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Sydney, Australia — 21 May 2006

Wow !!
Having been a TOTO fan for many years, we were finally able to fulfill a dream and fly across from NZ and see TOTO in both Melbourne and Sydney.
Absolutely mind blowing.
Melbourne we were lucky enough to be four rows from the front and were able to "taste" the vibe. Sydney we raged from just behind the FOH position and enjoyed a better audio image and appreciation of a fantastic light show ( best i've seen in a long while )
Have just got back from Sydney and still buzzing.
Thanks heaps guys, hope you manage to make it back " down under " in the future.

Congrats Simon on your new born.


Sydney - 21 May 2006

Tight is what Toto was...and still is.
The rocking group proved why they are the most succsessful rock band ever.

Opening the night's performance with their new smash hit - Falling In between set the crowd into a musical frenzy.

Sydney Toto fans packed the smallish Metro Theatre in Sydney to see the worlds best musicians play the tightest set of both old and new songs from the 30 year collection that is TOTO.

The sound in the old room was perfect, with the band using all they could to fill the venue with sound over the noise of fans singing to their favourite songs.

Bobby Kimbal's voice was as strong, if not stronger than it ever has been while Greg Phillinganes showed Sydney he could indeed play the keys - keeping the Toto sound pure.

Simon Phillips kept the beat with impeccable timing and Mike Porcaro played some of the best live bass I have ever heard.

Steve Lukather, Well, what can I say, but Steve let the guitar scream like I have never heard a guitar scream before and provided Sydney with some real nice vocals.

The Lighting was awesome and gave a whole other dimension to the show.

All in all, TOTO sounded great and the venue accommodated the capacity crowd well - I cant wait to see Toto again in Australia, I travelled 1000 kilometres to see them and was not disappointed one little bit!!!

Well where do I begin. Australia... This truly is the lucky country. I moved here from the uk 2 1/2 years ago and in my 28 years have seen ToTo twice in the uk, I have followed and aspired to them continually throughout my career as a musician. Never have i had such a spritual experience as I had on sunday 21st may 2006. Myself and my whole band flew down from Brisbane to see the sydney show and we got a whole lot more than we bargained for. The show was simply incredible, then again nothing more than we expect from the worlds most elite musicians, with songs i've never heard them play live before, fantastic renditions of songs from every album including the title track from the rarely aknowledged and grossly underestimated, Isolation, and an awesome intro to Rosanna.
After reading the previous reviews I need not explain the show again.
However I must add that we waited by the stage door for 9 hours to meet the guys only to be lucky enough to stumble into the same pub as luke and bobby and shared a beer with our mentors (which was incredible Thanks for the beer steve, sorry I wasn't more chatty I was a bit star struck) I won't go on any longer except to say, Steve, Bobby, Mike, Simon, Greg, Dave (my tutor) and Tony, as a musician it makes me proud to have musicians of your amazing calibre to aspire to, and great friendly guys to boot! (gregg, your just in it for the comedy, come on be honest!)

In conclusion, ToTo we love you, there never has and never will be another band like you. you are unique, and I hope now you realize Australia thinks the same.
I've met ToTo, thats one thing I can cross off my 'to do before I die' list. (maybe next time we'll find a bar with some instruments and have a jam???)
Please return soon,

P.S. Thanks to all the great Aussie fans who helped make this a historic night. You made a great impression.

My wife and I flew to Melborne from New Zealand to see the best musicians in the world and the best did not let us down.
I can't put into words how awesome the concert was. Awesome in so many levels. The complete musicians, not rockstars.
For me it was a lesson not just in musicianship but in unity, humility, respect and how to keep the music the main thing for so many years.
God bless,
Please come to New Zealand next time Bothers.


You guys are simply amazing musicians. I love the new stuff. Definately worth the wait. Good to see Bobby back belting out the clasics from the top of his lungs.

Luke, you are an inspiration to all. Your playing and showmanship are second to none. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HAIR!!!!!!!

Mike Porcaro, it's always a pleasure to watch you play. You make everything look so effortless, and you are always intense at the same time. You are a master at your game.

Simon Phillips, mindboggoling to say the least!! A great performance, a true proffesional.

Bobby Kimball, you are the voice of toto!! Where have you been all of these years. I hope you stick around a bit longer this time.

