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Budapest, Hungary — 19 August 2006

Hey guys,

On Saturday evening was my 2nd Toto concert and it was an unforgettable show! It was so fantastic concert and it was the happiest day of my life!!! I was there with my friend, Anita and we've waited for so long (for 6 years...) and we aren't diappointed! I almost jumped out of my skin when the boys played classicals like 'Hold The Line', 'Make Believe', 'Pamela', 'Endless', 'Isolation'...or long forgotten songs like 'Kingdom of Desire' or 'Gift of Faith'. The new songs had a huge energy especially the beginning with 'Falling in Between' and later 'Taint Your World'.

New version of 'Rosanna'? It was one of the best things during the concert!! And I just cried and cried when 'I'll be over you' and 'I wont't hold you back' were played.
You guys are the Gods for me!!!
Luke...'What can I say?' He's playing was awesome! God of guitar and rock! Watching he play live again...No words!!!!!! Bobby...singing from his heart and what a voice....
Mike...'The Groovemeister'...Amazing! He's work was so brilliant and perfect!
Simon...words cannot describe how incredible he is! That solo was so great...!
I missed David on the synth but Greg did a wonderful job!!!
And Tony, I went crazy when he sang 'Stop Loving You'! and he's a great guitarplayer too. I missed 'I Will Remember' and 'Home of the Brave' but it doesn't matter because I felt like I'm in heaven. Thank you guys for this fantastic show, hope I'll see you soon and God bless you all!

I was at their London show in February and I feel privileged to have seen them again at the end of their tour. I was lucky to be front row next to a nice Hungarian girl named Angela; the concert was like a dream. I was 10 meters away from my idol, Mike Porcaro, the epitome of class, elegance and sexiness. Steve said Toto are not "pretty boys on MTV", so what? Mike is the most beautiful man in the world. And a lot of people on MTV are badly dressed.

The sound was huge without hurting my ears, the Hungarian crowd enthusiastic and there were more people attending than in London.

There he was, "the darling of Budapest, the desire of the Hungarian nation", Steve Lukather who played a guitar solo not possibly humane. He was very surprised at the number of musicians attending the show, but I think people raise their hands even if they are not musicians. We were all session musicians that night. I liked everything in the show, the songs new and less new, the audience, the setting, Toto and Budapest.

Tony Spinner has the voice of an angel on "I can't stop loving you"; Greg and Simon and Steve played blazing solos each in their turn. I really liked "Isolation" and all the classics. The musicianship was flawless, peerless, the sound huge and I could hear Mike's bass very clearly.

I had travelled from Prague in the Czech Republic to see Toto in Budapest. I hope they tour again in Europe, I want to see them more than twice a year. I will catch up with Toto again and I want more of them, more concerts, and meet them in person maybe one day. I miss them now.

It was the 2nd time I saw TOTO in live, and that was the best performance I've ever seen / heard.... Thank you guys for creating the greatest music on the world!!! We had a really fine time, I've enjoyed you were playing older musics too, like Girl goodbye and Make believe.... Warm thanks for you and your music!!!
I hope we were an appreciative audience:)... Come back as soon as possible!

A non-musician fan

OMG, what can I say? This was my really first Toto concert. I've waited for it so long, I've counted the days, hours, minutes and seconds. AND I'M NOT DISAPPOINTED!!! The setlist was very good, I was glad to hear Bottom Of Your Soul, I'll Be Over You, Taint Your World, Falling In Between, Gift Of Faith, Hold The Line, Girl Goodbye, and so on... The guys were fantastic!!! Everybody did his own job very well! That was very very good to see The Giant Steve Lukather on the stage, it felt like I'm dreaming!!! So, who wasn't see these GREAT musicians he/she don't know what he/she missed... :))
P.S: I hope they will be come back soon! :))

This was my first time I saw TOTO in concert and I`m really impressed. The show was awsome ...
the band was in best mood to play so everyone in the audience could feel the energy of the songs. I think every band member is a gift that God gived to us. The song setup was great. One of the best parts of the show was when Steve talked to the audience and then he said "the next song is dedicated to my lovely daughter Tina and sang I won`t hold you back ... she looked at him and began to cry (so that Steve`s guitar tech had to bring her handkerchief)..
. and a few songs later on Taint the world she and one friend danced on the stage next to Steve and Bobby ..
Greg, Bobby, Mike, Steve, Simon and Tony ... you are just a bunch of really cool guys that make fantastic music together
Can`t wait to see you next time ...
Many greetings from Croatia,

Yesterday evening was my second Toto show in Hungary, Budapest.
Fortunately the band returned after 6 years, as Luke promised back in 2000.
What can I say? I was very happy to be in an audience of great musicians.
Although this was their second last show in this tour, all of the band members seemed so familiar and friendly, and tried to play with full energy.
They exactly gave their best, no words can describe how great was this evening.
So, thank you guys, it means a lot for many hungarian Toto fans!
We appreciate your musicianship and personality!
Wish all the best for you and your families!

I've just arrived home from this awesome concert in Budapest. This was my third TOTO concert. I was in Munich (2003) and in Vienna on this week.
TOTO was here only one time in 2000, and now...
What can I say? Guys, You are amazing. Bobby was the "King of the World" with that voice! Greg's solo was great, jazzy, real cool, and what can I say about Simon: simply perfect. His amazing fast "feet-work" on those bass drums...
Mike still had his backproblems, but even though he IS the groovemeister!
Steve was at his best, beautiful solo on Kingdom of Desire/Pump.
We thank You for coming to Budapest! I hope we'll see You soon!
God Bless

Vienna, Austria — 17 August 2006

I was with my wife there!
We travelled from HUMENNE in the SLOVAKIA to see the best band in the world "TOTO".
This was ours first time,what We saw TOTO live and concert was fantastic!My best concert in my life!
What can I say guys,You are so amazing!
Steve....You are God of guitar! I like your guitar solos.
Tony....sang "I can´t stop loving you". You have voice like angel.Perfect!
Mike....Groovebass.Master of bassguitar!Brilliant!
Greg....Very good job,but I missed David!
Bobby....Great voice and very good performance!
Simon....You are the best drumer in the world!
Thank you guys for wonderful day!
I´ll hope see you anytime in SLOVAKIA also,because a lot of TOTO fans is there!
All the best and God bless you TOTO!

Yesterday was a very exciting day for all ToTo-fans in Vienna. After 3 years of Austrian absence, the band played a breath-taking gig at the Arena Bowl in Vienna. We had fantastic weather and after several indoor appearances I finally had the chance to see the band on an "Open Air" gig. I don`t want to mention a single band member as all of them showed a great performance. Hats off, as we say in Austria! Poor Mike had some troubles with his back and had to play most of the concert on a bar stool. Mike, please stay the course and get well soon! Thanks to all of you for a wonderful concert and please come back soon again!

