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Milan, Italy — 18 March 2006

Dear friends,
We are Spanish, and last Saturday, in Milano, had the opportunity, with other Spanish friends, to see TOTO live for the first time, although we are fans since more than twenty years. It was even better than we could imagine. Luke’s guitar is "galactica" and... welcome to new member Greg!. Fantastic contribution in the keyboards (good luck for David, we support you and everything’s gonna be all right). We were specially excited when you played "Goodbye girl", brilliant classic with a crazy live interpretation. "Rosanna" was also impressive, with a striking rhythm that excited completely the audience. From the beginning with "Falling in Between" till the end with Africa, the show was ... impossible to describe, it is necessary to live it.

And what can we say about you, Bobby, many extraordinary singers have been the leading voice of TOTO but ... You are the VOICE OF TOTO.

More than two hours of TOTO intense interpretation is an unforgettable experience, which we’ll surely repeat. As Luke said, we are a community... we are friends ... we are even brothers and sisters, and this is what is really important.

We are looking forward to watching you in Spain in July. You will see how enthusiastic, passionate and warm are Spanish people.

Gracias amigos

WOW, we have just got back to England.. exhausted but happy that we went over to Milan to see The Best Live Band in The World... bar none. Once again Toto have proved themselves to be a band that cares about its fans and put on an imaginative great paced show. Maybe the emotion of the whole trip upped the stakes in how we felt about the show.. but the feeling is that the show was even better than the TAMBU gig at Manchester Apollo '95 My Fav gig of all time. Luke I've seen you at tiny halls {The Robin Bilston} and in Large venues. You're playing is second to none and your relationship with the audience is outstanding.... YOU ARE THE KING... and Grazie to the Italian fans ... Great crowd and atmosphere

Guys, i´m from Croatia and we pass 600 km in one way from Rijeka (Fiume) to see you in live! When we came in Milan it was 3 pm, so we decide to visit center of town. Milan is beautiful! Guys, what a amazing concert! Perfect preformance by Lukather and Kimball, specially Kimball´s acrobation with a bottle! Sound was more than perfect! Steve is such a great, amazing musican! Bobby have special, grat range of voice! Light and video screens...perfect! can´t be better. Rock on, guys! I´d like to see you again!

What a fantastic performance, really!
It was my first Toto concert, but I'm sure these guys will be touring for many years, they are in a so great shape!
About vocals: Bobby has a perfect hard rock voice (incredible in "FIB" and "Home Of The Brave"), I love Luke's one too (especially on intimistic songs like "Bottom Of Your Soul"), plus we have Greg (all we miss David, but "the new kid in town" did a great work) and Tony (his voice arrives where only Joseph can). They created a new "gospel" intro for Rosanna, it was pure fun!
I liked that they thanked Frontiers: the work of Serafino and the Frontiers guys is great, in a so difficult market and a so unlucky country for our beloved music, but they have a deep passion for it. Since Luke introduced Mike as "l'italiano", maybe he should learn some sentences in Italian for the next band introduction ;)
One of the best parts of the show was the acoustic set, with "Stop Loving You" sung by Tony, "I'll Be Over You" by Steve and "Cruel" by Bobby. The guys were near to each other and seemed really like a family.
The new songs really rocked, especially "FIB", and "Taint Your World", thanks a lot for this Van Halen tune, one of my favorite groups. Also "Girl Goodbye" was really aggressive!
The encore was a bit short (2 songs, we always want more!), but very exciting: with "Home Of The Brave" they drove the crowd crazy, then "Africa" with the members leaving the stage one by one, pure emotions!
But the day finished perfectly because me and my girlfriend had the opportunity to meet Bobby after the show,
Good Lord I have his autograph!!
Thank you guys, keep on rocking!

Dear friends..
I probably must say "SORRY",i'd never see you live enormous sin!!!
I'm one of that guys who put his hand up when mr. Lukather ask if there's some musicians in palamazda..
I've very much enjoyed two things:
1st - Luke's annoucement "We're now an italian band" referred to the new collaboration with frontiers records;
2nd - my hearth was touched when i see an entire family with children and grandfather together. 3 generations, united by the magic power of the music.
Simon, probably God give His harms to you when you were born. You're the best drummer of all times.
great control of the dynamics, and a powerful shot on bass drums and snare... my tama rockstar at home pay the conseguences of your performance at Sunday :D!!
i'm studying the art of playing drums, and my master plays in a Toto tribute band, "isolation". i really want to grow and become a drummer near to your style.. clean, artistic, but never old.
Steve Lukather... great performance, you're a guitar hero...
Greg have really impressioned myself... great piano solo,and a great voice.
Lord Kimball, your voice was the real state of the art.
Mike Porcaro is not a great bass player...IS THE BASS PLAYER!!! a rhytmic machine, your team play with simon was divine.
the second guitar was really impressive, and his voice very beautiful.
in my life (i'm 22) I've seen a lot of concerts...but your concert give me something strange, a sensation.. there was a soul in your music...and the italian people feel it.
I hope you guys can see this post one day, and i hope to see you again in italy... You're a italian band now, Right??? ;)
(Dave, may God be with you, and may He help you in this hard moment. my hearth is nearest to your family now)

god bless you all guys.

