a TOTO appearance at the Belmont Country Club in Loudon, County Virginia. For some there, it was a first-time experience; it was my fourth TOTO concert, and I was as struck by their presence this last time as I was my first time seeing them in Atlantic City, NJ in Ď99.

My plan was to make note of the set list, but it seems I was so caught up in the experience, that it didnít matter. All I know is that I had a GREAT time during the show and suddenly, it was over. I sang, I moved my body to the beat and thoroughly enjoyed the magic of the worldís best rockers, bar none! I might call them "rockers" but you know they offer much, much more, which is why Iíve followed the TOTO Legend for more than 20 years; I know Iím not alone in that category.

A TOTO concert is a cult love-fest. To see them in concert more than once, you either sincerely love what they do or youíre there as a critic. Iím a little of both but a devoted fan nonetheless. TOTO always offers surprises during their sets; it is those little surprises that I look forward to. For instance, this was the first time I had seen them perform one of my all-time favorites, "Stop Loving You", live. Cool arrangement! I particularly liked the keyboard interlude/solo addition. It was short, sweet and quite funky! Iíd like to have a recording of that arrangement. There was also a new treatment of "Rosanna", which took me a moment to recognize, but the lyrics were unmistakably "Rosanna" and brought me back to reality.

I hope this visit to Virginia brings new fans to the TOTO cult; enough new fans to bring them back next year. But I will not complain if the venue is different and closer to DC. So far, Iíve gone to Atlantic City and New York City (twice) to see "the boys" and enjoyed each and every moment of each concert. Thus, reasonable travel distance is not a problem. How TOTO ended up in Loudon County, Virginia, only God and TOTOís agent know. Iím glad they were, regardless, and I hope other attendees were as thrilled as I to experience the pleasure. I did notice new-comers to the fold who probably didnít have any idea TOTO was still active and functioning. Like me, they were also singing, dancing and reminiscing. There were lots of children on the scene; it was indeed a family affair. They have hopefully been awakened, and their ears, minds, and hearts have been enlightened to the magic and mystique of TOTO, forever.

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! That's all I can say after seeing one of the best bands in the world live for the first time. As a fan and musician that has kept up with all of their releases for over 20 years, I believe that the "Falling In Between" line-up is their strongest yet. This current album is the best put together "rock" music that I have heard in years. All of these guys are amazing musicians in their own right, but when they play together live, WOW! The new songs that open the concert are even better than on the CD, and the older charts done with a new "twist" are really entertaining. Everybody sitting around me was equally blown away. I only hope that someday the people involved with "The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" will recognize you guys and let everyone hear what rock music can "really" sound like. Thanks TOTO for coming to Virginia this summer and for putting on such a great show. I hope it becomes a regular stop when you guys are on tour.
A fan always,

Jim Thorpe, USA — 1 July 2006

What a show!!! I had been waiting for quite some time to see TOTO live and this show was awesome. My girlfriend and myself had seats at the rear of the middle section and because of the flat floor, it was hard to see over the people in front of us. The whole band was awesome, Luke's guitars, Bobby's vocals, Simons drums, Mike's bass and Greg's keyboarding, and even Spinner, all awesome. The best part came after the show as we waited for the band to come out from the venue. We thought just for the heck of it we would stand around and see if we might get a couple autographs and maybe a few photos with the members of Toto. We had heard that Bobby had already left so we missed him, so a few minutes later Mike and Luke came out, and Simon a few minutes later. mike signed autographs for us and I also got my girlfriends photo with him. I got to talk to him for a few seconds also. He was really nice about everything and that is what us as fans will remember. Luke was also gracious with autographs and I also got my photo with him. He was really cool about it. Thanks TOTO for the great show and speaking with us afterwards.

The Penn's Peak show was great! This is the first time I've seen ToTo since the Kingdom of Desire tour. That was one of the best shows I've ever been to and being a bass player, it was a real treat meeting Mike back stage. The Falling In Between show was even better. It was the highlight of my summer! Having Bobby sing was fantastic and Greg is a wonderful addition. Playing some tunes like Isolation and Endless really appealed to the die hard fans in the audience. As Luke said at the show, it is fun to play some tunes a little deeper into the albums. Luke, you're one of my favorite guitarists and songwriters --- I appreciate the unique mix of rock and jazz, power and intricacy. You are definitely a musician's musicisan. Thank you ToTo for returning to the U.S. for this tour. I hope you continue to record your first-rate music and return to the U.S. again. You have some die hard fans here in the States!

