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London, UK — 25 February 2006

I've waited a few days now since Hammersmith to let my excitement die down a bit so I can send a sensible review in.... but I can't, I'm still so buzzed that this is gonna be full of superlatives!! I've seen the boys six times now, and each one gets better and better, but Hammersmith just blew me away. It was absolutely awesome from start to finish! Luke---there are almost no words left in the English language to adequately describe just how good you are. Your solo on Saturday was simply the most amazing thing I've ever seen, and I hope to god someone on the crew was recording it for posterity. Bobby---excellent vocals as ever, hope the monitor mix problems get ironed out soon! Mike--Mr. Dependable, not a note out of place, and a smile to light up the darkest room! Si-Phi---I don't think I've seen a better drummer....ever....and believe me, I've seen some good'uns live!! Tony S--I promise I'll check out that "really weird shit" (thanks for the tip, Luke!) that you do, your playing and vocals were, as ever, an excellent addition to the TOTO sound. And finally, Mr P, the "new boy"---if anyone could fill David's shoes, it could only be you. Watching you have so much fun up on stage made me grin like a lunatic!
I know you guys think there's no following in the UK, but I hope you felt the love and admiration from us priviledged audience members on Saturday, and at every other gig you've played in Britain over the past fifteen years, to realise that we're here, we can't get enough of you, and we want you back.......soon.

This is the third time I've seen you guys, and as always I just cannot express how bl**dy good you are! I've seen some acts live - Pink Floyd, Earth Wind & Fire, Van Halen, Groove Armada, Oasis, Tom Jones, Robert Plant, Emerson Lake & Palmer, loads more - and you simply beat the lot! I took my brother-in-law for his first time; he's a real music fan, yet all he could say is that for all my hype you guys were even better than that! You're in it for the music, and boy does it show. Keep going, and keep coming back for years to come. You've earned your fans. We love you, and we'll there for the next party.

This was our 6th TOTO show and without doubt the best yet. Quite why the band have not received the recognition they deserve in the UK I don't know. Down to the usual biased music press. Tracks from the new album were well received but without doubt my highlights were the acoustic jazz session and the Isolation tracks sung by Bobby.

Next time why not play 3-4 Uk dates. You'll be surprised!!! The world's finest musicians can do no wrong in my mind.

What can I say about this band? PHENOMENAL is all I can say. It took myself & 2 friends 19 hours to travel by coach & ferry from Ireland to reach London for the gig. This was my first time seeing Toto & within 2 minutes of the show starting, I was SPEECHLESS! Musicians do not come any more talented than this. An experience I will never forget & a lesson in what real music is all about. Come to Ireland guys!

Hiya toto fans!

i went to the london gig on the 25th and I thought it was fantastic! It was my first big concert and i really enjoyed it. my warmest congratulations to the lads for the success of the new album Falling in Between. i met Greg, Steve and Simon and they were really nice guys. Keep up the good work.

P.S. I send David my best wishes. I speak for us all and hope to see him in the near future.


This was an amazing show. I came along with my Brother and my Dad and we had a wicked time. The show rocked and of the 4 shows I've seen this was possibly my favorite set list of all. I loved hearing the new songs live and hearing tracks from Mindfields and Kingdom of Desire just made the night even better. The band were in fine form. Opening with a track from the new album and ending the show on an absolute classic. Luke was brilliant; entertaining and masterfull. Bobby rocked the house down and our very own Simon kept everything together masterfully. Greg was superb and hearing Let it Go (one of my fav new tracks) live was astonishing. Such a good track. Elements of Jake to the Bone in there. Mike was fantastic too and seeing Tony back with the band is always a pleasure. We sat talking about the show last night and have said when you come back for the 30th anniversary - please, please do - that we will all come along as a family to that one! Good luck with the rest of the tour guys. We love you and there are no ther bands on the planet who can do what you do.

I had the tingles all over from the first song to the last! It was great to hear songs from the new album as well as some fantastic older tracks - in the car on the way over we were listing songs we hoped you would play ... you must have been listening in! I thought that the stage set and lighting were great too. The video screens worked a treat.

Unfortunately, we now have to retrieve our own instruments from the dustbins where they went to when we got home!!!

p.s. love to Dave and Joe too!
p.p.s. Mucho respect to Greg for the double-handed tricky bit on the Tritons in Africa!

It may have been their first gig of the tour but wow these guys NEVER fail to deliver the goods! ok so luke said there may have been a few hic ups but these boys can get away with it, they could play rubbish all night and still sound far better than ALL of these so called 5 minute wonders! it was great to see a mixed age for a change at a uk toto gig just wished i'd brought along my ten year old son! ten minutes into this gig i'd said to my brother in law "these guys have still got years in them yet" from the opening falling in between to closing with africa it was 100 ure magic, loved bobby on the isolation tunes he carried them off to a T, the re-aranged start of Rosanna had all the fans fooled but pleased, just a shame they didn't complete the song in the same tempo as it was brilliant though the crowd went wild with delite when the boys let rip,greg bobby simon mike and luke were truly in party mood, just wish everything they did was recorded onto dvd! i myself enjoyed this gig far more than the royal albert hall gig of 2004, they get better with age each and everytime sound freshier than the last,my only complaint is one uk gig every so often is far from enough....they DO HAVE A FAN BASE in the UK

There are many injustices in life and one of them has been the reluctance of certain media to play new Toto music over the last 20 years. Millions of people don't know what they are missing. The most recent CD, FIB, is quite possibly their finest effort to date and radio stations should be lapping it up. The stupidity of critics around the world to "write you off" however gives us true lifelong fans the opportunity to get gig tickets more easily, see you in sensibly sized arenas and be treated "like friends".
The gig was fantastic from beginning to end, satisfying every fans appetite, although I was dying to hear "Dying On My Feet", "Spiritual Man" and "No End In Sight" (definite encore material for next time lads). Oh well, there's always next time.
My only regret was that the audience didn't get up and stay up from start to finish (afterall most of us are younger than the band!) but that's the 'reserved British' for you.
To quote another great American rock band "Don't stop believin'". Don't stop writing, don't stop recording and please never, never, never stop touring.
We love you more than you'll ever know.

