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Kleine Scheidegg, Switzerland — 25 March 2006

TOTO Switzerland

A big and hug applause to the whole band for this big concert! Only Toto can play outside in the Swiss alps at about 10'000 feets of altitude, I don't really think that another rock band in the world could play with that kinds of conditions, (freeze and cold, I think it was really the case on stage) so just respect to you all, for this appearance, have all a nice tour in Asia and see you the Sunday 30th of July in Estavayer-Le-Lac for another show! I hope with a lot of sun this time!

Two weeks after the first TOTO Gig in Zurich, it was a must for me to see my favorite Rockband again at the SNOWPENAIR Festival, Kleine Scheidegg, where they played there second Swiss Concert! Oh Yes, and how they rocked!! Maybe it was the stunning outlook in front of the snowy Swiss Alps, maybe it was because of there last Gig on this Tour leg, or maybe it was just because they are the best live Rock Band on earth: From the very beginning, as they entered stage till the end of the show, it was TOTO pure and as its best! Thanks to God that I had the oportunety to see this concert!
It was my 15th concert (how obout the golden TOTO suporter neadle for myself??) with TOTO and I still remember how it startet up: Back in 1979, I was a 20 year old Swiss Guy spending some months for studies in Glasborto, NJ, as I tuned my radio to a local station and heard TOTO's "Hold the line" for the very first time. It was love at first sight. Now, 27 years later, it's still the same magic: TOTO means beautifull songs and perfect musicians with lots of love for what they are doing!
Thanks for thisone, guys! Hope to make it to my 16th TOTO Gig very soon! God bless You!

TOTO Switzerland

I have seen Toto for the x-time - i couldn't count. First Concert was 1982 in Basle. I've see (and heard) Toto two weeks ago in Zurich, and now on the "Kleine Scheidegg". I 've been never so close to the stage so far. It was incredible, absolutely fantastic. The best thing was. Due the Concert 1999 in Zurich, my Wife was pregnant with our Son. Now, seven Years later, my Son Laurent was with me at the Snowpenair on the "Kleine Scheidegg" (is it possible to E-mail a picture?). He was deeply impressed. All the Love an Respect to the Band.

TOTO Switzerland

Brussels, Belgium — 22 March 2006

I've been yesterday to a fantastic concert I WILL REMEMBER all my life. I was with ROSANNA and PAMELA, two chicks I've met two hours before in Brussels. When the curtains fell on FALLING IN BETWEEN I was really in heaven, feeling myself as the KING OF THE WORLD in this KINGDOM OF DESIRE. Toto was there. A kind of HYDRA whose heads are Luke, Greg, , Bobby, Tony, Simon and Mike. Amazing musicians for an amazing show. Forest National still resounds today of the magnificient music they made. I was not FALLING IN BETWEEN or CAUGHT IN THE BALANCE. No that show was a kind of MAKE BELIEVE for me, a GIFT OF FAITH those guys gave to the trustful Belgian fans. They started out their previous tour with Brussels and ended the first leg of their european tour in our beautiful country. Belgian is considered HOME OF THE BRAVE for them as they lived here several month ago (For the Night of the Proms). It's CRUEL to say but Bobby was sometimes out of tunes and short of breath. I certainly don't want to TAINT YOUR WORLD Bobby but HOLD THE LINE. Man you have a tremendous and incomparable voice. One of the best ever. I wish that show was ENDLESS but when they ended with a very moving AFRICA those two hours passed so quickly. I was waiting for the best band of the world for so long and that was finished. I was so sad this ended up. You, guys played with THE BOTTOM OF YOUR SOUL to the top my heart.

And now what about my two friends. Well this ended out with bad and good news. Pamela wanted to leave me . I said to her "I CAN STOP LOVING YOU. But if you want to, I WON'T HOLD YOU BACK. And whatever happens I'LL BE OVER YOU."

LET IT GO after all.

So she left in the cold night and I said "GOODBYE GIRL". But I was not in complete ISOLATION because ROSANNA was still there by my side.

God bless you and long live Toto.

