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Singapore — 16 May 2006

We were there!! My wife and I made it to the concert that was held on a steamy weeknight at an outdoor venue above the city.
The guys in the band had a tough time of it. Singapore is hot and humid at the best of times and that night there was no breeze and the humidity was up around 98 or sure.
I was sweating heavily in the open air and all around me people were alternativley dancing and wiping their faces with towels.
You guys worked hard for us and it was GREAT!! So thanks so much!! Steve made light of it and said that the air was good for his vocals but made the guitar slippery. Bobby kept slipping back behind the keyboards to wring himself out and wipe down with a towel.
I think the humidity affected the speakers a little, causing some slight distortion to some areas of the songs, which is a pity. All the more reason to go out and get the new disc!
Singaporeans have a reputation as being not the most prolific ticket-buyers, and they are conservative in showing unbridled enthusiasm. Don't know why that is, but the crowd was full of enthusiastic ex-pats, and we whooped and hollered and refused to leave until the band played encores. After that we took pity on them and let them get out of there and go somewhere cool and dry.
It was worth every minute, and this is one band I would travel countries to see. Wish I could get back to Aus or maybe the US to catch another show. These guys should tour forever cause all the songs were great!
I took a couple of quicktime movies of a couple of seconds each to prove I was there, and you can get some idea of the amazing electric atmosphere.
I have been to many concerts, but this one will always be one of my all time favourites.
I wanna go again!!!

My first ever Toto concert...finally...the dream realised! Everything seemed like a dream. Getting into Singapore to watch the band I grew up listening to. Parking the car 20 steps away from the main entrance. Standing 20 feet away from the stage. From the moment the Harley's came roaring in till the time the Bottom of your soul started...well worth the wait! The entire setting of the concert, the location, the weather, the crowd, THE BAND... all perfect! I've been to a few concerts (only a few) as not many bands choose Malaysia as their location for the tour (can't blame you guys) but none of them had emotional ties with me.

The way the concert ended...a classic! One by one you guys left the stage...

As you can see, I'm lost for words. All I can say is that, for those who want to know how music is played... watch a Toto concert!

One more item struck off my list of "To-do's". Thank you! I'm that much closer to having a fulfilled life

I used to think that Toto was the usual pop band out to make profits. Then I started to change my mind after watching the Live In Amsterdam video cd and on the 16th May, I stood corrected at Fort Canning Park!

By far the tightest, grooviest and most powerful band I have ever come across, Toto has managed to successfully (I quote successfully) fuse the popular with sheer musicianship and sophistry. Being one who listens to heavy fusion, I was skeptical of the performance, performance venue and honestly expected a bore. Glad to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the clever and refreshing arrangements of some of their music! I am now compelled to get my hands on Falling In Between, too.

Toto looked very natural on stage, performing with unmatched enthusiasm, despite the well-known fact that they've probably performed the songs on the Singapore set hundreds and hundreds of times (think Rosanna, Hold the Line, Stop Loving You, I Won't Hold You Back, Africa).

Quote: 'Simon Freakin' Phillips!' - Greg Philinganes. Even after having seen him at the recent clinic he held here, I was still stunned by Simon Phillips' drumming, which combined technicality with sheer musicianship, the hallmark of a master of any instrument. As a matter of fact, the aforementioned qualities probably, no, absolutely hold true for every member of Toto!

All in all, very inspirational. Without Toto, I probably would not have been able to make it through my life in a junior college. Nothing like a can of Toto to revitalise the soul. Come back soon, sirs!

What can be said about Toto that has not been said before? With such a great amount of talent, and after almost 30 years, they still look like they are enjoying every single bit of what they do! Their music sounds as fresh as ever, and their tricked out versions of classics are definitely a treat to hear. I suppose after 25 years of playing the same tracks, you can't help but feel that they might prefer jazzing it up just to make themselves a bit happy (re Rosanna that had a beautiful jazzy tune to the intro).
Greg is a wonderful addition to the band, and has charisma pumping out like water from a fireman's hose.