After meeting Greg and Luke in U4 on wednesday and attending the ceremonie for the walk of stars before the concert, we went to the Arena.
We were very lucky to meet some austrian fans who were kind enough to drive us to all the places. (thanks Arni).
We didn't think there would be a lot of people but when toto started there were a lot of people and a great atmosphere. The setlist is already known by most of you so i just tell you about the concert itself.
Mike played with an injury but you couldn't hear it in his playing. We hope he will recover soon, a lot of respect for you Mike.
The other guys had a lot of fun too and sounded very good, nice guitar solo's, good vocals, simon great as always, Greg really is fantastic and Tony really ads something to the sound.
Our holiday is really one we will not forget.
Hope to see the guys in Holland again, so i can invite people over to give them back what they gave us.
If you have the chance to see the guys in austria or in budapest, buy your tickets and go see them, you won't regret it.
we'll upload some pictures on the toto network so go and check them out.

Belgrade, Serbia — 15 August 2006

It was great to see TOTO live in Belgrade, and it is wery important to say that TOTO is very popular in Serbia. Concert was perfect, and I hav to notice that Greg Phillinganes is the best keyboardist in WHOLE WORLD!!! Sound vas very good, evening was beautiful and whole atmosphere made it for remembering. It will be great to see TOTO in Belgrade again.

Fantastic night here in Belgrade.
Toto gave us one of their best perfomances.
They love music so, so much. Everybody can see that on their faces.
They have so much respect about their fans, very friendly with lot of patience and always smile on their faces.
Their first time in Serbia, Belgrade.
Much, much better then Zurich in March this year except stage and all other light production which they don't bring with them on Summer tour???? I was in Zurich and I can compare it. Exceljent playing, incredible musicians.
About 8.000 people who waih for Toto for last 30 years, finally saw the best concert band EVER.
I had that oportunity to meet whole band and talk with them. Fantastic and very cool guys.

Play list was great (but three songs less then on spring tour, I think : I will remember, Let it go and Home of the brave). Doesn't matter. They gave us so much good vibrations and hopefull energy that real music and real musicians will live forever, no matter what's happenig with music industry nowadays.
Thanks alot to Toto's crew. Specially Pascale Hardeman (Wardrobe and Backstage Manager) who was so nice and friendly with me. She gave me "ACCESS ALL AREAS" Pass and some presents directly from band members themselves. Pascale you are wonderful. Thanks alot. Kenny Moran (Keyboards) is very nice guy and very friendly too. He gave me all information about Toto's keyboard rig and way of playing and controling sounds and Greg's help. Toto is the greatest band on planet. Time is on their side. They are better then ever.
Guys thanks alot for this two wonderful days in Belgrade. You gave us night to remeber " Till the end" of time.
I just can't waith another tour.
God bless you

I have just came home from TOTO concert in Belgrade and I must say that I was the one of the best concerts I have seen. Great energy fullfilled the stadium. Songs that you choose to play were bingo! I am only sorry that you haven't played English eyes, but you will next time. Anyway it was the wonderful expirience and we hope to see you here in Belgrade, SERBIA on your next tour(with David Paich, I hope).
Belgrade, Serbia

Having their first appearance in Serbia ever, Toto attracted some four thousand people on Tasmajdan, I believe, on a cosy summer night at the open stadium.
PA system was a little bit loud at the beginning, while introducing two songs from the new album. We immediately noticed that David Paich was not on the scene, but some new guy, who turned to be no other than Greg Phillinganes, fine and renowned studio musician, playing on keyboard platform in the center, styled in a new face-like logo of the group. Luke promised a bunch of old-time hits as well, which they embraced later, with a heart-felt reception of the crowd. Make believe, Pamela, Stop loving you (great vocal by Tony Spinner, second guitar, he has Eagles-like musicianship), Endless, Hold the line, I won't hold you back (best Luke's solo of the evening), acoustic version of I'll be over you and Rosanna in fresh jazzy arrangement in the first part of the song, it was really impressive sound picture. Mr Kimball reminded us of the glory of past times, unsparing of his vocal cords.
There was only one encore-Africa, sung by Greg who souled this tune in the manner of Linel Richie, but it was ok with me and everyone else. Only noticeable gaff was when bass player blurted out while greeting the audience, "we are the first time in Belgrade, it is great to be in Montenegro" which is the same as placing London in Scotland.
I also have a comment on the memorabilia shop which had ski caps instead of more seasoned baseball caps, at a price of the ticket for the ground level.
All in all, great event to remember of, looking forward to next concert in Belgrade Arena hopefully.

This is my second time to listen TOTO live. First time in Franfurt in 2002. Great concert as well. Second time also, I'm impessed by their performance. "Africa" was great and I'm sorry I couldn't hear "Waiting for your love" this time. You managed to fire-up the audience. My wife and I had a great time. We will have something to tell to our daugther when she grows up. Who knows, maybe she will go to Toto concert too.
See you next time if not in Serbia then somewhere else
Greeting from Serbia

Well this was the first time that TOTO had concert here....and I want to say it was FANTASTIC..sound was magnificient and guys played with a lot of emotions and they recognized same emotion in the crowd....So it was great and it's a really pity that they didn't come to Belgrade before but I know that Steve &Co. were very suprised with the Belgrade crowd and for certain they'll come again very soon...Simon, Mike, Tony, Greg, Bobby and Steve give their best last night and want to thank them for providing such pleasure to Belgrade...Thanks again and see you very soon....

First Toto show for fans in Serbia, and it was awesome. You guys kick ass. It was a big suprise when we heard you were coming here, and we couldn't wait to see the show. We're big fans and we never believed that you would come to Serbia. Expectations were high so we came to the venue anxiously awaiting for the start. And then there you were with blasting beats of Falling In Between. But Hold The Line really got the crowd on fire. The setlist was ok, we understand that it's hard to please everyone but you did a good job. We really missed Paich but Greg was a great replacement. We already heard Tony's voice on Empty Arms tribute to SRV, and last night he once again showed that he's a good singer (and guitar player too). Simon rocked the crowd with his drum solo and he's a top class skinbeater. Luke was on fire as always, the guy showed us what outstanding guitarist he is, especially in jazzy sections. Mike, the crowd was really crazy about him, he got the biggest ovations so he decided to share a few words, but what a mistake. You were in SERBIA Mike not in Montenegro as you unfortunately said by mistake. Bobby... New stuff he handled pretty well, but he was struggling with the older ones. Guess he was strained from all the shows. All in all it was a f*****g great experience and we're looking forward seeing you again in the future. P.S. Hope you liked our national drink dunjevacha.
Pozdrav iz Srbije
(greetings from Serbia)

Schwetzingen, Germany — 13 August 2006

Hello at all.

A few days ago I was with my girlfriend and another friend at the fabolous TOTO Gig in Schwetzingen. I don't know, how much Toto Concerts I saw in the past. But Schwetzingen was once again a great experience.

Thank you TOTO for 2 houres of fine and powerfull music.