Best regards

Thanks for giving us a wonderful evening! I (46) was wednesday at the concert with my son (19) and we saw you bringing an amazing show with great performances from all members of the band.
Yes, it was a well balanced songselection. And you know our favorites! Gift of faith, Home of the brave, Hold the line, Rosanna, and many more...
The songs really sounded like the recordings, some even better! We felt how the guys enjoyed playing the solos. First the new member Greg a keyboard genius, than Steve, I think you're the best guitar player in the world, it seems so easy. And Simon you gave us goosebumps with your drums. And last but not least, Mike you are the invisible Rhythm King of the band.

Steve said in his concert speech that he loves Belgium and likes coming to our little country! Why not come back in the fall? Maybe to Sportpaleis in Antwerp. I know and you know it will be sold out in no time.
We still want more of this and are looking forth to a new date!

I have seen some performances, but the concert in Brussels was the closest to perfection I've ever experienced. From the beginning of the show, the rock 'n roll never stopped. A perfect mix of old hitsongs and songs from their new album, never a dull moment. And the usual stuff: the perfection, the tribute to Jeff and the outstanding qualities of every single member of Toto.
My special highlight: the almost 'unplugged' session and the encore of 'Africa'.
My wish? Can I split them in two? A live album of this tour and a new album soon.
Luke, I owe you a bottle of Grand Marnier! What? A lake of Grand Marnier!

yesterdays TOTO concert was the best show I have seen EVER (well - if not it must have been Luke's show ages ago in Antwerp, a chapter on its own)! And I've seen so many shows I've lost counting, really! It was great from the start (and I have to mention, I have seen the London concert but yesterday there was something in the air - we all knew from the start, this will be -- great!). It was a fantastic, special, beautiful and magic evening. Why? Because at a very early stage/moment we could feel that the band had -- fun! Our boys had a great time performing -- and they showed exactly that! And they (Luke) said it - appreciating Belgium and the folks around as a country and as a crowd! The people and the folks that evening had TOTO's blessing -- and the other way round! You all know the set-list and I can say everything went like in London... but then something special happened. I would say somewhere around the 1st and 2nd encore the crowd really gave it a special 'appreciation' or whatever. We didn't want them to leave the stage and -- we WANTED more!! What was an appreciating crowd became a mad-crazy-enthusiastic bunch of people -- honestly -- we wanted TOTO and I know we all wanted... another occasion to express this special feelig, knowing time faded away...! Steve performed (as in London) a fabulous Beck'ish MEGA solo, new country I would say, playful and heart & soul like allways - but even better than I can describe, just -- beautiful - voila!! and great and better than allowed -- WOW, (crazzzzzzzzzzzzzy!) Greg (who had the folks on his side, rightly so! again crazzzzy!!) Bobby (loooooooovvvved by the folks!), Simon just went (erm, did I say craaa....zy?!), and Mike, comme on dit en Belgique: du solide!!!), Tony Spinner, splendide!!!. Just pure magic, that is all I can say - FOLKS - if TOTO's in town - don't miss it! They are exceptional, give all they've got and you won't get anything better - they are the best and they keep getting better. Besides: yesterday was the first time I was in the front row - what an experience - things were moving and swinging and groooooving so much more than ever before - thanks TOTO, thanks, Steve, thanks, Bobby, thanks Simon, thanks, Mike, thanks Greg, thanks Tony -- and in case you don't know who to vote for... vote for David, as suggested by some folks in the audience, holdig 'Vote-David-for-President-panels' in the air for some strange reason, who cares - MAGIC needs no reason!!!!!

Toto is and always will be my favorite band ! Toto is like an exceptional red wine ... Falling In Between is one of their best ever ! I really enjoyed the concert wednesday. Bobby, I wonder ... do you still have a voice the day after ? Steve is a real leader and Mike is pure class. Simon hits like hell and Gregg is such a talent. I missed David ...
I have been a fan since the very beginning and it's just fantastic how high the musical level always is in this band ! It's a historical band, believe me. Please Toto, continue to make CD's for a long time to come ! It's a privilege to listen to you, guys !
I can't stop listening to FIB. Even my daughter likes "Dying On My Feet", that's a good sign. There were a lot of young people on the concert wednesday.
Well, Toto, you're the best and please come back to Belgium.