Where do we start? OK - first by saying how grateful that we were to be able to be at this concert, a once in a lifetime chance that we have been waiting patiently for, and are hoping (OK, praying) for another chance in our lifetimes. While we must confess to being extremely disappointed and disillusioned at the accoustics at Penns Peak (the whole place is wood and all the sound just bounces all over the place), it was a wonderful experience to see Toto live and to "commune" with the band members. We LOVE "Falling in Between" and thoroughly enjoyed hearing 4 trax from it. (Nice cover on the hiccup in "Let It Go") Greg is an amazing addition to the already superior musical line-up (although we have to ask: the Blue Man Group pose at the end of each song ... what's up wit dat?") The highlight was the opening to Rosanna - such luscious and creative (and obvious ... DUH) use of relative minors before plowing into the original setting ... incredible!!!
Another highlight was Simon's solo under the instrumental track of Hydra ... perfect rhythm and response between everyone! How do you guys DO IT???
GUYS - thanks for coming to Jim Thorpe - we were truly blesed to have seen you. (Our prayers continue for David and his family.)

I had the good fortune of seeing Toto in beautiful Jim Thorpe, PA this past Saturday. What a fantastic show! This was my second show in just over a year and this time I was able to share this phenomenal experience with family and friends. I'm so glad the U.S. tour came to PA this year.

I don't want to repeat all the details of the other reviews from Saturdays show, but everything was superb (set list, solos, etc.)! Just let me say that to watch and hear these guys play is a true privilege. Thank you Toto for sharing your gift of music and talents with all of us. As long as you keep working, I'll keep listening!

I was so glad to be able once again to see the rock n roll juggernaut that is TOTO. We have been waiting in the US for what seems like forever and Luke even echoed the sentiment at the show.. I have to say that I was absolutely floored from the very start with Falling In Between to the end with Africa. Just to be in the presence of such greatness was enough in itself, but to actually hear them play live again was an intense experience.
From the start of the show to the very end I could not help but to be simply awestruck at the amazing talent these guys bring to the stage. Of course Bobby Kimbal starts us off with that wail we all love and know so well.. This was my first time seeing Bobby live and I have to say it was unbelieveable to hear hear him wail in person. Michael Porcaro provided the excellent bass playing as he always does.. He is indeed the groovemeister himself, and I actually got the chance to tell him that personally after the show.
The new guy Greg was excellent and definitely provides a new flavor and sound to the group that seems like it was always meant to be. It was great to hear him to his lead vocal song Let It Go.. Greg you rock and keep up the good work! Tony Spinner even had a lead vocal in Stop Loving You which was awesome and I think even Joseph Williams would agree himself. Tony is a fantastic guitar player with a vocal talent that is second to none. I'm so glad to see that Tony is still touring with the group.
Being a big fan of the drums, what else can you say about Simon? The last time I seen TOTO was when Jeff was still with us.. It's like Simon was heaven sent from Jeff. Simon provides a groove like only Jeff could or would. Thank you so much Simon for filling a void in our hearts and being the most excellent drummer that you are. My heart was beating to every thump of Simons drumming.
And of course there's Luke.. This is the guy who makes you want to pick up a guitar and play. What else can you say but WOW!! Watching Luke play live is one of the most wonderful experiences any human being can possibly ask for. Steve has not lost a step and has even gained a few in all the years TOTO has been together. Luke is truly the MAN when it comes to the strings..
In closing I have to say that waiting out side by the tour bus to catch a glimpes of my Heros was more than I could possibly imagine.. Not only did we get the chance to see them but got autographs and hugs all the way around to myself my girlfriend, and my two friends as well. So thank you to Michael Porcaro, it was pleasure to meet you, get your autograph, even though you thought my shirt was too nice to sign, and get the chance to tell you in person that your brother Jeff was awesome. Thank you Luke for your kindness and staying just a little longer than you should have and for being the awesome person I always knew you were.
Thank you to Greg for actually getting off the bus for us and signing autographs. You truly do belong with the group and your personality shows us why.
And one more quick thank you to Simon for throwing a quick wave our way from the steps of the bus..
I have to say i'm 37 year old man and I cried like a baby after the tour bus left and I just realized who I just met and got to spend a little time with.. You guys truly are my Heros and I look foward to the next time I get to see you again. Please come back to U.S. real soon.

Toto at Penn's Peak July 1, 2006. Another amazing night of 135 minutes of electrifying music, dazzling musicianship and all out fun by the "Coolest rock Band on the planet". The boys played 135 minutes starting with Falling in Between and King of the World, then away we went to play Toto Music from all throughout he last 28 years. Luke as usual was incredible, Simon was killer of course, Michael amazing, Bobby absolutley incredible (I just don't know how he does it), Greg was astounding and Tony even sang one this tour and played great. Some of my personal highlights were Home of the Brave, Rosanna ( I loved the lead in to that one) Africa, and Caught in the Balance.
My reference above to Toto as "Coolst rock band on the planet" comes from meeting the guys before and after the show.. I happened to see Michael and Simon ealier in the day in town hours before the show by accident. I had a camera with me but no one to take a shot of the 3 of us together. Micahel and Simon say "Go get someone, we'll wait" I did and they did wait and I got the shot. Ya gotta love these guys for what they give back to thier fans.
Got a shot with my wife too with Luke, Greg and Michael later.
An incredible night of music and friendship. It doesn't get any better that an evening with Toto.

