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Date: 06 - 01 - 2009 at 18:31:51
Name: Kabe
Comment: First time I dug FiB I thought that there is a new beginning...
Toto I loved all these years suprised me one more time with amazing, fresh album.

I couldn't sleep at night... Dug all those weird sounds and harmonies...

Shame that the beginning as I thought was really the end.

TOTO music was like a drugs for me :)
So its REALLY hard to recovery now :)

Date: 03 - 01 - 2009 at 19:00:22
Name: Sandro de Sousa
Country: Brasil
Comment: A banda TOTO representa o que ha de melhor em musicalidade , na qual se destacam todos os musicos com suas performances sejam em com suas belas vozes, e habilidades com seus instrumentos. Triste é que vocês estão encerrando suas carreiras. Mas já mostraram tudo e estarão gravados na memória da musica da MELHOR musica do mundo. E que Deus lhes abençoe!!!. Agora vou assitir mais de 5 vezes ao dia o dvd hehehe. Voces sao os melhores !!!

Date: 26 - 12 - 2008 at 02:53:30
Name: Maga Imo Anambra
Country: lome togo
Comment: pls i am in love ok

Date: 23 - 12 - 2008 at 00:33:08
Name: Mark
Country: Austria
Comment: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you and you families!

Jeff, we will never forget you!!!!

TOTO is history....hard to believe and truly unacceptable for us Fans......BUT we have to.
You gave us hours of joy, pleasure, laughs,tears.....went with us through our first lovesickness to our first real love to our lives we live now.

Sure i would like to complain about your end but i prefer to say THANK YOU for YOUR MUSIC, thank you for your time hangin around with me and THANK YOU for LISTENING to ME! You were there for me...... beeing my last resort.

Enjoy your lives and take care

Greets from Vienna / Austria

Ps.: Luckely Steve will play a Concert here next year....

Date: 22 - 12 - 2008 at 08:34:49
Name: Andreas Neudecker
Comment: No merry christmas without Toto
Im quite sad since Ive read that Toto now is history...
I grew up with Toto, one of my first LPs was Toto I, your music was all around me for more than 30 years. Many, many thanks for all great songs, tricky rhythms, wonderful musicians....
I cant see any other formation that could close the huge gap Toto leaves behind.
Best Regards, God bless you all!

Date: 21 - 12 - 2008 at 18:57:40
Name: Josef Schaefer
Country: Germany
Comment: Im so sad - to see TOTO in 2003 in Dortmund and 2007 in Dsseldorf was a pleasur for my Wife and me, and its History - but where is the Future. No chance to see you wonderful guys playing together. It was my great dream to see TOTO in USA with David - now the dream is over. All my CDs, DVDs and YOU TUBE is now the window to the past - my wish for christmas is, that you change your mind and let my dream be real. Merry Christmas to you and all TOTO fans in the world. Josef

Date: 20 - 12 - 2008 at 11:55:23
Name: Roger Nyrnning
Country: Norway
Comment: Please come back to us, Toto!!!

Watching your new live dvd as I write, your music means so much to me, thank you so very much for all the good moments you have have brought to my life.I did see you live in my hometown, Trondheim in 2007, I will never forget that as long as I live.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.:)

Date: 16 - 12 - 2008 at 18:20:22
Name: Rodrigo Alba Motta
Country: Peru-Lima
Comment: Hi I am from Lima-peru, first I would say that TOTO in peru, it sounds too much and has many followers and stressed that toto (Steve Lukather, David Paich, greg, mike, jeff to rest in peace and bobby) and everyone suqe have passed through the band over time, are the best musicians on the planet, I hope that this message will respond with a few words for this country that appreciates his music, the best band in history, the best music
toto the best live band in history and the best guitarist Steve Lukather of history.

Date: 10 - 12 - 2008 at 19:22:19
Name: Chris Dykes
Country: USA
Comment: Love the Concert DVDs and website guys! Reading the discography was humbling . . . I never knew how prolific you all are! There is hardly an act or group that hasn't been blessed by your talent. Luke was here in Indianapolis recently and I can't believe I missed him. What a legend. Hope you come back to the Midwest soon. Thank you for years of amazing music!

Date: 26 - 11 - 2008 at 03:51:49
Name: Eric
E-Mail: e.a.j@telia
Country: Sweden
Comment: hi can you buy t-shirts somewhere with toto

Date: 14 - 11 - 2008 at 02:09:53
Name: Nelson
Country: USA
Comment: TOTO-what can you say? One of my favorite bands of ALL time-and in my opinion, the most underrated band too. They are so classy, such musicianship, you just dont see anymore in music. Many memories I have from seeing them in 1980. Great band - great songs-and Steve Lukather is one of the best!Thanks, TOTO, and keep rockin! RIP, Jeff!!

Date: 11 - 11 - 2008 at 06:00:49
Name: john hatcher
Country: usa
Comment: My first thought is about Mike porcaro.The last thing i heard was that he finally learned what his medical problem was but i would like to know how you are doing mike,please.Although i was very sad to here about the end of toto, i know that they will be back!!!!!! I respect the decision and wish you all well but to step down just when things were getting hot again , i don't get it. as i used to tell cris web from the old toto notes magazine I DARE YOU TO GET BACK TOGETHER! I love you guys and hope to here from Mike .... SAIL ME AWAY TO A DISTANT SHORE WHERE EVERYTHINGS FINE>>>

Date: 25 - 10 - 2008 at 08:27:12
Name: Keith
Country: USA
Comment: I'm 47, at work on a Saturday, listening to Tambu, and wondering when I can see the band again. So, I visited the website. I'm so bummed hearing the news about the band going their separate ways after 30+ years. From the day I bought the first album in the late 70's and saw the first tour shortly after in the Music Hall in downtown Houston, I've been hooked. Toto has always, always been my favorite band. Thanks for all the incredible music!! I hope this doesn't mean we will no longer be touched by new lyrics and that phenominal voice of Steve's along w/ the incredible writing and sounds of the band. I pray this continues To The Other End of Time!!

Date: 22 - 10 - 2008 at 08:43:36
Name: Katarina
Country: Croatia
Comment: "Even if you turn and walk away, love will bring you back somehow
I will wait forever and a day, 'cause I believe without a doubt
The time will not run out on our love..."

I am 28 years old and a big fan of Toto and I am very sorry for never see them in Croatia, because I believe Toto have many fans here.
My last wish ever is to see them together once again!

Love you guys from the bottom of my heart!

Date: 20 - 10 - 2008 at 15:37:23
Name: Gerd K.
Country: Germany
Comment: at the first, i have to say sorry for my very bad english, but now i have to question "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE" Toto is the best Band witch ever has making music on this planet, and you terminate this. I don`t understand this!!! You have to find Toto again and make your fans and yourself many lucky ours. OK???
I know, and YOU KNOW, there`s no alternative way. It must be TOTO and nothing else!!!

Many greets from Germany




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