Greg, the perfect replacement for Dave, I have always been blown away with your playing over the years and you certanly delivered with Toto.

I hope Dave is back real soon and wish him and his family the very best.

Thanks so much guys. A night I will never forget.
Don't leave it to long between drinks. Australia loves you guys. We will all be back. Guaranteed!!!

What a fantastic night we had!!!! My wife,brother and I saw TOTO at their Sydney show at The Metro on Sunday night and what a show!! We were very fortunate as I managed to get seats (the metro has no seating on floor area) in the reserved section cause my wife,Linda is 6 and a half months pregnant and I must say a big "THANK YOU" to Debra from the Metro for organising these seats and the after show meet and greet for us. This was my wife and brothers first TOTO concert and my second, we loved it.I think we had the best spot in the house and we had seats,how good is that!! I felt kind of guilty cause our friends had to stand,well no I lie, I didn`t, cause anyone their I`m sure would have liked to have our seats.

TOTO played for almost two and a half hours and I was hoping they would play for another two and a half, it went so quick,even bub wanted them to keep playing!! Loved the set list especially hearing Bobby singing Endless,Girl Goodbye etc. Simon and Mike were awesome, Tony,what a great voice you have.Greg,what a groover this guy is and funny to.Steve Lukather!!!! what an amazing musician you are,there`s not much more that needs to be said except that if you ever want to stop playing, you and Greg could always start doing the comedy circuit! I could keep raving on about the show but it`s obvious from mine and everyone elses reviews that it was a FANTASTIC show.

What topped off the night was getting to meet and speak with Simon,Luke,Bobby and Greg. As well as being great musicians, it was great to see that your all very approachable and generous to your fans and genuinely nice blokes!!!!!!!

Please come back for the 30TH ANNIVERSARY tour and do a couple of nights in each city (Debra from the Metro told me that TOTO could have easily sold out another 2 or 3 nights from the response to ticket sales.)cause there`s so many diehard fans here that want to see TOTO more often!!!

So thanks TOTO for coming back to OZ and PLEEEEAAAASE come back soon, CYA.

PS - Simon,We hope you made it back home in time for your baby`s birth,all the best to you and your family and CONGRATULATIONS for when BUB arrives!!! CYA :-)

Gary and Linda Peterson.

Magical show! But you wouldn't expect anything less from these guys. I was there at Selinas in 1992 and was completly blown away and this time it was like I had never left the room from that gig. Awesome! Being a keyboard player I was hoping to see David Paich but he wasn't there.
The songs from the early days hold a lot of memories for many people so to see them performed live was a treat for all! Thanks for a great show guys. Hurry back

Next time your here please include ANNA in your set!!! Please Please........

What a fantastic show. The venue was sold out and certainly full. The show the boys put on was as good as any show they have ever done and I think they are in the best form of their careers. Very good cross section of old vs new. The bronx chants for Luke were often and participated in by all.

I know the guys have struggled to justify a visit to Australia in the past which is why they stayed away so long. It was clear from Luke's reaction and the reaction of the band that they were overwhelmed by the reception they received from a crowd that enjoyed every note of every song.

Luke commented that he was convinced and that they would be back in Australia in the very near future. The best show I have seen by any band in the last 20+ years.

Tight, Technical and laced with groove!!! From the opening track Falling in between to the last encore Africa and all the hits and pieces in between, the 2 and a half hours I spent with TOTO last night were amazing!!! Old stuff, new stuff, reworked classics all played with musical genius and flair. TOTO are so tight! Little stabs, huge odd time runs and dynamics that went from FULL ON 10 000 dB to 0 and back. It was my first TOTO show and I hope they return soon. Just a sensational show! The sound was hot and the venue intimate. Bring it on boys!!! See ya next time.

Saw the guys last night at the Sydney gig and what an awesome display of talent and musicianship. Being a smaller venue meant it was a lot more intimate and no matter where you were in the theatre, everyone had a close view of the band.
It was great to hear acoustic and new versions of the old songs, the intro to Rosanna was astonishing and so was Gregs keyboard solo. As always Luke excelled himself with the sheer class.
I had always wanted to see Toto since I was a teenager and what an encouragement you guys are to all the Aussie musicians out there. I applaud your interaction with the crowd, amazing setlist covering a vast amount of albums.
Thanks Luke for inspiring me to be more devoted to practicing my guitar. You guys have always and always will hold a special place in my heart.