What a feeling! What a concert! What a show! What a rock!

Guys, that was our 4th TOTO concert, but now I feel, it is almost the same like sex: it is much better if you have experience.

To tell the truth we had to drive a lot again. But no problem: we are so happy to see you, and we appreciate that you will come to Hungary/Budapest again. Thanks for that! Anyway, go back to the Milan concert! The first what I always feel when the curtains are falling down is charisma. These guys have not touched their instruments yet, have not started to play yet, but the charisma is just coming and coming, and I think, I always feel that nothing can stop that. In Milan I felt the same.

We were just staying 5 meters from the stage, and we were waiting for 2 hours for music. What a surprise! What a sound! What a beginning! When you started to play Falling In Between and King Of The World my heart, my soul was shaked up. And you just made me much more happier when you started to play Pamela! What a surprise! What a great song! And that was the time for me to lose my selfcontrol. I was jumping, I was screaming and I was singig with you guys. And I was lucky because fortunately you played a lot of songs from my favourites even if these are not so popular. Make Belive, Cruel, Isolation, Kingdom Of Desire, and my favourite Home Of The Brave, and so on.... I was almost crying. Well, If I would have to say something bad, I would say, that the accoustic and sound was not the best. Sometimes I felt, that I participated on a football final match, but I have to say thank you all of our Italian TOTO friends to make this wonderful atmosphere. We felt like at home, thanks again!
Luke! You are fantastic! What you did on your guitar is amaizing. Of course, we have known your guitar skills since years, but how can you play always with sense of humour, romantic and rock? I do not understand. What you did with Mike and Greg when Simon was doing his wonderful, excellent solo, was amazing!
Bobby! What you did in Hold The Line, was more than great. To tell the truth I started laughing, but as I realized Mike did the same. It was great, you are the best rock singer all over the world!
Finally I would like to say that of course we missed David, unfortunately we missed him again, but I hope, that he is right, and I hope, we will see him in Graz (A) or Wien (A) or Budapest (H) as well. Thanks a lot guys for that fantastic, amaizing evening in Italy, and we wait for you with open arms, heart and soul in Budapest!
Thanks again for our Italian frends, thanks for Milan to organize this wonderful evening! Save your wonderful country and your wonderful town!
Take care, and PEACE!
Gery and Ivi

Wow!!! Yeah! Who said rock n' roll is dead?? That was the best concert I've seen in the last 10 years!! The sound was excellent!! Toto totally rocks!! I was there with my band "NEVERSIN" and we screamed and clapped our hands from the first to the last song! We really missed David though... I hope everything will be alright...

Thank you guys for making great music and giving so much energy! Rock on!

The concert was really great. Everyone can appreciate your music: common people simply feel the good sound and emotions, but for musicians like I am, you are even the best technical reference in the world.
Many tanks.

Something of unique was happen last saturday night in Milan: TOTO have played one of his best live perfomance. My heart has been suspended for 2 hour and more!!
I've no words ... simply great!
The voice and guitar of Luke are something of breath-taking, THX to Greg to all he play, Simon is the hartbeat of this band. Great Bobby, Mike and Tony. The acoustic meedley of STOP LOVING YOU - I’LL BE OVER YOU - CRUEL - I WILL REMEMBER was Fantastic!! Hear the sound of BOTTOM of YOUR SOUL from Luke's voice has no price!
THX to All guys! It's an Honor for me assist to your show.
Hope to see you soon!!