Wow, what can I say ?

Those who weren't there were very VERY wrong !

Or very unlucky, like a collegue bass player's girlfriend who's recovering from a severe back injury (she cried when we called her during Rosanna).

Curious question of Luke: "How many musicians are in the audience ?"

In a split of a second I saw hundreds maybe thousands of hands in the air.

Even the band seemed a little overwhelmed.

I won't give away the many surprises and highlights for those who will visit the next concerts.

But take these words for granted: if you never saw a Toto concert you're not worth to be called a musician.

My first Toto concert experience was in 1992 and I've attended every gig in Belgium ever since. They pride themselves in making an effort to continuously altering their set lists and song arrangements in such a way that we simply can't resist shouting along and stomping our feet to every single beat.

Yes, we surely missed the presence of David Paich, but to be fair, Greg succeeded in his attempt to make us momentarily forget this bad news. His clever solo in which he blended many different Toto tunes together makes it even easier for us to welcome him into this gifted family.

Goosebumps set in when confronted by "Kingdom Of Desire" and "Gift Of Faith", with "Endless", "Isolation" and "Make Believe" being the big surprises of the evening.

We thank Toto for never skipping this small country when on the road, and sincerely hope to see them again very, very soon!

Thank you guys for this amazing evening. It wasn't my first TOTO concert and thus I knew what I could expect of this great musicians but one more time it was better... What a sound, that seems so easy when you play, you seem to be born with your instrument in your hands...

See you next time (As soon as possible)

Hi guys,

yesterday was my 9th TOTO-concert and waaaaw what a show it was. Every time I think I saw the best performance ever and every time again you get better. The sound was perfect, the atmosphere extraordinary, the set and lightshow were great and the band rocked as if it was their final performance. Impossible to describe in words. Keep making music, keep coming back.
TOTO rules !!!!!!

Hope to see you soon.


This was my 15 th. TOTO concert, and it ranks as one of the best, if not THE BEST !

Great opening with 'Falling In Between', 'King Of The World' (which has become my fav. tune of the new album), Pamela and 'Bottom Of Your Soul'.

The band were in top form, Bobby singing his a** off, Luke as always on fire, Mike 'The Groovemeister' setting the groove, Simon and Greg also excellent, and Tony Spinner is also unmissable. Nice lightning and stage set-up, and the sound was just excellent !

But the highlight for me was the medley which included ('Endless', 'Isolation', 'Gift Of Faith' and 'Kingdom Of Desire'). Wow, never thought I'd hear 'Endless', 'Isolation' and 'Make Believe', which was early on in the set, ever again live in concert.

Thanks guys for a wonderful evening, and thanks for never forgetting to come to Belgium.

Don't be surprised we're still here enjoying your music and coming to the gigs, IT'S BECAUSE YOU MAKE IT WORTHWHILE.

Paris, France — 20 March 2006

Hey guys !!!! The show in Paris was the second one I saw on that tour (after Zürich), and that was sooooooooo awesome !!!!!!! I really want to congrat all the guys, you did really wonderful job, as usual !!
Starting with Falling In Between and King Of The World was very exciting, reminding us you've just recorded one of your best albums !! The tracklist was incredible, especially the second medley, soooo rocking with Isolation and Kingdom of Desire!! You guys, Luke, Simon (are you sure you're a human being ???? ;) Mike, Bobby, Greg and Tony (your voice is irreplaceable !!) thank you so much !!!

See you soon on the road again !!!

My third concert with this top rock band. I just like to thanks you gays and hope I will see you soon again. Nothing can stop me traveling from Iceland to been on Toto Concert and it was perfect to hear songs as Caught in the ballance, kingdom of desire, Gift of faith, endless, Isolation and these new songs king of the world (the best), Falling in between, taint your world.. top songs so keep on goin´ and I´ll bee back soon I hope...