Cheers Brad

Last night Toto came back to Oz. The wait was too damn long, but more than worth it. In the Metro in Sydney, to a room packed to the rafters with musos and true believers, the guys proved that you are never, ever too old to give a ball-tearing concert. From "Falling in Between" to "Africa", we were given two and a half hours non-stop of some of the best music and best showmanship I have ever seen on an Australian stage. Every member of the band are masters of their game and they showed what it means to be professionals. Anyone considering forming a band must see Toto in action, to understand the true meaning of giving the crowd what it wants.

One of the things that made it memorable for me was the age range of the audience. There were plenty of the older generation of fans, remembering body-shirts and flares and "Hold the Line" played in 70s discos. But there were just as many young fans, singing loudly, knowing the words, as strong in their devotion to the band and its music as anyone who has followed them for nearly thirty years. It must fill the guys with great pride to know that their music is as powerful and as resonant to the new fans as to the old.

Kudos to the organisers, to the Metro, to the fans who filled the place. Toto has promised to return. I for one will not miss a show.

What can I say? You guys are awesome. Both the Sydney and Melbourne concerts were the best gigs I have ever seen, and to be right in front of the stage at both venues was amazing to be able to watch the Masters at work. Bobby, Luke, Mike, Greg, Simon & Tony your talent and ability just blows me away, and to be able to finally see you guys live is like a dream come true!
Bobby (The Man) To hear your voice still so strong over all these years is amazing and heartening. You are the voice of Toto.
Luke (Guitar God) To be able to see you play was awe-inspiring. Do you know how friggin' talented you are? Mike (The Groovemeister) Your playing makes me weak at the knees. I want a Suki bass guitar for my birthday! Greg (The Funkster) What an addition to Toto, your voice and ability on the keys was fantastic to hear & watch. Your moves had us all jumping! Thanks for letting us meet Jerry!
Simon (Octopus) I'm still trying to work out how you laid those beats with only two arms and legs! Tony (Toe-man) Fantastic voice adding a different layer to the Toto vocals, great playing and rendition of I Can't Stop Loving You.
Thanks to Toto for coming to Oz and putting together a great set-list encompassing your musical history, thanks to the Toto staff for their hard work, and thanks to the promoters for bringing them out. You all helped create an unforgetable few days for me.
Thanks also to all the OZ Toto fans who came to the concerts from all over the country to support the best band in the world, it was great to meet new fans to share the experience with. It was great to see heaps of younger folk there as well - spread the word!
In a week, I have gone from never having seen Toto Live in my 23+ years of being a fan, to seeing them twice in two cities in Australia, as well as being fortunate enough to meet most of the band after the show in Sydney! How could it be any better than that?
If you haven't seen Toto live - do it now!

One word sums up last nights gig and that is "BRILLIANT". This is my first Toto concert and having waited for years was not disappointed.
A great balance of old and new tunes and some reworked ones, I was blown away.
Superb musicianship aside it was great to see a bunch of guys who whole heartedly love what they do.
Lets hope we don't have to wait another 15 years. Simon Phillips - you are a genius and I want to have your children.....

This was the first Toto gig I have seen. It was clear that Sydney's rock music fraternity had turned out. I live 170km north of Sydney, done two 3am finish gigs this weekend, but was not going to miss these gentlemen, who, if you look at the discography, have worked with anyone that is worth working with. A stunning show, and Simon, mate, I am going to do some work on my left hand. I am a right handed drummer, but you challenge those of us who just do not have the dexterity or co-ordination you showed this make it look too easy....and those of us that have sat behind drums trying to get that bloody pattern out but can't, know that it isn't easy, and takes perseverence.

Kind Regards, and thanks for an inspiring experience from you all. An honour to see

Wow..Wow..Wow... it's just amazing to see TOTO was one of the most memorable moment in my life. i am an Indonesian student in Sydney..and when i found out that you were going to play in Metro Theatre.. no second thought, i just had to see you guys play again.i watched your Show couple of years ago in Jakarta and it was equally amazing as it was last night;except yesterday you played some of really beautiful old songs (Pamela,Stop Loving You,I Will Remember)..maybe someday you can play Last Love,These Chains,Only You,The Other End of Time...Songs that i love to death..Please do come again soon to Indonesia or Australia..because it's just a great show for me..Thank You,TOTO until we meet again!!!!