The Masters are back!Hi guys...another masterpiece concert! I've seen new fans (how many young musicians!!??) in a Palamazda sold out! How many people, and how many families! fathers and mothers with their children...beautiful sensation. The Toto's family grows more and more!
Great energy from the new songs from FIB, fantastic the acoustic set with an amazing introduction to "Rosanna". What can i say? I hope to see you soon for another fantastic gig!
All the members are our friends and great musicians. I met the band in the meet & great and it was fantastic for me to say: "Ue' paisano!!" to Mike and Luke. Greg is a n.1 on the keys, Simon is incredible, Bobby is always the voice..., Tony is a splendid confirmation. Mike and Luke, no words for them, great musicians with great umanity. We miss you Dave, God bless your sis... we hope to see you soon.
As italian now i'm very proud to have a new "Italian Band" ...but Toto are always been italians! Ciao..."paisà"!
Pino Micele

Wow, what an evening... I seen Toto 10 times before, and Luke 3 times on solo gigs (went in LA to catch him at Baked Potato, but... missed). I am a fan from the first album bought by my oldest brother.
The band look in a very good shape, except Bobby who seemed a little bit tired, or not so "clear" as usual... The venue was packed up, and I think someone have not found tickets anymore... so come back to rock Italy or aren't you an "italian band"?
Yes, Luke, in the hall we were almost all musicians and I think you know it. So you teached... and we tried to learn. I have a very special mention for Greg who I have seen a couple of times before (with E.Clapton back in 86 and 89 and with Toto in 2003)... simply great... and in the right mood...
It's not easy to see a man take part of a band like Toto after being a "legend piano/keyboard player", but you did... really impressive.
Dave can be proud to have you as a friend/collegue not as replacement...
Really, the guys are friends... for us, and one for each other... We see it, we touch it and the concert results more powerful.
Thank you very much for another night full of great music, thank you Luke, Bobby, Greg, Simon, Mike and Tony.
What a show if the next time we could see Greg and Dave sharing the same stage... maybe... Dave himself hopes it, I think...
See you next time, guys.

Toto rulez!!!
Well boys, it's the second time I see you play in less than 2 years (the first one was in Brescia, my hometown, back in July 2004), and every time it happens I can only say: amazing!!!
The whole gig was awesome, great sounds, great musicians: what more can you ask for?
The mixture between the new songs and the old hits was simply perfect. I was particularly excited when you played "Gift of faith", one of my favourite songs of yours!!!
I do believe that the most intense moment was when Steve sang "Bottom of your soul": I had listened to it all week long, and the lyrics are really deep, it really touches me deep inside.
Let's talk about the musicians, then...
First of all, welcome Greg!!! An incredible musician, great voice; thanks a lot for the brief excerpt from "Birdland" (Weather Report), what a beautiful piano solo!!!
Simon and Mike: a rhythm section any musician would like to have in his band; what a groove, boys!!!
Tony Spinner: what a surprise!!! I knew he was a good guitar player, but I didn't know 'bout his voice: good job, man!!!
Bobby: still great, it's a pleasure to hear you sing; the songs from "The seventh one" are really difficult to sing, and you were very good on "Home of the brave". Go on like this!!!
Steve: I don't know what else to say. You're really one of the best guitar players in the world!!! What a touch, what a feeling, what a taste, simply ASTONISHING!!!
And last but not least, I'd like to send a message to David: I hope everything's gonna be alright for you and your family, and to get good news from you.
Thank you very much, boys: I'll never forget last night, and since "The road goes on" I hope to meet you again soon!!!

All of these years listening TOTO, and surely the maximum is to listen them live. After many years without Bobby, I really wonder about the fact that for Toto, he is absolutely the best for them! We enjoyed a version of "Rosanna" absolutely better than ever, and complete of all the jam sessions from Greg and Steve. Toto are for all the people in the world, and we hope to see them still for many years...We miss so much David, God bless him!

Hope to meet you all another time, perhaps in another continent?

Fantastic show last night in Milan!
Italy loves you.
The setlist was awesome and the sound was so perfect.
I enjoyed every single second of the show.
This was my 12th time I saw you around europe.
I hope to see you this summer again.
My best wishes to the best songwriter of the world...David Paich
I love your "spiritual song"

This was an amazing show. I travelled from barcelona, just to see toto in concert. Last february I saw them in London, and i hope to see them again in Barcelona (it will be the first time in spain ) .
I think people from milano was more enthusiastic , wildest, and crazy that london ' s people. Italians are more funny, amusing , fanatics than british !!!!! ( sorry UK.... ) It was funny when Steve asked to the crowd if it were any musician in the palace, and everybody raise his hands !!!! Everybody enjoyed every second of the concert. Sold out in milano ( or almost ) ,incredible sound again, ( i never heard a drum sound so clear in a concert ) and a perfect set list, very good mix of old and new songs ( fib, bottom of your soul,..incredible ) .Rosanna.... I loved the new introduction of rosanna, different but really brilliant. Incredible guitar solo from steve and what can I say about Africa ..... a perfect end of the show. I won' t never forget this night, the show and the band because one hour before the concert began I had the opportunity to talk about ten minutes and make some photos with them. Thanks for all. See you in barcelona !!!!!

Bobby Kimball in a perfect shape!
Congratulations to the sound engineers!
Greg solo was breathtakin'!