Oh what a night! We travelled from Germany to see the start of the Worldtour and the concert and the atmosphere were fantastic. I think I have seen at least twenty TOTO shows over the years, but this was a real hilight! I just bought tickets for the show in Essen Germany on march 10th to see you again. Keep on rocking!

The most fantastic concert I have ever been to highlighted by the fact that I was lucky enough to have a seat in the centre of the front row.
The whole band was fantastic and watching Luke from so near was like a dream. Two of the group which I was with are musicians and acted like dumbstruck teenagers watching their "hero" at work!! Every song chosen was one of my favourites and was delighted you chose a few from of the best albums I've ever heard.
The only downside to the night was that it had to end so please please please come back to the UK soon.... the CIA, Cardiff could be just the right place for you to try next.
Good luck with the rest of the tour and looking forward to seeing you again soon.

I made the 7 hour round trip from Chorley Lancs & was not disappointed. It was a fantastic gig from start to finnish, my only complaint is where are the rest of the UK gigs. One is not nearly enough.

Absolutely fantastic performance on the tour opener, you guys just get better and better. Managed to get the wife to come along and she is now a TOTO fan. Really enjoyed the focus on the songs and not the long solos, all you fans in Europe and Japan are in for a real treat over the coming months. We need more live dates in the UK, please come back soon, my wife is dying to see you again!

WOW, What can i say i have been to a few TOTO concerts in my time but this time JESUS what a set list, every one of the songs i adore its like u read my mind, the new stuff from FIB just rocks the atmosphere in the apollo before the band came on i felt like a teenager again then BANG! out ye came to my fav song on new album, the guitar, drums, bass, keys and especially the vocals man bobby ur raising the bar, my fav was make beleive into hold the line never saw it coming and the crowd and the band went through the roof guys i thank you from the top of my heart and bottom of my soul for showing what music is all about and please come back soon, Dave may u and ur family be safe and from all the irish fans of TOTO WE MISS U, but thanks for getting greg in man he has made the position his own, guys u are the best band on the planet and this album and tour prove it.

My first Toto concert after having grown up with the records (Farenheit being my favourite) and I was completely blown away. Steve Lukather is the best guitarist I've ever seen and Simon Phillips is my all-time favourite drummer (not that you aren't all great!!)

I hope your new album gives a few pretenders a big fright. Absolutely outstanding.

After 15 years of unsuccessfully trying to see Toto (well, apart from Steve Lukather in Wolverhampton last year, that is), managed to finally do it last Saturday night. Wasnít disappointed, well worth the 4 hour round trip from Leicester, thatís one of my Ďmust dosí in life knocked off the list Having been into heavy rock/metal from the mid 70ís onwards, I didnít really appreciate the lads until @ 1990 when my uncle lent me Fahrenheit and the 7th One - thatís when I realised what I had been missing, and Iíve been making up for lost time ever since!!
The set was a good mixture of old, and new stuff from FIB, contrary to our dumbass music press, the lads are still cuttiní it after what 30 years. Great solos from Lukey, SP and Greg too... Good choice of opening tracks too, FIB and King of the World are great rockiní songs and set the tone for the evening.
Only disappointment was that Paichy isnít touring at the moment, and from up in the circle Bobbyís voice didnít seem to come thru quite as clear as Lukeís. Plus it all seemed to end a bit quick didnít it, after Africa? Still, 2+ hours from THE best rock band (sorry Lukey, best set of musicians!..) was well worth the money, it must have been the shortest 2 hours of my life. Took along my eldest teenage lad who is also a budding pianist/guitarist, and he was blown away by the exceptionally highest standards of musicianship. The inclusion of Tony Spinner as touring Rythym/support guitarist was also an inspired choice, particularly as he also can sing a bit too!...
The mini accoustic Ďjazz barí session when a mini-drum kit was rolled in for SP and they all gathered around Gregís keyboard area was a masterstoke too, great acoustic versions of rockier songs... Interesting use of the big screens in the background, mixing video with live footage of the band and audience (thought provoking video that ran along with ĎI will Remember youí, with the dude I remember from the original Robocop movie).
Another plus for me was the inclusion in the set of a couple of songs from Isolation, which I think personally is the best album they have done (no offence Bobby, Joe!) - but heh, as Luke said, interreting to hear what it would have been like with Bobby, and he delivered the goods as usual. In fact, what about guys, the tour to end all tours, with everyone whose ever been involved doing a set of super gigs?? - Bobby, Joe Williams, Fergie, Jean Michel, Dave Hungate, Paichy etc?? As I said, this was the 1st time Iíve seen Toto live, hopefully it wont be my last?.. Also, for me, Iíve never thought of the hit singles Africe, Rosanna and Hold the Line as their best stuff, the albums have much better stuff - but there I was, singing my heart out to them along with everyone else!...
Keep up the great work lads, canít wait for the next gig/album...

Well talk about "Musicians Heaven" I was there last saturday night and it was without doubt the best live concert i have ever been to. The sound was excellent, the song choice even better, I especially liked the two tracks off Isolation and performed by some of the best musicians in the world could it get any better. Well for me it did being lucky enough to get front row seats right in the middle the highlight of my evening was being a few feet away from my favourite guitarist Mr Steve Lukather and he definately did not disappoint, ripping melodic guitar played with such feel I had a permanent smile on my face all night (thanks for the two hour lesson Steve AWESOME!!!!) good luck with the rest of the tour, love the new album and there's plenty of room in my CD rack for more so keep them coming.

all the best

Dear Gentlemen of Toto - Thanks for another excellent night's entertainment!

