[Jenny] Jenny Douglas-McRae

Jenny Douglas-McRae was born on March 3 1957 and is married to fellow musician Warren McRae, a bass player. She is with TOTO since 1990. After the departure of Jean-Michel Byron she took over the lead vocals on "Hold the line" and became very popular with the fans. On TOTO's current album "TAMBU" Jenny is featured as co-lead vocalist on two tracks, "Baby he's your man" and "Turning point". She also sings lead vocals on "Blackeye", a song that can be found on the Japanese version of "TAMBU" and on the CD single "I will remember". After a short break, Jenny is back on the road with TOTO in Europe this summer.

John James

John James is with TOTO since 1992. He was recommended to the band by Jenny Douglas-McRae. He took over the burden of singing lead vocals on "Stop loving you", a difficult task that he masters superbely. During the second leg of TOTO's TAMBU World Tour in February 1996, he shared the lead vocals on "Hold the line" with Jenny's temporary substitute Sophie Bender, which worked out great, so it will probably be kept that way.


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