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Date: 19 - 05 - 2006 at 22:34:39
Name: Brent Harris
Country: LA
Comment: I am the biggest jeff porcaro fan and have played on over 100 records and have played with TOTO in South Africa.Jeff was my inspiration and still is.I have over 100 records Jeff has played on and will always love everything about him!!Lets always keep his spirit alive!!BRENT.

Date: 19 - 05 - 2006 at 18:29:16
Name: Robert clegg
Country: sheffield , united kingdon
Comment: It seems to me that Jeff will remain with us in all our hearts forever , it's quite moving to see all different people from all walks of life pay tribute to him " He should still be here "

Date: 18 - 05 - 2006 at 17:23:37
Name: Carlos
Country: Oviedo - Spain
Comment: Jeff estara siempre en la memoria de mucha gente que admiro su trabajo y para las cuales es y seguira por mucho tiempo siendo un referente y un simbolo de identidad musical.
Alla donde estes Gracias Jeff.

Date: 16 - 05 - 2006 at 10:49:14
Name: Jørgen Carøe
Country: Denmark
Comment: I first heard Toto when I was around 8 years old. I started playing drums on every single couch in the whole house, it drove my family mad. They ended up buying me a drum kit, and trying to play some of Jeffs patterns was one the toughest things, I have ever tried. I am now 15, and Toto is still my favorite... goosebumps everytime I think of you...

Jeff Porcaro, how I would have liked to meet him.

Date: 14 - 05 - 2006 at 16:55:02
Name: Luis Andres
Country: Chile
Comment: A sido uno de los mejores bateristas que hemos podido contemplar en el siglo ya pasado,me toco tener el agrado de ver a TOTO en viņa,y puedo decir que Simon es la viva imagen de Jeff Tocando como un angel que ya no se encuentra junto a nosotros pero en su trabajo se plazmo la realidad del buen rock..............hasta siempre

Date: 14 - 05 - 2006 at 11:02:38
Name: Niklas
Comment: Were at your gig in Sweden this year.. It's a shame that Jeff aint with us. Could almost see him right next to you at the stage.. God must have wanted his finest angel back i guess. Love to you guys.

Date: 11 - 05 - 2006 at 15:31:28
Name: Miguel
Country: Chile
Comment: soorry i donīt speak a lot in english... but i can say that jeff was the best drummer in this world...

Date: 11 - 05 - 2006 at 12:15:28
Name: Fernando B Tamaņa
Country: Philippines
Comment: Since the first time i've started listening to music up to this day JEFFREY PORCARO IS THE VERY BEST DRUMMER in the World. No one can compare the way he plays in every way, in every style and in every bit of each songs he plays. His THE MASTER MAESTRO and INSPIRATIONS to many. I Hope & Dream to see you one day on the other side.

Date: 11 - 05 - 2006 at 08:25:39
Name: Ace Gadia
Country: Philippines
Comment: Although I didn't know that Jeff was the original drummer and not Simon, I WAS IN AWE when I watched the MTV of "Goodbye Eleanor". It was SOOOO COOL! WOW, HE'S THE MAN, HANDS OFF TO THE MAN JEFF PORCARO

Date: 09 - 05 - 2006 at 16:00:13
Name: Charles Olivier
Country: Zurich Switzerland
Comment: I had the great chance to see and hear Jeff at the Baked Potato back in 1986 with Luke, Nathan East and Greg Mathieson on a sunday evening. Jeff arrived one hour before the show just to change one cymbal and be sure his equipment was OK. This tells a lot about his attitude, respect for the audience and professionalism as well. The show was awesome, I will remember it my whole life, it was and still is my greatest musical experience and deepest feel. Having seen Jeff so close and being able to hear every single ghost note, I have never enjoyed music so deep since then !

Date: 08 - 05 - 2006 at 21:48:41
Name: james kelley
Country: united states
Comment: the first time i heard toto and didnt relize how many albums he played on from don henley and i think he did a journey session to

Date: 08 - 05 - 2006 at 09:05:43
Name: Yoga
Country: Tebet - Jakarta
Comment: He's definitely TOTO's heartbeat, I love they way he played ..
I will (always) remember you ..
Jeff ... & TOTO foreva ..

See you in Jakarta next week !

Date: 08 - 05 - 2006 at 08:37:36
Name: Patrick Meyer
Country: Mülheim Germany
Comment: he is the one and only, he is the shuffle king!

Date: 07 - 05 - 2006 at 09:03:06
Name: Ida Bagus Putu Sutama
Country: Bali - Indonesia
Comment: He is best, NO doubt!!
Most of all I love the way he play in 'stop loving you'amazing!
You live forever in our heart jeff!!

Date: 05 - 05 - 2006 at 18:47:11
Name: Antonio
Country: Espaņa
Comment: Nada de lo que se diga estará nunca a tu altura. Desde Hold the line te seguí, y no puedo olvidarte...




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