Whilst the band members were clearly formulating some of the arrangements real-time as the concert progressed, I enjoyed the rawness of this first night performance. All my previous Toto gigs had been at the latter stages of a tour with the band in a slick, polished groove, so seeing a set as a "work in progress" proved a fascinating insight!

Most of the new material from "Falling in Between" came over strongly, although to be honest, the title track was a disappointing opener (when I last saw Toto at the Albert Hall in 2004, they kicked off with "Only the Children" which created fantastic momentum - "FIB" fell short of that).

"Bottom of Your Soul" was a genuine crowd pleaser - had it been released anywhere between 1980 and 1984 it would have been a mega hit now featuring on every soft rock compilation in today's record shops! As for "King of the World", it sounds like it WAS recorded in 1984, a veritable throwback to the classic Toto sound. Great song!

A diversion to the bar and a lost camera meant I missed "Endless", but it sounded good from the foyer. I was back in just in time for the Lukather solo in the middle of "Isolation", but sadly, he didn't play it! I felt a little robbed - it remains one of the best solos in rock and I SOOOOOO wanted to hear him do it live.

Yet again, "I Will Remember" was brilliantly delivered and ranks as one of Toto's best concert songs. And putting "Hold the Line" into the set at an early stage was inspired, creating some genuine early audience excitement. It did mean, however, that "Africa" defaulted to the closing song and is less strong in that position. A fade to black ending was cleverly executed, though many of us felt that sneaking off without one final, rousing number was a cheat. Memo to band - flip the sequence of "Home of the Brave" and "Africa" next time. Even better, add a final encore of "English Eyes" and the audience will go wild!

On Saturday 25th February I left my house feeling very excited and a little nervous. When I got to the venue the excitement increased a lot and I was lucky enough to spot the band coming out at the side of the building. I managed to get a couple of autographs which was a new experience for me, which left me with a very positive feeling about the night. Greg, if youíre reading this - I was the guy who got a picture with you but the flash wasnít working properly on my camera, haha that was funny.

7 Oíclock, the doors finally opened and I rushed in to find my seat after taking a look around the large room. When the concert started and the curtain was raised, everybody was cheering with great excitement and happiness. Falling In Between was a fantastic opener and it got the whole crowd cheering for more. Every song that followed was played and sung beautifully. The highlights for me were King Of The World, Pamela, Bottom Of Your Soul, Hold The Line, Home Of The Brave and of course, Africa. After the concert had finished, I wanted more and I really canít wait until the next show here in England. Absolutely fantastic concert guys and good luck with the rest of the tour! PS - I hope none of you catch a cold because of the freezing cold weather over here.
Take care guys!


First time at a Toto gig, although i have been a fan for a number of years, what can i say guys you just blew us away, loved the new stuff especially "let it go" i just love that song Greg is such an asset, can't wait for the next gig hope it's soon, good luck for the rest of the tour!

After a 4 hour journey from Stansted in what can only be described as motorway hell, What an amazing gig for REAL music lovers! The boys continue to rock the house and it really must be time for some more UK dates???

Greg is such a perfect fit, although we all love and miss Dave. A great band, oustanding music and yes Luke, the musos love you man!

Keep it real, keep rockin boys......

Awesome concert ,never heard luke or simon play as well and this is my fifth toto concert . Sound excellent only trivial items that im sure will be addressed .greg (a massive player) as steve said u gave them a kick in the bum RESULT: FALLIN IN BETWEEN IS THE BEST TOTO ALBUM EVER,TOTO LIVE HAVE RAISED THE BAR THAT NO OTHER BAND COMES NEAR.
We travelled over from Ireland to see Toto. Ireland a country that gives us U2 voted recently best live band in the world .
U2 have put ireland on the map regarding artists performing in Ireland and i thank them for that .
but Toto live is a different league, Toto have set a standard of riff, groove, technique, difficulty into music that is why i will be going to a toto concert in ten years time and the bar i spoke about maybe raised again but only by toto if they want to raise it thats the superiority i regard them to have . Back in Ireland now trying to arrange another leg of the tour to go to as there is no gig in ireland (hint hint) .THANKS YOU AWESOME DUDES .

Travelled for two hours to attend the gig and it was worth every second. Toto have been a part of my life since I was a baby as my mum has been a solid fan since they came about. She played all the classics to me as a child and for every album they have released, each reflects a stage in my life. I was joined by my whole family and had one of the most memorable nights ever. You guys totally rocked that place, its so refreshing to see such outstanding musicians get up there and show us all how its supposed to be done. Come back soon guys.

Three years on from an unbelieveable performance in Manchester, one of the last with David Paich, Saturday nights show was one of the most crucial nights of Toto's career. An opening night on Simon Phillips' home turf on tour in support behind arguably their strongest album of the career. This had to be good. My god it was. And more!!

From the jaw dropping entrance performing "Fall In Between", followed by the 1,2 kick of "King of The World", I knew after 6 concerts including their debut without Jeff, this was going to top them all!

Some lovely of choice songs tonight. "Pamela", "Make Believe", and the duo from "Isolation" namely "Endless" and the title track were all exceptional. They are one of the very few groups who really care about what their fans want to hear.Nearly everyone of the top 10 choice posted on this site was included in this site. "Kingdom of Desire" included some evil playing from luke, "I will Remember" was dripping with emotion, and luke asking everyone to get up out of their seats for "Home of the Brave" was a nice touch.

I have to mention that whatever Bobby Kimball was on - I want some!

