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Copenhagen, Denmark — 7 March 2006

I had to come from Spain (Mallorca) to see you guys in concert! That was my first Toto concert, and it was really amazing!!! I'm a Toto Fan from early 90's and now, one of my biggest dreams came true, even if I had to come from Spain, the Toto concert experince was really worth it!!! Specially, to see Steve Lukather playin' in front of me! Wow! His solo in 'Kingdom Of Desire' was espectacular, and I also liked very much that Toto always remember Jeff, and they dedicated the song to him. About the concert setlist, very complete and great, from old songs to the new album 'FiB' including a fantastic acoustic set!
Greg's solo & Simon's solo were a lesson of really musicians, as Steve said during the concert; "we are not rock stars, we're just musicians", and it's completly true, I agree with that! they are such a very good musicians!!!
It would be fantastic the release of a DVD from this tour! I think it would be a great gift to all of us!!! Please keep doing such a wonderful music over the years!! Honestly, Thanks for a great concert experince! I'll never forget it! I Will Remember...'. Hoping to see you again somewhere!! Maybe in Spain!?

Dear ToTo,
This was my third concert. And You did it again. Great show!!! Greg did a great job, what a great voice. I'm looking forward to see Greg and david perform live together. All performed at their best.

Now I cant wait to see perform live again. I love the new record FiB which just seems to get better every time you listen to it.

Thank You for performance for the last 25 years. See you next, which hopefully will be in the near furture.

There's still a big smile on my face.

It was a happy Swede who just has seen Toto in Valbyhallen. What can I say. Toto is like good Whiskey, it gets better for every year...
I have seen and followed these great guys, in twenty years now. I remember the first time in Lund, where we met the guys and got the opportunity to meet The Great Jeff Porcaro. What a guy, lots of humour and a big heart, we miss you Jeff. I think you rule the Musicians Heaven, and looked down proud on yor brothers in Toto.
It has been a journey among the years and I hope it never stops.

About yesterday
With old goodies from Isolation, Seventh One, The first glourious album and the new record that gets better and better every time you listen to it, The Valby Arena was in trans.
Thank you for another great moment.

At last
Luke, you are a great leader for the band, you are sending glorious wibes to the band and your fans. And what you do with your guitar is not human, it's like heavenly.

See ya soon.

wouw - what a night. it was my show number 14 - and like old wine, getting just better and better! First Meet and greet with the band. Luke, what can I say you are the coolest. My 2 friends wich joined where extatic to meet you guys...friends!

fantastic stage, lot of graphics and clips. And what an opening with songs from the new album. new fresh arrangements on old stuff. I was jumping up and down like a teenager....! lot of energy and best of all Luke playin his guitar as alway like it is the easiest thing in the world!!

for those of you which hasnīt bought the new album "falling in between" - go to you local shop you will love it!!

congratulations on the succes and god bless...until next time

Last night's Toto concert in Copenhagen was a very memorable display of laughter and world class musicianship on stage and sheer joy & appreciation, singing along and immediate applause amongst the big audience. The set list had it all, was wisely build up and a clear evidence that Toto in crafting the new, strong studio album, FiB, adds to an "Endless", impressive catalogue of great cuts.

The band is in absolute top form, extremely tight, very relaxed and they somehow play more restrained, with more dynamics and have a more simple approach to many of the songs. Holding back this way builds up more tension than I have ever experienced with this or any band (intro of Rosanna being one example). Keep holding back this way guys, it's awe inspiring!

The acoustic part of the show was awesome as it was a nice selection of various cuts in fresh versions, as it wasn't too long and as everyone got to see Simon up close on a small kit (which suited the overall sound of the acoustic intermezzo) - stunning technique, feel and intuition!

Two things have improved compared to prior Toto concerts: The volume was turned down a bit enabling the crowd to define what is going on at all times (even when the pace is furious) PLUS the cats kept their solos shorter and improvised within the tracks. Definitely the coolest way to solo! Luke played suitable yet charged up riffs that makes you wanna see and hear them over and over - on a DVD release, for instance... ;o)

Greg did an outstanding job and he possesses a great vibe and laughs that easily comes across to the crowd. Can't however wait to see and hear David Paich returning to the band, alongside with Greg that is. Heavy D was missed! God bless him and his sister in these dire times.


Nothing but the best,

Thank you for a night to remember, i'm still floatin' and listening to Toto off course while writing this.

Thank you for being musicians and not rockstars.

And thank you for the music.