One night of Memories, the best concert to start the 4 of July Weekend with energy TOTO shows in Penns Peak, Pennsylvania that continue being best with their unic style that pleases to all, began with the Falling in Between soon followed by King of the World, after one you watch at the past with Pamela, Hold the line, Isolation and of return to present with Botton of your Soul of their must recent recording asi delighted all the night to us that cone with around 18 songs, I have followed the trajectory of this group since 1982 and I have delighted 3 of the 5 presentations in the Beautiful island of Puerto Rico and now in Pensylvania WOW, Greg Phillinganes and Simon Phillips Solos there are amazing. By the way concert is not a concert if they dont play ROSSANA & AFRICA. God Bless you Guys

Champion, USA — 30 June 2006

Where do i begin? When the tour dates were posted i first noticed the blue ash ohio gig. 1 hour from the house, free and 4th of july fireworks. DREAM COME TRUE for a midwestern ToTo fan. Then i thought....."jeeez, what if it rains? I'll miss them." So i found the next closest venue. Grey Rocks Amphitheatre at the 7 springs resort. COOL. Tickets went onsale april 24th. @ 7:30 i am logged in to the venue's website for an 8:00 a.m. opening. I get the 1st 2 seats sold. Row A seats 1 and 2. OK, now i have died and gone to heaven!! My wife and I(ok really me) start an every day countdown to the concert date. We decide to spend the weekend at the resort(which later in this story will really be big). We also decide to bring our 2 daughters to the resort for the weekend. An even bigger plus. We arrive around 5:00 p.m. get checked in. scope out a little of the lodge and head to the amphitheatre. we arrive @ 6:15. gates do not open till 7:00. i cannot hardly stand still. my wife is making fun of me. We meet a very nice guy named Mike from the araea and talk ToTo for the 45 minutes. 7:00. Gates open. We enter and purchase the required ToTo concert T-shirt and hat. We are shown to our seats and begin the agonising wait till the show starts. Sitting right in front of me is Steve's mic stand and his guitar rig, to the left Bobby's mic stand, a little further left Tony's. On the right Mike's bass. Simon's drums are ready along with Greg's keyboard rig. The pre-show music is playing. a little after 8:00 mixed in we hear what sounds like dogs barking and then the far-eastern sounds of the beginning to "Falling In Between". The show kicks off. The band is tight. Harmonies crisp. "King Of The World" is next. My 2 favorites off of FIB. Not sure what was next. the rest is a blur. We are up front dancing with the crowd. What a Blast!! Way to soon "Africa" is closing out the show, only partially ruined by the moron screaming "99" in my ear over and over. Even after the band departs one by one. We leave and head back to the lodge. The girl working at the front desk told me earlier if the promo poster was still there after the show i could have it. On our way in i nab it. Our daughters had listened from the balcony of our room. I am almost to excited to sleep. I finally fall asleep with "King Of The World" echoing in my brain. We get up and head to the breakfast buffet. As we are walking in, my ten year old Anna, named after the song from "The Seventh One" says "There is "Luke". I think she is kidding, my wife says "She's right". Im like....."come on, quit kidding". My wife is serious.....sitting right there is my guitar hero Steve Lukather......5 feet from me. Now i freak i go over and say Hi"? I dont want to bug him while he's eating.......what do i do? I decide to walk on and let him eat.......i think to myself...."Luke is right there.......go say something dummy".... I turn back around and i head over with my daughters in trail. He's gone....I missed my chance...i am disheartened. My 16 year old says" There he is". Steve is coming back from the buffet. I Introduce my self and apologise for interupting his meal. He is unbelievably nice. Taking time to talk with my family. My wife comes looking for us and Steve introduces himself to her. WOW i cannot really impress how much the 5-10 minutes we spent talking to him meant to me. I have been a fan since the first album. I had only gotten the chance to see ToTo live once previous, the Atlanta symphony show but this tops that for sure. Steve, thank you for the time spent with us, sorry to mess up your meal. As we walked away My wife said, "Did you see Simon?" I did not even notice that while we were talking to Steve, Simon had walked up and sat down and started to eat. Wish i would have noticed.......On our way to our table we also saw Greg eating his breakfast. I politly told him in passing what a great show we saw the night before. My family says while we were eating i had this glazed look on my face. We truly enjoyed our ToTo weekend. We are going to the 4th of July show in Blue Ash also. Thanks Tony,Greg,Simon,Bobby, Mike and Steve for an unforgettable experience.

