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Date: 07 - 01 - 2006 at 08:16:57
Name: Il Banana
Country: Barlassina (Milano) Italy
Comment: Grazie a Jeff ho iniziato a suonare la batteria con il cuore.


Date: 07 - 01 - 2006 at 07:35:40
Name: Tim from Germandy
Comment: Jeff was the best in the world, his shuffle groove is the best i had ever heard

Date: 06 - 01 - 2006 at 19:22:21
Name: sam tabone
Country: australia
Comment: Unfortunatwely never got to see him live but as a musician he showed us what music is all about and that is feel and timing . Im a huge toto fan and have everything they recorded no one did it like Jeff

Date: 06 - 01 - 2006 at 16:40:15
Name: pietro di cresce
Country: naples italy
Comment: thanks for your sound and your music,thanks to had lived,you'll are forever in my heart.Bye jeff bye

Date: 05 - 01 - 2006 at 15:12:48
Name: Milos
Country: Serbija & Montenegro{Loznica}
Comment: Why you left as, why gad do that.Always sty a memory to good Drummer.Thank you for all songs.Every nigh before i go to sleep I must hear songs where you play the drummers.Than you for every you done,play for me,TOTO,other people.

"Thank You JEFF!"

Date: 05 - 01 - 2006 at 02:41:39
Name: Marlon
Country: Philippines
Comment: "jeff porcaro" how can i forget that name? since i was a small and not yet playing drums, his name is already been talk about, and that "rosana" beat? wow it marked the whole world about it, and up to now still it is talked about. Well jeff where ever you are you will remain my top influence, thanks for the music!!!

Date: 05 - 01 - 2006 at 00:51:01
Name: Anthony C
Country: Arizona, USA
Comment: Jeff, your drumming is remarkable and energetic. Everytime I hear any song that you are playing the drums, it is dang near impossible to not "air drum". The music you helped to make has changed my life, and I am forever grateful to you for laying down the backbone to some of the world's greatest music ever produced.

Date: 04 - 01 - 2006 at 14:44:32
Name: Jeffrey bijleveld
Country: Naaldwijk Nederland
Comment: hi jeff my parents named me after you.
and i wear my name loud en proud you are the best drummer in the world and i that you've got drumming gear in heaven.

god bless you


greetzz Jeffrey Bijleveld

Date: 03 - 01 - 2006 at 16:29:37
Name: simon
Country: sweden
Comment: you are the profe today that it can still sound snappy when it is moustly dont have to do so much, i feel so good when you playing drums on the records....i think you still play drums in heaven, i think you were the greatests drummer in the wolrd..thank you...TOTO is ONE! and forever!...thank you!

Date: 03 - 01 - 2006 at 08:22:40
Name: Stephan Koler
Country: Merano / Bolzano / Italy
Comment: Jeff you are unique!
Still today in 2006 I remember you playing with TOTO in December 1990 in Munich/Germany...I went there by train from Italy with three friends and I never forget your way of drumming.
I am sure you are grooving up in heaven with people like Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Vega, who is an other mythic and unforgettable drummer!!!

Date: 03 - 01 - 2006 at 07:12:24
Name: Claudio
Country: Alcamo
Comment: Jeff grazie per la tua indimenticabile musica!!!
Sarai sempre nei nostri cuori un grande!!!

Date: 02 - 01 - 2006 at 22:00:28
Name: ismael canales
Country: chile
Comment: una verdadera lastima la perdida de este gran valor, fue y sera el mejor batero ke a existido.

hasta nunca jeff y ojala ke estes bien.

Date: 01 - 01 - 2006 at 18:17:04
Name: Margot Elenna
Country: AQP-PERU
Comment: Jeffrey, thank you for everything.
You are in us.God bless you.

Date: 31 - 12 - 2005 at 17:18:10
Name: eduardo lopez
Country: monterrey mexico
Comment: para mi gusto fue y seguira siendo uno de los mejores bateristas de rock que ha existido con ese toque tan maravilloso que tenia era el alma de toto y sin el jamas sera lo mismo simon es bueno pero le falta el punch que jeff tenia gracias por tu aportacion tan grande al mundo de la musica maestro inspiracion para muchos gracias donde quiera que estes

Date: 31 - 12 - 2005 at 17:07:37
Name: eduardo lopez
Country: monterrey mexico
Comment: pienso que jeff es lo mejor




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