The way he tackled "Endless", "Home of The Brave" and extremely demanding "Taint Your World" left me with my mouth open. Many other singers from other bands would not even consider reaching the impossibly high notes Kimball aimed for and consistently achieved. Ok he repeated the first bridge for "Make Believe". Considering he probably hadn't sung live for years if ever. I'll forgive him. When it seamlessly segued into a smokin' "Hold The Line" with Bobby sining like a angry teenager, who the hell cared?

Greg Phillinganes really impressed me tonight. Having seen him obey his masters with Clapton and Jacko, it was joy to see him interact with the rest of the band like that. What's also nice was the way his lovely synth tectures he lent to "Off the Wall" and Stevie's "Isn't She Lovely" were out in force tonight. His Steve Porcaro like flourishes on "Rosanna", "Home of The Brave" and "Falling in Between" gave the songs a real melodic kick I'd not heard from them live before. Paich has to be immensly proud of Greg tonight. I loved his singing on an extremely tight "Let it Go" as well.

Lukather was guitarist numero uon as per usual, not to mention the host with most! Simon keeps getting better as a drummer if that's possible. Mike kept his head down ans just kept delivering those tasty killer bass grooves.

My favourites tonight were "Girl Goodbye", and the closer "Africa" ending a wonderful evening in fine style. Next year will be their 30th anniversary. Newcomers like the Arctic Monkeys, as good as they are, will have their work cut out to deliver performances a quarter as good as this. Here's to next time........


Totally awesome guys, this was my 50th (wrinkly) birthday present from my daughter, I've been a fan of yours for as long as I can remember, (I can remember when 'Hydra' came out), Jesus!!
Trouble is I have never had the opportunity of getting to a concert before now and now I have and I have to say it was the best I have ever had the privilege of attending. I was overwhelmed, for a bunch of wrinklies, like myself, you sure outclass any 'Boy Band' keep it going guys, see you again for my '60th'

First time seeing you after 27 years of following, first album I bought was Hydra. I took my 11 year old son who's learning drums and his drum tutor who's also a friend. He had been learning 'I Will Remember' and now I'm sure always will. Musicianship was as expected totally excellent. We where up in the circle and maybe the bass could have been tweeked a little louder, also the 2 forward facing of Greg's synths where considerably lower in volume than the side one's. I've have synths myself and have Korg Triton & Trinity and "older" models!!
His playing is masterful and despite Dave's absence, Greg IS part of the band and what a voice. This was an awesome night well worth the 9 hour round trip.
Playing Home Of The Brave was the cherry on the icing.
The passion was evident, the excitement to do what you do transparent.
It was a delight and a pleasure.
C U next time.

They just get better and better, don't they? Would have liked more of the new album, as I think its their best in years. No End In Sight, will become the new Home Of The Brave, so get it worked into the set, guys! Bobby was fantastic, and yes, I have read some of the rubbish on the Forum. If you can't hear that his vocal on the 3rd verse of Spiritual Man is about as good as it can get, then you have no soul. In fact, I can't think of another act in the world with the strength of vocals that Toto Live has. Greg shone, and his voice fits in perfectly. Tony S, as solid as ever. Pamela was stunning, and to hear Endless, well I nearly fell out of my chair. Luke was fantastic, although seeing him sing B.V's on Home of The Brave, without a (failing) guitar in his hand was bizarre. The grin on his face when he got it back lit up the whole place. Mikey was...well, just Mikey...the most solid foundation of any band in the world. And Si Phi was 'Mr. Fasthands', ! as usual. 'London's Own' was absolutely stunning, grinning all the way through the acoustic set, as he swapped hands, shakers, sticks and brushes, and never missed a beat. Great lighting, great video screens, great sound, great crowd (not something you can always say about The Apollo.) Jan says that, if it hadn't been for Luke coming and sitting in her lap 'mid-solo' at the last Shepherd's Bush gig, this one would be her favourite, ever! On the basis he didn't sit in my lap, I'll go the whole way, and say this was the best Toto gig in the 15 years I've been seeing them. If they get more new stuff worked in, then by the time they get to Marseille and Milan, they'll be absolutely steaming. Better start saving for the airfare!

Having played the new album virtually non-stop since buying it (and driving everyone else in the house mad) I was so looking forward to this concert. The guys were absolutely magnificent and it was without doubt the best TOTO concert I have seen. I really envy you guys who have still to see them on this tour... you are in for a treat!! Even my 15 year old son enjoyed the gig and he is slowly being converted. As 'Luke' said "We are gonna play our ass's off" They did. Come back to the UK soon!

what a show!! my 13 year old sons first ever gig and what a start he has had. we flew from ireland early that morning and seats only 10 rows back wow. what a solo at the end of kingdom of desire which happens to be one of my favs. the band were awesome from start to finish and a great set list i had only managed to pick up the new album that morning so it was great to here the new songs for the first time at the gig my 8th time seeing the band but i have to say i thought this was the best all the band were top notch . looking forward to next show thxle, but Toto went up in my estimation. Hurry back, guys. We're already missing you.

The only bad aspect of a Toto gig is that it ever has to end. How I wish they had more UK dates arranged - I'd go to them all.

Yet again, Toto were amazing. That they are gifted musically is a given. Each band member is among the very best at what they do. But what separates Toto from the rest is the way these brilliant musicians apply their gifts to create Toto's unique sound.

The cuts from the new album were spot on, and what an opener in Falling In Between. It set the tone, it set the standard. It was great hearing older stuff, particularly Isolation material I'd never heard live before. The new spin on Rosanna was a blast, and of course the solo spots were breathtaking. Luke's solo over that backbeat from Mike and Simon was the best I've heard, and the sound felt as if it was ripping into my chest. I'm used to seeing these people excel, but those few minutes were almost literally breathtaking.