Melbourne, Australia — 19 May 2006

BRILLIANT! is the best way to describe this awe-inspiring group of musicians. I have waited what seems to have been an age to see my super number one favourite band(even though I've only known of them for three years)from the moment i first listened to their legendary first album at 17 i was hooked. and as a musician myself, that fascination was only magnified. And as for the concert, it was everything I had hoped for and more. from their very first song they moved the audience in a way that other inferior bands just cannot. From Luke's prestine guitar playing and awesome cutting sound, to the true drumming enigma that is simon phillips. his display of freakish grooves and amazingly clean chops showcased his true ambidexterity behind the kit. As a drummer, I am envious of him, as a musician I aspire to be him. his drumming was also beautifully complimented by the groovemeister, Mike porcaro. his bass playing was the best I have ever seen bar none. and he has obviously inherited the perfect timing and luscious chops of his late brother. the keyboard playing from greg made it seem as if dave was there anyway, and I really loved some of his work. But I was most impressed by the voice of bobby kimball. It was as if they had cut his voice out of their debut album and turned up the volume to full. I just loved the effort he gave and he really dug what he was doing and the audience felt that energy come through. It was just the most awesome experience ever and I can't wait till toto come back to oz.(you promised steve!)

As I sat outside the Palace talking to people, and listening to their stories, I knew I was in for a fantastic night. As we waited, the stage got dark; Toto came on stage, as they picked up their instruments. And with the first note & beat of "Falling in between", my eyes and ears were in awe of such musicianship. The crowd immediately started jumping, singing and dancing, these gifted musicians, not only played their instruments with all their heart, they also play with passion. As a drummer for over 35 yrs, I was in awe of Simonís technique, some simple, some complicated, but all was done with passion. There were times I could hear the faint beat of "Jeff" playing, even though Jeff is not longer with us, his spirit is still within the band.

Mike "Mr. Cool" Porcaro, you are an awesome, and a gifted bass player, like a surgeon ready to operate, you play your guitar, with precision, and passion. "Youíre the Ma"

Luke, what can I say, I was in awe.

Greg, you are a genius on the keyboard, even your Jerry Lewis impersonations are fantastic

Bobby, what a range in your voice, you sung every note with all your heart.

I could continue but, those that were there witnessed a night they will never forget. PLEASE donít leave it so long to come back to Australia.

After 14 years away Toto returned to Sydney which meant I got to see them for the first time. My mate Andrew insisted I go and I'd see the best show I'd ever seen.
Well he was pretty accurate.
Toto were sensational at a Sold out venue with not alot of notice or publicity which says much about the love Australia has for the band.
These guys aren't rock stars they are humble musicians who love being onstage and interacting with the crowd. A wonderful two and a half hours with a brilliantly paced show with a mix of songs from all eras and Bobby singing songs from albums he didn't appear on but he made those songs his own on the night.
Steve is a master guitarist and a good singer and he was clearly overcome by the reaction and slightly embarrassed by the chants of "Luke Luke Luke" throughout the night.
The harmonies were spot on and with Mike and Simon driving the rhythmn and Greg the keyboard virtuoso and the youngster Tony on 2nd guitar excelling themselves we could not get enough and only wanted more from them.
A bigger venue might mean a bigger concert but in the intimate close up atmosphere of the Metro I couldn't imagine anything better than what I saw on the night.

This was the first TOTO concert I had been to and I was absolutely blown away!!! Although the venue was not huge the band still gave 110 o an enthusiastic crowd. Steve Lukather, what can I say? The man is a bloody genius!!! It was good to see Bobby back with the band and he as always gave it his all. I also thought that the addition of Tony Spinner on guitars and vocals was awesome. Just how high can he sing? He sang a great version of Stop Loving You, well done mate. I think that if he stayed with the group he should record some lead vocals (no disrespect Bobby or Steve), and even though David Paich was absent which was a little disappointing, Greg was awesome on keys and vocals, such an entertainer too. As always Mike Porcaro was the Backbone of the group so smooth and very cool. At this gig I beared witness to what I thought was the best lesson in how to play time! Simon Phillips was unbelievable and so musical too. I take my hat of to him for providing the energy for TOTO, who took me and everyone else on the musical ride of their life. Love you guys, come back soon.