We were in the first row directly in front of Mike. So we could see, that you gave all power you had to the audience. Many thanks for this, because I saw that Mike and also the other guys are tired. Hey! You did a lot of Gigs in the last months. Wow. I have a lot of respect for this performance. But think about your health. Because we (the fans) need all of you still any more years. I think you need a little break for relaxing. It will be good for you.

Toto we all love your power. We love Mikes Groove on the Bass, wee love the best rhytm from Simon (God of Drumming). We see playing Luke ingenious on his guitar and listen to his voice. We love Greg's and (!) Dave's Synths and Piano playing. Yea wie love Tony on his guitar and singing. And of course THE VOICE of Bobby - we love you all. See you next time in Germany. With the groove of the musik we like.

Thanks and bye.

It was my second Toto concert this year. I could listen to your fantastic music at Frankfurt with my friends. This time my girlfriend was by my side and we enjoyed your show very much. It was a great evening with great musicians at all. Steve ... you are a genuis on guitar !!! Greg ... good show and I love your playing !!! Bobby ... great voice and good performance. Tony ... very clear voice ... very well !!! Simon ... you are the best drum player in the world !!! Mike ... you are the groovemeister. I like your playing very much. I wish you a fast recovery of your injury !!! To all ... stay healthy for more great concerts. Special thanks to the light and sound technicians and everybody who supports you.

After attending my fifth TOTO concert I am once again massively impressed by an impeccable performance. The cats surprised me with great versatility and beautiful arrangements of their older material. However, at times, it appeared to me as if Bobby was having trouble with his voice. Perhaps he was just holding the mike too far from his mouth because at other times the vocals came out cristal clear. Unfortunately, we never could get a glimpse at Simon performing, save for the acoustic session, as the stage walls were preventing us from seeing the stage in its entirety.
All in all, a fantastic concert in a wonderful setting, though a bit shorter than I had been expecting. Maybe I have been spoilt before. But this was no rip-off at all. In case you have fallen for the clown acting 10 miles away in Hockenheim the very same night, you might or might not have learnt your lesson. Thank you dearly TOTO for continously hitting the road and giving us the best bang for our hard-earned bucks! Quality always wins in the end. Next time you're around, I'll be there, too! Cheers

This concert was just stunning. The best one I've seen. I also went to the concert in Frankfurt this year. But this open air was just awsome. I want to see you guys again and again. Especally thanks to Simon. I now start to play drums and I hope I will get such a good drummer as he is.
Hope to see you again with another great show.
And you are real musicans.
See ya in the future.

Awesome, awesome!!!! No other word to describe the concert yesterday evening in Schwetzingen. It was my 16 th TOTO concert and i can`t get enough. All you guys were great. And you gets better and better. The show last week in Hanau was a fantastic one, but that one yesterday - oh my god - what can i say. YOU ARE THE BEST, and you know that !!!!!!!!!! Luke was on fire - again, Bobby sang his ass out, Tony, yeah you guy are a member of this fantastic band, Mike - the groovemeister - kept the groove going, Greg does a great job - yeah - you are also a part of TOTO and Simon, you are the best drummer in ROCK!!!!!!
A treat to see TOTO Live - Absolutely live - Live in Schwetzingen - an another dream came true.
Please please please come back soon, guys. I can`t wait.
Hold the Line

An old castle like "little Versailles" was the scenery for the kings of rock and they really rocked the castle! Toto started with their title track FiB and played all their old and new hits, Rosanna (with an jazzy intro), Pamela, Africa, Can´t stop loving you (half accoustic with a superb Tony Spinner on vocals), kingdom of desire, Bottom of your soul, and and and for nearly two hours. We saw the band several times and still they are fresh, powerful and have lots of fun on stage. Greg found his place in the band and did an very good job within his "Klingon-like" FiB-keystand, especially his jazzy and bluesy solo was awsome ( we hope to get a chance to see the maestro David and Greg performing together sometimes ), and so were the solos of Steve and Simon ( according to Steve Simon brings hotel managers to tears, but that´s another story... ). A lesson for all musicians again. Two hours full of emotion, energy and fun - there is no better rock show and no better! band! Toto rocks!

Hamburg, Germany — 10 August 2006

What a great show. I like Toto since their first album, but I never saw them live. All members a great, but Steve and Bobby are amazing. More than 25 years - and all Toto guys still having fun. It couldn`t be better and I think everybody who was part of this great event has only one wish: Toto - never stop! Come back to germany as soon as possible (with David Paich!)
Good luck and best wishes.
St. George & the Dragon

I just wanted to thank the band and everyone around the show for making that evening one of the most memorable moments of my life. I missed the show in sweden witch I figured out, by my friends personal reviews, was a complete HIT. Then I looked for an oppurtunity to go and ee ToTo somewhere else in europe. I looked at many different concerts but none of them seemed to fit into my summerplan or was to far away. Then I found the Open Air concert in Hamburg which would only be 850 kilometers from home. I thought that was the perfect oppurtunity to go and see these amazing musicians. So me and my Brother travelled down to Hamburg to see the concert. And it truly was worth all the travelling and the money. To me the concert was a perfect mix of the musicians playing ability, Their true musicality in picking songs, their experience in entertainging the crowd and their fabolous sense of humor. From all of the music I've ever heard this was by far the most fantastic experience. Keep it up. I hope to see you again!!

WOW!!!!! this was my first concert ever (I'm only 13 years old) and my aunt (Ana Maria) took me there to meet the "older" men that make the music I'm listening to lately all day long. From the three other concerts I've been to (from other bands), this was by far the BEST ONE. The sound of the band was very good, the songs were beautiful and Steve was very amusing at the concert, very funny. And luckly the weather was helping too. I had great fun. I like their music even more now. After the concert I bought a cd I didn't have (Farenheit). And at the concert I heard new songs that I liked very much.
Saludos y gracias... FUE LO MAXIMO!!

Hi and "moin" Toto,

wow, ...what a great show. When there would be not the other incredible guys in the band I would say "what a great Steve Lukather show". 5000 fans loved it. Everybody was completely lucky.

At first some fantastic songs of the new Toto album "Falling In Between". The complex title-song rocks without ending. Dream Theater would have a lot of fun. Then the journey through the Toto history with songs from all (regular) Toto records. The biggest surprise: Tony Spinner. What a great Voice on "stop loving you". I like to hear more Spinner stuff. Greg Phillinganes is a big enrichment for Toto and also a fantastic musician and funny guy. His jazz solo and jazz influences are great. Rosanna in jazz - "geil". Simons Solo was the first drum solo I heard without a little bit boredom (except Neil Peart). It was "melodi" with this discreet key-background. Very good. Mike, I think, makes it all stable and his Performance is cool and relaxed. Actually Toto played 2 Songs of Isolation. I think, Bobby is an important peace of Toto and it´s good to see him back in the Band, but I hope sometime Toto make a "Union Tour" (like Yes in the ´90s), with Joseph Williams and Fergie Frederikson (and Bobby as a fix member). Isolation and Endless definitely needs Fergie´s high voice and in the strophe of Pamela Bobby made a very good job, but the refrain needs Joseph.
It´s not a criticism - it´s the only way to increase these unbelievable great "schweinegeile" show. I enjoyed every second.
Next day in German television a very young guy said "I love Steve Lukather". I too - absolutely. And we both - you can be certain - only kiss women ;-).