The show was a delightful mix of new and old classics. Was very happy to hear songs from Isolation, the album that got me hooked on Toto, and the first album I ever bought.

Ohh, and the stage setup and lights were great, to all of you fans on the rest of the tour, you have something to look forward to.

My best wishes to David and his family, sorry you couldn't be there, but the keyboards are in very capable hands. Greg deserves a lot of credit for his playing, his solo just blew me away.

Well, Steve, Mike, Greg, Simon, Bobby, Tony and the rest of the crew, thank you again, hope to see you soon again.

TOTO you simply rock. Yet again a super concert with great sound. It was so good to hear some of the songs that they haven't played for a while. My favorite song Gift of Faith was played brillantly for instance :o)

As Lukather himself said at the concert in Copenhagen "We're not MTV rockstars, we're musicians" - he is SO RIGHT. I can't wait till next time.

Itīs embarassing to admit, but last night was my first Toto concert. Iīve been a fan since the first album but somehow never gotten to see them live. So last night was a revelation to me.
First off, Valby Hallen is infamous for itīs horrible acoustics. Iīm sure Toto was aware of this, coz they started the concert playing at a pretty low volume. Still, Mike Porcaroīs bass was a rumbling roar, but after a few numbers the soundman got the sound adjusted and could slowly turn the volume up. Kudos to him, it was the best sound I ever heard in Valby-Hallen.
And so to the band: Greg, Luke, Mike, Simon and Tony were exactly as I envisaged: Amazing (well, I had no expectations for Tony, since I never heard of him, but he definitely added amazing vocals), but the real revelation was Bobby Kimball. How a man of his age can sing with such range, volume and conviction is beyond me - and Iīm a singer myself. The band played for over two hours which gave room for the acoustic section (excellent), new arrangements of old favourites, unusual song choices and rather too many long solos for my wifeīs liking (though Iīm not complaining). All in all my first Toto concert was one of the best concerts of my life and I promise to go see them every time they hit Denmark in the future.

Hi Guys

What a perfect day! You guys are the greatest! In the afternoon before the concert, you took time off to meet us fans and write autographs in a shoppingmall. You were similing, relaxed, seemed like us to be looking forward to the evenings event.

It was the perfect build-up before the show, and what a show!!! A really cool start with the huge orange and gold coloured curtin falling down as the kickstart of Falling in Between blasted out!

Followed by all the weonderful songs, both new ones (the new album is MENT for being played live!) and older stuff too. Great to hear songs like Gift of Faith and Kingdom of Desire again. And I think we are many out here, who have been longing to hear songs from Isolation live - thank you for that! Fergie's monopoly on these is hereby canceled.

Thank you for an unforgettable night. And let me say: In this case, it is not true, that it is "always the ones that we love, that will never come home". You just have to come home again Toto!

Dear band

I had the absolute pleasure of attending both the concert in "Middelfart" on the 6'th of march and the one in "Copenhagen" the day after.

It was my Toto concert number.... I lost count.

Once again I am lost for words. The pure joy and inspiration you guys give to the audience is beyond what anyone could ever expect. You may "just" be musicians, but when you play for us, you bring us to a place beyond this world. Thanks guys.

The Setlist was great. You gave all. I was especially pleased to hear Bobby sing some of the old songs that "Sony" (may they choke in their greed) kept him off singing. Great start, great concert in general and great ending.

Please visit Denmark again soon. I promise you, that I will stand in the front row, center stage... as usual.

To Greg: Damn you rock. Your playing on the Keyb's are not easily overseen, and your vocal is incredibly strong. You have a kind of "David Bowie"ish personality on stage. No words spoken... everything said. The audience loves you.

I am almost ashamed to reveal that this was my first ever Toto concert. I've been with you guys since the beginning. One word "THANK YOU" (actually that's two, but...) The concert in Copenhagen filled me with both joy and a little bit of horror. Horror because you left the stage without playing "Home of the Brave" and "Africa" and I thought "You gotto be kiddin'"....and you were. What a finish, a grand finale. Wonderful mixture of old and new songs, sound like a studio album but with Live action and Ad Lib'ing as you rarely experience in these modern times, in my opinion! The "intimate" kind of unplugged session in the middle of the show, briliant! Thank you for an outstanding performance. One of a kind. State of the art!
It's so true what Steve are not rockstars, you are musicians. From now on I will be there everytime you visit Denmark.
Finally my best wishes to Dave and his family, you were missed, but I fully understand your decision to be with your family. Looking forward to seeing you next time, Dave!