Cutting into an 'acoustic type set' in the middle of the gig was a nice touch, as it gave everyone a chance to listen to some classics done in a medley.

I guess the other reviews would've talked a lot about the setlist etc, but I wanted to mention abit about their showmanship and how awesome I think they left everyone feeling. I can't believe how great Bobby sounds still, and Luke is just phenomenal on the guitar. Being my first ever Toto concert (not having the chance previously to attend any close by), I could easily liken them to The Eagles in terms of musical perfection - the difference is, Toto seems to still have fun doing it!!

So forget that trip to Paris you were saving up for, forget the Safari plans, forget Disneyworld! As the ad goes: Concert Ticket: SGD65, Hotel: SGD89, Bus Ticket from KL - SG: SGD100, The TOTO experience: Priceless!

Everyone needs to experience it at least ONCE in their lifetime!

In one word - AWESOME! The band which undoubtedly comprises of a group of great musicians/ singers sounded tight and well-rehearsed.
The first time I saw them live was back in 1992 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium when they were here on their Kingdom Of Desire Tour. For some work and travel reasons I missed their second concert in Singapore back in Nov 2004. And now 14 years later, I had this great opportunity to see them live again. Throughout the 2 ½ hours, all I could do was to stand/ dance, rock/ sing along to most of their hits, and watched with awe how fantastic they still are - considering they all are in their late 40s/ early 50s now. When it comes to their live performance, they have not lost their energy and youth!
The band line-up includes the new keyboardist Greg Phillinganes and also a session guitarist Tony Spinner (who sang the lead on the acoustic version of "Stop Loving Me"). Steve Lukather and Bobby Kimball looked like they have been fed rather well but nevertheless they still look good. Mike Porcaro was always stuck at his corner moving his body to the groove with his bass line flowing effortlessly. Simon Phillips drum solos were just phenomenal and Luke mentioned tonight that any time soon Simon will be a proud father. Congratulations! And surprisingly David Paich was not at all there to perform tonight!
They brought the house down with the great opener "Falling In Between" and then followed by "King Of The World". They were a little less familiar to some of the audience but yet it didn’t stop them from raising their hands up in the air and shaking their bodies to the rhythm. It could be that Bobby’s microphone was not working well cos’ his vocal seemed to fade away at some point. After the second song, Luke promised the audience that they will deliver more of the old favourites but at the same time they will still play some of their new tracks from Falling In Between. Then they got the audience to sing along to their popular hit "Pamela" - you could see everyone singing the chorus out loud. "Bottom Of Your Soul" is definitely one of the best written songs they’ve ever written. It’s a pity that even though this is the first single for the new CD, but yet it doesn’t seem to be doing well on the charts. This song really moved me and it really made my hair stand at the back of my neck!
Other highlights of the concert have to be the acoustic medley which includes "Stop Loving Me", "I’ll Be Over You" and my ultimate favourite "I Will Remember". Luke’s lead vocal is just amazing!! They also played "Kingdom Of Desire", "Isolation" and not forgetting to mention an "alternative modernized" version of "I Won’t Hold You Back", which Luke exclusively dedicated this song to all the beautiful "Singapore girls". So sweet indeed! They ended the concert with 2 encores. It was obvious what the audience wanted. Everyone was chanting "Africa! Africa! Africa!" They got what they wanted and it was a fantastic version sung by Greg on lead vocals.
For me, I went home rather satisfied and got to hear some of the songs which I wanted to hear. (would be even better if they played "Anna", "Lea" and "Till The End"). The only thing missing was the Tour Program Book which was not available at the merchandise stall - only T-shirts and CDs.

As far as I remember, this 2006 tour will be the 3rd Toto's gig in Singapore, after 1993 Kingdom of Desire tour and 2002 25th Anniversary Tour. Interestingly all the three gigs were at different venues.

This year's concert took place at an outdoor venue, at Fort Canning Park. The hot and humid weather in Singapore certainly make the Singapore stop the hottest Toto's performance on the tour.

