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Oslo, Norway — 4 March 2006

Pure Toto..
What a rush. Fantastic, amazing and all of the superlatives you can find. Loved to see your musical mastership, both vocal and intrumental. I've been playing guitar in band in 17 years, and i take my hat of for you guys.. I've read 2 reviews from Dagbladet (5 of 6) and, who gave you a very good reveiw. That says a lot. Even the papers give you thumbs up.. As a fan, i'm extatic. Best concert of any band ever. Been on 5 Toto conserts, and about 150 other conserts. I just have to say, the version of Rosanna.. WOW!! That's why we can come to your consert again and again, AND AGAIN.. I really hope you will take another ride to Norway. Your new album, Falling in between, rocks. Your absolute best ever. Thanks.

The forth of March was a really great day for me! I got to see one of the best bands ever!!! It was the day after my birthday, so it was the greatest gift ever! It all started with the beautiful song "Africa" some year ago, and now I can't live without the music. Lots of thanks to Bobby, Steve, Simon and Greg for making it a fantastic evening! U GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!

WOW. This was my consert number 10 with toto and this was the best one yet. The songs they played was perfect and the guys was in great form. The aucustic set was brilliant. I was standing in the front and got gog eyecontact with Luke. Hope to see you guys soon. I just love you. Simon, you are the best drummer in the wourld an Luke, what can I say... You blow me away everytime..

Love and peace

remember the sign "f*** the papers we love you"? that's pretty much what we have to say and we'll wave that loud and proud at the coming concerts =)
the show in oslo was even better than stockholm, thank you so much for an incredible night and a wonderful experience.
there is of course a difference between row 14 and first row (stockholm vs. oslo that is) so there was practically no stopping us haha. but hell, there was no stopping you cats either, you put up one killer show. we miss you guys already, see you as soon as possible!!
all the love!!

Thank U guys!!!! I've been attending all of your shows in Norway since KOD 1992 (except Youngstorget 2000), and I must say: the consert in Spektrum last saturday is probably the best ever!! I brought a friend (who isn't as dedicated Toto-fan as I am) and he LOVED it! I was really proud to be a Toto-fan, the show was overwhelming!! The set-list was great, and a special treat when Luke introduced Isolation and Endless with: "This is what it would be like if Bobby didn't leave the band...". And it rocked BIG TIME! Tears in my eyes during "I will remember".
I starting to prepare for the second leg of the tour.....
You're the best!! Thanx for sharing your miracle world of genius music with us! Take care.

Flew over from the UK to see the gig.
Worth every minute and every penny!!
Seen you guys many times but you keep getting better and better.
Spektrum - great hall, great crowd.
thanks everyone.

I went to Spektrum with real anticipation this time, after hearing the new and great album. This is an album that will grow in my ears every time I listen to it, just like "Isolation" did (and still does). I was a bit disappointed after the last concert in Spektrum, (when Bobby just had rejoined the band). Too much adrenaline, big bottom guitar, high hair and an overexcited Kimball. Less is more, guys - and this time it was perfect. I'm especially grateful for playing "Make Belive", "Endless" and "Isolation". And I have never heard "Pamela" with such groove, intensity and great vocal harmonies as this saturday night, especially thanks to Tony Spinner! Jay Graydon All Stars Band with Joseph Williams and Bill Champlin performed it at Rockefeller Music Hall here in Oslo a few years ago, and I thought it was the most perfect I've ever heard. This time you proved me wrong!
I was impessed by Greg and Tony this time, although I of course worship every one of you talented guys. However, Luke is The Man! I want you thank you for being such an inspiration and influence for guitarist worldwide! You play your guitar with such soul, power and feeling, and you rock like hell! That's it folks! Welcome back to Oslo!

I have been a fan of TOTO since 1978, and I have seen some concerts. This was the best concert ever. Guys, you been even better and better. To Bobby, Luke and Mike - I was really touched over the performance this night. Give my regards to David also! It was really great to see Tony (what a great voice) and Greg too. The new album is very very good. I say - please come back soon guys - you are the best!

Mindblowing... Nothing but mindblowing... Tears ran down my face during "I'll be over you...", And I floated on a cloud out of the arena. I've been fortunate enough to attend a lot of rock concert, but this is the best ever. Thank you for this experience, and come back soon.

Saturday night in Oslo was awasome. its wonderful to hear great musicans together. The concert was a big happening for me and the playlist was very nice. It sounded great with the acoustic verson of "Rosanna" and "make belive", "hold you back","isolation" and "falling in between" was all superb.
I have been a fan since beginning and saturday I got another confimation why I THINK YOU`RE THER GREATEST BAND.

How to start! WELL! I think it`s about time that a girl speaks out!
This was my third concert with TOTO, and it nearly blew my head off! Incredible!
My friends and I had really bad seets, so I grew really grumpy as the time went buy. BUT! The show started! ( and what an opening)
The crowd went crazy! ( especially during the first cords of "Hold the Line" )
I love the new album, and the songs rocked even harder live!
But the very best thing with this concert was the mix of songs.
When Ladies night/Pamela came my tears came.
Come on, the 3rd song?? Only TOTO can make me react thet way!
And then when "make believe" came, I thought: "If they play "I will remember" this venue will be perfect. But ( ALOOT of "but"s) then came Cruel, and I screamed my eyeballs out! What was I supposed to do when "I will remember" came?
I had no reactions left!
I cried and I cried, I jumped, clapped and screamed then I screamed some more.... BOOM! Endless came along!
I have loved that song since I was 10! That makes 11 years of Toto-loving!
I truly had the time of my life. And considering my tough week; I can love you to death!
Thank you for a great evening, and two hours of pure happiness!
I salute you!

