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Surrounded by Drums
Not only for fans of the world-class drummers Simon Phillips, Kenny Aronoff, Dennis Chambers, and Mel Gaynor, but for everybody who is interested in 5.1 surround recording and mixing, SPL's "surrounded by drums" DVD is a special delicacy.
The DVD offers the unique hearing experience to listen to the drum legends from their perspective. At the same time the DVD gives an insight into the production of the first 5.1 drum sample library which has been recorded using SPL's surround recording system Atmos 5.1.

The DVD-Video is ideally suited to get an impression of the latest technologies and implementations of up-to-date multi channel productions. SPL deliberately had chosen to record drums, because the belong to the most difficult recordings in modern music while at the time offering one of the most spectacular hearing sensation in surround.

The DVD-Video offers both Dolby Digital and DTS audio formats as well as stereo downmixes.
Surrounded by Drums
DVD Content:
1. Solos
Each drummer performs two solos.
The surround mix is recorded from the drummer's position sitting behind the drum kit whereas the stereo downmix gives the traditional hearing position standing in front of the drum kit.
2. Interviews
Each drummer talks about his expectations, experiences and cognitions about surround sound.
3. Making of
The Making Of is a 15 minute video presenting the studio, the people involved in the project, the recording environment and the realisation of the first 5.1 sample session for drums.
4. Audio Setup
Selection between DTS and Dolby Digital playback formats.
5. Miking Setup
Description of the drum kits and the microphone set-up.
6. Credits
Vocals: Steve Lukather, Bobby Kimball, David Clayton-Thomas, Ian Anderson, Jack Bruce, Leslie Mandoki