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Helsinki, Finland — 1 March 2006

It was my first Toto gig!
Hopefully not my last!
The gig was great! Super! Awesome!
The songs was great, in the past i listening lot of the ballad songs!
Some of the songs give memories!
It was nice to hear it on'Live'!
Thanx for the gig!

Hi! I have listened Toto for several years from CD's, but now I had an opportunity to get in the BIG concert. I was a Toto "virgin" before that special night. I have tried to remember every song you played in Helsinki, but all I remember is the atmosphere at the venue. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

I want to thank TOTO for making that kind of music, and I really want to see you again in Finland.

Thank you for making that night so special for me, I will never forget that night.

As the Steve "Master of guitar" Lukather said, See you again and God Bless!

Thank You for reminding me again why one should go to concerts !
I´ve had many dissapointments with various artists in this specific "concert hall", the sound has more or less every time been terrible. You proved that when you are professional enough, that too can be solved. I don´t know what was done there, but You guys sounded absolutely faultless ! And what a warm feeling to the whole thing ! Thanks a million, You truly made my day (and more)!

Thank you Toto for a wonderful concert! My friend and I were over the moon from the first beats in "Falling in between" until the last drums in "Africa".

It is impossible to name my favourite song, 'cause they are all good! I was hoping to hear certain songs like (just to name a few): Endless, Rosanna, I'll be over you, Pamela, I will remember, Hold the line... Well, the hopes were not only fulfilled but EXCEEDED. I am speechless how good the songs sounded live.

Thanks again for a night to remember!

Have a great tour, you will make lots of people happy! See you soon hopefully..!
Take care,


Super thanks for this concert. It was my First(!) Toto concert and so far the best I have experienced. I was lucky (and frozen too) to see the concert from the very first row right in front of Bobby and Steve. As a guitar enthusiast I followed Steve's playing intensively and he proved to be a true master of his instrument. The looks he gave to us in the front were enought to fire us up (I even grew my beard to his style...).

I was singing to every tune and Luke seemed to be very pleased to the response of the crowd to all the new and older tunes they played.
This was the perfect 43rd birthday present for me. I will see you guys certainly next time too.

God Bless ya brothers.

Amazing concert in Helsinki.. This is my first Toto concert!When i heard Endless i go nuts! I couldn´t believe that they play that song in live!!! The setlist was awesome! Pamela, Stop Loving, Gift Of Faith, Kingdom Of Desire... They all rocks! So Thanks TOTO!

God Bless

Hello guys! Thanks for a great concert last night!!! It was my third time to see you in Helsinki. You played all the greatest hits we fans wanted and even more. Good old hits do sound refreshing with different arrangements like last night few songs more or less acoustic. New album is awesome, you still got the magic touch! See you soon. Take care and best wishes, Marko Asikainen

It was great to see and hear Toto again. Especially mr Phillips and his playing, wow!! Simon rules!! I think mr Phillinganes is a perfect choice for the band. He's an excellent singer too, as well as mr Spinner. They both give depth to singing. I'd like to thank mr Porcaro for being such a brilliant musician. You make all the rest sound great. All the best to you guys!

THE CONCERT ROCKED!!! It was just awesome, my feet started to hurt from standing there for more than 2 hours but I didn't care, the music blew my mind. And it was so amazing to see you guys live, I mean, WHOA! TOTO's been my favorite band for some time now and I almost cried when the concert finally started. I sang and clapped my hands and lifted them high in the air and was so totally excited from the beginning to the end. And when you finally played Africa, I went crazy. KEEP ON ROCKING!

Incredible, awesome, what can we say. The sound was perfect, the atmosphere was great. And the new songs are that what we have been waiting for. My favorite is "bottom of your soul". Great lyrics in it. I´m speechless. It´s hard to describe something perfect and when skills are at that level... Toto is my inspiration in music. Maybe someday I play my drums like Simon Phillips.. someday...

Well, what can I say, absolutely magnificent from start to finish! Great to hear the classics, but you guys really NAILED the new stuff, damn!

We absolutely LOVED the show, starting from our youngest fan aged 11, to my mother-in-law! She's 62, and kept waiting for a third encore!

Thanks for a night to remember, see you in Frankfurt!!!


What a night!! Absolutely amazing concert and full of surprises. It goes without saying that these guys love what they're doing! New songs like "bottom of your soul" & "king of the world" sounded even better in live. I'm overjoyed about this night and totally speechless!!
So many thanks for visiting Helsinki -- can't wait till next time!!
Completely lost my heart...