Saw them live on the 30th up at a mountain resort in Champion Pa. I will tell you that there was NO promotion at all in the Pittsburgh area for the show. I saw nothing in the papers or heard nothing on the radio about it either. A few folks that I met there mentioned that it was covered in their local paper which was out near where the show was held, but not a major metropolitan area that would pull people in. We ordered out tickets less then 12 hours before the show and were able to get 9th row seats. If there were 500 people there total, I would be greatly surprised. If you see them coming to your area via their touring schedule on the website, please consider going and supporting them. The ticket prices are not outrageous at all, for our seats we paid $30 each. As Steve mentioned during the show, its been about 20-odd years since they've played in the states. While he expressed deep appreciation for the folks that did come out to see them play, he also said that he doesnt know if they would be doing it again in the US. If that's true, its really a shame that they dont get the promotion in their own home country to be able to play here. It was weird before the show, Bobby walked right past me in the lodge and no one at all recognized him. I wondered how surreal that must be to be lead singer for a group going to perform that night and being able to walk around with no one at all knowing who you are. Looking back, I wish I would have had the nerve to just say how much I appreciate their music, but didnt want to bother him two hours before showtime. (yeah, I know...WUSS!)

About the show, The guys played about 90 minutes, they started about 8:15pm and finished up about 10:45pm.

Bobby's voice sounded a little strained at times, but he was wonderfully animated and seemed to really enjoy interacting with the crowd throughout the entire show. If his voice wasnt at 100 he was still giving it more then 100 and not phoning it in. Steve...what can I say. After seeing him live I have an incredible amount of respect for the man. He can sure play that guitar like a madman and of the three vocalists, he was in the best voice by far. Luke has such a commanding stage presence when he plays it can be mesmerizing to watch. He seemed to enjoy every moment on stage and the small number of people there didnt affect his enjoyment of the music. It was well worth the price of admission just to see and hear him play. Simon was pretty much hidden behind the drum set throughout the entire show, but along with Mike on bass, they provided an easy and steady groove throughout the night for every song that was played. Greg was a nice addition on the keyboards and before the show he was nice enough to be out on the stage talking with a few of the fans before they started and seemed to be enjoying himself.

They started out with 3 of the first 4 songs being off the new Falling In Between album, the title track, King Of The World and my favorite, Bottom Of Your Soul. Many times throughout the show they urged fans to sing along with them and even invited everyone down in the seated section up close to the stage to enjoy the show. A few of the bigger hits have different renditions worked up, which made it a bit difficult for fans to sing along with at times when the tempo's and rhythms are different then what we are used to hearing. Rosanna starts out with a much slower and softer verse, before they kick it in with the loud bombast starting with the 2nd verse. The encore consisted of Home Of The Brave and the final song was the mega-hit Africa.

The guys seem to still enjoy playing together and have a genuine appreciation for the audiences that show up to see them. Even though they are professionals, it has to be disenhearting to see the small crowds showing up here compared to the audiences they get overseas. They really do deserve better here. Either way, thank you guys for a great evening of music that I'll remember for quite some time to come. I sincerely hope this is not your last tour of the states.

Glen Allen, USA — 28 June 2006

I just don't get it. Why these guys are not bigger in the States is beyond me. Some of the stuff that is out today and the numbers they draw. Wow. Then you have the best musicians around and hardly a buzz. People just don't know who these guys really are.

That said...the concert in Glen Allen, VA was incredible. I drove three and a half hours to finally see these guys. It was well worth it. When I first got to the venue, I thought what is this. Very small and back in a corporate park. They do get some big names there though.

Not that many people showed. It was a Wed night, but I thought there would be more. Kind of made for an intimate setting. It didn't seem to affect the band. They were tight. A lot of energy and seemed into it. A lot of the people that did show, were true fans. Talking before the show, we knew what we were in for. TOTO did not disappoint. Hope to see them again soon.

The only things I went away wanting was an acoustic Georgy Porgy...and a couple of more hours. But hey, that's just me.

Keep up the great work guys.

It was a hot and humid night in Virginia and it only got hotter as the evening went on! These guys played their asses off! Steve joked-after shaking his to the crowd- that maybe he was too old to be doing that....and to that I say "Whatever!" When you've got it-flaunt it-and these guys have undoubtedly still got it!

They were very personable-playing to and with the crowd. It wasn't as packed a venue as I'm sure they've seen in their day-but their heart and soul seemed to be in every song none-the-less.

My Dad and I attended the concert. So for my Dad, a fine musician in his own right-and for me, just a lover of fine music-I'd say that our experience last night was nothing short of a tremendous opportunity to experience the outstanding musicianship and superb talent of a great group of guys.

Truly, our enjoyment of the concert extends far beyond the extreme excitement I vocalized upon hearing them rock out a slamming and funked out version of "Rosanna".

So-thank you guys for putting on a great show-I hope to get the chance to see you "live-in concert" again. For now I'll just have to settle for slipping in a cd-and being a fan from afar. A very satisfied fan.