Well, this one in Hamburg was unbeleavable! It was my fourth time I joined a concert since the reunion tour 99. Thanks a lot for this amazing athmosphere. It was very impressing to see you this time from first row of the audience. The new songs are all really great but I of course had a lot of fun hearing the older ones. Steve, Bobby, Simon, Mike and last but not least Greg and Tony - You'd all been great this night in Hamburg! Especially it was a great pleasure for me to watch Simons perfect drum-technique - damn! Thanks a lot for this perfect night and particularly I want to thank you for taking the time to give me autographs! Hope to see you soon again in Hamburg! God bless you all!

Hello Toto, I`m Toto Fan from the Beginning, so yesterday a wish came true for me. Me and my wife saw your concert in Hamburg. WOW!! What a great show!! Really the best I`ve ever seen, especially the performance of Africa when Simon starts single and he also was the last in the end. I could write a thousand things about the Show.
So let me write the most important: God bless you all, thank you and of course peace like Steve said in the end.
Reg. Mike and Bettina

So this has been my 4th concert. It took a while to get to Hamburg, but hey it's the only concert in northern Germany, so what the fuck!
Before Toto actually began, there was this really amazing Band called "Panopticon" and they really blew my mind. Gotta have there CD soon
When the guys finally started the gig, they immediately draw me into another world. Some cool ideas, like the jazz-kinda version of Rosanna or the accoustic part with Simon on his tiny drumkit. Simon, very nice to see more from you. Normally i can only see a head and two or 3 arms whirling around. You were looking kinda cute
But what was the most important to me was the entertainer himself: Luke. Not only I was (again) fascinated by his playing, he also was constantly making jokes and fooling around.
Luke mybe you spent too much time on the Reeperbahn.
And yeah, it seems you really like Michael Jackson, eh? It was so funny, man I tell you that. It's so great that you guys are still having fun on stage after so many years.
See you guys the next time you're around
AND, Tony has a reaaly amzing voice, great performance on "stop loving you"

What a great show!!! This concert was just awesome, with its live performance of "Bottom of your Soul" and the other new songs from this wonderful album. One of the highlight surely was Simon's solo on "Hydra" ... Just incredible how he played the drums ... WOW!!! Also Steve's very hard solo on "Hold the line" and Tony's version of "Stop loving you" were real whammy!!! There is only one critical point that I can mention, I missed "Home of the brave", ... I hoped to see it now as a live performance, because in Leverkusen 2005 you didn't play it, too. Although I am only 15 years old, I am a real TOTO-FAN and hope to see the Band, including Dave, live on stage again next year.
So God bless you all and see you next time:)

I am a Toto Fan since i think about 20years and never had the chance to see you on stage.Yeah I listened to Toto Vinyl!
Yes and this evening it was my first time..
It was one of the greatest show ever has been.
This was so great to see the older grown men having so much fun on stage and pushing their Fans. Driving home from the concert in my car I was listening to the songs and of course singing very loud.
Thanks for having a great evening and inviting me for join you at your show!
Keep on rocking and please come back soon, cos now i will be there every concert. Steve Lukather you are the god of all guitar players!
Toto rules. Peace!

Hanau, Germany — 6 August 2006

Great Gig,Great Venue(Hanau),Great Crowd.Setlist Shorter Than London Gig But Im Sure A Reason,The F.I.B Material Is Just Awesome Live.
All The Cats Were In Great Form ,Mike,Steve,Simon,Greg,Bobby, There Is Simply No Better ,Steve Ur Such A Funny Guy And Much Appreciated For Stopping To Take A Photo With My Friend Even When Security Did Not Want It,Thanks For Appreciating What It Takes To Go To Germany From Ireland.
. Wud Love Ireland Gig (Vicar St.Dublin) No Reason Why Not.
F.I.B Gets Better Every Time I Hear It--Its My Fav.Album --Spiritual Man And Hooked
Next Tour Maybe.

What a great show yesterday evening in Hanau and a great location behind the castle.
It was my 15 th. TOTO Concert and one of my favorites. The band was tight, the tracklist was perfect again. The show opened with the hammer of the new FiB album "Falling in Between", following 110 min. pure TOTO Rock sound at its BEST. The show was truly amazing, every song was a highlight.
Luke was just in overdrive form, he did his own party on stage. The "voice himself", Bobby, was incredible, Mike so smooth and slick. Simon gave his best and was in topform again - yeah - I love the solo on "Hydra". Greg did also a great job, he´s a keyboard genius and Tony Spinner gives the show the last touch with a wonderful guitar playing and singing "Stop loving you". My little 6 year old daughter loves you - Tony.
Thank you TOTO, for a fantastic show and a very nice evening and for the last 30 years.
Thank you for NOT GIVING UP, please come back (with Dave), take care and good luck for the rest of your Tour.

Datteln, Germany — 5 August 2006

Did see you at Saturday in Datteln. What a tremendous and breathtaking show!!!
Every second of the concert and every chord was very emotional for me and tears run down my face when I hear all those great songs.
Steve`s solo are really unbelievable and Bobby`s voice is the best for the sound of Toto.
Although I am 42 I become a little child and have the greatest fun when I see your performance that is not from this earth.
Now, two days after this beautiful night I wished I could stop time and see and hear you again and again.
God bless you all and hope to see you soon.

Hello ToTo, friends and fans!
We´re just back from Datteln and another funny ToTo gig. It´s good to see and hear you again. We´re hoping that Mike will soon get better and are wondering if Simons "Lookin' glasses" are now part of the show for the rest of our lives ;o)!!! The Westfalen- audience is a little bit slow and while you´re talkin` english everybody has to listen carefully and translate before reacting to your jokes and stories. So don´t worry, you did a very good and funny job and we´ve enjoyed ourselves and you very much! So stay (become) healthy, keep on makin´ real music and makin´ us happy! God bless you all! See you next time!

Bielstein, Germany — 4 August 2006


I've seen your show on Aug. 04 in Bielstein. As always - it was fun from the first until the last minute. The stlist was amazing varied & long and i enjoyed the show really, together with my brother and two other friends.

The gig took place at a beer garden in the middle of a forest. Two bands played until TOTO appeared at last.

TOTO played songs from nearly every album: FIB, KOD, 7, Isolation, 4... - nearly all of my favourits.
A short version of "Hold the line", the reharmonised version of "Rosanna" and the transitions between the medleysongs where exspecially great!
Luke entertained the audience very well ( Hi, wie geht's) and played an incredible guitar.
Nice to see the guys friendship, too: While playing and talking to each other, Luke gave Mike, who was obvious injured, a kiss on his forehead.
Greg did a great job, as well as Simon.
Mood was great that night, Sound and light where a pleasure to my eyes and ears! Guys: Move on! Hope to see you again soon - with Dave!

