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Frankfurt, Germany — 11 March 2006

Saturday was one of those few very special days in a man´s life. I had decided to invite a close friend to this very special event as a surprise and therefore had to take a quite long circuitous trip from the Luxemburg area to Frankfurt.

This event in Frankfurt turned out to be one of the most relaxing and perfect concerts I have ever been to; one of the very rare things that simply can not be made better. It was an all-in-one package: brilliant musician, crystal clear sound (and not only rhythmic noise…), nice people around, fun, some cool drinks….great!! I especially loved the way you expressed your passion being “just” musicians without any preciousness and no arrogant pop-icons. You really know what it takes to touch our soul!

Luke: Remembering what you talked about, you should not be afraid of your audience getting too old. My 6 years old daughter Leonie does not stop singing your songs every day since I gave her a copy of the Amsterdam recording. She recently forced me to purchase the DVD as well…and… I will of course do so! I believe she is among your youngest fans and I really hope to have the chance to take her with me next time when you are around! I believe she would have loved the Frankfurt Show very very much!

For the rest of the World Tour I wish you all good luck and a safe journey. It was a real pleasure to meet all of you!

God bless you !

Guys, what can I possibly add to what has already been written here? Not much, indeed. This was by far the best concert I've seen, you are on top of your game, have never been better and, pun intended, there is "No End In Sight". The setlist was brilliant, rich variety of stuff from all eras, beautiful ideas. I particularly liked that for the guitar and drum solos, not all the other cats left the stage: Simon and Mike keeping up that funky backing while Luke did his stuff was brilliant as was the idea of Luke, Mike and Greg backing Simon during his moment of glory. The accoustic set? And the ending of "Africa"? Holy sh**! You never cease to amaze me, guys, really, and this is my 20th year of visiting your concerts. Thank god you're coming back to Germany in summer, this time even near my hometown Weiden: You are coming to Amberg!! So no long drive this time, but I just wish I knew what kind of "free concert" that is. Hope I can drag some ignorants along and show! them what a real band sounds like. Please, guys, take care and don't stop having fun! And thank you for always caring for your fans. We are family...

Hello guys,
the last Concert of TOTO I visited before Frankfurt was at Böblingen (Livefields Tour). That was a great Concert. But what happend on Saturday is undescribable. A absolutely great Sound! I never heard a better one. The Song selection from the 80s till now, perfect. It was a journey through the whole TOTO-Life. The arrangements and combination of the songs was so beautiful. I have never seen a concert like that. Simon your solo to hydra was so wunderful. Your precision is absolutely incredible and the sound of your drumset more than perfect.
A great intro with falling in between! The acoustic session was great and the rosanna combination was also great and surprising. Home of the brave like every time amazing. The light show was so nice.
Greetings to David who was unfortunately not a part of the show, except the little video with the candle :-) All things considered it was a unforgettable evening with you TOTO! Thanks a lot for the show!
I hope you will release a LIVE album from this show.

Hi everyone,
although having been a Toto fan for more than 15 years, this was my first Toto live concert.
What an amazing experience! Simon's drum solo was interesting, thrilling even during the silent breaks - world class!
Steve, you made your guitar sing at times, then speeding up at the climax of your solo. One nearly couldn't follow the movement of your hands. Bobby, you did a great job, too. Some of the notes you sang were even too high to sing along for some of the ladies around.
Mike, I like your humble attitude and appearance, serving the band with your grooving bass accompaniment, well-fitted to Simon's work on the drums. I also enjoyed the multimedia show which was well selected and, since not having been over-used, still allowed the many fans to concentrate on the stage performance. Thanks a lot for the one song you played especially for us musicians! (The audience consisted of approx. 90 f this species anyway, if one believes the number of hands risen after Steve asked, who of us were musicians.) I personally would have wished one instrumental, e. g. "Dave's gone skiing" or "Jake to the Bone", but the high quality of you great musicians made up for this! My personal definition of Toto is as follows: Despite today's tales of so many quickly-risen and fallen, money-driven popstars and producers, Toto really has to offer an alternative: great musicians performing great, timeless music for an above-average musical audience. Keep up the excellent work, and may the Lord bless you guys!

Dear Toto-fans!
I really like to introduce my impressions from yesterdays concert in frankfurt. It was my 4th concert from Toto since the early 90ies. My friend an me went last year to Silkeborg (was great music and very familar with 4.000 people) and we couldn`t expect to see Toto once a time better. But they (Toto) made us a fool. This concert was the best i have ever seen. A fantastic setlist which contained every big song in a magnificent performance. I am sorry to say that we were sorry about David Paich didn`t take part of the show. One voice was missing. But let me say that STEVE LUKATHER is such a fabulous guitar player and vocalist. We came 500 km from hamburg to see the greatest band of all. They did perform some songs in a special sound, sitting close together. Like singing in a pub.
That gives me the creeps. Every song perfectly performed. Top of all for me has been the extra of "Home of the brave". Naturally excellent. Toto forever. Can`t wait for new releases and concerts.
Marian / Hamburg

My friends and me visited the concert in Frankfurt. It was an amacing show.
We are all Toto-Fans and we absolutly like your music . We enjoyed the concert very much.

