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Stockholm, Sweden — 3 March 2006

Oh, wow. It's been almost a week since THE CONCERT at Hovet in Stockholm. This was my 6:th concert with the only band on the planet that matters - Toto. I travelled 950 km for this one. Worth every single km and more.
I've spent this past week trying to gather my emotions to be able to put words to them. I've finally realized that I can't. This is like any other true love : Words are not enough. That I feel like I want to marry Luke after every concert since my first (back then, I was 12 yrs old)is only a small measure of my ever-increasing love for this band. Just... They keep doing it!! Over and over, year after year, they keep making THE MUSIC. And this one.. The best concert, and one of the best cd:s. I can't even begin to comprehend the greatness of their talents, to be able to do that. I truly feel sorry for the people (read : critics) who don't understand, and aren't able to hear what the rest of us hears. One of my (and many elses, I know) biggest dreams are to meet these guys and talk to them for a little while. Just to see if they really are human, if nothing else! ;)
TOTO - You own a part of my heart, mind, soul end even body. I have a tatoo on my right leg of the Sword and Ring. I've had it for 8 yrs, never one moment regretted having it done, and never been more proud of it than now.
I will need to see this concert again, so I'll see you on the next leg of the tour! (I'm assuming that one will be in Gothenburg, so then I'll be travelling 1200 km.. ;)
Can't wait!

"You are the reason my love is Endless"... :)

I'm 20 years old and this was my first Toto concert ever and it was probably the best thing I've ever seen. It's so hard to describe the feelings that went through my soul when I heard all the songs that I recognize and been listening to for many years. Rosanna was definitely the best song, with a different first verse you made it cool to listen to. And the rest of the song speaks for itself. And all of the new songs is so good! You've done a really great job with them. Bottom of Your Soul is my absolute favourite from the new album.

I went to the concert with a bunch of my dearest friends and we were absolutely exuberant about the whole concert. It felt like we were in heaven afterwards. Totaly unbelievable!!!

Luke, Bobby, Greg, Simon, Tony and Mike - Thank You, From the Bottom of My Soul!
I hope I get the chance to see you again sometimes. You're very Welcome back to Sweden!!

You guys seems to be completely unable to disappoint me, thank God! I have been to 8 Toto concerts since the first one back in 1996, when I was 13 years old and I have never even been close to the expectations I had before this one. So this time, I was actually scared that I wouldn't be satisfied. But I couldn't be more wrong!

Songs like FIB, Caught in the balance, Kingdom of desire, Endless, Isolation and most of all Gift of faith (wich was the first Toto-song I ever heard live and there for will always have a special place in my heart) totally rocked my world!

Even though you guys ARE musicians and not rock stars as Luke so perfectly put it, I have never seen a better ROCK show in my life! It hit me straight in the face and my girlfriend, who attended her first Toto-concert, just couldn't stop smiling. I sure hope this wasn't the last I saw of you...

Thank you so much for a wonderful night! And I hope that Dave and his sister can feel the support from all the swedish fans!

Great concert! First concert -87, been 20 since then.. This was the top 1 or 2 so far.. .) Always wanted to hear Endless and Isolation. But no "Angel don´t cry".. great sound. Se you next time!

Oh my god, This concert was amazing. Never seen the band so on and on fire. It was so refreshing I think when they added Greg they got new power and fresh blood into the band. The gig at Hovet was sold out and the new cd Falling in Between have now been 3 weeks on the top 40 album charts in Sweden. Toto are doing great. The acoustic set on this tour is really good when songs like stop loving you and cruel is really good on acoustic. And the new version of Rosanna was brilliant I hope the guys record that one! And The set list was perfect mix between new and old songs. And the solos were in Between the songs and not to long so the audience lost interset they were perfect. The audience really loved the conert and so did Toto.

Can't wait until next time c u Johan

Thanks for a magic evening!

Wonderful setlist, but I missed "White Sister"!

"The Bottom Of Your Soul" was the highlight, true magic!

Si..My Man..
I have listened to his work since "Space Boogie" and I just love his way of playing and his integrity. The best there is! Dynamics, anyone?

Luke was awesome tonight (as always)!

Mike, The Groovemeister, always exact on the note! He must have a planted clic somewhere, haha.. :)

Greg did a fantastic job, no doubt, but I really missed Dave..

Fantastic stage, awesome!
But why the chairs in front of it?

First time I went with my wife, she stood up from the first song til´ the last!

Thanks(again)for a great night!
Fxxk what the critics say, we will be there next time anyway!

Thank you for a great Concert in Sweden (3rd march 2006). It is a great sensation that the Band never stalls, that the band continously develops. There is no such thing here as the same stuff over and over again!