Hi guys,

Thanks for this great show (it was my 8th)!
I was so disappointed when I knew that Lille was cancelled! I love your new stuff, and I didn’t want to miss the first leg of your tour. So I decided to come applaud you in Paris.
I really enjoy the set-list, great surprise after great surprise. We can feel that you are listening to your fans’ desires.
The stage was really wonderful, with these 3 screens, images illustrating songs.
Bobby did an amazing job, especially on "Isolation"‘s tittles, and made me have some regret he wasn’t with the band to record this album.
It was funny to hear the "Marseillaise" opening the intimist set. All great tittles, so rare on stage, Tony did a great performance on "Stop loving you", and I loved your new refreshing version of Rosanna! I was happy to greet Greg as an official member of the band, he’s an excellent musician, even if we miss Dave (our thoughts are with him), we love Greg too.
I enjoyed that the solos was integrated with the other instruments, like Simon’s solo on Hydra. I raise my hat to gentle Mike, always as himself.
And what to say about Luke, singing, playing guitar like no one else: my hero for ever!

So I repeat: thank you very much!
See you soon, I hope, and take care.

(first sorry for my english)

Fantastic, quite simply fantastic !!! Thanx for the surprising set list and for the 2 hours of happiness and joy !!

Steve was brilliant, Bobby was relaxed, Mike, master of groove, always also applied and happy to be there, Simon played the most beautiful drums solo which I ever heard, Tony Spiner, discrete but always so talented and finally Greg, the new one, an exemplary musician !!

Thanx you guy for this fantastic show and good luck for the rest of the tour and take care !!

I'm still in a state of awe...this was my first Toto concert, I have a been a fan for many years now but I have missed a few occasions to see them before. The show for me had actually started while queuing outside the venue as I arrived on the premises at the time when the band was going through soundcheck. The first impression was one of bafflement as the sound even from the outside seemed "massive", it's the only way I can put it...the gates opened at about 6.30, the concert proper started at 9.30 as the venue had a supporting act planned (which only added to the tension...) when our heroes eventually appeared, aggressively strumming the first chord of the new album title track, the whole of the concert hall went crazy, it was common ecstacy! Most of you know what the setlist is like so I'm not going to bother you with that...all I can say is I enjoyed the old stuff as well as the new one. I only wish they had played things like White sister, Georgy porgy, or Don't chain my heart, but I'm only fussing as we've been spoilt with the standards of the music that was performed for us last night. I only felt that Bobby was not in his ususal top form, the performance recquired of him every night must be some strain on his vocal apparatus, however, as the show unravelled, he was able to display his vocal capacities more fully, especially on Girl goodbye which the band totally hard-rocked... most of you have heard about the new version Rosanna with the soul-jazzy kind of intro to it, that really surprised us all, that one is one of my favourite from the show!
Luke (my hero) was in the best of forms, he is such a show master and an entertainer as well, his solos, including his stunning solo spot after Kingdom of desire, testify to his musical generosity and talent. I had already seen him with El Grupo, so I knew what he was capable of, as a matter of fact I knew nothing at all...I was also pleased with the new sounds he used (one old kind of jazz chorus at some stage, and other surprises). His speech and jokes in the middle of the show really added to the complicity between the band and audience. I have been impressed by Simon Phillips, his sound is astounding, as well as his skills, the visual effects linked with the drums were really cool as well. I can only praise Mike, Greg (such a talented singer and keyboard player) and Tony for their job well done yesterday, Tony's rendering of Stop loving you during the acoustic set was very good and refreshing. I don't want to reveal too much to those who are to attend a Toto concert soon and spoil their pleasure, so I'll leave it up to here...
I was also pleased with the degree of authenticity from the guys, it's a rare thing in our days of big productions, make-up and sun glasses, I really felt as if they had opened their hearts to us...
Keep it up guys, thanks for the music and inspiration to all your fellow musicians out there, thanks for making us believe in our musical dreams...
Hope to see you soon on the road,
good luck with the rest of the tour, may your succes be as complete as you truly deserve it.