Other than a few sound difficulties, this was the best Toto gig I've been to - even allowing for Dave not being part of it - and we all wish you and your family well, Dave.

I would also like to say how much I appreciated the time the band gave to people during the aftershow event. They were welcoming and humble and just every bit as pleasant as I'd hoped they'd be. It must have taken Luke an hour to move 5 yards, such was the pressure on him to pose for photos and talk to fans, but he and the other band members did so with a smile and what seemed like genuine appreciation.

I didn't think it was possible, but Toto went up in my estimation. Hurry back, guys. We're already missing you.

What an amazing show.
I've seen You Guys many times & You just seem too get better & BETTER.
A few friends & I travelled from Derry in Northern Ireland by coach too see the show & it was worth EVERY SECOND.
Would just LOVE too see You play Ireland again, that would be UNREAL!
Keep showing the world what REAL MUSIC is all about. The new cd is just out of this world.
You guys just never fail.
Have a GRRRRREAT tour,
Toto's biggest Irish fan,

What a truly wonderful evening! I took my long suffering fiance and kids along to "see what all the fuss is about" and they were all blown-away. I've been there with the guy's ever since Hold the Line and this is the 6th time I've seen them play and they were tighter, more melodic and "happier" than I've ever seen them. The set list was fantastic (I won't repeat it!) and the crowd loved every minute of it. This gig exceeded my wildest dreams and I would urge anyone out there who can go and see this band to do so, NOW! They are in their prime, they are truly superb musicians who play like no other band I've ever seen. BRILLIANT!!!! PS - come back soon, on this tour if possible!!!!!

Another brilliant show. I took my sister to your show for the first time and she was really impressed, especially Bobby's singing. From Falling in Between to Africa first rate performance Great album , Great songs, Great show, Keep it up !!
I have tickets for Ahoy in Rotterdam can't wait to get there

Being a Toto fan since more than 20 years, I was really was looking forward to the new tour.
Unfortunately a concert in Austria is not on the tour schedule, so I just purchased the ticket online and flew to London over the weekend.
All I can say is, it was worth every single penny.
Being in the business for so many years, those guys still enjoy playing live a lot and the audience, which seemed to consist out of real fans only, appreciated this all the way through of the 2 hours concert. Each member of the band did a great job and although I was missing David P., Greg P. performed as being with the band for many years already. All the songs were selected perfectly and also the "new" live versions of some tunes were just excellent, providing a great overview of the many albums that are out since all those years. By the way I really like the new album, however live it is second to none.

Guys, please consider some more tour dates in Europe, as soon as you are back from Japan.

All the best for the tour and keep on playing and playing and playing and playing and playing and ....

Just saw Toto for the 4th time in my life and this show at the Apollo was Mindblowing!! The band were on form and performed Classic after classic. My faves were Hold the line, Rosanna, I'll be over you, I will remember, King of the world.
Home of the Brave was Brilliant!!! Hope the band come back to the UK soon. Please try CARDIFF the Capital of Wales-It would be great if the band played all the capitals in the UK. Good luck to the band for the rest of the tour

The concert last Saturday night at the Apollo in London was, to me, the best musical experience I have ever had. The sheer musicianship is amazing.Toto are truly one of the best bands of our time.We were towards the back of the venue near the desks and I felt the sound got too loud near the end of the concert. The balance was lost. Guess it was the first one, so these things will get sorted in no time. Also very difficult to make out Mike's bass notes and Bobby's voice didnt have clarity.. I think Greg did a fantastic job considering he had to play the parts normally played by Dave and John.I don't think there were backup keys anywhere. Simon's drum sound was awesome, and what can I say about Luke that has not already been said!
The message from David Paiche gives me some hope that sometime in the future he will join the band again, and with Greg, would add even more to the already unbelievable sound of TOTO. David if you read this, I'm sure I speak for all of the fans in wishing you the best in what you are going through at this time. If you are going to see TOTO for your first time,you will kick yourself that you hadnt done it long ago, these guys are on another musical planet.and this planet has been orbiting for nearly 30 years. And to you ..LUKE,BOBBY,MIKE,SIMON,GREG AND TONY, just one more thing to say...THANKS
See you next time..maybe with Dave.

This follows on from the show I saw at the Albert Hall in June 2004. I then felt the band had excelled themselves, well last night was even better. Of course I miss David Paich, but Mr Phillinganes is a worthy replacement. I was critical of an earlier show in Manchester, where I felt the solos spoilt the flow of the show. Last night they got that down to a fine tee. Solos within the framework of a song enhanced the songs and left time for more songs to be added to the set. One of my faveourite albums was and still is Isolation so when I heard Endless and Isolation I was over the moon. The variety of songs on offer was fantastic. Gift of Faith, Caught In The Balance, I Will Remember, Goodbye Girl, King of The World and loads more. What a fantastic way to end the show, with Africa fading out . made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The show flowed and the use of the videos above the band added to the spectacle. Slightly shaky start which is to be expected, but the band just grew in stature as the night wore on. I am envious of the fans attending the other dates on the tour and just hope that somehow the band manage to fit in another date in the UK. Remember guys, there is a country north of the border with many fans up here in Scotland.
Best wishes for the remainder of the tour and with the new album which is just awesome

I've followed Toto for many years and saw them again last night at Hammersmith! All of the guys are masters of their craft. The new album is awesome and in time I feel it will be a classed as their greatest and I'm glad the guys incorporated alot of the new songs into the set. Falling in Between, Bottom of your Soul and Let it Go were absolutely brilliant. Simon Phillips drum sound and playing were awesome. Steve Lukather was a guitar God as always.B obby Kimbals vocals were as powerful as ever. Mike Porcaro was as solid as a rock. Greg Phillinganes' vocals are a major asset to the band and with Lukes, Bobby and Tony Spinner's vocals, what a bank of voices! Superb! Simon Phillips change to the small kit in the middle of the stage was a fantastic change. A great acoustic type set! The start to Rosanna was a classic. Very refreshing!
On tonights first night performance the boys were probably the best I've ever seen them....and it's only the first night of the tour. I would love to get tickets for some of the European gigs.
It's a great shame that Toto are only doing the one night in England. As Luke said, we are your friends here in England!! Please do some more dates here.
Looking forward to the next gig.

