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[Ring] KISA, SWEDEN, 7 JUNE 1996

It was the first concert in the tour. We stand in the middle of the deep swedish woods... A big stage! The concert were supposed to start 21.00. They came out already 21.05! On the tour-start in front of just 1500 persons. Very kind of them I think! TOTO looked great and they started with Gift of Faith. Last year they started with Drag him to the roof, but now they didnīt play that song AT ALL! And that was a pity. That song is REALLY good live!
After that: "Donīt chain my heart" came and then - if I remember correctly - Jake to the bone! OOHHH! What a song. I was touched... "We miss you Jeff" said Steve and pointed to the sky. I really miss Jeff myself too, but Simon was in great shape, especially on "Daveīs gone skiing". 4 minutes long solo. Even better than the concert in Norrkoping in January. A funny thing was a new song that they didnīt perform since 1988: Somewhere tonight! We were the first to hear it, steve said! "Home of the Brave" was almost the best I think. Itīs so strong. So good. Davidīs voice was good except 2 times where the voice "broke"...
Iīll supply the love was there and a new song from Tambu that they havenīt play before: The Turning Point! I like that much. Itīs "go" in it... Georgy Porgy was there and Africa and Rosanna and all other classics. From Tambu, only: Gift of Faith, I Will Remember, The Turning Point and Daveīs gone skiing.
They finished with...? Guess what? Yepp, Hold the Line! Thanks for this time, TOTO! I love you!

Torbjorn Sunesson, Sweden

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