Amberg, Germany — 2 August 2006

Yesterday in Amberg was just woooooow. I have seen TOTO several times and every time these two hours with this incredible band on stage are very special and emotional. So was yesterday. Everyone was in great mood and I enjoyed so much your beautiful music together with my family and some friends. As I am a musician I loved especially all your jazzy parts (such as the intro of Rosanna) and solos. The keyboard solo was great, the guitar solo not from this world and Simon... what can I say- your solo was just incredible. I am a fan of your drumming, your solo could have been longer and longer... Bobby was singing really really great. He has still a very clear and nice voice and yesterday he did an excellent job, just as everyone else.
The drum intro and outro of Africa took my breath and put the period after a brilliant unforgettable evening.
Thank you so much!

Emmendingen, Germany — 31 July 2006

After I decided to meet you the second time during your "Falling in between" tour I took my wife Monika and my 9 year old daughter Jacqueline to Emmendingen.
You did a very superb concert although it was a short one compared to Zurich in February and I missed some more of the big ones (are there small ones at all?).
We were located right in front of your mixer and everything was perfect.
By the way your "soundman" did an excellent job. I watched him several times as he was really living the gig. (Hey man, you remember the little blondie on the bench with the "My little dogs" shirt?)

All all expectations were fulfilled. From the first note of the intro till the last drum beat of Africa I felt that excitement that I knew I will feel again after I saw you the first time.
My wife was very surprised by my way of living your music: singing (shouting) the lyrics, playing the air guitar and base, drumming the drums playing the keyboards; I (we)really had a very good time.
Thank you and good bless you. We are looking forward to see you again...

Yes, I was very happy to read that TOTO will play near my hometown (Freiburg) in Emmendingen for a downtown open air. The afternoon was very rainy but when the evening time was coming, the sun came back,too. Our area is not well known for classic rock and the venue was not too big, I think there have been more or less 1000 people. TOTO started the concert with "Falling In Between", the sound was great. Some more songs followed of the last album and it was a pity that most of the people only wanted to hear the famous classics like "Rosanna, Hold...and Africa". The audience acted a little poor, less handclaps,but the band handled it very professional. It was nice to hear "Pamela" again, Bobby has got still a great voice, everybody was in a great form. But I missed David! So it was on to Greg to fill all the key-parts and the man is damn good. He got very positive reactions from the audience like everyone and thanks to Tony, too. He did a perfect job in the backround. At last TOTO played the three big hits and entered of course therefore the most applause. I could have heard ten songs more but the real fans were too less for screaming for some more. In the end, for me it was a great pleasure to see one of the biggest bands that ever excisted and you guys are so good on your instruments and as I said the perfomance was very sympathic. See you next time somewhere else.

Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland — 30 July 2006

Hi there,for the third time on this tour and like many others fans around the world, i had the opportunity to hear your great concert, each one was different ,this one surprised me even more.I just missed my favorite song " home of the brave" at the end, but anyway i will listen to it a couples of times soon, it was like if i was alone in the front of the net(any sport) and i'm ready to score a goal,and then the referee decide to stop the game:-)(this is a joke, don't take it seriously!!) The concert in itself was very cool and i really enjoyed it with my friends. I wish to see you again on this tour! Congratulations to everyone in the band and best wishes for the next twenty records!

Trier, Germany — 29 July 2006

Hello Friends, before we go today at your Concert in Datteln ( yes well , its our 9th Concert and the 4th this Year), we want to say a very big thank you for the fantastic Night at Trier. It was a beautiful place to see your amazing Show once again. Guys, you were better and better and better all the time, its unbelieveble,... and I think, that you´ll have a lot of fun in Trier,... Greg played the Intro of James Bond and all the People must laugh, great! We´ll hope that today the concert will be another very good Concert, but that´s no Problem for you, isn´t it? We will see us in the evening, and we can not wait any longer to see you. God bless you all, and we wish you all the best!
Good luck!

Dear Toto-fans, if you did not already see Toto this year, please hurry up to received this fantastic feeling that this band can give. Their show was great (o.k., this is not new...), the songs seems fresh and new to the people, also the "old" ones! I've never hear song always in thisd kind of freshness and perfectlyness like in this Toto-concert, the locations give the rest to receive a evening never to be forgotten! I have the luck to meet the band before the show for some blink of the eyes, they really seems concentrated but cool. I was in march in Frankfurt and I will go in August to Schwetzingen... and I will go again and again and again .... But still I miss my favorite song from the new album: Spiritual man.., perhaps because David is not around this tour. Good luck, David, to you and your sister! Well done, Toto

Saw you last night at the beautiful venue "Kaiserthermen" at Trier. The weather was perfect and the concert was one of the best i´ve ever seen. The whole band was amzing. Best versions of "Hold The Line" and "Africa" with Trevor Lukather on 2nd lead guitar! Tony Spinner did a very great job on the vocals. I wish he would sing more! Everything was nearly perfect with two critical points: There is no change in the setlist since the tour start and why don´t you play the complete version of "Hydra"?

Luke, Trevor, Mike

Tuttlingen, Germany — 27 July 2006

Another super TOTO concert. My husband and I were standing in first row and it was great seeing the band so close. The band seemed to have lots of fun even though it was really, really hot and the whole experience was amazing. Loved to hear songs from the new album but we especially enjoyed hearing lots of the old songs.
Luke is, of course, one of the worlds best guitar players and he was just fantastic. It was also great fun seeing Trevor Lukather join his dad on stage for 2 songs.
It was a wonderful evening to remember and it surely wasn’t our last TOTO concert. Hope to see you soon.
It was nice meeting Luke’s kids Trevor and Tina after the show and we had a nice chat.

It was our second Toto gig after visiting the Toto tour 2003 and some solo projects of Simon and Steve. So we knew very well what we could expect also this time, when we walked up to the ruins of the Honberg castle in the late afternoon of last Thursday. We drove 600 km to get there. And we had not been disappointed!:-)

It is a nice festival on the top of that hill, with a little stage in a circus tent, and it was sold out of course. It was a very very hot day and the temperatures inside of that tent were awful high. Respect to the band for playing such a wonderful concert in that heat! Yes it was wonderful, perfect sound, perfect lightshow, and what a great music!
Starting with some parts from the Falling In Between album, then performing old and newer stuff, showing fantastic solos on guitar, keyboards and drums - and the air as well as the athmosphere was hot at the beginning but cooking right after the second song! We stoud in the second row and the people around us celebrated a real FESTIVAL. And then - suddenly we got our personal highlight - Caught In The Balance LIVE - our absolute favourite Toto track, but they didn`t play it on the tour 2003 and so we did not hope to hear it live anyway now. Wow, oh yes it was just great. Another interesting part was the performance of father and son Lukather on stage :-) Steve is for sure one of the best guitarists of the world and he showed that again on that evening. We are normally following Manfred Mann`s Earth Band (who were going to play at the same stage one day later) and are big fans of the Earth Band`s guitarist Mick Rogers. So we always appreciate a perfect guitar performance very much, and last week we got two of them, Steve on Thursday and Mick on Friday... What a week!
Anyway we could mention so many great points here for the Toto gig, the whole night was an only highlight. We enjoyed it very very much. It is a pity that David Paich could not tour with the band, we really missed you, all the best from us!
So thanx for another fantastic gig, keep on rocking and please keep on touring in Germany

Madrid, Spain — 24 July 2006

Thanks a lot Toto and welcome to Spain!!!