What a show!

I flew to Melbourne to see the guys on friday night and was amazed to see many of the same faces on Sunday in Sydney.

Fans travelled from all over the country to catch the 2 shows, and by the end we had all made a lot of new friends.

Now to the Sydney concert.

What a vibe! The room was electric by the time Toto came on, huge expectations throughout the venue fueled largely by those of us who were lucky enough to see the band in Melbourne, I myself refused to give much away except "man you're gonna see something special tonight"

And special it was

The audience (a cosy 1000 people) practically lifted the roof, deafening applause, chants of "Luke, Luke Luke Luke" and the man himself seemed truly humbled by it, but thoroughly deserving, he was truly in the zone that night and it showed

But it was far from a one man show, the band was as tight as any in the world. Simon and Gregs solos were brilliant.

It was also great to see so many of the under 30 prog rock crowd at the show.


Im from hobart, which is an hour flight south of melbourne, and I thought seeing toto would be worth an expensive weekend away, so my girlfriend and I flew over specifically to watch this concert. The venue wasn't as big as I was expecting, but that didn't phase the people that kept filling the place up.

We waited a while, feeling a bit anxious if this flight was really worth it, and then Toto came out onto the stage, thumping away with falling in between. It was the best moment ever, and everyone got into it. Even my girlfriend, who isnt a progressive rock fan, was loving it. Everyone could appreciate the musicianship these guys were demonstrating. Bobby Kimball came out to sing and everyone got into it. A fantastic start.

A few songs later they dropped the dynamic level down and we all chilled out to Bottom of your soul, and they played a few other interesting numbers.

I am an avid guitar player, studying at the Tas conservatorium of music, and I was very impressed by Lukes playing. That guy can melt faces. Not to overshadow the rest of the band, Simon was pumping out the double kicks, and you could see the look on Mikes face, he was working so hard to deliver that awesome groove. A truly great bass player.

Greg was good fun, doing some impression of god knows who with that high voice he can somehow pull. His playing was spot on, and his singing was great too. These guys are real pro's at delivering top notch music and a great show.

Bobbys voice was great also, sometimes I wonder how he can reach such high notes. He is an amazing vocalist. If your into great vocal harmonies, like me, then you'll be blown away in this show. There was fella who was playing some backing guitar and handling alot of the backing harmony duties, he was also very professional. These guys really knew their shit. The dynamic level changed during the set nicely too.

All I can say is, i'm very glad that I went, even if I had to fly there. If you want to see some great music, some passionate singing and face melting solos, then do whatever you can to make it to see these guys. They rock!!

I would say this was one of the BEST concerts I have ever been too!! Thank you Toto for making it to Australia (again)!! I'm already looking forward to the next concert : )

I was introduced to the music of Toto as a teenager by friends and have been hooked ever since. I went to the concert with my best friend and we both left the venue buzzing. The music was Awesome!! Several days later I still have the songs going through my head : )

It was wonderful hearing some of my favourites, I'll be over you, Home of the Brave and the renditions of Hold the line, Rosanna and the ever beautiful Africa. It was truly a memorable experience and I am soo glad to have been there

Absolutely Worth The Long Wait!

Having been a fan since the debut TOTO LP, whilst still at high school, the thrill of finally attending a TOTO concert anywhere let alone in Australia was like a dream come true....except that I was able to share that dream with my 20 year old son who, as a budding drummer & bass player, also admires great musicianship.

The depth of the TOTO catalogue of great tracks; the expectation of a remote audience starved for so long from seeing their musical heroes; the wonder that if all went well, future gigs might be less rare...all combined to make for a magical evening downunder!

This gig had everything....excitement, warmth between band & crowd, humour, encores, a crowd hell-bent on mirroring the volume from the band, chance meetings with the band after the show... all great memories formed, and extra rewarding seeing the look of satisfaction on my son's face.

