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General instructions and helpfile for is designed for the 6.x versions of Netscape Navigator (or higher) as well as the 5.5 versions of the Microsoft Internet Explorer (or higher).

There are two Layouts available, depending on your screen resolution. We recommend to use the Layout 1 (1024 x 768 px screen resolution).
Please enable Javascript and CSS in your browser's preferences. If you try to access the pages without Javascript and CSS you might get error messages or a corrupted layout.

The pages should work with the Apple Macintosh versions of the browsers as well. We recommend Netscape 7 for Macintosh users as MSIE 5.1 for Mac needs a screen resolution of about 1150 x 850 to display Layout I properly aligned. The Website will NOT really work with lower versions of these Browsers like Netscape 4.x or MSIE 4!

You don't need any special software, plug-ins or up to date multimedia equipment to access the individual pages. All required software (the latest browser versions) is available for free on the internet. On the entrance page there is a Flash-Movie included. To view this, you need to have the Macromedia Flash Player installed on your computer.

If you are an AOL member we recommend that you view the pages outside of AOL with a stand-alone browser. Due to the specifications of AOL the bottom parts of the pages might be cut off if you view the website in AOL.

If you enter a sub-category, you can go back up one level by clicking on the headline of the category at the top of the page or by using the "back-arrow" at the bottom of the page.

There is also a "Print Page" icon on every page which always prints the content of the frame in the middle of the window. However, with Microsoft Internet Explorer you also have the options to print the complete layout, not just the middle frame.

You can access the TOTO Message Board directly without entering the Website first by using this URL:

If you have any questions regarding the Website or TOTO, please send them to
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