It was an incredible concert!! The first time that Toto come to Spain!! I couldn't believe it!.

It was the 4th time that I could see them cause I went 3 times to Germany 4 and 6 years ago. I live in Mallorca and I could Know the members of the band in Munich cause I could go to the backstage. Thanks guys again!!

This time I was expecting the answer of spanish people in the concert and I was very surprise with them (like Toto). The musicians couldn't sing cause the people was so strong (in Stop Loving You that it was a hit in Spain in the 80´s Tony Spinner couldn't believe it). Luke was so happy and promise that they will come back to Madrid. Yeahhh!!

The concert was amazing and I like a lot the participation of Greg. In his keyboard solo he had a very good detail with the spanish people cause he played a variation of the Concierto of Aranjuez and Spain of Chick Corea. He also played a reference of a Jazz theme playing with Luke in the middle of Rosanna the main theme of a song of Weather Report.

In the concert were many jokes: for example in the introduction of the members of the band everybody was laughing with Luke and Greg.

I didn't think that they played some songs like Enderless, Isolation, Kingdom of Desire, the chords of Hydra (with Simon's solo), Caught in the Balance or Gift of Faith, and these were fantastic. I like a lot too the acoustic version of Stop Loving You, and the new beginning of Rosanna.

For the end, I only want to say thanks again to Toto to come to Spain for the first time and I make a promise like Luke: I will go another time to see Toto!! I doesn't matter where, but I can't wait cause is the best experience that you can have.

Good health to everybody!

Luke, Trevor

After the excellent show in Madrid, I can only forgive you for not coming to Spain before, and we will remember your promise to come back soon.

Although the emotions are not the same beeing 40 year old than at my 20's (when I discovered the group), some tears ran trough my face hearing Rosanna, Pamela, Stop loving you, I'll be over you,... and I jumped and shouted like a teenager from the begining to the last drums of Africa. Thank you for an unfogettable night.

It is also pleasant to discover that you are normal and funny guys, not pompous rock-stars. Next time, please play something from TURN BACK, if possible GOODBYE ELENORE

Thank you again

PD: We missed David, I hope we can see him in future concerts.

What can I say! when I saw them, my emotion was infinity, all my life I desired to see them.
The concert has been faboulous and the crowd was incredible with them, sincerely I believe that Toto didn´t wait all the force of the crowd, but in Spain and most of all, in Madrid the enthusiasm is absolutely total.
Luke: genius of master of ceremonies, guitar God, session God.
Mike Porcaro: the groove master, the class over the scenary.
Simon Phillips: like always, I don´t believe how plays drums this guy, what sound.
Greg Phillingaines: thanks for the beauty to playing "concierto de Aranjuez", after touring with Michael Jackson and Eric Clapton, what can I say to class of this musician, great voice.
Bobby Kimball: his voice is incredible and with Bill Champlin and Tommy Funderburk, the best voices of westcoast music.
And last, but not least, my sincerely and crying remembering to Jeffrey Porcaro, I feel to him, and all over the years, miss him so much.

The best and most feel concert in my life, and of course, remember to Luke that he promise to come back at Madrid.
Thanks and sorry for my bad english

Luke, Trevor

Many years ago I meet the music of TOTO. I live in a one of the neighbourhoods bigger from Europe, VALLEKAS, in Madrid, and in this city, my city, TOTO PLAY IN JULY!!.Many hours,days,weeks,years dreaming and finally in July, in Madrid, TOTO appeared.A DREAM MAY COME TRUE!!!Toto played fantastic...Steve playing his guitar musicman and his warm voice, Simon his Tama Drumm playing delicatly and strong when the circunstance allowed...haha, Bobby with his spectacular voice...Mike with his methodic and sense Bass, Greg with his magic fingers and Tony accompaning. People there was with TOTO and Steve Lukather promised that TOTO come Back to Madrid, this was the first time toto played in Spain, in Madrid. From Here I want to send an embrance to all TOTO FANS from SPAIN and all the world, together in this event, with the hands and hearts united by the Toto music. THANKS FOR ALL TOTO!!!I hope see you soon from here.


Nimes, France — 22 July 2006

Saturday 22nd of july is to me The Day to remember. Coming from Paris i had decided to arrive in the morning in order to visit Nîmes, before the show. And walking in the street i could not believe it : Steve and his beautifull wife were having a drink. I wanted to talk to steve but at the same time did not want to disturb them. So i just said Hello with my hand, and Steve answered very friendly. I was in Paradise ! Then came the show, with a very impressive first part, having Joe Satriani playing for approximatively 2 hours. I thought it would be a very short first part, but it was not, and obviously everyone was very happy. Then Came the Masters. And honestly, compared to the great show they gave in March (in Paris) this one was nothing compared to it. They played even better than ever, that was simply unbelievable. The set list was quite different from the show in Paris, but it was really appreciated. I was especially impressed by "Pamela" which was played with a very very impressive groove, and during a few minutes, i was back to seventh one days ! The band also played a lot of tracks from "Isolation" album, and they did it so perfectly ! we also had this very special acoustic set that is definitly one of my favourite part of their brilliant show. What can i say more, expect that this is really a day to remember ? Thank you so much guys !

Luke, Trevor

As a Brit living in the south of France, I have been lucky enough to watch my favourite band in the whole wide world twice this year, at Marseille in March and last night at Nimes. This was my 6th Toto concert in all and probably the best. We all know they are brilliant musicians whose almost orchestral approach to rock music is both refreshing and unique. However, I think to analyse last night's performance too closely would be to miss the point. They produced a quality of performance to match this truly fabulous setting on a hot summer's night. The light show, the environment and, of course, the music was just spot on. Come back soon guys, and thanks for another very special evening.