Having purchased my tickets the day they went onsale from the venue (Innsbrook Pavilion...a small covered stage located in a field behind some office buildings in an office park...odd place for a venue, but apparantly popular and effective nonetheless)two friends and I drove up from Charlotte, NC for this show. Having read the posts on the venue's website, we decided to come early since the gold circle seating was general admission and we wanted to get close. We arrived around 3:30, surprisingly before anyone else, including most vendors and security. We were treated with getting to watch sound check from just outside the venue proper, which only gave us a taste of what was to come. At precisely 6:00 the "gates" were opened and people started sprinting to the front to get those front row seats. We held back a bit, but were rewarded with what I thought were excellent seats...5th row, dead center. Perfect auditory range (good mix of stage volume and FOH), and visually not too close, but can see everyone without trouble. After settling into our seats and foraging for some excellent burgers sold onsite, the opening band came on. Apparantly this venue is in the practice of using local bands to open shows here. I think this is a great idea, I wish more venues would do this. However, at LEAST get an original band...not a cover band like this one. I play in a cover band myself, so no disrespect to cover bands, but they should not be opening for an international touring band such as Toto. Put them on a side stage out in the parking lot if you must, but there's got to be a starving original music band in Richmond that could use that kind of exposure. But, I digress. At 8:00, the sun had just settled behind the trees surrounding the stage and the temps cooled off a bit (from the stagnate 96 deg. it had been) and our heroes took the stage. It was the same setlist as Cooperstown. Other than a few technical glitches here and there (Luke's Ovation, Greg's rig, etc.) it was a flawless performance, albeit short. Most of the crowd in the gold circle area stood the entire show, and the crowd down around the foot of the stage grew considerably as the night progressed. Of course most people were familiar with the "hits", and that seems to be what the band focosed on in this setlist...not too many surprises. But I guess I shouldn't expect too much when tickets are $10 for lawn seats, $25 for gold circle. Great show, worth the trip, but would love to see a FULL Toto show without having to go to Europe or Asia for it. I'm sure NC is out of the question for any future dates, so I'll still drive 1-2 states away for shows. Thanks again for a great show. Can't wait to see you guys again real soon!

Cooperstown, USA — 26 June 2006

I just read Fiona's review of the most excellent Toto show at Irving Plaza, in NYC, os Saturday evening, June 24, 2006. That "10 year-old boy" was my son, Todd, who I can assure you is a Toto fan and fanatic, through and through. In addition to Toto's NYC show, I also attended the Hospice Charity Event in Cooperstown, NY on Monday June 26th, where Toto rocked the house (or large tent, technically).

Given my almost 30 year-old love affair with this band, I could write a book and then some explaining why Toto's music, songwriting and musicianship inspires me daily to keep music an integral part of my life. Instead, I thought I'd make one simple comment about their performance last night. Given the charitable nature of the event in an isolated part of New York State, the members of Toto could have easily considered the arguably low-exposure gig as a "paid practice" in front of 500 people. Instead, they played and sang every song, from start to finish, with soul, feel and emotion like it was their last gig in front of 100,000 fans and critics. That's what this band is all about...and why I love them more than any other.

Hello to all.
Cooperstown is a small, baseball-infested town (Baseball Hall of Fame resides here for those who do not know) with old, small town character. Rain tried to dampen most of the day, which benefited local Hospice care and was hosted, privately, by a local resident and MCd by several ESPN anchors. Toto's arrival to the stage near 9:00 P.M. brought an end to the rain and smiles to all those who witnessed the best band on Earth. My friends, Pete and Sally Yablonsky, and I were seated about 10 rows back as sponsors were given closer seats. Fortunately, as the show began, people were encouraged to "invade" the stage front, and I found my self arm's length from my heroes.
FALLING IN BETWEEN shook the tent-covered crowd and hinted to casual watchers anywhere close to the speakers that this was not going to be a night of Engelbert Humperdink. KING OF THE WORLD, with Greg wonderfully filling in Paich's vocals, continued the fast pace and is a wonderful live tune. The pace continued with Bobby soaring through PAMELA. BOTTOM OF YOUR SOUL, with its beautiful harmonies, was the next treat before CAUGHT IN THE BALANCE again rocked the house (NOTE: GUYS...PLEASE NEVER TAKE THIS FROM THE SET LIST AGAIN...IT IS A LIVE MUST!!!) We were then hit with MAKE BELIEVE, a TOTO IV classic often overshadowed by the obvious hits, which led right into HOLD THE LINE, which refreshingly is not the encore song. TOTO changed the pace now with a mostly acoustic version of STOP LOVING YOU with Tony Spinner on lead vocals. I'LL BE OVER YOU beautifully followed with Steve Lukather strumming the acoustic as only he can do. A redone version of CRUEL was next before a jazz--flavored, but slower first stanza of ROSANNA led into the familiar second stanza and on of this classic.
A humorous BAND INTRO led us into I WON'T HOLD YOU BACK. Right as this song could put many in a "sit back...relax" mood, GIRL GOODBYE nearly blew the event's numerous tents away. HOME OF THE BRAVE and AFRICA served as wonderful encores for a wonderful night.
After seeing Saturday night's show at Irving Plaza, I was asked to compare. Both were super tight as we all know Toto to be...singing, playing, everything is topnotch. Irving featured the complete set list (like what our foreign friends get to see) which was a treat, but the standing room only venue was a bit cramped. Cooperstown offered a shorter set list, but much more room for observers to maneuver. Pros and cons for both, but one thing was constant...TOTO KICKED ABSOLUTE ASS!!!
On a personal note, thanks to Peter, Sally, and Joey Yablonsky for their hospitality and kindness all weekend. Thanks to Steve McVey for including me in so much as well. And the guys in TOTO, Martin, Kenny, John, Bob Bradshaw, and are the best!!!

