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TOTO at NRK "Sommeraapent" 2004

TOTO is a group of excellent musicians who could pull off anything live. Which is why they think that playback is an unneccessary thing! They appeared on Sommeraapent (channel NRK) tonight and they thought they'd might as well make it a memorable TV appearance. There were two spots, on the first they did Rosanna - Mike strummed randomly on the bass - entirely ignoring the beat. On the second song, Hold the Line, Greg and Luke joined in on the prank and switched instruments half ways through the song! And this was a live broadcast, so it was aired throughout the kingdom of Norway. They might not be invited to play on NRK again, but the fans thought it was the best thing ever! The band seemed to enjoy itself as well.

Bobby, Luke, Greg Greg, Mike, Simon
Luke, Greg Mike
Luke, Mike Bobby, Luke, Greg
Greg, Luke Mike
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