Nevertheless the band gave 2 solid hours peerformance to a packed audience, started with 2 new songs from Falling in Between album, followed by mainly the old favorite tracks such as Pamela, accoustic rendition of stop loving you, jazzy tunes of Rosanna, and string of medley from 80's album. Greg's keyboard solo and Simon's drum solo sounds awesome, but Steve's guitar solo sounds a bit weird to me at the begining, but it was quite awesome at the end.

Steve certainly was great with crowd. I loved his impersonation of Michael Jackson when he introduced Greg Philliganes to the audience.

After two solid hours and 1st encore, the audience still stay put shouting "we want more?. And the band obliged by closing the concert with everyone's favorite track Africa.

This is one of the best concert I have ever attended, and I must say that Toto is the greatest live band on earth.

Jakarta, Indonesia — 14 May 2006

Sometime around 1980 I first encountered Toto in Singapore - cassettes were exceedingly cheap at that time (and now I understand why). In 1984 I encountered, under false pretences, a vision of loveliness who subsequently became my wife. In 1986 we had our first child, a daughter. In July 1988 we had our second child, a son. In 1998 the four of us arrived in Jakarta, not that long after the riots. Shortly thereafter I purchased ‘Toto - Present 1977-1990’ at what was a legitimate price from a legitimate outlet. In 2002 our third child, another son, arrived eerily on 02-02-02. Not that long afterwards I purchased a DVD of Toto Live in Amsterdam from, in hind-sight, a not so legitimate outlet. ‘How do they do this?’ I thought at the time. After what was approaching eight years in Indonesia, with the two elder children having recently departed to the UK for further education, it was reluctantly time to move on. As good fortune would have it, I noticed the imminent Toto Concert was to play in Jakarta. Although I was meant to depart the week before, this Concert became the milestone such that we were able to ‘arrange’ things whereby we departed Jakarta early morning the day after the Concert. My review of the Concert was more than favourable (though I have to be somewhat critical about the acoustics at the venue) and having lost my voice for some ten days afterwards I still, to this time, contemplate ‘How do they still do this?’. So why, some month or so after this excellent event am I bothering tosubmit my ‘review’. It’s very simple; today, now temporarily abandoned here in India with the ‘others’ in Malaysia and the UK, I purchased, for the second time and from a legitimate outlet, ‘Toto - Past to Present 1977-1990’ (the outlet didn’t have quite the range that might otherwise have been hoped for). Since the concert, and with all my tapes, cds and dvds remaining in storage for some considerable time to come, I have been, in my isolation! , humming, etc all those songs, and others, from the concert in Jakarta that I simply had to part with the necessary currency. This ‘Review’ is quite simply to say ‘Thank You’ to Toto, long may you continue to impress as you did in Jakarta and, if half of these reviews are to be believed, elsewhere. Any chance of a Tour Date in Delhi in the not too distant future?

It is great life to see you guys in the concert, I have missed your 3rd concert before but it is paid already with your fourth concert now. I saw your first concert of Kingdom Of Desire, when you guys still young, but now nothing difference you still energic, powerful, elegant and more fatherness figure especially Mike. Anyways where is Dave? Greg also can play as best as Dave, nothing less even there is no Dave, Greg Happy Birthday to you. I really loved your performance that night. Your songs are still top of the top from others. I want really you can live in concert again in Jakarta. I must see every single show of you in Jakarta. Falling in Between is a great new song, King of the world and other old release that I still I love "till the end" of my life and it is "never enough" to see your show. Thanks hope you come back again.