Nice, France — 21 July 2006

Here i'm again Just coming back from the the concert and i already miss ToTo!
This was an open air concert under the french riviera nightsky!
It's second time i see the band in an open air concert and it's really better it's gives all the dimensions to ToTo music.
Songs were the same than two days ago and the same that ..few months ago. But it's a world tour and only few people have the chance to hear and to see the band more than one time so it's not a problem.
The choice of these songs is quite good with a good mix betweem news/old and oldest.
Of course i would like to hear some others...all the others! ;-)
Bobby was a bite less on girlgoodbye in comparison of Sollies le Pont where they where celebrate the birthday of their manager but the version of Taint your world was crazy.
Greg was more inspirate but i really miss David Paich.
The solo of Simon was, like always,strong and technical and with a good melody in the same time .Something that every drummer can't do. Even if nobody is replacable:Jeff Simon , i think, is now a true member of ToTo. Very unfortunatly for my ears but more for his right wrist Mike Porcaro seems to be wound so he didn't no played any solo.I missed it. Hope he'll be fine soon.
Steve solo was very hot.
Tonight he forgot to ask if there was any musicians in the public but he had,, once again some goods and not only same jokes but news too lol
If anybodies knows (or if, by chance if i you read this Steve...i even saw you few times with the lobotomyes lol) why steve Lukather have the last nail of each hand paint in black?
The finished(why it must be end!!) this great show with a version full of energy of Home of the Brave and finally playing Africa with four soul girls gest:Lalah Hathaway (Donny's daugther,a star of soul),Milini Kahn (Chaka's daugther) Nona Hendryx (Labelle Lady Marmelade)and Sandra St.Victor.
A little "bémol" "-" for the place with too much trees! and for the audience:French(and i'am fench) public generaly have a lake of motivation and don't know the lyrics.
It's not a good public for a so good band!
They often apreciate ToTo for the musicians but more because they are so good musicians than for the THE SOUL OF TOTO.
So Thank you for the emotions you gave us again during this so good but always too short moment and please come back very very soon dear friends.

Mike, Trevor

After the wonderful concert of Solliès it was a great pleasure to see the band again in a so close date! King of the world, Tain your world,Kingdom of desire,Endless and Girlgoodbye were played and sang with so many energy. So craysies versions!
The other songs too...but i hope you'll have the chance to see it by yourself!
Greg was more inspirate. But i still miss D. Paich.
Simon's solo is very technical and melodic too.
Even if Jeff was Jeff, for me, Simon is now a a true ToTo member.
Steeve forgot to ask us if there were any musician in the audiance ;-) but he didn't forgot to joke (for exemple an imitation of M. Jackson).
But why his last little nails are paint in black?
However he burned the stage with his guitar. Unfortunatly for my ears but much more for his right wrist which is wound Mike didn't played his own solo. I missed it, he's so good!
Nothing to say more than last time about Bobby.
I just "love" this guy and his incredible voice.
It would not be correct to forget the good performance of T.Spinner (who is touring with Toto from a long date)
After two hours of a great show the last song was..Africa.
For the occasion three daugthers of stars of the soul of 70'came on stage to sing the backvocals and to dance.
So much fun.
Why it must end??
Thank you to have visited us as old friends does.
Thank's so much for the emotions,the pleasures and the dreams you gave (and still give with the new album and this tour) to us since many years!
Good luck for the rest of the tour.
And, please guys, come back soon!

Sollies Pont, France — 19 July 2006

I saw each ToTo tour in France since..many years now, (i was even at their 20th anniversary concert in a little club in Paris where i live) At this occasion Bobby, cames back in the band (that was my dream since he left the band) and often several times by tours.
The concert of this night was great.
After the the concert of this spring in Paris which was really not the best of the band career it was a pleasure to see all the band (except David who's still missing a lot. Hope everthing 'll gonna be allright with is sister ) in a great form.
Especially Bobby, thank you for your voice, one of the greatest.
The ToTo VOICE, even if joseph and fergie were great i prefer to forget byron) which was tonight almost like 25 years before!
S Lukather have always a great sense of humour! Mike Porcarro is too pefect to be really honest ;-)
Thank you to the band to still play girl googbye witch is one of the best and hardest.
These guys are always playing with their hearts and with pleasure giving to us the best of them and that everywhere in a big town or in a small place where it's often more friendly.
Thank you ToTo for your songs and for your humility.
Hope to have a great show too in Nice in 2 days.

Carcassonne, France — 17 July 2006

this is the Second Time this year i go on seeing the band. This time in a small theather , more intimate , warmer , closer.

I can easily wait sine i saw them in toulouse some months ago ... and they are there .. as usual .. old and close friends whispering to us the sweetest melodies ...

public was warmer then the last time and what a show. when feeling is there between the band and public , they give the best they got .. more rare songs beside the hits .. some b-sides forgotten or "none played on radio sngs " like isolation ..

true intense ... but we still missed david ...

thanks again for true show , friendship and hope ..

Massa Carrara, Italy — 15 July 2006

Bravi Bravi Bravi ! Yes thats what i was shouting last night at the concert in Massa , these guys are Fantastic, great musicians , when i saw the bus of TOTO arrive i had the shivers , i already saw Toto in Lucca and in Modena and i couldn't wait to see the new Summer tour ! Falling in Between was a great opener and i really did enjoy King of the world !! really Fantastic , all of the show was really wonderful.
I hope the guys enjoyed when we sung for the band our National anthem !! Luke told us we are world football champs and so we sung for them and Luke said that in nearly 30 years this was the first time it ever happened !!
What a Lovely evening !! thanx so much for coming to Italy , please please please come again , here there are so many TOTO fans and after all its a reason to bring back home our paesà Mike Porcaro !!! see ya soon guys ! and thanx so much ! What can i say ??? as Luke said !! Simply the best , i say !!!

Hi to all...
This was my first Toto live...
I knew some songs, but i didn't know everything about them...but anyway i think this has been (together with U2's ones) the best concert ever seen.
Toto starts playing at 22.00 and believe me...for me it's been so hear those songs of 80's and some songs by the last album. I have to admit TOTO is one of the few remained good reality of music.
The concert goes on and on, song by song...and Steve Lukater shows his skills of gr8 guitarist and showman, just as other members.
But what i wanted to communicate is that fact that even someone who don't know very well their production, is really taken by their songs wich live give their best.
So my compliments go to the whole band but expecially to Steve, for his kindly touch with italian fans and many particular compliments to you, Simon Phillips. I knew you very well...but yesterday you confirmed that you're, at least for me, the gratest drummer of the world.