Marseille, France — 17 March 2006

Hi there,

We arrived at the Dome towards 16h30 and already the first fans start to be bound in front of the grids of passage. We meet finally the members of the Community Hydrasolation and immediately a climate of good mood settles.

It's now necessary to have patience until the opening hour. Finally after 3 hours of waiting, we cross the grids and here we are in the cave of the Dome where TOTO plays in this fresh evening of March. We move immediately towards the steps and we place ourselves in the center of the Dome. I did not want to go down in the "pit", I get too old for that.hahaha

A beautiful curtain glossed with the colors of "Falling in Between" is spread out over all along the scene. Finally at 20h30, one hears relents of the intro of Falling in Between and we say "Let's go !". This small musical bottom lasts 2 minutes approximately then the curtain falsl from a blow, and here are our 6 heroes, there in front of us in full light.

"Falling in Between" is attacked in entry and immediately we are approached by the extent concerning the sound, a phenomenal power. Bobby more forms some that never is made hear. Luke wearing a black jacket to spangles, Mike is always also sober and Simon too. Greg is surrounded of the three giant letters which represent part of the new logo of TOTO. The title "Falling in Between" is truly the piece which it was necessary to put in intro concert to heat the crowd of the full Dome to crack and very acquired with TOTO.

Hardly time to breath, that the group connects on a second title of Falling in Between: "King of the World". TOTO is in full form musically and that gets along. Greg ensures the major part of the vocal on this one. Then, the universe of "Seventh One" makes its entry like "Pamela" under a thunder of applause. I hear for the first time "Caught In the Balance" live, as in Patrimonio in 2003, they had not played it. A very cool title. I will not summarize you all the concert while quoting you the titles one by one, I thus continue by saying that TOTO this evening, made an amamzing and fantastic show. I adored the acoustic sets intimists, and the addition of small a battery minimalist for Simon Phillips, as well as the two high chairs for Tony Spinner and Mike Porcaro. This acoustic set really makes it possible to discover or rediscover the old titles of TOTO’s repertory. The period "Isolation" is not remains about it since "Endless" and " Isolation " are part of the gig. Steve Lukather as for him literally put fire at the « Dome » with his solo on "The Pump". An ovation without common measurement was reserved to him at the end. I particularly appreciated the solo battery of Simon Phillips, who was accompanied out-tempo by Steve Lukather, Mike Porcaro and Greg, which played the musical bridge of the Hydra title. A exercise really complicated, each one having to disregard what the others play. Then finally they all set out again in unison to finish this title "Hydra" which him also remembers to our good memory. Here, that to say moreover, if not that the majority of the people awaited certainly "Home of the Brave" or "White Sister" for the end. Finally, I am delighted that they chose "Africa", bus only for final that was worth the blow. The musicians withdraw themselves one by one of the scene, to leave finally only Simon Phillips alone at the head to head with the audience of Marseille and his faulous green barrels TAMA. Then! a total blackout and it was already finished.

I don’t have any more voice, any more legs, no more brain. An anthology of music, lights, with creativity deluded us during more than two hours. All the ingredients were there for a completely successful festival. The communion between TOTO and the audience of Marseilles were total. Moreover, Luke repeated on several occasions the joy that they had to play in France and in front of such a cordial public. He even say to us "Bonzoir Marzeille! "and a" Merzi beaugoup! "" My dear Friends! "

And in fine , there was also the great joy of passing from virtual to reality by meeting for the first time many the members of our french community "Hydrasolation" which really allowed to better know itself and of spending a true good moment.

Thank you with TOTO to make us dream, even after 30 years of career.

The first notes give me the creeps ! But, also for all the concert ! How powerfull ! How magical ! Guys, with you and your music, time doesn't exist anymore. It is so much a pleasure to hear you again and finally two hours of concert are too short. Old tunes and brand new ones are mixed in a pleasant way that makes me think : "Another song, and on, and on ...". I was amazed by the way you played Rosanna : COOL !!! Your music has such a good vibe ... Thank you so much Steve, Mike, Simon, Greg, Bobby, Tony for that excellent show !
Special thank to David - hope to see you soon !
See you soon and " Merci beaucoup !"