P.s. Tony? GREAT JOB! I adore you!

HOWLY M******* CRYING OUT LOUD!!! Been to many Toto shows in my time, but this is the best one ever!!! Even Dagbladet (one of the two biggest newspapers her) gave the show 5 out of 6. Well, incredible, people around the world get excited!!! I just can't write anymore, I'm out of words...

Thank you!!! A great concert with a very good mix of new songs blended perfectly with the older songs. Very nice intro to Rosanna. Luke - as always you are the king, Bobby - what has happened to you? Your voice has never been cleaner than this - it was perfect on the whole scale. Simon, Mike, Gregg and Tony, you guys rock!!! Thanks again for a great evening, see ya next time in Norway. David - good luck!!!

Last night was my wife's and my 3rd Toto concert since 1992 - and what a concert! It started with the curtain falling as in 1992 (which was a really HARD rocking Kingdom of desire concert), and you really rocked hard this time too - as many others have said already, it was the best ever in Oslo!

Luke said we were more like friends than fans, and I think we all felt the same - it was a very good atmosphere last night.

Very satisfying to finally hear tunes from Isolation live, great songs - and the new songs - the record just keeps getting better every time we listen to it, FiB is one of the best Toto records!

Bobby - please don't take a break from Toto again

Luke- we were just blown away by your solos! (love Santamental, by the way)

Greg- solid addition to the band, how about Greg together with Dave (best wishes!) later, that's going to be awesome.

Simon and Mike - steady going as always, we never stop appreciating your musicianship!

and Tony, glad to see you are still with Toto on tour, you're perfect!

Thanks, see you next time!

This was above everything!!!!! Ït was the best night of my entire life!!! You guys are great, and of course your music is genius! Can't wait for you to come back! How about tomorrow?? Pleeeaase come back soon!!! WE LOVE YOU!! Have you decided for your next visit to Oslo or Norway? Thank you for the best concert ever! :):):):):)

MY GOD WHAT A PARTY!!! Oslo Spektrum was ROCKING this saturday night! This was my fifth concert with Toto and it fullfilled my wildes dreams and expectations. The sound was fantastic. It was a great mix of songs from the new album and older songs in new arrangements. Really successful! The guys played with great energy and dedecation. Everyone in the band was just brilliant! Please be back soon; maybe to my hometown Bergen? Love and good luck with the rest of your tour! To the rest of Europe: You have something to look forward to!

I first heard Toto when my older brother played the first album for me when I was a child. As a grown-up, I have re-discovered them, with the Kingdom-album. Yesterday was the third concert for me, and it was just a happy experience. The combination between such a variety in musical styles, the tecknical perfection of some of the best musicians in the world, and the wonderful communication with the audience. It was awesome! I am so glad that this band from my childhood still brings such wonderful music to their fans both with the stunning new album, and this amazing concert. And Luke: not all newspapers are your enemy: the second largest norwegian newspaper gave you VERY strong reviews today:)

This was my third TOTO concert, and it was without doubt the best I've been to. They play with such energy, power and accuracy, that it's unbelievable!! For over two hours my face was nothing but a huge smile.

Thank you TOTO the fantastic music you make!

This was the best Toto gig I have been to. I had a good time. It was fun too see them live again. Bobby sang awesome. Luke played the guitar like a god, and he can really sing. You all ROCK. Hope too see you all soon. Good luck.

Hi guys, Oslo was my second consert with you in Norway. Yesterday you moved me so much I almost started to cry. Never in my life have I witnessed something so great. It is almost to good to be true. You touched my heart when you came back out and played "Home Of The Brave." And I did not think that you would play songs like "Endless," "Make believe" and "Stop Loving you" (which Tony sang amzingly by the way). And the new songs are so great and sounded so nice. I really love you guys, and I admire the fact that you get even better and better considering the age:) Come back to Norway sometime and move me again!

This was the absolutely best concert I have been to! The sound was great, and the songs Toto played from the new album sounded 1000 times better live! And the new album is my top 3 of all of the albums. It was a incredible energy among the crowd, and my voice is more tired then it has ever been! Toto played a section of some old songs in a new way, which I just found incredible! And when Cruel from Mindfields started, i allmost fainted!

I do really not hope this is the last concert I see from Toto. It was my second, but it's just never enough Toto! I'm Hooked!

I have not been at so many concerts in my life, but I can't belive that others could be better than this. I'm 15 years old, so I took my father with me, and he thought the same as me, this concert was one of the best concerts he had been at! I will say I didn't know that Greg was SO good, and the same with Simon. And Bobby and Steve, you guys get better and better! It was only ONE bad thing, and that was that David didn't came, but that was the only thing. I hope you guys will come to Norway one more time! You ROCK!

This was my first TOTO concert even though I've been a big fan all my life.
And wasn't to be the last....
The concert was awsome!!
It was all that I expected, and MOORE.
Especially all the old songs that was very nice.
Keep on rocking TOTO!

God damn it was great! What a energy from the stage! This Toto concert is the best ever! Really loved the dynamic of the show. My first concert with Greg Phillinganes on the keyboard. This guy is a TOTO-member! Welcome to the family Greg!
Met Steve, Greg and Simon after the night in heaven for me. "I Will Remember........"