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Steve Lukather Tour Diary - Toulouse March 10th 2011 - A day in pictures

Go behind the scenes of a typical day on tour with Steve Lukather and his band and crew

Setting up the gear

Jim Jim Jim
Pascale and Jim Pascale cleaning cymbals Clean cymbals, dirty rags
Pascale changing drum heads Simon at the sound board Simon setting up mics
Focussing lights Pascale setting up the keys Pascale setting up merch
Guitarstack Drums Keyboards


A well deserved break Steve Weingart


Steve Weingart Renee Jones Steve Lukather
Eric Valentine Stage


Steve Lukather, Renee Jones Eric Valentine Steve Weingart
Steve Lukather Renee Jones Band

Load out

Jim Pascale dismounting drums Simon
Keys Equipment Equipment

End of the Jan/Febr 2011 run

End of tour party March 21st Luke in action ;-) Luke in action ;-)

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