I wanted to see TOTO. And I waited for that for about 10 years. I was talking about TOTO so much with my friends in the band and I am a Bass Player too. We often play TOTO's Songs such as Hydra, Rosanna, How Many Times, I'll be Over You and many mores. And thanks TOTO, You came again to Indonesia on 14th May 2006 for The Fourth times. And I just could see you in that moment only. I was thinking that I couldn't reach you because I come from a little town calls Bondowoso in East Java Indonesia. It is so Far from Jakarta. But I've got the chance. In that night 14th May 2006 I came alone to The Show, but at the venue I met the others TOTO fans and We could know each other. We talked so much about TOTO. I mean that TOTO can be a unity media. At about 8:45 p.m. TOTO stood on the stage of Plenary Hall Jakarta Convention Center with The New Formation, brought Great & Brilliant New Album called Falling in Between. My dreams about TOTO were over. Luke, Bobby, Tony, Mike, Greg, and Simon behind his drumkit were so close to me. I'm buzzed of it. It gave me a new spirit and enthusiasm. First song Falling in Between seemed like to release all my pains. I sang together immitating Bobby's voice. But I couldn't get it very good. Bobby's voice still beautiful and powerful. Sometimes I acted like Luke playing guitar. God, I think he is still the master of guitar. He is unbelieveable, playing guitar along with singing. It was so great while Luke & Mike were standing in line. Mike, you make TOTO look so luxury with your elegant style. And with your groovy bass of course. Simon, you bring the power and beat of TOTO. You spike on your 12". I think that is your dominant character. When I listen to your playing I always wait for you to spike your 12" splash. I wanna hear it one more time live. So please come again to Indonesia.
Greg, I miss your very harmony and beautiful acchords on your solo spot that night. And please let me say you Happy Birthday. God Bless U always Greg. And to Tony Spinner, Thanks for your Great Background Voice. You wrapped The Energy of TOTO with Your Nice Voice and Nice Rhythm Guitar. Your style makes TOTO more and more great and nice. Thanks TOTO, We were all Buzzed. You did it totally. You ended the show with Your Exotic AFRICA as We all wanted together. And I've been waiting for your live performance in Indonesia again. Please Come Back.

Tokyo, Japan — 8 May 2006

What a fantastic night that was! Although the last show in Japan was on weekday, it seemed the hall was full of TOTO's fans. There were a lot of people, put on the business suit.
From the beginning to end, FALLING IN BETWEEN to AFRICA, all songs excited me. I enjoyed very much. Especially, as a matter of fact, I had not heard "ROSANNA" those days, but, that day, after singing softly, after one verse, I thought most of the fans got excited and stood up.

Bobby, Luke, Mike, Simon, Greg, Tony and all staff, thanks a lot for that wonderful show. I appreciate that with all my heart.
God bless you.

Yokohama, Japan — 6 May 2006

I was brought up here, My hometown, Yokohama show was fantastic!

There was two accidents in Yokohama.
On the one hand, at the beginning of a medley, Luke told something to his guitar technician on the stage. Luke had got angry with him, after all, he changed the guitar at the time of 'Isolation'. I didn't see what happened to him, but I understood that he was always playing so earnestly.

On the other, It was a heart-warming moment.
There was the audience sitting in the seat in the front row. The man couldn't get up because of his injured legs or something. Luke looked at it and handed his picks to the man gently.

I am honor to be a fun of such great TOTO.
I thought that peace is really in our heart, so that Luke might say.

The setlists of Japan Tour were the same as that of the Europe tour.
In Japan, there was an incident of arrest of the president of a certain IT company, and the lyrics of 'King Of The World' were just timely stories. I was also glad to hear my favourite song 'Gift of Faith' and 'Rosanna' with jazzy arrangement was so amazing for me, Tony's singing 'Stop Loving You' in acoustic was so lovely, too.

I really appreciated Luke-san, Bobby-san, Mike-san, Simon-san (How many arms do you have?!) , Greg-san, Tony-san and all of the staffs and promoters for Japan tour.
Thank you very much.

I wish Toto success all of the tour and I pray Toto will soon come back at the legendary Budokan.

Sapporo, Japan — 4 May 2006

In fact, for Japanese fans, this FiB tour is the first opportunity to see Greg's performance as the member of Toto. I think this FiB tour means a part of the welcome party for Greg.
When Greg was not a member of Toto in those days, I saw him as a substitute of Paich at Royal Albert Hall in 2004 summer tour. Greg showed us a great performance then, but I couldn't be satisfied with him because there was a little what he was.
Now, Greg becomes a member of TOTO and came to Japan, we could see Greg's play in himself, and I could get satisfaction. So I want to say once again,
'Greg, Welcome to Toto, and you infuses Toto with new air, thank you very much'.