New York, USA — 24 June 2006

All I can say about this show is Wow!!!
In a venue that was standing room only I felt everyone in the room digging the show.
Everything about it was outstanding from the soundman to the whole band. I don't want go through all the guys names; everyone knows who they are. They all just played there asses off.
I was blowned away to hear a full 2hour and 15 minute show, as apposed to a short 90 minute show from seeing them previously at BBKings NYC in 2005.
What else can I say about the MC Steve Lukather- man this is a very funny dude, and a phenomenal guitar player. I can't leave out the great Simon Phillips on drums, being a drummer myself, he just takes everything to a higher level. My dream came true finally after years of trying. At Irving Plaza, after the show I went upstairs to the balcony, and I met all the guys in the band. Man I was so excited. I was blown away when steve lukather reached his hand out to me as I shook his hand. What a very humble guy.
All the other guys in the band where also very humble too.
Overall, it was a very humbling experience.
I'll never forget the remark and the reaction I got from Mike Porcaro, when I complimented him and said I loved your brother jeff and truely miss his groove in the band. He smiled back at me. Although, I'm sure he's smiling back at me, and happy that simon's now carrying on with the groove, and more. Toto is my favorite all around band in the world with the best musicians in the world to match.......
Musically Yours,

Well, what can I say? MY first live Toto experience was at the show at the Supper Club on the Kingdom of Desire tour. Since that time I've seen nearly every show in the NYC area including the three shows in AC a few years ago. This was the best show I think I've seen. I recently moved from NJ to Portland, Maine. I couldn't miss seeing you guys so I took a little road trip. It is hard enough to get you guys to the east coast of the US, so I figured that if I don't go to NYC I'll never see you again. (If you could make it to Portland, Maine I'm quite sure you would be received very well. This town is big on real music(ie. the type where people play instruments. We all miss seeing Dave, but Greg is so good it is a little scary. He seems to have this highly concentrated positive aura that spreads to everyone around him. (the Jerry Lewis was great too) Congrats to Simon on being a new dad. I know it must be really tough to be away from home at a time like this, so kudos to Simon. There's not too much I can say about his playing because he's so good there's not much to say (I really liked him on Ryo Okymoto's album too) The new arrangement of Stop Loving You sang by Tony was awesome. The new material was really a treat. It is all so good that to see it live is more than one can ask. From a selfish point of view I really wanted to hear "hooked" because this week its my favorite tune on the album. The lyrics are awesome & Bobby's vocals just kick ass on that tune. Mike Pocaro is the piller of strength holding the rythm together. Now to Luke. Firstly, somewhat sick, yet very funny jokes. The last time I saw Luke was with El Grupo at BB Kings, NYC. There are so few (known) guitarists at his level of playing, it is such a treat to see him. With Toto he's less aggressive than El Groupo, but just to the right degree. It's just nice to see someone enjoying what they're doing so much. The medleys were really great too. I suppose there isn't much of a choice in doing a medley when there's too much material to choose from. Guys keep writing & playing, & please try to make it to Portland, Maine. I believe you would be received very well in this city. Till next time.

Last night in New York City KICKED ASS!!!
We arrived a little early and got hold of t shirts (which I understand were virtually sold out after the show)... then went to the front of the room. I ended up being about three poeple back which, from an audio standpoint was still a little close but I was with everyone from the group of TOTO fans that have assembled at various concerts over the years and it was a great hang. I met some for the first time, and renewed friendships from years past. The highlights for me were ...that groovin' intro to Rosanna, Luke's solo with that "The Pump" groove..
"Bottom of your soul" was inspired to say the least. "King of the world" truly rocked the place. Everyone in the crowd got into the chorus...even people I don't believe had ever heard it before. I think a lot of new TOTO fans were born last night, and rightly so. The guys outdid themselves. Simon was on FIRE. Mike grooved like there was no tomorrow.. in fact, as someone who dances at most concerts I go to this was THE rhythm section.
Speaking of dancing..I make no apologies whatsoever for the amount of fun I have at these shows. Some woman in front of me had a problem with my moving around so much. All I can say to her is...."Don't you ever FEEL anything?"