It is a pity that the critics are incapable of seeing the masterminds of music (mozart & co seems like amatures in comparsion) and appreciate Toto - and only whine about "the few hit-songs" and consider everything else to be "between the hits". As Steve L said: "any fool can be a rock star. Just dress him up and put him on MTV - duoh!" On the other hand, they are not worthy of comprehending - and thus enjoying - the sweet tunes and rythm that echoes in our minds...

The Concert sounded very fresh, with a Lukather jumping around like he had fire on his ass! A Power-chord! Huh! New Rosanna - a new masterwork. Songs such as Stop loving you, Pamela, Make Believe (with a great twist to Hold the Line) work wonderful in concerts and sounded fresh. In addition the new album has many great songs, although some dips occasionally occures (I'm sorry, but Taint your World is not the band's best work). The New and recent songs (including songs from Mindfields) work just as well as the old ones - the Falling in Between-intro was amazing! I know of no other band who over and over dares to throw in new material as an opening anthem. Toto's span of music is truly with "no end in sight".

- From the bottom of a musician's soul

What can I possibly say that hasn't been said already? This was the best concert me and the Mrs have been to. The band lashed out "Falling In Between" as the first song, and ended with "Africa".

The sound was thunderous, Simon's drums was punchy and loud. This particular night Simon's grooves stood out before me. I love his chops, but I'd die for his grooves. Simon and Mike laid down the bottom hard, accuracy like a top surgeon. No doubt the best rhythm section there is. Add to that Luke and Greg at their best, plus Bobby Kimball in great shape. He lay down the law as a lead singer this night. The vocal department has been even stronger with the addition of Greg Phillinganes, not to forget the amazing Tony Spinner who did "Stop Loving You" with great finesse. The way these cats blend their vocals to a rich layer is something to really get into Live In Concert. Toto gels together utterly well with this edition, and I predict greater things in a few years for this team.

It's hard to pick the favourites from this treasure of songs, but "Rosanna" with a jazzy intro where the guys had changed everything but the vocal line in the first verse was extremely cool. "Goodbye Girl", "Make Believe", I could go on and on. The audience had a feast with the hits, and Luke with the Music Police Department. He was great in the role of ruling the show, with his humour and timing.

After the show Simon and Luke visited the Backstage Area to chat with guests. Honorary guests were Swedish guitar wizards Tommy Denander and Peter Friestedt among others. For me and the Mrs this was something extra as we not only got a chance to talk to Luke and Simon, but to Bobby, Mike, Greg and Tony as well. These men all displayed humanity, humbleness, love and respect as they blessed us. What can I say? A lifetime memory, and the impact it had makes it necessary to meditate over this great event-for a really long time. Thank you guys, for everything.

Wow... this 2 hour concert was the best moment in my whole life. I think the choice of songs where excellent, I didn't think u would do "endless" and "isolation" but I am very happy u did :D . but the best one must have been "Girl goodbye". The intro to "Rosanna" was awesome and I thought Greg did his first toto concert VERY good. The Piano solo that ended up with "simple life" was fantastic! This was my first toto concert too and I was very impressed by Tony Spinner who sang "stop loving you" extremely well.
I burned 125$ in Totostuffs and don't regret anything!!!


Thanks guys for your wonderful show yesterday.

Mike - You are the groovemaister in the band and did a very big and important, but also anonymous job at the concert.

Simon - What a drummer. You played fantastic yesterday. You played very tight and did a fantastic drumsolo.

Steven Lukather. What can i say. You're a perfect leader of the band and you're a fantastic guitarplayer. Your induvidual solo to the Pump groove was the most awsome i ever heard. Thank you Friend.

Greg - Wow! I also play the keyboards and i must say that i'm very impressed. Your solo before that funky Rosanna-tune was very good. Not to long, not to short and it had a wonderful gospel-feeling. You've also played a litle bit of Simple life in your solo. Fantastic!

Bobby - When i heard you sing i thought i were back in 1982. You sing so clean. You made a great work.

Tony spinner - Toto have not just found a very, very good guitarplayer in Tony Spinner. They've also found one of the best singers i ever heard. You look so cool and it seems hat you get more like a Toto-member now.

I must say that you have made an fantastic setlist with many old songs, but also many new ones. I'm so glad that you played favourites lie Pamela, Make Belive, Cruel, Stop Loving You, I'll Be Over you.

You also palyed some great stuff from the new record. I really liked Let it Go. It grooves incredeble. The version of Rosanna was maby the most unexpected at the concert. And what a version. GREAT.

Thak you TOTO. I would also like to thank David Paich, Joseph Williams, Steve Porcaro and of course my true idol Jeffrey Porcaro. God bless you.

Please don't care about Aftonbladet & Expressen. They suck. They don't understand real music and what a musician is. They just like some bands and popstars that can't even play an instrument.

Thanks once again. And i promise you Luke. I'm not your fan. I'm your friend.