I (Luca) had the opportunity to meet the band behind the scenes ... they're great men first before great musicians!

... Dave we all miss You so much ... please come back soon!

Guys what a concert!!!
It was amazing from the first to the last notes!
I can't able to slept tonight, i was so exciting for the concer of my favorite "italian band"!
Thank you guys for the good music, the godd vibration, for feel us good!
All the song sounds so good, the quality of the music was incerdible, i can't remember a so hig quality in a live concert!
Thanks Tony, Bobby, Greg, Mike (paesano!!), Simon (your solo was, of course, full of energy!) and Luke!
I hope to see you soon in Italy again!
Thank you for the chargin of good vibration!
God bless you!

Hi... what a show!
Ok... some imprecisions but the level is always so high! You're musicians not Mtv rockstars!
Greg... what a surprise! You're a pianist ( shoulders... posture... "ribattuti!"). Your solo is wonderful (forever jazz!) Thank's for the show and for your professionality!
MIke, Greg, Steve, Simon, Bobby, Tony see you soon in Italy... but when????????
Dave... we are near to you and your family in these moments and we hope see you soon on stage with your musical family!
Grazie mille per lo spettacolo!!!!!!

Hi everybody,

I've been to TOTO concert in Milan last night. I've seen all their concert in Italy in the last 10 years and, according to me, this has been one their best.
The band was great, the sound OK, the palace sold out. The crowd knew and enjoyd the new songs; this is not surprisingly because the album is rising the rank in Italian top charts...
I liked the "acoustic moment", with the new introduction to "Rosanna", but I specially appreciated the fact that they finally played a lot of their old beautiful song... Isolation, Kingdom of Desire, Pamela to name a few...
I also enjoyed their solos: Luke played over the base of kingdome of desire and Simon over the riff of Hydra...
grat idea and grat solos, falks!
This world tour must be recorded live in a DVD or at least in a CD!!
Ciao to all

Very, very good guys!!! Great sound and player's skill. Great show. You played with passion and joy and we (italian audience from all the country) really appreciated your enthusiasm and of course your ideas for the set list (acoustic versions of Stop loving you, swing version of Rosanna, etc.). Great solos and high level performs. Last but not least a very cheap tiket, that's always a good news.
Thank you and good luck (this is for them all and for you David!)

9 p.m. : all pre-sales tickets went sold out for the only Italian date of FIB WORLD TOUR 2006 and tonight the venue was as crowded as one can nearly remember.
The kids went on stage on time and kicked off with a couple of new numbers from the new studio work : FALLING IN BETWEEN and KING OF THE WORLD.
Jumping back from past to present, it was time for PAMELA and BOTTOM OF YOUR SOUL.
Being a little bit too-much-in-the-mix, the general sound of the place was not as good as the guys deserve, but they feel at home anyway and ready to deliver an unforgettable performance. After a powerful CAUGHT IN THE BALANCE, they went straight on through two of the 1982 hits: MAKE BELIEVE / HOLD THE LINE in sequence.
Soon Big David will be back on stage with his brothers (Paich, we are all waiting for you), but meanwhile Greg shows what he’s made of and Bobby confirms himself a so special and talented vocalist as ever.
Under Mike’s (the "groovemeister") supervision, Luke and Simon prove constantly why Toto is a perfect combination and Tony feels himself a real Toto member as a matter of fact.
Melody, rhythm, accuracy and professionalism are perfectly matched through the different styles of songs and solos : awesome ! breathless ! to the bottom of everyone’s soul !
Time for a well wrapped-up acoustic medley: STOP LOVING YOU / I’LL BE OVER YOU / CRUEL / I WILL REMEMBER with Greg’s solo turning into Weather Report’s Birdland at the end, warming up the audience. The next track, a brand new ROSANNA, was introduced with a latin flavour and a new vocal harmony before turning into the classic rock version.
Then one after the other, always spacing through their incredible production all over so many years: LET IT GO, ENDLESS, ISOLATION and GIFT OF FAITH.
A dark execution of KINGDOM OF DESIRE and a smooth dialogue from HYDRA gave spots for Luke’s and Simon’s solos. The fast riff of TAINT YOUR WORLD spread out from the loudspeakers at the speed of light.
The shows was near the end at that point, but there was still time for deep shivers from head down to toes: I WON’T HOLD YOU BACK, but we will, if we could, guys...
The last jewel: an terrific and obsessive GOODBYE GIRL closed the gig.
The time for the encores was for HOME OF THE BRAVE and AFRICA with Simon alone ending the whole show.
You’re right Luke, you are not rockstars, you are just friends, just musicians.
You play great music and you do it so damn well !
Definitely my favourite band of all times.