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Essen, Germany — 10 March 2006

Last nights gig was absoulutly outstanding. Out of this world. The new stuff was blending perfectly with the old songs. On the other hand, these older songs sounded fresh as the new ones, especially the ones in their new arrangements. The Bar jazz - session was a very nice touch. Not enough that the band played most of my favorits like Hold the Line, Africa and Home of the line, even songs like Pamela, Icolation and Gift of Faith found their way into the set. Luke, Joe and Greg playing some Hydra to Simons solo performance was magic.
In times where a souless music industrie produces legions of socalled popstars with no skills and nothing to say, live music is some of the important things to me. Last nights gig stands side by side with acts like Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Yes, Jethro Tull or Rush.
Well done, guys.

THANK YOU, Guys, for this wonderful evening!

What did I miss during the last years?? I, 26 years old, am a TOTO-fan since two or three years only (although I always loved Africa, which brought me through my school-leaving exams), the Essen concert was my first - and what more can I say then it was absolutely AMAZING! Bobby, Steve, Greg (!), Tony have wonderful voices, every one of you is a REAL GENIUS on his instrument, the background vocal sections are unbelievable brilliant, the few use of a drum computer fitted totally (Simon is the very best, no question!)... All your songs, old and new, are so interesting and creative, the song selection pleased everyone (but next time I'd loved to hear Dying on my feet and Only the children perhaps). The sound was clear and exactly loud enough. Anything to add? I saw Sting, Phil Collins, Bryan Adams, Alanis, Metallica, the German star Herbert Groenemeyer, Michael Jackson in his better years (to be honest...), some festivals - you surpassed them all!
Steve welcomed younger fans and guessed, they would be the children of the elder ones. Be sure, you have and you'll get lots of more other young fans with such fantastic concerts and releases. Be sure, this concert was my personal first of another ...twenty!? I'm already looking forward to watch a new DVD (hopefully) and to see David Paich together was Greg one day. Good luck on "Wetten dass...", if somehow possible, please play live!

Thanks again for this evening and for writing songs like Africa, I won't hold you back, Stop loving you, Home of the brave, Caught in the balance, Bottom of your soul, King of the world and TONS more.

Incredible concert yesterday in Essen. As a newbie fan (I only got into Toto 3 years ago when at my 50th birthday I was presented the Live in Amsterdam DVD: I got stuck in my chair when I saw the concert and fell off it from laughing when I saw the behind-the-scene extras, especially when Steve sings That's Amore for Mrs Moon). I quickly BOUGHT (yes, I am still one of these Dinosaurs that refuses to steal music) the back catalog and I was hooked. I only once saw the guys live in Hardenberg. I thought a Toto concert could not be any better, but yes it can! What a choice from their whole range of songs. And superbly played and sang. My wife was astonished that they produce the same quality on the stage as on the records. I can not mention any highlights because the whole concert was one, but I'd like to mention the piano part that Greg played. A very moving piece. Bobby's singing is incredible and the rest of the guys are just the best you can get. Thanks guys for!
a magnificent evening and see you next time.
Rob en Annemieke Boot

Toto in Essen...I`ve never seen a better concert of you guys !!! So much power, so much groove and such an incredible emotional performance. YOU ARE REALLY THE GREATEST BAND OF THE WORLD. Be sure that more and more young persons discover your music because your music is not only fresh and interesting but also powerfully recorded and performed. You prooved it yesterday evening in front of a deep satisfied audiance. It`s important for me to appreciate Bobby`s singing. Surely, there are bad days and good days in the life of a vocalist. (I have the same experiances.) Yesterday Bobby had absolutely one of his best days at all. I`ve never heard you singing better ! You blowed everyone away. You really nailed it from the very beginning and you even became better and better in the course of the evening. After the concert you said to me that you and the other guys of Toto had so much fun with the fans. And that would be the reason that this concert was developing so fant! astic. You`re so right. Luke, Mike, Simon, Tony did an unbelievable job, too. Keep up the good work. Toto undoubtedly was, is and will be the world`s best rockband !!!

It was awsome to see the best musicians in the world again. It was my 4th Toto show an I have to say it was the best I have ever seen; to be more precise: It was the best concert I have ever seen. The setlist was awsome. I waited three shows to hear live performances of caught in the balance, gift of faith, kingdom of desire and hydra. All my whishes were fullfilled yesterday. The setlist was perfect. It was the best overview of your work I have ever heared guys! I only missed white sister at the end. And I want to hear Jake to the Bone again....But all in concert I have ever seen.

Simon: You are the best drummer in the world. No other one sounds as cool, strong and precise as you. There is nothing you can't play on your instrument. You are a genius. Keep on drumming!!
Steve: your guitarplay and your choice of the right guitareffect in the rigt place is amazing. Your solos were flashing and great. You are the best guitarplayer in the word. everybody should know that.
Mike: I am a bass player by myself and I admire your quick play, your incredible groove. Your sound is amazing. My congratulations to your incredible play.
Gregg: You are the only one who is able to walk in David's footsteps. Great sound, great singing, great gig! I want to hear more from your play!
Tony: I whish sometimes I could hear more from your incredible play. Thanks for supporting the guys so well.
Thank you to one of the last bands which makes music with love an passion. Thank you for one of the last bands that consists of real musicians and not of rockstas.