TOTO! I have to thank you guys for being the best band in the world!
The concert last evening was outstanding! The intro with "falling in between" was amazing! I just enjoyed every second of the concert. And then you guys start to play "Pamela" as second song... I was speechless...
Thank you TOTO for the best concert in my life!

Come back soon!!!

Hi Toto! I saw the band for the first time in Stockholm/hovet on their IV consert, I´ve think It was 1982 or 1983. Bobby Kimball had broken his leg. Every time Toto has been in Sweden I have been there. I think that last night´s concert was one of the best I ever seen, the band really gives the audience 100 % their heart - thank you Toto.
The band was really relaxed. This time I had my family with me for the first time, my son, daugther and my wife.
So Steve, you got it right..when you wonder about all the young people in the audience. Good luck on the rest of the tour and I hope I will see you soon in Sweden again.
By the way, my daugther´s name is Rosanna, she had a smile on her lips when you played a wonderful version of the song Rosanna. My son said too me after the concert "These guys really can play their tunes - better than this you can't play live."

Excellent show! The intro to Rosanna was really cool! Special thanks to Steve and Simon foe the politeness and engagement after the show! It was a great privilege to meet Steve because he’s a great inspiration to me, my brother Kenneth and my father! Great show great sound. Hope to meet you again! Toto you are simple the best!

I enjoyed every single second of the show. Goosebumps all over! Greg did a great job on his keys! Love to everyone, god bless. And not forget the great work from the engineers and crew. Thanks TOTO for pulling of a great show See you next time!

Thanks for a amazing concert. For more then ten years I have visit every TOTO-concert in Sweden. This was the best so far. Extremely good mix of heavy AOR- and smooth slick-stuff. Luke was playing better then ever before, with great musically and feeling. The rest of the band were on top. Greg liftet the band to a new level. His groovy playing style gives new dimensions.
The setlist was tasteful selected. Make believe, the new Rosanna-intro and the acoustic section in the middle will I never forget. This concert will live in my memory for a long time. Looking forward for the next time. THANKS A LOT!

This was one of the best concerts i've seen with TOTO, absolutely fantastic! It's always a holy moment for me to see my friends on stage, and this time with the new member Greg Phillinganes.
They performed as good as always, and i heard a new touch in their music because of Greg and Tony Spinner of course, and nice re-arrangements of some songs.
I was glad to hear: Pamela, Endless, Stop loving you, Home of the brave, and songs from the new highly recommended album "Falling in between".
The mix of old and new songs was perfect.
Thanks TOTO for an unforgettable night at Hovet!!

I'm looking forward too see you soon again in Stockholm. I wish you all the best.

Great show! Great setlist.Good mix of old and new songs.I've seen you a couple of times before and this was definitely the best so far. The new songs worked well. I think the new album is one of your best. Awesome drumsolo from Simon in the middle sectin of Hydra, unbeliveable how did you do that?

A wonderful concert, can't explain how much I liked it! A great mix of new and old songs, solos etc! And I really hope that you guys ment that " see you next time " because I can't explain how much I want to see you again.. puuh great concert! Im 15 years old, a drummer, just so you know you got fans among the younger ages too ! It was a lot better then i expected and that's really good because my expetations were real high! I will definitely go to more concerts with you! Keep up the fantastic work ! LOVE YOU!!

Oh My GoD!!!!!!!!
This is my first Toto concert and it was AMAZING!
When you started to play Pamela I freaked out.
I have never been to a better consert.

Absolutly amazing! I can't belive i was there yesterday! And the thing luke said "We're not rockstars or something, we're musicans, it's a hugh difference" thats the truth! . Now i feel like there's no worth in going to other live shows with other bands cause' i've already seen the best. The last time i saw toto live was in like.. hm 1997 maybe? And then i was 8 years old so you did'nt think of it in the same way, i had just started playing guitar then. Now when i have played guitar some years and knows all the songs i get so impressed! After the summer i'm going to buy a MM Luke, no doubt about it, i know it's impossible to sound like luke, cause' everyone's got their own sound but man.. who don't want to have the guitar that the world's best guitarist is playing?

Thank you TOTO it was a very very very god show you guy´s did in Stockholm.Very good mix of old and new songs, your new cd is GREAT. TOTO RULES.

Allright, time for a Toto gig again, I think it was my seventh one. As always, they deliver what we want!
To bad David wasn´t there but i think Greg did a great job!

In my opinion, the show started great, slowed down a bit in the middle and finished just excellent. I especially enjoyed the "unplugged" part with Simon on the smaller kit. The intro to Rosanna was a killer and Simons solo was the best ever.

It was a great mix of new, old, re-arranged and classical hits!! Thank you guys, see ya next time!!

