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Date: 23 - 02 - 2006 at 14:26:40
Name: Chris
E-Mail: creed@animeraiders.cmo
Country: San Francisco
Comment: I remember the second time I saw Toto on the Toto IV tour at the Universal Ampatheater in Los Angeles. Me and three buddies drove 100 miles to catch the show. Bobby had a damaged leg and was behind a keyboard, and the show was awesome!

And then there was the encore - a song not on any of the albums called "Runaway" (or maybe not - no one ever said). But the big surprise was Jeff. Lenny Castro sat behind Jeff's kit and a second, smaller one was built on the floor in front of it. It was as if someone had sawed off the bottom 2 feet of a drum kit and stuck it on the floor.

Jeff came out and sat on the floor behind this miniature kit, smacked the bass drum a couple of times with his foot (while Steve P leaned against a floor amp smoking a cig) and proceeded to rock out the joint.

It's been more than 20 years and I can still picture his face behind that drum kit.

Date: 23 - 02 - 2006 at 12:39:21
Name: edwin kolff
Country: holland
Comment: we still miss you jeff you are the greatest respect to you we'll never forget you tea

Date: 23 - 02 - 2006 at 11:29:04
Name: Holger Enghardt
Country: Munich Germany
Comment: I met U guys on tour in germany with Jeffrey when U play at the "D.Museum"in munich i think 1988,Jeffrey was such a nice guy and my absolute hero of drummers(my brother is studiodrummer too).I would say thank you Jeff for all this spirit and groovy moves you gave us..we love u all
Holger from munich germany

Date: 23 - 02 - 2006 at 03:04:57
Name: Fabrizio
Country: Salerno, Italy
Comment: Sei e sarai sempre il migliore....
We love you...

Date: 22 - 02 - 2006 at 10:57:31
Name: Tony Forder
Country: England
Comment: Jeff was a unique talent. Not as flashy or dynamic as Simon, but the coolest drummer of them all. A tragedy for us fans, and of course more so for his family and fellow band members that he was lost to us all so early. I can't believe almost 14 years have passed. I also can't think of anyone better to have replaced him.

Sadly missed.

Date: 21 - 02 - 2006 at 06:01:08
Name: Hasse K
Country: Copenhagen, Denmark
Comment: I never heard TOTO with Jeff P, but his playing on the records, the TOTO LIVE IN PARIS-show and the Starlick session gives me endless inspiration in evolving my own playing. As a drummer I dig his uniqe groove - I wish we still could have him among us, to give us much more shuffle, swing, groove, stright, rock'n'pop'n'reggae'n'jazz - The LOT! Miss U man!

Date: 21 - 02 - 2006 at 05:44:15
Name: Tim Juhlin
Country: Kramfors, Sweden
Comment: Jeff was a very good drummer, Looking forward to see Simon and all the rest of the band in Stockholm. You're new album is so good,

Tank's for you're music

Tim Juhlin, 14 years old Kramfors, Sweden

Date: 21 - 02 - 2006 at 02:42:45
Country: SPAIN
Comment: conocí a Jeff cuando ya no estaba entre nosotros, ahora soy baterista. El próximo sábado cumpliré mi sueño de ver a Toto en directo, en Londres, desgraciadamente en el escenario habrá alguien a quien no podré ver, pero seguro estara.

Date: 20 - 02 - 2006 at 03:26:12
Name: Peter
Country: Stockholm
Comment: Absolutely one of the best drummers in the world !Looking forward to see the band i stockhom with Simon Philips
also a very god drummer.

Date: 19 - 02 - 2006 at 02:28:46
Name: thierry camillo
Country: carcassonne FRANCE
Comment: When I first meet you it was in Toulouse for the seventh one tour.
I was very impress to see you and the others guys from the band!!
Back for the past to present tour in Toulouse again you're so nice and we took some pictures with friends.
You're still in our hearts, you're still in our memories and we still love you Jeff.
I hope you make them groove in paradise.

Date: 18 - 02 - 2006 at 07:12:34
Name: Fred J. Ewelt
Country: Germany
Comment: Well, I saw toto live in america in 1979 for the first time. Jeff was one in a million, his uniqe drumstyle will be forever. I am now 46 , playing in local rockbands. After all these years jeffs drumming influence all my friends and myself. Thank you so much, jeff.

you were a great one



Date: 17 - 02 - 2006 at 15:08:29
Name: Rogier
Country: Netherlands
Comment: The one and only in this world of huge drummers. Thanks Jeff for being such a good influence to me!

Date: 17 - 02 - 2006 at 14:54:46
Name: Pit Schmidt
Country: Darmstadt, Germany
Comment: Hi there,

with pride and joy I can say that in 1987 I was one of a handfull of fans at the backdoor outside of the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt Germany who had the pleasure to meet the TOTO guys there for some words, pics and autographs. I still do remember well the friendly atmosphaere (after an exhausting show played) that moment and I have a photograph having Jeff straight smiling into my camera while signing my LP cover... whenever I read the name of JP I get reminded to this special moment and it makes me sad...
As I am drummer I always liked the way he played, he sounded, he grooved and the way he set-up his drums...

Groove-On, Jeff - wherever you are !

Date: 17 - 02 - 2006 at 09:30:28
Name: Dunlopilo
Country: Madrid, Spain / Atlanta, Georgia
Comment: THE drummer.

I was listening to Georgy Porgy, the other day. Then I went to 99. Then to Jojo (Boz Scaggs). Then to Jamaica (Bobby Caldwell). Then to Stan Getz cd. Then to David Roberts, then to Finis Henderson, then....

That unique "swing"... Ufffff.

Could play anything with anybody. I had the pleasure of doing a Jeff special on my program on the Spanish FM, a few years ago. One of my most exciting shows, and one of my 2-3 favourites too !

Date: 16 - 02 - 2006 at 12:22:23
Name: ricardo sanchez
Country: Guayaquil - Ecuador - South America
Comment: Jeff always be the inspiration for my music performance, i admire his own groove, and the unique way to arrange the music of every artist that he played for.

he always be the drummer of drummers.




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