It was my second Toto concert since last year in Leverkusen at the Landesgartenschau. I always thought that was my greatest evening ever, but since yesterday I know I was wrong. Toto played with such an incredible power that it can't be described with words. The setlist was amazing, with songs from every Toto era, with a great acoustic set, with all their huge hits (especially the new intro of "Rosanna" was absolutely wonderful), with their new hits, such as "Falling In Between", "Bottom Of Your Soul" or "Let It Go", surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd - this altogether made the evening completely awesome.

Thank you guys for this great music, which became an important part of my life. You will always be my favorites!!!

I've lost my father last year on the 9th of March and I miss him so much.So I went to TOTO with some tears in my eyes!Now I'm 38 years old and I love TOTO since I was 12 years old and I've seen them 15 times(includes 3 times Luke solo).In the moment I listen to "Bottom of your soul" and it burns in my heart with love and emotion and I remember to last night in Essen.I've been there with my wife and it was her first TOTO-Concert ever and I told here before,that she'll never forget this concert.I'm a musician too and she love's my music,voice and guitar!!! But after the concert she told me,that she's never been at a concert like that.It was amazing,glorious and emotional.I like Falling in between,many of the older one,but especially Bottom of your soul and I will remember, 'cause I love Luke's voice and the melodies and his guitarplay.He's been my guitarteacher in spe for 26 years and I learn on and on and try to create my own style wich involves Luke's Style.But I !
love all of the music wich was played in Essen.I was very impressed by Bobby,'cause his voice get's better and better every decade.My wife has loved the sound of the groovemaster's Simon and Mike and also the songs and Steve's and Greg's Voices.Greg is really sexy,but Steve is the sexiest man ever,'cause he look and handle like my father!I love you all and remember...this concert was the beeeeessssstttt concert ever!!!Please come back again and much success with "Wetten dass" on the 1th of April.This Show is so popular in Germany and I hope that everyone will like your new song and the medley.So far by now,Rick and Tina

Hi Guys, I know Toto since many many years, but it was the second live-Toto-concert for me. I thought, the fabulous Concert in Oberhausen in 2003 was great. But the Essen-Concert was fantastic, amazing, the best! Thank you! The Band played his hole spectrum of ability. The songs from the new album f.i.b. live on stage were incredible, the "old" songs in a new garment, the acoustic-session, all this MUST BE BANNED ON DVD AND CD!!!

I've only missed one of my favorite songs from f.i.b., The Spiritual Man, that runs on my audio-systems everywhere 10 times a day since coming out.

It was an excellent sound, it was Rock. Some had a groove, that made the people dancing. Fantastic light-show too. I will gather the next Concerts in Germany and I hope the band will never stop it!
Thank's again and all the best!

Wow Guys, it was our 6th livetime with you, and you´re getting better and better all the time! What a show! It starts with Falling in between, man what a Power! This was the best Concert we´ve ever seen, and the setlist was so perfect, the new version of Stop lovin ´you - yeah - amazing! Everbody of you is such a great Musician.... My Husband and me stand at the 5th Row and he was smiling all the time,...
You ´ve played all of your biggest greatest Hits, including Rosanna (beautiful Intro), Make believe, Caught in the Balance, I´ll be over you, Pamela, Home of the brave, the New Songs King of the World and Bottom of your soul (Tears run down my face), and Let it go (Greg, very good job!!!)ans at the End AFRICA....
Also guys, a very fantastic Lightshow with Clips!
Now we will go to Frankfurt in the evening to see this amazing Show once again! We ´ll hope you come back again again again, let the party never end.
You Bobby, Steve, Mike, Simon, Gregg and Tony are the best, the very best!
Many thanks for that wonderful evening with many big feelings! We love you and God bless You!

It was our third Toto-concert and we will never forget these two hours. I have to say that no other band can play such a great and perfect music like these guys! They even played the old songs like Endless, Isolation and Pamela. There were songs of each Toto-period. One great moment followed the other. The old stuff together with the new FiB-songs were a PERFECT combination. The crowd was screaming and it was an amazing feeling to be part of this wonderful TOTO-family. We hope, that the next tour follows soon!
"God bless you all" Thank you, TOTO!

It was the first time that I saw TOTO live in concert and it was awesome. The guys have still so much energy, creativity and passion to their music, so that we, the fans, have no other chance to carry the music in our hearts and souls forever.
It was a great honor to be part of that event and I promise, I will return to the next concert of this unique, pure and passionate band.

I just came back from the best concert I have ever attended. I don't know how they do it, but they just get better and better. Especially the new tunes of FIB were incredible. TOTO were grooving just like one man. Besides, some of the old songs were put together in a fantastic resp. surprising manner - AWESOME!
Please do NEVER stop going on the road!!!!
You make us all so truly happy...