All the best guys

I have been a Toto fan for 20 years or so and looking forward to see Toto Live for the first time, the Set list of songs was great and varied from several Toto Albums. My Favorites where Caught In The Balance from "Mindfields", Rosanna and Africa from" Toto IV", Bottom Of The Soul and Falling In Between from the New Album " Falling In Between " which i think is one a my favorite Toto Albums both musically And lycially.

Home Of The Brave from the Seventh One Album. was great live.

Greg Philliganes on Keyboards/Vocals, bring depth to the group. And was great live.

Steve Lukather on Guitars/Vocals had a quite magnificent live performance a truly great guitar player and singer.

Bobby Kimball voice was great and has depth, it was loud which added to his great performance live good to see his back in the band.

Simon Phillips On Drums, was well received in his home town of London England. His playing of the drums was quite breathtaking throughout especially on Home Of The Brave.

and Finally Mike Porcaro on Bass was quite brillant.

Just wondering where was David Paich as i was looking forward to his him maybe next time, the only disappointment to a quite extraordinary Concert.

Toto as a live band are great and breathtaking they love there fans.


Simply awesome ! Sound, set list, musicianship, stage set...awesome. From the brilliant opener " Falling in between" through the accoustic set..Stop loving you, I'll be over you, Cruel, I will remember, the Magnificent " Let it go" the medely of other favorites...Isolation etc and the finale of " Home of the brave" & "Africa". Simply Fantastic.And I had the great fortune of a front row seat, complete with a handshake from the GREAT Luke himself!. Please come back to the UK soon. By the way, the new album Fib is already legendary.

First time I have ever been to a toto concert and I had a great night. Steve Lukather was amazing as usual - we saw him solo last year. My dad is a long time fan and the whole family attended the night. Great atmosphere and crowd, fantastic choice of songs from the band. One of the best concerts I have ever been to - amazing talent. Thanks for a great night lads!!!

Wow, what a night. Nothing short of spectacular (as expected). A great mix of new and old, classics like Pamela, KOD, Make believe, semi acoustic Rosanna, Endless, Isolation etc. The list goes on; and for hardcore fans like us it was the ultimate. We just wish they would play all night. SUPERB musical performances from all, but Lukather... astonishing - you have a monster, monster, huge talent!!! We saw them in Leeds on Tambu, Manchester on KOD, and drove to Monaco to hear the guys by the harbour on the 25th Anni tour (OH YEAH!!!) But the audience was more responsive last night than I have ever heard them. Serious...the crowd was totally mad for it, walking around bewildered after the show. So, thankyou TOTO for the most tremendous show.
Please come back to UK soon. Love and respect!!!

Having herad the new album FIB I was wondering if the guys could pull it off live....well they did not dissapoint. From the opening of the set to the inovative ending to the concert the band were simply on fire.
As Steve asked about the number of musicians in the crowd they all like me could not but marvel in the musical wizardry these guys put out. The acoustic set in the middle of the gig was a really nice touch and made the concert seem more personal.
The set list is very varied with some of the new music (Bottom of Your Soul bring s the house down) to Home of the Brave to kick off the encore (I thought the lack of Steve's guitar was quite amusing and met with great cheers when it finally kicked in!)
Simon was amazing as ever.
Truly an amazing night...thanks guys ps had Dave gone skiing?

What we saw at the London Apollo was not a legendary band from a bygone era, but rather a revitalised group of musicians that have something new and fresh to say. A band as good and relevant as any out there today!

From the opening explosion from their new masterpiece album, to the closing chords of a song that defines an era, this was one heck of a show. The intimate section with all the guys close together, the short bursts of so many songs, and the guitar and drum solo interchange between Steve and Simon were particular standout moments.

Adjectives are hard to come by, particularly for a band that has to a large extent formed the soundtrack of my life. All I can say to the guys is thank you for the music and the moments. I feel privileged to have had your words and music accompany me through this journey.

Last night was one more precious reminder of what you mean to a lot of people all over the world. May you continue to enjoy the rich rewards that your wonderful music deserves.

as perfect as always!!!!!!This is was my fourth concert and i hope not the last one. First time a sow you guys in Prague. Been waiting long time for new album and is amazing. Thank you a lot and i dont want to wait that long for the next one...

Well!! finally we get an audio production that doesnt totally murder one of the planets best bands when in the UK... although there were some first night problems (its live people!) which shouldnt over shadow what was a really great performance, most of that playing was phenomenal, in fact awesome !! This version of Toto seems to really sit well with itself, i hope the tour goes from strength to strength.
The selection of tunes would probably have sent anybody home with a big grin on their face.. nice one guys! The biggest shame is that one show on these shores is only what we are going to get... i am gutted ! surely the selling power is stronger than London only......... shame on whoever wouldnt make it happen! A show in the north of the country would have sold at Apollo level surely? Thank you for a truly great night.

Fantastic, inspirational, fun and creative. There are more words to describe last nights gig, but they are the four that spring to mind today! Having managed to catch TOTOs last two visits to the UK, I was pleased to get tickets for the Apollo and watch their tour opening show. Hats off to Greg for slotting in perfectly, staying loyal to David's arrangements, yet adding his own stamp onto some old classics at the same time. Yet another damn fine performance by the band! Shame about the minor tech glitches throughout the evening, but the professionalism of the band and crew alike ensured that there was not too much distruption to the show.