What a fantastic concert! I have followed Toto since their first single and I've seen all your tours here in Sweden, starting 1982 and I think last night's gig was the best so far. And your new album is a real killer. I think it's your best one as a whole, so far. I'm so impressed that you can improve after such a long and succesful career. As many other fans/friends of Toto I'm also a musician and you give me lots of inspiration in my own work. I'm looking forward to seeing you many times still and hoping for more killer-albums. You keep making them and I'll keep buying them. A perfect relationship. To quote a famous swedish band: THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC!

here i am feeling like an idiot again because words are so incredibly hard to find. man, if there's someone, ANYone who left hovet tonight thinking "ah well, another show with another band", they'll have to deal with me! i was really blown away, all my toto-fanatic friends as well and we had a blast. we had seen the cats in fredrikstad last summer and were so looking forward to an indoor show here at home. i would buy that ticket a million times again, over and over, it was SO worth it, the wait, the awful winter weather here in stockholm, everything.
the guys looked awesome and they rocked the socks off everyone, really hope they felt at home and felt the love. brilliant setlist, clever arrangements on the acoustic set and the stage - lighting, screens, all in all design - was pure delight. the solos were kick ass, great mix of classics and new material. greg - don't we all love how he's called "the new guy" but i honestly think they couldn't have found someone better, feels like he's been in the band forever, he brings so much energy and always has the right feel and attitude. hats off to greg! a lot of respect for tony as well, he's incredibly talented! mike, bobby, simon, luke - genius. there are no words to describe our love and admiration, i feel honoured to be a fan and love the music, it's really a blessing. right on, luke - you are MUSICIANS! and your skills are incredibly impressive, we look up to you, love you and respect you for the great music you give us!
my best friend and i are coming to oslo to see you cats one more time. rock oslo like you rocked stockholm! tons and tons of love to you and our thoughts go to dave and his sister as well!

It was one of the best Toto shows I`ve been to. This was the sixth show for me. I saw them as far back as 1982 when they played in the same arena on their first European tour.
I was very glad to hear "Gift of faith", Stop loving you", "Kingdom of desire" and I´ll be over you. The songs from "Falling in between" were also good and of course the rest of Toto classics as: "Endless", "Rosanna", "Africa" and "Hold the line". My hat of to you guys in Toto.

I want to thank you for a fantastic show in Stockholm tonight..!!!!One of the best I have ever seen... I saw my first one 1988..and I hope that you are coming back soon again... And it was great to hear the new songs from Falling in´s a great album!.... I also want to send regards to my "Toto friend" over the years Geoff W from UK...

Damn what a good concert!!!!!! Guys, this was problaby the best concert I ever attended! The acoustic set was amazing. I like the version of Stop Loving You they did. It was quite funky! And Pamela grooved as hell! Simon did one hell of a job. He mixed groove and fastness & techniqe that it was scary!

Bobby did a really good job! At some concerts, he has a habit of screaming too much but he was perfect today! He also did an awesome dance at the end of Home Of The Brave! Luke played awesome as usual and was hilarious!!! "Bobby as a pornstar" Hahahaaha! Greg sang excellent and Let It Go really grooved. Mike...what can I say. The groovemeister himself. I liked the fact that Tony got a bit more space this time. He sang Make Believe with Bobby and it sounded awesome!!!!! Of course, he sang SLY.

They did a remake of Rosanna and it sounded excellent. I thought it maybe was Georgy Porgy when they started it, so I was really chocked when I heard it. Great!!!

Thanks for a lovely evening, guys!

THANK YOU for playin good music!!
You're the best! I love the music you were playin. The concert was awesome!!!!!! When you guys played girl goodbye, I was speechless.


Oooo Man what an AWESOME gig to night! It was my first live Toto-gig and definitly not the last for sure! With songs like Isolation, Endless and Kingdom of Desire, the set-list was better than ever. Luke's solos are fantastic as always, thanks man! Greg Phillinganes did a great job singing and playing keys. He certainly has the Toto-vibe! Everybody else in the band performed superbly as usual. Thanks guys!! U are all super great music boy's ;) Be back soooooon ;)


Just back home after the Stockholm gig. I feel that I need to your share my thoughts and feelings after the concert. Luke kept throughout the concert referring to the audience as not his fans, but his friends... I feel blessed to have been fortunate to follow these cats since the mid 80´s. Actually my first TOTO concert was at Hovet, 20 years ago. I went tonight with my little brother whom at time of my first TOTO concert was approx the same age as my son is today... Time flies, doesn´t it ?!

Thankyou to the guys who revealed the setlist at the message board, I always feel it´s nice to know kind of TOTO treat I´m in for, but hey, that´s me. The setlist was the same as the previous shows, what I could notice.

TOTO is probably one of the best examples around of that QUALITY never goes out of style, and as Greg qouted Ray C at this Swedish mornings radio show; "There´s good music, and there´s bad."

Until next time, god bless and peace!