Sincerely yours

Absolutley amazing show! The best Toto concert ever! I have been in three and this was absolutely brilliant! The song list was just perfect: some of the old songs from isolation and seventh one and then some new like caught in the balance and from the new album (best toto record ever) Let It Go, Bottom Of Your Soul and King Of The World! Just AMAZING show!!! I just hope they will make a live DVD!!!

Man, what an AWESOME gig last night! It was my 4th Toto-gig and definitly the best so far! With songs like Isolation, Endless and Kingdom of Desire, the set-list was better than ever. Luke's solos are fantastic as always, thanks man! Greg Phillinganes did a great job singing and playing keys. He certainly has the Toto-vibe! Everybody else in the band performed superbly as usual. Thanks guys!!

It’s the following day of the concert. After a few hours of sleep, I’m wondering weather last night really happened or was it just a dream. It was a dream - a dream come true. I’ve seen Toto a few times before so I knew to expect an amazing show. But even though I had high expectations, they managed to blow me away again. The band is stronger than ever! The energy on stage was unbelievable. You guys rock!

I can’t even name special high points of the concert because for me it was a two hour high point. "Pamela", "Endless", "Isolation", "Make believe" - What can I say... Touched a soul of a true fan. It was nice to walk down the memory lane with the oldies, but the new ones kicked ass too! The new album is a KILLER! I’ve been listening to it non stop for the last couple of weeks (and loving it) but hearing them live was a whole different story. Special thaks for playing my new fave "Taint your world"!

The concert had everything except for one thing - Paich. I would have love to see him. Still, Greg really did a great job. And so did Luke, Bobby, Mike, Simon and Tony.

The 3,5 year wait was long but definitely worth it! The boys rocked the whole set through.
It was a trip through time and a great amount of excellent music. What a thrill it was to hear the new songs live, after listening to the CD non-stop in my car for the past few weeks! There were some pleasant surprises in the set and we also finally got to hear how Bobby would have sounded on the Isolation album.
Thanks for stopping by, we would LOVE to see you more often in Finland. You have a solid fanbase here and you are always welcome!
See you on the 30th Anniversary tour (if not sooner!)

Way to go Toto! This was my 5th time I saw Toto in Helsinki and the Band keeps on amazing me time after time! They sound as good as always.

Steve Lukather looked great (once again) and had a very sparkling shirt on and it was very captivating. He was happy to be in Helsinki and he talked a lot to his "fucking amazing audience", as he put it. His voice sounds always so beautiful and sentimental, he is just the best!

Luke introduced the band and we gave our best acclamation to all of them but Mike Porcaro was the winner! He was already a little bit embarassed and told us to stop. I think he deserved all of it and there was nothing too much.

We heard new and old songs. The concert started with "Falling in Between" which was the reason for my goose bumps :) They played many songs from the new album and also from many others as etc. Mindfiels (Caught in the balance), Tambu (I will remember), The seventh one (Pamela, I can't stop loving you, Home of the brave), Isolation (Isolation, Endless) etc. From the album Isolation "Endless" was my dream come true, even the original song was performed by Fergie Frederiksen. So, I had my goose bumps again!

Greg Phillinganes was a sort of rookie to us, but he passed the test :) Still we missed David P.

The concert ended very nostalgic "in Africa". It was a great experience, once again. Thank you so much Steve, Mike, Bobby, Simon, Tony and Greg!

Great show last night in Helsinki! Expectations were high, and for the most part, Toto delivered.

Opening up with a few songs from the new album, continuing with some classics, slowing the pace a bit with the acoustic jam session (great, by the way), and throwing in some intresting medleys and solos, Toto's performance remained intresting and entertaining throughout the night. And as expected, the performances were top notch. Greg Phillinganes was filling in for David Paich, and while I thought Mr. Paich not being present was evident in a slightly thinner-as-usual Toto sound, Mr. Phillinganes did a very fine job and proved to be a pro, not only as a wicked keyboard player but as a decent vocalist as well. Tony Spinner on second guitar and vocals also did a good job. In fact, I kind of hope he would've sung more, since at times Mr. Kimball sounded a bit off, and to me Tony's voice had a 80's Joseph Williamsy kind of tone to it, which I really enjoyed. Steve's ought-to-be jokes in between the songs with plenty of f- and s-words here and there were a bit embarrassing, something not expected from a "class-act" like Toto.

So, with a couple of minor flaws the show was great, and I'm hoping to see Toto again. Thanks guys!