To top it all off, we then flew up to Sydney for a second dose of TOTO magic! Very emotional time for all, and the boys in the band sounded genuinely moved by the response from both's to many more gigs downunder...thanks so much to Andrew McNiece from, the promoters who bit the bullet & stood behind the band, TOTO management, and of course Luke, Bobby, Mike, Si, Greg (& an excellent Tony)... very much appreciated people!

My wife & I Travelled to Sydney from Brisbane to se Toto live for the very first time. As the ad says: "Seeing Toto live - priceless" What a band! Fantastic musicians, every song a masterpiece. As a singer I felt for Bobby. He struggled with the high notes but given the gruelling tour the band has been on, this is understandable. Unfortunately, the venue was too small for the volume of the band with the bass guitar being overpowered by the bass drum/s. As a bass player myself, it was disappointing to not be able to fully appreciate Mike's playing. I would love to see Toto in a 10,000 seater where the volume would be more suitable. That aside, Steve Lukather has to be the finest guitarist I have ever seen and what a sound. Simon Phillips is just awesome, what power and taste. I for one missed David Paich, having seen what a contribution he makes on the Amsterdam Live in Concert DVD. Not understating Greg's contibution, but at times he was too far back in the mix and his vocal was difficult to hear. He is a great showman to boot.
Please come back to Australia Toto and don't forget to visit Brisbane where you have many fans. Why not bring Journey with you? Now there's a double bill worth seeing. Steve Lukather and Neil Schon together on stage. Whew!

You guys truly rock! Saw you last in London in the late '80's, so it's been a while. Thanks for adding Melbourne to your tour - really appreciate it. Great live show, loved the special arrangements eg. jazz treatment of first half of "Rosanna". Really appreciate having Bobby Kimball back on lead vox - he was in outstanding form - good on you, Bobby! Good to see all of you having so much fun - a great vibe from the stage. For me, one of your many strengths is having different lead vox for different songs, or even three within the same song (eg."King of the world"). Would love to see Joseph Williams re-join the touring line-up, too, alongside Bobby. Come on, guys, how about it? Between the two of them, they would just "clean up"! Two requests: 1. Please bring out a new live DVD from this tour. 2. Would love more songs on the next studio album. Anyway, keep up the excellent work, and thanks again for the great music.

Heartfelt thanks to toto for once again showing the people of Melbourne that there is more to music than just the dull, uninspiring market-driven rubbish the commercial stations ram down our throats. It is so refreshing to see a bunch of passionate, gifted musicians who are at one with their instrument and perform greater than the sum of their parts. The jazzy intro to rosanna proved my point and I can only hope the band release a live album of this world tour that includes such rare gems!!! Once again, thank you for a brilliant performance, warm regards

WOAH! WOW! My faith is restored in the complete versatility of musicians that are certainly in a callibre of their own. Toto- Is there a style that these geniuses cannot play?? I bought 'Falling In Between' at the conclusion of their concert at the Palace in Melbourne, and I think it says alot when you can listen to it over and over and not get sick of it! In fact- I'm still trying to work out the time signature at the start of the title track... feel free to let me know- I'm stumped! Guys, thankyou for a truly spiritual experience with all the things that music ought to be. You honestly deserve to be where you are, and I hope only wonderful things happen for you, you deserve it. I'm inspired, I'm enlightened, and I actually get goose bumps every time I talk about your show, and listen to your album. Hope to see you down under again soon, real soon :)

All the best Belinda Allchin xo :)

First time I have seen toto and boy it was worth the wait. This band is timeless and the quality of how they reproduced their songs was awesome. The only regret i have is seeing them at the Palace as i don't believe the venue did them justice. (hopefully next time they play at a more appropriate venue) Firstly, Simon Phillips, you are one of the best drummers of all time, some of the things that i witnessed live had myself (a drummer of 30 years) in stiches laughing because it was so good and breath taking. Luke your a legend (enough said), Bobby, you were fantastic and didn't take easy steps out with an amazing strength and power in your voice, Mike, your timing and smoothness was great, anyway i could go on and on but everyone who was there witnessed a special show that confirmed to me , YOU GUYS ARE AS GOOD AS I THOUGHT YOU WOULD BE!

G'Day all,
After moving to Australia from the UK (via) Europe where I've seen Toto play a number of times, I didn't think I'd be seeing them again. My all time favourite band!