In a word : ATOMIC !!
What a gig, what a show !! the crowd is eating in toto's hands ! All of them were brilliant ! I was blown away by Endless/Isolation/kingdom of desire (and of course, Si solo on hydra !) ! The tracks from FIB were "AX-cellent" as Paich can say 'i miss him a lot - see ya on the next leg of tour ?!! i hope ! two keyboards players on stage will be killer !) ! and the end of the show with "africa" was a perfect conclusion for a perfect show !!!! SEE U IN SUMMER IN THE SOUTH OF FRANCE BOYZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toulouse, France — 15 March 2006

Simply Amazing !!!
It's been a few years now that i saw you guys... back in the nineties (in Bordeaux in 1995... 2nd time was with " Steve and the Lobotomys " )... I have to say it was such a BIG BIG BIG pleasure to come and see you last night on stage !!!!!!!! The night before the event i was listening and watching the DVD of the 25th anniversary in Amsterdam.... it was just a warm up :-)
I really appreciate your speech on stage Steve ;-), i really enjoyed the little " acoustic set", together in a corner of the scene, the amazing intro and "customized" jazz-rock version of Rosanna, your non-stop and never ending medleys, the "how could i say" amazing breathtaking solos of Steve and Simon..... well i could talk about it for hours ! I just wanna thank you guys for your music and for everything you gave us last night, for those good vibes, for this big big pleasure! and i wanna thank my friends " Chris and Vero" for their nice gift ! Hope to see you again soon !
I wish you the best and thanks for givin us so much pleasure.

Just one word: wonderful!
Great musicians playing great music. I was very happy to hear pamela and can't stop loving you from the 7th one, songs not usually played on stage. I won't speak about the way of playing some songs, just to let the people discovering the surprises, but it was a marvellous concert. I enjoyed the choice of all the songs played. two hours of happyness seeing our favorite group enjoying their job and sharing their joy and kindness with the public. It was difficult for me to take my car and go back home ( 200 kms ). Anyway , I will be in Paris next monday, hi, hi, hi. The plane is waiting for me, the ticket is bought.
We love you, and god bless you.

Only two worlds for all the band FANTASTIC CONCERT!!! I wanted to see the show without knowing the set-list ... And what a big surprise for all the show. Thanks for those 30 years of music men.Hope you'll be back very soon. TOTO still in life all the world have to know that, for a long time!

First time I went to see Toto, and I must say I'm kinda impressed: great sounding (not to loud for once) great melodies and above all great great musicians. I was really impressed by Simon Philips: it's clear precise and groovy. I would have liked a little more bass in the mix (it was hard to distinguish the bass from the bass drum, but after all, that's the Porcaro way...)
Great show.

Special Day for Ordinary Local Boy

15 March - Toulouse - France

Started in the middle of the day waiting in a local store to see the band that has been announced to dedicate their album.

They are there - They are there . handsome - easy feeling - nice guys, a feeling of old time buddies close to us . that simplicity is something making us comfortable there. With That we can easily forget the local dealer trying to ask them some question - taht pooor guy had a very approximative english speaking and some poor questions revealing he hasn't even read the discography, too bad , but the band is there, that's the real deal ...

My old picture disc of rosanna is dedicated , also is my falling in between , i'm so proud , can't wait to be at the concert

Was there like other thousands fans to applause the alwaited group to play in our local scene the zenith.

Wow - After two hours and two additionnal songs ( home of the brave and africa ) , my head was shaking .. I've been waiting for so long to see them ..

Incredible interpretation of old songs , the new album is atonishing played live. Bobby kimball has so much energy , etc .. , etc ...

Was also very glad to see them with those two new faces ( for us ) , welcome onboard guys.
Astonishing Day - Tremendous Band .

Keep on making us dream. Be there by our side ..

i owe you respect.

Merci Merci

Bordeaux, France — 14 March 2006

I have been to twelve TOTO concerts in the past 20 years. Prior to this concert I was at the tour opener in London. Tuesday's performance in Bordeaux was the most blistering I've ever seen. Keep this up TOTO and every man and his dog will be queuing up for TOTO tickets! Please please boys ease up a bit or one of lifes best kept secrets will be out of the bag!