Steve, Bobby, Greg, Mike, Simon, Tony and the crew!
...........From the bottom of my heart.........

You cats rule - and as Luke said "We're not rockstars, we are musicians" and you are so right. Thats is why I love coming to a Toto gig. You get the hits, the grooves and most of it all - which inspires me when I play music myself - the new arrangements of hits like "Rosanna" ... and others - You'll always get suprised and drawn by the energy, the twist, Toto puts in every song they arrange AND re-arrange. I love it. Don't ever want the show to end - It like falling in love again ...

So please put this tour on a cd. That would be fan-fucking-tastic.

Thanx for making music that inspires me.

Middelfart, Denmark — 6 March 2006

I had to wait 25 years to see and hear the MIGHTY TOTO live.I find everything in Your music, sound, style and lyrics. It was incredible night for me and my wife, who is in 8 month pregnant. Steve said on stage that Simon in going to be a father soon - I know sth about it :-) We wish all of You all the best and THANKS for unforgotable night in Middelfart. Hope soon we will meet on Your next concert in Danmark (but this time there will be more of us!!!)

What a marvellous concert - and what an energy and natural peformance in the whole course! I still have "the kick in the body"!

All of the musicians were fabulous and did a fine job - Steve Lukather especially - his playing is simply artistic!

Bobby Kimball has a unique voice - even the highest notes are clear, powerful and "hit the mark" - fantastic, especially in "Goodbye Girl"!

Although we missed David, Greg proved to be a very capable and talentet substitute especially his solo were impressive.

Thanks for a very good experience - hopefully you guys release a DVD (all us fans would love it!!).


I have said it before, I think it is nearly 20 times: THIS WAS THE BEST TOTO concert off all I have been to.

Despite of some small technical problems, and some missings, which many probably didn't notice, they did an excellant job. I was pleased to hear some of the good old numbers again and in another edition.

I feel that Greg is realy becoming a real part of the TOTO-family, allthough that David is missed. It would be excellent to hear them both on stage at the same time.

The concert had everything, Luke, Bobby, Mike, Simon, Greg and Tony, they did it again.

I loved the gimmicks with Rosanna, it was great.
I also liked the way the did their solo-performence, with the music still running in the background, I like the way the did it.

Thank you for a great new CD, which gets even better after hearing the new song live.

It is too bad that I, (because of my job), could not go to the second concert in Denmark (Valby).

Please come to Denmark or nearby again sooooooon, hopefully this summer.

This was my first Toto Concert, i got the ticket as a present on Vallentines day. So if i counted on an all Ballad evening, i was so very wrong. We got the best of all the musical issues of Toto. From Hard rock, to soft and tender ballads. All instrument was played with perfection, and Bobby`s vocal doesn`t get any better! Simply perfect guys! Thank you for this wonderful evening..

Guitarplayer Steve Lukather of Toto said during the Toto-concert in Middelfart, Denmark: "We're not rockstars, we are musicians". And he was so right! All the members of Toto demonstrated that they master their instruments to perfection. At the same time they played a fantastic concert with many of the songs every Toto-fan loves.

Some of the tunes have been re-arranged with stuff from the sound gallery and in my point of view they still sound great, very great!! It seemed very clear that Greg Phillinganes has brought new ideas into the band - for example to the intro of Rosanna - which was a very good surprise. But there were so many other good surprises during the concert. For example the acoustic set with Cruel World, Stop Loving you, I won't hold you back and several other other songs. Here it is worth mentioning Tony Spinner who did a very good job on his guitar and vocals. He is for sure on of the reasons that the vocals of Toto are so strong.

And then there were the solospots with Phillinganes, Lukather, Phillips. Being a drummer myself since 1974 I really enjoyed his performance which was so dynamic and inventive - with some of those licks that Simon is known for. He is a fantastic drummer. He played the Toto-stuff in the Toto-way so to speak with great discipline - I am sure the late Jeff Porcaro would have loved it. Mike Porcaro and Simon Phillips set an example for everybody of what groove is all about. But sometimes Simon added his own spice - for example in the drumsolo.

Having mentioned Phillinganes, Lukather and Phillips it is very important to mention Bobby Kimball's fantastic performance. That man sings like a God! He goes all the way with all they high notes - and the right notes. And what a fantastic power! The very powerful version of Girl Goodbye was a very good demonstration of Kimball's capacity.

We do not need rockstars - we need bands like Toto!

See you next time!