Hope to see you over here again soon!!

Last night was the first time I have seen Toto live. It was an excellent performance from the band. I discovered the new songs and enjoyed the old ones. The visuals were good. T he Bass sound was awesome especially on "Endless" which is one of my favorite Toto songs (I like them all anyway).
The youngest person in the audience at the Apollo was sweet little Oliver, 4 years of age, who was seated just behind me with his family; he boldly asked for whom the flowers I had bought were for. Steve Lukather noticed me at the end of the show and picked them; he also sent me an air kiss I should never forget.
Toto gave their all: I felt we couldn't give back as much as we should. A better idea, if possible, would be to remove the first center (stall) rows to create the space to move more with the music. Steve L. plays at the speed of light with an easiness that is surreal. The whole show was surreal. Suddenly Toto were before my eyes. Last but not least, Mike. I think he plays the bass in the manner of a classical musician: focused, passionate, with elegant hand movements. I have read he goes to a temple. Well, he is the temple I worship.
Kevin (from Liverpool) and I were hassled by supervisors for leaving our seats during "Home of the Brave". After going up and down various aisles, we finally got what we wanted. My presence, the seat I had, the empty seat next to me where I could secure my bouquets, Kevin's help, and the flowers reaching the band: none of it was a coincidence and I know whom to thank for: J.

Well, it is hard to find the right words, but what happened yesterday at the Apollo in London-Hammersmith was awesome. The venue, a theatre hall mainly equipped with seats, appeared to be just right in size.

Greg delivered a great performance throughout the show. Bobby's voice was outstanding, Simon, Mike, and Steve played like gods and Tony on guitar and vocals backed it all up (and he saved the band playing the only guitar for almost a minute on Home of the Brave, when the guitar-tech messed up Luke's, but Mr Lukather then joined and his first chords were celebrated with an extra applause!)

And right here I have to quote one of my predecessors Ritchie Real: "I urge you to buy the album and really listen to the sheer magic of complicated rifs made to sound so simplistic and pure."

In sum a great show, my third and best Toto performance so far!

Our first ever ToTo gig, WOW,Fantastic we enjoyed every minute of it, keep it up you "you wrinkly old rockers".

Fantstic. We have been Toto fans since the 70's and have seen them 8 times now. We've been with them through their good and bad times. My wife is the big fan, I expected to hear 'greatest hits live' but was very surprised. Last night they were on fire. Great to hear more songs from the 'Isolation' album, and 'Caught in Balance'.....stunning. Sound quality was really good. Glad to see they dropped the long extended solo spots and concentrated on the songs. See you on the next tour...very soon we hope.

I much awaited a return of Toto to the UK since their memorable performance at The Royal Albert Hall on 28th June 2004. Boy was this worth the wait! I thought the 28th June was a magical night but last night was quite simply surreal, - best night of my life so far and probably will be forever more! I can honestly say that all the tracks played last night were amazing, but standout ones for me would have to be Falling In Between, Bottom Of Your Soul, I Will Remember, Caught In The Balance, and of course the closing Africa. I'm very much into my sound, and Toto are by far the best sounding live band in the world, PERIOD! The sound quality last night was second-to-none! It's hard to describe, but it's a sound UNIQUE to Toto, and it just makes each song sound so full of life with a deep and sparkly soundstage. I was literally brought to tears by the end of Bottom Of Your Soul and Africa. To top it all off I had a third row centre seat and could literally reach out to the guys, - the atmosphere was tremendous! To top it all off I got to go to the afterstage party, meet with the band, and reunite with my hero, Luke! I am still speechless! Anyway thanks again guys for the best night of my life! Look forward to meeting you again Luke and Shawn next time you're over here in the UK! :-)


Great gig last night, and my 5th Toto concert so far. As usual, the standard of this band amazes me. Last night's only UK show captured a cross-section of Toto hits from the last 30 years. Confidence and effortless showmanship from all members filled the entire 2 hour show. I have seen Luke 8 times live now through various gigs across Europe and he just gets better and better. Simon, an amazing performance (shame the solo was not longer) The new album rocks, and Greg filled David's shoes superbly. Shame about some slight technical issues on sound (Luke, you recovered incredibly well), also was White Sister meant to be the last song? I felt a slight anticlimax with the gig not finishing on that one. Brilliant overall, good luck with the tour.

Amazing concert - well worth the wait. Love the "remix" of the old stuff, Rosanna was brilliant!
One question: where was David?

The best Toto concert we have ever been to, the playing was brilliant and we had front row seats right in the middle of the stage, steve was so close I could have touched him, I didn't but I wanted to !!!! you could see every thing that steve played as a lot of the time he was only about 2ft away from us.we love the new album every song on it is excellent. Tthis is the 5th time we have been to see toto in concert and as long as they keep playing we will go to see them,lots of love to all the members of toto from.....mike, julie, lee and elaine from the south wales valleys- uk.

Toto Live were great,the first i have seen them live, the set list of songs was great and varied from several Toto Albums, Favorites being Caught in the Balance, new songs Bottom of my Soul and Falling in Between, Hold the Line, Rosanna, Africa and Home of the Brave. New band member Greg Philliganes on Keyboards/Vocals bring more depth to the group, Steve Lukather on Guitars/Vocals did a amazing live performance, Simon Phillips is a quite superb Drummer especially on Home of the Brave, Mike Porcaro, Bass playing was brillant and Bobby Kimball's Voice was amazingly loud and in form and has his place in the Band good to see him back. Just wondering why David Paich was not present at the concert, the only disappointment to a quite extraordinary and breathtaking Concert

Toto Live were great,the first i have seen them live, the set list of songs was great and varied from several Toto Albums, Favorites being Caught in the Balance, new songs Bottom of my Soul and Falling in Between, Hold the Line, Rosanna, Africa and Home of the Brave. New band member Greg Philliganes on Keyboards/Vocals bring more depth to the group, Steve Lukather on Guitars/Vocals did a amazing live performance, Simon Phillips is a quite superb Drummer especially on Home of the Brave, Mike Porcaro, Bass playing was brillant and Bobby Kimball's Voice was amazingly loud and in form and has his place in the Band good to see him back. Just wondering why David Paich was not present at the concert, the only disappointment to a quite extraordinary and breathtaking Concert


p.s: The new album is AMAZING !!!!!!