Last night in Bordeaux... what a great concert ! After two years waitting for them, i can say it was worth to wait! Welcome new Greg Philliganes, an amazing musician and singer. Happy to see again Tony Spiner, great guitarist and great voice, surprising with Stop Loving You. Those six enourmous musician and singer are incredible. What they did with "Rosanna" is unbelievable. It sounds like a new song, it's rich and groovy. Everybody sings, the chorus are beautifull. Acoustic set was magic with very old songs. "Hydra" with Simon's solo is something i will remenber for a long long time. Well, two hours of good vibrations, as always too short, i would have like them to play all night long... Thank you, take our love into your heart, peace all over the world and keep on playing your fu........ instrument !

Hello guys,
At first how what my surprise to see there was a missing person : Mister PAICH.
I didn't mean a TOTO concert could exist without himself. But as said Luke, there was a "New kid in town" in the person of Greg phillinganes.
Greg had a big weight on his soulders. Fortunatly the band got him. He has been perfect. Every song he played made us forget that Paich wasn't there for this time. What perform !!!!!
This was the fifth time i saw the band on tour.
I think it was the most technical one.
For the people who had a doubt TOTO is essentially a "MUSICIAN BAND" and nothing else. And they play it better than most of the one who claim this.
Even without Paich the show has gone on.
Thanks guys.
Luke was best than ever and imposed him has the leader he his to stand the band at the top (and the bottom of their soul).
The mix between new and old songs, acoustic and electrical songs was as good french cooking components.
Mike was humble but efficacious as always.
Simon the best drumer of the moment (and for a long time)
Tony took his place in the band.
Luke is best as a french old wine with the years.
See you soon guys (maybe a good meal at home when you want!!!!!!)
One word: AMAZING.
God bless you.

Absolutely incredible. If you want a show where every single euro you pay is worth it, Fallin in Between Tour is a MUST for you.

Apart from the REALLY REALLY REALLY AMAZING sound (Believe me, really incredible) that's supposed for this band, you won't feel like "I think I've experienced this before...". Yeah, Hold the line, Rosanna and Africa are there, of course, but with enough surprises and new GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT arrangements that will make you feel like it's the very first time you listen to them.

Don't know what will be like in other gigs, but I got very surprised with every single stage member:

LUKE: I feel he doesn't play so many solos like he usually does, and leaves lot space to the Keys. I really apreciate that and feel that his playing and sound is now the best it can be. Thanks!!

BOBBY: to be franc I didn't expect him to reach those notes. Despite a few flaws, I think Bobby nailed the show. Though, I think he's away from the stage too much (maybe more than the time he is really there). Doesn't matter, when he was there he gifted us his best.

MIKE: same as ever. Each note had meaning.

GREG: the great surprise. Very active and God, can he play!! I saw the band in London (RAH) with Greg and I wasn't able to apreciate him 'cause he was "lost in the mix". Yesterday Luke and him got similar levels and the final mix was awesome. What a player!

SIMON: very tight. He is so professional. Sure he'd want to play a lot but he measures what he plays, and gives lot of groove. He's changed a lot since the KoD tour.

TONY: INCREDIBLE. What a voice!! Check out Make Believe, he DOES make you believe sb can reach those high harmonies. Chapeau. And another detail from Luke... I finally managed to listen to Tony's guitar!! He was there in the mix!! Normally back up guitarists seem to play air guitar 'cause you cannot hear them (normally due to the lead guitar's ego). I think Luke gave me another lesson with that... and the final mix really really improves with that guitar!!

THE SETLIST: perfect. The medleys are not that short (LiA or LiA tour) so you can really apreciate those songs and they pick songs from a lot of Toto records (Tambu, KoD, Mindfields included!)

THANK YOU TOTO (I drove 3 hours at 4PM from Bilbao to Bordeaux and drove the way back afterwards and I'm now at work at 9AM and would do it again tomorrow)

Stop Reading and get your tickets.... NOW!!!