@Simon: Your drumming was great and your soloing performance was suberb. The best word for discribing this is ... PERFECT !!!

@Steve: No much words to say here ... great voice and the guitar performance was fabulous.

@Bobby: Great voice with much power. Very well done !!!

@Tony: Very good vocal and guitar performance ... great.

@Greg: A very nice and clear voice. The keyboards were played perfectly.

@Mike: I like your playing very much ... You are the "Groovemeister" !!!

Last but not least ... best regards to David Paich. I hope to see you back on stage
as soon as possible. The guys are waiting.

The light and sound technicians have done their job very well !!!

Thank you for this fantastic and unforgettable evening.

after Mainz 2004 (Zeltfestival) I thought they can't be better than there but yesterday evening they convinced me that THEY can even become better year by year.
An amazing show and setlist with the latest songs from the fantastic new album mixed with the "old" songs from the beginning of the band. "Old" is a different word to say for those brilliant songs, as they never become old. It is always good to see Toto on stage and a always-surprised Steve Lukather seeing lots of young people joining their music. This must be quality :-)
We had a snowy trip back to Mannheim after the concert, but even this could not keep us away from joining them next time as well.

Mmmmusic, magic, and testosterone... Man, that was not just another Toto concert. For me, it was THE Toto concert so far.

Proven world class musicians who now rejuvenated themselves, as a group and as individuals, to reach a new, powerful level of musical creativity and perfection. In fact, they make most of the so-called stars on MTV look old, and I mean old, haha.

Bobby Kimball was in best form. So relaxed and confident, his voice sounded clear, strong, and, in my humble opinion, more soulful than ever before. Same with Steve Lukather. Not only did he come up with a heavy dose of uplifting, passionate guitarmagic, he also presented innovative licks and effects, which made even the well-known guitar parts sound fresh and new! And then Greg Phillinganes – as if he has always been in the band, and yet, a new artistic facette which brightly reflects the cool, funky side of Toto (e.g. fantastic new chords in the first verses of „Rosanna“, synths on „Cruel“, not to forget the keyboard-solo....) The drum department was equally amazing. With a sound a little less weighty than it used to be, Simon Philips managed to give the music a daedal, yet very powerful touch, which was perfect for the prog-flavoured songs from „FiB“ and „Mindfields“.

Mike Porcaro... what elegance and style. This man could have torn down the hall with one hit on the h-string, but did he have to prove it? No. He played his unique, intuitive style with a delicate, non-percussive attack, unpretentious use of effects and always an amazing instinct for what is the best for the song. Wowsa.

I left the hall with a broad happy smile on my face and noticed everyone around me was wearing the same look. Some grumpy suit guys in stonecold, snowy Frankfurt wondered what we were on. We suggested to try some TOTO asap ... pours love and happiness into you, keeps you warm, and has no side effects but pure joy and fun!!

Hi there my friends.
First of all, I wanna thank ACE-Concerts for this possibility, to see my favourite band again in a wonderful concert area, u did it well, thanx !
Now i´ll try to begin to write my feelings i felt this nite down in words, which is not easy for me, cos u hit my soul and touched my very heart with this show in the night of 11th march, my friends of this awesome and honest band. U should know that u guys helped me through my life since 1977/78, i was 10 yrs that time, when i first heart "i´ll supply the love", and "hold the line" on a german radio station. It was love at first "hearing", and since then YOU let me being part of toto, the varaity of music and feelings i felt by hearing your tunes. First love, first kiss -- i was listening to "a secret love " and to "99" u supported me by hearing this 2 songs, when i first kissed my girl that time....i wont forget about that, guys. But okay back to present,that evening in FFM that i shared with you! , was the very best i´ve ever seen on stage. I was on lots of Concerts with my fav. Band Toto, but u blew my mind that nite !!!!
Before we got in the hall, i told my friend Peter, that u will play my fav. song tonite, i feel it and u did : "home of the brave" this song insists so much power and honesty. And when i heard "Endless" it could´nt believe my ears, BOBBY u beated Fergie 1 million times, at least u gave the song the very meaning, Fergie tried times ago ! Thank you, Bobby for this wonderful voice u touch my ears every time i see ya on stage. Hey Beefsteak, u did a incredible job behind your green TAMA´s, whoooow your double basses combined with snare and toms got right into my stomach!!! 7-strings? Michael did u play on 7 fuckings strings? The way u touch them the way u play the bass is outstanding, never saw and heard a better bass-player be4, thank you for this fantastic evening. Tony, I love the way u play this wonderful Telecaster, u fit in the Band like the fir! st cry to a newborn child. Your guitar combined with your voice is like a symphony, thank you for being there in Frankfurt.
Now i wanna welcome the "new" Mr. Fingers on keys, Greg it was a honour for me to see ya playing and singing songs, cos i felt they belong to your inner-life, a wonderful symbiosis of love and honesty to the very best band of the world ! Thank you for being there on the 11th of march. Now last but not least MR. Luke, howdy u devilish god of 6-string. I looked into your eyes at the beginning of the show, heard the trembling in your voice, when u cried out to Franfurt people, what happened to u in this moment? I felt there was something wrong with you and i was near to tears, seeing u in this way.... maybe i´m wrong, u might tell me about in some other time, right? Luke, being proud of being a "fan" of TOTO is a special feeling for me, hope u know what i mean by telling this, the way u played your guitars acoustic and plugged was like u opened this gate! to heaven for me for this nite, and when u came in the corner we stood, i saw the glance in your eyes and i felt so much this moment, thank you for this wonderful and fuckin´great nite.
My best wishes go to Big TO, David i missed ya this evening, but i know what family means to you, so hope everything will get well soon, i will pray to god, and drink a glass of whiskey :-) My last words : TOTO everytime i visit a concert, i feel like having my family on stage playing for me, it gives me so much power. Thank you all for being part of my life since past to present, and i hope we´ll see ya soon here in good old germany. My love will always be with you, and my memories will keep my friend Jeffrey alive in all our souls. Dany A.

