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Date: 12 - 07 - 2006 at 12:26:18
Name: TR
Country: Mayfield Heights, Ohio
Comment: One measure of greatness is in how many individuals try to emulate your style. To be sure, Jeff's unique style of riding his high hat has been copped by many drummers. With possibly the exception of J.R. Robinson, the feel that sells this dynamic has NEVER been duplicated.

The Toto library is outstanding, but Jeff did some great work in songs where he could stretch out some. Check out Bull Funk from Guitar Workshop in L.A. for his deepest pocket ever. It's got his signature precision, with unbelievably solid fills, and a heavy right foot.

Jeff, you were simply the greatest!

Date: 05 - 07 - 2006 at 19:42:30
Name: Freddy Almada
Country: Asunción - Paraguay
Comment: Cuando empecé a estudiar batería, mi gran maestro Nene Barreto me inculcaba escuchar y analizar el toque de varios de los grandes monstruos del instrumento, y cuanto fue mi asombro al conocer al maestro Jeff Porcaro. Su groove y técnica inigualables e innovadoras me volaban la cabeza. Cuando falleció no lo podía creer...
En el año '95 TOTO visitó mi país, Paraguay, y ya lo hizo con Simon. Cuando fuí a verlos mi piel se erizaba porque Simon era una cosa de no creer y recordar a Jeff me hacían derramar lágrimas. Fuí al aeropuerto a despedir a TOTO y le pedí a Michael que me firmara un libro (Podemski) y en el ese momento aproveché para decirle que su hermano guardaba en mi corazón un lugar muy especial y que nunca se olvidaría su música, ni aún en Paraguay, un país tan lejano y ajeno al gran mover musical. Se le cayeron lágrimas de los ojos...
Como cristiano quiero bendecir la vida de los descendientes de Jeff y proclamar salvación, bendición y música por toda la vida.

Date: 05 - 07 - 2006 at 16:32:35
Name: warren roberts
Country: cumbria, england
Comment: I saw jeff play at the Hammersmith Odeon around '89, and i was amazed, inspired and envious for three reasons. 1. He was laughing constantly whilst playing. 2. He seemed to play so effortlessly and naturally. 3. During the first song he was smoking a cigarette whilst playing! I tried this at home and nearly set fire to my bedroom! Jeff, u were coolness personified. I still feel like playing drums when i hear you play...

Date: 03 - 07 - 2006 at 12:41:23
Name: Penny Ford
Country: Ohio
Comment: I was so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to work with Jeff not more than a month before he passed away. He actually worked on something for my Columbia project with Randy(Bass)Jackson at the production helm. It was truly a miracle to be able to meet him and see how kind he was and dedicated to the music. I was am still am his biggest fan!
RIP Jeff!

Date: 29 - 06 - 2006 at 22:03:25
Name: Joe Boy McCloskey
Country: Madison, Wi
Comment: The greatest rock shuffle of all time comes from Rosanna. I swear, I have played that intro from the record over and over again and it still gets me every time. Timeless. I also like what Jeff and Michael did on the intro to Can you hear what I'm saying. So clever. Jeff lives on. Greatly missed. Your's truely, Joe.

Date: 29 - 06 - 2006 at 16:28:05
Name: Yolanda
Country: Netherlands
Comment: Almmost 14 years without Jeff.
Time flies, but i never forget Jeff.
God Bless.

Date: 29 - 06 - 2006 at 09:25:04
Name: Nestor
Country: Venezuela
Comment: My respects to the great drummer Jeff, since he was an exceptional drummer and I really admire the tunes he played, God bless you Jeff!and thanks for all the music you´ve done!!! your musc will live forever!

Date: 27 - 06 - 2006 at 00:37:44
Name: aikawa
Country: philippines
Comment: i started playing drums when i was 19 years of age and the 1st video cd i bought is jeff porcaro together with the band....i was so inspired when i heard jeffporcaro playing drums..because i want to be like him..thanks

Date: 23 - 06 - 2006 at 18:46:32
Name: Mauro D.G.
Country: Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Comment: Hola jeff, yo se que esto te llega. Inexplicable fue el final de un mounstruo gigante llamado Jeffrey Porcaro. BATERISTA INSUPERABLE. solo tengo 16 años y te puedo decir que mi padre y yo somos fanaticos a full de TOTO.!!. mi padre cuando tubo un grupo de musica tocaban musica cover, pero musica como TOTO... tocaban sus temas tal cual eran.. 3 son los videos de recitale que tengo de uds. y para mi Jeff fue la persona indicada porque Dios le dio el don de baterista y juro que fue el mejor lejos!! y lo sigue siendo.. todavia no me puedo aprender algunos temas por lo dificil que lo fanatico de jeff desde que tenia 5 años!
bueno. Jeff.. mi padre sufrio mucho en el '92. fuiste y sos su idolo de siempre!... TODOS TE EXTRAÑAMOS!! TODOS!! EVERYBODY REALLY MISS YOU!!! EVERYBODY!!!

Date: 23 - 06 - 2006 at 15:38:18
Name: Nikola
Country: Croatia
Comment: I started playing drums when I was seven years old because of Jeff Porcaro.
I remember me looking at the Toto videos and trying to play like Jeff.

He was a amazing drummer and I trully belive he was a great person!

Rest in peace...

Date: 22 - 06 - 2006 at 16:16:10
Name: Jakob
Country: Denmark
Comment: Music wouldn´t be what it is today if Jeff didn´t had lived.
The best drummer in the world.

"Ain´t got, no peace like in heaven"

May you rest in peace Jeff.

Date: 20 - 06 - 2006 at 14:21:53
Name: Stu Grimes
Country: Richmond VA
Comment: Thoughout my life as a drummer, there have been three influences..Buddy Rich, Danny Seraphine, and the drummer who has influenced my playing more than any other, the great Jeff Porcaro.. Jeff, you continue to inspire, delight, and amaze the drummers of the world, and always will..

Thank you for your gift Jeff!
Stu Grimes

Date: 17 - 06 - 2006 at 19:10:05
Name: Fredrik
Comment: As a drummer Jeff had a special style to play.
To me it seams that he tried to play more clean than fast.
In todays metalworld there aren't many drummers left who plays clean, but I will try to play as clean as Jeff.

Rest In Peace Jeff.

// Fredrik -Sweden

Date: 16 - 06 - 2006 at 23:24:49
Name: jade
Country: usa
Comment: I can never get enough of Jeff. I have to watch his video everyday to get my fix. I don't know what it is about him. I miss him and I never knew him..........there is just something about him that just drives us all. I play drums but will never be as good as he was. I am always looking for something new that I haven't yet come across on the web, I've read and seen everything there is, I think. I would love to get a poster of him but I can't find anything on the net.

Date: 16 - 06 - 2006 at 21:37:13
Name: darren mc keon
Country: ny
Comment: the man with the golden groove,pissed irishman in ny,havnt played in 5 months.hearing jeff on mama brings a tear to my eye everytime.amazing




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