Luke played his ASS off..
There was a young boy of about 10 or so who was behind us. He was there with his father and I think he has the "bug" now. He stood in total and honest awe as only a child can do.
Greg..what can I say. Everything fell into place as it should. Some inspired solo work had everyone guessing for a while. A true maestro at work.
Tony did some incredible work, complementing everything Luke was doing, and is a vital part of this group. I think a lot of fans think that way actually. There were many comments the next morning on the interactions between them and what a partnership it is!
Bobby sang everything as if his life depended on it. He gives everything to a gig and it shows. There are guys (and women ..hahaha) half his age who can only dream of having a range like that..and with such power.

I certainly think this was the best TOTO show I have been to yet. I truly love this new album. It is a "full circle" kinda thing, and it's great to feel that from the band. Tight doesn't even cover it. Rolling Stone can kiss my ass.


St. Charles, USA — 22 June 2006

These two concerts were the absolute pinnacle of my concert career. It is such a privilege to see a band of this caliber; it breaks my heart that a portion of America doesn't even know what they are missing. The sound was amazing, they were tight, the sounds cut through, the vocals and harmonies, the solos. Toto has been my favorite band from their inception. My older brother gave me their first album as a birthday present when I was just a kid and from then on; man was I hooked. I have always wanted to see them and when I found out there was a new album released I told my friend that even if we had to fly out to LA we were going to see them on this tour. Thank you Toto for giving us ear candy to listen to and enjoy while there is so much musically going on that is not worth listening to in the mainstream. If you want to see a show, I mean a real show, the kind that will inspire you to practice for 8 hours a day, DO NOT MISS THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEE TOTO!!!!!! They are great guys, too. We visited after the show. It is unbelievable that a group of musicians that bow to no one could be this humble. Guys, musically you are my heroes! Thank you guys for fulfilling one of my dreams!

We drove down from Bloomington IL to see the show. It was a real milestone for me considering how long I've followed their careers and the best rock show I've seen bar none. The guys are not only true masters of their instruments & voices, but true artists and entertainers as well.

We saw the entire first set and the last hour of the 2nd set. I loved hearing the music from the latest CD in the sets and are thrilled that they continue to write new music. Falling In Between has become my favorite overall release of theirs.

I hope that the band enjoyed playing the small venue as much as we did seeing them there. The club at the casino was an ideal place to see them. We were fortunate to be only 4 rows back and it's hard to describe the excitement of experiencing Toto's show that close in that room...just amazing. I sure hope that subsequent US "tours" are planned in the near future and that we make the 2nd St Charles appearance the "twice" in a lifetime experience.

WOW! WOW! WOW! An incredible concert in a venue where the band was an arm length away from the first row. Tight, crisp sets and the band fed off each other. Thank you all for an evening that we won't forget! We got a chance to see a band that we have always wanted to see and YOU ALL ROCK! ROCK ON!!!!!!!WOW!!!!

I can die now. I've finally seen Toto. I had dinner at a restaurant across from the venue before the show. There were 2 shows and I got there before the 1st show started, even though my tickets were for the later show. Steve was dining a couple tables away and I approached him after he had finished dinner (tryin' to be respectful). Got his autograph on "Falling In Between" CD cover.

Waited outside the venue, first in line to secure my front row seats. Heard the first show, which was superb, from outside. But I'm happy to have had tickets to show #2. They stretched out, played alot of hidden album tracks verses nothing but hits. :-)

I can't help but feel that the band (especially Bobby and Steve) were playing to me only. I know better they were playing to the sold-out venue. But I did get a little extra attention. This long time fan had the night of his life.

Opened with Falling In Between and played 2 other tracks from the new one: Bottom Of Your Soul and Taint Your Love. Pamela, Africa, Home Of The Brave, Make Believe, I Won't Hold You Back, Hold The Line. The highlight was a medley of oldies from the fanbase request including: Isolation, a pinch of Hydra (Simon was incredible), Gift Of Faith, Kingdom Of Desire and the others escape me right now (still goose bumps, they're fogging my memory).

The first show that I overheard outside got Girl Goodbye but I'm not complaining one bit.

I have been to probably over 600 concerts since 1977 (assorted bands, all classic rock bands)

Simple conclusion: BEST CONCERT OF MY LIFE!


Awesome experience! The band did not dissapoint, and I really enjoyed their setlist which featured tracks from Falling In Between, as well as Mindfields. Of Course the classics were played, and enjoyed by all. The band seemed very tight, and their stage presence was outstanding. Only downpoint for me was I bought a tourshirt, and got home to find that it had a rip in it!!! Booo!! (Help me Toto) Go see them America! Let's get them back in the game here in the States!!! They are one of the best bands on the planet!

