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Date: 16 - 06 - 2006 at 19:59:46
Name: Rodolfo Bombachi
Country: Ciudad Autonma de Buenos Aires
Comment: Gracias por tu magia. He aprendido lo que es el sentimiento al tocar la bateria.

Date: 16 - 06 - 2006 at 12:04:25
Name: Louis Ramos
Country: Canberra ACT Australia
Comment: Such a devastating tragedy to a much loved and talented awesome young drummer!! Have a good listen to the instrumental cut in 'Hold The Line' and hear how relaxed and how much of ball he has bashin away. Rock ON!!

Date: 14 - 06 - 2006 at 22:56:23
Name: Chris Hicks
Country: Harrisburg, PA
Comment: Jeff was one the first drummer that I listened to and learned "groove" from. He was completely inspirational to me as a drummer and a songwriter. His life was much too short, but what an amazing contribution he has made to so many lives. God bless his children, family, friends and fans. Remember life is short. Let God use your life to make a difference in the lives of others. There is NO greater call.

Date: 14 - 06 - 2006 at 04:02:02
Name: nigel
Country: brisbane australia
Comment: Jeff,you are STILL my inspiration.the energy & feel that i gleaned from listening to 'HYDRA' over & over back when i first took up the sticks,layed the rock-solid foundation that i built my experience on. Thankyou from the bottom of my kick-drum.

Date: 11 - 06 - 2006 at 16:25:08
Name: farid
Comment: jeff etait un des meilleure batteur proféssionnel.plein de talent et de créativité.son groove nous manque.

Date: 09 - 06 - 2006 at 01:43:14
Name: Lorri Morice
E-Mail: lmorice@
Country: Calgary, AB
Comment: I shared Jeff's birthday, only he was 4 years older, and he was the drummer I would have aspired to be had I been male and a drummer. Instead, I liked to think I was the female, vocal version of what he was. And I miss him.

Date: 04 - 06 - 2006 at 09:07:30
Name: Billi Alessandro
Country: Fiuminata (Macerata) Italy
Comment: Sei stato il mio maestro "virtuale" per moltissimi anni, e non posso fare a meno di dire che nessun altro al mondo, sarà capace di suonare come te! Finchè vivrò, sarai sempre nei miei pensieri e nei miei ricordi!
Con affetto, Alessandro.

Date: 04 - 06 - 2006 at 05:26:18
Name: Carlos I. Nieto.
Country: Venezuela
Comment: When I heard about Jeff´s death I could not believe that. At this moment I am realizing that he died at the age I have now. He was very young, and ver talented.

He is one of the drum player of all times....what a feeling! what a pleasure playing the drums! he is the hi-hat master!

Miss you, Jeff Porcaro, but always you are present in my house because of your talent in Toto.

My respects to the rest of the Porcaro family: Steve,Mike, Joe...God bless!

Carlos Nieto

Date: 03 - 06 - 2006 at 23:39:59
Name: Steve Bolton
Country: California
Comment: From Boz Scaggs to Steely Dan to Toto, there is no mistaking the excellent groove and immaculate timing of Jeff Porcaro. In a word, it's timeless! Jeff will always be one of the biggest influences in my drumming style and consciousness. I always warm up with the "Rosanna" groove, and I know Jeff is leading a band of angels in heaven.

Rest In Peace.

Date: 03 - 06 - 2006 at 10:53:53
Name: yuko
Country: japan
Comment: I do not forget distinguished services that you left.
Your groove might keep is effective in my mind.
You are not and it is lonely.

Date: 01 - 06 - 2006 at 15:21:52
Name: Murad
Country: Alanya/Turkey
Hey Jeff, why did you leave us so soon...?? Tell me why ???
I watched the DVD of Tommy Denander (Radioactive Taken)and was incredibly touched, when i saw you there groovin´..

I would have give so much to see you just one time live.


Date: 01 - 06 - 2006 at 12:21:58
Name: Detlef
Country: Germany
Comment: Du warst für mich einer grossen Drummer auf dieser Welt. Dein Groove, deine Dynamik wird mir unvergesslich bleiben.
Jedesmal wenn ich die alten Hits wie 99,Rosanne oder Hold the Line höre, sehe ich dich an deinem Pearl Set sitzen.
Jeff du wirst mir immer in erinnerung bleiben.

Regards from Germany

Date: 30 - 05 - 2006 at 11:49:29
Name: Myriam
Country: Leaving London
Comment: Dear Jeff

In November 2004, I cried to you: "Take me out of London". And YOU DID IT! Tomorrow I am leaving this ugliness, this horrible place. I am going home, home to a beautiful city built on the prophecy of a princess. This seems unreal as I am typing these words. You are still a miracle-maker, you the unseen genius. The world cannot understand what I am saying. Only I know. YOU DID IT! YOU DID IT! Tomorrow I will have the "world at my feet": the city that made Mozart happy, that recognized his genius. You are so powerful, you are a god now. Thank you for taking me out of here and bringing me back to my heart.

You were always elegant, stylish: the Porcaro Family is a House of Style anyway. Something Italian that comes up even after generations in America.

Thank you, genius. It is really happening. The world at my feet.

Date: 29 - 05 - 2006 at 14:40:21
Name: Michelle Brown
Country: Redlands, California
Comment: Jeff was my husband's (Doug Brown) drumming hero and now, I'm sure he is comparing notes with him in Heaven. Jeff's my hero too and I am so glad that you have this up in his memory. I have always said that almost any song that I have ever liked listening too has ended up with him on drums and was because he was on drums. He just had the groove, the taste, and the feel that no one else did or will. Thanks for the musical gifts!

Date: 29 - 05 - 2006 at 01:26:19
Name: Biggsy
Country: Australia
Comment: Looking through the messages I'm reminded even more of the sheer brilliance of the great man. Rosanna and that feel, its something you can't learn, the sitting in the pocket until he just comes out of nowhere and smacks you in the chops! And as for the song Never Enough from the Kingdom of Desire Album, I've got a 4 year old son who sings along to that with me full on, flat out, he loves the song because of the drums, it transcends generations, thanks Jeff, thanks Toto.




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