Saw Toto in '96 and '02 and this most recent gig was simply the best of them.
Great stuff from the latest cd and the oldies were treated with professionalism only Toto can deliver.
Very nice to hear renditions of Endless and Isolation although Bobby was having slight problems with the vocals on these.
The rest of the tunes he was dead on!
I missed Turn Back -tunes, especially Million Miles Away, which always brings shivers to my spine.
Great to hear that they'll be recording and filming to release a live-recording!

Great TOTO-concert once again. Luke is one of the best guitar players in the world. Simon IS the best drummer, he's so fast yet it looks like he's never in a hurry. The rest of the band of course also super, especially "the new kid", Greg.

In my opinion Luke and Greg sounded great on vocals, at the start Bobby seemed to be a little off and pitchy but he improved as the concert went along. Still I feel Luke sings better live.

Sounds were great, at the start Luke's guitar was perhaps too dominating.

Some great song choices, Pamela, Endless, Isolation etc. although I would have liked to hear longer versions of Endless and Isolation. Africa has never sounded as good live as yesterday. The songs from the new album sounded even better live.

Thank you TOTO once again and hope to see you soon! And don't keep us waiting for the next album as long as this time!

Being a veteran in Toto concerts since mid 80's in Finland, this evening was not maybe viewed beforehand as something completely unique for me. But sure, it is wonderfully good to meet teenage musical heroes and catch up with what they are up to nowdays.

Sometimes I have left from Toto concert with a slightly mixed feelings. Their music is dear to me, but shows have not always came out as tight and energetic as I had hoped. Therefore I think I have a good basis for what follows: The band managed to put up absolutely one of their best performances ever in Helsinki. With the huge amount of songs where to pick and choose, it seems like a perfect thing to do to just compress quite many songs into shorter versions and bring more of them in to the set. It is a true recognizion for those who have a long perspective to Toto. In addition, the new album seems to have a lot of material that works absolutely perfect on stage.

Toto's musicianship is undeniable and the level of professionalism is breathtakingly high. I admire every member in the band. They did excellent job throughout the whole night.

Some additional, critical - if you like - remarks however: Bobby Kimball, a great singer, does really good job in quiet-easy songs, but when volume goes up, it almost sounds like his monitoring would not work satisfyingly. He has to sing really hard and it comes out unintentionally screamy and also off key at times. Fix the place for this good man to perform like he only can, please!

The biggest shortcoming of the evening was unavoidable and very sad in nature, as we know from this website's news. Nevertheless: absence of David Paich leaves huge void on the stage. Greg Phillinganes did good job, and has his place in the band as himself, but he is no David Paich. I am not quite sure whether it's good idea to give him singing Africa and Home Of The Brave, the two fundamental DP vocal pieces in Toto catalogue. I for one would understand more than well, if David Paich has to step out temporarily the same could be done to the songs he sings in the band.

What A Great Concert. This was my ninth Concert with you Guys & What A Show.
Close to One of the best I've seen!!!Sound Was Great & Stageset Was very Tastefull. Greg did a superjob- playing & singing like an angel, I'm Looking Forward to Hear Greg & David Together Next Time.
The Songs From The New CD Are even better Live, hard to believe, Because the New CD is Really A Killer & A must Buy for all Human Being!!!!
I Had two Toto "Virgins" With Me at the Venue - They Had the Time Of Their Life!!
Thanks Guys for Still Going Strong!!!


Wow, that's the word that best describes tonights concert in Helsinki. This is what music is all about! The whole setlist was awesome but my personal favorite was absolutely the fantastic arrangement of Pamela. Endless and isolation has never sounded as good! Please remake the whole Isolation album with Bobby on vocals!!!! Thank you Toto once again for a music experience LIKE NO OTHER.

I have to say that this evening was worth to wait! Absolutely the best Toto consert ever ( I´ve seen you guys four times before). "Unplugged" session was awesome and the track list was perfect. It was so nice to hear all the good old songs, specially from the Isolation and seventh one. This was a journey from the past to present. Thank you very much! I can´t wait to see you soon again. ( if it gets better every time, what is to be expected). God bless.

This is my 3rd time seeing Toto, it was nice to hear different arrangments to some older songs (doing the steely dan thing... a wise move) and a few suprises that should keep us loyal fans on our toes. superb.
Greg fitted in like the true professional that he is, and a fine singer he is too.
Tony... More from him would be nice, the guy has perfect pitch, handles JW songs easily.
One more thing, im still amazed at amount of people who still fill arena's to see these guys.
It's great to see musicians who have real talent who can give the fans what they want (24 years for me) Thanks Toto.