Altoona, USA — 21 June 2006

One word for the concert on June 21st: unbelievable. Toto blew away all my hopes and expectations for a concert. The band played cool, but tight. They were awesome.

Toto played the first four songs off of the new album and did a terrific job. Sounded better in person than off the actual album. To my wife's pleasure, Toto also ran through some songs off of "The Seventh One" as well (Home of the Brave was a big hit).

This was my first Toto concert and was well worth the wait. Best of all, they will be in Milwaukee on July 8th. I will be cheering them on there too.

And one final note to Mr. Simon Phillips:
The airline pilot you sat next to from Des Moines, IA to St. Louis, MO was my younger brother who was at the Altoona concert with me. He wasn't sure if he should have bothered you or not for an autograph. He didn't ask for one and now I'm not sure if I need to disown him. Oh well, great concert anyways! See you boys on July 8th.

Man, where do I start? I've wanted to see Toto live since I first became a fan in 1985 (I'm 34). This is THE group that has really had a HUGE influence on my appreciation of fine music and top-notch musicianship. My 9 hour drive to Iowa from North Dakota to see Toto was a magical experience that I'll never forget.

It was fun to hear their new member, Greg ("Mr. Kevlar Nut-Cup"), on the keyboards. I'm glad he "blew up" (according to Luke) the keyboards, as the crowd had the pleasure of hearing an outstanding performance of "Little Wing", with Steve Lukather really going all out to raise the hair on everyone's arms (as well as the peach fuzz on the heads of much of the crowd!) with some of the best guitar playing I've ever heard.

Bobby Kimball had so much energy and sang his heart out! It was an honor to see him live with his great talent! When he told the crowd that it was "O.K. to stand up", I got off my butt with the rest of the die-hards and sang along. What a privilege!

Mike Porcaro was as cool as a cucumber! His solid bass lines provided such an awesome foundation for the guys to play along with, and Simon pounded away with the utmost precision. The two of them really showed how incredibly tight an awesome band can play!

And I can't forget Tony Spinner with his great guitar playing and vocals. What an awesome addition to the band!

Toto played their best, new and old. The high-lites for me were "King of the World" and "Home of the Brave". They totally faked me out (and probably the rest of the crowd) with their increadible jazzy rendition of "Rosanna" (record and release that!). "Make Believe" was a very pleasant surprise as well!

Even though I didn't get to meet the band, I'll never forget that night. It serves as a reminder of what true musicianship really is, and that good rock and roll is NOT dead in the USA! The one-hit wonders of the day will come and go, but the true greats like these guys will always live on.

I stuck around the venue for a few hours after the show, and shared thoughts with some of the fans. They were both young and old, but everyone I talked to agreed that this is true music that should be enjoyed by all. It evokes emotions, nostalgia, and just a damn good feeling!

God Bless Steve, Bobby, Mike, Simon, Greg, and Tony for giving so many people (even though a lot of them just sat on their butts!) such a magical and memorable experience. Keep rocking, and we hope to see you again soon! I love you guys!

Toto was awesome. I love every minute of the band, I just wish the crowd would have had more energy. I watched alot of the sound check and was struck by the attention to detail in sound that the showed- especially Simon. What a great band. Most bands would stop when there is tech problems. Not Toto, Little Wing was played while the techs got the keyboards back running.

I loved Falling in Between, Caught in the Balance, Pamela (even Simon's little double time groove). Who am I kidding I loved everything.

Thank you Martin for getting me a face to face with Simon, what a perfect ending for a great night

Just got back earlier today from seeing my first Toto concert Prairie Meadows, just outside of Des Moines. Since Toto does not tour the Midwest very often, I figured this might be my one and only opportunity to see them at a relatively close venue.

WOW! Toto's performance was air tight. If there is a better lead singer than Bobby Kimball, then I haven't heard him/her. He is definitely the soul of Toto...incredible range that he's had since the late 70's. Steve Lukather, lead guitarist, is the heart of Toto, and a virtuoso on the instrument. When Greg experienced some technical difficulties on keyboard, Lukather launched into an impressive Hendrix cover. Simon Phillips, former drummer for The Who, is the pulse of Toto. I could go to a concert and just listen to him play.

The band played a number of their hits, including Hold The Line, Goodbye Girl, Pamela, Rosanna, I Won't Hold You Back, and my two favorites...which happen to be Toto's double encore...Home Of The Brave and Africa. Africa is my favorite R & R song of all time. The band also sprinkled in 3 new songs from their recently released album, Falling In Between.

My only criticism was of the crowd...too mellow for a good part of the concert, even with Lukather urging them to get off their 'arses'. Because it was a casino venue, the concert was limited to 90 minutes, but what a memorable 90 minutes!

Guys, please come to Kansas the next time you tour. Between hearing you live and watching the Amsterdam video, you've hooked another fan for life!