Great songs from years ago like Kingdon of Desire, different and brilliant intro's (such as to Rosanna) and the latest stuff had us all rockin'! Terrific musicianship from all the members and inspirational to all of us muso's. Thanks for all the years of great songs, heartfelt lyrics, incredible entertainment live on stage and making me and many others practice more and more to become a better players.

We grooved along with Mike's silky bass lines, sang with Bobby (although that's always a stretch and now my voice is shot! - how does he do that?!), tried to keep up with SiPhi (just the best ever), got blown away by Greg's magic skills on the keys, and rocked with Luke. Tony Spinner - great to have that talent help you out with backing on stage! We missed Dave - come back soon twinkle fingers!

The reception from the Melbourne crowd was terrific and loud- I hope the guys see the support they have down here and can come back soon to rock us all again!


Before Friday night I would have called myself a "casual" Toto fan. I booked tickets for this gig because I respect their musicianship and love the arrangements on the songs I did know. I am now a passionate, obsessed, whole-hearted fan having been ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY at the gig. No casual listener could deny their talent, but their passion and showmanship HAS to be seen. I am SO grateful that they made it to Australia and that I got to be there. I lament all those wasted years when I should have been listening to more Toto, so I have done nothing but listen to Falling In Between for the last 36 hours! Thankyou to everyone involved in this show.

This was my 4rd Toto/Luke concert and my all time favorite (5th one will be in Sydney tonight!)

What can I say about these guys? They are playing and sounding better than ever, and the way they keep the old songs fresh and new each tour gives even us 'hear-it-all-before' hardcore fans shivers.

So many highlights: The intro to Rosanna! wow!!! Acousting versions of Cruel and Cant stop loving you, Bobby singing the Fergi and Jo Williams songs (Pamela!), all the solos (especially Luke's in Kingdom of desire)

It was also great to hear all albums covered. With so many great songs to chose from someone is always going to bitch about what WASNT played, but the set was a great representation of the band's history with just the right number from the new album (one of their best in this fan's opinion)

Look forward to seeing Toto on the next tour, no matter how far I have to travel!

Wow what a night!! There is no doubt in my mind that my ears will never hear Music of this Calibre again. It was obvious to all that were in attendance that this was more than just another concert. This was the best Musos in the world thumpin out such well crafted tunes. Really enjoyed the playlist, which consisted of all my favourite Toto tunes from Pamela,Cruel World to Let It Go. The interpretation of Rosanna at the start was just unbelievable!! Would love to hear a new version like this on the next Toto album. You Guys in Sydney are in for a treat tonight!!

What an amazing night, all I can say is WOW!.
Im so pleased to see my idols live in action, face to face. The setlist was outstanding I enjoyed every single bit of it and sang and grooved the night away like many other fans in Melbourne.

Steve, Bobby, Mike, Simon, Greg, Tony and all staff / crew, thank you very much for the outstanding show from the bottom of my heart and soul.

Also note a huge thanks for the support of the Toto fans in Australia, making it all possible.

You guys *Toto* must come back again as soon as possible.

Hello Everyone,
I attended the Melbourne Concert and even though I was on crutches, it was one of the best nights I have ever had! The band sounded fantastic and there was a wonderful mixture of old and new songs. I want to thank the crowd who were there as the support was over whelming and I think Toto will come back again.I was able to get up to the front on the stage and I cant begin to tell you the emotions I was having as I was an arms length away from the band, especially Luke, who was standing right in front of me.
A lovely gentleman gave me his spot so I could lean on the barrier and he was defintely my angel for the night-thank you so much!
I was so impressed with the line up and all of the songs were performed with passion and sincerity-which had the fans going wild!
It was great seeing younger fans there, which proves that Toto reaches every age group!-I am one of the oldies-ha ha After the concert my brother and I went to the after show-which I got passes for at the end-what a huge suprise-but they told me I deserved them as I was standing on one foot all night and knew every song!- I wasnt going to argue! We got to meet the band members and got our memorabillia signed, and I scored a guitar pick of Luke, plus hugs and kisses and photos. They were the nicest band to meet and were very attentive and giving to the fans there. I can't thank the promoters enough for bringing them here and the palace for holding the concert, and I hope it is not too long before they come back!
Toto please dont ever doubt your Melbourne fans support, we love you!

debra(gypsy)thorogood xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

I what to thank my brother for coming with me and looking after me, and sharing the wonderful experince I had - looking after someone on one foot was a huge task and I couldnt have asked for a better companion-thank you Craig from the bottom to the top of my heart! xoxoxoxo

I have waited 30 years to see you guys and it was an awesome experience. I grew up with your music in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and promised myself I would one day see you live. My son and I flew from Perth especially to see your show and it is a memory we will treasure. Thank you for all the good years and keep on rocking! Luke - don't worry - we Aussies still BELIEVE!!