TOTO : our world music
It's hard to write all the emotion, for being under the stage yesterday night. this is the second time, that I hear and see you live, this year. The other one date-tour was in Milan on march...very very great show! I grow up with the best music that came out from west-coast at the end of the '70 and in the early '80! I'm 42 old years, and when I was 16 I spend my time in a local radio and I loarn to know "who was the musician that play this instrument in this fucking way..." how many time the name was the Porcaro brother, especially jeff, lenny Castro, Steve Lukather, David Paich...
in this time I was in love with Steely Dan, Bill Champlin, George Benson, Steps ahead (Jony Mitchell, pat metheny, jaco Pastorius....the tubes too!!!) I'm very lucky. This it's was a great moment for the music and FOR THE REAL MUSICIANS. but let me tell you something abaout yesterday night. TOTO start to ply at 22:00 pm...with the great "falling in between" the first 30 minute I loose my voice and my force, with "Pamela" (great Greg on Keyboards)... "Bottom of your soul"..."hold the line"...all the people became crazy. In the midle of the concert we start to sing our "national Anthem" for our brothers TOTO. It's always amazing ear all the beatiful song that Toto wrote in 28 years, ( Rosanna,I'll be over you, Isolation, Kingdome of desire, Home of the brave...Africa) and see TRHEE GENERATION at their many musicians, young kids with the Dream Theatre's T-shirt, many drum player...obviously guitar player for ear one more time Sir. Steve Lukater with his soul, his liking, (it's a great showman) and especially for his great and furios guitar's solo, and the swetness of the best ballads of TOTO (Larry Carlton says about Luke " he feel very note he ear and every note he play" that's sure. Music is a God's gift...THANK A LOT TOTO, God bless you too

Rome, Italy — 14 July 2006

The venue is full when the band comes onstage.
Suddenly we realize that David Paich is not behind the keyboards and I think it would be a strange gig without him. Mike Porcaro and Simon Phillips are incredible!!! They look like young boys who have just released their first cd. Luke speaks with the Italian fans and congratulates for the World Cup. He says: "Now that we have signed for an Italian label we are almost an Italian band!!!" Falling in between and King of the world are the first songs to be played.
Pamela is performed by Bobby Kimball, then Luke sings Bottom of your soul. Caught in the balance is one of the most appreciated moments of the whole gig. Bobby is always an incredible singer and it seems to me he has even made some improvments in using his wonderful voice.
Make believe, Hold the line, Stop loving you (with an excellent Tony Spinner) and I'll be over you are the songs that every fan of Toto is waiting for tonight. The sensation is that Luke and the other guys are having fun on stage and the people is entusiastic about this approach.
Phillinganes gives us a monster piano solo with some notes from Jake to the Bone...
People go crazy with Rosanna...Luke says: "How many of you have followed us from the beginning?..."
And, incredible to believe, I can finally listen to Endless and Isolation live (in the previous gigs I've been...Milano 1992, Roma 1997 no songs from Isolation had been performed) Kimball is not Frederiksen but it's ok...maybe this is my greatest reward for being here.
After playing Gift of Faith and Kingdom of Desire (one of my favourite song)there is time for the Luke solo and the Phillips solo on the notes of the monumental Hydra. A new version (a little bit slower) of I won't hold you back is performed as well as Goodbye Girl. Luke says: "We have the last two songs... one for the peace and another one that all of you are waiting for..." Home of the Brave and Africa are the best conclusion that every fan could imagine for a Toto Concert.
What else can I say? I'm already waiting for the new Tour in 2007. My dream would be having Joseph Williams as well as Fergie Frederiksen and Steve Porcaro on stage with Luke, David, Mike, Simon and Bobby...I hope that even if there is only one possibility the band will try to work on this project to make the biggest gift to all us fans.

It's hard to find the words to explain the feelings of yesterday night...amazing concert, amazing musicians, amazing was the first time for me to see you live...the emotion of listening all the hits and the new songs was incredible...and, after the concert, have the possibility to talk a little with Steve and even make a photo with him...what can I say??!! WOW!!!

Thanks guys, Rome Loves You!!

ps- sorry for my bad english!!

Athens, Greece — 12 July 2006

Thank you for coming in my country!!!
Thank you for the real music between all these rubbish that badger our ears...
Thank you for the chance that you gave to my two 13 years old daughters to see what is really a rock band, what is really a musician,what is really a concert...
This night in Athens was an unforgettable and catalytic for our psychology ability...
We all wait for you one more time in Greece, because in fact we need you guys...
Love you forever, best wishes from Greece, Kostas.

A NIGHT OF EMOTIONS... For a melodic rocker like me, TOTO has always been a reference point for the genre, and much more than that. Their phenomenal songwriting, musicianship and attitude has been admired throughout the years. So my first ever TOTO concert which happened to be their first in hometown Athens, couldn't be less than a sensational event! The band appeared on stage around 23.20 in front of an eager audience. First melodies of FIB started to electrify the place...for 2 hours the setlist captured 30 years of fine music. Being a lover of their 90's recordings I really enjoyed "kingdom of desire", "Gift of faith", "caught in the balance" and "cruel". "let it go" was another strong moment for me while "make believe" was a nice suprise... I wish they had also included my all time favourites "Jake to the bone" and "I will remember". Tony spinner did a great job on "stop loving you" I must say. Hits like "africa" , "rosanna" and "hold the line" were expected to drive the fans crazy and so they did!!

Overall, a great show from a great band.

Luke , Mike , Simon, Bobby, Greg: THANKS and see you next time, please make a regular stop here!

Hallo Everybody.
I'm one of the hardcore TOTO fans in Greece and one of the lucky ones who (finally..!!) saw them live in my country. Steve, Mike, Simon, Bobby, Greg you were AMAZING. For all of us who grew up and learned to listen to music because of TOTO, you were a dream that came true. I still can't believe that I was 2 meters away from the musicians that I adored so much. Thanks for giving me that feeling and PLEASE come again. Greece is a lovely place to visit and perform and though you might never had a huge fan base here, with your presence you showed everybody that you are better than ever. Friends of mine were amazed with the new sound that TOTO has the past 15 years and they went straight to buy your latest albums. Don't forget about us. WE LOVE YOU..GOD BLESS YOU..!!

Hi ToTo!! i ve been to the concert in greece.. it was really really really amazing and incredible!!! All the funs in the softball stadium enjoied the show really mush.. But one of the best part was before the show.. My friend Jason (who is a member of our tribute to TOTO band) and other friend Panos and me took pictures with TOTO! AMAZING.. It was like a dream because i thought that TOTO would never come to Greece.. the show was much better than the cd's recordings.. Steve played exellent and really really fast! Bobby sang incredibly well.. Mike, Simon played better than every musician i know (exept David Paich who is my favorite!) Greg, Tony and j.j. were amazing.. TOTO THANK YOU FOR YOUR MUSIC! You are a reason for me to play music! And most important: YOU ARE ROCK MUSICIANS NOT ROCK STARS..... THANK YOU again for you existance.. Hope to see you again in greece(with Dave of course). I hope you 'll read this message.. See you!!

It was a lovely, warm night with an orange melancholic moon. Still, could not believe that I was going to see a Toto’s concert. Unfortunately, nobody came with me, so I decided to go by myself. And I didn’t regret it! When you appeared on the stage, memories and tears (a sort of...) came to remind me that nothing has changed, nothing’s lost and everything can be as alive and new as your music! Two magic hours past and the magic moment came: It was the time when Mr. Lukather asked us whether we wanted to hear one more song and we all screamed YESSSSSS!!! And when he asked again witch one, everybody with one voice screamed again AFRICAAA!!! The intro began, and suddenly I was 12 years old, when everything was possible... I left the venue, with a new breathe for life!! ‘Cause everything is still possible!!!! Thank You for the wonderful night, thank you for coming to Athens, thank you for the memories!!! And something last: Apart for the songs, you are above al...Musicians. And you proved it!!! Thanks again,