By the way, that day was the birthday of Luke's son, we sang happy birthday song to him. On the stage, there was a performance that Luke wrestled Sumo match with Simon, and Luke won?! Congratulations, haha.

Sumo* match
*Sumo is a traditional Japanese style of wrestling and the national sport of Japan.

After the show, my friend TAKAKO invited me to the backstage. We could meet and greet Toto. Thank you TAKA and also Bobby, thank you very much for inviting us, Bobby-san and Luke-san put their autograph on my iPod player, I appreciated from the bottom of my heart. I had a lot of things to say, but I'm sorry I couldn't speak English well.

So exciting! From the 1st song"Falling in between"! My wife (forcibly taken with me) became your fan immediately. Especially, she was charmed by Bobby's powerfull shouts and Simon's amazing beats. The performance of the "Groove Meister" Mike was the highest for me, but my wife wondered "why he is so gentle??".
It was good that the concert hall was not so large. So, the sound was very comfortable for me. But one regrettable thing about PA. Sometimes, we could't hear Bobby's vocal.
Before the concert, I was so sad that I could't see Dave, but Greg's keyboad opened the new field of TOTO. Luke's performance was exciting! Sumo? but Luke, You seemed to have become slim! (a little?)

Osaka, Japan — 2 May 2006

It was a really wonderful concert. I am a big fan of Toto. I wanted to meet them early though I did not know what tune you sang because I was looking forward to live of Toto. Their faces were able to be seen by hearing of the sound well clearly because it was the second row and a center this time. It becomes beginning of event from Falling in between, the performance is very wonderful, and I have gotten excited. The guitar of Luke is powerful and cool. The age was enchanted and we were enchanted to power more and more repeatedly by the guitar technique for overflowing. Everyone was listening attentively to Harmony of Bottom of your soul in the new song. Though the chorus combines and sang of course. As for Endless Isolation of a nostalgic tune, the hall boiled up when the introduction flowed to the fan from old times by a tune glad. It may miss it very much. The volume of Bobby's voice was powerful without becoming weak. Mike settled down very much by the gentleman, and supported the band. The drum of Simon is always powerful. It always gets excited by his solo. Greg the new member worked firmly as a member of Toto. It will be hoped that live is done as two keyboard players next time though there is no David and it was regrettable. Rosanna arranged acoustic was awesome and fresh. All spectators greatly live chorus Hold the line sung without fail. Thank you for very happy live.
Another doesn't have such a wonderful band. Toto is the best for me. Hereafter, I will assist in Toto.
Please come to Osaka in the next the 30th anniversary concert.
Thank you for the Luke handshake and the signature. It became my treasure.

Just got back from seeing Toto's performance in Osaka. It was just awesome. I saw Toto 26 years ago when they came to Japan for the first time in 1980, and again in 1982, so it was like seeing old friends! I liked all the new songs that they played from their latest Falling In Between album, but of course enjoyed the old favourites as well. "Hold the Line", "Rosanna", "Goodbye Girl", and the essential "Africa" that they played as their encore. Steve Lukather has got to be the best guitar player ("in the known solar system" as Mike Porcaro introduced him) ever, he brought the house down several times with his brilliant solos. He's a good sumo wrestler, too. The amazing thing about Toto's concerts is that they sound just as good as on their recordings. Not many bands can boast that. Anyhow, thanks for coming back to Osaka, and hope to see you guys soon again!

Fukuoka, Japan — 1 May 2006

In Japan, there are many holidays from the end of April to the beginning of May, it is called "Golden Week". Therefore, I also ran after TOTO from Yokohama to Fukuoka and other venues in the vacation. It was strange weather in Japan, recordable hot like a summer. I supposed the weather would welcome to Toto in Japan, hahaha.

It was regrettable that Bluenote Fukuoka which Luke and Nuno Bettencourt were seen in 2004, had closed last year, but I was happy to hear the news that Toto would be landing in Fukuoka again.