After waiting fourteen years since the band last came "down under" the perfomance last night proved to be well worth the wait. The show was outstanding beyond our expectations with all the old hits being played. Two hours on stage by a bunch of old blokes - not bad at all !!! And boy let me tell you that they still rock. I mean REALLY rock. I recommend that if you get chance to see this current line up don't miss it...and I'm sure that the crowd there last night would back me up. Here's to Toto continuing to set the standards for others to try to match. Great show and also great to see how much you're still enjoying it guys.

For years I have been infactuated by Toto. Music that cuts to the very essence of creativity. Music that captures your imagination and wisks you away on a journey. Players that play because they love the rhythms, the texture, the intricacies of their extraordinary skills both individually and collectively.

Somehow, last night, I found myself standing amongst a thousand enthusiastic people at the Palace Complex in my home town of Melbourne. How can something so huge be playing to just us — It was the best thing i've ever seen in my life — when the show ended I felt overwhelmed by the fact that I had witnessed the best of the best — I had been to rock heaven.

Thankyou Toto ... your music is amazing - you make the world a better place ... come back soon!

In a nutshell, the TOTO experience was absolutely AWESOME!

Being a huge TOTO fan since I was around 15, I have waited 17 years to finally lay my eyes on what I believe are the most musically sophisticated Pop/Rock/Fusion band on the planet.
Unfortunately I missed out on Toto's last aussie tour back in '92 and when I checked the tour dates section on this website about two months ago to discover TOTO were finally touring Australia after 14 years, I was absolutely ecstatic and booked my tickets immediately.
I realise TOTO mainly tour Europe, Japan and the US so it is fantastic to finally see them here after all these years.

It is not often Australia is spoilt with the calibre of this level of musicianship and TOTO encompass all of this plus more.

The show began with the powerful title track Falling In Between of the latest album.

It was also great to hear such diversity in the set with tunes like Pamela, Isolation, Make Believe and Gift Of Faith which were all incorporated into a Past-Present TOTO medley.
I was also very impressed with Tony Spinner who sang a great acoustic version of Stop Loving You. There was a real treat for the musicians in the audience with songs like Let It Go and Home Of The Brave which displayed their true level of musicianship in TOTO style.

Steve Lukather is a great frontman, extremely funny on stage especially with the humourous interaction he had with Greg, not to mention the hottest rock/fusion guitarist on this planet. His guitar sound was absolutely HUGE!
Being a musician, it has been a dream of mine to see Luke play since I was a teenager and this guy is so inspirational. An AMAZING musician!!!
I was also very impressed with Simon's freakish drumming ability and also Greg who has done an amazing job filling the shoes for David Paich.
And Bobby Kimball.........What a Voice!!! Incredible range he has.

I really hope these guys get back to Australia soon as this country would love to see TOTO tour down under more frequently.
Australia need to see more bands of this calibre.

TOTO are a true inspiration! Looking foward to seeing you all back in Australia soon.

Toto is finally back in town! What a sensational evening in the same venue they played 14 years ago. Wall to wall musos loving the whole Toto package. The only thing missing was a horn section!

The range of songs meant no-one really missed out! Everything from the genuine hits to the truly great Toto tunes that radio ignored - but Toto fans know every word of! Simon Phillips is a superstar of the drums and lifted the band at every opportunity.

The question on everyones lips though was what happened to David Paich? No mention from the band - just no appearance?

The gig in 1992 was the best rock concert I have been to - and this was its equal - but with the bonus of Bobby Kimball on vocals! Steve Lukather as always was superb sending the guitarists in the crowd (and there were a few of them.....) into a constant state of euphoria!

Steve Lukather said that Toto would be back in Melbourne soon - promoters can be assured that everyone that was at this gig will be back!

So bring it on!