As a teenager I first heard of Toto and that Christmas my friend gave me a Picture Disc of Hold the Line. Since then I was hooked and I have loyally and thankfully purchased all known songs the band has produced. I have always wanted to see the band live but due to my occupation (Armed Forces, I was never in the right place at the right time. Last night was my teenager's dream come true. What a blast, performance and truly amazing acoustics. The band featured songs from the good old days to the present. The new album 'falling in Between' will be legendary and is already in my eyes or should I say ears. It is a masterclass of sound something for everyone and I was able to witness some of the new songs live tonight. I urge you to buy the album and really listen to the sheer magic of complicated rifs made to sound so simplistic and pure, personally my favourite is track 3 from the album. Toto, if you read this as one of your song titles states 'There's a Stranger in Town' you were. Come back to London again soon and my colleague asks any chance of making it to Bergen, Norway in the near future, you have a hell of a following there. Many thanks for a superb night, I just wish it could have gone on for a little longer....

Just a great gig.

As I am currently studying in England, I couldn't let a chance like this go by. Arriving at the venue it seemed that other people had the same idea. Of course all the Toto-fans were keen to see the new show and of course how the new Bandmember, Greg on Keyboards, would fit into their life performance. He didn't disappoint. It was a wonderful show, split into two sets, one of them being an acoustic set which somehow made the connection to the audience complete.
The setlist, and I'm not gonna post it here so that there will still be some surprises for your individual upcoming toto-concert, had something for everybody. Old as well as new songs were played in a nicely arranged rhythm. The individual performances were of course stunning as usual, but as I am big fan of his I have to point out Simon's part particularly. It sure was a return home to good old England for him.
Ultimately I wanna take a quote of Steve Lukather when he presented Bobby Kimball and generalize it for the whole Band with a slight amendment: "They are like fine wine, getting better with the age." Nothing else to say.

Guys, keep going on. We will follow you everywhere.

Just like to thank the band for another enjoyable concert last night. Despite a few first gig tech' troubles the performance was excellent. It had a lot to live up to compared to the last concert I saw at the Royal Albert Hall. Luke made reference to the music press saying that Toto were a group of 'Old Wrinklies.' Well from another Wrinkley you just keep Rockin' and you will do for me !!!

Great gig we enjoyed it very much. Simon Phillips just rocks, class, style and elegance! Comments.. Monintor engineer should be sacked, we felt sorry for Bobby Kimball. Front of house engineer, stick with analogue, what was wrong with H3000? Lampie... superstar, fantastic lighting throughout the gig. System engineer, a bit of a ring at about 160 hz - 200 hz throughout the show, easily solved with graphics. FOH engineer, by the way.. sh*t hot drum sound, very very nice indeed.

Mike Procaro was as classy as ever, too bad we couldn't hear half of the notes. Tony spinner should sing more, what can we say? what a voice. Steve Lukather still a guitar god. Where was David? Missed him but very much enjoyed Greg's playing.

Great set, stage looked perfect, simple but very effective.

Overall fantastic gig, it was a pleasure to see people play who play in tune and in time! The set list was great. We really look forward to seeing you in London again soon.

Have a great tour,


I saw the band last night for the 2nd time at the Apollo, the first time was in the early 80's when the venue was called the Odeon.
It was brilliant! What a set. It was a perfect mix of some of the new album and old favourites and I didn't go home thinking "I wish they had played this song or that". The sound was good from where I was sitting and I hope they do the Apollo next time they come to London instead of the Shepherds Bush Empire which was where I saw them last time. The sound let them down on that one. I was a bit disappointed that David Paich wasn't there but Greg Phillinganes is a worthy addition to my favourite band of all time.
As usual the superb musicianship shone through from everyone and Steve's guitar playing is an inspiration to amateur players like myself.
Every Toto concert I've been to has been an uplifting experience and last night's set covered such a long timespan I found myself being reminded of many great times in the last 25 years as they played one great song after another. It was also nice to hear Steve Lukather refer to the crowd as friends, not just fans.
Thanks for a great night guys, I'm trying to get tickets for the Brussels gig next month so hope to see you again soon.

Well what can i say i have never been to a concert before and i can say if i had the resources i would go to every single toto concert on their tour. It was Amazing!!..I am so glad and happy to have been there it will stay with me for ever. The feeling was amazing and the music was fantastic. I have never been so amazed in my life.

Totaly out of this world!

Went to see the 2006 opener with my wife Kim. Last saw the band in 2004 at the Royal Albert Hall, I have to say they were absolutely awesome. This time I cant find a word that describes their sheer brilliance! All these guys are masters of their art, utter musical genious. We were both spell-bound from the opening number, and the band played some of the most thrilling music from the new FIB material (which is breath-taking) to the earlier hits, coupled with some excellent musical arrangements in between. Am as gob-smaked as Luke and the rest of the boys must be when the press refer to this band as 'Wrinkly has-beens' Don't know where these people get off, showing their own incompetence with such un-educated diatribe. The whole gig was a moment that we really wished would never pass. We cannot wait for their return and really look forward to the next one!! Brilliant guys!