I already saw the FiB first-show at Hammersmith Apollo in London, so I knew the wonderful setlists and I was looking forward to meet Toto again in Japan. There was some troubles with their equipments in London, but I didn't care, because I believe Toto would be their best.

I confess that at that time I was waiting with anxiety until the show started, but when the show started up, the really wonderful performance was shown and I was glad Greg's solo became longer than London show. And I like the costumes, especially Luke wore the shirt which its hem and the colour of shoes were coordinated in red.

I was very pleasant to have met friends who became acquainted on message board. I also want to state gratitude to Hanna and Matte who came to see Toto from Shanghai to Fukuoka.

My Japanese wife bought the tickets for the show as a surprise - I was the british guy that shouted out that Steve`s ass did look big - but hey only teasing - what a great show - the placing of the new stuff in the set was perfect - we only had a couple of days to listen to the new album, but what a grower! so complex and yet so good, classic ingredients blended for a new flavour.

On to the show I didn`t think you could pull off Africa as the final encore (I have listened to it a 1000 times) but you did, it was fantastic, I have been playing your music since my first vinyl 7 inch single (I`ll supply the love) and my wife of 15 years appreciated all my sunday morning hangover sessions (Toto loud) - she sang along all through the show, the showmanship was awesome, Greg and Steve`s gags were great (no spoilers), Mike is just great to watch, and Simon is an octopus. So many classics and the arrangements ( I`ll be over you - one example) were so refereshing, great show guys, muscianship was outrageous - if you come back again - we know a great yakitoria - best wishes - we are still buzzing!!!!!!

Hiroshima, Japan — 28 April 2006

This Concert was the 3rd time of TOTO Live for me.
I am 38 years old. I have been hearing TOTO songs since I was high a school student, about 20 years ago.
I was brought up while listening to TOTO Songs.
So I looked forward to this concert all the time.
The impressions of this concert was a powerful, splendid concert.
Falling In Between was a powerful and complicated song, but I was surprised at ability for performance of a TOTO member to very easily play.
And Endless and Isolation was good old songs for me.
I was very glad listening to these two songs.
I hope TOTO gives a concert again in Hiroshima. Thank you TOTO guys! Good bless to you.

Nagoya, Japan — 27 April 2006

What an amazing show! The auditorium was packed to capacity, with many disappointed fans left outside unable to get gate tickets. Has there ever been a more supreme & dynamic, rock, funk, pop, fusion, vocal harmony group than Toto - I don't think so. I forgot to add entertaining and comedic to that long list of attributes. Luke, as well as being one of the icons (in the guitar god hall of fame!), is a very entertaining dude and had the crowd eating out of his hands. From the dramatic opening all the way through to the 2nd encore and closing song Africa, Toto took us all on musical fantasy ride. The highlight for us all was with how hard the band worked for us from begging to end, they really gave it everything and the crowd reciprocated in kind. It was a 2 hour exchange of energy! It's rare to find a band that sounds better live than on CD. It's even rarer to find a modern day MTV featured group that is even half as good as Toto (there are none!). Real music, real voices, real musicians, sublime arrangements. There is only one - TOTO.

It was my first gig of TOTO although I know them quite a long time. I was in the 2nd floor but very close to the stage that gave me a chance to look over those fabulous musicians. Although this concert had one big problem of PA systems that we could hardly hear vocals because I was too close the speakers, I enjoyed every moment of your gig. From the new album, 5 songs were performed. This show consisted of new songs and old songs. My favorite parts were acoustic part, the Rosanna amazing arrangement, Greg's Let it go and I could not believe you played Taint your world. Luke was an excellent MC and incredible guitar player. Simon's drumming was hard to believe: congulatulations on becoming a father. Greg was such a master of keyboard. All of guys are awsome. Thank you for sharing time with us in Nagoya and pls come back in 30th year anniversary with Dave and Greg playing twin keybords. And do not forget to release DVD from this tour. Ged bless.