Dear friends.
I just come of the Jahrhunderthalle and i´m without words. Now I'm writting from a Frankfurt's hotel and tomorrow sunday we return to Spain. We are Spanish and it is our second adventure. On Friday we came to Frankfurt to see Toto, my wife, baby and me in their tour "Falling in between" and what I can tell you. To see them again has been live the dream again, we saw them in Italy in 2004 and every better time. The decoration in scene has improved a lot, its musical quality takes being for years of a lot of quality and it would be necessary to write a book to define them to each an of them. David God willing you were here. You been made of less. I am fan of Simon and it never defrauds me. The rest, Steve, Mike, Bobby, Tony and Greg is all magic ones, really. You make the best Rock today per todayand i remember the only band of the 70' that are in their best moment. That it lasts for many years. Jeff will be proud.

Very good the acoustic part in the concert. Congratulations. No samplers
We love you and every time we hope to see you sooner. We never have enough.
Toto for many years... hugs to all Ricardo-Spain 06

Wow..what an amazing concert. I sort of grew up listening to Toto, but this has been my first time to see them live. They rocked big time!!We've been standing about a metre from the stage and it has so great to watch them that close. They played all my favourite songs, including Home Of The Brave, Africa, Rosanna, Pamela, Bottom of your soul, Let it go, Kingdom of desire, Isolation, I'll be over you, Kind of the world, I won't you back....what a great set!! Can't wait to see you guys live again soon!

Well, it's 1:58 AM in the Morning and I just get back home from Frankfurt to Stuttgart. It was a amazing Night there, definitly one to remember! It was my first TOTO Concert, and it really blew me off. Great Sound, Great Show, Great Musicans. It's just sensational how various TOTO plays there Songs, even if they are a couple of Years old. I never thougt that Can't stop Loving sounds good with Accoustic Guitars -now I knew better! Thank you, I now have a new Answer if someone asks me for my favourite Concert: TOTO, 11th March 2006, Frankfurt!

Hi all,
you gave a wonderful concert in Frankfurt.
The sound was pointed, the sequence of the Songs perfectly and the scenery with the clips excellent. I hope that you remain another couple of years gotten us. Everything best for Dave. A fan of the first hour,
Michael from Steinau - Germany

I don't want to tell you a long story, as the most was said before and I have to agree to the fact that the band is better than ever! The venue was packed, people of all ages came with great expectations to hear a perfect mixture of new songs ( FIB as a powerful opener, what a song ! ) and old ones ( this music will never get 'old' ) performed by the band in perfect shape. Nice to hear Bobby on songs from Isolation, he impressed as always with his power. Thanks for playing the 3 songs that I requested by the poll ;-) Come back soon, we will follow you everywhere.
P.S. I hope everybody did come home safely ( and the band to Zurich ) this night.

- The seventh one - yes, we´re so happy to see 2 Shows in 2 Days!
We drove 130 km to see you today in Frankfurt, and yes well, i must say: PERFECT!
These Year I have my 30th Birthday, but yesterday i feel like 16!
My husband and me were singing all the time, the Show was the best Show you´ve ever made... Steve - how many Hands do you have to play the Guitar so fast? WOW! And Simon, your Drumsolo.... I can´t find the right words. I think you had many Fun tonight. WE HAD!
The new Style ´s of old Songs are so fantastic.
We´ll hope that you´ll make a CD or DVD of this amazing tour, and we´ll hope, that you´ll come back this Year to Germany. We can´t get enough of you! We wish you all the BEST on your going Tour, lot of Fun, God bless you, and finally: NO END IN SIGHT!